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Beautifully Deaf

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            Raindrops pelted the hooded figure as they darted through the abandoned streets, making their way towards an abandoned apartment complex. A dash of lightning flashed across the night, revealing the mysterious shadow, for that would be the only word to describe them, as how many would only assume they were only a fragment of the imagination. Another flash of lightening and they had seemingly vanished- until one thought to look upwards and see the ends of a washed too many times dress whipping across the rooftops.


The hooded figure at last reached their home, located in the penthouse of the apartment complex. Pausing to push back the clumsily patched together curtain that served as a meager door, they threw back their hood. Another strike of lightning streaked across the sky, revealing their face to be that of a young teenage girl.


She pulled her shabby coat tighter around herself, seeking warmth as she puttered around, lighting a small stove which served at a only source of heat, prying open a broken refrigerator and pulling out a half eaten jar of peanut butter. She quickly made herself a small sandwich, munching on it as she pulled her warmest blanket off of her bed and curled up next to the stove. A few minutes later, she was sound asleep.


A drip of water landed on her face, waking her up immediately. She rolled up and fumbled for a half rusted tea kittle, setting it under the leak before falling asleep once more.


The next thing she knew was that sunlight was streaking across her face, rousing her. She sat up with a yawn, groaning as she back and neck popped several times in succession. She stood, the blanket still wrapped around herself as she tidied up her home for the day.


When she finished, she went out and stood on the only entrance to her home- the small balcony. She leaned her elbows onto the railing and smiled grimly at the grime and crime that met her eyes. Living on the Isle of the Lost could harden anyone, the need for survival greater than anything else.


She turned back inside to grab coat- patched and threadbare- having been kicked from some poor soul’s laundry line one cold morning many years ago- and donned before leaping from the balcony.


She landed on the roof a few feet down and rolled before standing and running again, her long dark brown- black curls struggling to free themselves from their restricting braid. Her hard brown eyes flitted, taking in her surroundings, looking for danger as her small, malnourished body moved through the rooftops with ease and skill, having mastered parkour from many years of trial and error.


Finally, she vaulted herself off the roof, landing in an alley, where she made her way towards the market to get something to eat for the day. Ignoring the ongoing pain in her back and legs, she quickly entered the tiny bakery and brought a day old donut.


Just as she exited the bakery, a sudden wave of fatigue washed over her and she braced herself on the outside wall. Breathing heavily as she struggled to catch her breath, she raised a hand to wipe sudden beads of sweat from her forehead, the skin dry and pimply. She crumpled into the dirt as her mind all of a sudden became fuzzy and clearing up after a few seconds a few times.


She blinked her eyes a few times, suddenly feeling fatigue before she blacked out.