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A/N  - I'm hoping to get this one done pretty fast, simply I saw the following prompt and it inspired my brain to write this little fic... I'm thinking maybe 6 or 7 chapters.... but we'll see how it goes. not quite sure it will be what the original Nonnie is looking for but I have tried to cover most if not ALL the things they were looking for. It will be a WIP but not for very long. Possibly only a day.



Jared's young and innocent and falls head over heels for the attractive and really sweet and thoughtful guy he meets and it doesn't take long before he blushingly accepts when the guy asks him out on a date. Soon they're in a relationship and Jared happily lets the guy be his first. Things seem to be perfect and Jared thinks they're both in love. What he doesn't have a clue about is that the guy has a wife. When he finds out- at the same time as the guy's friends/family find out about him. Maybe somehow they all accidentally end up at the same party and Jared sees the guy hug/kiss his wife on the cheek and thinks he's cheating on him, then the guy sees Jared and comes over and sneaks him into the kitchen and convinces Jared that woman he saw is his sister or something- after all the hug/kiss weren't that affectionate since that relationship has been strained lately. He kisses Jared very passionately to prove everything is good and things are starting to get pretty steamy when people walk in, including the wife (the guy thought she was more caught up in a conversation in the other room than she was or something). Things obviously go south from there but most of the blame from everyone, even Jared's supposed friends, is aimed at Jared who's seen as the vixen who seduced the straight married guy and that he had to have known the guy had a wife. Jared is humiliated and heartbroken and runs away. He doesn't get over it though and can't outrun the hurt and devastation. He becomes bitter and jaded and the shame he feels makes him reckless and he begins to become the "slutty tramp" they all accused him of being, he *wants* to hurt because he feels he deserves it. Time passes as he spirals into a dark world of self punishment (can be anything and everything from abusive and unsafe sex, drinking, drugs, other forms of self harm as his mind gets cloudier and he begins to lose himself). One early morning when he's staggering down an ally after spending the night doing things he won't even remember while trying to erase the things he can't forget, he's grabbed by someone from the shadows. He struggles as the guy pulls at his pants and something in him snaps. He's hated himself for so long he could just give in and let the guy do what he wants to him- no different than every other night, right?- but fuck it not now, not without a fight, maybe he isn't as far gone as he'd thought he was. Maybe it's just always been easier to give in. So he tries, but the guy is big and Jared was already partially incapacitated, and the nameless faceless shadow that- unlike all the other nights and shadows- Jared this time *doesn't* imagine to be the man he once thought loved him, overpowers him and does what all men have always done to Jared- hurts him in ways he thinks he'll never recover from. Knows he'll never be the same from.
When it's over Jared's so angry that he decides to actually go to the police, plus he's pretty sure he might need medical attention if he doesn't want to die, which maybe some nights... But when he tries to tell what happened almost everyone just says "Really? Come on, we all know how you spend your nights. This is you we're talking about, a filthy, slutty, masochistic bastard- you must've been asking for it."

So, I don't really know how this ends but somehow it ends well. Jensen is either the other guy in the beginning and realizes what a jerk he had been to both his wife and Jared and how much he had been deceiving himself about who he really was and somehow finds Jared and wins him back/helps him heal. Or he is the one detective who actually believes Jared about being raped. (Maybe he's the first guy AND the detective?) Or someone else? I don't know, up to nonnie. :-)
Please only bottom!Jared always.


Chapter 1  - The Official Meeting



The guy flashed Jared a killer smile, he was all tanned skin and white teeth, it made Jared's skin tingle.

''Hey'' the guy said casually, and Jared just stood there, not moving or speaking like a total idiot ''Uh mind if I get to the eggs'' the guy was still smiling but now he was gesturing to where Jared was standing in the milk and dairy isle right in front of the eggs. Jared must still of not moved because the guy continued, his smile now turning into an amused chuckle''Or um.. you could just pass me a carton...carton of 6, how about that?''


''Oh right yeah! Sorry'' Jared snapped out of it, realizing that it wasn't just this guy that looked like he had stepped out of a magazine who was waiting for him to get out of the way, there was also a rather large blond woman tutting and staring angrily at the both of them.


''Here'' Jared moved and pushed a carton of 6 eggs into the guys hands, realizing only then that he had forgotten to grab his own. What a douche. There was no way he was risking the wrath of the blond woman who was now blocking not only the eggs but the milk and butter too. He would have to go without eggs for breakfast this week. Toast would have to do. Then he realized appalled that he hadn't got any butter either. What a useless morning this was turning out to be.


''Hey Big guy, where are yours?'' Jared realized the Magazine guy was still standing there holding the eggs Jared had given him. ''You've been standing in front of those eggs for like ten minutes, you telling me you didn't even want any?'' out of the corner of his eye Jared saw the Blond woman look up tutting again.


'' of free range'' He said desperately, hoping the guy would move on before the lady shifted out the way and he saw there was actually a whole load of 'free range' eggs left on the shelf.


''U..huh...I see'' The guy didn't sound convinced '' Well thanks.. for the eggs I guess'' and suddenly the guy looked kind of awkward, and neither of them moved.


''Look..'' the guy spoke again ''I don't normally do this kind of thing, and I'm sorry if this comes across as forward, and you probably...I mean I'm guessing.. you have a boyf''


''I don't!'' Jared interrupted him, maybe a little too eagerly, then followed it up shyly with ''If you were going to say boyfriend... I broke up with my ex about three months back. The guy's face suddenly brightened.


''Oh great! I mean..Obviously I'm sorry to hear about your breakup but...'' he trailed off


''Nah man don't be it was nothing serious'' why was Jared telling this bloke his shit. It wasn't oprah.


''Look can I have your number? sorry like I say if I'm coming across a little forward, but man you're hot!'' Jared had never thought of himself as 'Hot' he wasn't really sure what to say, I mean if anything it was the other man who was 'Hot!' with his cute freckles and his wide feminine green eyes...and those lips.... Jared had to stop his mind even going there. The supermarket was not the time nor the place for boner's. Jared pulled out a notepad from his jeans and scribbled his number on one of the pages handing it to the guy. He had to get out of the supermarket and fast.


''I'll call you, What's your name by the way?''


'' it's Jared'' Jared realized dumbly that he hadn't even introduced himself ''And you?''


''Jensen'' The guy said firmly ''I'll call you, oh... and um Jared''




''Looks like they restocked the shelves'' and with that he winked and left Jared still standing a few feet away from the shelves of eggs, the large blond lady long gone. Jared looked to where Jensen had gestured and was horrified to see the row of well stocked free range eggs glaringly obvious. He really WAS a total ass.






A/N - If you like... all comments and Kudos are always appreciated and most welcome. I'm suffering a little writers block so hopefully this will help.