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Tumblr Requests

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You gasped as your hands struggled for purchase, pushing and wrinkling papers as he pressed you down, chest first onto his desk. You gasped softly, biting down hard on your lower lip, as his lips lightly ghosted along the side of your neck.

“Precious Girl…” 

You shivered as he breathed hotly into your ear, causing you to arch yourself up against his chest. A soft moan escaped your lips as his hand found its way under your skirt, fingers ghosting along the inside of your thigh. You squirmed against him, rolling your hips back against his still covered cock as he pressed himself firmly against you.

You slapped a hand over your mouth as a loud moan threatened to fill the room as he had yanked your panties aside and started working his finger gently over your clit. With a whimper you bit down hard onto your palm to muffle your cries. 

I need to be inside you, Now.”