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Maybe Things

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See, Cal had always told Raina she had a talent for identifying important people and just knowing, and of course, he was right. As always. To Raina, it was just instinctual- and she had learnt by now to always follow these instincts… so she did.


Casually as she could, Raina stood up from her place at the coffee shop, quietly collected her meagre belongings and left, winking at the barista for good measure.


Then she headed for the direction of the little girl. This would be important, she could feel it.



After several minutes, Raina sighed. She had… ahh… lost the girl, which was quite unlike her. Usually, Raina had the art of following down to a T.


Damn it. This was the first real lead that Raina had had in a while. The rest were powered, sure, but they weren't important.


Then there was a thud behind her and Raina turned around. That was the little girl! How… Raina smiled politely. "Hello, can I help you?"


The girl wasted no time, "Why're you following me?" She took a step forward, surprising Raina. A little girl who wasn't afraid of strangers?! She reminded Raina oddly of herself.


She breathed, "I'm Raina and I would like to talk to you for a bit. Is that alright?"


"Okay." said the little girl. And then the little girl started to wander off. Was she trying to escape?


"Hey! Excuse me?! Where are you going?"


The girl turned around, "Sorry, there's a lot of blibbering humdingers around here, you know? Anyhow, I don’t think you'd want to talk to me, there are so many other interesting people here." she said lightly skipping back. "Would you like some tea? There's a good café around this part, I heard. You should stop following me too, it's very dangerous."


Raina just giggled, "I'm sure it'll be fine. What's your name?"


"Oh. I'm not allowed to tell strangers."