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dance in your color

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taehyung and jeongguk had met at a party when jeongguk was still a baby-faced freshman and taehyung had just started his penultimate year of college. for some reason—that neither of them can really explain—taehyung had been enamoured with jeongguk. not in a sexual way; he wasn’t attracted to him, although he could acknowledge the younger boy was certainly very easy on the eyes. no, taehyung had simply taken a liking to him, and when taehyung took a liking to you there was no escape. you had to resign yourself to being his friend forever, because taehyung was persistent and charming as hell and he knew it.

so, fast-forward just over a year and here they are. taehyung and jeongguk, sitting in their favourite café just off campus, taehyung absentmindedly swirling his straw through his drink as jeongguk rambles on about... something. taehyung isn’t really sure; the kid talks a lot, and taehyung is tired. he’d been up really late last night trying to finish his latest design for a project he’s working on for class, only finally giving in and collapsing into bed just before the sun had started to rise. never let it be said that fashion majors had it easy.

“it’s just such a pain,” jeongguk sighs loudly, pulling taehyung up out of his thoughts. “i know i need the extra credit but does it have to be contemporary? i suck at it.”

“hmm?” taehyung raises his eyebrows, looking at jeongguk slightly guiltily. he hasn’t really listened to a word the other boy has said.

jeongguk sighs again. “you haven’t listened to a word i’ve said,” he complains, taking a sip of his disgusting—in taehyung’s humble opinion—black coffee. they’d been sitting there for a while, so it had probably gone cold by now. taehyung makes a face.

“no, i haven’t,” he admits. “i’m sorry. you were saying—something about contemporary… something?”

jeongguk rolls his eyes. “contemporary dance. i have to take a contemporary dance class for extra credit. it’s shitty.”

“oh,” taehyung says, leaning down to suck his straw into his mouth and take a sip of his drink. “i mean…isn’t it kind of a good thing? widen your horizons from all that hip hop stuff you usually do.”

jeongguk huffs. “i’m good at that hip hop stuff. i am not good at contemporary.”

taehyung grins. “can’t be good at everything guk,” he says, leaning over the small table to ruffle jeongguk’s hair. “isn’t it kind of refreshing to find something you don’t immediately excel at for once?”

jeongguk bats his hand away, grimacing. “no. it’s shit.”

taehyung rolls his eyes, leaning back in his seat. “welcome to the real world, where we have to work if we want to succeed.”

“hey!” jeongguk pouts over the table. “i do work.”

“well i’m sure you’ll have no trouble working to improve your contemporary dancing then, yes?” taehyung smiles sweetly at him, before clapping a hand against the table and standing up. “now, stop being such a dramatic baby and come on. i have a hot date with some fabric and a sewing needle.”




a week later, taehyung is sitting under a tree on campus with his sketchbook, working on another new design for his project. he has one earphone in, enjoying the contrast of the classical music he’s listening to against the chatter of students wandering to their next class. he loves sitting here like this, easily finds himself getting lost in the lines he’s sketching out on the page before him as the sun shines gently on his face. he’s so absorbed that he hardly notices when a heavy weight collapses down next to him.

“hey, tae,” comes jeongguk’s voice, the younger boy peering over taehyung’s shoulder. “working on a new design?”

“mmm,” taehyung hums noncommittally.

“nice,” jeongguk says, moving away slightly and getting his phone out his pocket. “i just had my first contemporary class.”

taehyung pauses for a second, leaning back and examining his sketch carefully. “oh?”

“yeah. it was…actually not that awful.”

“ha! see,” taehyung says, glancing smugly towards jeongguk. “i told you you were just being dramatic.”

jeongguk rolls his eyes, tapping away at his phone. “whatever. the dancing itself was still pretty awful, but my instructor is really great.”

taehyung hums again, his attention slipping as he focuses back on his work. he’s designing a jacket but it’s not really going the way he imagined, and he frowns down at the paper as he rubs out a line and tries it over.

“his name is jimin,” jeongguk continues, not noticing that taehyung has zoned out. “he’s in final year, like you. super nice and funny. cute, too—i think you’d like him.”

jeongguk pockets his phone and turns back towards taehyung, expecting an answer that doesn’t come. he sighs and shakes his head slightly. “you could at least pretend to be interested in what i have to say.”

“huh?” taehyung glances towards jeongguk and then immediately back down at his sketchbook.

“ok, well,” jeongguk pushes himself to his feet, brushing off the back of his jeans. “i’m not gonna stick around talking to a brick wall. see you later, tae.”

he waves once and then heads off, quickly blending in with the crowd of other students. taehyung doesn’t even notice he’s gone.




it’s a few weeks later, and taehyung’s project is finally done. he’d submitted it in the early hours of the morning, falling into bed immediately afterwards and not emerging until mid-afternoon the next day. so his sleeping schedule might be a little messed up—but who cares? he deserved that sleep. he worked hard to earn that sleep.

now, having awakened from his slumber, he’s decided to go for a walk and maybe treat himself to some cake as a reward for finishing his project. he hasn’t left his apartment for what feels like days, and he sighs in relief as he breathes in the fresh air. it’s a nice day, the sun shining through the clouds just strongly enough to warm the air and make everything seem just a bit brighter, and taehyung smiles happily to himself as he wanders into the park. he’s always loved spring, since he was a child—loves seeing the flowers that bloom up out of the ground, and the blossom that coats the trees and falls through the air. like snow but not cold, which is a plus because taehyung doesn’t like the cold.

after a while of walking round the park and stopping to pet every single dog he sees, taehyung decides to head to his favourite café near campus, the one he and jeongguk often go to. they sell the most wonderful strawberry cupcakes, and taehyung is a little obsessed with them. maybe a lot obsessed. his sweet tooth is insatiable.

he smiles at the barista when he pushes through the door, stepping forward to examine the menu—which, really, is futile since he always orders the same thing. “i’ll have two strawberry cupcakes and a peach iced tea, please.”

“who’s the second cupcake for?” a voice comes from behind taehyung, and he spins around to see jeongguk standing there.

“for me,” taehyung huffs, glaring at jeongguk. “i deserve a treat.”

“oh, did you finish your project?” jeongguk asks interestedly.

“yup,” taehyung replies proudly, leaning against the counter as he waits for his order to be ready. “handed it in last night. or, well—early this morning, i guess.”

“nice, congrats,” jeongguk grins at him. “you can finally surface from your sketchbook and rejoin the real world.”

taehyung snorts loudly, shoving lightly at jeongguk’s arm. “sure.”

“what do you study?” another interested voice joins in the conversation, and it’s only at this point that taehyung registers the person standing beside jeongguk, his eyes flickering over to them.

his mouth goes a little dry.

the boy standing next to jeongguk is shorter than him and taehyung, but that’s not really what taehyung pays attention to. what he does pay attention to—probably too much attention—is the bright smile stretching across the boy’s face, showing off rows of pearly white teeth. his lips are big and plump and pink, and they look very soft. taehyung also pays attention to his big brown eyes, and the shock of sleek black hair that peeks out from beneath the hat he’s wearing.

he’s beautiful. taehyung is instantly obsessed.

“i’m…a fashion design major,” he finally replies, shaking his head slightly to clear it. “uh, what about you? how do you two know each other?” he gestures between the boy and jeongguk.

“oh, sorry—this is jimin,” jeongguk answers. “jimin, this is my friend taehyung.”

“uh….,” taehyung glances from jeongguk to the other guy—jimin—and back again.

“i don’t think that name means anything to him, jeongguk,” jimin giggles lightly, and taehyung feels his heart do a front flip in his chest. oh no.

jeongguk rolls his eyes. “jimin is my contemporary dance instructor. i told you about him weeks ago.”

“right…,” taehyung answers, staring at jimin again for a moment before returning his gaze to jeongguk. “you didn’t tell me he was this cute, though.”

jimin’s eyes widen and his mouth drops open slightly, which taehyung takes as an opportunity to study his plump lips further. jeongguk snorts. “actually, i did, but you were too busy with your nose buried in your sketchbook to pay attention.”

“you think i’m cute?” jimin raises an eyebrow at taehyung, who promptly freezes in panic. thankfully, he’s saved from answering by the barista calling out that his order’s ready, and he swiftly turns away to grab the drink and bag of cupcakes from her, thanking her enthusiastically. when he turns back round, jimin and jeongguk are both still there, watching him. 

“well, uh,” he says, shifting uncomfortably. “i should…go.”

jeongguk grins at him in a way that makes him distinctly uncomfortable. “off to go cut some more holes in shirts?”

taehyung flushes. “shut up, that was one time! when will you let it go?”

“more like a phase than just a specific time—and i’m never letting it go,” jeongguk laughs at taehyung’s embarrassment. taehyung regrets ever choosing him as a friend.

“holes in shirts?” jimin cuts in with a raised eyebrow, tone amused. taehyung wants to die.

“taehyung here went through a phase,” jeongguk says looking at taehyung pointedly, “of cutting random holes in his shirts and wearing them.”

“why?” jimin laughs, a high tinkling sound, and taehyung feels his heart clench painfully again.

“because he’s a fashion major and he uses it as an excuse to wear weird shit all the time.”

“hey!” taehyung glares at jeongguk and kicks a leg out at him. he curses the fact that his hands are full or he would have hit him too, like the brat deserves.

“well,” jimin says, eyeing taehyung carefully up and down. “i don’t think you’re wearing weird shit right now.”

taehyung feels his face flush as he glances down at himself. his outfit is pretty simple; just a pair of light blue mom jeans with flowers embroidered up the sides, a low v-neck black shirt, and a single dangly earring for a bit of added flare. “um…thank you?” he answers, uncertain if jimin meant it as a compliment or not.

“you’re welcome,” jimin’s eyes sparkle at taehyung for a moment—which causes taehyung to lose his mind slightly—before he turns towards jeongguk. “well gukkie, we better get going. class starts soon.”

jeongguk groans exaggeratedly. “don’t remind me.”

jimin laughs again, and tugs on jeongguk’s sleeve, pushing the younger boy ahead of him. “stop complaining, i know you secretly love it,” jimin stops and smiles back at taehyung. “it was nice to meet you taehyung,” he says, before leaning in a bit closer. “for the record, i think you’re pretty cute too.”

jimin winks and then he’s gone, dragging jeongguk out of the coffee shop along with taehyung’s heart.

and potentially his sanity.



over the next few weeks, taehyung finds every possible excuse to see jimin. he walks jeongguk to class—something that jeongguk suspiciously points out he never does—just so that he can catch a glimpse of jimin inside the dance studio. he also comes to meet jeongguk after his class is over, which is his personal favourite tactic because sometimes jeongguk will be chatting to jimin which means taehyung has a chance to join in and actually talk to jimin instead of just staring like a creep. of course, he still stares a lot while they’re talking, but he decides it’s less weird than just lurking by the door of the studio and watching jimin stretch.

he also stalks jimin’s instagram, which he begs jeongguk for. it’s mostly made up of selfies, and taehyung spends longer than he’d like to admit scrolling through and looking at all of them one by one, attempting to memorise every little detail of jimin’s face.

yeah, he’s obsessed.

“you know,” jeongguk says one day, after listening to taehyung talk about jimin’s smile for what was probably the millionth time, “you could just talk to him.”

“i do talk to him,” taehyung replies instantly.

“no, not just...joining in the conversation while i’m there,” jeongguk makes a face. “i mean actually talk to him, properly. get his number. ask him out.”

“are you crazy?” taehyung sits up from where he was lounging back on the sofa, hugging a cushion to his chest. “i can’t do that.”

“why not?”

“because…,” taehyung starts, and then groans into the cushion. “have you seen him?”

“uh, yes...?” jeongguk answers, confused.

“he’s—jeongguk, i’m not even sure he’s human,” taehyung whines. “surely it’s not possible to be that stunning. and cute. and talented.”

“i’m pretty sure he’s human, tae,” jeongguk snorts. “and he likes you too, so you really don’t have anything to lose by talking to him.”

“what?” taehyung startles, dropping his cushion on the floor.

“oh come on, surely you already know that,” jeongguk raises his eyebrows in disbelief. “he outright told you he thought you were cute the first time you met.”

“and?” taehyung says, frowning. “i am cute. it’s just a fact, it doesn’t mean that he—likes me.”

jeongguk groans exasperatedly, picking up the cushion from the floor and throwing it at taehyung before standing up. “you’re a dumbass. i don’t know why he’s into you.”

“he’s not into me!” taehyung shouts after jeongguk as he wanders off into the kitchen.

“whatever!” jeongguk shouts back.

taehyung frowns and looks down at the cushion in his hands. jimin couldn’t possibly be interested in taehyung—could he? after all, taehyung was, as jeongguk so eloquently put it, a dumbass. and jimin...well. jimin seemed pretty much perfect in every single way.

taehyung lets his head fall onto the cushion and groans again. he is so screwed.




“why are you here again?” jeongguk questions as taehyung sits himself cross-legged on the floor in front of one of the wall length mirrors at the front of the dance studio. 

“to show my support,” taehyung replies, grinning up at him with what he hopes is a sweet smile.

“right,” jeongguk snorts, shaking his head before crouching down into a stretch. “definitely not here to stare creepily at jimin.”

taehyung gasps loudly, placing a hand on his chest. “how dare you make such an accusation?” 

the truth is, he definitely is here to stare creepily at jimin. jeongguk had told him a couple of days ago that he’d invited jimin to come take part in one of his hip hop classes, and taehyung had immediately cleared his schedule for the afternoon so that he could come and watch. he’d seen brief glimpses of jimin dancing contemporary when he’d come to meet jeongguk after class before, but hip hop is entirely new territory. taehyung is very excited.

“you could at least try and join in,” jeongguk sighs as he straightens up, looking down at taehyung.

“jeongguk,” taehyung deadpans. “you know i don’t dance.”

“that’s a shame,” a new voice cuts in, and taehyung looks up to see jimin standing behind jeongguk, grinning. “you have the body for it.”

taehyung would be flustered by that comment, but he’s too busy being flustered by jimin’s overall appearance instead. usually, when he sees jimin he’s wearing leggings and a long sleeved top, which seems to be his usual attire of choice for dancing. taehyung is therefore thoroughly unprepared to see jimin show up in a pair of sweatpants and a loose muscle tank that reveals expanses of smooth, tanned skin. thoroughly unprepared.

“earth to taehyung?” a hand waves in front of taehyung’s face and he blinks, moving his eyes away from jimin and up to where jeongguk is calling him, an exasperated look on his face. “we’re gonna start now. just so you know.”

“right,” taehyung nods, eyes wandering back towards jimin and a blush staining his cheeks when he notices that jimin is smirking down at him. he immediately looks back down at the floor. he really needs to work on being more subtle.

music starts up, blaring from the speakers in the corner of the room and taehyung watches as the group of people in the room gather and start to go through a warm up, jeongguk and jimin standing near the front so taehyung has a clear view of them. the class is being led by hoseok who taehyung met a long time ago through jeongguk, but other than those two and jimin, taehyung doesn’t really know anyone here. at first, he forces himself to spread his gaze evenly through the group, watching everyone and admiring their moves. but his eyes keep wandering back to one person in particular, and after an embarrassingly short amount of time he gives up and allows himself to stare openly at jimin.

he remembers jeongguk telling him that jimin was apprehensive about this class because he hadn’t danced any hip hop for a few years and was worried he’d lost the ability. taehyung thinks he can safely say that he has not. 

it’s obvious from the fluidity of his movements that he’s from a different background than most of the people here, his very slight lack of sharpness betraying his contemporary training. but what he lacks there, he more than makes up for elsewhere—his moves are full of confidence and he picks up the choreography with ease, an air of cockiness in the way he carries himself. he seems to be particularly enthusiastic about the body rolls and hip thrusts, and at one point his shirt hitches up high enough for taehyung to get a good view of his toned abs. taehyung curses himself for thinking this was a good idea.

the worst part is taehyung could swear jimin keeps looking at him too, making eye contact as he rolls his hips and bites his lip. by the end of the class, when they’ve run through the choreography a few times and seem happy with it, taehyung is on edge from nearly two hours of willing himself not to pop a boner or drool all over the place.

the class breaks off into smaller groups as people start to stretch out their muscles, winding down. unfortunately, taehyung’s eyes are still locked on jimin, so he has a clear view when jimin sinks down to the floor in a perfect split and stretches out over his front leg.

taehyung promptly chokes on the orange juice he’d been sipping, and jeongguk has to come over and thump him on the back while he splutters into his hands, all the while regretting every decision that led him to this moment. jimin must have finished stretching—thank god—because when taehyung finally stops coughing and looks up, he’s standing in front of him looking concerned.

“are you okay?” jimin asks, a worried crease between his eyebrows.

taehyung splutters slightly again. “i—i’m fine,” he lies, feeling his face heat up as he makes eye contact with jimin.

jimin stares at him for a moment, before his worried expression smooths out and is replaced by a smirk. he glances towards the floor and then bends down to tie his shoelace, and taehyung freezes because there is suddenly a distinct lack of personal space. once jimin has tied his lace he looks up at taehyung, smirk still firmly in place. “like what you saw?”

taehyung’s mind blanks as he stares back at jimin. he feels his mouth go dry and shakily licks his lips, attempting to regain some moisture so that he can actually speak, but before he can get a word out jimin breaks into a giggle, leaning back away from taehyung. “cute,” he says, still giggling, and taehyung doesn’t understand how this adorable sunbeam is the same man who just spent two hours effectively seducing him. “i don’t understand you,” he shakes his head dazedly.

jimin’s eyebrows raise. “oh?” he questions, before looking down at taehyung’s lap where he’s clutching his phone. he pauses for a moment, then—“give me your phone.” 

taehyung gives it to him without even thinking, because apparently he’s already whipped, and jimin takes it with a smile before quickly typing something in and returning it. he then leans over to grab his bag which is next to taehyung, and for a delicious second taehyung inhales and all he can smell is jimin—which, ok, he mostly smells like sweat, but somehow his sweat still smells good and taehyung feels slightly lightheaded.

jimin grabs his bag and stands up, looking back down at taehyung. “maybe if you talk to me, you’ll understand me a bit better,” he nods towards taehyung’s phone, then smiles before turning and walking away.

taehyung stares after him for a moment, admiring the view, before looking down at his phone and seeing the new contact added under 'jimin'. a smile starts to spread across his face and he snorts lightly.

he can’t quite believe that him nearly hacking up a lung in front of jimin somehow resulted in him getting jimin’s number, but he’s definitely not complaining.




taehyung lies in bed later that night staring at jimin’s contact on his phone screen. he’s been thinking for hours about what to text him, trying to come up with something imaginative, but his brain keeps drawing up a blank. sighing, he turns over onto his side and clicks on the ‘new message’ option. he quickly types out “hey” and stares at it for a few seconds, then before he can second guess himself for the millionth time that night, he presses send.

immediately he throws his phone to the other side of his bed and buries his face in his pillow, groaning at how absolutely lame he is. he is so, so lame and jimin is never going to reply because he’ll realise taehyung’s extreme lameness and will never want to speak to him again—

taehyung’s phone beeps.

he freezes, lifting his head from his pillow and looking towards his phone. slowly, he reaches out and grabs it, tilting the screen towards himself. his heartbeat increases dramatically when he sees that he has a new message.


jimin [22:31]  who’s this?


oh, right. he’d forgotten that jimin didn’t have his number.


me [22:32] it’s taehyung!! jeongguk’s friend


jimin [22:34]  oh, hey taehyung! i’ve been waiting for you to text me

jimin [22:34] and i know who you are haha


you [22:37] sorry!!


jimin [22:39] it’s okay! i’m just glad you’ve texted me now :)


you [22:40] really??


jimin [22:42] yeah! i gave you my number for a reason


you [22:45]  what reason?


jimin [22:47]  so that you’d talk to me, obviously :)


and after that, they do talk. a lot. despite the past hints of flirting, their messages to each other are actually very tame, mostly centred around mundane things like complaining about classes and how much work they have to do. taehyung learns that jimin volunteered to teach jeongguk’s contemporary class to earn extra credit, and also for experience because he wants to be a proper dance teacher after he graduates. in return, taehyung tells jimin about his various projects, explaining his love for fashion and experimenting with clothes. when jimin tells him that his outfits always look great, taehyung screenshots the message and looks at it an embarrassing amount, a dumb smile on his face. 

every bit of new information that taehyung learns about jimin only serves to deepen his obsession. he finds himself thinking about jimin even when they’re not texting, wondering what the other boy is doing or replaying their latest conversation in his head.

it’s becoming a problem.

“i really regret telling you to get his number,” jeongguk declares one day, making a face as taehyung’s phone pings with a new notification and he moves to unlock it immediately.

“hm? why?” taehyung asks, eyes focused on his phone screen.

“because of that,” jeongguk gestures towards taehyung. “you are literally glued to your phone. i actually wish you’d go back to being glued to your sketchbook instead—at least that was productive.”

taehyung looks up at jeongguk and frowns. “this is productive.”

“is it?” jeongguk questions, raising an eyebrow. “has anything actually come out of this incessant texting?”

“i’m learning things about him,” taehyung replies defensively, clutching his phone to his chest. “we’re bonding.”

“right,” jeongguk says skeptically. “you haven’t actually seen him though, have you?”

he’s not wrong. taehyung hasn’t seen jimin in the flesh since the day he got his number—he’s been too busy with classes to be able to keep walking jeongguk to his, and neither taehyung nor jimin seem willing to bring up the unresolved tension or do anything about it.

that is, not until a few weeks later.

taehyung’s gotten used to the steady back and forth between him and jimin, starting to become more confident and enjoying the easy banter that they exchange through their messages. they still don’t really talk about anything in particular, but it’s nice; they update each other periodically, sometimes sending each other pictures of random things throughout the day, and taehyung appreciates the little glimpses into jimin’s life.

taehyung is currently sitting on his bed with a textbook propped open in his lap, lazily flipping through and highlighting things. jimin has a dance class so can’t text him, and taehyung is using the opportunity to get some studying done without being distracted. he’s been at it for a few hours when his phone suddenly pings next to him, screen lighting up and pulling him out of his studying haze. he smiles when he sees that it’s from jimin, guessing that he must be done with his class now. he quickly unlocks his phone and taps on the notification, waiting for the message to load. 

when it does, he nearly drops his phone.

the message jimin has sent him is a picture—a selfie of him sitting in front of the mirrors at the dance studio. he’s biting down on his bottom lip, one hand up in his messy hair which is sticking to his forehead with sweat, and his legs extended either side of him into a split. he’s wearing a pair of shorts and a long sleeved shirt, which is pulled up slightly to expose his stomach. taehyung’s mouth goes dry as his eyes scan the image, lingering for a while on jimin’s exposed thighs, all tight, strong muscle. he forces himself to swallow and move his eyes down to the message jimin’s sent underneath.


jimin [17:52]  got my legs out for class today haha


taehyung swallows again. this is probably the closest either of them has come to actually flirting since they started texting. he thinks it’s flirting anyway—of course, he might be wrong, but he’s pretty sure he’s socially adept enough to judge the situation right. after all, it’s not like jeongguk’s ever sent him a sexy mirror selfie after one of his dance classes. 

he has a minor breakdown for a few minutes while he debates whether to take the chance and flirt back, or whether to play safe and just laugh it off. in the end, he decides fuck it. what has he got to lose, really? besides his sanity—but he’s pretty sure that’s been mostly gone for a while, since he first set eyes on jimin in that café over a month ago.


you [17:58] u should get them out more often


jimin [18:00] oh? i should?


you [18:03] definitely!


jimin [18:05] you seem very enthusiastic about my legs

you [18:08] how could i not be? they’re…very nice legs


jimin doesn’t answer for over five minutes and taehyung worries his lower lip between his teeth, concerned that he’s crossed some kind of line. but then, he reminds himself, jimin’s the one who started this in the first place. it doesn’t make sense for him to back out just because taehyung complimented his legs.

taehyung stares at his message thread with jimin for a little longer, before he’s hit with an idea. he exits the message screen and switches to his camera roll, opening up a selfie that he’d taken earlier in one of the mirrors at the design studio. he takes a lot of selfies like that, likes to document his outfits on a regular basis, especially when he thinks it’s a particularly good one. and today’s had been a good one. quite simple—just a loose white blouse with a low neck exposing his collarbones, tucked into a tight black skirt. simple, but he knows the flowy material of the blouse contrasts just right with the way the skirt hugs the top of his thighs, accentuating his figure and long legs, making him look somewhat delicate despite his fairly broad build. plus, he’d angled himself in the mirror so that he was turned slightly to the side, one hip thrown out casually to draw attention to his ass—not to brag, but he knows it looks divine in that skirt and he’s proud of it.

all in all, it’s a pretty good selfie and he’d been planning on posting it to his instagram, but…maybe he could find a better use for it. with slightly shaking fingers (which he would never admit to), he re-opens his message thread with jimin and quickly attaches the selfie, sending it off before he can second guess himself, typing ‘got my legs out today too’ . he knows some people consider double texting to be a veritable crime, but taehyung’s never had too many qualms about it. he locks his phone and flops down onto his bed, staring up at the ceiling and wondering how long he would have to wait before jimin responds.

apparently not that long, because his phone lights up again just a few minutes later.


jimin [18:23]  fuck

jimin [18:23] you don’t play around, huh?


taehyung shivers lightly at jimin’s response, pleased that he seems affected, before quickly typing out a reply.


you [18:24]  i don’t know what you mean


jimin [18:25]  oh please

jimin [18:25]  you know exactly what you’re doing


you [18:27]  you started this!


jimin [18:28]  i suppose i did

jimin [18:28]  y’know, you seemed so shy every time we met before

jimin [18:28]  but now i’m thinking that was just an act


you [18:29]  wasn’t an act

you [18:29]  i was just…flustered


jimin [18:31] aw. by me?


you [18:31] yes


jimin [18:32] i had a lot of fun winding you up that time at the dance studio

jimin [18:32] when you came to watch the hip hop class


you [18:33] i KNEW you were trying to wind me up!!


jimin [18:33] mm, can you blame me?

jimin [18:34] you look so cute when you blush


you [18:34] shut up


jimin [18:35] oh. want me to stop?


you [18:35] GOD no

you [18:35] please


jimin [18:36] please what?


you [18:36] please just

you [18:36] keep going


jimin [18:37] want me to keep talking about how cute you are?

jimin [18:37] or about how much i want to see you all flustered again


you [18:38] jimin


jimin [18:38] hmm?

jimin [18:38] are you flustered now?

you [18:39] …maybe


taehyung most definitely is flustered. he rolls over onto his side and whines slightly into his pillow, embarrassed by how easily jimin manages to rile him up. he’s desperately trying to ignore the growing ache between his legs, but jimin’s making that difficult for him.


jimin [18:40] you’re always so easy to get worked up


you [18:41] :(


jimin [18:42] aww don’t worry baby, the feeling is mutual


you [18:42] baby?


jimin [18:43] SHIT i’m sorry was that too much??

jimin [18:43] i didn’t even think about it sorry


you [18:43] fuck. no

you [18:43] u can call me baby

you [18:43] please


jimin [18:44] oh? you like that?


you [18:44] so much


jimin [18:46] hmm

jimin [18:46] you looked so pretty in that pic you sent me baby


you [18:46] yeah?


jimin [18:47] yeah

jimin [18:48] kinda makes me wanna wreck you


taehyung’s breath catches in his throat and his hips give an involuntary twitch. fuck. he decides to abandon his dignity and reaches a hand down to palm over the bulge in his pyjamas, gasping at the sudden friction.


you [18:49] god, please

you [18:49] want that too


jimin [18:50] yeah? wanna be all wrecked and pretty for me?


you [18:50] mmmm

you [18:51] wanna look good for you


jimin [18:51] always look good baby

jimin [18:51] every time i see you


you [18:51] so do you

you [18:52] makes me wanna drop to my knees


jimin [18:52] fuck

jimin [18:52] bet you’d look so good on your knees for me


you [18:53] i would

you [18:53] could make you feel so good


jimin [18:53] i bet

jimin [18:54] are you touching yourself?


taehyung whimpers, grinding his hand down harder onto his crotch. he’s still a bit surprised by the turn of events, but he’s definitely not complaining. he shuts his eyes for a moment, picturing himself down on his knees in front of jimin like he’d said, mouthing over his strong, thick thighs. he imagines jimin grabbing his hair, pulling his face towards his crotch, telling him to be a good boy and put his mouth to proper use.

his eyes snap open again and he quickly hooks his hands into his pyjamas, pulling them down and kicking them off. he moans in relief as he closes a hand around his hard cock, dragging it up and down slowly and spreading the precome that had gathered at the tip. with his free hand, he texts jimin back.


you [18:57] yeah


jimin [18:58] good

jimin [18:58] thinking about me?


you [18:58] yes


jimin [18:59] want me to give you something to think about?


you [18:59] please


jimin doesn’t answer for a few minutes, and taehyung takes the opportunity to play with one of his nipples with the hand that isn’t sliding over his dick, pinching and rolling the bud between his fingers tightly. he lets out a low moan and bucks his hips up into his hand, already feeling himself draw close to the edge. his phone pings next to him and he eagerly snatches it back up and unlocks it, clicking on the new message notification.

it’s another picture. this time, jimin’s wearing light grey sweatpants and he’s taken the picture from above, camera angled down towards his thighs and crotch area. there’s absolutely no mistaking the thick outline of his cock. jimin’s hand is resting over it, gripping lightly through the material of his sweatpants, and there’s a darker patch in the material towards where the head of his cock must be.

taehyung groans loudly, hand moving faster over his own cock as he stares hungrily at the image on his phone. it doesn’t take long then before he’s coming hard all over himself, hot spurts shooting up over his hand and stomach, some getting on his pyjama top. he lies there for a few moments afterwards, breathing heavily, before picking up his phone again with the hand that isn’t sticky with come. there’s another new message from jimin.


jimin [19:09] i’m guessing you liked it?


you [19:13] fuck, jimin


jimin [19:14] that a yes?


you [19:15] i hate you :(


(that’s a lie).




after that night, things pretty much return to normal between taehyung and jimin—they still text regularly about random things, and neither of them brings up what happened. they manage to see each other in person again too, taehyung taking advantage of a free afternoon to go and meet jeongguk after his contemporary class. it’s a little awkward, at first—taehyung can’t look at jimin without thinking of him telling taehyung he wanted to wreck him, and consequently he can’t look at jimin without blushing. but jimin doesn’t seem to be bothered, smiling and greeting taehyung like normal, asking how he’s been. the only sign of acknowledgement of what happened between them is the slight smirk jimin shoots taehyung just before he turns to leave with jeongguk, his face still flushed red.

taehyung wishes he had the confidence to bring it up again, but he doesn’t. he’s desperately hoping that jimin will act instead, take the lead like he did before, but he doesn’t seem in any hurry to move things forward—much to taehyung’s growing frustration.

finally, a few weeks after what taehyung thinks of as the incident, an opportunity presents itself.

he’s sitting with jeongguk at their favourite café again, listening to the other boy talk about the spring showcase that the dance department is putting on. he seems excited about it, and taehyung smiles encouragingly at him as he swirls his straw through his iced tea.

“oh!” jeongguk exclaims suddenly, sitting up straighter in his seat. “actually, i’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

taehyung raises an eyebrow inquisitively.

“we could use an extra pair of hands in the wardrobe department for the showcase, helping out with the costumes and stuff. would you maybe be up for it?”

taehyung thinks it over for a moment, but really he’s already made his decision as soon as the question is out of jeongguk’s mouth. helping out with the costumes for a dance showcase sounds fun, and—well. he’s assuming jimin will be taking part, so of course his answer is yes.  

“sure,” taehyung replies, sucking the straw of his drink into his mouth and taking a long gulp. “when is it?”

“next week, actually,” jeongguk says a bit sheepishly, reaching a hand up to rub at the back of his neck. “i know it’s short notice, but—”

“that’s fine,” taehyung cuts him off quickly. “i’ll definitely do it.”

jeongguk narrows his eyes at taehyung’s eagerness, squinting over the table at him. “i’m not going to regret asking you, am i?”

“why would you regret it?” taehyung asks, feigning ignorance. “i’ll be great.”

jeongguk leans back in his seat, still staring at taehyung, before his face smooths out again and he picks up his coffee. “okay, well…thanks, hyung,” he smiles at taehyung, who returns the smile easily while pulling his phone out of his pocket and typing out a message.


you [11:08] guess who’s gonna be helping out in wardrobe for the spring dance showcase :D


jimin [11:13] no way! that’s awesome :)


you [11:14] can’t wait!!





the next week goes by quickly, and before he knows it taehyung is backstage at the showcase dress rehearsal, drowning in piles of fabric.

that might be a slight exaggeration, but there is an overwhelming  number of different costumes to sort through, and a lot of last minute adjustments that need to be made before the big night tomorrow. taehyung is so busy that he doesn’t even think about seeing jimin at all—that is, not until the man himself steps into the dressing room and smiles brightly at taehyung, promptly giving him a heart attack.

“hey, taehyung!” jimin greets him, moving to put his bag down in the corner of the room.

“hi, jimin,” taehyung returns, desperately trying to repress the blush that’s threatening to creep into his cheeks. at this rate, jimin is going to think that taehyung has a permanently red face. “d’you need your costume?”

“yes, please,” jimin answers, turning back to face taehyung again, wide smile still in place.

 taehyung smiles back at him and moves over to the rack lining one side of the room with various garments hanging from it, flicking through them until he finds the one labelled ‘PJM’.

“here you go,” taehyung grabs it off the rack and hands it over to jimin, who thanks him with another smile and then moves back over to the corner of the room where his bag is.

taehyung returns to the dressing table where he’d been making adjustments to costumes, picking up his needle and thread and trying to force himself to concentrate, but it’s useless. there’s a mirror built into the table in front of him, and taehyung has a clear view of jimin’s reflection in it as he gets changed on the opposite side of the room. taehyung feels like a creep, but he can’t stop himself from staring at the way jimin’s muscles ripple under his skin as he pulls his shirt off over his head, or at his thick thighs as he steps out of his trousers and pulls up the tight leggings that form part of his costume. he keeps watching as jimin slips a loose black shirt over his head, admiring the way the collar dips low over his collarbones and cuts into a deep v, exposing part of his chest.

taehyung quickly averts his eyes as jimin glances up towards the mirror, but it’s too late—the damage has been done. he feels more than sees jimin moving towards him, and he knows he has no chance of concealing the flush that’s burning up his face this time. he decides to just roll with it, turning round on his stool to face jimin.

jimin’s standing a few feet away from him, a look on his face that taehyung can’t quite place. “could you help me with my costume?” he asks, tilting his head slightly. “there’s a loose thread in the back of my shirt.”

taehyung swallows and nods, grabbing his scissors and a needle off the dressing table before standing up slowly. “yeah, of course,” he says as he walks towards jimin, slipping behind him to get a look at his shirt. he’s right, there is a long loose thread up by the collar. taehyung takes it in one hand and threads it gently through his needle, then slips his hand under the collar of jimin’s shirt, suppressing a gasp upon feeling the hot skin of jimin’s back. he carefully stitches the thread back through jimin’s shirt a few times to secure it, making sure not to accidentally poke jimin with the needle, then lifts his scissors to cut the rest of the thread short so that it won’t be seen.

once he’s done, he looks up over jimin’s shoulder, eyes landing on their reflection in the mirror in front of them. jimin has his eyes shut, lips slightly parted, and taehyung can’t seem to bring himself to break the moment, not wanting to move away from the heat of jimin’s body. instead, he moves closer, shifting slightly until his body is brushing up against jimin’s back and inhaling deeply, shuddering as he breathes in jimin’s scent, a heady mix of cologne and something a bit sweeter that he can’t quite place.

jimin sighs quietly, a small exhale of breath that taehyung probably wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t been standing so close. taehyung’s breath hitches in his throat as jimin leans back into him, opening his eyes as his ass brushes ever so slightly over taehyung’s crotch. they make eye contact in the mirror, and taehyung feels a rush of heat in his belly. he pushes further forwards, lifting a hand to brush lightly over jimin’s shoulder, fingers dipping slightly under his collar again and feeling jimin shiver under his touch. the air is thick and heavy with tension, and taehyung shakes slightly in anticipation, certain that the moment will lead somewhere this time, until—

“jimin!” a voice calls loudly from just outside the door, giving them just a few seconds to jump away from each other and adjust themselves before jeongguk’s head pokes into the room. “ji—oh, there you are. you need to go to side-stage, you’re up next.”

jimin nods and then shoots straight past jeongguk out of the room, leaving taehyung standing there, still slightly flustered. jeongguk makes to follow after jimin, but then turns back and gives taehyung a quizzical look. “why do you look so…,” he begins, but then his eyes widen and he shakes his head. “actually, never mind. i don’t want to know.”

jeongguk turns and exits the room, and taehyung stands rooted to the spot for a few seconds longer before heading back over to the dressing table again. he tries to continue with his adjustments but he’s too worked up, hands shaking just enough to make them useless for sewing. he sighs and stares down at the fabric for a moment before deciding he might as well take a break.

he leaves the dressing room and heads up towards the stage area, following the sound of piano music filling the air. he makes it to the side of the stage and quickly locates jeongguk, who’s standing with hoseok, both of them looking out onto the stage. taehyung walks over to them, smiling in greeting before shifting his focus to the dancer on stage, which turns out to be—jimin. of course.

taehyung may have seen jimin dancing before, but this time is entirely different to the hip hop class that taehyung sat in on. there’s a difference in the way he carries himself, moving with the music as fluidly as if he was part of the air and sweeping across the stage in arching, graceful motions. taehyung watches in stunned silence as he leaps through the air, sweeps close to the ground and spins in careful circles, his body tracing out a beautiful pattern that taehyung is absolutely enchanted by—he’s never seen anyone move like this, and he’s in awe of how easy jimin makes it look, how confident he is in his movements. it’s breathtaking.

taehyung, jeongguk and hoseok stand in mutual silence, eyes all fixed on jimin. towards the end of the song, the music crescendos and jimin flings himself through the air in a graceful front flip, landing on his feet and continuing with the dance smoothly. taehyung gasps loudly, not even caring that jeongguk is definitely sniggering at his reaction. he knew jimin was strong, but he didn’t realise he was that strong. 

soon, the music draws to an end and jimin finally spins one last time before arching himself into a graceful pose, one arm drawn over his face and the other extended to the side. when the music stops, the group of people by the side of the stage start clapping, jolting taehyung out of his trance-like state. jimin bows with a laugh. as he straightens his eyes flicker up and meet taehyung’s, and taehyung finds himself unable to look away until jimin does, someone going up to him and drawing his attention elsewhere.

“he’s good, right?” taehyung hears from beside him, and he turns to see hoseok smiling at him, something like understanding in his eyes.

“good is an understatement,” taehyung breathes shakily, ignoring jeongguk’s eye roll. “he’s—he’s ethereal. i’ve never seen anything like it.” 

“why, thank you,” an amused voice cuts in, and taehyung whips round immediately to face jimin, who’s appeared next to them. he blushes, setting his gaze on the ground and wondering how much further he could embarrass himself.

jimin just giggles. “cute.”

taehyung can practically feel jeongguk roll his eyes once again as the younger boy lets out an exasperated sigh. “i’m so done with you two. hoseok, c’mon, let’s get out of here before they start eye fucking each other for the millionth time.”

hoseok barks out a laugh but obediently trails after jeongguk, disappearing down the steps that lead backstage, leaving taehyung and jimin standing alone. taehyung sucks in a shaky breath and looks up towards jimin, finding the other man already looking at him with a slight smile on his face. “i’ve got to go and practise some bits of choreography before i can head out,” he says, tilting his head back towards the stage. he pauses for a moment, and then leans further into taehyung’s personal space, lips almost brushing over his ear as he breathes out “wait for me?”

he doesn’t stick around for an answer, quickly pushing himself away and heading back onto stage to go and talk to someone, presumably one of his instructors. taehyung stands rooted to the spot for a moment, feeling the ghost of jimin’s breath over his ear, before he shakes himself and turns to head back to the dressing room.

he finds jeongguk and hoseok in there when he arrives, clearly about to leave, bags flung over their shoulders. “you coming?” jeongguk asks.

“n-no,” taehyung stutters out, cursing himself for his shaky voice as he walks over to the dressing table and sits himself back on his stool. “i think i’m gonna stay for a while longer. make sure i get all these adjustments done before tomorrow.”

jeongguk eyes him suspiciously for a moment, but gives in when hoseok tugs impatiently at his arm. “okay,” he says, lifting his hand in a wave. “see you later then.”

and then they’re gone, leaving taehyung alone with his tangled thoughts.




taehyung does a pretty good job of distracting himself as he waits for jimin to be done. he has no idea how long jimin will be and he really does need to get these adjustments done before the showcase tomorrow, so he resigns himself to sitting at his table and losing himself in the repetitive motions of sewing. 

after what could have been hours but may also only have been twenty minutes (taehyung hasn’t been keeping track of time), he hears footsteps approaching outside. he stops what he’s doing, carefully putting his needle down on the table in front of him and looking into the mirror. he watches in the reflection as the door is pushed open, and jimin steps inside.

even after jimin has entered the room, taehyung doesn’t shift his gaze, tracking jimin’s movements through the mirror. jimin freezes for a moment when he sees taehyung sitting at the table, but quickly continues on into the room, heading over to the corner where he left his bag. taehyung watches his reflection as he strips out of his costume, his breath hitching slightly when jimin is left standing in just his underwear. jimin meets taehyung’s eyes in the mirror as he pulls his normal clothes back on, maintaining the eye contact until he’s fully dressed. he stands for a moment once he’s done, just staring, before starting to move towards taehyung.

taehyung can feel his heart pounding wildly in his chest as he carefully rises from his seat, turning round slowly to face jimin properly. jimin comes to a halt a few feet away from him, tilting his head to the side. “you waited for me.”

“you asked me to,” taehyung replies, voice still shaky.

jimin takes another step forward, and then another, until he’s right in front of taehyung, bodies only inches apart. taehyung feels like his heart is about to beat right out of his chest. “you listened.”

“of course,” taehyung breathes.

and then immediately stops breathing because jimin is pushing forward and his lips are finally, finally, on taehyung’s.

it’s slow, at first, their lips moving carefully against each other as they get used to the feeling, and taehyung is grateful because his head is spinning so much already, feels like he might just pass out at any moment. he’s been thinking about this—about jimin’s mouth and what it might be like against his—for what feels like forever, and now that he knows what jimin’s soft lips feel like he’s just a bit overwhelmed.

before too long though, jimin swipes at taehyung’s lower lip with his tongue and taehyung instantly opens his mouth wider, allowing jimin to deepen the kiss. a small whimper escapes taehyung’s throat as jimin’s tongue slides against his, and his hands come up to grasp at whatever part of jimin he can reach in an attempt to ground himself slightly. he feels jimin’s lips pull into a smile and he presses closer, slipping his leg between taehyung’s thighs and pushing him back against the dressing table.

taehyung whimpers again, hips jerking up against jimin’s strong, toned thigh as they continue kissing, the wet sounds of their mouths gliding together filling the quiet air of the dressing room obscenely. one of jimin’s hands comes up to grasp the back of taehyung’s hair and taehyung outright moans, grinding down harder onto jimin’s leg and licking desperately into his mouth—behind his teeth, along his palate, anywhere he can reach.

“oh, you’re loud,” jimin says, pulling away from taehyung slightly and grinning with delight. the hand in taehyung’s hair relinquishes its grip, instead stroking lightly down the back of his neck, and taehyung feels a shiver run down his spine.

“please,” taehyung pants, leaning forward towards jimin again, attempting to get his mouth back on his. jimin laughs quietly and pushes taehyung until he falls back onto the dressing table, hands shooting out behind him to keep himself sitting upright. jimin moves towards him, and he automatically wraps his legs around jimin’s hips and uses them to pull him closer. like this, jimin is taller than taehyung, and he looks down at him as he takes his face in his hands. “so pretty,” he murmurs, caressing taehyung’s cheek before leaning down to pull him into another deep kiss.

taehyung’s arms come up around jimin’s shoulders, holding onto him tightly as he grinds his hips up into jimin’s and moans again. one of jimin’s hands moves back to taehyung’s hair and the other slips down to grab at the underside of his thigh, using his grip to pull taehyung further up against him as they start to rock their hips together in a steady rhythm.

it doesn’t take long for taehyung to start to teeter towards the edge, the feeling of jimin pressed up against him getting him all worked up and desperate. his breath is coming out in little pants against jimin’s lips, and his eyes are squeezed tightly shut. he’s so close.

and then, jimin’s gone. taehyung blinks his eyes open, legs falling to the floor as jimin slips away from him. he whines quietly, reaching back out to jimin, but jimin just smiles and steps further away. “i’m sorry, baby,” he says, watching with delight as taehyung bites down on his lip to suppress a groan at the petname. “you know i want to fuck you, but i can’t.”

taehyung blinks again, processing jimin’s words and trying to ignore the aching throb of arousal he feels at hearing jimin say i want to fuck you. he frowns. “why not?”

jimin’s smile grows, and there’s a mocking edge to it as he flashes his white teeth at taehyung. “i have to make sure i’m in top form for the showcase tomorrow. don’t want to do anything too…strenuous,” he teases, eyes glinting playfully.

taehyung knows he must look a mess. he’s still panting, chest rising and falling obviously with each breath, and he can feel how swollen and wet his lips are. his hair’s probably completely messed up from jimin’s grip, too. he definitely looks as worked up and on edge as he feels, and he’s certain jimin must feel at least partially the same way. he doesn’t understand how he’s able to compose himself so easily.

“you’re mean,” taehyung pouts, sliding off the dressing table and standing up on shaky legs. he pulls at his tight jeans, trying to relieve some of the pressure on his dick where it’s straining up against the fabric.

jimin watches him gleefully for a moment, before taking a few steps forward and pressing his lips back to taehyung’s for a brief kiss. “oh, you have no idea,” he grins at taehyung, who stares back at him blankly as he turns around to go and pick up his bag and then heads towards the door. “i’ll see you tomorrow,” he says, his eyes full of promise, before slipping out and walking away, leaving taehyung still breathless and even more turned on than before.

taehyung quickly gathers his things and heads to his apartment, grateful for the fresh air as he walks back, allowing it to clear his head slightly. he’s planning on having a long shower when he gets back, still desperate to get off and relieve some pressure, but a new message on his phone stops him in his tracks.


jimin [22:23]  don’t touch yourself


taehyung doesn’t know why he complies with jimin’s demand—he could easily just get off and tell jimin that he didn’t. he would never know. but for some reason he’s eager to do exactly what jimin tells him, so when he gets home he hops in the shower and deliberately avoids touching anywhere near his crotch, before climbing into bed and eventually falling asleep, more frustrated than he’s ever felt in his life.

his sole comfort is knowing that tomorrow might finally bring what he’s been waiting for.  





taehyung is on edge the whole of the next day. he sits through all of his classes but he doesn’t pay attention in any of them, his mind wandering off elsewhere. he can’t seem to get himself to stop thinking about jimin, as if the other boy has climbed inside his head and refuses to get out.

the day goes by in a blur, and soon enough he’s back in the same dressing room as yesterday, shaking off a weird sense of déjà vu. everyone is a lot more frantic tonight, a constant rush of people flowing in and out of the room to grab costumes or fix their make up. taehyung feels himself affected by the nervous anticipation filling the air, rushing around with everyone else to make sure nobody is missing a costume or needing something mending.

he’s so busy that he doesn’t even have time to dwell on his own personal stress. he sees jimin once as he slinks into the dressing room to grab his costume, but he just smiles briefly at taehyung before exiting again, obviously going to change elsewhere. taehyung can’t say he minds—he’s strung out enough as it is, really doesn’t need jimin messing with his head again right now. 

after what feels like an eternity, the show begins and a quiet lull falls over the backstage area, people collectively holding their breath as they wait for their turn to take the stage. taehyung sighs in relief and allows himself to collapse down into a chair for the first time in hours, pulling his phone out to pass the time. he has to stay backstage in case of any wardrobe emergencies, so sadly isn’t allowed to go and watch any of the performances.

surprisingly, the time actually seems to pass quite quickly and before long there’s only a few performances left. jeongguk’s group performance and jimin’s solo are both right near the end of the show, so taehyung drags himself out of the room to go and look for them and wish them good luck. he finds jeongguk and hoseok fairly easily, giving both of them a quick hug and telling them they’ll smash it, which they both seem quite grateful for. however, he can’t seem to find jimin anywhere and after he’s swept the whole backstage area and still hasn’t located him he’s forced to return to his dressing room, unsuccessful. he pulls out his phone and sends a quick message instead.


you [21:22]  good luck for your performance!!  you’ll be amazing


taehyung is surprised when his phone beeps at him only a minute later, alerting him to a reply.


jimin [21:23]  thank you, pretty :)


taehyung blushes and quickly locks his phone again without replying. he’s managed to get through most of the night without really thinking of jimin or what happened between them yesterday, but now it all comes flooding back to him again—memories of jimin’s mouth on his, jimin’s hand in his hair, jimin’s thigh between his legs. taehyung swallows and shifts uncomfortably in his seat, trying to force himself to repress those memories just a little bit longer. thankfully there’s only fifteen minutes left until the show is supposed to end, and taehyung thinks he can manage to find something to do to keep himself occupied until then.

right on time, fifteen minutes later, he hears a loud cheer from above and before long a group of laughing people are pushing through the door into the dressing room—jeongguk, hoseok, and jimin among them. they all look ecstatically happy, faces glowing with pride, still riding the adrenaline rush of standing on stage under the bright lights and hearing the audience roar for them.

“another successful showcase!” hoseok whoops, moving round and high-fiving everyone in the vicinity, including taehyung who smiles brightly at him.

“i’m glad it went well,” taehyung says, leaning over to clap jeongguk on the shoulder. “proud of you, my boy.”

jeongguk snorts. “okay, thanks dad.”

taehyung swats at him. “don’t be disrespectful.”

“alright guys, break it up, we’re meant to be celebrating,” hoseok comes between them and throws his arms over their shoulders, grinning.

jimin steps up to them, smiling so brightly that his eyes push up into little crescents and taehyung has to look away for fear of potentially going blind. “what’s the plan?”

“party at my place!” hoseok responds enthusiastically. “everyone has to come, no excuses,” he glares pointedly at taehyung. 

“what?” taehyung asks, affronted.

“you’re notorious for skipping out on parties,” jeongguk offers, smiling at taehyung in what he probably thinks is a sympathetic manner but really ends up looking more like a grimace.

taehyung huffs. “i don’t always! we met at a party.”

“ah yes,” jeongguk reminisces. “worst party of my life.”

taehyung reaches over to whack him again but jeongguk is too quick, giggling as he dodges out of the way. “sorry hyung!” he calls as he skips out of the room, dragging hoseok with him. taehyung shakes his head after them.

“so—are you going to the party?” jimin’s voice asks from behind taehyung, who turns round so quickly he almost gives himself whiplash.

“yeah,” taehyung answers, sighing. “jeongguk and hoseok will probably murder me if i don’t.”

jimin laughs, flashing taehyung a crooked smile. “i guess i’ll see you there then.”

“i—yeah, i guess,” taehyung replies as jimin’s smile widens before he turns away and traces jeongguk and hoseok’s footsteps, heading out the door.






the party is loud, music blaring out from various speakers scattered around the place and drunk people swaying around haphazardly, chatting loudly and shouting at each other. taehyung is standing in the kitchen with jeongguk, hoseok, and two of hoseok’s friends—namjoon and jin, taehyung thinks their names are. they’re all cradling drinks except for taehyung, who downed his too quickly and is now debating getting another; he’s not tipsy enough to be able to relax and enjoy the crazy atmosphere yet.

he’s saved from making a decision regarding drinks, however, when jimin somehow materialises in front of him, arm thrown around a guy who taehyung assumes is his friend.

“hi!” jimin shouts over the music, waving at their little group. “this is my friend yoongi,” he confirms, arm squeezing round the man at his side.

“uh…hey,” yoongi says awkwardly but with a small smile.

everyone says hi back, and they quickly initiate a conversation in that way that drunk people always seem to manage so easily. taehyung smiles and joins in the conversation for a few minutes before he notices that jimin hasn’t said anything. he turns around and spots him standing slightly apart from the rest of the group, leaning against the kitchen counter with his eyes fixed on taehyung. taehyung is a little overwhelmed (isn’t he always) by how good jimin looks; his usually sleek black hair is a bit rumpled and messy, flopping into his eyes which are shining happily, and his loose black t-shirt is slipping off of one shoulder slightly. he’s wearing tight black jeans, and taehyung allows himself a self-indulgent moment of scanning his eyes over jimin’s beautiful legs before flickering his gaze back up to his face.

“d’you wanna dance?” jimin asks him, lips twitching into a smile.

“aren’t you tired of dancing after the showcase?” taehyung smiles back, tilting his head slightly.

jimin steps forward and grabs taehyung’s hand before starting to back away towards the makeshift dance floor, dragging taehyung after him. “i’m never tired of dancing,” he says, still smiling as he pushes backwards into the middle of the mass of moving bodies, pulling taehyung closely to him. “especially with someone as pretty as you.”

taehyung blushes, hoping that the low lighting will conceal his flushed cheeks. jimin just grins wider before he starts to sway in time with the music, eyes falling closed as he lets himself feel the rhythm. taehyung is a little too busy staring at jimin to bother attempting to dance—he’s so mesmerising, looks just as good here as he did on stage. but it seems that jimin isn’t going to allow taehyung to remain still as he reaches out and tugs on his wrist, turning round so that taehyung is behind him. he places taehyung’s hand on his hip, pressing back into him, body still swaying along to the music.

taehyung inhales sharply as he feels jimin’s body press back against his own, but he’s determined not to overthink this, to just let himself go and enjoy the moment. he begins to join in with jimin’s movements, enjoying the way their bodies move together in sync, and as he loosens up he gets more confident. he brings his spare hand up to jimin’s other hip and presses closer, closing his eyes as jimin’s ass grinds back subtly against his crotch. if he keeps his eyes closed it’s easy to imagine that they’re not standing in a room full of sweaty, inebriated people—that it’s just him and jimin, alone, pressed tightly together and moving in a way that promises more.

jimin reaches a hand back to place it behind taehyung’s head and threads it through his hair, using his grip to guide taehyung down towards his shoulder. taehyung freezes for a second, unsure what to do next, but then jimin’s hand tightens up in his hair and he groans, dips down further and closes the distance. he moves his mouth to jimin’s neck and sucks lightly on the skin under his ear, hears jimin gasp as he swipes his tongue over his skin and bites gently. jimin’s ass pushes back further into taehyung’s crotch and taehyung whines quietly, hips grinding forward almost of their own accord. jimin laughs a bit breathlessly before releasing his hold on taehyung’s hair and turning round in his arms. “what do you say we get out of here?”

taehyung blinks and then grins, wide and boxy. 





taehyung’s place is within walking distance to hoseok’s, so once taehyung and jimin have both said their goodbyes—taehyung just rolling his eyes at jeongguk’s suggestively raised eyebrow—they slip away from the party and start to head towards it, jimin following taehyung’s lead.

they stand a fair distance apart as they walk, the quiet night air seeming to wake them up a bit, easing their previous state of desperation. they don’t talk as they make their way through the empty streets, but tension still hangs heavy between them, thickening the air and making taehyung feel like he can’t breathe properly. his mind is racing ahead of him, thinking of what might—no, what will happen when they reach their destination. he’s been waiting for this for months now, but now that the moment seems to have finally arrived he’s nervous, can’t help the self-conscious twinges of doubt that gnaw at him. what if he ends up being a disappointment to jimin?

he’s pulled out of his thoughts as they arrive at his apartment block. he takes his keys out of his pocket and starts to trail up the stairs, almost unable to hear the sound of their echoing footsteps over his heart pounding against his rib cage. when they finally reach taehyung’s door he slips the key into the lock with shaky fingers, turning it and pushing the door open before stepping inside, jimin following him in. taehyung moves to close the door after them, and then turns around to face jimin. neither of them does anything for a moment, both just standing and staring at each other in the low light, taehyung feeling like he’s about to suffocate.

he doesn’t know who makes the first move, but before he can think about it they’re falling into each other, lips crashing together almost painfully hard. taehyung moans in relief as jimin’s tongue pushes into his mouth, hands coming up to pull jimin closer to him as he stumbles back against the door. jimin wraps his arms around his neck, dragging taehyung’s head down further so that he can access his mouth more easily. “god,” jimin breathes out harshly, moving his lips down to trace along taehyung’s neck, nipping at the skin and reddening it. “been wanting this for so long,” he moves back up to taehyung’s mouth, kissing him again and drawing his bottom lip between his teeth as he fists a hand into taehyung’s hair.

taehyung can’t seem to stop the small noises constantly spilling from his throat and into jimin’s mouth, mind already hazy and spinning with arousal, a desperate need buzzing underneath his skin. “me too,” he gasps out against jimin’s lips, shivering as jimin slips a firm thigh between his legs. “c-couldn’t stop thinking ‘bout you, ‘bout what you said—” he cuts off into a whine as his hips grind down onto jimin’s thigh, the delicious friction making his mind slip further.

“oh?” jimin pulls back slightly and looks at taehyung, eyes running over his face, which taehyung knows must look a state—he can feel the heat in his cheeks and the way his eyes keep blurring out of focus. “ what did i say, pretty?”

taehyung bites his lip and directs his gaze towards the floor, embarrassment making him shy. he’s certain jimin knows what he’s referring to, but it seems he wants to hear taehyung repeat it—he really is mean. taehyung kind of loves it. “you—you said…” he starts before trailing off and biting down on his lip again. he huffs quietly and then lifts his gaze back up to meet jimin’s determinedly. “you said you wanted to wreck me.”

jimin’s face darkens slightly as soon as the words are out of taehyung’s mouth. he moves his hand to taehyung’s face, running the back of his finger down his cheek slowly. “hmm, i did,” he says, dark eyes trailing over taehyung’s face hungrily. “do you want that, pretty?” 

taehyung leans into jimin’s touch, eyes falling closed as his breath catches in his throat. “hhhng—yes want it, please,” he whines, grinding back down onto jimin’s thigh again and groaning at the stab of arousal that shoots through him, fogging up his brain. “want…want you to fuck me, please.”

jimin moves his hand from taehyung’s face back up to his hair, fingers carding softly through the strands. he seems to like it, if the number of times he’s gripped at it is anything to go by, and taehyung feels slightly smug. it’s gotten long lately, falling down over his forehead and into his eyes, curling over his ears and along the top of his cheekbones, and he works hard to keep it soft and silky. he’s glad his efforts are being appreciated. 

“oh, i can definitely do that,” jimin assures, pushing his thigh harder against taehyung’s crotch and smiling when taehyung lets out a gasp, hand still stroking through his hair. “where’s your bedroom, baby?” 

taehyung blinks at jimin, his brain taking a moment to catch up and process what he just said. when he registers the words, he lifts an arm and waves it in the general direction of his bedroom, behind jimin. “uh...‘s over there,” he says, vaguely aware that his words are probably entirely unhelpful but beyond caring at this point. his mind has a singular focus, and that focus is jimin.

jimin turns his head to look behind him towards where taehyung had pointed, then turns back round and reaches his hand down to grab taehyung’s. “c’mon then, baby,” he says, tugging on taehyung’s arm and pulling him away from the door he’s been leaning against, “time to relocate.”

he leads taehyung towards a door further into the apartment, opening it and smiling when he peeks his head in and realises that yes, this is taehyung’s bedroom. he steps inside and pulls taehyung in after him, stopping for them both to quickly kick off their shoes and socks before leading him over to the bed and pushing him gently down onto it. taehyung is quite content to let jimin manhandle him, humming to himself as jimin climbs over him and straddles his waist. jimin immediately leans down to kiss him again and taehyung opens his mouth easily to let him in, lazily swiping over his tongue with his own. his mind is still too hazy for much technique, but jimin doesn’t seem to mind.

“look at you,” jimin murmurs, leaning back and dragging his hands down taehyung’s sides before slipping them up under his shirt. taehyung feels them move over his stomach up to his chest, gasping when one of his hands sweeps over a nipple. “look so pretty all laid out for me.”

taehyung brings his own hands up to paw at jimin’s firm chest, fingers bunching in the fabric of his shirt. “off,” he says, attempting to drag the shirt up. “please.” 

jimin laughs lightly and sits up straighter, quickly pulling his t-shirt up over his head and discarding it on the floor next to the bed. “happy?” he teases, smiling when taehyung reaches his hands up to run them over jimin’s chest and down across his toned abs. taehyung already knew jimin has a nice body, obviously, but it hits him even harder seeing it up close and being allowed to touch. “you’re so hot,” taehyung breathes, slightly in awe and too caught up in the moment to care what comes out of his mouth. 

jimin cocks an eyebrow and smirks down at taehyung, hands returning to their previous position under his shirt. “thank you, pretty,” he says, brushing over a nipple lightly before twisting it between his forefinger and thumb. taehyung gasps, his back arching as the pain radiates through him, shooting pleasure straight between his legs. he’s painfully hard now, can feel his cock straining against the fabric of his underwear and trousers. he whimpers quietly and bucks his hips up, hoping to gain some friction.

“love how loud you are,” jimin says casually as he strokes his hand back down taehyung’s chest and over his soft belly. he grasps the fabric of taehyung’s shirt and pulls it. “arms up,” he demands, and taehyung immediately complies, lifting his arms above his head so that jimin can pull his shirt off. once it's discarded, jimin slides backwards down taehyung’s body before latching his mouth onto one of taehyung’s nipples. taehyung feels him swirl his tongue around a few times before biting down lightly, making taehyung’s back arch again, straining into his touch. “you’re so sensitive,” jimin says, lifting his head and licking his lips before diving back down to attack taehyung’s chest again.

taehyung loses track of what exactly jimin is doing as he moves his mouth over taehyung’s torso, stopping in various places to suck and nibble at his skin. it all just feels like one big blur of pleasure, and he’d be happy to lie there and let jimin keep going for hours if it wasn’t for the growing ache between his legs. “j-jimin,” he stutters out, hips bucking up again. “please, i’m—need more, need you to touch me, please—“

“i am touching you, baby,” jimin says as he sits back up, running his fingers over the red marks he’s left all over taehyung’s chest and stomach. taehyung groans, shakes his head. “not properly, not how i need you to,” he replies, raising his hips again pointedly.

jimin smirks, hands still splayed over taehyung’s stomach. “aw,” he cooes, digging his thumbs into taehyung’s hipbones and moving them in small circles. “poor baby. have i made you wait too long?” 

taehyung nods quickly, and jimin laughs. “hmm, i’m sorry. can’t you wait a little longer?”

no,” taehyung whines, lips pushing into a pout.

“no?” jimin sits back, raising an eyebrow.

“no,” taehyung repeats again, huffing out a little breath in frustration. “c’mon, you said you were going to wreck me. was that just all talk?”

jimin’s face immediately smooths out, expression going blank. he doesn’t say anything yet, just shifts further back on the bed and hooks his fingers under the waistband of taehyung’s trousers, swiftly tugging them down and off his legs. once he’s thrown them away, he moves closer again, trailing a finger steadily up taehyung’s thigh and stopping just short of his boxers. “you really want to play it like that?” he questions, looking back up at taehyung’s face. taehyung swallows, nervous at the shift in jimin’s face and voice, but he sets his jaw and nods determinedly.

jimin shrugs. “fine,” he says, pulling back and standing up from the bed. “have it your way.”

taehyung blinks, confused. “wh—what are you doing?” he asks, reaching a hand out towards where jimin is standing next to the bed. jimin smiles sweetly and taehyung immediately exhales lightly in relief. “relax, baby,” jimin says, moving his hands to the button of his jeans. “i’m just taking these off.”

he pulls the zipper down and carefully peels the fabric off of his legs, taking his time. taehyung watches hungrily as the smooth, toned skin of his legs is revealed, leaving him in just his underwear. once he’s stepped out of his jeans he moves closer to the bed, coming to stand beside taehyung. “can you sit up for me, angel?” he asks gently, reaching a hand out to cup taehyung’s cheek. taehyung complies immediately, pushing himself up into a seated position and turning so that he’s looking up at jimin. 

“good boy,” jimin says before leaning down to kiss him, lips moving against taehyung’s softly. he pulls back after a few seconds and looks down at taehyung consideringly. despite the fact that he’s actually bigger than jimin, taehyung feels small like this with jimin’s gaze on him and he blushes, looking down. of course, looking down means he’s faced with looking at jimin’s crotch, which is currently at his eye level. he feels his mouth dry up slightly as he takes in the bulge in the front of jimin’s underwear, the outline of his cock obvious through the thin material.

taehyung shifts awkwardly on the bed, moving to fold his legs under him so that he’s kneeling rather than sitting, and then looks back up at jimin’s face. jimin is smiling at him and he brings his hand back to cup taehyung’s face gently, moving his thumb over taehyung’s lower lip. “such a pretty mouth,” he says, watching as taehyung’s lips part slightly under his touch. “haven’t been able to stop thinking about it,” he dips his thumb in slightly, pushing down on taehyung’s lower lip. taehyung closes his eyes and flicks his tongue out to run it lightly over the tip of jimin’s thumb, humming when he hears jimin inhale sharply. “wanna put it to good use?”

taehyung shivers, a feeling of déjà vu running through him at how similar this is to his fantasies. he opens his eyes again, lingering on the sight of jimin’s straining cock for a moment before flickering them up to jimin’s face. he nods.

jimin withdraws his hand and smiles at taehyung. “go on then.”

taehyung hesitates for a moment, unsure how to go about this, but then he remembers how long he’s been lusting after jimin’s gorgeous thighs, wanting to touch them, get his mouth on them. it seems now is his chance.

he lunges forward, both hands coming up to rest on the back of jimin’s thighs as he presses his lips to one of them, just below the hem of his underwear. he sucks into the skin eagerly, running his tongue over it and delighting in how firm and smooth it feels under his mouth. once he’s satisfied that he’s left enough of a mark, he moves over to the other thigh, using a hand to push up jimin’s underwear further so he can get his mouth higher up. 

for a little while jimin doesn’t say anything, nor does he make any noises. he just stands there, letting taehyung fulfil his desires and bite at his thighs. but after a while his hand comes up to fist in taehyung’s hair again, using his grip to pull his head up higher. “don’t tease, baby.” 

taehyung flushes as jimin tightens his hand in his hair, tugging him closer to the obvious tent in the front of his boxers. taehyung contemplates just mouthing over the fabric for a moment but decides he doesn’t want to put this off any longer, having waited enough already. he brings his hands to the waistband of jimin’s underwear and steadily pulls them down his legs.

his breath hitches in his throat as he pulls them over jimin’s cock, watching as it slaps up against his firm stomach. jimin may have done a good job of maintaining a fairly cool facade, but his cock is so hard, flushed red, a bead of precome sitting at the head. taehyung doesn’t know how he’s keeping his composure.

taehyung darts forward without thinking to swipe his tongue over the head of jimin’s cock, licking up the drops of precome. it’s not exactly a pleasant taste, but taehyung loves it anyway, moaning quietly as he wraps his lips around the head of jimin’s cock. jimin’s hand tightens in his hair ever so slightly, and taehyung thinks he hears a tiny gasp from above him, smiling inwardly at the reaction. try as he might to play it cool, taehyung knows jimin’s really as worked up as he is.

he brings a hand up to wrap around the base of jimin’s cock as he digs his tongue into the slit before running it down the length and back up again. he wraps his lips back around the head and swirls his tongue a few times before finally going down, pushing forward until jimin’s cock is hitting the back of his throat and he chokes slightly, gag reflex kicking in. the hand in his hair attempts to pull him back but he resists, staying where he is and forcing his throat to relax. after a moment he feels more comfortable and starts to move again, bobbing his head up and down jimin’s cock and swallowing around it.

finally, jimin lets out a low groan, hand stroking over the back of taehyung’s head. “so good, sweetheart,” he praises, and his hips jerk forward into taehyung’s mouth. taehyung coughs and pulls back immediately, taken by surprise at the sudden movement, eyes watering slightly.

“fuck, i’m sorry,” jimin apologises, voice painted with concern as he places a hand under taehyung’s chin and tilts his head up. “are you okay?”

taehyung coughs once more and then nods his head up at jimin. “yeah—‘m fine. um,” he says, face heating up. “you can…do it again?”

jimin’s eyebrows raise in surprise for a brief moment before he regains control and smooths out his expression. “oh?” he says, the hint of a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. “you want that?”

taehyung nods shyly, and jimin’s mouth twists into a smirk. “say it. tell me what you want.”

taehyung closes his eyes and inhales a shaky breath. “i want you to—to fuck my mouth. please,” he mumbles, opening his eyes to see jimin’s reaction. jimin’s still smirking at him, and he moves the hand under taehyung’s chin up to his mouth again, holding it open with his thumb. “well,” he says, pushing down on taehyung’s lip, “since you asked so nicely.” and then he’s pushing his hips forward, directing his cock back between taehyung’s lips, thumb still holding his mouth open. 

taehyung whines as jimin sinks into his mouth, eyes falling shut again as he starts to push in and out in a steady rhythm. his jaw is already starting to ache, and drool is gathering at the corners of his mouth and dripping down his chin, but he hums contentedly, enjoying the feeling of jimin using him for his pleasure.

after a while jimin starts to pant slightly, fucking into taehyung’s mouth harder. “think i’m—oh, think i’m gonna come,” he moans, hips snapping forwards. taehyung hums again, knowing jimin can probably feel the vibrations against his cock. “can i—come on your face?” jimin asks, hand gripping the back of taehyung’s head to keep him in place. 

taehyung nods as best as he can around jimin’s cock, moaning eagerly. jimin groans and thrusts forward a few more times before pulling out and jerking his hand over his cock just in front of taehyung. taehyung closes his eyes, gasping a moment later as he feels jimin’s come hitting his face, painting stripes across his cheeks. he feels some of it land on his eyelid and he lifts a hand to wipe it off with his fingers, then opens his eyes and looks up at jimin as he brings his fingers to his mouth and licks off the come.

“fuck,” jimin groans, still panting slightly, recovering from his orgasm. “god, you look so pretty. did so well for me, angel.”

taehyung preens at the praise, blinking and smiling dumbly up at jimin. “come on,” jimin says, smiling back at him. “lie back down for me. i’m not done with you yet.”

taehyung repositions himself on the bed so that he’s lying back against the pillows, watching as jimin bends over to snatch his discarded shirt up from the floor and feeling oddly touched when he brings it over to the bed and uses it to wipe off the come from taehyung’s face.

he drops the shirt back on the floor and then climbs onto the bed, situating himself between taehyung’s legs and leaning down to give him a kiss. he runs his hand gently down taehyung’s chest and stomach, continuing down until he’s cupping taehyung through his underwear. “i guess it’s time i did something about this,” he smirks as taehyung whimpers and bucks his hips up against jimin’s hand, searching for some friction. he’d forgotten about how painfully hard he was, too busy focusing on getting jimin off, but now the feeling has returned full force and he’s desperate again.

yeah—please, touch me,” he pants, fixing jimin with pleading eyes. 

“don’t worry, baby,” jimin replies, grinding his palm down lightly and making taehyung briefly see stars. “i will.”

jimin moves his hand away from the bulge in taehyung’s underwear, but only so that he can hook his fingers under the waistband instead. he snaps it against taehyung’s skin a few times, chuckling quietly when taehyung whimpers, before tugging down and pulling his underwear off in one swift motion. taehyung sighs in relief as his cock kicks up to his stomach, feeling wet precome smear on his belly. “o-oh,” he stutters, eyes fluttering shut as jimin immediately closes a hand around it, squeezing lightly.

“got such a nice cock, baby,” jimin praises, hand dragging up along the length and toying with the head. “so big and pretty.”

taehyung flushes in embarrassment at jimin’s words, but he can’t hide the way his dick kicks in jimin’s hand. jimin smiles lopsidedly and digs a nail into the slit, gathering up the precome that’s steadily leaking out. “so wet for me,” he says, gliding his hand back down the shaft and spreading the precome. “feel good?”

“y-yes,” taehyung chokes out, fingers curling into the sheets at his sides. good is an understatement—he’s been mostly hard since jimin started grinding on him at the party, and it feels heavenly to finally be touched, pleasure building up and sweeping through him in waves.

much to taehyung’s chagrin, jimin releases his dick, but he doesn’t have much time to be upset about it as jimin leans over him and draws him into another deep kiss. “where’s your lube?” jimin asks against his lips, and taehyung feels a jolt of arousal shoot through his gut at the implication. “top drawer, by the bed,” he replies breathlessly.

jimin leans back up and reaches over to taehyung’s bedside cabinet, pulling open the top drawer and shuffling around until he locates the lube which he throws onto the bed beside them, along with a condom. he settles back between taehyung’s legs and runs his hands up and down his thighs a few times before reaching for the lube. “gonna open you up now,” he says almost conversationally. “you want that?”

taehyung is nodding his head before jimin’s even finished speaking. “yes, yes, please,” he begs, spreading his legs a little wider to give jimin more room. jimin smirks at his eagerness as he uncaps the bottle of lube, squeezing some out onto his fingers and rubbing it to warm it up. once he’s satisfied, he shuffles further down the bed and uses his un-lubed hand to push one of taehyung’s legs up, holding him open while he brings his other hand between taehyung’s thighs.

taehyung gasps and jolts slightly as he feels the first finger circle around his rim a few times before dipping inside. “o—oh,” he stutters, shifting to move himself down further onto jimin’s finger, which is pushing into him at a maddeningly slow pace. jimin works it in and out of him for a minute or so, and it feels so good to have something inside him but also it’s not enough.

“another,” taehyung whines impatiently. “please, y’can add another.” 

jimin looks up at him and quirks an eyebrow but doesn’t argue, and taehyung moans happily as he feels a second finger push into his hole alongside the first. jimin wiggles them around inside of him, pads of his fingers brushing against taehyung’s walls and making him clench around them. “so tight,” jimin murmurs, seemingly talking to himself.

taehyung allows himself to get a little lost in the haze of pleasure as jimin plays around inside of him, twisting his fingers and scissoring them to open him up. it’s good, for a while, taehyung just relieved that jimin is giving him something, but before long he’s whining again, wanting more. “can you—another,” he requests, two fingers not enough for him anymore.

“greedy,” jimin chastises, but complies with taehyung’s wishes and slips in a third finger. taehyung groans at the stretch, his hips grinding down onto jimin’s hand involuntarily before he feels a slap to his thigh. “stay still.”

taehyung whimpers but immediately stops moving, lying still and grasping at the sheets of the bed, fingers gripping almost painfully tightly. he does a pretty good job of keeping still as jimin works him open, he thinks, up until the moment when jimin finally crooks his fingers just right and brushes into his prostate. he cries out as pleasure shoots through his body, shuddering and bucking down onto jimin’s fingers, chasing the feeling.

jimin tuts and immediately withdraws his fingers. “i told you to stay still,” he says, shaking his head and moving back up taehyung’s body to lean over him. taehyung chokes out a sob at the loss of jimin’s fingers, hole clenching around air. he feels so empty.

please,” he cries, tears springing to his eyes. “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean—just, please.”

jimin brings a hand up to wipe away the tears trickling down his cheeks. “shhh,” he says, caressing taehyung’s face gently, “it’s okay, baby. you’re doing so good, so good for me.” taehyung sniffs and blinks up at jimin. he looks beautiful from this angle, but then, taehyung thinks he looks beautiful from every angle. “you okay?” jimin asks softly, eyes searching taehyung’s face.

“mmm,” taehyung nods, sniffing again. “yeah, ‘m really good, so good, just—want you,” he says, looking away from jimin’s face.

jimin strokes his cheek again and smiles sweetly. “you can have me, baby,” he says, leaning down to press a soft kiss to taehyung’s lips. “i’m right here, you’ve got me.” taehyung returns his smile shakily, reaching his arms up around jimin’s neck and dragging him down into another kiss. he can still feel the desperate burn of arousal running through him, but he trusts jimin to take care of it for him.

jimin pulls away and presses one last kiss to taehyung’s lips before sitting up again and reaching for the condom lying on the bed next to them. “gonna fuck you now,” he says, tearing open the foil and carefully rolling the condom onto his dick. he’s hard again, and taehyung feels a swell of pride that he’s so worked up just from having his fingers inside taehyung.

once the condom is on, jimin reaches for the lube again and gathers some in his hands before pumping it slowly over his cock, coating himself in it, and then shuffling forwards, hands coming up to push taehyung’s thighs further apart. “you ready?” he asks, lining up his dick with taehyung’s hole.

“been ready for ages, c’mon,” taehyung urges, and then promptly loses his mind a bit as he feels the head of jimin’s cock pushing inside of him. “o-oh—oh, ah—“ he pants as jimin sinks into him, continuing to push until he’s fully seated inside taehyung.

they both stay still for a moment, jimin allowing taehyung the time to adjust, which taehyung is grateful for because he currently feels like he’s about to explode. his head is spinning and jimin hasn’t even moved yet.

 “y-you can move,” he says, kicking lightly at the back of jimin’s legs. “please.”

jimin rearranges himself so that he’s leaning over taehyung, arms either side of his head, before he slowly pulls out and then pushes back in again. taehyung gasps, hands coming up to grab at jimin’s shoulders as he starts to fuck in and out of taehyung at a steady pace, grinding his hips just right and making taehyung dizzy.

“mmm—hnng, ‘s good,” taehyung pants breathlessly, eyes squeezed tightly shut in pleasure. “y’can—i mean, could you...faster?” he says, forcing his eyes back open to look up at jimin.

jimin smirks down at him. “want it harder, baby?” he asks, snapping his hips forward once and then stilling them, ceasing his movements. “wanna ask me nicely?”

 taehyung whines when jimin stops moving inside him, blinking up at him through hazy eyes. “i—please?” he says, shifting on the bed. “please can you...fuck me harder?”

jimin smiles at him and immediately starts moving again, pulling out almost all the way and then shoving back inside hard. “there you go, pretty,” he says slightly breathlessly. “just gotta—,“ he snaps his hips forward again with force, “—say please.”

taehyung grips onto jimin’s shoulders tightly, moaning as jimin’s thrusts cause his body to jolt up the bed each time. “th-thank you,” he gasps out as jimin gives a particularly well-aimed thrust and hits his prostate dead on. his mind feels numb and he can’t think straight through the haze of pleasure, words slurring and running together, but he can’t bring himself to care; he feels too good. “hhhh—‘s good jimin, so g-good,” he gets out, wanting to let jimin know how incredible he’s making him feel.

“i know, baby—you too, so good,” jimin pants, breathing heavy with exertion. “think you’re gonna come for me soon?”

“y-yeah,” taehyung whimpers in reply. it isn’t a lie—jimin’s hitting his prostate with nearly every thrust, and he’s been strung out for so long he’s surprised he’s managed to last this amount of time already.

jimin doubles his efforts, using an arm to hook around one of taehyung’s legs and push it up so that he can get a better angle. taehyung is moaning with practically every breath, eyes squeezed shut and whole body drawn tight and burning with the need for release as he starts to feel the tell-tale signs of his impending orgasm, heat and pressure building up deep in his gut.

“i’m—ah, ‘m so close,” he tells jimin, who groans and thrusts his hips even harder. “c’mon then, baby,” he says, leaning down further over taehyung, “come for me.” 

taehyung cries out again, and only a few moments later he feels the pressure increase dizzyingly and then snap—he lets out a long moan as the intense wave of pleasure and relief courses through him, whole body arching up from the bed as his cock spurts out streaks of come onto his stomach and heaving chest. he thinks he must black out momentarily, mind overcome with the sensation, stars dancing behind his eyelids.

he blinks his eyes open again when he feels jimin slip out of him, watching as he takes off the condom and ties it off, discarding it somewhere before bringing his hand to his cock and starting to pump it quickly. “can i come on you?” jimin asks, voice tight with what taehyung presumes is pleasure. a small, still functioning part of his brain notes that this is the second time tonight that jimin’s asked if he could come on him.

“please,” taehyung breathes out, eyes following jimin as he immediately shuffles further up taehyung’s body so that he’s jerking off over his stomach, and he only lasts a few more moments before he groans and comes, hot spurts landing on taehyung’s flushed skin. taehyung can’t take his eyes off jimin’s face, the way his eyes are screwed up in pleasure, eyebrows furrowed, and his gorgeous mouth dropped open into a wide ‘o’ as he gasps in air.

jimin keeps working his hand over himself until he’s finished coming and then immediately collapses down onto the bed next to taehyung, who hums and looks down at himself, realising with a pleased jolt that he can’t tell whose come is whose. they both lie there in silence for a few minutes, breathing heavily, taehyung attempting to regain some control of his limbs. 

jimin lets out a long breath, then turns his head to look at taehyung. “how’re you feeling?”

taehyung blinks at him, and then feels his face spread into a grin. “amazing,” he says truthfully, grin widening as jimin smiles back at him. “you really wrecked me good.”

“yeah?” jimin asks, turning onto his side and reaching a hand out to run down taehyung’s chest, carefully avoiding the streaks of come that are drying there.

“yeah,” taehyung breathes, looking up at jimin’s face. he looks more beautiful than ever, taehyung thinks, skin glowing and eyes shining, his hair ruffled and sticking to his sweaty forehead. “you’re beautiful,” taehyung tells him, post-orgasm haze making him honest.

jimin’s lips part in surprise before his face lights up with a bright smile, making taehyung’s heart clench painfully in his chest once again. “says you,” jimin says playfully, poking a finger into his chest. taehyung giggles—honest to god giggles like a schoolgirl—and bats at his hand to push it away, but jimin grabs onto his own hand and links their fingers together.

“was that really…okay?” jimin says, voice hushed. “i know i can get kind of, um—controlling. during sex,” he blushes and looks away from taehyung.

taehyung smiles, fondness blooming inside his chest. he brings their intertwined fingers up to his lips and kisses the back of jimin’s hand. “it was more than okay. it was perfect,” he reassures, squeezing jimin’s hand tighter. “you’re perfect.”

it’s quiet again for a moment as they both just smile at each other shyly, and then taehyung turns onto his side to face jimin. “honestly, thank you,” he says quietly, eyes staring into jimin’s own. “for that. i really have been wanting it for quite a while now.”

jimin smiles and leans forward to press a kiss to taehyung’s lips. “me too,” he murmurs, staying close. “i’m not sure why we waited so long.”

“you’re telling me,” taehyung groans, rolling back over onto his back and staring at the ceiling. “should’ve just jumped you the first time we met in that café, right then and there.”

jimin laughs, a beautiful tinkling sound, and leans over taehyung to look down at him. “not sure that would’ve been entirely appropriate,” he says, eyes crinkling happily. “plus,” he adds, bringing a hand up to stroke taehyung’s hair off of his face, “if that’d happened i might not have gotten the chance to get to know you better.”

taehyung fakes a gasp, pretending to be offended. “you saying you would’ve just fucked and left me, like a one night stand?”

jimin laughs again brightly, shaking his head. “don’t think i could ever do that.”

taehyung’s quiet for a moment, staring up at jimin. then, he asks, voice hushed, “does that mean you’ll stay then?”

jimin’s smile softens, his hand stroking through taehyung’s hair again. “of course,” he says, equally softly. “if you want me to.”

“i do,” taehyung replies, craning his neck up to peck jimin’s lips. “very much.”

jimin smiles again, and then lies back down next to taehyung and rests his head on taehyung’s shoulder, wrapping his arm around him. “then i will.”






jimin is true to his word. when taehyung blinks his eyes open the next morning, it’s to the sight of jimin lying on the bed next to him, face pressed into the pillow adorably, the sunlight streaming through the curtains illuminating his soft features. taehyung allows himself a few minutes of watching him sleep, admiring the gentle sweep of his eyelashes and his slightly parted lips, before carefully extracting himself from the blankets and climbing out of bed quietly so as not to wake him.

he wanders to the bathroom and turns on the shower, yawning, then promptly freezes when he catches sight of himself in the mirror. his hair is a wild mess and his face is sleep-swollen, but that’s only to be expected—what really catches his attention is the scattering of red and purple marks littered all over his chest and stomach. he studies them carefully, flushes as fragments of memories from last night flash through his head—lying on the bed, back arching as jimin licked and bit and sucked all over his torso, running his hands over the marks he’d left, telling taehyung how pretty he looked.

taehyung smiles giddily as he steps into the shower, not even minding the slight ache in his lower back—it just serves as proof that last night was actually real. though, he does grimace as he washes off the bits of dried come that were still stuck to his chest, having been too lazy to clean up properly last night, too content to just lie there with jimin and drift off to sleep in a happy daze.

once he’s done showering he returns to his room to pull on a clean pair of boxers and a loose t-shirt before making his way to the kitchen. he’s decided to make pancakes for when jimin wakes up, seeing as they’re one of the things he can actually make fairly well and he wants to impress jimin as much as he can. he hums to himself mindlessly as he pads around the kitchen, getting the ingredients together and starting to make the batter.

he’s just chopping up some strawberries for the topping when he hears footsteps heading towards the kitchen, jimin appearing a moment later in just his boxers. taehyung smiles at jimin’s dishevelled appearance, throat going a little dry as his eyes flicker over jimin’s thighs and notice the few dark red marks scattered across them. he forces himself to bring his eyes back up to meet jimin’s gaze, returning the sleepy smile that jimin gives him.

“morning,” jimin croaks, walking further into the kitchen and sitting himself on one of the stools at the breakfast bar. “what’re you making?”

“pancakes,” taehyung grins at him, stepping over to give jimin a kiss but then hesitating before he does, unsure whether that’s okay. jimin seems to sense his intentions however, reaching out to pull taehyung closer to him and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “sounds perfect,” he says, smiling.

taehyung grins again. “wanna help?”

taehyung gets jimin to chop up the rest of the strawberries as he pours the first lot of batter into the pan and gets some plates out. when jimin’s finished chopping the strawberries taehyung tells him to place them in a sieve and run them under the tap to make sure they’re clean, then asks him to fetch the syrup from the cupboard. once he’s done all that, he sits back down on his stool, swinging his legs adorably as he waits for taehyung to finish up.

before long taehyung has piled a neat stack of pancakes on each plate, drizzled syrup over them and added the strawberries. he brings the plates over to the breakfast bar and places one in front of jimin before walking over to the other side and sitting opposite jimin with his own plate. jimin moans around the first mouthful of pancakes and taehyung blushes, looking down at his plate as glimpses of last night run through his head again.

“these are so good,” jimin compliments taehyung, taking another bite and sighing happily.

“thank you,” taehyung grins at him, shovelling a mouthful of his own pancakes into his mouth. “pancakes are definitely the best breakfast food.”

“agreed,” jimin nods, using his fork to scoop up some strawberries and pop them into his mouth.

they sit in comfortable silence for a while as they finish up their pancakes. when they’re done, taehyung collects the plates and takes them over to the sink, swallowing down the last few pieces of strawberry and leaving the plates on the side for now because he really can’t be bothered to wash them up. jimin follows after him and smiles when he turns back around, stepping closer and pressing his lips to taehyung’s. taehyung shudders when he feels jimin drag the tip of his tongue along his lower lip.

“you had a bit of strawberry juice there,” jimin murmurs, pulling back slightly and grinning at him. taehyung huffs out a laugh before placing a hand behind jimin’s neck and pulling him back in for another kiss.

they make out lazily against the counter, just enjoying the feeling of being pressed up against each other and exploring each other’s mouths. after a while, jimin pulls back and regretfully informs taehyung that he has to get going because he has a class in a few hours and he needs to head home first to grab his stuff. taehyung smiles and tells him that it’s fine, following him back to the bedroom and sitting on the bed, watching him get dressed.

jimin makes a face when he picks up his shirt and realises that it has dried come on it from where he’d used it to wipe taehyung’s face last night. taehyung laughs apologetically, blushing slightly, and tells him that he can borrow one of his. he hops off the bed and goes over to his wardrobe, rifling through to find an old shirt for him. he locates one near the back that looks like it’ll fit ok, pulling it out and throwing it over to jimin.

jimin thanks him and pulls the shirt over his head. taehyung freezes.

“what’s wrong?” jimin asks at the look on taehyung’s face, before looking down at himself and letting out a loud laugh. the shirt that taehyung’s given him apparently dates back to taehyung’s phase of cutting holes in clothes, and there’s a few long slits cut into the fabric under the collar and along jimin’s chest. “jeongguk wasn’t lying then, huh?” jimin quirks an eyebrow at taehyung playfully. 

taehyung groans and covers his face with his hands. “please don’t. i have no idea what i was thinking,” he lets his hands drop back to his sides and sighs. “i can give you a different one if you want.”

jimin laughs again and shakes his head, turning round to pick up his socks from the floor and pull them on. “it’s fine, i don’t mind. i think it’s cute.”

once jimin’s fully dressed and ready to go, taehyung leads him out to the door to say goodbye. they stand for a moment smiling awkwardly at each other before jimin reaches out for taehyung’s hand and intertwines their fingers. “thank you, taehyung. for the pancakes, and the shirt, and…well. you know.”

taehyung snorts quietly and ignores the way his face heats up slightly at jimin’s implication. “you’re welcome,” he says, smiling shyly.

jimin steps closer and leans up to press his lips to taehyung’s in a sweet kiss. “can i…” he starts, and then trails off, looking down at his feet. he looks nervous, and it’s a new experience for taehyung—he’s never really seen jimin anything but confident before. he squeezes his hand reassuringly and gives him an encouraging smile as jimin sucks in a breath and looks back up at him. “can i take you on a date?”

taehyung’s face immediately breaks into a wide grin. “yes,” he replies instantly, leaning down to kiss jimin again. “definitely. in fact, i’ll be offended if you don’t.”

jimin huffs out a laugh against his lips. “okay, well...good,” he says, pulling back with a smile. “i’ll text you the details?”

“sure,” taehyung smiles back. jimin leans up to kiss him one more time and then pulls away, releasing taehyung’s hand and stepping forward to open the door. “i’ll see you later, taehyung,” he lifts his hand in a little wave.

“yeah. yeah, you will.”





jimin [15:31] are you free tomorrow?


you [15:36] what time??


jimin [15:42] around 2pm?


you [15:43] yes!! i only have a morning class tomorrow :D


jimin [15:45] great! i’ll come get you from your place?


you [15:47] sounds good!! where are we going?


jimin [15:49] you’ll have to wait and see


you [15:52] >:( mean

jimin [15:54] you love it


taehyung grins dopily down at his phone. jimin’s right—he kind of does.




taehyung gets back from class the next day at 11am, and then proceeds to spend the next three hours having a slight breakdown.

he doesn’t know why he’s so nervous, but he can’t seem to stop himself from running over every worst case scenario in his head—what if he can’t think of anything interesting to say and jimin thinks he’s boring? what if he does something to embarrass himself and jimin never wants to see him again? he knows, really, that he’s just being silly—jimin has made it pretty clear that he likes taehyung, more than just in a physical way. there’s no need for him to be so worried.

but his attempts at reassuring himself don’t really do anything to lessen the deepening pit of nerves in his stomach, so he decides to call jeongguk. 

“jeongguk, he’s taking me on a date,” is the first thing that comes out of his mouth after jeongguk picks up.

there’s silence on the other end of the line for a few seconds, and then— “fuckin’ finally.”

“okay i don’t have time for all the i told you so stuff right now, i need your help,” taehyung groans, flopping down onto his bed.

my help? with what?” jeongguk answers, voice tinged with confusion.

“i need you to reassure me that everything is going to be perfect and wonderful and i won’t fuck it up,” taehyung tells him, rolling over onto his side and clutching his pillow to his chest.

“uh…everything’s going to be perfect and wonderful and you won’t fuck it up?” jeongguk parrots back at him.

taehyung groans again, glancing at the clock on his bedside table that tells him the time is currently 1pm. one hour to go, and he isn’t even dressed yet. “ugh, this is terrible. jeongguk, i don’t know what to wear.”

taehyung hears jeongguk snort through the phone. “tae, are you seriously gonna ask me for fashion advice? you’re a fashion major. you should have this part down at least.”

taehyung sighs and sits up, staring into his open wardrobe at the end of the bed. “it has to be perfect, guk. i need to impress him.”

“ok first of all, no you don’t need to impress him—i’m 99% certain he is already sufficiently impressed by your general existence if his incessant talking about you is anything to go by,” jeongguk states matter of factly, and taehyung blushes. he’s glad jeongguk can’t see him. “and second of all, i’m pretty certain you could show up wearing an actual bin bag and he’d find it cute.”

“shut up,” taehyung mutters, standing up to walk over to his wardrobe so he can get a closer look at his options. “that isn’t true.”

jeongguk laughs. “yeah, it really is—trust me. i can’t even count the number of times i’ve had to listen to him tell me about how cute taehyung is oh god jeongguk, he’s gonna be the death of me,” his voice rises in pitch in what taehyung assumes must be an impression of jimin. his blush deepens.

“i—shut up,” he repeats, reaching his free hand into his wardrobe and rifling through a line of shirts. “this isn’t helping.”

jeongguk sighs. “listen, hyung, you’re really overthinking this,” he says, and taehyung rolls his eyes. he knows he’s overthinking this, but just because he’s aware of it doesn’t mean he can control it. he says as much, and hears jeongguk sigh yet again. “i promise you you’re freaking out for nothing. everything’s gonna be fine.”

“easy for you to say,” taehyung mutters, pulling a shirt out of the wardrobe and eyeing it critically.

“you’re hopeless,” jeongguk groans. it’s quiet for a moment as taehyung reaches back into his wardrobe to find something to go with the shirt, before jeongguk speaks up again. “on another note…” he starts, and taehyung immediately freezes at his devious tone of voice. “i take it he was good in bed?”

taehyung lets out a choked noise and feels his face heating up, once again glad that jeongguk can’t actually see him. “next time i see you, i’m going to hit you,” he hisses into the phone. 

jeongguk laughs, that annoyingly cute high-pitched giggle that shouldn’t belong to someone so evil. “that wasn’t a no,” he sing-songs, and taehyung groans in frustration, before freezing again as he catches sight of his clock. 

shit i need to go, he’s gonna be here in just over half an hour,” he says, immediately rushing to strip his sweatpants off so that he can start getting dressed properly. “bye, guk. i would say thanks for the help, but you were pretty useless.”

“you’re welcome,” jeongguk says anyway.




half an hour later finds taehyung sitting on a stool in his kitchen, waiting for jimin to arrive. he had been fiddling with his phone, flicking through various social media in an attempt to distract himself, but he’d given up after realising he couldn’t focus on anything. now, he’s just staring blankly at his front door, mind lost in a haze of nerves.

before long, he’s woken from his reverie by a knock on the door.

he jumps up from his stool immediately, somehow managing to bang his knee on the table as he does so. “fuck,” he mutters, rubbing at his leg and staggering over to the door, heart feeling like it’s about to jump up through his throat and land on the carpet.

he takes a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself, and then opens the door. 

“hi,” jimin says, smiling and leaning against the doorframe. taehyung mouths noiselessly for a moment, brain having short-circuited slightly because jimin looks good. he’s wearing a white shirt tucked into tight black jeans secured by a belt, a denim jacket thrown over the shirt to protect from the chill in the spring air, and his hair is parted slightly in the middle, sweeping off of his forehead.

“hey,” taehyung finally manages to choke out, swallowing thickly. “you look, uh—good.”

jimin’s smile twists into a smirk as his eyes rake over taehyung’s body, taking in his appearance. “thanks,” jimin says, looking back up to meet taehyung’s eyes. “so do you.”

taehyung blushes, looking down at himself. in the end he’d opted for a white shirt with a lace collar, an oversized light pink sweater thrown over the top, and a pair of plain black jeans tucked into slightly heeled ankle boots—nothing that special really, but he thinks the pink colour of the sweater looks pretty with the soft grey of his hair, and he’s added the dangly earring again because he’s a bit obsessed with it after jimin had complimented it one time. “thank you,” he says, peeking back up at jimin shyly. “shall we…get going then?”

“yeah,” jimin says, smiling and moving away from the door so that taehyung can step through. once taehyung’s locked the door behind him he follows jimin down the stairs and they head out onto the street, taehyung thrumming with anticipation—he still has no idea where they’re going.

they make light conversation as they walk, jimin asking taehyung how his morning class was and taehyung telling jimin about his latest assignment. after walking a few blocks, jimin makes a left turn and veers into a park—the same one taehyung usually likes to walk through when he’s craving fresh air. it’s a weekday so it’s fairly quiet but there are a few people around, walking their dogs or sitting on benches eating lunch, enjoying the rays of sunlight filtering through the scattered clouds. taehyung’s just enjoying looking around at all the beautiful flowerbed arrangements when he feels a light brush against his hand, and he looks down to see jimin’s fingers slip between his, locking their hands together. he looks up at jimin’s face, slightly wide-eyed, and blushes when jimin just smiles at him.

“so, are you gonna tell me where we’re going yet?” he asks, peering sideways at jimin as they walk.

jimin laughs, swinging their joined hands together between them. “you’ll find out soon enough.”

before long they reach the other side of the park and exit through a gate, then turn down a very familiar street—the street where taehyung’s favourite café is. 

the café where taehyung and jimin met.

“wait…” taehyung starts, then trails off as jimin slows his pace when they approach the café. taehyung turns towards jimin, mouth hanging open slightly. jimin looks back at him and smiles shyly. “i thought it would be kind of cute,” he explains, reaching his free hand up to push through his hair. “considering this is where we first met, and you seem to like it a lot, so…“ 

“it’s perfect,” taehyung smiles reassuringly at jimin before leaning down to peck him on the lips. jimin’s smile widens, his eyes crinkling at the edges in that way that takes taehyung’s breath away slightly.

jimin leads taehyung into the café and over to a table in the corner with two comfy armchairs placed round it, letting go of his hand—sadly—as he tells taehyung to sit down while he goes and orders for them. taehyung settles into his seat and pulls his phone out while he waits, sending off a text to jeongguk to tell him everything’s going well so far and then rolling his eyes at jeongguk’s reply of i told you so.

he looks up from his phone as he notices jimin approaching, carrying a tray in his hands which he sets down on the table before flopping into the chair across from taehyung. taehyung looks down at the tray, taking in its contents—a large peach iced tea, what looks like a black coffee, and two big strawberry cupcakes.

“you remembered my order!” he gasps, looking up at jimin who’s grinning back at him.

“i did,” jimin replies proudly. “and i figured i should try one of those strawberry cupcakes since you seemed to like them so much.”

“they’re the best,” taehyung sighs happily as he pulls his drink and cake towards him, watching as jimin does the same. he makes a face when jimin takes a sip of his coffee. “i can’t believe you drink that stuff too. it’s bitter and gross.”

jimin laughs. “we can’t all be as sweet as you,” he teases, eyes glinting playfully as taehyung blushes and looks down at his lap, fiddling with the sleeves of his sweater that fall over his hands.

they chatter happily for a while, jimin taking a bite of his cupcake and admitting that it’s actually extremely tasty, much to taehyung’s satisfaction. it’s nice, the easy back and forth, taehyung now feeling pretty silly about how nervous he was for this. jimin is so easy to get along with, seeming to know exactly how to bring taehyung out of his shell and make him feel comfortable, at ease. taehyung doesn’t know how he got so lucky.

“so,” he starts, leaning forward in his seat slightly. they’ve long finished eating their cakes by now, nearly finished their drinks too, but neither of them seem eager to wrap this up, both enjoying themselves too much to call the date to an end yet. “i’ve never really asked—why contemporary dancing? what made you get into it?”

jimin hums quietly, forehead creasing slightly as he thinks. “i guess i’ve just always thought it was beautiful. i remember seeing it on tv when i was a kid, some kind of talent show, and i was just glued to the screen the whole time,” he laughs, a slightly far off look in his eye as he reminisces. “after that, i just really wanted to try it. my parents finally let me start classes when i was around 12, and i realised i was actually pretty decent at it, so…well. here we are,” he breaks off into a shrug and smiles at taehyung.

taehyung smiles back at him. “so it was kind of a love at first sight thing?”

“i guess you could say that,” jimin replies, smile softening as he looks at taehyung so fondly it makes his chest ache and his breath catch in his throat. he’s not sure they’re talking about dancing anymore.

“anyway,” jimin says after a few seconds, leaning back in his seat and draining the last bits of his coffee. “what about you? why fashion designing?”

taehyung blinks at jimin for a moment before answering. “i’ve just…always really loved fashion,” he says, laughing quietly. “when i was growing up i used to steal my mother’s fashion magazines and spend hours looking through them, and then when i got older i started stealing her clothes sometimes too. she must have noticed but she never said anything, just let me get on with it,” he smiles to himself at the memory. “i’m really thankful to her for that—to both my parents really. they’ve always been a hundred percent supportive of me and my decisions, never tried to hold me back or shape me into something i’m not. i owe them a lot.”

jimin smiles widely at him as he finishes talking. “that’s really wonderful. i’m glad you have people supporting you like that, you deserve it.”

taehyung blushes for what feels like the millionth time, but smiles back just as widely. “so do you.”

a little while later, long after they’ve finished their drinks, they finally decide to head out. taehyung gasps when he checks his phone and realises they’ve been at the café for over three hours—it didn’t feel like that long at all. apparently time really does fly when you’re having fun.

taehyung shivers slightly as they step out of the warm café. it’s approaching 6pm now and the sun has disappeared, the air considerably cooler than it had been earlier. taehyung is grateful for the warmth of jimin’s hand as it slips into his own.

they wander back the way they came, through the park, jimin insisting on walking taehyung home. it’s even quieter now, hardly anyone else around. taehyung and jimin walk in a mutual silence, both not wanting to disturb the quiet air, but it’s nice—comfortable. taehyung thinks he could really get used to this, having jimin by his side, their fingers twined together.

they come to a stop when they reach taehyung’s building. 

“so,” taehyung starts, turning to face jimin but keeping their hands joined together. “i had a really nice time. thank you for that—it was perfect.”

jimin smiles at him, biting down on his bottom lip. “really? it was just a café. nothing special,” he says, but taehyung can tell he’s just teasing by the playful glimmer in his eyes.

“i was talking more about the company,” taehyung replies, squeezing jimin’s hand tightly in his own. the air is really starting to turn freezing now, and taehyung shivers as he steps closer to jimin, trying to profit from his body heat.

jimin’s expression softens, smile turning gentle at the edges as he uses their joined hands to pull taehyung even closer so their faces are just inches apart. “i had a really good time too,” he says quietly, and taehyung shudders as he feels his warm breath across his face.

“i—i really like you, jimin,” taehyung exhales, voice a near whisper and free hand shaking slightly as he brings it up to fist in the fabric of jimin’s jacket.

jimin moves his free hand up too, resting it at the nape of taehyung’s neck and stroking over the soft hairs there. “i really like you too, taehyung,” he replies, voice soft and sweet in a way that makes butterflies sweep through taehyung’s stomach and up into his chest. “so much.”

jimin uses his hand to tug taehyung down, closing the gap between them and bringing their lips together in a slow, gentle kiss. it has none of the frantic desperation that most of their previous kisses have had, and yet taehyung feels dizzier than ever, caught up in the way they move together, breathing each other’s air. he thinks it’s maybe the most intimate he’s ever felt with anyone.

he thinks he could get used to it.