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Path's Divergence

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Chapter 13

Animating Life

"An anime based on us?" Usagi asked in surprise. They had only been back from their beach side vacation for a day but apparently things had been busy while they were gone. Peaceful, but busy.

"The governor thinks it would be a good way to portray everyone in a more positive light. While the Haneda Airport incident wasn't the worst thing that could happen, between that and the photo contest most, are unsure of what to think of you three. All things considered some more positive publicity could do you girls some good." Luna explained. They were going to have to tread carefully about what the anime portrayed but she had to agree with the governor on this one. Publicity, good publicity, was something that was in short supply so far for them. Something that showed the general public that they were to help them was a good idea.

"It certainly couldn't hurt." Michiru agreed. It might not have been her first pick for a publicity stunt but it certainly wasn't the worst idea. "It gives us publicity while not having to do as much publicity work outside of talking to the creators. We will have to be careful though what we tell them and what is allowed in the anime."

"Like my legs." Usagi realized. It wasn't so much she was worried about the comments. Well okay maybe she was a bit worried about the comments but that was far from her only concern. Among other things was the possibility of people being able to connect her senshi self with her civilian self. Her hair style was pretty unique to begin with. Then combine that with her legs and it might not be too hard for people to connect her with Sailor Moon

"Usagi-" Luna began.

"It's not that I'm scared for people to know for once. I might be a bit but that's not the biggest concern. It's not even that I don't want representation Luna, the opposite really. The problem is how many blond haired blue eyed fourteen-year-old girls with prosthetic legs are running around Tokyo? Our magic protects us to a point but it won't necessarily protect people from putting the obvious together." Usagi pointed out. Admittedly the number of people who knew about the prosthetics outside of school was kept purposely low but it was still best not to risk it.

Luna's ears flattened at that. "I hadn't thought of that."

"It's fine. Maybe if things were different I would be all for it. But there are too many things we are going to be displaying out in the open without them finding out about my disability." She said with a sigh. Representation wasn't a bad thing and truth be told, even with her concerns, she could see how it could be beneficial for the anime. There were just too many other identifying factors that she just couldn't be comfortable with it being that realistic. Plus while she was getting more comfortable about being open about the subject she still didn't like talking about it to be honest and she wasn't sure if she was ready for all of Tokyo and then some to know she was an amputee.

"You would think after the quake there would be more amputees living in Japan." Michiru said. There probably were but Usagi made a very valid point. Just her hair alone made her stand out in the crowd. Maybe they should try talking to the people in charge about how accurate there anime versions were to themselves.

"There probably are but there aren't a ton here in Tokyo that I know of. Especially ones that would match my description. Remember Tokyo didn't get as hard hit as other areas, so most people who lost limbs in the quake are from the north of here. There's just too many identifying factors, and to throw in a rather significant one, I think would be a bit stupid." Usagi said shrugging her shoulders. "That's not saying we can't include some real details. I am all for the character still remaining a quake survivor just not going into all the intricate details." Like Shingo.

"Still, in general, probably having any details that could be easily traced back to us would be a bad idea. They are probably going to have to get creative with certain aspects or leave them out entirely," Michiru commented frowning slightly.

"What? Are you thinking about having you two handle your relationship in the show. That's another big thing." Usagi asked after a moment. She doubted they would okay that, considering they kept it pretty much under wraps but who knows maybe they would change their mind.

"We are going to need to talk about it. That situation is kind of complicated." Haruka answered. Having their relationship in the anime was an issue and probably wouldn't fly for a lot of reasons. Part of the reason why Michiru's family hasn't completely disconnected from her was because Haruka could pass as a guy fairly easily. So when she really needed to attend formal functions they could still pass as a 'normal' couple. If they didn't know either of them were senshi it would be easy to agree to having their characters being that way but since Michiru's sister is our main contact to the government, that makes at least one who knows.

"Anyways if no one else has any protests about this, I am going to get back in touch and say we are interested in the idea." Luna said after a moment. They had a few days to figure out all the details on what to tell the company to put in and what not too at least. As it was, that was obviously something they were going to have to hammer out.


"So this is the studio then." Sailor Moon said looking up at the fairly large building. They had agreed to a meeting with some of the animators that would be working on the show so they could get a better idea on just what they would be working on. They were transformed and waiting in the lobby area for someone to come and get them and bring them back to where they would be meeting with the people making the anime. A small, wiry, dark haired man walked up to them after a few minutes. The director.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet with us." He said giving them a big smile. "I apologize for being slightly late. I was making sure everything was ready when you arrived." The diretor otiued. "I am the lead director of the upcoming anime, Mr. Takashi."

"It's not a problem." Sailor Moon respectfully said. Internally, she was squealing. She had been an anime fan since she was a kid so the thought of having one based around her was kind of exciting.

"I brought some early cells for you to look at before you meet everyone. So far we've only had distant photos and various recordings to work from." He admitted handing them one of the cells to look at. "So its been difficult since none of you have put in an official public appearance outside of the government visit after the Haneda incident and so we've had to get a bit creative with references. Today should help clear that up. Though your still missing some people it appears."

"Pluto is a fairly private person. Moon works with her outside of work so she has the most experience with her." Neptune answered the technically unasked question.

"Yeah but then again I only see her maybe once a week." Sailor Moon said with a shake of her head figuring that wouldn't be too dangerous to say. Yeah she knew Sestuna best out of all of them but probably didn't know her as much as she could. She had brought up the anime with Sestuna during the last session but Sestuna at the time seemed to think it was necessary for her to get involved.

"And the man?" He asked taking the cell back from Usagi who had been the last to look at it. Before motioning them to follow him.

"He's even harder to track down." Usagi admitted. With Pluto they at least knew her real identity could contact her easily. Tuxedo Kamen on the other hand was still a mystery who she hadn't even seen since the mall incident now that she thought about it. But then again the last youma they had fought was at the camera contest so it wasn't really that long ago.

The director frowned slightly at that, "That could complicate things."

"Not really. To be honest, we see him less then we see Pluto he doesn't need to be a pivotal character or in it at all." Uranus commented. Really considering how little interaction they had had with the caped crusader. they could drop him from the anime entirely and she wouldn't care. Well he might but if he did he should have given them a way to reach him in her opinion.

"Maybe best to leave him out entirely for the moment then." The man surmised holding a door open for them. "Everyone's waiting for you in here."

It was a fairly large room empty of furniture outside of a few chairs backed up against the wall but it was filled with a lot of people. At first no one really talked, she spotted one or two animators doing what looked like some preliminary sketches judging by how they kept moving to different spots. But no one talked at first and then…."So you've dealt with the Haneda airport incident, the phony photo contest, and Dreamland correct? What other plots have you three been involved in that we can use?" Someone asked looking at a piece of paper he was holding. Probably some sort of storyboard writer Moon guessed if he wanted details on a timeline.

Sailor Moon still wondered how the whole wedding shop hadn't got more publicity. Maybe stash it under same strangeness as the Shrine Incident that Haruka and Michiru had mentioned.

"Not all of our fights were as public as the incident at Haneda airport. We provided a list to help you get started with episode ideas but we left a few of the early adventures off since we are a bit concerned if every plot gets animated people will connect our civilian identities with our senshi identities. We all have civilian lives outside of being senshi. To go into too much detail and make it completely accurate would not only endanger ourselves, but our families, and possibly other civilians. It's better to have some falsehoods sprinkled in then to be 100 percent accurate to our story. I don't think any of us are expecting to it to be completely accurate to what's actually happening. We just ask that it doesn't get too off the wall." Neptune explained having handed a piece of paper they had typed out for the organizers. One of the men scanned the list they had provided. It wasn't overly detailed just gave something to start with. It had no dates or who had been in charge of fighting what, just misc events and fights they had been connected to in some way or another. It gave the animation team room to play and it honestly made them safer, as unless someone really went digging, it would be near impossible to get an accurate timeline and list who was involved in all of the events.

"Just how long have you been awake anyway?" Someone asked from the back of the room.

"Several months." Neptune answered in a clipped tone. She understood some curiosity but it was dangerous to give details about who awoke when and in what order.

"So whose the leader of the group?" Someone asked seeming to sense that time awoken was going into danger zone and slightly shifting topics. Maybe trying to figure out who awoke first by who was the leader.

"That would technically be me. Though we were work more as a unit." Moon answered. Truth be told for all the times Luna had made it out for her being the leader she had yet to have to do very much leader like things. They worked more as a group versus her commanding the two of them and standing back.

There was some mumbling within the group but no one asked about further explanation on how that worked. Instead…"By the way what's the story with the cat?" one of the animators asked staring down at Luna drawing something on the sketchboard they had.

"I am the girls adviser. I awake them." She explained.

"Eh a talking cat!" One of the animators said kneeling next to the first one to get a better look at her.

"It would probably be fore the best if I'm either not animated or at least not animated as a cat. There might be a lot of domestics cat in the greater Tokyo area but there aren't going to be too many that look like me." Luna spoke.

"Should be easy enough. Can make you another animal entirely or something entirely alien." The first one said tapping the sketchboard for a moment before standing up and moving back into the crowd.

"What about Sailor V? I thought she was one of you guys." Came another question. Apparently more curious about Venus then the other missing members of the team. Not that she completely blamed him for skipping the other two. Pluto and Tuxedo Mask technically had even less publicity time then they did. Probably for someone who wasn't directly involved with the plots they were a blip on the radar.

"She is actually, however due to another commitment she could not be here with us." Luna said.

"V could not get away rom the case she is workig on curretly." Moon said, it was mostly true. The only real thing they knew that wasn't general public knowledge was why Sailor V was in England. Everyone knew she was there, Venus had made a bit too much of a showcase not to be missed, however that didn't mean everyone knew the particulars of why she was there.

"However she is one of yours?" came the next question apparently wanting additional verification to Luna's comment.

"Yes." Sailor Moon said.

"Maybe something to work into a second season if we go that long.." The director said frowning slightly.

"I kind of hope we aren't at this long enough for there to be a second season." Moon confessed under her breath. She liked the idea of being animated. However the thought that they could be working long enough to get a second season possibly greenlit was something that did not make her happy.

"Wait if she is one why does she go by Sailor V instead of Venus like the rest of you? Or the other way around?" someone from the back asked apparently deciding to continue on the Venus tangent.

"You know I'm not entirely sure why she goes by Sailor V." Sailor Moon confessed with a frown looking down at the cat hoping she would pick up the question from there.

"I never bothered to ask. Artemis kind of made her sound like a free spirit so that might be part of it." Luna said frowning for a moment.

"Artemis?" someone asked.

"My co-guardian. We would normally act together as mentors to the senshi but when Venus had to go to out of country we had to split up." Luna explained.

"As for us not going by our initials, can you imagine trying to identify who we're talking about with Sailor M? While there isn't a Mercury or Mars there is a potential there for there to be ones and that would mean you would have three girls with the same initials running around. It would get very confusing very fast." Sailor Moon pointed out.

"Anyways, I do not understand why Venus being kept away deals with our anime?" Neptune said deciding that the line of questioning around Venus was done for got them to drop that line of questioning finally. Though she could hear a few people muttering in disappointment. Guess they had been really hoping to work with their overseas member.

"Was she really that popular before she went off to England?" She muttered under her breath to Neptune. Considering the two girls had been awake an identical amount of time Michiru would have the best idea of her popularity before she had been shipped overseas for a year.

"Honestly, I was too busy trying to understand the situation to pay her much attention at the time when she was drawing attention in Japan. By the time things settled enough for me to wonder about a connection she had all ready packed up shop and gone to England." Neptune replied shaking her head also keeping her tone low.

"How can you tell if you might be dealing with a youma plot?" Someone asked deciding to move away from the topic of Sailor V.

"It depends. Some situations are more difficult then others to tell if it is just run of the mill weirdness or Dark Kingdom weirdness." Usagi confessed. Truth be told they hadn't run into much run of the mill weirdness but the point still stood.

"Plus as we've seen the generals that serve Beryl tend to imploy different tactics which complicates the situation." Luna added. "Jadeite, the first general, was more interested in gathering energy then trying to fight us at first until we became too much of a nuisance to ignore. Nephrite, the second general, on the other hand has been trying to get rid of us and gather energy in the same go."

"How many generals are there anyway?" someone asked.

"Four. Jadeite, Nephrite, Kunzite, and a final one that we have yet to encounter but know of through reputation. The girls here have fought Jadeite and Nephrite, who mentioned there were four of them, and Venus has been regularly engaging Kunzite. The final member of Beryl's generals hasn't shown himself to us. I suspect that will not last." Luna answered.

"Back on the topic of what can be used. To id a plot, is there anything that could be useful for the show?" The director asked deciding to try and bring the topic back to the youma fights.

"Usually some sort of behavior change is a hallmark of a Dark Kingdom plot. It's either they alter people's moods or they like to kidnap them from what we've seen." Neptune supplied.

"What kind of behavior change depends on the goal of the enemy? A lot of time they get unusually aggressive and impatient. Other times they are just highly more fatigued because the generals chose to go the longer route of draining energy instead of draining in one go." Luna supplied.


"Something the matter?" Sailor Moon asked a little while later to one of the female animators. She had been frowning since they had described typical youma controlled behavior. Most of the animators had left once they had started discussing more development-oriented things that wouldn't impact them as much but she had stuck around for some reason…

"It might be nothing…" She began frowning slightly.

Sailor Moon raised her hand to indicate it was all right. "I would rather have it brought to our attention then to find out later that we missed someone." That was the truth it could just be something stress induced but if someone thought that someone might be acting weird due to supernatural causes it was better to investigate.

The lady sighed after a moment. "Well, it's just what you were saying about behavior changes. A few days ago one of the studio's big backers, Masato Sanjouin, came by just to check on things. Nothing that abnormal, it happens every once and a while. Afterwards, one of my friends started behaving a bit weird." She explained.

There was that name again. Moon was starting to think Luna might really have a point about him being Nephrite. Neptune brought her out of her thoughts. "What do you mean by weird?"

"Aggressive and kind of secretive. We're always comparing cells to maybe pick up on something the other can improve but since then she won't let me get near her work. She's also working odd hours. I stay pretty long but she's always here when I'm leaving or when I'm arriving it feels like. I kind of wonder if she's left the office much at I tried to make her leave to go to lunch with me earlier she made a rude comment and went back to drawing." The lady admitted frowning slightly.

"And she isn't like this normally?" Usagi asked. It did sound kind of like the behavior she had seen before that one youma idol but maybe the other animator had changed tactics.

"Hiromi has always been kind of a shy and for the most part pretty quiet. We've known each other since we went to high school together and later art school. In all the years I've known her this is the first time she has ever acted like this." The lady admitted. Okay that probably eliminated any possibility that it wasn't a youma plot. The lady continued shaking her head slightly. "She was supposed to be at the meeting but last I checked she was at her cubicle drawing some sketches that could maybe get used in the anime. She really wanted to meet you guys too."

"Did the interest start before this sponsor dropped by?" Neptune asked frowning.

"Yes, why." The lady asked looking a bit confused by the question.

"We just have to always be on the lookout for traps. If she was possessed by a youma then its better to know when the timeline started with certain things. You didn't clarify at first if the interest in meeting us started before the other odd behavior or after." Neptune explained. If it had started after and was possibly related to Nephrite then that could mean she could be highly aggressive. Well, she might still be highly aggressive depending on the type of nature of the spell Nephrite had used.

"Oh that makes sense." She said blinking a few times. "She was even more excited then I was about meeting you. Her not coming to the meeting... is unlike her."

"Hey. Look Hiromi, we have visitors." The lady said as they entered a new room coming up to a short-haired brunette who was leaning over her desk mumbling something Sailor Moon couldn't quite catch.

"Too busy." Hiromi said not even giving them a second glance.

"Hiromi I think you'll really want to meet them." The lady said reaching out to Hiromi to try and get her attention only to be pushed back as Hiromi slightly turned to her.

"I said I'm busy Kazuko!" Hiromi said not even seeming to realize that she had observers. Before Usagi could possibly intervene in the situation the pencil that she was holding started to glow bright white. That wasn't good. Pencils weren't supposed to glow so that left very little doubt that the Dark Kingdom wasn't involved here.

"That's not good." Uranus said stepping in to try and wrestle the pencil out Hiromi's grasp only to end up slightly tangled up as the other girl fought back. Only to have it get knocked onto the ground and start rolling away.

"I've got it!" Sailor Moon called chasing after the pencil as Uranus was still kind of tangled up with Hiromi. She almost made it to the pencil when the glow intensified and started to grow in size to form two humanoid shapes. Youma, it had to be. Though there being two of them was new. "Tonight's not our night is it." Sailor Moon commented under her breath quickly dropping back to where Uranus, who had finally detangled herself from a now unconscious Hiromi, and had moved over to where Neptune was standing. One youma was enough, two of them even worse.

"You got to give some credit to Nephrite. He's a lot smarter with his tactics then Jadeite ever was." Uranus muttered. Jadeite had never once sent two youma after them. Preferring to only have one in charge of a certain plot and try to cover up the plot as much as possible. Though he was never very good at keeping it hidden.

That was new and a bit worrying. Sailor Moon paled slightly as the other youma turned to face them now and began what suspiciously looked like a Spiral Buster forming in her hands. Oh great not only could the thing absorb it apparently but it could also return the same attack. One youma was bad enough, two youma were even worse, two youma that could take and turn their attacks back on them? That was the definition of a world of trouble.

"Definitely better at his job then Jadeite." Uranus commented again as they ducked the returned attack.

"Now is not the time to be complimenting the enemy Uranus." Neptune reprimanded. Even if it was technically true they had bigger things to worry about. Like getting the two youma out of there before they caused some serious property damage.

Sailor Moon let out a sigh of relief as it harmlessly dissipated after hitting a wall. That could have been a lot worse if it had come into contact with someone or something else. "We need to get the youma away from here and in a more open space." Sailor Moon commented. Between all of the people working here and the amount of items there could be a lot of collateral damage if they weren't careful. They could aim well enough to try and keep causing collateral damage but the youma certainly wasn't going to have the same consideration for life and property.

"You're going to have to catch us first." Uranus said taking off towards the back of the room with the others quickly following.

"Well that's certainly one way to get out of the enclosed space." Sailor Moon agreed as they followed Uranus out of the office and up to the roof. She just hoped no one from the office was stupid enough to follow them to try and get more stuff for the anime. There was a point where it crossed into dangerously stupid things to do for work and following them into a battle was one of them.

"Oh no you don't. Spiral Buster!" Uranus letting loose her own attack to match the youma's. When the Spiral Buster met its almost twin attack they clashed for a moment before dissipating entirely.

"Oh great the attacks cancel each other out." Sailor Moon muttered. She guessed it could be worse, the attacks could be absorbed by the energy. That was not a fun thought.

"It's not the worst thing. We can use that fact to our advantage. If we time it right we should be able to keep them from launching their own attacks and you should be able to get the tiara in to finish the job." Neptune said releasing a Splash Edge at the same time as the other youma. Might not be able to completely destroy the youma but they could at least draw the whole thing to a standstill for the moment.

"Yeah but will one Tiara Action be enough to do the job?" Sailor Moon asked remembering the camera youma and how much trouble they had had taking it down. Between the fact that there were two youma and the fact they were getting stronger she wasn't sure if she could destroy a youma without it being at least hit by one of the other's attacks first. Maybe if she put all her strength into the attack it would work. But if it destroyed only one of the youma then they would be in trouble.

"Might not be one Tiara these two have yet to attack at the same time. If we can time it right and have the right person launch a counter to their respective attack we can maybe combine the other's attacks and the tiara to take them out." Neptune noted. So far the youma had been doing a one by one tactic. Which while was a nuisance actually made them less of a threat. As long as they didn't try anything else taking them down wouldn't be overly difficult actually.

"We could try a tactic similar to Dreamland but line up two attacks on top of each other. That way there is more than enough power to take them out regardless of which one of the launches the attack." Neptune suggested after a moment. One attack to cancel the youma's out and another to merge with Sailor Moon's to hopefully wipe them out in one go. It would be tricky to pull off but it shouldn't be impossible. And there wasn't a ton of options on what else to do. "They seem to be alternating whose attacking when. So this really is just a matter of timing and launching the right attack at the right moment." And not get hit by a stray attack when timing it.

"Sounds like a plan. Spiral Buster!" Uranus said releasing her own attack as the red youma released its own yellow ball of energy.

"Splash Edge!" Neptune said releasing her own ball trying to time it so it got out before the youma realized what they were up to.

"Moon Tiara Action!" Moon said releasing her own tiara watching it as it merged with the other attacks. The youma had caught on and tried to release an attack at the same time only to have it mess up for some reason leaving them wide open for a combo as the tiara slammed into one of them turning into dust going a bit out before turning around and hitting the other one before returning to Sailor Moon. Really the most useful thing about it was that it acted as a boomerang. Though she wasn't quite sure why the energy from the tiara hadn't dissipated after impacting the first twin. Maybe the connection between the youmas had kept it going? It was kind of weird and confusing to think about.

"We should get going it's late," Neptune commented. There was no real reason to stay around at this point. They had given the creators the information they wanted and taken care of the youma.

Moon chewed her lip slightly. Yeah there job was done and she wasn't going to deny she just wanted to get home and sleep at this point. But she wasn't going to be able to do that comfortably until they at least checked on Hiromi. "Moon!" came the exasperated call of the others as she made her way quickly back down the staircase. They could wait for her outside for all she cared at the moment. She just wanted to make sure Hiromi was okay before taking off.

Moon reentered the office just in time to catch what looked like a tail end of an apology from Hiromi to Kazuko, the animator who had brought the situation to their attention in the first place. Seeing Luna raising an eyebrow as she approached Moon said, "Youma's taken care of I just wanted to make sure she's all right before we take off."

"And the others?" Luna asked eyebrow going slightly higher.

"I might have left them on the roof," Moon admitted. Luna let out an annoyed sigh mumbling something she didn't quite catch.

"I am so so sorry!" Hiromi said apparently having now spotted Sailor Moon stopping Luna from possibly saying anything more direct to her about her decision making choices.

"It's all right you weren't in complete control there and no way you could have stopped the youma from emerging itself. I'm just glad we were here to take care of the problem," Sailor Moon admitted. They had been lucky with most of the plots on being able to identify them before the youma became a real menace. Today was the first time they had really stumbled onto one without having heard even the slightest rumble of possible Dark Kingdom trouble. Even at Dreamland, they had shown up slightly on edge. "You probably should be apologizing to your friend more than us though."

"She did so several times already," Kazuko reassured them. "I'm just glad you were here to solve the problem more than mad at how she behaved while under those thing's influence."

"Is it normal for youma to cause people to become so aggressive?" one of the other workers interrupted. Right they had forgotten that even though they were mainly talking with Hiromi and Kazuko they did have a bit of an audience.

"From what we've seen of the tactics that Nephrite's youma use, yes aggression is normal for his victims at least. Nephrite's tactics seem to cause more aggression then his predecessor, Jadeite did," Neptune admitted her and Uranus coming up to either side of her apparently having decided to follow her back to the office.

Most of the time Jaedite seemed to make his victims more sleepy than anything. Though she did know of at least one case where the victims were aggressive but that was more from the stories they had gotten from Moon before the three of them had started working together. Jadeite had seemed to prefer to use objects to drain his victims while Nephrite seemed to like to cause his victims to become more agitated to say the least and use that to build the energy to a stealing point. The photographer at the modeling contest certainly had fit a similar model of behavior from what she had seen before the youma had emerged from the camera.

"I am sorry!" Hiromi apologized again to the other girls.

"No real harm done. As Moon said we're just glad we were here to take care of it," Uranus reassured her. Other then maybe a bruise or two, from trying to wrestle the pencil out of Hiromi's grasp, that would be gone in a couple of hours none of them were the worst for ware from the unexpected youma fight.

Neptune kept quiet in her own thoughts as she went over the particular incident with the youma. This had been a case of almost sheer dumb luck in finding this particular plot and that wasn't a good thing. Maybe… the governor's suggestion of setting up a hotline for suspicious supernatural activity was better than they originally thought. There would be a lot of red flags to deal with but considering they had nearly missed this youma entirely maybe it was better to have a second set of eyes and ears via the public. They didn't need to give the public all the details just enough to know what a possible youma situation might look like and a way to contact them. It certainly would be better than just stumbling upon youma plots like today. They had only so much luck when it came to the youmas and eventually, they were bound to run out of it.

"Neptune?" Moon said turning to the other girl who had been fairly quiet for a bit now.

"Just a thought I was having," Neptune said making sure to imply the conversation was best not for here. The hotline might be a good thing to implement but best not to discuss the topic in public. She shook her head of the thought. Not anything they could do about it tonight, "We should get going. It's late and I think we all want to get a rest after dealing with those youma."

"Ah yeah that's true," Mr. Takashi said after a moment, "Thank you for your time it was most informative and will help a lot in getting the anime right." Even more so then they had anticipated with the youma attack.

"Glad we could be of service," Moon said giving a small smile. She was just glad no one had tried to get too close to the youma for 'research' purposes during their fight. It had ended up working to everyone's advantage, in the end, to have come here that was good at least.

End Chapter 13