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To say Aizawa was unhappy to be woken at 3am would be an understatement. He was a man who valued his sleep almost more than his own life, and anything disturbing it was usually met with fierce aggression. Nevertheless he picked it up without looking at the number and let out a groggy but annoyed greeting.

“Hello, is this Shouta Aizawa?” The voice on the other end of the line asked politely, although once he had awoken fully he would have heard the dark undertone to it.

“Yes. And who might this be at this hour?” He responded tersely

“This is Tokyo City Hospital. We are calling about a certain Emi Fukukado”

Aizawa was sitting straight up in his bed now, clutching the phone to his ear. Emi Fukukado, he hadn’t heard that name in a while. Most people just called her Ms. Joke (or just Joke), and the last time he had seen her was when their classes had met. Beyond that they had been next door office neighbors when they had been full time pro-heroes. Often times they would be sent to the same calls and would lend each other a helping hand when they could, although she tended to get on his nerves (greatly) at times he had grown a little more tolerant of her humor and laughter by the time he had left to teach at UA. Why would the hospital be calling him about her?

“What about her?” He cut to the chase

“She has been admitted in critical care. You were listed as her emergency contact and we would like for you to come to the hospital straight away.”

He was out of bed and hopping into one boot while trying to keep the phone glued to his ear before she had finished her sentence.

“I’m on my way” he said, and without waiting for a response he hung up the phone in favor of tying up his laces.

Why would Emi list him as her emergency contact? It had been years since they had worked together, he honestly was surprised she didn’t think he hated her with the way he acted most of the time. But regardless of the reason he was on his way, you could say a lot of things about Aizawa but he was a hero through and through, and when someone needed his help he was there.

By the time he got to the hospital the sun was just about to rise, he hurriedly paid the cab driver (if this was one of her sick jokes he was going to make her pay back every cent and more) and burst through the doors to the emergency room. The woman at the desk looked up, her face startled at the black-clad and disheveled looking man in front of her.

“Shouta Aizawa. I’m here for Emi Fukukado” he explained a little more roughly than he had intended.

“Oh yes, please take a seat Mr. Aizawa. A doctor will be with you shortly.”

It turns out that shortly was code for two and a half hours, because thats how long Aizawa sat tapping his foot in the empty waiting room. He tried to fall back asleep, but his mind was racing and he couldn’t seem to get it to calm down, his adrenaline already kicking in. He had already called Hizashi, who had immediately volunteered to teach Aizawa’s class for him until he got back. When the door finally opened and a doctor walked out he stood up immediately, his frustration growing.

“Mr. Aizawa?” The doctor asked

“Do you see anyone else in here?” The tired man responded, he felt bad for being rude as soon as the words left his mouth.

“No, I suppose I don’t. Come with me, Miss. Fukukado is right this way.”

As the two men walked side by side, the doctor began to explain

“We think she is going to recover just fine. She had a nasty run in with a villain and the wounds looked worse than they actually were after we cleaned them up.”

He finished as they reached a door at the far end of the hall, as Aizawa was ushered into the room his eyes widened almost imperceptibly. If her wounds had looked worse when she had arrived, no wonder they had placed her in critical care immediately. Bruises laced her neck and arms, one blooming on the side of her face, more were probably hidden under her hospital gown. There were gashes around her temple and it looked like she had stitches running from her collarbone underneath her clothing. One arm was in a cast and one leg was supported, hanging in a sling from the ceiling. An IV dripped from her arm and random bandages dotted her body, all in all it looked like she had been beaten up pretty badly. He could still see dried blood in her hair, and some staining the bedsheets (he guessed they hadn’t had time to clean her up). She seemed to be passed out, but when she heard the door open one eye cracked open to see who it was, the eye that was looking at him seemed confused as she stared him down.

“Eraser?” She asked, her voice hoarse and confused sounding. He had never heard her sound like that before, and the absence of her trademark smile made her seem like a different person completely.

“Yeah, I came as soon as they called” he explained to her.

“Why would they call you?” She looked just as confused as before and Aizawa furrowed his brow a bit.

“They said I was your emergency contact.”

A look of realization dawned on her face.

“I put that down ages ago. You were right next door and I didn’t exactly have anyone else to put down. I meant to tell you but I must have forgotten, to be honest I had forgotten myself after all this time” she explained with a forced laugh.

Aizawa was about to ask her what she meant by not having anyone else to put down, but now that he thought about it, it made sense. She didn’t have any family close by, no boyfriends that he could think of (he didn’t even want to think about the poor soul that would be crazy enough for that), she didn’t really know anyone at all in their precinct when she had first started.

She had another confused look on her face again, he was just starting to wonder about any possibility of brain damage due to her injuries when she spoke again

“You came? You actually came? How did you even get here?”

“I took a cab. They said you were in critical care, Joke.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck as it was his turn to be embarrassed.

“Ah! I’m so sorry! I promise I’ll pay you back for the cab ride! I’m okay, thank you so much for checking on me” she said.

“Really? Cause you don’t look all that okay” he bit back with a raised eyebrow

“Oh please, you were an announcer at the sports festival in a full body cast, I think I can manage” she teased. Aizawa had been a little worried, that was the longest he thought he’d ever seen her go without making a joke.

“Well I have Mic covering my class until I get back. If you are sure you are okay, I’d better get going. Is there anything you need before I do?” He offered, ignoring her quip about his injuries.

“Actually, if you wouldn’t mind just opening the blinds before you go? I think a little sunlight would do me good” she asked sheepishly.

He crossed the room to do as she asked, then looked at her once more, taking in all her injuries and the dried blood everywhere.

“Thank you. I really am sorry to bother you with all this.”

“Its fine.”

And with that heartwarming goodbye, Aizawa left her hospital room. As he was passing by the front desk, the doctor stopped him with a question.

“Leaving so soon? When will you be back for her?”

He wanted to reply that never, if he could help it. But as the doctor took note of his ever growing silence, his cordial grin started to fade.

“Well, someone is going to have to take her home…we’ll keep her here under observation for a few days but I figured since you were her boyfriend-“

“NO” Aizawa shouted in horror, the thought of having to deal with her puns 24/7 terrified him. In fact, their brief interaction in the hospital was the most normal one they had ever had.

“Oh…I’m so sorry! I just assumed since- you wouldn’t happen to know if she had anyone to take her home would you? She will be pretty medicated and won’t be able to ride in a cab by herself.”

Aizawa could have groaned, he was tired and just wanted to go home and sleep. He couldn’t even do that because he had to go relieve Hizashi of his students, and now this doctor was guilting him into a multi-hour car ride with a drugged up Ms. Joke. Still, he couldn’t just leave her to figure it out on her own (as much as he wanted to). His conscience wouldn’t allow for it.

“Fine. Call me when she’s ready and I’ll be here.”

He never wanted to be her emergency contact. He never asked for this. This must have been some sort of punishment for something he did.

With a sigh, he hopped back into a cab and made his way to work.

He almost felt bad for his students when he finally did arrive to UA.