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Hidden Gem

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Stiles was well known among the audience. Many of the alphas were repeat customers. Some have even traveled along side him when he went abroad. Of course that was very expensive. Though only some could afford it, they all dreamed of it.

Many of the alphas that came to his shows were top ranking. Lawters, doctors, politicians, government officials and even royals. The ones that lived him best and could afford it often got private shows.

He wasn't under any illusion. Stiles knew these men were hungry. Hungry for more than a look. He could see some alohas lose control the minute his hips chimed with the jewels adorned. But he never gave them the satisfaction.

He danced because he loved to. He danced because it set his soul free. Thankfully the owner and his wife, stiles manager, made sure he only danced and entertained to a certain extreme.

The alphas that traveled along side him were benefactors and it was their money that kept the place running.
Therefore, spending time with hungry alphas and pretending to enjoy their course language and lean into their nauseating touch; it was something he was used to.

Thankfully his manager drew a line at prostitution and had never forced Stiles nor the other omegas to be subject to that abuse.

However, there was only so much one could do in Nazi ridden Paris.


Stiles had just redressed and was making his way to the bar when a hand gently tapped his shoulder.

He turned to see a red headed woman, an omega, standing in a black dress and red lips.

"Stiles Stilinski. I'm Lydia Martin."
"Enchanté." He greeted.

"Enchanté. May we talk in private? It is of importance."

And then before he could answer his manager arrived, carrying his drink.

"Stiles, here you go. The usual." The brunette smilesld, handing over the drink before turning to Lydia. " Miss martin, i do believe i had asked you to wait for me."

"I saw an opportunity. Now I ask again. Somewhere private?" Allison rolled her eyes but lead them to one of the rooms reserved for private shows. The red head sniffed. "This will have to do."

"What is going on?" Stiles finally asked as he sat with the two girls.

"Stiles this is my friend from school. She had contacted me a few weeks ago with a proposal." Allison began, pushing her hair behind her ear. "She works with the government."

"About me?" Stiles clarified. They both nodded.

"We are about to discuss something that may put us all in danger...but it would help the allied forces." Lydia stated. Stiles sat up straight.

The war has been going on for ages, Nazi scum pillaging the streets. He shuddered remembering the screams of his hometown in Poland, ravaged.

"But how could i help?" Stiles was only a dancer. What could he possibly have that would help the allied forces.

"Doing what you do best Stiles." Allison smiled gently. "By swinging your hips and pretending to like the alphas who want you."

Stiles stared at her.

"I-I dont understand..."He could feel a headache coming on.

"This is not a job for the weak of heart. Ive seen many crack under the pressure and even with my high ranking i admit i would not be able to handle this." Lydia smiled softly.

"Which is?"

Lydia brought out a file case from her bag and opened it up to reveal grainy photos and newspaper clippings of a man named Derek Hale.

"We want you to go undercover in a way and seduce rhis man."

Stiles pulled the file closer and examined it, his drink forgotten. The newspaper was written in French and some in english. It was all about Hale rising in power, committing heinous acts, being in the top group of advisors ro Hitler....he suddenly felt nauseas.

"This man....."

"It is a dangerous task stiles, of that, there is no lie. But if you could do this, the information you would get that could change the power dynamic in this war." Lydia stated lips in a frown.

"You said you have had like this?"

"Girls who had volunteered." Lydia nodded. "However non of them had the skills necessary for a high ranking official."

"And you think i do.?" Stiles asked a bit hysterically.

"Allison has told me about your week spent with the prince of spain. That man is vile." Stiles shuddered at the memory. It had been a long week.

"How do we even know that he is susceptible to my...charm?" Stiles gestured to all of him meaning his attractive beauty.

"We have surveillance of omegas with feature similar to your own. More males than females have been spotted entering and leaving his living quarters." Lydia shuffled the papers to show more pics. "I believe only you would be able to get the information we need. If you do not believe then i would have to ask you to not accept my proposal."

"What is my reward? If i do accept?" Lydia smiled.


"We can discuss that further. Or at a different time. "

"I cannot believe this...but i accept."

"You Realize the danger you will be in?"

There was a moment of silence before Lydia nodded.

"Very well. Let's discuss your rold in more detail then."

"Allison wr may need more drinks."