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crushes are plague (and i caught your fever)

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jungkook turned off the lights, sighing softly as he lifted his hoodie, pushing back his glasses, taking one last look at his shed. the shed he made his own for a long time, safe-haven from everything that life brought. the same shed that taught him a lot of life lessons, starting with: don’t procrastinate to fix those leaks, jungkook.

he smiled at the memory, remembering how much jimin had complain about not wanting to sleep under a roof that leaks into his mouth whenever he laid down.

now it was just an empty shed, one that’ll be used for storage by the new house owners. he wondered if they had a kid, if the kid would use it like jungkook did, to hide away from the dark nights, to bring over their favorite person, and just forget the world outside. jungkook wondered if anyone would see this old, beaten up shed the same way he did.

“ready?” grandma asked, smiling at jungkook.

jungkook hummed, looking over at his grandma, eyes tearing up a bit. “do happy endings ever exist in the real world, grandma?”

she smiled at her grandson, digging into her pocket, taking out a familiar red box. “why don’t you find out, my angel?”

“will i make him happy?” jungkook asked, taking the red box into his hand. “these were yours and grandpa’s, am i really worthy?”

“your grandpa would hit you for thinking that, kookie,” grandma pulled him in, kissing the top of his head, the best she could. “go get him, dummy, before he gets away again.”

jungkook pressed the code, the door unlocking. he opened it slowly, smiling as he saw the bright yellow couch that jimin loved so much, the pictures that jungkook gifted jimin, the black cat tower beside the yellow couch. home.

“oh good, you’re home,” jimin said, head appearing from the kitchen. “taehyung is driving me crazy, jungkook, come here and taste this.”

jimin walked over to him, wearing nothing but jungkook’s wrestling hoodie, bare feet making noises as he crossed the tile floor, hand extending to grab jungkook.

“what did he do now?” jungkook laughed, noticing the purple icing on jimin’s cheek and hair. “more importantly, what did you do to our kitchen?”

“shut up, don’t start with me too, jeon jungkook, i will kick you in the balls,” jimin flared, pulling jungkook into the kitchen. “i am genuinely fed up with these stupid cupcakes, taste the batter.”

jungkook snorted, noticing that taehyung was on video call, frowning at them. “hi tae.”

“hey kook, please tell your boyfriend that his cupcakes taste like nothing. i was over earlier today and he kicked me out for being honest.”

“excuse me, i did not kick you out,” jimin dipped the spoon into the batter. “you were the one who stormed out because i said i didn’t buy stupid white icing.”

“it was an essential!”

“well give me a fucking heads up before i spend half my savings on your stupid fancy cupcakes!”

“hey,” jungkook touched jimin’s arm, chuckling softly. “baby, relax, i’m sure they’re not that bad. we can remake the batter if it is.”

jimin scoffed, rolling his eyes. “of course you’d side with him, why don’t you two go make your damn cupcakes, leave me out of it since i’m so damn incapable.”

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, watching as jimin stormed out of the kitchen. he turned to look at taehyung. “what did i do?”

“nothing, kook, it’s-“ taehyung hesitated. “it’s nothing.”

“it’s obviously something,” jungkook frowned. “taehyung, what is it?”

taehyung sighed. “i made the mistake of asking jimin help me out with my wedding, given that it’s been a year since he saw the rings.”

jungkook licked his lips, looking away. “oh.”

“when i was over today, he confessed that he feels insecure, jungkook. why haven’t you asked him?”

“it’s scary,” jungkook chuckled, looking over at the direction jimin stormed off. “i’ll talk to him, taehyung, it’s not your fault.”

taehyung hummed. “yoongi is home, i’ll talk to you later, kookie.”

jungkook ended the call, sighing softly as he closed his eyes. he nodded to himself, slowly walking to their room. he found jimin on the bed, flipping through a yearbook.


“did you apologize to taehyung for me?”

“yeah, he doesn’t mind,” jungkook crawled on the bed, going to where jimin was, hugging him from behind. he lightly kissed the back of his neck, down to his shoulders. “want to tell me what that was about?”

jimin sighed, shrugging. “just stressed about the wedding, i might’ve overestimated my abilities, i’m not the same jimin from high school.”

“no,” jungkook hugged jimin tighter. “you’re an older, sexier, and wiser version of him.”

“do you think,” jimin turned to look at jungkook. “do you really think that?”

jungkook nodded, brushing back jimin’s hair, chuckling at the purple icing. “of course i do, baby,” he leaned forward, kissing jimin’s lips. “i’d love you anyway.”

jimin smiled, nodding back. “then it’s settled,” he patted jungkook’s leg before standing up. “we’re getting married.”


“what? you don’t want to?”

“n—no, i do,” jungkook stood up, “i just—i don’t know, that was out of nowhere.”

“most marriage proposals are, kook, that’s the whole point.”

“i was going to ask.”

jimin hummed, walking over to their closet, digging around. “it’s been a fucking year.”

“but i—“

“here,” jimin took out two golden rings, “recognize them?”

jungkook walked closer, lifting the rings, furrowing his eyebrows. “aren’t these—“

“your grandmas? yeah, i took them out of the box the night you gave them to me,” jimin raised his eyebrows. “you didn’t even open the box, did you?”

“i might’ve,” jungkook racked his brain, “have you been holding them all this time? but grandma—“

jimin laughed, “she was the one who told me to take them, she said you weren’t going to ask first, that i’d have to ask.”

jungkook blinked, nodding slowly. “so that talk you had with taehyung?”

“ah,” jimin looked down at the rings. “i decided to give you a year to pop the question, mostly to laugh at you when you open the empty box, but you never did.”

jungkook smiled. “that’s horrible.”

“yeah, so is dancing around the question,” jimin poked jungkook’s stomach. “i was insecure about the whole thing, but i want to, jungkook. i want to marry you and just, just marry me, yeah?”

jungkook laughed, eyes watering as he nodded. “how can i say no to you, jimin,” he cupped jimin’s face. “with you wearing my hoodie, purple icing in your hair, looking at me with that smile of yours, fuck yeah.”

jimin giggled, wiping away jungkook’s tears. “i love you.”

“i love you too,” jungkook kissed jimin’s forehead.

jimin nodded, tears falling down his cheeks as jungkook kissed him softly, cradling his face between his hands, jimin moving them to the bed.

jungkook slowly sat at the edge of the bed, jimin sitting on his lap. jimin smiled down at him, thumbs caressing jungkook’s cheeks. “even after these years, even after the battles, i still want you.”

“i didn’t ask,” jungkook whispered, hands moving up and down jimin’s sides. “because i want to be the best for you, park jimin.”

“you already are,” jimin smiled. “and even if you’re unsatisfied, we can work on ourselves together, for ourselves, and for one another.”

jungkook laughed, looking away. “fuck, i love you a lot.”

“let's leave school shit to the student body president."

jimin smiled. "fine."

"guess you won't be staying for dinner? my grandma was going to make your favorite."

"are you trying to guilt trip me, jeon jungkook?"

"me? i would never!"

jimin laughed, his pretty eyes smile and laugh making jungkook remember why he let himself get infected with a crush.

jungkook turned off his phone, pocketing it and looking out at the skyline. he sighed, cigarette in hand as he watched the sunset.

jimin should be there.

it's still annoying to know that you've fucked every person on the student council," jimin panted, grinding his hips against jungkook's, trying to get some sort of pressure.

"and now i'm fucking the student body president exclusively, isn't that what you call character development?"

jimin laughed, pulling up to meet jungkook's gaze. "i trust you," jungkook nodded, thumb caressing jimin's thigh. "but i'm scared of losing you. is that too mean?"

"you don't have a fiber in to you to be mean," jungkook whispered. "i know what you mean, jimin. i'm scared of losing you too."

"good," jimin smiled. "because i'm the best thing to happen to you."

"i take that back, you're mean and self-absorbed!"


how mad are you," jungkook broke apart the disposable chopsticks.

jimin hummed, grabbing a spoon from the kitchen, putting some rice on the plate. "how mad do you think i am?"

"don't answer my question with a question."

"oh?" jimin put some portion of the noodles, then the meat. "then how should i answer it?"

jungkook sighed, leaning his chin on the palm of his hand. "saying that you're not mad because you completely understand where i came from?"

jimin scoffed, grabbing some plastic wrap. "i do understand where you're coming from, jeon."

jeon? yeah, he was in deep shit.

they both turned to look at the ice cream truck in the distance. jungkook could quickly find jimin, his orange hair making it even more easier.

"shit, is that really him?"


"he looks hot."

jungkook leaned his head on the chain of the swing. "yeah."

“hi." jimin finally met his gaze. "he got a new tattoo?"

"yeah, over the summer. he kept sending me pictures of updates. he did it himself."

jimin glanced at yoongi. "it's in a very intimate place."

"you're jealous?"

"no," jimin looked away, cheeks turning pink. "just--uh, pointing out facts."

jungkook chuckled. "okay."

yeah, taehyung."

"wait," jimin reacted. "kim taehyung? from daegu?"

yoongi scoffed, shaking his head. "why does it even surprise me that you know him? yeah, kim taehyung from fucking daegu."

jimin's eyes widened. "you're the guy taehyung got close to over the summer?"

"he talks about me?"

jungkook snickered, which yoongi snarled at him for. "cute."

jimin cleared his throat, jungkook almost laughing at that too. "yeah, he says you're tiny and soft."

"sounds familiar," jungkook mumbled.

"soft?" yoongi frowned. "wow, i think you just cured me from liking him. how the fuck am i soft?"

jungkook shrugged. "you can be soft."

"fuck you, jeon."

jimin giggled, smiling. "i love you."


"a lot," jimin moved, resting his head on jungkook's chest. "even though they only saw you today as my best friend, it's probably one of my fondest memories."

jungkook ran his fingers through jimin's hair, "me too. one day i hope we can all come together, you know. both our families and just, shit i don't know, be able to hold your hand over the table."

jimin giggled. "and kiss you goodbye."

"and hello and every three seconds."

"just three?"

"you're right. let's kiss forever."

jimin giggled. "sounds like a deal."

jungkook looked up at the stars. "we'll be like this during the day too, right?"

"one day," jimin whispered. "yes."

are you boys going to prom?"

jungkook froze. recognizing that voice. he stopped breathing, stop thinking as he looked up.

"jimin!" yugyeom got up to hug him. jimin giggling as he hugged him back. "i can't believe you're here!"

jimin smiled at all of them. "i'm here to do a practice run of the golden pencil. i'm in charge of giving it to this years winner."

"really? that's amazing!"

"so. are you boys going to prom?"

jungkook scoffed, finally coming back. "why would we waste a night of fun watching high school idiots grind up on each other when we could just go to a club?"

minghao nodded. "i agree. i rather go clubbing than see that bullshit."

"i might go alone," yugyeom sighed. "these idiots don't want to go."

jimin smiled, gaze moving to jungkook and jungkook only. "i was hoping you could give me a 'hand.'"

jungkook raised his eyebrow. "a hand?"

"a hand."

jimin giggled softly, making jungkook furrow his eyebrows. "i forget sometimes."

"forget what?"

"that you're so young," jimin cupped jungkook's face. "that you act and talk like an adult but you're still a child at heart."

jungkook frowned. "you're only one year older than me.”

"i don't know," jimin leaned his cheek on his knuckle. "do we have some giant reset button somewhere?"

jungkook chuckled. "i think it's underneath our table."

"no that's just a big ball of chewing gum."

jungkook laughed, shaking his head. "friends?"

"what? you and me?"

jungkook shrugged. jimin sighed, biting his lip.

"friends?" jimin hummed. "okay, yeah. let's try it."



"do you like tulips?"


"cause you're tulips are pretty."

jimin snorted, covering his mouth. "what?"

"i'm sorry, that was lame."

"that didn't even make sense!"

"shut up."

"my tulips? my two lips?"

"i'm trying here."

jimin giggled, leaning back on the hood. "trying to what? make me fall from laughing so damn hard? you're weird, jeon."

"i'm trying to be cute, what? you hate it when i act cute?" jungkook sighed. "it's hard for me too, you know."

"your voice is weird," jimin shoved him.

jungkook unzipped his jacket, jimin looked at him weird. he took out a paper tulip.

"a tulip," jimin chuckled, taking the paper tulip. "thank you."

"and another."

"oh wow, two, three, wait jungkook, how many--"

jungkook took one out with a ring stuck to a petal. jimin looked at jungkook.


"park jimin, whether we date in the future or not, i promise to love and protect you. you don't have to wear it but i just, shit, i'm sorry. i screwed things up, didn't i?"

jimin sighed, stopping jungkook from getting off the hood. "why are you like this? it's hard for me." he mimicked.

jungkook smiled. "you're not mad?"

"i'm touched more than anything," jimin took the ring. "thank you, jungkook."

jimin leaned forward, kissing jungkook's cheek. jungkook felt his cheek warm up, looking away.

"thanks to you back, uh, friend."

jimin giggled. "thanks for the flowers and ring, buddy."

“and don’t forget the bread, okay? please, please tell me you won’t forget it again.”

“baby, i promise i won’t,” jungkook laughed as he wiped his hands, dirty from painting all morning. “just get the kids to school, already, it’s late.”

jimin pouted, wrapping his hands around jungkook’s neck. “if you buy us bread, i’ll surprise you.”

jungkook raised his eyebrows, one of his hands wrapping itself around jimin’s waist. “oh? with what?”

“i’ll wear that pretty lace thong i wore on our honeymoon.”

“oh fuck,” jungkook pulled jimin closer, just becoming aroused from the memories. “you really want bread that fucking badly?”

“you try telling your son that he can’t have his favorite pb&j in the morning,” jimin kissed jungkook two times. “okay, i have to go, i love you. bread, okay?”

jungkook rolled his eyes, “yeah, yeah, you better wear that thong.”

“already am,” jimin winked before waving goodbye, closing the door before jungkook could say anything else.

jungkook laughed, biting his lip at the thought. he shook his head, walking back to his paint room, putting away his daughter’s paint set, picking up his son’s dinosaurs. he walked over to his painting, chuckling softly.

“park jimin,” jungkook whispered. “i caught your fever and i’ll be feeling it forever.”

someone knocked on the door, startlingly jungkook. he looked up to see jimin, sheepish smile on his cute face.

“one more kiss?”