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Leo’s 16

Don’s 16

Mikey’s 16

Raph’s 15

Raphael looked up at Leo gratefully, as he placed a tray containing a bowl of chicken noodle soup on his lap.

“Thanks, Leo, but I hope ya didn’t make it,” Raphael said, picking up a spoon. “We all know what a disaster ya are in the kitchen.”
“Relax, little brother. Mikey made it. Are you sure you’re going to be okay, while we’re out on patrol?”
Raphael spooned soup into his mouth, tried not to gag at the bland and bitter taste and said, “I got bronchitis. That’s it and can still take care of myself. Go.”
“Sensei will be back from April’s place in three hours, so you’ll really only be alone for…”
“Go!” Raphael said irritably. “I said I’ll be fine. Shit, Leo. Anyone ever told ya that ya fuss too much?”
“You sure? I can stay with you and send Mikey and Don,” Leo said and placed a hand on Raphael’s forehead, checking his temperature.
Raphael swatted his hand away and snapped, “Cut it out!”
“Yes, but we almost lost you not so long ago and I…That was my fault and I worry that something bad will happen if I’m not here.”
Raphael sighed exasperatedly and said, “Firstly, it wasn’t yer fault. It was mine. I disobeyed orders. That’s why I got shot by the damn Kraang, so quit the guilt trip. Secondly, what the hell could happen here? What trouble can I get up ta? I’ll be fine. Please go. I appreciate ya care, but yer treatin’ me like an invalid and I hate it. Yer gratin’ on my nerves!”
“It’s not what you’d do, but that trouble could find you,” Leo tried to reason. “Come on, Raph. We both know you’re still weak from….”
Green eyes flashed and Raphael yelled, “When will ya stop treatin’ me like a pathetic baby and like one of the team again? I got shot, I got bronchitis and I’m already feelin’ better. I’m dyin’ ta get out there again, Leo. I’ve been stuck in bed for six weeks. Six fuckin’ weeks and I can’t take it no more. I’ve been patient, I’ve listened ta yer and Donnie’s instructions, taken my meds and ain't argued much."
“We’ve been over this, Raphael. You’ll stay in bed, until you’ve fully recovered. You know what? I’m going to stay home. We’ll watch TV. Pick a movie.”
“I don’t want ya ta stay home,” Raphael snarled, dropping the spoon and clenching his hands into fists. “I want ya ta go out. I want some space, privacy. I don’t want ya ‘round me. Yer drivin’ me fuckin’ crazy. Anyone would think we were an old married couple, the way ya incessantly nag at me,” Raphael hissed and shuddered at the thought.

Bein’ married ta Fearless would be hell, Raphael thought. Constantly fussed over and bossed ‘bout. Probably also in the bedroom. Ugh. The bedroom. Matin’ with Fearless would suck, especially as I ain’t gay and I doubt he is neither. I don’t think Fearless even thinks ‘bout sex. He’s too pure and stuck-up for that and would think it’s dishonorable.

“Too bad,” Leo said, setting his mouth into a thin line and ignoring the rant. “I’m staying. I’ll run out and get pizza and some other snacks. I should be back in an hour tops. Stay in bed. What pizza would you like, Raph?"
“Somethin' better than this soup. It fuckin’ blows. Ya did make it, didn’t ya?”
“You got me. Mikey was busy with his video games and I thought it didn’t look that hard to make. I’ll get the meat lovers. That’s your favorite.”
“Ya know what thought did? Planted a feather and thought it’d grow. Don’t cook again. It’s bitter and bland. Bleh,” Raphael said and wrinkled his beak in revulsion.
“I try my best, but I’m never going to win with you, am I?” Leo said miserably.
“What the hell is that supposed ta mean?”
“Forget it,” Leo said, picking up the tray. “Stay in bed.”
“Hai, chief,” Raphael said and gave him a mock salute.


Leo sighed, deposited the tray in the kitchen, gave orders to Don and Mikey to go out on patrol and left the lair, his shoulders slumped and his spirits low. He'd been at Raphael's bedside for six weeks, keeping vigil over him and all he did was bitch that he wanted his privacy. Leo could sort of understand it, but all he was doing was trying to help his little brother. Why couldn’t he be more appreciative, like Donnie and Mikey were? They never gave him shit. Leo found himself wondering what life would be like without Raphael. Peaceful, quiet, no arguments, sanity. He quickly dismissed the thought. Raphael was his brother, he loved him and no matter how big a shit he was he’d always be there for Raphael. He knew Raphael would be there for him too. They were brothers and nothing or no one could break their bond.


Raphael sighed in frustration and boredom.

Screw Leo, Raphael thought furiously. Who does he think he is bossin’ me ‘bout? He ain’t my dad and I don’t gotta take this shit.

He blew his nose, coughed, grabbed his phone and went on a porn site. Ogling the busty women with their skimpy and skin tight clothing and those who were nude, his eyes almost popped out of his head and his shell began to feel extremely tight.

Wow, Raphael thought. They’re fuckin’ hot. I’d like ta stick my thick ten inch cock into them and drive them wild. I bet I’d be amazin’ in bed. They’d love me, even if I got scales and a shell.

Raphael stroked his slit, his eyes riveted on a particular woman with the pseudonym Malia, who was blonde, blue eyed, had a chest size of 38 DD and legs that went on forever. His dream girl. It wasn’t long before he dropped down, his thick ten inch purple dick slick with precum.

Raphael sped up the stroking, his eyes glazed over, as he churred loudly, his dick throbbing. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he climaxed. He had had a large porn stash, but Splinter had found it when inspecting his room and he'd confiscated it, calling it "filthy” and “perverted”. Raphael was now limited to his phone. There was no chance of Don blocking him from doing so. Raphael knew he looked at porn and that Mikey also did.

Leo probably only looks at “honorable” things, like war books, Raphael thought snidely.

Raphael came a few minutes later, a deep rumble escaping his lips, as he sprayed his warm, salty and ropey cum onto his plastron and the bedsheets.

Raphael sighed in satisfaction, kissed the phone and said, “Thank ya, Malia. That was amazin’. I wonder what ya’d be like in bed. I shouldn’t wonder shit like that. Ain’t like I’m gonna meet ya or a girl anyway. My right hand is all I got and I’m gonna be a virgin forever. Unless I fuck my bros, which I fuckin don’t wanna do, because I’m straight. That'd be revoltin’.

His phone dinged, distracting him from his dark thoughts.

Raphael glanced at the message, which said “Raphael, you free after patrol tonight and want to hang?”

“Can’t, Slash,” Raphael typed. “I’m sick and contagious.”
“I can bring food. Come on, buddy. It’ll be fun. We can watch movies. You shouldn’t be alone,” Slash wrote, fishing for information. He wanted to know if Raphael was alone.
“Leo’s gettin’ some snacks and then he’ll join me. Thanks for the offer, pal. Rain check?”
“Yeah. Get better, Raphael.”

Raphael put his phone on the dresser and decided to nap, while he waited for Leo. He didn’t think anything was weird about Slash’s text. They'd mended fences after all and Slash even got along with his brothers.


Slash waited in the sewers for Leo to return home.

Slash saw Leo's approaching silhouette and called out, mimicking Raphael's voice, "Yo, Fearless. ‘Bout time yer back.”
Leo immediately turned in the direction of the voice, walked towards it and said angrily, “Raphael, I told you…”

Slash stretched out his thick broad arms and picked Leo up like a ragdoll, making him drop the snacks.

Leo struggled futilely, because Slash was too strong.

The bigger turtle squeezed Leo’s neck, his eyes bugging out, until he’d passed out. Then he tossed Leo onto the ground. He checked Leo's pulse, saw that he was just unconscious and headed to the lair for his prey. Leo wasn’t needed for the moment.

Slash calculated that he probably had twenty minutes until Leo woke up and longer for the others to return. It’d be just long enough to capture a sickly Raphael and to take him to his dwelling.


Slash entered the lair a few minutes later. He withdrew a syringe, containing an anesthetic from his belt and stepped into Raphael’s bedroom.


The emerald skinned turtle was on his side facing the door in a deep sleep, snoring, his plastron rising and falling with each breath.

Slash studied him and his heart swelled with lust and desire. Raphael was exquisite, muscular, with beautiful toned legs and a firm butt and he wanted him to dominate and to abuse forever. To rut him and fuck him. Raphael belonged with him. Not fighting crime. His purpose was to be Slash’s mate and he would soon realize and accept that. Leo and Mikey belonged with Slash too, but that would be handled another time.

I can’t wait to fuck him hard and deep, Slash thought and beamed.

He approached the bed, Raphael still snoring and pricked him in the arm.

The emerald skinned turtle immediately woke, his green eyes wide in amazement when he saw Slash.

“What the fuck?” Raphael growled, his green eyes blazing. “Why'd ya do that?"
“I’m here to claim you, my cherub. You're mine to possess and dominate.”
"Are ya fuckin’ nuts? I ain’t gay or interested in ya. I thought we were friends. What the hell did ya do?” Raphael shouted, trying to stand up, but the drug now affecting him, he fell back, his head falling onto the pillow and his eyes closing.

Slash picked him up and sprinted, as fast as he could to his home, thinking of all the fun he was going to have with his new mate. Raphael was soon going to be under his thumb, his nose pressed against Slash’s cock, where it belonged. His hole would be stretched wide and he’d be Slash’s for all eternity.