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Something Coming Over You

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Stiles pauses in the middle of a clearing, taking a deep breath to try and calm his racing heart. He knows he needs to lay low, knows he shouldn’t be out tonight, not when he’s—

There’s a rustle behind him, and he catches the scent before he even turns all the way around. Fuck, it’s a wolf.

“What do you want, dog face?” he asks with as much bravado as he can muster.

“I could ask you the same, cat. Considering you’re in my territory,” the wolf says.

He steps close enough that Stiles can see his face through the darkness, and it’s…not what he was expecting. The werewolf is almost pretty, and Stiles feels his traitorous body perk with interest.

The wolf obviously catches it, because his eyes widen. “You—what are you doing out here? You’re in heat!”

“I am more than aware,” Stiles says through gritted teeth, because he can feel it ramping up now that he’s in the presence of another were. Last time he’d gone out while in heat, he’d been constantly propositioned by other werecats the entire night. And none of them had been attractive to him at all, so it had been very awkward. “But I also couldn’t afford to shred another mattress, so.”

To his surprise, he gets a nod of commiseration from the wolf. “Your scent is getting stronger,” he says. “You should get out of here, you smell far too good.”

Stiles isn’t a werewolf, so this guy shouldn’t even be tempted, but he definitely looks like he’s tempted.

And, well, Stiles is tempted too.

“What’s your name?” he asks, taking a casual step closer.

“Derek,” the wolf says, almost a growl.

“I’m Stiles,” he says, swaying into Derek’s space. “Do you want to fuck me?” And yep, that’s the heat doing its work of pushing aside his inhibitions.

He gets a pulse of arousal between his legs at Derek’s reaction, though, so he doesn’t mind too much.

“You want that?” Derek asks hotly against the side of his neck. “You want me to mate with you?”

“Fuck yes,” Stiles groans, because he desperately wants to be filled, and there’s a super-hot were right here willing to do it. It’s been a long time since he’s been mated during one of his heats, so no way is he passing this up.

Derek takes a deep breath, nose brushing Stiles’ neck, then pushes him back against a tree. “Take off your shirt,” he growls, then drops to his knees, hands working at the front of Stiles’ jeans.

Stiles does it, not even paying attention to the rough bark against his skin—he’s far more interested in what Derek’s doing down below. Because as much as he’d like to have his dick sucked, he’s not sure he wants someone with their fangs out to do it.

But Derek just licks him, long and slow and teasing, as he works Stiles’ pants down his thighs. One of Derek’s hands cups his ass before slipping between his cheeks, and he feels Derek’s fingers slide in his slick before they find his entrance and press against it.

Stiles is so turned on, so ready, that when the tip of one of those fingers pushes in, his knees almost give out. He digs his hands into Derek’s shoulders, trying desperately to rock back into the contact.

Derek drags his tongue across the head of Stiles’ cock one last time, drawing a whimper out of him, before saying, “You’re further along than I thought.”

Stiles wants to roll his eyes at that, because he’s obviously fully in heat, but then Derek is grabbing his hips and pulling him down, and he forgets all about it.

Derek drags him into a kiss, his tongue sliding across Stiles’ teeth, and he suddenly realizes his own fangs are out, too. He can’t bring himself to care.

Derek’s hands are skating across his chest, sending sparks through him, and he feels his cock twitch against his belly. Derek scrapes his teeth along his throat, mutters, “Fuck, you smell good,” before twisting sideways and pushing Stiles down onto his hands and knees.

He trails his fingers along Stiles’ back, then rubs them teasingly behind his balls before pushing them inside him. Stiles lifts almost all the way off the ground trying to get them deeper, and Derek grabs hold of his hip, keeping him still.

“Steady,” he says, and Stiles hears the sound of a zipper seconds later.

He’s a little annoyed he’s not going to get to see Derek’s cock before he gets fucked with it, but he’s also way too turned on to wait.

Derek’s moving his fingers inside him, a slow, stretching tease, and Stiles squirms impatiently. Then Derek’s fingers are gone, and he’s mounting Stiles, mouth hot and open against his shoulder.

Stiles would make a ‘you know we don’t actually have to fuck like animals’ joke, but it’s turning him on a lot, especially when he feels Derek’s cock pushing right where he wants it the most.

Derek’s body pressed flush against his back, and Stiles can feel his abs clench as he tilts his hips forward. The head of his cock drags teasingly across his entrance a few times before catching on the rim and sliding inside.

Stiles lets out a shuddery little groan as Derek pushes all the way in, his legs automatically trying to spread wider, trying to get more.

Derek pants against the back of his neck for a moment, his whole body trembling, before he finally starts to move. The slow, steady pace of it makes Stiles tingle and ache, savoring the way Derek fills him up so perfectly.

He digs his fingers into the fine grass of the forest floor, trying to keep himself from shamelessly thrusting back at a rate that will actually get him off. Because as good as this feels, it’s making Stiles’ heat roil, and turning every sensations into something that goes straight to his aching dick.

He’s so turned on right now, he’s pretty sure he could come in thirty seconds if Derek would just let him ride his cock.

“What are you thinking about?” Derek suddenly growls, hips slamming forward in short, hard thrusts.

“You fucking me for real,” Stiles smirks, pleased. The scent of arousal around them is thick and heady, and he breathes it in, loving how much they both want this.

Derek’s just getting into a really good rhythm when he abruptly shudders to a stop, panting. “Fuck,” he grits out, his body painfully tense against Stiles’.

“What?” Stiles demands, a little disoriented because he’d been so close.

Fine tremors roll through Derek, and his stubble scrapes across Stiles’ shoulder as he turns his head. “I have to pull out, I was—I was about to knot you,” he says roughly.

What?” Stiles repeats, then he says, “Oh,” when he finally parses the words. “Wait, that’s a real thing?”

He can’t quite believe that’s a question he’s asking while a hot guy’s dick is in his ass, but he’s learned not to be surprised by the strange turns his life takes.

“You were about to find out how real it was,” Derek rumbles out, grabbing Stiles’ hips and pulling away.

“No, wait!” Stiles says, because while he’d always thought knots were fictional, he’d also always thought they were pretty hot. “I want it. I want you to knot me.”

A shiver rolls through Derek. “Are you sure? It’ll be quite a stretch, you’ll feel really full.”

Derek’s tone says so you probably won’t like it, but the words just send a wave of arousal through Stiles, and he only wants it more. He’s always been one for trying new things, after all.

He pushes his hips back against Derek. “That sounds perfect, so please fuck me now.”

Derek growls a little at that, and his teeth dig into Stiles’ shoulder, fangs sharp against his skin. He expects Derek to say something, but his hips just shove up tight against Stiles’ ass again, and he figures that’s answer enough.

Stiles takes a deep breath as Derek begins to rock into him, feeling intensely the slide of Derek’s cock inside him, Derek’s body surrounding him, like they’re merging together with no space between them anymore.

That probably shouldn’t be as hot as it is.

Derek slides back enough to really pump into Stiles, before slipping into long, easy thrusts, almost like he’s teasing himself. Then he’s back again, grinding against Stiles with hard little jerks of his hips, like he’s trying to get in as deep as he can.

He stays flush against Stiles and circles his hips, letting Stiles really feel all of him, and it kindles a fire at the base of Stiles’ cock, making his abs flutter in anticipation.

“You need to come,” Derek says suddenly, and Stiles is in complete agreement.

Derek shifts his weight then, and it sends a wave of sparks up Stiles’ spine. He’s pretty sure he feels the edge of a claw against his dick before Derek’s palm is closing over him, beginning to stroke.

Stiles practically turns to jelly as Derek works him between his hand and his cock, because finally

He shudders as the sensations build, pushing him on, and then slams back into Derek hard as he comes, gasping and shaking with relief.

Derek’s still going though, rutting into Stiles in a way that feels desperate. Derek’s hand is suddenly gone from his sensitive cock, and instead grips tight to Stiles’ hip, pulling him back into his thrusts. Derek’s legs slide against his, trying for leverage, and his stubble grits against Stiles’ shoulder as he pants faster and faster.

The only warning Stiles gets is the sound Derek makes, low and wrung out, and then Stiles is abruptly full. He feels strange and overstretched for a moment, but then it starts to feel good, so good.

Derek’s twitching and bucking, deep in the throes of his orgasm, and that keeps moving his knot inside Stiles, just a little. It’s intense and overwhelming and like nothing he’s ever experienced before, and he drops to his elbows as the stimulation becomes too much, another orgasm roaring through him. His dick jerks against his belly as he comes, muscles clenching through the waves that feel like they’ll go on forever.

When he finally shudders through it, he realizes that Derek is still moving against him, hips surging and breathing ragged.

Stiles twists around, looking over his shoulder. “Oh my god, are you still coming?”

“Yes,” Derek grits out. “And I will be—” he gasps when Stiles moves again, trying to see better, “—for a little while longer.”

Derek’s not much for talking, so Stiles isn’t sure if he’s having one long, epic orgasm, or if he’s having a series of small ones, but either way it’s hot.

Hot enough that he clenches around Derek’s knot a couple of times, just to hear the noises he makes.

They end up lying on their sides after a while, with Derek kissing the back of his neck as he continues to shudder with pleasure, though the intensity seems to be decreasing. And every time Stiles gets hard from Derek’s moans and knot, Derek helps stroke him off while Stiles fucks back against him, which Stiles very much appreciates.

“You’re good,” Derek rumbles, nuzzling Stiles’ shoulder as his hand slides warmly up Stiles belly. “So good.”

He’s about to say something else, Stiles is sure of it, but then he shifts his hips a little and ends up sliding free. Stiles makes a little gasp of surprise and disappointment, and he’s pretty sure Derek does the same.

Then there’s a rustling sound, and Stiles turns to see Derek up on his feet. He yanks his pants up and then he’s gone, running off into the woods.

Stiles didn’t have quite as many orgasms as Derek, but he still had quite a few, so he’s way too sated to go after him.

His heat is over anyway.