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What Ifs.

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Those eyes that made me want to melt, and that smirk, the smirk that had me feeling all type of emotions that I wasn’t supposed to have towards him. He made me excited, had my blood pumping with need, adrenalin, and fear. Fear that I would fall even deeper for the fox dressed in a sheep’s skin. For the dimpled smile. For that beautifully accented voice that drew me in like a moth to a flame. For Klaus Mikaelson.

Even now as I'm walking into the Grill at 10:30 at night needing a drink, maybe a scotch, I spot him up at the bar by himself and I cant help but glance at him a little longer than I'm supposed to. Having these thoughts that aren’t meant to be there, that would have my friends hate me. He spots me as I make my way to the opposite side of the bar, sitting on the stool and quickly ordering a drink ready to have it all in one mouthful so I could get out of there before I do something stupid.

He doesn’t smirk or even smile when he sees me this time witch I reluctantly admit to myself stings just a little bit instead he stares at me with eyes that shows me how alone he is, that makes me want to break and tell him, I want him. That he could take me to Tokyo, Paris- wherever he wants to take me but before I could, he removes his gaze to his drink that he no doubt compelled and removing the spell that he unknowingly put me in. Reminding me that I couldn’t leave with him, the man that killed Elena's aunt Jennah, my ex boyfriend Tyler, tormented my friends and I. Just so many other things that I wish I could forgive him for so at the end I ignore him and walk out of the grill confidently, hesitating at the door for only a second before leaving to crawl into my bed with Ben & Jerry, thinking about all the what ifs