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Path's Divergence

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Chapter 16

The Lost Guard

It was a couple days after healing Nephrite, now simply Masato, and the beginning of the new school year was fast approaching. Usagi was still getting tired out a bit easily but was quickly improving and in the process of moving in with Haruka and Michiru as well. With that in mind, her Mom had decided to throw a party in celebration of her getting into Mugen Gaken. Well maybe less of a party and more of a gathering. Naru and the girls had been invited so it wasn't like there was going to be definetely . This was also the last time she would be in the apartment for a while. Her stuff was officially moved into Haruka and Michiru's place and she would be going back with them when they left for the night.

"I don't think either myself or your father expected us for you to be moving out so soon." Usagi's Mom confessed after a moment. They were having some quiet time before the others arrived. It wouldn't be much longer now.

"Realistically, we all kind of knew that if I was going to attend one of Mugen's specialty programs I was going to have to move out if I got accepted." Usagi pointed out frowning slightly. She guessed she could have commuted from here but it would have been a lot more difficult then doing so from Haruka and Michiru's place.

"Yes, I know. I don't know what we were thinking." Her Mom said. In hindsight it seemed obvious that Usagi would have to move out of their apartment to attend school so that the commute would be less on Usagi. However, hindsight's 20-20 and it wasn't a subject her and Kenji had put much thought into at the time when they had submitted the application to Mugen. She was glad Usagi was getting a chance at better schooling and life but that didn't change her own feelings on the matter. "It's going be odd and sad to have an empty house after all this time. And with you being Sailor Moon now…."

"Should I have said no to the offer?" Usagi asked. She wouldn't have wanted to spend another semester at Juuban but if her senshi duties were causing this much concern maybe she should have.

"No." Her mother said shaking her head after a moment. Despite all her hesitations and worries she couldn't deny one fact in the whole matter. "Mugen will be good for you and I'm glad that you will have them to support you. Just please Make sure to check up on with us daily. I can't help but worry about you no matter what. Even if you weren't Sailor Moon.." She may not fully understand the senshi situation or why her daughter needed to be involved with it, even with the explanation Luna had given them way back when she had first recruited Usagi, but the whole Haneda incident had made one thing very clear to her. What her daughter was doing was dangerous work. Necessary work from what she had been told by Luna, repeatedly, but still dangerous none the less

"I can do that." Usagi assured her. She got it with Shingo gone and her now off fighting evil on a regular basis her parents had a right to worry, but that didn't change the nature of the situation.

"Everyone coming tonight has met each other before?" Her Mom asked deciding to switch topics for the moment.

"I don't think Ms. Setsuna's ever met Naru actually. She's heard me talk about Naru multiple times but I don't think they have met." Usagi admitted. Naru and Ms. Setsuna had never a reason to cross paths before tonight. "That must be one of them." Usagi said hearing the doorbell go off.

"Hope we aren't late to the party." Haruka said as they stepped into the apartment.

"No, you are the first ones here." Usagi said as she let them in. "Do you have any idea what is it that Naru wanted to tell me?" Usagi asked fully letting them into the apartment. Naru had been tight lipped about what the surprise was but maybe that had just been around her.

"An idea, but nothing concrete. If it what I think it is you'll definitely enjoy it." Michiru assured her. She and Naru hadn't talked about Naru's own application since she had gotten her opinion on moving Usagi to Mugen Gaken but she suspected that was exactly what Naru was going to tell Usagi about tonight. "She's not here yet?"

"Naru's running a bit late." Usagi answered. Naru had texted her not long before saying she was running behind schedule slightly so she might be a bit late. Though knowing Naru she probably wouldn't be too late.

"So its just us, her, and your parents right?" Haruka asked.

"Actually…Ms. Setsuna's supposed to come too." Usagi admitted.

"Really?" Haruka asked a bit surprised. Considering how little the last senshi interacted with them she wondered how Usagi had managed to convince her to come.

"Yeah, I was able to talk her into it. Somehow." Usagi said. She had been a bit surprised she had managed to succeed in getting her to come. Setsuna seemed to be a bit adverse to social gatherings. Usagi wasn't sure why. Maybe something to tuck away and bug Setsuna with the next time she wanted to get her off of an uncomfortable topic. "I thought it would be a good chance for all of us to get together."

"Could have used her help a couple of times, at least when Masato was still Nephrite." Haruka grumbled slightly. The green haired senshi had gone completely off the radar during that time. If it hadn't been for the fact Usagi had been seeing her weekly she would have maybe wondered if something had happened to her.

"Yeah, I don't know what the story with her and fighting Masato." Usagi admitted. Considering Ms. Setsuna's domain she figured she must have a good reason for staying away but it was kind of interesting how she had gotten so directly involved with the Jaedite fight and then had backed off when it came to dealing with Masato.

"She didn't tell you either." Michiru asked a bit surprised. She had almost figured they didn't know because they didn't see the other senshi on a regular basis. But Usagi apparently didn't know and she did see her on a regular basis. Which was interesting to say the least.

"No I said before we do get together but that's because she's my doctor. She tries to keep the conversation off of senshi stuff unless I drag it in that direction." Usagi admitted. Using senshi business was her favorite way of getting off a topic she wasn't particular fond of talking about. Not that it ever lasted very long since Ms. Setsuna seemed to always know why she brought up senshi stuff during their meetings, but they had managed to get distracted with that topic a few times.

"Drag it?" Haruka asked raising an eyebrow.

"I've used it a few times to get off of topics I don't like." Usagi confessed.

"For about 10 minutes, is usually how long she's gotten me off track before. It never works for very long because I'm well aware of the tactic she's trying to employ." Setsuna said officially joining the group.

"Mom let you in I'm guessing?" Usagi surmised. She had been so caught up in talking with the others she hadn't heard the doorbell ring again.

"So where were you exactly the last month?" Haruka asked apaprently deciding to get straight to the point.

"Can we not talk about senshi business for tonight?" Usagi scowled slightly cutting in before Ms. Setsuna could reply. She knew that was where the conversation was most likely going to go considering there were four of them in the room. But come on that's not what this get together was supposed to be about.

"We can try." Haruka relented finally.

Setsuna looked like she was going to say something when the doorbell went off again. Usagi nearly bolted just wanting to get away. "That must be Naru." She could hear Haruka make some comment about, how could it be complicated as she made her exit. Well at least she wasn't going to have to be physically there for that conversation. She would probably be hearing about whatever was said for the next couple of days.

"Sorry if I'm late." Naru said as she was let in.

"Nah, your right on time." Usagi assured her. Plus the timing had allowed her to get out of what she was sure was going to be a possibly awkward conversation between Haruka, Michiru, and Ms. Setsuna. "So what's the big surprise?"

"Oh right." Naru said as she handed the piece of paper over to Usagi to read. "I wanted you to be the second person to know. The only other person who knows right now is Mom."

"You got accepted to Mugen Gaken?" Usagi asked surprised and excited. It wasn't so much that she didn't love the other girls but Naru was her oldest and closest friend. And so knowing that they would be still at school together even in different classes was nice. Though…"I didn't know you applied." Usagi admitted frowning slightly as reality started to sink in after the initial excitement. Handing the letter back over. When had Naru applied? Had she been planning to leave Juuban at the end of last semester and not told her? She would like to think not but still it was a question she needed answered.

"I went in for their admission test after I found out from Michiru that she was going to get you moved off the wait list." Naru answered.

"You talked to Michiru about that?" Usagi asked genuinely surprised. She knew Michiru and Naru talked on occasion. That much was obvious from other things that had happened, like Naru pointing them in the right direction on the day of the quake, but she still was kind of surprised at times when they talked.

"She actually came to me, wanted my opinion on how you might react to her getting involved in your status on the Mugen Gaken application." Naru answered. She had actually spent the time Usagi had been at the beach house going through the application process. Among other things. She had just gotten word back a few days ago, but had been waiting for Usagi to get her own acceptance letter before springing the surprise on her. "I know the girls are good for you and they'll make sure nothing happens, but I thought you would appreciate having another familiar face in the sea of students. Also, I wanted us to stay together."

"No, I definitely appreciate it." Usagi agreed. She didn't think any Yuki would be in the crowd of students. Or at least she hoped there wouldn't be any Yuki's in the crowd. So her own relationship with her classmates should be better. But that didn't mean she didn't appreciate the additional support or being able to still see her friend at school.

"How're your parents taking you leaving?" Naru asked after a moment.

"Not easily." Usagi confessed making a face. "I think they are kind of torn on the matter."

"Yeah I can see that. Especially since the fights are just going to get harder from here on out from what Masato's said. Do we even know what happens when someone is completely drained of their energy?" Naru pondered. None of the youma that they had fought so far had completely drained someone of their energy so it was an unknown subject.

"I don't know. I never thought to ask Luna about that." Usagi admitted. That was actually a very good question. If the enemy could drain you completely what happened? Could they die from something like that? She knew, though it hadn't been really talked about, that eventually they were probably going to get into life threatening fights. Beryl had been responsible for wiping out an entire civilization, after all. There was no way going up against Beryl would be anything but extremely, life threateningly dangerous. Eventually, to protect Earth they would have to take her out. No matter how much she hated the idea of killing something, someone, that was human.

"I have no clue what to do about him." Naru admitted to Usagi a couple of days later at her house. It was the last days of spring break and the two were having one final sleepover before the school year started. Today's topic was Masato. Usagi hadn't been there when Naru had found out that he was indeed a former Dark Kingdom general but according to Luna there had been a lot of yelling and thrown pillows. "He hid a pretty big secret."

"Yeah and how well would that conversation have gone if you had been just some random civilian?" Usagi asked raising an eyebrow. "'Oh hi. I am a reincarnated guard to an Earth prince who died millenias ago and have been forced to work under a homocidal queen for God knows how long.' Can you imagine trying to wrap your head around that? Remember he didn't know you knew anything about the Dark Kingdom until I pointed it out to him." She was still on the fence about Masato being involved with Naru but the fact that he was no longer working for the Dark Kingdom helped her feel more comfortable with the idea.

Naru let out a snort at that. "Okay, that's true."

"Naru, as much as I have my reservations, he left the Dark Kingdom. He's put his life in our hands for you. That's a lot too." Usagi commented. She still had some lasting reservations just because she had been working against him for so long. She probably would have some for a long time to be honest. But she had to admit there was something to the fact that he had chosen to leave his life behind thanks to her and a prince that might not even have been reborn when you got down to it. Not everyone could do that.

"Yeah, but did he do it for me or for her? Did he actually fall for me or did he fall for some girl whose long dead?" Naru said frowning slightly. Part of her wanted to cave to her romantic side and the idea that a guy basically had left behind everything he had ever known to be with her and find his prince. On the other hand there was still the fact that he had sought her out on ulterior motives and had been working against her best friend.

"I don't think he remembers enough of that girl Naru. I think he did it for the right here in front of me right now. Naru Osaka." Usagi argued. Okay admittedly she hadn't talked to Masato that much about his past life. But from what Luna had mentioned from their own conversation he didn't have a ton to go off of. Just short flashes here and there. Enough to know there was a life before the Dark Kingdom, enough to intrigue him into leaving but not enough to put the whole story together. "Plus you can't tell me that your not the least bit interested in the fact that you might be the reincarnation of some royalty that was meant to marry Masato in the past life. I've known you too long to think otherwise." Usagi commented raising an eyebrow. If she knew Naru like she thought she did then the girl had to be enamored with the idea. And when it came down to it the idea of these two finding each other lifetimes and millenia later from when they were originally together was kind of cute. Most of the danger surrounding Nephrite had passed the moment he had become a full civilain. There was still a danger if he regained whatever abilities he had when serving his prince. But she had a feeling that they would know long before then whether or not a real relationship could work between them.

"I am a bit worried. We don't know how living with the Dark Kingdom influenced him. Plus with him being full civilian now he's no more dangerous then any other guy out there." Usagi admitted.

"I just need time I think. It's all a bit too much too soon. I wish I could remember whatever he remembers from his past life. It would make things so much easier." Naru confessed.

Usagi tapped her foot for a moment thinking. "We could ask Luna. She may have worked mainly on the Moon but there's a good chance she knows something." She sensed Naru wasn't quiet ready to talk to Masato about all the details yet and it wasn't really her place to get involved on that front. Luna, on the other hand, was her own treasure trove of information. She might be able to provide some other insight into the situation.

"It's definitely intriguing. I never really expected to run into any members of the planetary courts in this day and age outside of the Sailor Senshi." Luna admitted sitting down on the bed. Well maybe run into wasn't the best word considering she had been living with Naru for the better part of three months. Still, the idea that they had been able to find any member of the planetary courts was intriguing and she wondered if Naru wasn't the only person besides the Senshi, the Shitennou and the Princess that were running around in modern day. Something to investigate for a later time she guessed.

"Planetary courts?" Naru asked frowning slightly

"People who were close to the royal family and their advisors, friends, relatives, people like that. If you and Masato were involved during the Silver Alliance then you were definitely part of the Terran Court." Luna explained with a frown. She couldn't remember enough about the court structure of the Terrans to recall just how many lay in each court.

"She wasn't one of the heirs to the throne?" Usagi asked raising an eyebrow. She had no clue how the planetary courts worked. Or rather she didn't have enough of her own memories of the time to understand how they worked but if Naru was part of the court then she was inclined to think she must have been related to someone.

"No, there was only one child in the Terran Royal Family, Endymion, from what I remember. There were other members of the court, of course. they had a fairly large court from what I can recall. More then likely Naru's past self was someone high up in the court if she was openly involved with Nephrite." Luna said frowning slightly. Her encounters with the Terrans and their royal court had been few and far between. Most of them had been around the time Queen Serenity was trying to set up Princess Serenity and Endymion, and the Inner Court with the Shittenou before the fall of the Moon Kingdom. Her knowledge on the Terran Court was by far the most limited when it came to the time of the Silver Alliance. Since tensions had always run deep between the Moon and the Earth it seemed knowledge of Earth's ruling family had been limited at the time.

"Huh, wonder if we knew each other in our past lives." Usagi commented. That would be a wild coincidence. Her first and longest friend being tied to her own past.

"That would be a wild coincidence." Naru agreed grinning a bit.

"Actually, most likely your past lives never met. As far as I know the interactions between the Moon and Earth courts were limited to the major courts of the planets, which was essentially the heirs and their guards. Naru most likely was a member of the minor court. Important people who either were close to the royal family or were members but no in the direct lineage. Tensions at the time would have been running too deep for someone from the Terran Minor Court to have been interacting with another planetary court member major or minor." Luna explained. As crazy as it was to realize that Naru was tied to the Silver Alliance, other then probably being a reincarnated high lady who was involved with Masato, she doubted the girl's past self had much interaction with the other currently reincarnated members of the Silver Alliance.

"Something is strange about this entire situation." Luna mused after a moment. The idea Naru's past self, from what she had been able to get from Masato, was turning everything Luna thought she understood about what had lead to the fall of the Silver Alliance on its head. Particularly the Shittennou and their personal lives. She had been lead to believe that none of the members of the major courts of the Moon and Earth had been bonded prior to the fall. This showed that at least one of the members of the major courts was, most likely, bonded and that meant there was a new factor at play with the Silver Alliance's fall. She very much doubted that Naru and Masato would have been drawn to each other like they had otherwise. Naru being the trigger for his memories pointed to something too deep to really be otherwise as far as Luna knew.

"What do you mean?" Usagi asked looking over at the cat with a frown.

"I was under the impression the Shittennou had yet to bond to anyone on a soul 's troubling is that for the connection that Naru and Masato have both described to carry over a life time would mean that Naru's past self wasn't just his intended but that there very souls had..." Luna trailed off frowning slightly. Her own memories were still spotty but if that had been the case then there would have been no way to bond Nephrite to Jupiter like she remembered Queen Serenity planning. You only had one soul mate bond and once you were bonded it was for life. There was no way to really supersede the bond, at least not that Luna knew of. Queen Serenity had known that and she would have to have known about the pre existing bond so why had she been going ahead with the plan to bond the two parties?

"I don't understand the problem." Usagi admitted frowning slightly.

"Well girls. Once a soul bond is formed you can't bond with anyone else. Now you can, say, bond with multiple people though that was rare and done with all at once, not bonded to one central person but all three bonded to one another. Once the bonding ceremony is complete there is no undoing. There is also no way to form that kind of bond with another person." Luna explained.

"Okay, I'm following so far. How is this a problem with me and Masato?" Naru asked trying to understand what was troubling Luna.

"I remember Queen Serenity wanting to soul bond each of the Shittennou with one of the Inner Senshi. Kunzite to Venus, Mercury to Zoicite, Mars to Jadeite, and Nephrite to Jupiter. If you and Nephrite were already bonded at the time it would have been physically impossible to form a true soul bond between Jupiter and Nephrite. A false bond, even a familial bond would have been possible, but definitely nothing close to what Queen Serenity desired. Soul bond magic is very deep and mysterious. I don't believe even the Ginzishou would have been able to truly mess with it." Luna said tail swishing slightly in annoyance. This whole thing made little sense to her. She was starting to believe that Nephrite and Naru's past self were bonded prior to Queen Serenity trying to tie the two courts together. There were too many signs pointing to it being that, but if that was the case why had Queen Serenity made those choices Luna could recall prior to the fall? There were other ways to strengthen the bond between Earth and the Moon without bonding the heirs and their guards. Why had she been so set on that route?

"What about the bond I share with Haruka and Michiru?. Could that have been what she was aiming for?" Usagi asked.

"No, that's a completely different kind of bond. Since the Shittennou and Senshi were to be married a guardian bond that exists between you and the Senshi wouldn't have worked. Senshi bonds and mate bonds are two different things Usagi. What you have with your senshi is not the same as the one you would have had with your eventual mate." Luna said shaking her head. She understood why Usagi got the two mixed up. She was almost certain the bond cerimonies had died out after some point after the Alliance fell. Usagi would only know of bonds she shared with her senshi. If Usagi was Serenity then she had been Endymion's intended but as far as Luna knew they had never gone through the bonding ceremony so she wouldn't have a full proper soul mate bond with Endymion.

Luna sighed before continuing before the two girls stares. "I don't know nearly enough. I still don't remember most of the last months of the Moon Kingdom. Understanding and knowing exactly what Queen Serenity was planning at the time is difficult. I am fairly certain on a few things, like that her and the King and Queen of Earth thought a union between the two courts was a good way to help solidify a peace agreement and Earth's entry into the Alliance. After that everything gets a bit..."

"Could she have been desperate enough to try and mess with the soul bonds between people?" Usagi asked.

Luna frowned tail swishing slightly. "No, or at least I hope not. There are few things that one does not mess with and one is the bond between soul mates. I don't know what the consequences are but one thing I was raised on was the idea that messing with them could have catastrophic consequences. If Queen Serenity was messing with existing soul bonds, then she may have somehow sealed the very Silver Alliance's fate in the process." This was where her own faulty memory was coming back to her. She knew instinctively that messing with a soul bond could have catastrophic consequences but she couldn't remember what those consequences were. She was going to have to reach out to Artemis to see if he remembered anything.

"I mean, I kind of want to remember the place Masato's been talking about. It would be nice to know what is being talked about when the subject of the Silver Alliance comes up." Naru admitted. Getting her own memories of Elysian would mean being able to answer her own questions and maybe settle some of her doubts about a relationship with Masato. Though, she wondered if at this point if it was even possible to get memories.

"Part of the reasons why the girls can even recall their memories from their past lives is because of the Sailor Crystals they draw power from. I suspect that Masato's memories are tied to whatever it is the Shittennou get their own abilities from. When it comes down to it, I'm fairly sure you have neither of those. Thus I'm not sure what your story is or how you were reincarnated to begin with. It's possible that your own connection with Masato played a role in that. If that's the case then it maybe as he starts regaining his memories you might start remembering things about your previous life. It's also possible you may never remember. Its simply to early to do anything other then guess at this point." Luna explained. It was too difficult to say at this point. She didn't' even quiet understand how the girls were able to be reincarnated with any of their memories intact now that she thought about it. She suspected that it went back to the Sailor Crystals that the girls drew on in their transformed state. But it was almost impossible to know for sure. There in lay the problem. Too many unknowns.

It had been a bit of an argument about Usagi and Masato meeting without one of the others present. It wasn't so much that they didn't want to be there but with the beginning of the school year on fast approach they had extra curicular non Senshi stuff to deal with. So when he had asked to get together the next time the only one whose scheduled it had worked with was Luna's. That hadn't made the other two particularly happy. She had finally gotten it shut down by pointing out that now that he was a civilian he presented as much danger as just about any other run of the mill guy. He wasn't capable of producing the same energy blasts that had knocked her out at the start of break.

"Is Beryl being this quiet normal?" Luna asked. It had been strangely quiet since Masato had desserted the Dark Kingdom. One would figure losing one of her generals would have affected Beryl to an extent but she would have thought that Zoicite, the next general under Beryl, would have reared his head by now.

"No. Beryl must be scheming something." Masato said frowning slightly. He was also kind of surprised Zoicite, the last general who wasn't busy with the 'Venus problem' hadn't reared his head at this point. Sure he had his quiet moments between plots but it had been almost two weeks now. He couldn't remember the last time things had been so quiet on that front. The longest he had been idle, prior to becoming a civilian, was after the wedding shop and that hadn't really been being idle either just repurposed for other tasks and researching the Senshi and their behaviors to hopefully draw one of them out. He was actually a bit surprised that Beryl hadn't tried to send a youma after him yet. Maybe she was prioritizing resources differently? Then again it wasn't like youma were in short supply either…She had to be scheming something the question was what?

"She didn't mention any change in plans in her usual model to gathering energy?" Usagi asked a bit surprised. While Masato hadn't been Beryl's head general, that was this Kunzite she had heard about before (or at least was since who knew what his technical status was since being sent to England), he was still one of the generals. She thought if anyone would know of a change of plans it would be one of her former generals.

"Beryl left me out of quite a few plans after the modeling contest. I tried to keep a lid on the fact I was starting to regain my real memories but considering the power she has over us, its very likely that she knew." Masato said shaking his head. Beryl had come a bit closed off after the modeling contest incident. He, at first, had pushed it off as her reaction to his lack of success against the enemy. Now he was wondering if she had been intentionally withholding information fearing he was regaining his true memories. It certainly would explain how blunt she had been about the whole D Embassy incident. His basic orders had been to infiltrate the ball and retrieve the crystal so Beryl could check to see if it was the Moon Kingdom's crystal. The Senshi had thrown a kink in that plan and so all he had been able to do was describe it.

"Just how long have you been remembering the Silver Alliance anyway?" Luna asked. She hadn't thought to ask before, didn't seem pertinent but she was curious just how long the former Dark Kingdom general had been regaining his memories. Or rather, she guessed, how long it had taken for him to decide to abandon his role in the Dark Kingdom. Sure they had been fighting him for close to two months but that didn't mean, necessarily, his memories hadn't already been coming back before then.

"That started the first time I met Naru at the mall. A month and a half ago was the first time I remembered anything from before the Dark Kingdom." Masato explained. "At the time it was more of a fragment of a memory then anything, only a single image. That was the first time I had been given an inkling of a life beyond the Dark Kingdom. I forged my identity as Masato to gather information. Kunzite was unable to keep a lid on his memories and was discovered by Beryl." Masato answered. Beryl had listed off an excuse of him needing to get rid of Venus who by that point had taken off to England but he suspected the issue ran far deeper then that. If Kunzite had known Venus in the past life fairly well there was a good chance that she had started triggering his proper memories much in the same manner that Naru had accidentally triggered his. He wasn't even sure what had triggered Kunzite's memories though he was now wondering if Venus had been a factor. But that didn't make sense why allow Kunzite around the one person who seemed to be influencing his memories? He shook his head before finally continuing. "I started the company when I got bored I think. Honestly I have been running that company for so long I can't remember why I originally founded it. Especially since for a long time there Jaedite was the one in charge of gathering energy for the longest and spent the most time outside of the Dark Kingdom. The other generals and I had other tasks we had to perform under Beryl's comand. I was more in charge of gathering information. I only took on the task of gathering energy when Beryl put Jaedite into Eternal Sleep."

"Wait, Jaedite's not dead?" Usagi asked a bit surprised. Well Masato could technically mean he was dead but she had a hard time seeing him not just flat out calling it like it was. Though this raised a new concern of the possibility of Jaedite popping up again out of nowhere.

"No, but he might as well be. Eternal sleep is just as it sounds. Whoever is put under the spell will sleep until the end of time, or is supposed to anyway. He's only going to come out of it either when Beryl changes her mind or when she dies. And even then I'm not sure if that will be enough to bring him out of the sleep." Masato admitted with a frown. No one really knew how the sleep worked. He wasn't even sure Beryl completely understood how it worked.

"Huh," Usagi said storing away the information to quize Setsuna about later. She wondered when everything was said and done maybe she could heal Jaedite in the same manner she had healed Masato.

Luna frowned realizing what Usagi was probably thinking, "Usagi.. Jaedite may not want to be healed. Masato was a fairly unique case."

"Actually I am not entirely sure that last part is true." Masato admitted after a moment thinking back to Kunzite and Zoicite before the former had been shipped off to England.

Luna raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Both of them had been acting a bit odd before Beryl seperated them by sending one of them overseas. At the time I dismissed it as stress and aggravation caused by having to deal with Venus on a regular basis but now that I think about it I'm wondering if being around Venus may have started triggering memories." Masato confessed.

"If Venus was the cause of it wouldn't have been keeping one of them near her made the situation worse?" Usagi asked.

"Yeah, that's the part I don't understand." Masato confessed.

"Actually…" Luna trailed off it was a shot in the dark but it was the only reason she could think of that the other generals might start regaining there memories. Especially since she was starting to doubt the memories she herself had that said Venus and Kunzite had been close in the previous life. "Were Kunzite and Zoicite involved in anyway?"

"Yeah actually I walked in on them a few times. I don't think they ever realized I knew. I left the room quickly each time." Masato's face turned a barely noticable shade of red in his embarrassment of having caught two of the generals like that.

"It's a bit of a shot in the dark but Venus is the senshi of love and she has some strange abilities that admittedly neither myself or Artemis quiet understand. It's possible her presence was enough to start arousing a dormant bond and that may have caused some of their proper memories to start coming back." Luna said after a moment. Most of the Senshi had secondary abilities that her and Artemis didn't quiet understand. But Venus's were the ones that confused her the most at times outside of Pluto's.

"Wait but wouldn't have keeping one of them around Venus risked making one of them fully regaining their memories?" Usagi asked a bit confused. Honestly the better solution would probably have been to send Kunzite and Zoicite to seperate places where Venus wasn't. But then you would have your enemy running amok with nothing to keep her from destroying whatever plans you had.

"I believed she thought it was a bigger risk to have them near each other then to have one of them near Venus. It's actually possible that he does have his full memories back. As far as I know the only person allowed contact with him since he left for England is Beryl. She forbade Zoicite from contacting him, though really, if they wanted too they probably could have found a way to contact each other without her knowing." Masato confessed.

"I would have heard from Artemis if he had decided to flip sides. He might be questioning like you were but as far as I know he still works for Beryl." Luna confessed. She really ought to reach out to Artemis and see if there was any new developments on his end after all of this.

"I think you might have broken the seal when you released me from the Dark Kingdom." Masato confessed deciding to move the subject away from Kunzite and Zoicite for now.

"Really?" Usagi asked. She hadn't really meant to do that but hey if it was a benefit to him she sure wasn't going to complain about accidentally pulling something off.

"My memories of the Old Kingdom have been coming back more and more. I'm remembering new things every day." Masato said. He still had a lot of gaps in his memory. Probably would for a long time but he was remembering more and more of life prior to the Dark Kingdom. Enough that he finally had a concrete idea on what his lost prince might actually look like.

"That's great." Usagi lit up honestly happy for him. "Do you remember enough to try and identify that prince of yours?"

"Thankfully, yes. He may resemble many in Tokyo however." Masato shrugged. Considering the size of Tokyo he might be looking for a needle in a haystack.

"So far all of the other people I have run into so far that were tied to the Silver Alliance aren't just living in Japan but in this part of Tokyo. The way the trend is going I am half expecting to find the remaining senshi at some point livng in Juuban or a neighboring prefecture. It may be a coincidence but I would start looking for your prince in Juuban first." Luna suggested. Haruka and Michiru didn't live in Juuban but they had met Usagi in Juuban so she had a feeling if Masato was going to have the best shot at finding his prince he should start where she had started, Juuban.

"What's he look like anyway?" Usagi asked. Maybe she had seen him around Juuban. A bit of a long shot but then again so had been finding the Sailor Senshi and she had managed to find Uranus and Neptune. Or maybe it was they had found her. She really wasn't sure what to call it.

"Black hair, and deep blue eyes, and slightly pale skin. If he was reborn around the same time as you and the girls then he should be in high school." Masato said. He was hoping since the Senshi had been reborn in Tokyo that meant his prince had been too. Or else he might never be able to find him. It was one man in a population of seven billion after.

Usagi chewed on her lip for a moment. It might be a coincidence…but there weren't that many dark haired blue eyed guys she knew of that lived in Juuban and dark haired brown eyed yes just due to that being common in Japan. Blue eyed was less common even in Tokyo. And the timing of which she had first met him was a bit coincidental when she started to think about it. Masato raised an eyebrow at her behavior, "Ms. Usagi if you think you know something please share."

Usagi sighed she didn't want to get the guy's hopes up but she shouldn't really hold that piece of information back either so. "It might be nothing but there's a guy who lives in Juuban that I've met before that matches your description. His name is Mamoru Chiba. I think he's out of town right now but considering the new school year is about to start he has to be coming back soon. He can be a real jerk sometimes but he could be the prince your looking for."

"Well its a place to start at least." Masato said to himself. It maybe just a coincidence, I mean he couldn't be that lucky he would find Endymion's present self that quickly could he? It was a lead at least. "Protector of Earth huh." Masato said to himself. If this guy wasn't Endymion then the naming coincidence was a bit wild.

"Huh?" Usagi said blinking a few times wondering where that had come from.

"His name. It may be a wild coincidence but after everything that's happened I have my doubts." Masato explained.

"Oh. I hadn't thought about that. It would be a really wierd coincidence." Usagi agreed. What were the odds that someone with that name's meaning wasn't a former prince? Heck her name meant rabbit of the moon, though she only knew that because it had been brought up multiple times. While it sure wasn't as regal as Protector of Earth it did draw back to her own connections to the Moon back in the day apparently. "Actually now that I think about it he's been around a few times when youma plots have happened. I didn't think much of it at the time since I had other things on my mind. A random guy who doesn't look like one of the generals that serve Beryl didn't seem important then. Now I wonder if he was drawn to those places because of his connection with you and the other Shittennou." Usagi admitted. It was a bit of a stretch but it would explain why he had shown up when he had a few times.

"Definitely need to look into him." Masato agreed. It was too good of a lead to pass up.

"Does Naru's Mom even know you two are involved yet?" Usagi asked moving away from the lost prince. It was something that had been bugging her for a while though maybe involved isn't the right word considering they were on break until Naru sorted out how to proceed from what she had heard.

"No. Naru and I both agree that we shouldn't tell her until we make an official decision on how to proceed." Masato said. He was fairly certain they wouldn't be on break for much longer but Naru needed her space to sort out all the confusion he had caused. He was giving her just that.

"Luna thinks you two were bonded in the previous life." Usagi admitted.

Masato shot a surprised look at the cat. He hadn't really thought about it before now but it did make sense. Why else would what appeared to be a normal girl have this effect on him? If it had been Endymion he could understand why his memories were starting to come back but he hadn't even met the boy yet. Luna let out a sigh. "It's what makes the most sense but if that's the case there's a lot of things from the Old Kingdom that no longer make sense. I am not sure if I'm ready to head down the path of what that could mean."

"None of it makes any sense. All of its still very muddled but from what I can tell I was very much in love with her during the Old Kingdom. Between her and the prince I served. I can't understand why I would willingly join Beryl." Masato said slightly exasperated running a hand through his hair. It made no sense. From what he could remember of the Old Kingdom, he and the others had been happy. Maybe a bit bored at times but happy. Why would they have given that up to serve an evil witch?

Luna tappped her paw for a moment thinking, "Without more information this is all just speculation."

"What do you mean?" Masato asked frowning slightly. Usagi kept quiet figuring that it probably had to deal with the conversation her and Naru had had with Luna.

Luna shook her head. "I'm sorry I really don't feel uncomfortable discussing this any further until I am able to obtain more information on the subject. At this point I very well could end up throwing false accusations around." The more she thought about it the more she was really beginning to suspect that Queen Serenity had been messing around with things she shouldn't have and it might have been a contributing factor to the fall to the Moon Kingdom. At this point all Luna had was a theory and little evidence to back it up. She was hoping with time and as everyone started coming into their powers they would get an answer. For now though best to drop the subject.

"Fair enough." Masato agreed after a moment. Before deciding to change the subject addressing Usagi. "Going back to Naru. Meeting the parents is a conversation I'm already dreading as is. The age gap, for one, is going to make things difficult."

Japanese culture. It's not as big a thing as it is here. In fact, families who still practice arranged marriages in japan often do so with marrying the females in the arrangement off to older men. That being said, not everyone agrees with it but it's not the sensitive topic it can be here.

"Just be glad your not going to have that conversation with my Dad." Usagi quipped. Her Dad would have had a fit if she was in the situation Naru was in. As it was, he nearly had one the day he found out about her becoming Sailor Moon. She still didn't know how Luna had managed to make both of them to agree too such a dangerous task. Usagi knew how she had gotten her Mom to originally agree, tell her Naru was in danger, but she hadn't been privy to most of the conversation between Luna and her parents about why she was needed as Sailor Moon.

"I think that particular conversation is one I'm dreading." Masato admitted. Naru hadn't talked much about her parents the times they had gotten together. From what he had seen with parents and being over protective he could see the first meeting maybe not going well. Maybe he should introduce himself as a friend of Naru's before they officially announce themselves as going steady? A way to warm him up to the parents at least.

"Guess she didn't mention it to you yet but Naru's Dad actually passed away a few years ago from an illness." Usagi admitted. Might as well mention it now before he accidentally said something to Naru or her mother and hurt them.

"No she didn't. Thank you for that piece of information." Masato said making a face. Well at least now he understood why Naru sometimes avoided talking about her parents.

"Look. Worry about her Mom later. For now I would be more concerned about working out the problems you caused while working for the Dark Kingdom." Usagi suggested. Really, how Naru's Mom would react should be the least of his concerns at the moment.

End Chapter 16