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New town, New trouble [Done]

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Jace and Izzy decided to check out the only dance club close to there new town. Making Alec go too.

"Let's hit the showers, and meet in the living room," Izzy said.

An hour and a half later they were on the road.

"Jace, what are doing here? We are supposed to stay out of trouble." Alec said.
"One hour tops, okay?"

Alec shook his head.

"Come on Alec."
"Fine, one hour and we're leaving."
"You should enjoy yourself here Alec," Jace said.

Alec just looked at him.

They walked in, and it was something different, but surprising. Jace, Alec, and Izzy walked around.

Then they heard someone from the stage ", Everyone, who's ready for {Charlie’s Angels} to {CUM} out?

Everyone went crazy screaming and ran over to the stage. Alec, Jace, and Izzy walked over to the crowd of people to see what the big deal was. All three of their mouths fell open when four hot guys came out on the stage dancing to Taylor Swift - Ready For It. Halfway through, the one in braids was eyeing Alec. Alec was eyeing him back. He was almost naked, but for the nuthuggers, he had on. Which, was very lovely in Alec's opinion. That song was over, and they jumped off the stage and ran out into the crowd of people. Alec could hear people saying pick me, but out of nowhere the guy with braids came up to Alec and pulled him on the dance floor. They put on Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me and the guy started dancing around and on Alec. Alec was shocked, he just stood there, and watched the guy, till the guy grabbed his hips, and made Alec dance with him.

When the song was over Alec asked for his name. "Magnus, Angel."

The guy said and ran off. Alec followed with his eye. The guy ran up some stairs to a dancing cage. The song playing was Jason Derulo - Get Ugly. Alec couldn't take his eyes off of him.

Till Jace came over to him, "We should go."
"Why are you in a hurry now?"
"Mother just called." Alec nodded.
"Let's get Izzy. Where is she anyway?"
"Over there with one of the Angel's."

Alec looked back at Magnus. He was still dancing to The Weeknd - Starboy, and looking at Alec. Alec turned to Jace, and they got Izzy and was heading out when PRINCE - PURPLE RAIN came on. He looked up at Magnus, and he had some girl in the cage dancing with him, but he was watching Alec.

Jace tapped Alec on his arm, "We need to go."

Alec nodded. Then they all left.


Magnus and his friends were sitting in class when three people walked in.

"Hey, Ms.B, who is the (newbie)s?"

That's when they turned and looked his way. Magnus swallowed hard, then looked at his friends. He looked back at Alec. Izzy was smiling when she saw Raphael, and he was smiling back at her. Alec saw the same girl from last night sitting by Magnus. So he turned away from him and back to the teacher.

That was the last class of the day. Magnus and his group had dance practice after school. Raphael ran over to Izzy and was talking to her. Jace and Alec were waiting for Izzy outside the room. Magnus and the rest of the group left the room to head to the dance room. They were walking pass Alec and Jace. Magnus looked at Alec but said nothing.

"Magnus, right?" Alec asked.
Magnus looked at Alec, "Right, Angel."

Then he smiled and walked away. Catarina looked back at Alec and Jace.

"That's so hot Magnus," Catarina said.

Then she looked at Jace and gave him a wink. Jace smiled back at her.

Raphael was still talking to Izzy when they came walking out of class.

"See you in a few," Izzy said.
"Okay, bye," Raphael told her, then took off running down the hall.

"What's going on Izzy?" Jace asked.
"We're going dancing."
"What Izzy?" Alec said.
"We're going to watch The Angel's dance."

Alec just looked at her.

You could hear the music before you went into the room. When Izzy, Jace, and Alec walked in the guys were all in hip huggers dancing.

Magnus saw Alec and ran over to him and pulled him to the middle of the room, "stay." He went and got him a chair. "Sit. I need you."

Alec was shocked all over again. He just looked at Magnus.

"Hey, get the rest of them out here so we can do this right," Magnus said.

They got chairs for all of them and made them sit.

"Where are the girls? Are they coming?"
"We're here Magnus." Two girls said when they walked in.
"Okay, get them, chairs."
"Well, Magnus who are your new friends?" The red-haired girl asked.
"Okay, not sure on the names. We kind of met Saturday night. But I called this one Angel," Magnus was looking at Alec with a smile on his lips.

Alec smiled, and his face turned red.

"I'm Jace, he looked up to Catarina and smiled."
"I'm Catarina, but you can call me Cat, and she winked back at Jace."

Alec looked at Magnus, " My name is Alec."
Magnus smiled, "Yes, but your Angel to me."

Alec smiled and nodded his head.

"And this beauty is Isabelle," Raphael said.
"Izzy please," Izzy said with a smile.

"I'm Clary. Meliorn girlfriend. And this is Maia she put her hand on Maia's arm." The red-haired girl said.

"Yes, Maia is my love," Simon said, smiling at her.

And she returned the smile to him.

"Okay, guys sit back and enjoy the show. Guys come over here we need to talk and start the music."

They huddled together and was talking. Then Magnus and the guys broke apart. Magnus turns the music on, and the song was Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel. They all got in front of the one they were dancing for at that time. Alec was checking out Magnus while he was trying to get everyone ready. Alec was liking what he was seeing in front of him. When he looked up, Magnus was smiling at him. Alec got embarrassed and hung his head down.

Magnus put his finger under his chin and raised his head, " Don't ever get embarrassed when you look at me. It's not shameful. I like it."

Alec smiled at him. Magnus had to restart the music. That's when they did there dance. In the end, Magnus was straddling Alec. They were looking at each other. They were both breathing hard.

Magnus leaned over to whisper in Alec's ear.

"My Angel, you will be mine forever."

Then he got up and walked off. Alec just watched him.

"Hey, guy's, can I get you all to move the chairs back out of the way, Thanks," Magnus said, then turned away.

Jace's phone started ringing.

"Hello. Yes, Mother, we're coming. Bye."
Jace hung up and looked at Alec, "We need to go."

Alec didn't want to, but he couldn't hurt his mother anymore. This move was a new start, and he had to do better this time.

"Izzy we need to go, Mother called," Alec said.

Izzy nodded and walked over to tell Raphael goodbye, so did Jace to Cat. Alec stayed waiting for them.

"I don't get a goodbye?" Magnus asked.

Alec jumped a little because he was in his small world.

"I... I was, but didn't want to bother you."
"Angel, you are never a bother to me."

Magnus moved closer to Alec and leaned into him.

"Can I?"

Alec nodded. Magnus leaned in more, and kissed him. Alec kissed him back too. They pulled back at the same time. Alec loved the way Magnus felt under his hands and his lips on his. Magnus smiled, "Can I have your number?" Alec smiled, "Yes." So he gave Magnus his number.

Jace walked over, and put his hand on Alec's arm, "We need to go. We shouldn't keep her waiting."

Alec was watching Magnus and Magnus got a little tense when Jace touched Alec's arm.

Alec nodded to Jace, "Give me a minute. Go on to the car and pull it up to the door. I'm coming."
Jace looked at him, then Magnus, "Okay."

Alec looked at Magnus, "Is everything okay? You look a little tense?"
"No, yeah I mean. Everything is good."
Alec just looked at him, "Well my brother and sister are waiting for me. I need to go."
"Your brother?" Magnus said with a smile.
"Is that what was making you tense?"
"I'm sorry, I get hurt a lot," Magnus said.
"Call me later?" Alec asked Magnus.
Magnus nodded.


"Alec, Jace, Izzy please don't make me worry about you all so much. I worry that you all are hurt like last time or in trouble." Maryse said.
"We're sorry Mother," They all said at the same time.
"We met some new friends at school and wanted to hang with them some," Alec said.
"Please call and let me know for now on if you all will be late. Just let me know you all are okay, please." They all nodded at the same time.

Alec went to his room and started his homework. He kept checking his phone all night, but nothing from Magnus. Alec got into bed a little later after dinner. He put his phone on the chair next to his bed and turned over. Alec was almost sleeping when Alec heard his phone buzz. He picked it up, and read the text message.

[Hey, sorry so late, had to work. Get some sleep, and I'll see you tomorrow my Angel. Goodnight. Magnus,]

Alec smiled.

[Okay, I will. Goodnight Magnus. Your Angel.]



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