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Path's Divergence

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Chapter 4

Melody of the Warriors

It was one of those dreams again. The Moon Kingdom being where she was once more. These dreams where memory and dream seem to be blured into one for had had a couple since Luna awoken her as Sailor Moon but nothing in them that could make of any use so far. But at least she knew why she was getting them now.

"Mama." Usagi called. Who her mother was, was still a mystery. All the memories she had seen so far had always put her in some sort of shadow. She wasn't sure if that was the way her previous mother had walked or just that she had yet to recall how the woman who had been her mother, in that past life, actually looked.

"Yes Serenity?" The mysterious woman, her past self's mother, said turning to her. Still no clear idea of how she looked. She was starting to think it was the former though at this rate. How much could one person walk in the shadows after all?

"Why don't the girls I met today work with my other guardians?" she asked.

"Well they do sometimes Serenity. Their main job is to keep us and the rest of the Silver Alliance safe from anyone who seeks to invade us from outside the system where as your guardian's main job is to protect us from threats within the system. They only work with the other girls when the threat is so great that no one team can fight them off alone." Usagi's past self's mother, Serenity's mother explained.

"Oh." Usagi/Serenity said. "So I won't be seeing them again?"

"It is unlikely-" Her mother agreed. "They usually remain at their posts unless summoned by myself or one of the other Queens."

"Oh. I liked them." Usagi/Serenity said more to herself then to her mother feeling a slight melancholy at the prospect of not seeing them again.

"You'll see them again someday. That's what comes with your job and theirs. However, it won't be for many years from now." Her mother's response, clearly reading her easily- "Now come along I was able to pull you out for now to attend diplomatic necessities but you still have your afternoon lessons."

Usagi/Serenity grumbled to herself at the thought of going back to class. If there was anything that she hated more then going to all the diplomatic meetings it was attending her lessons. But she knew better than to try and sneak off from her mother. It never worked. Anything else that could be useful from the dream/memory would have to wait.

Usagi was jolted awake by Naru's alarm with a groan ending the dream abruptly. A quick glance told her the other girl was missing and must have awoken before the alarm leaving her and Luna to themselves.

"Usagi?" Luna asked eyeing her curiously as she ran a hand through her hair.

"I had another one of those dreams that was also a memory of Serenity's." Usagi explained starting to get ready for school. Not noticing for the moment that she had let slip the Serenity thing. She was still going around it. Though with Luna regaining her own memories it maybe only a matter of time before she figured it out on her own.

"Anything useful?" Luna perked up. So far there hadn't been much they could go on on finding the other senshi. But she couldn't help but hope that might soon change.

"No not really. Just my mother again, though I can't see what she looks like. We were talking about some other guardians that protected us from invaders outside the system." Usagi explained to Luna moving to get ready.

"The outer senshi." Luna muttered seeming a little surprised.

"You don't sound too happy about that." Usagi inquisitively turned to face the cat from where she was seated putting on her prosthetics for the day. She would have thought that Luna would be pleased about anything concerning the Senshi at this point.

"I have mixed feelings. It could be a bad omen and it could mean nothing. The outer senshi, the girls whose job it was to protect our system from invaders coming from the outside very rarely left their posts unless there was an urgent and very powerful danger." Luna explained. It was a rare occasion the outer senshi were called from their posts to serve directly outside of their usual duties.

"Oh." Usagi said.

"It maybe nothing but it is curious that you would have a memory associated with them now of all times. Especially when you wouldn't have a ton of those to begin with." Luna explained.

"Well there's nothing we can do about it now. Hopefully, it isn't some spooky omen. Hopefully, we find someone soon. For now I need to get to school so I don't get yelled at by Ms. Haruna for running late again." Usagi said standing up after finishing putting on the last of her clothing and fixing her hair. Moving to the door Usagi surmised that it was a mystery for a time when she wasn't so worried about school. Hopefully.

For the first time that either of them could remember they had Naru's place to themselves. Her Mom was off somewhere and Luna was out doing Luna things. That's how they got somehow onto the topic of sneaking into a concert. Apparently, Naru had been wanting to see some jazz musician for the first time.

"Naru I get you want to see this guy live but this might be one of your more hairbrained ideas. Do you realize how much trouble we could get into?" Usagi hissed taking the offered dress from Naru.

"And yet you're still getting dressed for this." Naru commented clearly amused by her protests.

"Only to keep you from getting into more trouble." Usagi grumbled a protest more to herself.

"Come on it will be fun. It's a good way to blow off steam before finals." Naru insisted.

"Playing arcade games is blowing off steam sneaking into a concert is something else." Usagi had added to her argument about this being a not so great idea, hands fidgeting towards her prosthetics, before stepping into the bathroom to change. They could get into a bunch of trouble for this but she couldn't deny she kind of did want to go.

"You really shouldn't let others comments get to you." Naru said with a sigh having noticed the gesture before Usagi entered the bathroom.

"I know, I know." Usagi fumbled around in the bag looking for the Luna Pen. That could solve all their problems right now.

"What's that?" Naru asked looking at it.

"Magical disguise pen. Luna gave this to me during the fortune teller incident. This should solve the whole displaying the leg issues..." Usagi trailed off pushing up on the pen to activate it.

"Still wish you wouldn't. Your fine the way you are Usa but if it gets you out the door..." Naru let it trail off frowning.

"Hopefully someday I'll be better about all of this. Today is not that day and since you really want to go to this concert then I'm going to do this." Usagi said shaking her head slightly.

"Come on! What's the point of being a couple of teens if we don't live a little?" Naru questioned while eagerly pushing a still slightly reluctant Usagi slightly in the direction of the door.

As it turns out they couldn't even make into the lobby area without trouble. They had somehow managed to get through the front door without attracting much attention. But then had come the security check and the lack of a concert ticket had surfaced. So that was how Usagi and Naru had found themselves trying to talk their way out of a possible situation with a security guard. Luck had other ideas as fate would have it that someone stepped in before the two girls could get into any real trouble.

"It's okay. They're with us." Someone interfered. Her and the security guard turned and she was surprised to see it was one of the people from the flyer Naru had shown her. Okay, unexpected but definitely helpful. She noticed the security guard make a face out of the corner of her eye but did back off thankfully.

"Thank you." Usagi said flushing slightly turning to face the taller girl, Haruka if she remembered the flyer Naru had shown her correctly.

"You a big fan?" Haruka asked giving her an amused look.

"Oh um yeah you could say that." Usagi said trying not to get too tripped up earning an elbow from Naru. Way to make herself believable.

"Usagi Tsukino. And this is Naru Osaka." Usagi introduced finally gathering herself.

"Haruka Tenoh, though if you're here you already know that." Was the response extending a hand to shake.

"Yeah um nice to meet you." Usagi said taking the offered hand only to be overtaken by a memory of her previous life. It was the throne room, that much she had been able to recognize and put together so far from what she had seen in her previous memories.

"You okay?" Came the next question. Must have gotten caught up in the memory longer then she had realized.

"Yeah, I'm fine just caught up in the moment. Sorry for the trouble I think I left my tickets at home by accident." Usagi said trying to play off whatever memory that had just surfaced. That was definitely a new experience she had never had a memory of the Moon Kingdom surface from having contact with someone. It had always been in dreams. It was a bit unnerving to say the least. But she had a suspicion why it had happened. One of the girls in the memory was a dead ringer for Haruka. Albeight she had been slightly younger and dawning senshi garb similar to hers but not quite the same. But there was a resemblence that she had seen. However, before she could get any more clues about what was going on the scene faded as quickly as it came.

"Just try to remember to actually bring the tickets next time." Was the teasing remark from Haruka causing her to flush a bright red.

"We will and thank you." Naru said finally grabbing her by the elbow to drag her off to a corner. She watched the tall blonde wander off with a sigh.

"What was that?" Naru asked as soon as they found a slightly quiet spot.

"A memory, never had one surface when touching someone so it took me by surprise." Usagi said quietly.

"Do you think he's a fellow senshi? I thought guys couldn't be senshi...?" Naru asked sounding a bit excited and also seeming a bit thoughtful as well.

"They can't according to Luna. There were girls, younger than them, but they looked like Haruka and her partner in Senshi uniforms so that would make sense but one of them definitely looked like the person we just talked to." Usagi said. Was she ready to handle the possibilities of teammates?

"Guess we should have brought Luna with us." Naru said frowning slightly.

"Luna would never have approved of this and you know it. We are going to get such an earful when we get back to your house." Usagi pointed out.

"Yeah, but she can't complain too much considering if we had never gone out we would never have met one of your teammates." Naru argued.

"Maybe." Usagi agreed.

"We should probably find somewhere to sit and watch the show." Naru said after a moment as they realized the lobby area was emptying out.

"Are we going to be able to find it? I mean we don't exactly have tickets. The show could be sold out for all we know." Usagi pointed out.

"We'll figure something out. Come on or else we're going to miss the beginning of the show." Naru said dragging her towards the doors to the concert hall.

"Haruka?" Michiru questioned as they stepped away from the crowd.

"Michiru look at her. I mean look actually look at her and tell me she doesn't bear some resemblance to the girl we've both seen in our dreams. In flashes." Haruka argued. Normally she would have just let security deal with the issue, but something had drawn her to the younger teen from the get-go. Once she had actually gotten a good look at her she understood why.

"You could be right but it could also be a coincidence." Michiru knew it was a weak argument but she didn't want to jump to conclusions either. The resemblance between the girl that Haruka had just gotten out of trouble and the girl from their memories was strong. Too strong. The feeling she got from her as well...

"Do you truly believe that?" Haruka asked.

Michiru sighed. "No." A moment's silence passed between before she continued. "Why now Haruka?"

Haruka sighed and ran her hands through her hair, clearly affected. "Tokyo is huge and we don't even know if for sure that she is from around here or lives near here."

"I wonder." Michiru said more to herself, wondering why they did not meet before and why not. If there was another senshi, why did they not know about her? Then again it had taken her a couple of months to just find Haruka so she couldn't really talk much. However, she had pretty much been flying blind since the point she awoke as Sailor Neptune. Maybe there were others and she just hadn't noticed? A troubling thought.

"Maybe she just woke up?" Came Haruka's next suggestion.

"Then we keep an eye out for a new Senshi." Michiru agreed. If the girl had just awoken as a Sailor Senshi then there was a good chance she was flying by the seat of her pants, as she and had. Hell, who was she kidding? They still did that a lot of the time. If she was recently awakened and without another senshi, like she had been before Haruka awakened as Sailor Uranus, then she did not envy the poor girl.

Usagi groaned from the spot her and Naru were standing in a corner of the lobby. There was someone she really hadn't ever hoped to run into outside of school. "Oh no."

"What's wrong?" Naru asked shooting her friend a concerned look.

"Look at the group about to approach the jazz musician you so like. Girl on the far left hand side." Usagi said trying not to talk to loudly and turning her back on the group. Though with her hair if she was spotted it wouldn't matter that she wasn't facing Yuki. The last thing she wanted was to draw more attention after the early trouble.

Naru followed her gaze before spying who Usagi had spotted. "Oh you have got to be kidding me."

"Are you going to be alright staying? We could always leave early." Naru asked turning her attention to Usagi. Sure, she wanted to stay but if it meant possible problems with Yuki. It was best to leave now before they were spotted.

"No, you wanted to come here. I'm not going to let our issue with each other mess this up. I'll just find somewhere else off to the side to stay until the concert starts. Hopefully she won't see me." Usagi said glancing around slightly looking for an out that she could go to without Yuki seeing her. Finally spying a hallway off to the side outside of Yuki's reign of vision. It should be safe until the concert started.

"Usagi, really. Yeah I want to go to his concert, but not at your expense." Naru said reaching out to stop Usagi. She knew how bad things had gotten with Yuki and how much running into her could affect Usagi. Crush or not she didn't want her friend getting hurt. Sure Yuki had been tamer recently but who knew how long that was going to hold? Better yet how was this going to hold outside of school where the only people she had to keep her in check were her family?

"I'll be fine really. We just have to get in and out before she realises I'm even there. We don't mingle after it's finished and we're good." Usagi said plastering on a forced smile as she started heading in the direction of the hall. "I'm getting tired of every one of my actions being dictated by Yuki and fear of what she will do." In Usagi's mind this was also it's own revenge project. Vengeance by virtue of avoidance. Yuki would probably never know but the best revenge would be to live her life and manage to get through this without Yuki's interference.

Really Usagi hadn't meant to get in trouble with the security again. She hadn't even realised she had ended up in the backstage area at first. She was just trying to get away from the lobby and possible issues with Yuki. Now here she was surrounded by about four security guards demanding to know how she had got back here and why while trying not to panic again over the lack of space around her.

"It's okay. She's back here to see me." A new voice cut in to one of the guard's question.

"Miss Kaioh. I didn't realize you were expecting any guests tonight." The big burly guy who had been ordering the other security guards around said turning away from Usagi to face the new arrival. It gave Usagi a bit more breathing room at least even if she was still feeling surrounded.

"She originally turned it down, so it was unexpected." Was the response. "I'll take it from here. You can go back to your other duties."

There was a slight muttering but that was enough to get the group to disperse. "Thank you." Usagi said after a moment. Now that the guards had left she could see it was the partner to Haruka, Michiru Kaioh. She was a bit surprised Michiru hadn't engaged her or Naru the entire time she had been talking with Haruka. She hadn't thought she would run into those two again let alone have Michiru come to her aid.

"Usagi right? You seem to have a habit of getting places your not supposed to be." Michiru noted in amusement. First the trouble with the security guards over her tickets, then the trouble over sneaking off somewhere private.

"I wasn't really trying to get in trouble again. I was just trying to get myself out of the lobby." Usagi admitted closing her eyes for a second. She should probably have realised that she would end up somewhere she wasn't supposed to be, but she was so focused on getting away from Yuki that the thought hadn't occurred to her at first.

"Too many people?' Michiru gathered in sympathy. She had seen how pale the girl had been when she had chased off the security guards. She obviously had some form of claustrophobia. She had seen Haruka have a hard time with tight spaces at time so it may not be to the same level she could tell the girl hadn't been handling the situation with the guards well.

"That's part of it." Usagi admitted. She really hadn't been enjoying the crowd that much but it wasn't the only thing. At Michiru's quirked eyebrow. "Old unfriendly classmate was here too. I really didn't want to have to deal with her. She likes to make my school life her verion of 'interesting'."

"Ah. The sort of interesting that might cause a scene?" Michiru guessed. Usagi had seemed noticeably uncomfortable with whomever this classmate was when talking. Small little ticks, like a shudder when saying her classmate made her life interesting.

"I wouldn't have started anything but she would have." Usagi admitted crossing her arms glancing back towards the lobby. Who knew what would have happened if Yuki had realised her and Naru were at the concert. "I would rather she just leave me alone." Not that Yuki ever went that route it felt like.

"What's your history with her anyway may I ask?" Michiru asked frowning slightly. There was definitely something there or else she didn't think Usagi would be actively trying to avoid her.

"There's not much to say. She pretended to be my friend for a few months. Then when she got bored she dropped me. School, up until recently has been...well difficult to put it mildly." Usagi shrugged decided to give the really short version of her and Yuki's story. Something about Michiru put her at ease, but that didn't make her want to discuss the Yuki issue any more then normal.

"What about the school administration?" Michiru asked raising an eyebrow. She could tell Usagi was leaving part of the story out but it wasn't her place to ask. There was something missing there, she doubted someone would have such a strong adversion to another person over a lost friendship.

"Refuses to do anything. I've lodged complaints more times then there are days in a month by this point. They never listen." Usagi let out a sigh. "Maybe I was over reacting. She hasn't done anything in almost a month. I was afraid since we weren't at school she might not show restraint."

"If your shared history runs that deep then your reaction was probably reasonable." Michiru mused. Most of the time she would have thought it was an over reaction but something told her that wasn't the case here. Usagi probably had a legitimate reason for wanting to be as far away from this classmate as possible. She just wasn't willing to share it.

"Well at least someone gets it." Usagi muttered to herself. Funny how someone who was pretty much a complete stranger got just how bad things were with Yuki, at least at a surface level, more then people who had been around her for months. "I probably should just go home. If she sees me..." Usagi trailed off their her mind going through around a dozen different scenarios on what Yuki might do. None of which involved Yuki just leaving her alone. Sure Yuki was leaving her alone at school but she was pretty sure that had something to do with what had happened before winter break at school. There was nothing from stopping her from acting out here.

The more Michiru talked with her the more she could see the resemblance between her and the girl that occasionally popped up in her dreams. She was starting to understand why Haruka had stepped in the first time she had run into trouble. There was something about her that she wanted to protect from anything and everyone, including this bully apparently. So maybe that's why she decided to made a suggestion she normally wouldn't have entertained. "Come on I have somewhere you can stay until it gets closer to when the show starts."

"I don't want to be anymore trouble." Usagi said reluctantly. Technically she really couldn't leave until Naru was ready to go. She could make do in the meantime. Even if it meant holing herself up in the bathroom until the concert started at the very least.

"Security already thinks your hear as my guest." Michiru said shaking her head slightly. At this point it might attract more attention if she let the girl go.

"Haruka, we've got company." Michiru called out when they went into the dressing room. Best to let Haruka know before she shot her mouth off and embarrassed them.

"Who-oh hi again." Haruka greeted when she saw Usagi standing next to Michiru looking a bit uncomfortable. While she had been grateful for the invite to keep her away from Yuki she still felt awkward taking it up. "Usagi right?"

"Yeah hi again." Usagi said giving a slight wave. Haruka frowned slightly noting that she seemed a bit more subdued then when they had met back in the lobby.

"Take a seat. I'll let you know when you need to leave." Michiru said pushing her in the direction of the couch that was in the room.

"Did you ever..." Haruka asked not entirely sure how to finish that question with unknown company in the room.

Michiru shook her head. "Couldn't find the source. There's definitely someone here and we need to be on alert. I just couldn't pinpoint who."

"Well it was worth a shot." Haruka said letting out a sigh. It was a bit frustrating to know that someone from the Dark Kingdom was here and not know who it was. "How did you find her anyway?" Haruka said motioning back to Usagi. Who was currently sitting on the couch twiddling her thumbs.

"She was trying to get away from someone she saw in the lobby. She wandered into an area she shouldn't so I told security she was my guest." Michiru mused. She definitely had seemed taken back that she had wandered off into an off-limits area.

"Okay but what happened after that?" Haruka pressed. She knew Michiru, she didn't just step into every situation. Let alone invite someone back to the dressing room.

"Classmate of hers is here. Would cause a scene if they saw Usagi apparently." Michiru explained.

"Scene as in?" Haruka asked raising an eyebrow.

"She didn't clarify, and I didn't ask. Something tells me it wouldn't be pleasant." Michiru admitted rubbing her forehead slightly. Michiru said glancing back at where Usagi was still seated. Probably a natural instinct to protect one of their own.

"That's the warning to get to the stage." Haruka noted after a moment as the lights dimmed for a moment. Turning to the pig tailed blonde. "We need to get to the stage so unless you want to miss the concert you should leave with us. You probably should be okay to go get a seat without running into anyone."

"Thanks for letting me stay." Usagi said as they stepped back out into the hall. It might not have been much but at least she had avoided Yuki.

"You going to be okay?" Haruka asked as they turned to go the different directions. Usagi back to the lobby and the concert hall seating. Them to the stage.

"I'll be fine. I got rather good at avoiding her at school. Can't be any worse here." Usagi said with a shrug. Okay it might be a bit more difficult here, but that didn't change the fact that as long as she limited her time in the crowd Yuki would hopefully not spot her.

"What took you so long?" Naru asked as she slipped in next to her back in the concert hall.

"I got cornered by security guards again. Michiru was kind enough to let me stay back in her and Haruka's room when I explained why I was back there." Usagi explained quietly.

"You actually told them about Yuki?" Naru asked an eyebrow shooting up in surprise. This was really unlike Usagi.

"Not exactly. I just said I was avoiding a classmate I was was having issue. I didn't give her details." Usagi said shaking her head. She didn't think she would ever feel comfortable talking about what had happened between her and Yuki with complete strangers. Any more discussion of the situation was cut off by an unexpected arrival. It would seem the Dark Kingdom didn't have much in the way of patience today, not if the fact that a youma showing up out of nowhere threateningly asking for some sort of CD was to go by anyway. All that had done was make everyone rush for the exit except the pianist in question who was being blocked in.

"Naru?" she turned to her friend they were getting pushed around slightly by.

"I'm fine. Might have some bruises in the morning though." Naru assured her. "So, what is that? It looks like some weird vampire." Naru asked as they looked back at the stage where the youma is.

"That's still not the weirdest looking one I've seen." Usagi muttered to herself.

"I would ask what you mean by that but I'm not sure I want to know." Naru said while her expression indicated her imagination was hard at work with imagining stranger than they were seeing for a moment before continuing. "Anyways you better transform while its still sidetracked."

"Right! Moon Prism-" she started (seeing as the auditorium had seemed to have emptied and the youma was distracted) only to cut herself off in surprise when a yellow ball of energy slammed into the youma stopping it in its tracks.

"Um what is that?" Usagi said frowning in confusion as two new people took the stage. Luna had implied that she was the only Sailor Senshi in Tokyo. The sudden appearance of these two suggested just the opposite.

"Looks like someone woke up and didn't inform Luna." Naru commented.

"Yeah I can see that and you should be getting out of here before the youma realizes it has more targets." Usagi pointed out to her friend.

"You still need to transform..." Naru pointed out clearly not wanting to leave her friend without knowing she'd be able to defend herself against the youma.

"Yeah I know. The problem is that maybe easier said then done." Usagi frowned. She couldn't really exit the auditorium, if she did the security was definitely going to stop her from going back in. Heck she was surprised they hadn't shown up yet.

"Just try to find somewhere a bit more discrete. You don't need to necessarily leave the area. Try not to transform where they can see you. I'd hate to see what would happen if whoever tells those things what to do saw that." Naru commented.

"That may very well be impossible but I'll try, now get out of here." Responded Usagi.

Finding an area under the seats Usagi was able to transform in a slightly uncomfortable space before climbing out several seats away and hoping no camera's were present and no one could figure anything out.

"Moon Tiara Action!" Taking an opening that she spotted to throw the tiara at the youma, breathing a sigh of relief when the youma started to turn to dust. That had gone easier then the last time at the pet shop. Well except for finding a transformation spot, that had taken way too long in her opinion.

"Uh er hi?" Sailor Moon said noticing the two new girls hadn't run off yet. That was a positive right?

"Who are you?" Uranus, she thought that was what the girl had introduced her as, asked earning an elbow from Neptune possibly if she was piecing what little she remembered of the Moon Kingdom together correctly.

"Oh right um I'm Sailor Moon. I'm not big into the whole introductions things before targeting the youma thus why I didn't." Sailor Moon confessed scratching the back of her head. She hadn't done a proper intro speech since her first night on the job. So the thought of doing one now hadn't really occurred to her honestly. Having Luna would have been great right about now, ah well nothing she could do about it now. She began to approach the stage the two were still on. If they were going to have a conversation might as well not have it over a distance.

"I wasn't aware any other senshi were awake other then that Sailor V over in England," Neptune said frowning slightly. Considering how Jadeite liked to go on rants when his plans had gotten foiled she would have thought she would have heard of the newest senshi. But he certainly hadn't brought Moon up the last time they had had a run in with them.

"I hadn't heard of you either. But to answer your question, Luna she's my guardian…adviser? I'm honestly not sure what to call her but anyway she's the one that awoke me as a senshi. I haven't been doing this for very long so that's probably why you haven't heard of me." Sailor Moon confessed trying to explain Luna's role and somehow not sound too nervous about it. Uranus and Neptune didn't seem completely comfortable with the situation but then again neither was she. Out of potential ways to meet her teammates this wasn't the best one. Sure she had made the comment to Luna that a youma attack would be useful but she hadn't really meant it in retrospect.

"That's definitely different from what went down with us." Sailor Moon heard Uranus mutter only raising her curiosity more on how these two were awake and yet Luna had been unaware. Luna had mentioned another guardian when they had talked before. But it sounded like these two hadn't been approached by either of them. So just how had they woke up she wondered? A mystery for later she guessed.

"So why no intro speech?" Neptune asked raising an eyebrow apparently deciding to move away from the topic of how she woke up.

"I kind of feel like it makes me a standing target. Why do you guys give an intro speech every time before attacking?" Sailor Moon asked genuinely curious. Well they hadn't this time at least but who knew if that was the norm. It still seemed an odd choice to make to her no matter how much Luna argued that it was apparently tradition when confronting an enemy.

"We will sometimes attack then introduce depending on the situation but no usually we don't lead off with the speeches if we give them at all during the fight." Uranus explained. Oh, that actually wasn't a horrible idea, she still wasn't big on the whole intro way. But if they attacked first then they at least got the element of surprise in. Though it was nice to hear that she wasn't the only person that didn't like to give intros right off the bat.

"Actually what usually happens is a youma taunts you and then you insist on giving the speech," Sailor Moon could hear Neptune mutter.

"So if you have an adviser why are you here by yourself?" Neptune asked changing the topic. Deciding if they hadn't seen Luna by now this Luna must not be here.

"I kind of snuck in here without telling her where I was going." Sailor Moon confessed after a moments hesitation.

"Snuck in-your the blonde from before the concert!" Uranus exclaimed turning to Neptune. "I told you she looked familiar."

"Still haven't heard much about you. Even if you haven't heard much about you in any way." Neptune frowned slightly speaking up some as she started to approach the stage. Chosing to ignore Uranus' comment for the moment.

"As I said I'm new. Luna just found me two weeks ago. This was the fourth youma I've seen actually." Sailor Moon admitted.

"That explains why we haven't heard Jadeite ranting about you yet." Uranus commented.

"Jadeite?" Sailor Moon asked confused. That was a name she hadn't encountered yet.

"Short blond haired guy wears a grey uniform has a temper and a tendency to rant when his plots are messed up? Shows up sometimes with the youmas?" Uranus asking raising an eyebrow.

"Again this was my fourth youma. The ones I've run into so far have been on there own." Explained Sailor Moon.

"You must not be on their radar yet." Neptune explained. Well she wasn't sure how to take that particular comment though that did raise another question since these two were apparently on the Dark Kingdom's radar.

"I guess not, just how long have you guys been at it?" Sailor Moon asked curious. She knew Venus had been at it for a while from the way Luna talked and she had heard some rumblings of her. But these two had seemed to have been awake for a while if there intro was anything to go by but she hadn't heard any rumblings of them being around.

"I woke up back in September of last year. I found Uranus in early November and she awoke shortly after." Neptune's explanation. So four months for her then and two for Uranus.

"Just surprised. Even before I was Sailor Moon I had heard of Venus but this is the first I've heard of you two." she said.

"We've been trying to keep a lower profile for the most part. So far its been working Jadeite only really picked up on us being a threat within the last month. Venus hasn't really been trying to hide herself over in England so thus the difference." Uranus explained.

"That actually makes a lot of sense." Sailor Moon said thoughtfully more to herself than the other two. "You know its getting kind of late. I know I have school tomorrow, I'm assuming you guys do too. Maybe we should continue this elsewhere?" Moon said after a slight pause trying to draw the conversation to a close before they fully went off about Venus. Really they weren't doing much at this point, just standing around talking. Something they could easily do that tomorrow. While it wasn't so much that she wasn't enjoying getting to know these new people, she was. It was just she wanted to get home, study, and try to get to bed at a decent time with a test the next time. If it hadn't been that they had such a limited time window to work with she probably would have tried to wait until tomorrow.

Finding a scrap piece of paper in the bag she had been carrying and scratching down her phone number, "That's my cell number. Give me a call tomorrow after school and we can arrange getting together."

Neptune took the offered scrap tearing it slightly and taking the offered pen and writing her number down before handing it back. She took the offered scrap and then the two disappeared in a flash of speed it looked like.

"They're fast." Sailor Moon said raising an eyebrow slightly. That was an interesting trick they had done to get away. She would have to ask Luna about it later that night. Speaking of Luna she was not looking forward to getting an earful from the cat.

"How did it go?" Naru asked as she exited the concert hall and back into the crowd. Quickly finding her red head friend. It had taken a minute to find an exit that would hopefully not send the security after her for the third time that night. Twice was enough as is.

"Okay I guess. I wish I had Luna with me a bit. But who would have guessed that this was the way I would find others." Usagi admitted. On the one hand it was probably a good thing they didn't have her since having a cat would have probably made the whole incident at the start of the night much more difficult. On the other hand it would have made dealing with the issue of meeting the other sesnhi easier at least.

"It's definitely an interesting way to find them." Naru agreed with a mischievious smile. A concert hall sure wouldn't have been her first pick for find Usagi's teammates. Then again Luna had been kind of vague on what to look for with her teammates so it shouldn't have been too surprise when you started to think about it.

"We're going back to your place now?" Usagi asked shifting slightly. It seemed the youma attack had brought the concert to an abrupt halt. With no sign of it continuing any time soon. Plus she was tired from everything else. She knew Naru had come to see that jazz artist but honestly she just wanted to get back to Osa-P at this point.

"Yeah no reason to stick around." Naru agreed. "Let's get home before it gets too late and we get in trouble with Mom."

Looking back she probably should have realized that getting out of there with Yuki hanging would be far from easy, but with everything else that had happened she had nearly forgotten about her. She had enough to think about. Particularly surrounding the other Senshi. So that's why she might not have been on as high alert as usual like she would be when dealing when knowing Yuki and her friends were close by.

Someone brushed against her causing her to lose her footing as she took a step forward and onto a patch of black ice and slip causing her to fall hitting her head on the pavement in the process. Dazed for a moment her hand reaching up for the spot she had hit her head on. She let out a hiss as her hand touched a sore spot. Yep that was going to hurt for a while. Naru looked at her in concern as she put her hand down. "Are you okay?"

"My head hurts. What about you?" Usagi asked. Naru had come down with her. Admittedly she didn't think her friend had hit her head.

"Am I okay? You're the one that hit your head!" Naru said a bit exasperated. Sure, she had come down on the ice. But the worst she would probably have in the morning was a sore butt since she had hit her butt not her head. Usagi had flat out hit her head in the fall.

"Sorry." Usagi said a bit sheepishly.

"Don't apologise!" Naru said as Usagi easily imagined flames surrounding her form. Naru had clearly gotten fed up with the appologies. She was working on it but sometimes they slipped out.

"What do you think the odds are it wasn't Yuki." Usagi asked after a moment. Not that she couldn't pinpoint it for certain especially if Naru hadn't seen it. The likelihood Yuki wasn't somehow involved seemed fairly low.

"Close to none." Naru muttered giving her own agreement to the probable cause. "She probably knows we can't prove it here."

"Of course, she knows that." Usagi said with a slight snort.

"Usagi?" Usagi blinked in surprise turning her head in the direction of the voice. Surprised to see Michiru again. Michiru took one look at the duo still on the ground and asked. "What happened?"

"Michiru, I didn't expect to see you again." Usagi noted in surprise dodging the question with a smile at the kind woman. She would have thought they would have been dealing with the aftermath of the youma attack, not mingling with the masses.

"She slipped on a patch of ice." Naru piped up answering the question Usagi had avoided. "Hit her head."

Usagi let out sight hiss as Michiru reached out touching the more tender spot on her head. Almost missing the bracelet that was tucked under Michiru's jacket. That looked suspiciously like the henshin bracelets Luna had described to her once. Michiru noticing her gaze gave a small nod in confirmation. Meaning she knew who she was in uniform.

It made some sense that they knew since Uranus's comment made it sound like she knew just who she was earlier. They probably hadn't brought it up since they were still in uniform. Guess they had come back to check on her? That was actually kind of sweet. She wasn't entirely sure why they hadn't just told her flat out that they knew who she was. "Going to have a nice bump there, it looks like. It doesn't look too bad but I would still be worried about a concussion though. Might be best to have someone actually look at it."

"I've had a concussion before. I know what to look for if I start presenting I'll go to a doctor." Usagi assured her. The incident before the winter holidays had made her a bit too familiar with what the symptoms of a concussion could look like.

"I am not sure if that assures me or not." Michiru muttered. Usagi's familiarity with what to expect from a concussion could suggest a variety of things. Nothing that made her exactly happy. At the best it was just a side effect from being Sailor Moon. At the worst it meant that there was something going on that wasn't quiet right. Maybe something to go back to the classmate Usagi had been mentioning earlier.

"What happened?" Haruka asked emerging from the crowd to the small gathered group.

"Fell on some ice." Usagi said with a slight shrug. She chose to ignore Naru's grumbling at the moment. She didn't know how these two would handle the suggestion of her possibly getting pushed. And she really didn't feel like going down that particular discussion route at the moment. "'ll be fine."

"Do you need to see a doctor?" Haruka asked concerned.

"She had experience with concussions and thinks that she is alright." Michiru said.

"Really? Just how many concussions have you had?" Haruka asked shooting a surprised look at Usagi.

"Just a rather severe one back in December." Usagi admitted.

"You and ice don't really mix do you?" Michiru noted.

"Nope." Usagi confirmed. Well that was true even if ice hadn't been the reason behind the last accident. She wasn't going to correct that because she wasn't in the mood to have a rather long conversation about her history with Yuki and Yuki's friends.

"Do you two need a ride back to your places?" Haruka asked after a moment of awkward silence. When her and Michiru had decided to offer a ride home they really hadn't planned for the red head still being there. But it seemed like they probably wouldn't be able to shake the red head to have a more in private talk. So might as well save it for another time. And possibly get on the side of what might be a protective friend.

"I'm spending the night at Naru's." Usagi confessed. "We go to school together. So we spend a lot of time at each other's places, usually studying with finals coming up so if you drop me off with her I'm good."

"We're still going to need to know where your actually located to meet you later." Michiru noted frowning. If they were going to get together sometime soon this wasn't exactly information that could be avoided.

"Because of the apartment situation Luna can't live with she stay's at Naru's. We'd be meeting at Naru's." Usagi confessed scratching her cheek sheepishly. Normally she would have rubbed the back of her head. But that would hurt quiet a bit at this point.

"That can't be easy." Michiru noted frowning. It definitely made for an interesting situation. It also suggested that Naru must have knowledge of just what Usagi was involved in. Even if they were particularly close that still meant probably more time together then normal.

"We make do." Usagi said after a moment.

"This is the place." Naru said as they pulled up in front of the Osa-P.

Luna darted out from somewhere near the shop ready to scold the two for taking off whereever they had been. Before freezing realizing that Usagi and Naru weren't alone. She hadn't considered the fact that they might bring back company. Usagi scooped her up. "Hey Luna."

Michiru raised an eyebrow. "You didn't mention she was a cat." It explained quite a few things, including the fact, she couldn't live with Usagi. Probably Usagi's residence didn't allow pets.

"I wasn't sure how to mention that." Usagi admitted rubbing the back of her head choosing to ignore the look Luna was giving her. Having realized that Usagi had told someone about who she was. Wincing slightly as she went over the sore spot. Admitting that Luna was a cat for all intents and purpose wasn't exactly something you could just drop in everyday conversation.

"Are you sure your all right?" Haruka asked having noticed the slight wince.

"Yeah I probably won't even feel it in the morning." Usagi said waving off the concern. Considering how quickly her head had stopped bothering her from the last incident after becoming Sailor Moon. And this was mild when compared to it she was sure she would be good to go the next day. "Thanks for the ride. Send me a text wheneve you get back to your place so we can arrange a meeting." Usagi admitted shifting Luna in nervousness. The idea of working with other teenagers still made her nervous. Though now that she was around two other senshi she found it a bit easier to consider.

"We'll send a message about a proper meeting later." Michiru assured her. Waving one last time before her and Haruka pulled away headed back to wherever they lived.

"Where were you two?" Luna demanded as soon as they were back in Osa-P and back in Naru's room. Where they could talk without prying ears.

"I wanted to go to a concert about twenty minutes away from here." Naru admitted no way to deny where they had been when Luna had all ready caught them.

"There was a youma attack at the concert so it wasn't a bad thing we went." Usagi jumped in trying to prevent a lecture she could see Luna was just ready to let loose.

"A youma?" Luna asked in surprise. It wasn't so much she didn't believe Usagi it was just more. This also would mean it would be Usagi's first time handling a youma on her own. Prior she had always had her and that Tuxedo Kamen character on a previous occasion. "Do you know what the youma was after?"

"Was demanding some sort of CD it sounded like. We were in the back of the hall so I couldn't hear her very well." Usagi admitted making a face. She had been too far away from the action to really hear what the fuss was about.

"Possibly a brainwashing device." Luna concluded making a face. Okay maybe she wasn't the happiest about them getting into some antics. But it hadn't been for nothing so she wasn't going to be as angry with them. "I do wonder why you mentioned me to the two that gave you the ride? What was the deal with those two anyway? I'm assuming there is a reason you mentioned me." Luna said trying to keep herself from dropping into a scolding tone until she knew exactly why Usagi had told them about her. She would have thought she would have pressed the importance of secret identities to her enough for her to understand why mentioning her wouldn't be the smartest idea.

"That was Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune." Usagi said. It hadn't been brought up outside since who knew who could possibly overhear them. She would have thought Luna would realize that she wouldn't tell just anyone about her.

She hadn't even considered that as the reason behind Usagi mentioning her to someone. Of course, Usagi would have mentioned her to fellow senshi. "Did they awaken in the fight?" Luna asked trying to get a handle on the situation. She wasn't even sure why she was asking since as far as she knew her and Artemis were the only way senshi could awaken.

Usagi shook her head. "Michiru, Neptune, said she awoke back in September. She said Haruka, Uranus, awoke back in November. So, they've both been active for a while. They were on the scene before I could find a place to transform."

Luna sat down on her haunches frowning slightly. Naru raised an eyebrow. "Something wrong?"

"Its just that I was under the impression that the only way a Senshi could awake was through myself or Artemis. If there is another way then this may present some challenges in finding them. The enemy could even find them before we do and try to take them out before you can become a team." Luna frowned. That was an interesting circumstance. Venus had awoken in September also but she had been hard to miss. These two on the other hand hadn't shown up on either her or Artemis' radar. It showed a difference it attitude between the Senshi. Venus had always been hard to miss, being the sort of person and senshi to command attention. So she was well known even now, despite Artemis asking her to tone things down. These two hadn't surfaced at all and they had been unaware of their status as awakened until tonight. This brought up a concern. Were there other senshi walking around Luna wasn't aware of?

End Chapter 4