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Love on the Football Field

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4 weeks earlier


Lakewood Plaza Heroes vs. Boxmore Bears.


The tensions were high.


This was it.


Raymond's last first game as a Boxmore football captain for his Senior year.

Rad's last first game as a Lakewood Plaza section leader for his Senior year.


 3rd quarter. Lakewood Plaza's Hero's Pride Marching Band was packing up their props and front ensemble. Rad was running around with a drum major, his special blue plume bobbing up and down. They had to go get a drum major stand from Boxmore's Pride of Boxmore Marching Band for a contest next week.

 Raymond was on the sideline on Boxmore's side, engulfed in the game. Something blue caught his eye. He turned his attention away from his teammates on the field to find the moving blue object he saw. Oh, it's just a Lakewood band nerd with the wrong color of whatever those feather things are called. The jock was about to turn back to the game when he saw his face.

The hazel eyes.

The tan skin.

The freckles. Oh, the freckles~

 He found himself staring at the band nerd. Raymond didn't even notice that he had went all doe-eyed at that moment.

That's when he took his ha...shako off. A turquoise colored afro puffed up after the band nerd handed his shako over to the drum major with him.

Raymond couldn't take his eyes off of him. He Just watching him haul the huge drum major stand by himself made Raymond feel love. He didn't realize that his knees were shaking a little at the simple thought of how strong that band nerd really was.

Someone called Raymond's name, causing him to snap out of his daze and rejoin his team.


That was it.


Raymond fell for a guy.

A Lakewood guy.

A Lakewood band guy.

And, he wasn't even ashamed by that.




Because he was too busy looking at the other band across the way, trying to find that band nerd that stole his heart. The thought of him being ashame with himself didn't exist at all in his mind.


He was in love, and that was it.