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crushes are plague (and i caught your fever)

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jeon jungkook isn't someone who has crushes. he was used to sleeping with someone now and then, whenever the urge came. usually, he was busy trying to keep his grades at a decent average that he barely had time.

crushes were like a plague. jungkook did every single thing to avoid catching feelings. even when the boy or girl underneath him were beyond pretty, funny and charming, he would end it once the condom got filled.

it wasn't that he was an asshole, he was to an extent, it's just that he doesn't like the idea of trusting someone with so much.

yes, he was your typical bad boy. leather jackets instead of the school jacket, lip piercings which teachers stopped bothering to ask to remove them, ear piercings that help distract him when the lesson is too boring, and his motorcycle that's always a couple feet away.

so yes, your typical bad boy. throw in the fact that he sleeps with older women or men, you have your typical bad boy with a reputation.

even with all that, jungkook had his pride. and that pride helps protect his heart. growing up, jungkook loved love. but after seeing his mother be tear apart by the person she loved, his view shifted.

no longer was he watching love movies, he was out in his shed fixing his stepfather's motorcycle, which was the only good thing he left behind.

so crushes. no. prideful and careful, jungkook avoided them like crazy.

at least.

that's what he thought.

"hey," jungkook said, sitting down on the park table, throwing his backpack on the table. "i'm sorry i'm late."

he looked up, smiling softly. today he wore his glasses, circle frames, nose red from waiting in the cold. adorable.

"it's fine," the voice that made him forget all his rules, belong to his school's favorite angel. park jimin.

jungkook grunted, he'd been lost in his thoughts all day. remembering what his life was like before dating jimin.

jimin smiled. "did you bring it?"

"i did," jungkook zipped open his backpack, eyes glancing over at jimin.

he looked pensive too. "it's getting cold."

"it is."

"do you think we could see the snow together?"

ah. so that's what it was. "maybe," jungkook didn't feel like fighting about this again.

jimin looked at him. "liar."

"you know the answer to that."

"i do," jimin pouted. "i just keep hoping you'd change your answer."

jungkook huffed, finally took out the wooden box he made last year. jimin sighed, leaning over the table.

he opened the box, eyes flickering to the small engraving he made when using it. he wrote 'JJKPJM' in the corner, using the english alphabet in case someone found it.

"two, right?" he took out two packs of his favorite clay.

"two." jimin nodded, grabbing the packs. "thank you."

"they're 20,000 won."

"i know."

jungkook nodded. "please don't waste what you don't need."

"got it."

"it's really easy to mold and the end products are ama--"

"i know, baby," jimin smiled, shaking his head. he picked up his own backpack. "i was with you when you bought it, remember?"


jimin rolled his eyes, smiling. "you ready to go?"

"go where?"


jungkook smiled. "home."


jungkook watched as jimin took off his jacket, walking around the almost-empty house, his footsteps echoing.

"hi," jimin said to jungkook's grandmother, who was sitting in her usual spot. she smiled up at jimin.

"hi sweetie," she croaked. "is jungkook with you?"

"i am," jungkook squeezed her arm. "hi grandma."

she laughed. "you don't smell like cigarettes, that's a surprise." she turned to jimin. "you really are a great influence."

"so they say," jimin giggled. "we'll be out in the shed, okay?"

"okay," she waved at them as they walked out to the backyard.

jimin looked back at jungkook, smiling softly. jungkook sighed, hands slipping into his jacket.

crushes. crushes were like a plague.

jungkook took off jimin's school jacket, kissing up his neck, sucking and biting, doing anything to get those moans out of jimin.

he avoided them. he ran away from them. did every single thing he could to avoid them.

jimin moaned louder and louder as jungkook fucked him with his fingers, jimin bouncing on his fingers. jimin slipped his hand into jungkook's hair, begging for more, for his dick.

"fuck me already," jimin panted, leaning his forehead on jungkook's. "you looked so hot today."

jungkook chuckled, pumping himself a couple times before slipping into jimin's hole. jimin gasped as he settled down on jungkook's length.

"i look hot every day."

jimin giggled, almost breathlessly. "looked," jimin moaned as jungkook fucked up into him. "fuck, looked hot while, ah, ah, jungkook."

jungkook laughed breathlessly, kissing his boyfriend again. tongues slipping together naturally, jungkook fucking up into jimin, moaning whenever jimin clenched around him.

jimin whimpered when jungkook's hand went down to squeeze his ass cheek, making jungkook smirk.

"m'close," jimin whispered against jungkook's lips. "s'been too long."

he caressed his nose against jungkook's neck, kissing his skin now and then.

crushes. he really wanted to avoid them. he was prideful, careful. he wouldn't let anyone in. he couldn't. they hurt him. he has too much pride to let himself be vulnerable like that.

"fuck yourself on my dick," jungkook leaned back on his elbows. "make us both cum."

jimin whimpered, nodding. he bounced on jungkook's dick, throwing his head back, hand around his own dick.

jungkook licked his lips, resisting the urge to buck up into jimin's warmth. he needed this, this beautiful image for later. for when jimin becomes too busy, for when jungkook forgets to text jimin and jimin pouts at him angrily and ices him out for two days. for when they want to touch but can't.

"fuck," jimin opened his eyes, looking completely blissed out. lips swollen and slicked with their spit, eyes glossy, cheeks red. "i'm going to come, kookie."

"me too baby," jungkook whispered, completely in awe with jimin's face. he always has been. "i'm going to cum just looking at you like this."

jimin giggled, which broke off into a whimper as they both came. he panted, falling onto jungkook's chest.

"fuck, baby," jungkook pushed him up, sitting straight, jimin humming. "i missed you."

"i missed you too," jimin smiled, kissing him again.

jungkook caressed his back, kissing the top of jimin's head. "you're leaving for that camp shit, huh?"

jimin lifted himself off jungkook's dick, moaning softly as they split apart. "the bonding trip, yeah, two days."


"yes," jimin stood on his knees, looking at himself in the full body mirror. "you left my ass red."

"you looked hot again."

"again," jimin rolled his eyes. "did not but thanks."

jungkook frowned, "you look hot every day."

"why did you ask? did you forget?"

"no," jungkook pulled jimin into his arms, hugging him from behind. jiming tangled their legs together, warm skin against each other. "just hoping it was canceled or something."

jimin giggled, shaking his head. "i don't want it to. there's a lake, tennis court, bicycling, hiking. it's going to be so much fun!"

jungkook rested his chin on the top of jimin's head. "hm."

"i heard taehyung, from daegu, is going. you remember him, right? the one my age?"

"yeah," jungkook hugged jimin tighter. last week jimin left to daegu for, yet another, bonding trip. sometimes he wondered if the school council was just using the funds to take day trips.

"i think the kids from seoul are coming too."

"sounds like a fucking blast."

"it will be," jimin turned to look up at him. "do you want to come?"

jungkook scoffed. "what the fuck am i going to be doing there?"

"you could," jimin shrugged. "say you're thinking of joining the council."

"i would never."

"you could--" jungkook kissed him, chuckling. "fine."

"let's leave school shit to the student body president."

jimin smiled. "fine."

"guess you won't be staying for dinner? my grandma was going to make your favorite."

"are you trying to guilt trip me, jeon jungkook?"

"me? i would never!"

jimin laughed, his pretty eyes smile and laugh making jungkook remember why he let himself get infected with a crush.