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Crying Game

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Frankly, (Y/n) didn't want to go out. She didn't want the snow on her car, or the freezing air. She didn't want to have to put on layers upon layers of cloths because it was cold. No, she wanted to stay inside her warm house. Or, warm-ish.
Her apartment wasn't ideal, but it was better then being on the streets. Speaking of, she felt very, very bad for those who were on the streets. She would house them, but she can't afford it. Heck, she can barely afford food for herself, but she daren't complain.
Her best friend, Annie, tried to visit her as often as possible. Of course, every time Annie visited, (Y/n) found a couple twenties and a fifty dollar bill on her counter. She'll never admit it, but she kind of relies on that money for a little extra food or bills every now and then. Though, it may not seem like a lot, (Y/n) cherishes the money because Annie is also struggling with bills and food. Granted she has five adopted children, it's still a struggle trying to get them all to trust you, work two full time jobs, and buy plenty of food for them to snack on. Plus the vet bills from her dog.

Annie does have some problems with adopting animals and children, but how can she help it? It's a gift that she lays her money down on (Y/n)'s counter.

It has been about a month since Annie visited, and (Y/n) was okay with that. She was kind of a loner anyways. Speaking of, even though she's a loner, she still has to shop.


I grunted as I bumped into random people, trying to take items off shelves and cloths off hangers. Christmas rush. It just so happens that I was out of milk this morning, and I was in the mood for cereal. The main food of my breakfast choices.

"Hey! Watch it!" Someone growled as I tripped over them. I rolled my eyes, mumbling an 'I'm sorry,' before moving on. Finally in the dairy section, I tried to move my way through the crowd to get milk. Stepping on toes, shoving past shoulders, and mumbling curses, I got my half-gallon of milk.

I check my list and groan.

Honey, flour, eggs, ketchup and mustard.

Oh god, why do I eat so much? Honestly, it wasn't a lot, but with a rush like this, I didn't feel like getting the five more things on my list. But I needed them, and I really didn't want to wake up, make something, and need something on the list that I was too lazy to get.

So I shoved through the crowd some more.


I sighed happily and slouched and sunk through my couch, smiling slightly, only to let it fall into a lazy frown again. Great. I forgot the mail.
Thinking that I couldn't get it tomorrow without my neighbors taking my coupons, I heaved myself up again.

(I'm leaving the house design up to you, but here's a key to what you need; The kitchen is the first room by the entrance, and you are in an apartment, meaning at least 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 1 kitchen, you can have a living room if you want, because I will be mentioning living room. Thanks and sorry!)

I walked threw the kitchen, slipped on my shoes, and walked out the door, trotting down the two flights of stairs since the elevator was broken.

The mail boxes were, sadly, placed outside. In the cold. Ugggh.


It. Was. Freezing. The Christmas cold cheer did nothing except make me irritated. Granted it was always this way in winter, I hated the feeling of my ears and nose being frozen.

I walked onto the slippery sidewalk, careful to not step on the small skeletons fighting the drain pipe thing- wait, small skeletons?!

I turned around quickly, and my eyes landed on two skeletons. One tall, and wearing an orange hoodie, some knee-length brown shorts, and tennis shoes, all of which were torn and dirty, but it didn't even challenge the way the skeleton itself looked. The white bones were cracked, dirty, and tired. It's muddy hand held onto the shorter skeleton's hand, who was wearing, what I assumed was a blue tie, bigger then it's head, tied around it's neck in a bow. It had a gray shirt with blue tips on the sleeves and bottom. It's shorts were blue as well, as were the rain boots it was wearing. All of the cloths were torn and tattered, but they themselves were way worse. They were fighting the thin sheet of melted snow, trying to not go down the drain. Though it looked like they could handle it no problem, their eyes were halfway closed, their feet dragging, and their arms waving dramatically by their sides.

Me, taking pity on the tired skeleton bitties, I stepped closer and scooped them up. The taller one glared at me, and I was positive that he would attack me if he wasn't so tired. The shorter one fell asleep almost immediately. The taller one moved closer to the other, protecting it, it seemed.

"Uh..." I say nothing, thinking that if I was in that situation, I would react the same way. "Um, hi...?" It sounded like a question. "Er, listen real quick. I'm going to go through the classic 'I'm not gonna hurt ya' speech, 'cause I'm not. Really. I don't wanna bore ya, so, um, would it be alright if I take you to my place to let you sleep and clean up? I'll uh, send ya on your way after that if ya want."

The taller one said nothing.
He nodded after a minute of us staring at each other. A small smile over-took my face as I headed back. "Oh good! I really didn't want you to die in the snow, or freeze! Gosh, wouldn't that be a shame? Oh! Sorry, talking about death, eh, not a good one-sided conversation. Er, sorry. I'm rambling. But I can't help it! I've never really seen a bitty up close. Though I disagree with the whole 'owning' thing, that's why I don't have an animal, I think bitties are cool. But I also know that after some time, they'll go out of the popular room and into the normal room. Trust me, it happens with everything. Sometimes, it takes ten years, sometimes, it takes ten days. Even though you guys will lose popularity, people will still buy and sell you- after all, you guys are very special. I've been thinking about saving some bitties for a long while now. There's these two that I've had my eye on. They say they're brothers, and, they look a lot like you, only... Meaner, I should say. All black and red. Not my type, but the way they're being treated.... Ugh, makes me sick." I rambled, too excited to stop or notice. "Oh! We're here! Heh, you must be glad," I didn't meet his glare as I opened my door. "I'm such a talker sometimes." I laugh dryly, entering my home.