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that’s all i really know

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Isak moaned loudly against Even’s shoulder, unable to hold it in as they both climaxed, simultaneously. He was out of breath and sweating from their round of Sunday morning sex.

The green eyed boy felt euphoric, coming down from a sexual high, while clenching the sheets in his fists.

“Fuck,” Isak moaned, as he panted, catching his breath.

“Baby, we can't wake my parents,” Even hushed lowly, coasting his hand over Isak’s raw mouth, then resorting to caressing his cheek.

Even slouched, exhausted, against Isak’s chest, forcing Isak’s legs to spread wider to accommodate the position.

Isak felt his light pant grace his warm skin, before Even raised his head to give Isak a sloppy smile. “We’d be dead, if they knew you were in here, doing this with me.”

Isak smiled, panting, as well, “You want me to be quiet, hmm? That's a lot to ask of me, when your dick is still inside me.”

Even smirked, pushing himself into a push-up over his lover, while he started moving inside him, again. Painfully slow, too, as he connected their lips, swallowing Isak’s drawn out and spent moans, “You're so fucking hot, Is.”

Isak blushed at the nickname, digging his nails into Even’s shoulders, it's not as common that Even calls him Is, but every time he does, Isak can't help but feel giddy.

Even pulled out of Isak, slowly, yanking a whimper from the smaller boy, “Fuck.”

Isak’s muscles felt spent. A night full of sex with only talks and playful banter in between, you could say he was exhausted. Completely and entirely emptied of all energy.

“You should probably head back soon.”

Isak nodded, cuddling into Even’s chest when he lay down beside him, “Probably.”

“It's almost 6:30, my dad will be up soon.”

Isak nodded, again, “Just a few more minutes of cuddling.”

Even pressed his lips to his boyfriend’s forehead, rubbing his back, “I love you, Isak.”

Grinning, Isak’s lips met the skin just above Even’s nipple, “I love you, too, Ev.”

After a few minutes, Even was asleep, again. Isak rolled out of his bed, pulling his covers up over Even’s chest, and put on his pajama pants.

Taking a moment, Isak admired his sleeping boyfriend.

He looked peaceful. He always looked more angelic when he was asleep than any other time.

In the midst of Isak’s fond watching, he hears something down the hall, coming from Even’s parents room.

Even’s dad must’ve been up.

Scurrying, Isak slipped out the door, and headed for the guest room, climbing under the sheets. He easily fell asleep, forgetting about the previous moment of nearly getting caught.

Isak felt cold and lonely as he drifted off, but he know that when he wake up, he’d be held by Even again.

Which happened to be his favorite thing to do.


Kisses on his neck woke Isak up. His breath caught in a silent moan, as he opened my eyes.

Even was sitting on the side of the bed, leaning over him, peppering sweet kisses on his skin.

“Wake up, baby. My mom made breakfast.”

Isak nodded softly, lifting the comforter so Even would lay with him. Even smirked, slipping in beside his sleep-warm boy.

“Your mom is sweet to me,” Isak muttered, wrapping an arm across Even’s stomach.

“I've got to keep the queen happy.”

I laughed, pinching Even’s side and getting a squeal from him.

Even pressed a smiley kiss to Isak’s forehead, chuckling, “I’m kidding. You know I love you, besides, you're more like a prince.”

Isak tilted his head to look up at Even.

“You’re my prince.”

“Stop. Fuck, you’re the cheesiest person I’ve ever met.”

“Say you love me, Isak.”

“No,” Isak laughed, “you’re fucking gross.”

“And you’re fucking rude.”

Isak snickered, leaning up over Even to litter kisses all over his face.

“What'd your mom make me?”

“French toast.”

Isak’s mouth started watering at the sound of that, “I love French toast.”

“I know, so let's go eat it before it gets cold.

Isak sighed, “But you just barely laid down with me.”

The blue eyed boy beside him breathed a laugh, “Yes, but we also fucked three times last night, cuddled after each time and I'm sure we’ll have plenty of time to lay around today, too.”

Downstairs in the kitchen, Even’s mom yelled up to them, “Boys! Come eat!”

Isak groaned, as Even yelled back, “Coming!”

He sat up, pulling Isak in his arms to the side of the bed, “Come on, babe, let's feed you.”

Standing up, Isak pulled on a clean shirt. Holding Even’s hand while they walked down the stairs.

“How'd you sleep, Isak?” Even’s mom asked once they made it downstairs.

He nod, “Really well, thank you.”

Even handed Isak a plate of French toast, covered in powdered sugar, syrup and strawberries, just the way he likes it.

Isak moaned at the sight, “Thank you.”

Leaning down, his boyfriend pecked the corner of his mouth, “You're welcome, baby.”

Sitting down at the breakfast bar, Isak cut into his food. It looked and smelt amazing.

Even’s mom, Lisa, looked at Isak, with a smile, “Are you hanging out here, today?”

“I'd love to, if you're okay with that,” Even took a seat next to Isak, kissing his cheek as he placed a glass of milk beside Isak’s plate. He treats Isak so well.

“You're always welcome here, Isak,” Lisa says, wiping the counter down with a wet rag.

“Well, thank you. I really do appreciate that.”

“Me too,” Even mumbles, earning a smile from Isak.

After rolling her eyes, Lisa met Isak’s sharp green gaze, “How's your mom? How are her classes?”

“She’s doing well. She says her classes aren't too bad, this year. She's teaching first years, so I don't know how easy that can actually be.”

“Well, she's a sweet soul. If anyone can handle it, she can.”

“Too real. She’s a fighter.”

Lisa opened her mouth to speak, but is cut off by a distant yell, “Mom? Can you take me to Karina‘s house?”

Isak recognized the voice as Even’s little sister, Elle.

“Can you wait twenty minutes? I was going to go to the store. I can drop you off then?”

Elle came into the kitchen, “Yeah, I can wait. Ooo, French toast?”

Lisa quickly made up a plate, giving it to her daughter, as Ella went and sat beside Isak.

“Mom only cooks breakfast when you're here,” she mumbled, making Isak huff a laugh.

“That isn't true, Elle,” Lisa denied, blankly.

“Okay, you're right, but we only get French toast when Isak is here.”

Even laughed, “That’s true.”

Isak ate a strawberry, smiling to himself. He loved how comfortable they all made him feel there.

“Dad go into the office?” Even’s low voice broke Isak’s content thoughts.

Lisa nodded, “He’s finishing up this file before they can take it to court.”

Even nodded, bobbing his head, as he stabbed one of Isak’s strawberries with his fork, and popped it in his mouth. Isak playfully glared at him, gaining a wink sent in his direction from his blue eyed boyfriend.

“He going to be late tonight?”

“Not sure, yet. He called me earlier and said they had most of it finished, but all of the people on the case are heavily reviewing the entirety of it.”

Stealing another strawberry from his plate, Isak slapped Even’s hand, causing him to laugh a little.

Out of playful spite, Isak reached over, stabbing a banana slice from Even’s plate, to get back at him.

“I licked that,” he mumbled, eyes dancing with a teasing glint.

“So?” Isak challenged, putting the fruit in his mouth.

Even’s eyebrows dipped, before he took another strawberry from Isak’s plate, licked it, and then held it out to Isak, making him laugh loudly.

“You're so weird. I’m not afraid of your tongue,” Isak said through laughs, before biting the strawberry off Even’s fork. Green eyes met blue, again, as Isak swallowed the strawberry. Whispering, he said, “but you already know that.”

“Tease,” Even groaned, turning back to his food.

“But you love me, anyway?”

“But I love you, anyway.”

Even’s smile filled Isak with happiness, “Good.”

Lisa and Elle said goodbye to the two boyfriends as they leave.

“You know the rules, you two,” Lisa stared them down, making both of them break into laughs.

Isak couldn’t help but think to himself, We are so breaking the rules.

When the door closed and the boys heard the car start, Even turns to Isak, “I have to tell you something.”

Isak narrowed my eyes, chewing a piece of French toast, “What’s up?”

“I'm moving.”

Coughing on his food, Isak holds a hand to his chest, as he croaked out, “Where?”

“It’s closer to you.”

Finally swallowing, Isak looked over at Even, “It is?”

“No more two hour drives just to see each other,” Even’s face is so bright, and Isak genuinely felt happy, despite not really knowing what was happening.

“Have you seen the house? Can we go see it one day?”

“When everything is moved in, you can see it.”

Isak deadpanned, “You aren't going to show me where you're moving to?”

Even shook his head, laughter in his eyes, “No, sir.”

“Why the hell not?”

“I want it to be a surprise. Like some big reveal.”

“So, I don't get to see it?”

Chuckling, he shook his head, again.

“You're an ass, you know that?” Isak smirked, tilting his head upward for Even to kiss him. He doesn't argue, just leans closer, pressing his lips to his boyfriend’s
“But hey, I'm going to apologize now, because for the next couple weeks, I'm going to be MIA. I promise, I’m fine - no episode, or anything. I’ll just be extremely busy. We have a lot of packing, and I've got a shit ton of stuff going on, so I don't know if we’ll be able to hang out again for a while.”

Isak groaned loudly, looking at the ceiling.

“I'll make it up to you, I promise.”

Isak met Even’s deep sea eyes, “You fucking better. I'll accept payments in forms of shower sex, and massages.”
Even laughed, kissing Isak again, “Anything for you.”