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Path's Divergence

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Chapter 21


"I want to thank you again for letting Usagi watch your kittens. It does seem to make her happier." Luna said after a moment. It had been a day since she had managed to first rope Hercules and his friends into helping her in getting back at Yuki. The additional thank you for getting involved with getting back at Yuki was left unsaid but there. They weren't out doing anything at the moment other than planning so Usagi wasn't watching the kittens today. Though she had a feeling that wouldn't be the last time the kittens were over at the apartment. Quite a few of them had seemed to have taken a shining to Usagi.

Hercules shrugged, "As I said before, we owe you one. She seems like a sweet girl who wouldn't usually hurt a fly. Besides you don't seem like the type to engage in this behavior without reason." Or at least that's what he had been able to garner from the few interactions with her and what the kits had said after staying with her. He would like to think Luna had good enough judgment to not let the kits near a dangerous human and it pointed towards the girl's good character that Luna wasn't in any pickle herself, considering the girl knew what Luna was and what she could do.

"Your right." Luna agreed.

"What did she do? To your owner?" Megara asked coming up to them again with a frown. Luna had been tight-lipped about the whole thing before but that didn't stop the genuine curiosity on what had gotten Luna on this path.

"Broke her is the short version of that answer." Luna said. "The long answer is a very long story and not for the faint of heart." She wasn't sure if she should be sharing the particulates. Usagi was getting more comfortable and open with all of them, yes. But some of the things that she had mentioned about what she had gone through were a bit personal.

"You know if you shared the particulates we might be able to give her a taste of her own medicine." Hercules said after a moment.

"It feels like it's not my place and I wouldn't know where to even begin." Luna admitted with some hesitation. "Some of it is rather personal." More personal then she was comfortable than sharing without Usagi's permission and she had yet to tell anyone about her plans to get back at Yuki.

"Just how long are we talking before you were told anything?" Megara asked raising an eyebrow.

"I first heard about Yuki in passing about a week after I found Usagi in mid-January. I didn't find out the specifics of what Yuki had done until a couple of weeks before I approached you. So three months." Luna answered.

"I can kind of see why your hesitating. It seems it was rather serious for her to take so long and then it must have been in confidence." Megara realized.

Luna tilted her head after a moment. "That and Usagi still doesn't like to talk about it and we know there is still more she isn't ready to talk about." Luna let out a sigh. "As much as I would love for Yuki to get an exact taste of the thing she inflicted on Usagi, some of it would not be possible and even if we could we would have to become monsters of the worst sort, worse than the dark kingdom I think." That and some of it was physically impossible to replicate. Torn and ruined clothes easy enough as a cat. They had claws after all. A flying knife in a locker like Usagi had described at one point, not so much. Oh well, it didn't mean they couldn't make the girl's life any less of a living hell. There was no way to duplicate it exactly like Usagi had lived through but Yuki would know soon enough that she had crossed the wrong person.

Zoisite, in general, hadn't been having a good week. He thought he knew what he was getting into when he had taken over various tasks when Nephrite had deserted his post but really he had no idea what he was getting into or how much Nephrite truly did.

"First you render our efforts to get the Great Warrior Youma useless because you abandoned two of them after they transformed, THEN you let this Tuxedo Mask character get away with one, and the Sailor Senshi sneak another two out right from under your noseFinally, an unremarkable 70-year-old human man somehow gets the better of you before you can get the next rainbow crystal." Queen Beryl was very clearly LIVIDIf it wasn't for the fact that she was running low on generals and she didn't trust some of the youma to actually follow command, she might have tossed him into eternal sleep like she had Jaedite and pulled Kunzite. As tempting as that was proving it was also a bad idea and she knew it. She needed Kunzite in England to keep the Venetian brat busy so the Sailor Senshi didn't get any bigger than it already was.

"My apologies my Queen. The human was rather spry for his age." Zoisite apologized bowing to her. What he had thought was going to be an easy extraction had turned into a pain very quickly. First, the man had somehow had managed to break free of the extraction hold. And then he had been attacked by a pair of twin crows.

It would figure that the first crystal carrier he got an upper hand on in a week would be the one that caused him the most trouble. Well though now that he was thinking about it. The only crystal carrier he had gotten to first that hadn't caused problems was the Catholic priest. The first carrier he had been interrupted by that one brunette.

"I don't need excuses Zoisite! I need results! Be grateful were short in leadership, else you would be joining Jaedite in eternal sleep." Beryl said with clear venom in her voice. "Now get out of here before I do something that the two of us will both regret." At this rate, his continued presence wasn't going to end well for his health, or for her keeping a leadership underneath her. He was going to really have to hope that he produced a crystal this time.

"Thanks for letting me come over. Papa sometimes gets busy with work. It's just him and I living in the house, so it gets lonely sometimes." Hotaru admitted. Usagi had invited her over one afternoon when she knew she was going to be kitten sitting again (apparently the cats had been impressed enough with her and the others jobs last time they had asked her to watch them again). She had found herself alone for the afternoon aside from the kittens since everyone else seemed busy. Figuring that even if Hotaru's bullies were starting to lighten up as they realized they didn't want to cross her new friends she probably could use a bit cheering up.

"Not a problem. If you ever need to get out or get away feel free to send me a text. I know I don't mind you coming over and I think the others wouldn't either." Usagi said after a moment. It was taking time but the other two were starting to relax around Hotaru the longer she was awake as Saturn.

"So did Haruka start calling you kitten before or after you started watching the kittens?" Hotaru asked curiously. She had heard Haruka use the nickname a bit teasingly a few times in passing.

"After. Haruka actually started calling me kitten after the first time I babysat them." Usagi said scratching one of the kittens' chins. "Their parents asked me through Luna to help socialize them with humans on the weekend to help get them ready to be adopted by good humans. I agreed. I figured with how rough it gets at school you would probably appreciate this as much as I do." Meaning she would probably appreciate the distraction from the bullies that wasn't Senshi related.

"Has anyone tried anything lately?" Usagi asked. She hadn't seen anything, but she still wanted to make sure.

"No, most of them are smart enough to not do anything overly aggressive to begin with, what with dad being headmaster. It doesn't stop everyone though... but I think they don't want to mess with Haruka more than they don't want to mess with my dad." Hotaru said after a moment getting a vaguely bemused look on her face at the end.

"At least you have the school administration on your side." Usagi said after a moment. Sometimes she wondered how much things would have turned out different if the burden of dealing with her bullies hadn't been placed on her. "Juuban." She elaborated when she saw Hotaru's confused face. "There was a girl who took every opportunity to either torment me or make more opportunities to do so."

"Why did administration not step in? Did they think it wasn't that bad?" Hotaru asked, trying to understand why no one had stepped in to stop it.

Usagi snorted at that. "I wish. They knew how bad it was. There was at least a few incidents where..." Usagi trailed off after a moment. Her eyes going distant for a moment as she petted one of the kittens. Before shaking her head, best not to think of those darker times too much.

"What's the worst thing she did?" Hotaru asked a bit curious. Kind of wondering why Usagi had broke off before finishing her statement. Most of the time the worst she had to deal with was people destroying her stuff. Which wasn't great either but at least they hadn't been going directly after her either. Most knew better than to try and physically harm her but there was always a few exceptions here and there.

"Set me up to be raped." Usagi confessed after a moment after debating telling her or not. But at this point everyone else knew, it felt unfair keeping Hotaru out of the loop entirely. Yuki had done a lot of things during her reign of terror, but the worst had been that particular incident.

Hotaru blanched. "WHAT?!"

"Naru can tell you more if you want details she was there for the incident. I don't feel like talking about it in any sort of detail. I am not sure she will either but she can confirm for you what happened if you don't believe it." Usagi confessed.

"No wonder the others hate her so much." Hotaru said. The others hadn't exactly told her what had happened between Usagi and Yuki but she did remember a conversation about Yuki and a ruined dress. She hadn't known Usagi well enough to know what she had been like when she first became Sailor Moon but from what she had heard, a lot more withdrawn then she was currently.

"Haruka and Michiru were aware of the fact I had a history with her. But they weren't aware of how extensive it was until recently. Naru, since she was by my side the whole time, has always known what Yuki put me through." Usagi admitted.

"And the school wouldn't do anything?" Hotaru asked. "Even after someone tried to assault you?"

"Someones actually, and no the school kept insisting there was nothing they could do. The one saving grace was they made the boys who attempted to... leave. After that caused their friends blamed me for there friends leaving the school." Usagi explained. "Things got worse as a result. Thankfully they didn't try again."

"Did it end or was it still going when you finished your last semester at Juuban?" Hotaru asked hesitantly putting the kitten down she had been holding. She was becoming upset enough at this point she was afraid she would accidentally injure it in her own distress over Usagi's situation.

"No. The school finally did something when I ended up in the hospital with a head injury that some of her friends were caught on camera causing. They expelled those on camera, but that wasn't the entire group. When I came back from winter break all of a sudden none of them would go near me." Usagi explained.

"Your bullies make mine look like child's play." Hotaru said after a moment. She hoped her bullies never crossed paths with Usagi's because she was honestly kind of afraid that where that possible information exchange could lead to.

"I had Naru." Usagi said trying to downplay it a bit. Thank god for Naru. She didn't think she would have survived Juuban without her. Sure she had Umino so Naru wasn't her only support. But would having just one would have probably made the situation a lot worse.

"And I had the backing of the school to keep it from getting that bad." Hotaru said shaking her head. They both had had their own advantages in their situations. Usagi had had Naru and she had had her father. Sure, Hotaru's bullies got to be a bit much at times, but none of them had tried to do much beyond some ruined personal items and mean comments because they knew it wouldn't end well. It hadn't been easy since she had no friends at Mugen Gaken prior to becoming Saturn but at least they hadn't escalated.

Usagi decided she wanted to change the topic away from the bullies. "So have you thought about what we talked about last time. About telling the others about your condition?"

Hotaru sighed. "Yeah. I've been thinking about it. Your right that it does help knowing the fact that they've handled something somewhat similar well before. But…"

"You're still scared?" Usagi guessed.

Hotaru nodded her head. Usagi spoke after a moment. "I can't really give any advice without being a hypocrite. I am not going to push you but remember you know my reaction already."

Hotaru smiled a bit at that. "Thank you."

"Makoto!" Usagi greeted the brunette warmly. She and Naru were doing a weekend sleepover just to break up the monotony, and also so Usagi could give Haruka and Michiru some space since they had been on top of each other since she moved in. At least it felt like that. Usagi wasn't expected to be at Naru's place for another couple of hours so she had decided to swing by the arcade to blow off some steam before going over to Osa-P to meet up with Naru.

"Long time no see Usagi. How's Mugen Gaken been treating you?" Makoto greeted.

"Good. Better than Juuban." Usagi admitted. No Yuki to deal with she still mainly hung out with Naru and the others more than some of her classmates. Now at least she had control back over who her friends were. When Yuki had isolated her, she had felt stripped of that. At least things were getting easier and Yuki was becoming more of a passing thought outside of the times that it was unavoidable it was going to rear its head. Like that one run in she had had with Yuki a few weeks back that she tried not to think about it.

"Yeah. You look good. I'm feeling it though, the school admin can be a bit of a pain." Makoto said making a face.

"Sorry, you have to put up with them." Usagi said. It was true, one thing she definitely did not miss in the least was Juuban and its teachers. "I ran into Yuki a week back. I could see she hasn't changed."

"I think she's gotten worse since she found out you got into Mugen Gaken." Makoto commented. Word had spread like wildfire about Usagi's transfer to Mugen Gaken once Yuki had been told about that. Reaction ranging from a couple of people seeming happy for Usagi to those in Yuki's circle seeming pissed that she had gotten something they couldn't.

"Really? Sorry to hear that. Guess I shouldn't have said where I was going to school." Usagi made a face. She could have walked away from Yuki but it had been hard. Looking back, she should have probably ignored the other girl. Plus there was a part of her that thought that even if she hadn't let it slip the first time at the grocery store, it would probably have come out in the garage.

"How did she find out anyway?" Makoto asked.

"When we ran into each other the last time she accused me of being a dropout. I set her straight." Usagi said. She had put up with a lot of things from Yuki but letting her claim she was a middle school dropout she hadn't been able to let fly.

"I can't blame you." Makoto agreed making a face. To accuse someone like that made her angry.

"I, somehow, keep running into her." Usagi admitted. "I don't know if I just have bad luck or... I think I made things worse."

"How does one make the situation worse?" Makoto asked frowning slightly. Trying to think how one could actually manage to make a situation with Yuki worse. Yuki was already bad enough to contend with normally. But this sounded worse than normal.

"I got her angry." Usagi admitted rubbing her arm slightly. "Yuki Accused me of buying my friends. I pointed out her own actions and how she used money to get out of things. She got physical." Usagi admitted.

"Physical how?" Makoto asked eyes narrowing. At first glance Usagi didn't look hurt but who knew if she was hiding something. "I'm fine. REALLY!" Usagi insisted seeing the doubtful look Makoto was giving her. "One of my other friends caught me before I hit the ground."

"She pushed you off something?" Makoto's voice jumped a couple of octaves ignoring Usagi's gestures to please quiet down. "And why wasn't this friend there to-"

"She already blames herself for not being there before Yuki pushed me." Usagi said breaking off before Makoto could go into a full rant. Haruka had never actually said directly she felt guilty for not being there before at least not in those exact words. Usagi had seen the look in the girl's eyes and her recent behavior seemed more protective. The only thing she could think of for sure was that she was blaming herself for not being there to protect her from Yuki. Making a note that she should really introduce Makoto and Haruka to each other at some point. With the duo's protective streaks, she had a feeling they would really hit it off.

Makoto took a deep breath trying to calm down. "Sorry. You're really not hurt?"

"I was a bit shaken, but I wasn't hurt." Usagi admitted. "After one of my other friends got there one of them grabbed security." Usagi frowned thinking back to the situation for a moment. "Actually, it's a good thing security was grabbed." Usagi muttered in self-realization. She had been a too shaken at the time to think how things would have probably escalated from there. Now that she was thinking about it…she was fairly sure that the only reason Haruka hadn't gotten physical was because she had been too distracted with her to pay attention to whatever comment Yuki had uttered that had ended in Michiru slapping her. Probably, if things had continued it wouldn't have been pretty. "One of my friends, she wouldn't hurt a fly if she could help it. I've never even heard her yell at anyone. She actually slapped Yuki." Usagi admitted, still sort of in awe at the display even now.

"Good." Makoto looked rather vindicated that at least someone had done so. That slap had probably been a very long time coming. Before something else popped up in her head brought on by the school rumor mil.."Well, I guess that's where that rumor came from." Makoto commented to herself.

"Rumor?" Usagi asked looking at her in surprise.

"Yeah school rumor has it she got in trouble with some security while out shopping." Makoto explained.

Usagi made a face remembering the incident. "Yeah. Probably the only time she's gotten in trouble for doing something like that." And even then, she wasn't sure Yuki wouldn't get anything more than a light slap on the wrist.

"Usagi. I'm really glad you're not hurt." Makoto said suddenly hugging Usagi, catching her off guard. Part of her wondering why Yuki had gone after Usagi. She hadn't known the girl that long but for the most part, she seemed like the type that wouldn't hurt anyone. What could she have done that had made Yuki go after her? But then again Yuki didn't seem like the type to need a reason to do what she did.

"Thank you." Usagi said giving her a smile. At least she had gotten out of this unscathed this time. Seeing Makoto's eyebrows shoot up. Crap she had said that last part out loud hadn't she? Makoto stopped hugging her and looked at her.

"Usagi exactly what did she do to you?" Makoto asked raising an eyebrow starring her dead in the eyes.

"More like what didn't she do." Usagi muttered more to herself than to Makoto while looking away fidgeting.

Makoto opened her mouth for a second to ask for a better explanation before thinking better of it. Part of Makoto really wanted an explanation or at least an elaboration behind it. But as things were she needed to stay on Juuban's administration's good side, unfortunately. She hated it. Makoto wanted nothing more than to be able to give Yuki a piece of her mind but she was walking on thin ice as is. They could easily pull the clearance to have a job if they wanted to. She had a feeling if she knew the exact details she would have a hard time not getting physical with Juuban's "darling child". She was caught between a rock and a hard place, and she hated it. Maybe she could do something later….

"Thank you." Usagi said after a moment of silence, unsaid went 'for the details I'm not comfortable discussing right now'. She had talked so much about what had happened between her and Yuki lately she was getting tired of it. She knew the conversations were needed and, in some cases, unavoidable but it was hard enough without repeating it so many times over and over again.

"This is probably easier. If I knew I'm not sure I could stop myself. I'm on thin ice with my job and keeping clearance to have one." Makoto admitted pinching her nose slightly. Speaking of which, Makoto glanced up at the clock on the nearby wall before speaking again. "Sorry, I can't stay for long. I was just blowing off some steam before I had to get to work. My boss is going to see the doctor today, so I can't afford to be late. I just had a bit of spare time, so I ended up here." She didn't have to be at work quite yet so she could still hang out, but she was going to have leave soon.

"You got a job at the arcade?" Usagi asked in surprise. She hadn't heard of the Arcade needing more workers but then again, she really hadn't been paying that much attention to that kind of thing recently. Though now that she thought about Makoto had said something about going to a doctor. Motoki had looked just fine when she had walked past a few minutes ago.

"No. I'm working down the road at the Hikawa Shrine. Apparently, the last shrine hand up and quit without warning. Since I was looking for a job and they were looking for a hand I ended up working there." Makoto explained.

"The school didn't give you any trouble over getting a job?" Usagi asked in surprised. Considering how much of a fit they had thrown over her other stuff it was hard to imagine otherwise.

"Oh, they weren't happy. There was a lot of long conversations with the admins, but I finally got them to agree." Makoto admitted. There had been enough conversations to make her head spin, but she had eventually gotten their permission. Her best guess as to why they had given permission was they were hoping the distraction from work would keep her out of trouble. She wasn't entirely sure.

"Go figure. I can't get them to do a few simple tasks but agreeing to let you take an after-school job is no problem." Usagi muttered to herself. She was glad Makoto had gotten the job and wouldn't get in trouble with the school admin but there ever-changing opinion on what they allowed was kind of annoying. Actually, more than annoying, but she was no longer there so she didn't want to put the effort into thinking about how backwards things could get at Juuban.

"Juuban's weird that way." Makoto agreed. "And it wasn't easy. I think they might have only greenlit my application because they were hoping it would keep me out of trouble."

"I am happy for you." Usagi said smiling slightly. And she did mean it. It might be more than slightly annoying on how hypocritical the school was in how they handled their students at times, but she was glad the admins weren't being a pain to everyone who needed assistance.

"Thanks. I'm trying to save up to open my own bakery, so this should help." Makoto admitted. Well, it wasn't the only reason, but it was one of them.

"Never thought of you as the type." Usagi admitted with a slight grin. It was kind of funny to picture the tall brunette in the kitchen. But if it made her happy, so be it.

"Love it. My friends back home used to rave about my cooking." Makoto said before her face got sad. Usagi pulled out of her pocket a piece of paper and scribbled down her number.

"Here. If you ever need to talk or text feel free." Usagi said handing the slip of paper which Makoto took after hesitating for a second.

"Thank you." Makoto said before frowning. "Crap I hate to cut this short but if I don't leave I'm going to be late for work."

"Better run then." Usagi said waving her off. "Be careful on your way to work!"

"You still haven't talked to him?" Usagi asked a bit surprised when she ran into Masato arriving at Naru's house. He was headed home as she was headed in apparently. Some pleasantries had been exchanged and when she had asked about how talking to the probable Earth Prince had gone. He had admitted he hadn't had a chance to do so yet.

"The problem is, I still don't know where to start with him. I can't exactly go up to him and say. 'Hi. I was your bodyguard in a previous life that you may or may not remember'." Masato pointed out. Talking to a teenage prince, even one he was supposed to have known, was difficult.

"You're a billionaire. You own a big company. Hire him." Usagi pointed out. She was surprised that the thought hadn't occurred to Masato before. Well then again not everyone could have a job in high school. "At least then you'll have a reason to talk to him, right?"

"I would be his boss." Masato said after a moment of thought. It wasn't the world's worst idea on one hand. On the other, even if his own memories were still not whole, he still had years of subservience to the prince and then to Queen Beryl. Having someone that he had reported to in a previous life now reporting to him would be difficult.

"You obviously don't have any better ideas or else you would have talked to him by now." Usagi argued. She could see how that could be awkward. Her point still stood!

"I don't even know if he needs or is looking for a job. I additionally, don't know if his school will approve him for one." Masato said pacing for a moment. The idea was starting to grow on him but there were still obstacles in the way to implement the plan.

"I know he's worked odd jobs before. One time I ran into him at the same photo contest you were running. Apparently, he keeps picking up odd jobs to help maintain his motorcycle." Usagi said ticking off the couple of things she remembered about the probable Earth Prince off the top of her head. Really there wasn't that much to go off of.

"Great. My prince was reborn as a 'bad boy'." Masato said nearly facepalming. What in the world had he been doing growing up that made him decide to pick up a motorcycle? Something to research later he guessed.

"I wouldn't really describe Mamoru as a bad boy from the interactions with him." Usagi said after a moment. She had a hard time imagining walking around in leather clothing. He just didn't seem like the type. "Haruka likes motorcycles. She's definitely not what people think of as 'bad girl'."

"That is true." Masato sighed. "I'll look into it." It was definitely the best idea that had come up recently. And if the prince was going through a bad boy phase maybe he could steer him out of it.

"Do you always tag along when you know Makoto's on the job?" Rei asked crossing her arms. A day later Usagi had decided to tag along with Makoto to check out the shrine Makoto was working at because she really didn't have anything better to do. Her and Naru had been planning to get together to compare notes between their classes to see the differences but Naru had had to cancel for whatever reason. That had left her wandering Juuban until Haruka could come and get her, bored until she had decided to go visit the shrine Makoto worked at. This had the shrine priestess, Rei, apparently questioning why she kept showing up. Really, it was just her second visit.

"I was supposed to meet with someone else but they had to cancel at the last minute. The shrine was nearby." Usagi answered Rei. Well, technically that only applied to today. The first time she had followed Makoto to work she was just plain curious and hadn't had prior plans. She had come back into her old neighborhood because she had just felt the need to get out of the triangle and away from the others for a few hours. So, she had ended up at the shrine for a bit. Today she was here because she really did not have anything else to do.

"That seems to be happening a lot. Don't you have other friends who aren't working to bother?" Rei asked crossing her arms. Okay, she was reaching at that point. She had been over to the shrine twice now.

"I don't have that many friends that live around here outside of Makoto. Besides, you're making a fuss and I've only been here once before. This is only my second time at your shrine." Usagi said shrugging. Well okay, friends might still be a strong word for her relationship with the brunette, but she wasn't sure acquaintances was the right word either.

"I find that hard to believe." she thought she heard Rei say.

"Rei, with all due respect, you've met me twice." Usagi said frowning slightly. She guessed Makoto hadn't mentioned either of their problems with making friends at Juuban or else that comment wouldn't have flown.

"Sorry." Rei apologized turning a slight shade of red.

"Just no more assumptions please, and we'll call it even." Usagi said waving off the concern.

"Usagi. We need to get going. Ms. Hino." Michiru said coming up behind Usagi greeting the shrine priestess. Looks like her ride was here at least the conversation was getting cut off before it could get any more awkward.

"Ms. Kaioh." Rei returned the greeting, "I haven't seen you around since the buses around here stopped disappearing. I assume you got what you needed sorted out?"

Michiru couldn't remember what excuse they had given Rei at the time. Just that it was something to throw her suspicion off from them and towards Jadeite who has been masquerading as a shrine aid at the time. Plus, the talk they had had though couldn't exactly be about the Senshi had helped some with her early days of being a senshi when she was still a bit lost on how to handle to things. "Yes, we did, thank you for the advice."

"I am surprised that you seem to know Ms. Usagi." Rei admitted glancing between the two. Usagi didn't seem like the type to run in the same circles that she knew the Kaioh's ran in.

"We became friends before Usagi transferred to Mugen Gaken." Michiru explained. "How did you two meet?"

"I followed Makoto over one day from the arcade once. Today I thought with Haruka busy it'd be a peaceful place to wait for you." Usagi answered.

"Makoto is a shrine hand we recently took on with grandfather falling ill." Rei answered what she was sure was going to be the next question.

"Ah. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope he feels better soon." Michiru said. The man had seemed a bit eccentric the last time her and Haruka had been here. But not bad.

"Thank you." Rei said.

"We should get going Usagi." Michiru reminded the girl who had wandered off for a bit during the conversation to talk to Makoto.

"Ah right. See you around Makoto, Rei." Usagi called as she followed Michiru back down the shrine steps.

"How do you and Rei know each other?" Usagi asked Michiru glancing back at the top of the shrine steps where she could see Rei heading back into the shrine grounds. The way they had talked suggested they had met at least a couple of times before.

"Her father works for the government, so we had met a few times prior in passing due to family obligations. I didn't visit the shrine for the first time until the bus incident." Michiru explained.

"Wait that was this shrine?" Usagi asked a bit surprised. She knew the whole bus thing had gone down somewhere in Juuban, but she had never actually found out what shrine it was. Glancing back up again she wondered what had got the Dark Kingdom's attention about it. It looked like your every day Shinto shrine.

"Yes." Michiru answered.

"How did you two get involved with that whole plot anyway? Did she ask for help?" Usagi asked. Rei seemed to be very independent from what she had seen so far and heard from Makoto. She had a feeling that Makoto had gotten the job only out of necessity on the shrine's part, otherwise who knows where she would be working?

"No. Waters flow in mysterious ways. It was a coincidence." Michiru said before going quiet, thinking about the parallels between Rei's family and her own. Rei had her grandfather and her shrine, but she avoided her father. Michiru got along with her youngest sister the best out of all of them with her relationship with her older sister improving due to necessity. Her parents? Ever since they had found out about Haruka they had considerably distanced themselves. They hadn't cut her off completely, otherwise, she wouldn't still have access to her family's things, like the beach house but she partly suspected that was due in fact to that Haruka could pass as a guy and did on a frequent basis.

"How did you end up here anyway? You mentioned following the brunette, Makoto, but I've never seen her before." Michiru noted frowning.

"Oh, Makoto and I first met the night of the 'walking fiancées'. We kind of hit it off during that brief period I was staying at Naru's. She transferred in after I left Juuban. Apparently, with me gone Yuki has been bothering her instead." Usagi explained. Usagi made a bit of a face as she recalled some of their conversations. "According to Mako-chan, Yuki has gotten worse since the grocery store incident." Usagi said after a moment. She really tried not to think about Yuki and her groupies unless she had to. Makoto was at least tall and strong enough that she probably wouldn't have to deal with the more physical aspects of Yuki's assault that she had dealt with. At least she hoped not.

"Glad you two aren't in the same school anymore." Michiru said.

"That makes both of us." Usagi agreed. She had yet to deal with any Yuki-like people at Mugen personally though that might be a matter of them being scared off by Haruka. Judging by what Hotaru went through there were definitely some people there that had Yuki like behavior but none of them had gone after her yet. Would be interesting to see if that changed if Haruka missed a day of class for some reason.

Apparently, at some point along the line, Naru had been associated with them enough as the sailor senshi to gain a slight reputation of such, or at least be suspected of being connected to them. Really, when you thought about it the number of times Naru had been around for some various plot she was probably the one civilian who had been spotted near them the most.

So in hindsight when Mako started getting concerned that there might be a bit more to the Hikawa shrine priest's behavior she had passed her concern along to her hoping it would get passed on to the senshi. Naru hadn't gone into too many details about the exact conversation but had mentioned trying to downplay the connection though who knew how well that went.

It did raise a concern if other civilians were realizing that she was around frequently for various plots, what was stopping the Dark Kingdom from connecting the dots and realizing her possible connection with them? Or that Naru's other friends were the Senshi. It was a concern going forward they were probably going to have to address at some point. Even if Mako approaching her seemed to be a bit of an odd decision considering they recently set up a phone line for just this kind of thing. Then again, this meant they knew about a possible issue without it having to be filtered out by the government.

"Well, it's a bit of a surprise but you are around us a lot." Usagi conceded. They had been talking about how Mako had approached Naru as an interesting choice. Admittedly Naru being there was more by chance than by choice at times. But then again there were the times where Naru had gotten herself directly involved with the youma plots. Particularly when Masato was still Nephrite.

"True. Makoto asked if you could check out the head priest at the shrine she's working at. Apparently, he's been acting weird for the last week or so after some blond-haired guy showed up and caused him to hit his head." Naru explained.

"He also hit his head. The whole reason Kino got hired, according to you two, is because Hino needed someone to watch the shrine while she took him to a doctor. I hate to be that person but are we sure it isn't just a problem caused by that?" Haruka asked. It was possible that the blond-haired guy was Zoisite but blond haired ponytail guy wasn't a big description to go off of either.

"We could always ask Sestuna her opinion. She would have probably the best idea out of all of if the behavior Mako saw was caused by the head injury." Usagi pointed out. Sestuna was the only one of them that had actual background medical knowledge after all.

"While that may be a valid point, we can't afford to be lax with the Rainbow Crystals in play. If he is a Great Warrior, we can't just sit by and let a Rainbow Crystal slip out of our reach. Especially if Zoisite is the cause of all this." Luna said. Haruka had a valid point but there was also a possibility that this was entirely Dark Kingdom related.

"Shouldn't whatever shrine protections exist keep Zoisite from getting into the grounds?" Hotaru asked curiously. It was a religious shrine. She would have thought that the energy from someone from the Dark Kingdom wouldn't be able to get into the shrine grounds.

"Unfortunately, no. Jadeite was working there during the whole bus incident. Obviously, whatever protections they had around the shrine don't bother the Shittennou." Michiru pointed out. It was kind of odd though when you thought about it. A Shinto shrine was a holy place so technically the Shittennou shouldn't be able to set foot on the grounds of the shrine. Yet, now it looked like two of them had been able to cross through the shrine barrier. Maybe it dealt with the fact they were human, brainwashed humans yes, but still very human?

"So should we just start hanging out around the shrine then until Zoisite finally rears his head again?" Haruka asked.

"Rei's going to love that idea." Usagi muttered sarcastically. She wasn't quite sure what kept setting the other girl off when she was at the shrine but she doubted her having to hang out there for a prolonged period was going to endear her to the shrine priestess. "Maybe I should just show up, heshined, and try using the spell like we did with the painter and Hercules? That way we get the crystal and we don't set Rei off by accident?" Usagi suggested. Honestly if what Luna said was true if the old man wasn't a crystal holder then the spell wouldn't affect them. And it would give them an even bigger upper hand on the Dark Kingdom.

"Usagi, you just are finally getting over that whole debacle with Hercules. I don't think that's the best idea." Luna pointed out. Usagi had been trying to hide it but she had noticed the girl had been a bit more sluggish in the aftermath of the healing. She was pretty much back to normal, but it might not be the best idea to keep straining her like this. Even if this was the easiest solution but it might not be the best one.

"If Zoisite's already shown up it won't require the same amount of effort to get this crystal." Usagi argued. Besides she was pretty much recovered from the whole Hercules thing anyway. She should be fine.

"I am not having you knock yourself out for a week again. My answer's final." Luna said. Okay a week might be exaggerating it but none of them really knew how much Usagi would be drained if this rate kept up. With the stakes with the Dark Kingdom getting higher they couldn't really afford for anyone to be out for a long period.

"Besides showing up as the Sailor Senshi might set her off more. She's probably already on edge from her grandfather being hurt." Michiru pointed out. Despite having government backing she didn't think crossing the Hinos was the best idea.

"It can't be worse than showing up for several days on end looking for Zoisite. At least if we show up in Senshi garb we have an excuse to be there." Usagi argued. Even if it would make things more difficult be she would rather just use the compact to check if he was a crystal carrier and call it a day. Rather than have to engage Zoisite, possibly fight him, and the youma, and heal the youma. It would take several steps out of the whole process.

"I am going to side with Usagi, partly, on this one. I don't think we should show up in Senshi garb and try healing him without an explanation but I don't think showing up at the shrine for several days is the solution either. The solution lies with the compact, it can act as a homing beacon to the crystals. We'll use the compact to check if he is a crystal holder rather then wait for Zoisite to show up. Forall we know Zoisite could show up again in the middle of the night and if he does we would be completely out of luck." Luna said closing the argument. Zoisite showing up would be the preferred solution in a way at the moment since it meant the crystal extraction wouldn't go to Usagi. Healing him would, but that technically should be a lot less strenuous on her. Luna still didn't like it but she suspected Usagi would act on her own if she didn't concede on this point at least. The girl had a valid point, as much as it pained her to admit it on this issue.

"Today is Makoto's day off so if you're here to see her then you've come on the wrong day." Rei greeted her when she came by a couple of days later. Today she was just checking to see if Rei's grandfather really was another crystal holder. So, Makoto didn't need to be there though it would have given her an excuse. Rei had gotten a bit less defensive, though not by much, since their last conversation. Seemed like she had taken Usagi had told her seriously.

"I came for a short visit because I like it here. The view is here gorgeous. This must have one of the views in all of Tokyo." Usagi admitted. It was true actually. She loved how much of the city you could see from the top of the hill the shrine at. It must be beautiful at night to look out on the city.

That got a small smile out of Rei. "Only Tokyo Tower beats it. Glad to know someone else appreciates it besides Grandpa and I."

"How's your grandfather doing?" Usagi asked. Regardless of whether or not he was a rainbow crystal holder she did genuinely want to know how he was doing.

Rei frowned slightly at that. "You heard about that?" She hadn't told Makoto not to talk about it but she hopped the brunette used discretion when talking about that topic.

"Mako mentioned it. She brought it up when she told me she got the job here." Usagi confessed. "No real details just said she was looking after the shrine for the afternoon while you took him to the doctor." She didn't want Mako to get in trouble for possibly saying something she shouldn't have, and she had seen Rei tense up slightly when she realized she knew about it. Especially when she really hadn't told her anything to begin with.

"Yeah, he took a fall the other day, so we took him in to get checked out. Other than a mild concussion the doctors said he was fine. He's been acting like he is half his age since then. I am just afraid he's going to hurt himself again at this rate." Rei admitted blowing out air in frustration. She still didn't know what exactly had caused the fall. She had found him after and he didn't remember what had actually happened.

Usagi wasn't really sure what to say to that. She remembered the doctors had warned her about the long list of possible side effects from having a concussion, one of which could be a personality change. Thankfully, her's hadn't caused that. Though recovering from it hadn't been the easiest even without that side effect. "If you ever want to talk about it I'm always open. I took a rather nasty fall myself before the winter holidays. Ended up in the hospital for a few days because of it."

"What happened?" Rei asked taking the offered slip with Usagi's cell on it with a frown.

Usagi shook her head. "I would rather not talk about the semantics of what happened. At least in my case, it wasn't an accident."

"School bullies?" Rei guessed. She dealt with people saying things behind her back about her psychic abilities. No one had tried to physically confront her about it. At Usagi's nod in confirmation. "Wouldn't the school have stopped them before they escalated that far?"

Usagi let out a dry laugh at that. "The school admin had it out for me, I'm pretty sure. They never once lifted a finger to help me in the entire time I attended Juuban unless they absolutely had to. Most of the time I was on my own outside of one teacher and a couple of friends."

Rei visibly cringed at that.

"My school now is much better since I transferred to Mugen." Usagi assured. There was still the concern on how the Mugen administration would react if Hotaru's bullies went after her. So, she guessed she wouldn't know for sure until whenever the day came that she brushed against some bullies who had an interest in her.

She was brought out of her thoughts as an older man seemed to appear out of thin air asking. "Hello, young maiden would you like to train under me as a shrine priestess?"

"What?" Usagi asked a bit faintly. She hadn't been expecting this when Mako had mentioned odd behavior by him.

"Grandpa! I told you before you're doing too much. You don't need another trainee. You're doing perfectly fine teaching myself and Makoto on how to care for the shrine." Rei said before Usagi could muster a response to the request.

"Ah, but don't you enjoy having more people your age around the shrine?" Rei's grandfather asked turning away from Usagi and addressing Rei.

"Grandpa, I'm fine, really." Rei assured him. The thought was sweet she guessed but she really was okay with it just being her and her grandfather and Makoto on occasion.

"If you say so." Rei's grandfather said after a moment before disappearing off to another part of the shrine.

"Sorry. He's been asking that of everyone that he sees at the shrine." Rei said sounding a bit exasperated. "I keep telling him while the idea is sweet I'm perfectly fine. I'm not sure how I'll handle it if he gets someone to say yes."

"It's alright." Usagi said waving off the concern. She had been around worse behavior after all. Though well she could see why Makoto thought that his behavior might be a bit off. And actually, she realized as she glanced down at the compact that was lightly glowing in a corner of her bag. She was right. The behavior wasDark Kingdom related.

It hadn't taken the others long to get there once she called them to tell them that Mako had been right. This was a Dark Kingdom plot. However, what they hadn't counted on was for Zoisite to have made another move before they got there. As he was just disappearing Rainbow Crystal in hand as they reached the top of the steps.

"Saturn get her to a safe distance." Moon told the younger girl. This one was apparently capable of shooting fire balls. So, this was going to be dangerous enough for them even with the healing factor. Let alone a random civilian with no powers.

"But-" Rei began in protest. She knew she couldn't exactly fight what her Grandpa had just morphed into. But it was still her grandpa and she was concerned.

"He'll be fine once we heal him. We don't want you to get hurt by him in his transformed state." Saturn tried to assure her as she walked up. "We should move away from the fight and into the woods."

"I know a better spot." Rei said after a moment. She really didn't want to walk away from this, but this was outside her realm of expertise as much as she hated to admit. Considering whatever it was shooting fireballs it was probably not best to take cover in the woods. There was a spot she knew of outside the shrine that should be safe enough and out of danger.

"As long as it's out of the way of the fight." Saturn agreed as the two scurried off.

"We're going to have to knock him out if we want to heal him I think." Uranus realized as they scattered away from another fireball of the youma's.

"But if he already hit his head once then…." Moon trailed off there. Problem was they probably could knock him out but she wasn't sure if there was a way to keep him from hitting his head again. Too bad she didn't have any sleeping spells. She wasn't even sure if that was a thing though. Maybe something to nag Luna about later.

"Then hitting his head again would just make it worse." Neptune said following her train of thought.

"I have an idea." Saturn said coming back having left Rei for the moment. "Luna's been working with me on a defensive spell. If I can hold it do you think you can get the healing spell cast on him without having to deal with knocking him out again?"

"I didn't know any of us had defensive spells." Neptune noted. That was a nice thing that would have been good to know about before. Admittedly this was only Saturn's second time in a fight. So it wasn't too shocking it hadn't come up before.

"Not everyone does. I have one and I know Mercury has the defensive wall counterpart in the Inner Senshi. Hers is less of a physical wall when compared to mine." Saturn said frowning slightly. Mercury's was a fog from what she understood while hers was an actual physical barrier.

"That is going to make things so much simpler." Moon commented to herself. Having a way to defend on top of being able to attack should, in theory, simplify some of their fights.

"Okay but even then, he's not worn down. You had a lot less problems healing the youmas that were already worn down from fighting then dealing with Yumemi and Hercules." Uranus pointed out as she shot off a Spiral Buster in warning as the youma started to wander a bit too close for comfort.

"I would think him just running around would ware himself out a bit." Moon pointed out. Yeah, it was a concern and if the rate kept going she was going to really knock herself out at some point. But the last two had never transformed into their youma counterparts before they had gotten involved.

"Look why don't we just wear him down a bit before you heal him, Moon. Saturn how long can you hold that wall of yours?" Neptune put in her two cents.

"I'm not entirely sure. I've only gotten to use it in practice." Saturn reminded them.

"I think this is as good as its going to get." Moon said a couple of minutes later after he had spent some time dodging the attack. He looked like he was starting to get pretty worn out. "Could use that wall right about now Saturn!"

"Silent Wall!" Saturn said a slightly visible barrier flickering to life in front of her glaive and the group. "Moon Healing Escalation!" Moon commanded almost as soon as the barrier was up. It took a few minutes and a lot of moving around because the youma was still moving so Moon had to keep repositioning herself to make sure he was in line with the spell. But eventually it took hold and the youma reverted back to being Rei's grandpa.

"That was a pain." Uranus commented. They had forgotten that with the youma still not knocked out or restrained they were going to have to move if it moved. She glanced back at Moon for a moment, who was at least still on her feet if looking a bit pale.

"I'm fine." Moon reassured them seeing the looks she was getting. She felt a bit more tired than normal, but she didn't exactly feel like she was going to pass out like she had after Hercules. That was an improvement.

"Moon. Make sure you rest after this." Neptune said frowning slightly. At least this time Moon hadn't passed out, however, the girl looked a bit pastier then normal and the way her shoulders slouched betrayed the fact that she was obviously tired. Healing the crystal carriers was a necessity but it was starting to become obvious the short time frames between dealing with the rainbow crystal carriers wasn't working to Moon's benefit.

Moon shook her head. "I'll be fine. We only have two more crystal carriers to worry about, right? I can get through them." She was going to have to.

"I'll go get Rei." Saturn said after a moment.

"I wonder…" Michiru trailed off for a moment with a frown turning to look back up at the shrine after they had apologized to both Rei and her grandpa they had ducked off and de-henshined. Haruka had gone ahead to get the car to drive. So it was just the five of them at the bottom of the stairs at the moment.

"What are you thinking Michiru?" Usagi asked when she didn't continue.

"This is where they had the bus incident back at the end of November. It seems like an odd coincidence now that there's been two Dark Kingdom incidences here." Michiru explained.

Usagi frowned at that. "Luna never mentioned if she had found any hot spots for Dark Kingdom activity. I know she was looking for some when we were spending that week at the beach. Maybe we should ask her about that again?"

"Hot spots?" Hotaru asked tilting her head slightly in confusion. This was the first she had heard of anything like this.

"Luna said when I asked her about it she just said that some areas are more likely to attract Dark Kingdom activity then others. And she was trying to find them a while back." Usagi explained shrugging slightly. "Not sure if she found any though."

"It seems odd that a shrine would be a natural Dark Kingdom hot spot." Hotaru pointed out.

"Maybe it's just bad luck?" Haruka suggested after a moment.

"That's some serious bad luck." Usagi said frowning slightly. There was bad luck like constantly tripping over the sidewalk and then there was this bad luck where it had attracted enemy attention again and she guessed two times being targeted wasn't horrible it was kind of interesting that the Dark Kingdom had returned here. She could think of anywhere else as of yet that had attracted the attention more than once.

It began like a lot of her dreams of the Moon Kingdom , i n the gardens surrounding the Moon Palace. A lot of Serenity's memories seemed to be in the gardens  o r at least the ones Usagi had remembered so far. She seemed to like it there ,  not that Usagi blamed her past self. It was a gorgeous place.

What was a bit unusual this time was who else was in this memory. There weren't many memories she had of Uranus and Neptune's past selves. They had spent most of the time prior to the fall of the Moon Kingdom guarding the Silver Alliance from outside invasions. So, to see them at the Moon Palace was pretty rare. Her mother must have called them for one reason or another. And they were having a moment before they had to separate and return to their respective outposts.

As she watched the two interact for a moment. Hands interlocking and just leaning into the other's touch she had this strange sense of strong longing overtake her. She watched for another moment as she tried to understand where the feeling was coming from again. It wasn't the first time she had felt it. It seemed when she rarely did see the Outer Court the feeling tended to occur. Why  was something  she didn't understand.

After a moment she decided to return to the center of the Moon Palace. As she walked away leaving the two to have their moment she found she had started crying. Why was she crying? Was it because she longed for that kind of relationship? It wasn't even an ideal relationship. Outside of the occasional reports they had to submit the two were mostly isolated to their posts. At least with Endymion, he would be by her side until the end of days. Those two were forced to separate because of their duty to the Silver Alliance. She guessed in time they would eventually retire and be able to  be  together without the interference of duty  b ut that was a long way off. A good few decades at least.

It didn't make any sense! She was happy with Endymion. He loved her, and they would bring in a new prosperous era to the Silver Alliance…so why did she feel this strong sense of longing every time she saw Uranus and Neptune?

She shook her head after a moment. It must have been because she wanted a similar relationship with him. For him to look at her like she was the center of his universe, the way she saw Uranus gazing at Neptune at times. That made the most sense after all! Choosing to ignore the niggling feeling of doubt in her gut that suggested otherwise.

She was in love with Endymion. She had been in love with Endymion from the moment she had met him. So why was it that she kept feeling that she was forgetting extremely important? That she was forgetting a piece of herself. Why did she find herself longing so much for what they had? She had Endymion, right? She could get that same thing from him. There was no reason to suggest otherwise!

"Oh Serenity." Her mother had begun the next time she had seen her. She had brought up the whole incident with Uranus and Neptune. "Longing to have a good relationship when you're in the early stages of your own relationship with Endymion is normal, especially when you see two people who appear to be as perfect as those two."

Serenity chose to keep quiet she wasn't sure how well her mother was a good gauge of relationships. She was the only Queen of the Silver Alliance that was single. While that wasn't necessarily a bad thing (there had been several powerful rulers throughout the Silver Alliance's history who had ruled without a King or Queen at their side), it didn't make things easier either at times. Serenity had never even met her father or knew what to look for despite having asked before. She wasn't sure if he was dead or what the story  even was.  She had heard some of the castle rumors pertaining to her and her heritage none of which were complimentary. However, she had learned growing up that sometimes it was best to keep her thoughts to herself so she had never confronted her mother specifically about whether any of them might be true. It might not end well.

Her mother wasn't entirely unfeasible after all. She still remembered the time she had confessed to having a crush on the now Sailor Venus, her childhood friend Harmonia. She had seemed so cross at the time that her daughter had fallen for a princess and not a prince. It was probably the first time she had questioned her mother's true opinions on other people. Most members of the Silver Alliance didn't care so much as who ruled by your side as long as you were a good ruler. She hadn't even thought of the idea that her mother might have a different ideal until that day. It was a bit disturbing to her actually.

As her thoughts flickered back to Uranus and Neptune the strong sense of longing returned. What her mother had said made sense that she would want an ideal relationship with Endymion. Like the one, she had seen. Hopefully, with time her and Endymion's relationship would evolve to be just that.

When Usagi shot up in bed shortly thereafter the memory ended she found herself crying again. Though just like her past self Usagi found herself confused as to why she was crying. Well, maybe not entirely confused she understood it went back to that strange sense of longing that came with seeing Uranus and Neptune in her past life. Even now she didn't understand why the feeling persisted.

After a moment she hopped off the bed and she waddled back into the living room deciding to leave the prosthetics off right now. It was later, she was going back to bed it would be more effort to put them on at this point. She probably should have just stayed in bed but she was hoping maybe staring at the skyline lit up by the moon would calm her in some form as she got onto the couch.

After a moment she found herself fidgeting around with the violet crystal she kept on a chain beside the green crystal. It wasn't the first dream she had had since the crystals had begun to surface. The crystals seemed to be bringing more and more of her memories during the Silver Alliance back however that dream had left her much more confused than usual. Most of them had been pretty straightforward. Childhood playing around with what she assumed were the Inner Senshi. Some court proceedings. On the rarer occasion she got memories with her mother or with Endymion. Memories with the Outer Senshi were an extremely rare event. She would have thought since she was now living with two of them that she would start to remember more of them but apparently not.

"Usagi?" Usagi turned slightly in surprise seeing Michiru coming into the living room. "It's awfully late."

"Just thinking about a dream, I had." Usagi told her. "The Moon is soothing."

"Tohoku?" Michiru guessed. There were pretty much two reasons for Usagi wanting to think about a dream. And if it was Usagi had dreamt of the Moon Kingdom that would be a wild coincidence.

Usagi shook her head. "No, the Silver Alliance this time. I've been getting more and more dreams about the Moon Kingdom as more of the rainbow crystals have been found."

"What was it about?" Michiru asked frowning slightly. She had had her own dream of the Silver Alliance that had woken her up. Though she doubted it was the exact same one.

"Just this one time I was watching you and Haruka in the palace gardens for a bit. Nothing major." Usagi said shaking her head slightly. Nothing that could help them really understand their pasts anyway. She didn't really feel like mentioning the weird longing sensation. Mainly because she felt that it would raise more questions that she didn't have answers too. Though now that she was thinking about it the dream had raised even more questions that she hadn't really thought about before. Particularly her relationship with the Inner Senshi back in the day.

"Did you observe people very often in the gardens?" Michiru asked raising an eyebrow. Usagi had never seemed like the people watching type outside of necessity and she had a hard time seeing her past self being much different. But who knew.

Usagi scrunched up her face in thought. "I'm not sure if that was a habit of mine. I know I liked going to the palace gardens a lot just going by the amount of memories I have of that place. The memories are so scattered and all over the place at times that I'm not sure much what else I enjoyed back then."

"What about you, what do you remember? I know you guys said before you don't remember much of the Moon Palace?" Usagi asked. It was backed up by what little she did remember. Haruka and Michiru being in her memories she was getting back was still a rare occurrence.

"Most of the memories I've been seeing are before Haruka and I were Sailor Senshi. After that everything gets a bit muddled." Michiru admitted concentrating for a moment on what she could recall of her past life. There wasn't really much to it. Typical princess stuff and things you would expect from being in training for being a Sailor Senshi she suspected. "I don't remember visiting the Moon Palace after we officially accepted our roles. If you saw us we obviously visited for one reason or another." It was a bit odd she would have thought they would have regained their memories from the last ones before the fall to the oldest ones. Not the other way around.

"Yeah, I haven't seen you two that much in the memories I got. But you were definitely there." Usagi said. She only had a handful of memories with those two in them but for some reason, they felt the clearest at times out of all of her Moon Kingdom memories. Even if her actions and emotions at times didn't make sense to her. "Though not that often from what I can recall."

"It makes sense." Michiru hummed slightly. "Our duty was to protect the Silver Alliance from outside invaders. We couldn't do that if we were constantly visiting the Moon Palace."

"That is true." Usagi agreed. A momentary silence fell over them. "I think I am going to go back to my room and try to sleep some more. Night Michiru." Usagi said before going back to her room.

"Night Usagi." Michiru said waving the other girl off. Michiru frowned thinking back on what Usagi had said for a moment. A haunting dream with a girl in a sheer dress in a garden. Soft lips, warm skin, large blue eyes, soft mewls and long silvery blond between her fingers. A dream that had brought her to the living room only to make her reach for the blond before her as she had in the dream. Much like Usagi's dream she had found it made no sense in the context of what she knew about her past life. Hopefully, time would give more answers than questions. So far all it was giving her was more questions.

"Michiru" Usagi's soft voice called out snapping Michiru out of her musings. "Are you alright? Haruka and I tried calling you." Michiru would feel the blood in her cheeks causing her to blush. Haruka was standing there in shorts and a tank top, clearly having been asleep before she came out. Haruka rose an eyebrow at her. "Couldn't sleep?" Michiru nodded her head before looking out the window. "Usagi had the right idea."

Usagi watched the two, the same feeling she had in her dream took hold as Haruka encircled Michiru and Michiru leaned into Haruka like they molded down to the soul. She was brought out of her musings by a tug. She hadn't realized her legs had brought her so close. Haruka's hand pulled on hers and she let it. The three of them sat leaning together under the stars and the moonlight.

End Chapter 21