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Space Oddity

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There he was, shooting out of the Bifrost's rainbow stream like a firecracker. It was a bumpy ride, and it most definitely wasn't very comfortable when it came to falling against whatever garbage planet he'd landed on. CRACK. Damn. He must have broken something. All he knew now was that he was laying on an unknown planet without his shining brother Thor, and as if on command, a ship approached Loki. Something that looked like a camera aperture popped out and looked him over before the ship landed about a hundred yards from him. By the time it had landed, the prince of lies had already sat up, his fingers wrapped around the hilts of his twin daggers. He was ready to pounce if necessary, because one could never be too careful on a foreign planet, especially a giant garbage planet. If he hadn't guessed it before, he definitely knew what planet it was once the door was opened. Before him stood a figure in satin robes, tousled short hair and blue eyeliner. He thought it was 'The Collector' at first, but quickly realized that it was his equally, if not more flamboyant brother, 'The Grandmaster'. The Grandmaster walked toward him, making sure not to step on any trash with his designer sandals. Loki slowly rose to his feet from a crouch, not wanting the other to have an advantage as he approached. Before he could say anything to the man, he was reaching out to touch him, and not in a violent way.

"My god, you're gorgeous." The Grandmaster remarked as he caressed Loki's cheek, the trickster still gripping his daggers, ready to strike.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," He glanced down at the daggers Loki held. "Death is no object to me. Yours would pain me, especially seeing your good looks go to waste."

He was musing over Loki as if he were a precious gem, ready for the choosing. Loki raised an eyebrow, looking the other man over. He wasn't too bad himself... and Loki wasn't here for an extremely long time, he was here for a good time. He'd had many flings in his lifetime, so what was one more to add to the list? Loosening the grip on his daggers, he slid them back into their respective sheaths, relaxing himself in the presence of the new stranger.

"You'll have to excuse my um- bad manners. I'm the Grandmaster, but you can call me En, if it pleases you," The Grandmaster stammered, trying to get it out right.

Loki smirked a little, amused at how much this man was working to impress him. It was a valiant try, but Loki wasn't buying it yet. What if it was like a reverse manipulation? Being the trickster he was, he learned never to trust others or their motives. Especially the motives of a leader of another planet. That had never turned out well in the past.

"I am Loki, of Asgard." He'd finally come to terms with that. At least it was easier than explaining that he was actually adopted by Odin, not by choice, but by power-play.

"Come, come. Welcome to Sakaar," En waved him on, excited to get to know this new and seductive looking god.

En grinned right back and led him to the spaceship, which wasn't unlike a leisure car from Midgard. It was orange with blue stripes, almost like a flag. Loki stepped into the ship, looking around at the new surroundings. It was almost like the Quinjet, but with less seats in the back and four in the front. It definitely looked like a nice ship to steal and get away from Sakaar on. After a moment of getting lost in thought, he finally responded to the Grandmaster.

"Thank you. It's nice to be welcomed so... um, warmly," Loki spoke confidently and smiled a little, trying to pull him in with a little bit of manipulation.

En then motioned for him to take a seat. "You'll have to excuse the mess. I was just um.. well, I was busy."

Loki glanced around and noticed the half naked women in the back of the spaceship. He knew what was going on now, and he was honestly not that surprised. En was coming on strong to him, and he showed no signs of backing down once he had what he wanted.After a short time of flight, what proved to be an awkward flight because of the silence, they arrived at the towering palace. Once they arrived at the palace, he let Loki out and led him to the main club area of the arena. En did not really have time to explain much about what was going on because he had some things to take care of dealing with the revolution that seemed imminent. He liked seeing himself as a benevolent ruler, so it pained him, or so it seemed, to have to be the bad guy in the situation.

"Now... I've got a few things to take care of, so why don't you grab yourself a drink and I'll be back later to, um, show you around." The way En said the last phrase was a bit interesting.

Loki bit his lip slightly and nodded. "Mhm.. okay. I'll do that."

The Grandmaster left him where he was, not before having a chat with the bartender, and Loki grabbed a drink at the bar. It was green and gold, and he wandered if maybe the Grandmaster had a hand in that. He sipped on it a little, scrunching his nose up at the taste. It was definitely very strong, but at least it wasn't bland like the drinks on Midgard. He then began making small talk with the Sakaarians around him. He never gave up too much information about himself, not wanting to cause any confrontation just yet. Before too long, he felt a hand on the small of his back.

"Hey..." The voice said behind him, somewhat raspy but beckoning. "I told you I'd be back."

It was the Grandmaster. He definitely had a bit more than a crush on Loki. The ridiculously charming smile alone could have told him that. However, the gesture of simply placing his hand on Loki's back had been so delicate, as if not to break him.

Loki turned to face him and gave him a charming smile. "That you did."

En looked like he was holding something in, really itching to tell Loki, and it became even more apparent when he led him away from the crowd, into the hall toward his private chambers so that they could talk.

"Look, uh, I'm going to be upfront with you here," En murmured quietly, as if this were some inmate encounter. "You are a very special being. I see in you something that I see in myself. I know it sounds crazy, but I definitely do."

Loki was almost certain where this was going as he heard that. It still was quite shocking to hear that from someone about himself. Never in his life had he been so praised and admired.

"I know your story," En continued. "You were lied to your whole life and you're trying to make it better. You're becoming who you really want to be."

En seemed so entranced by Loki that he was spouting off poetical things about the god of mischief. Yet another definite sign that the Grandmaster was flirting in his own weird way.

"I want you to be my partner here.."Grandmaster finally had revealed his plans.

Loki was confused, but he kept listening. It was a little too soon to know, but he was definitely open to hearing what En had to say about it.

"I'll make you feel /wanted/. Isn't that what you want? Isn't that both what we want? This is a place for you to uh- escape the terrors of your own. Stay here?" The awkward Grandmaster had turned into a totally different person in those thirty seconds.

Loki saw the expectant look in his eyes, and damn, that sounded like an amazing proposition.

"I uh.." Loki knitted his brows together, looking at the other.

He seemed crazy on the outside, but maybe he was just looking for approval too. The Grandmaster had been talking so close to him that they could have touched foreheads if Loki would have breathed. So he did something unpredictable in an attempt to break the chain of familiarity. He leaned in and brushed En's lips with his own. One of his hands reached up to caress the Grandmaster's olive toned cheek, kissing him with a short burst of fiery passion. Just a taste. Sometimes just a taste is enough to get you addicted to something or someone. His lips were warm and soft, and he tasted of mint. What he hadn't expected was En to return the kiss while simultaneously getting his ringed fingers tangled up in Loki's hair. He was really getting into it. The trickster god loved the feeling of the slight pull En had on him, and he hated to admit it, but he honestly didn't want it to stop. En smirked against his lips, slowly pulling away after a moment.

"Is that a yes?" En purred in his semi-deep voice, looking to Loki expectantly as he kept caressing Loki's raven locks, twirling a strand around his finger.

The god wasn't used to anyone fawning over him like this. He was always treated like a vile creature on Asgard and Midgard, but now here was En, treating him as an equal, if not like his god.

"Yes, of course." Loki spoke without hesitation, looking up at his eccentric new acquaintance.

"Great. You'll be treated like royalty here. If anyone causes any problems for you, just let me know." The Grandmaster smiled charmingly, not making a move to leave. "Is it too much to, um, ask if you'd have dinner with me tonight?"

En was really grasping here, but he was falling for this ethereal god in front of him. He couldn't help it. He'd flirt with anything that walked, but Loki was much more than a casual flirtation for him. Loki tilted his head slightly.

"Not at all." Loki smiled strangely and glanced down at his clothes, tattered from the dimensional fall.

"I'll have some clothes brought up for you. This is your new home. I know you'll love it."The Grandmaster mused and then departed from him, leaving him in his personal chambers.

Loki didn't want to snoop even though he simultaneously did, but thought better of it. The room was a nice electric blue like the makeup En was wearing. Loki noted that it must be his favorite color. The bed consisted of shades of red and blue, even a little yellow mixed in. There was a blue canopy over the bed, along with a blue rug. It almost looked like a child's bedroom because of all of the colors. It wasn't a surprise when his clothes came that they were also blue and yellow. The actual surprise was that they looked like his old clothes, except for they had a slight design twist. It was clever, and Loki knew that En had a part in it. Once he'd gotten out of his old clothes and into the new, he heard En's voice come from behind him.

"You look nice." He smirked, ogling Loki as he fastened the straps on the clothes.

Loki was startled, his cheeks tinting with a pink blush as he caught the Grandmaster staring at him.

"Shit! I had no idea you were there. How long have you been there?" Loki asked, feeling suddenly more vulnerable.

"Just a moment. The pants, they suit you." En added very nonchalantly, though that heavily implied that he was looking at Loki's ass.

The trickster simply shook it off and headed over to him.

"So um... dinner? I'm starving, I apologize for being so eager." Loki truly was famished. Falling through the Bifrost certainly took a lot out of him.

En simply smiled and held out his hand to escort Loki to dinner.

"It's ready when you are, my /prince/." The Grandmaster answered, his eyesight resting on Loki and his new clothes.

Loki felt his spine tingle as En said that, mostly because this was all very new to him. So in the span of a couple hours, he'd fallen out of the Bifrost, landed on Sakaar, met the wealthy leader of the planet, and then in turn, En wanted to give him everything including his love. It was very overwhelming, though Loki was doing a great job at not showing it. As soon as they arrived, Loki noticed that it was just a 'Loki and the Grandmaster' kind of dinner. It was almost romantic, just a table set up for two, along with some foreign food that he'd never tasted before. Taking a seat, Loki spotted the wine and took a sip, settling himself into the new environment.

"How did you end up on Sakaar?" En asked out of the blue, looking to his new companion across the table.

"I was traveling in the Bifrost and the goddess of death knocked me outside of the beam," Loki explained. "It was all very confusing until I landed back-first into a space refrigerator here."

En chuckled softly, something that Loki hadn't managed to illicit from him yet. Loki took that as a sign that he was actually enjoying his time around the prince of lies, which was something the trickster was not used to.

"I'm sorry your trip wasn't on better terms." En was completely sympathetic, knowing how it felt to be thrust out of your life and onto an entirely different planet.

Loki shrugged a little, gently raising his glass as a toast.

"I don't think it was bad at all. This may be the best thing that has ever happened to me." En spoke honestly, then En clinked his glass against Loki's.

"You think so?" Loki then nodded in response, looking at him.

En paused for a moment before finally speaking again.

"I heard that uh, Thanos is out to get you," He mentioned, wincing a little as he looked at Loki. Thanos was someone he'd had an encounter with before. "There has been quite a bit of gossip. Ever since the attack on New York or whatever, he's been pretty mad that you didn't return the favor."

Loki's whole body tensed when he heard Thanos' name. He wasn't afraid of many things, but he was definitely afraid of Thanos. He felt a panic attack coming on, trying his best to keep his composure.

"I uh, I thought he would be moving on.. bigger fish to fry kind of thing, but he's searching for you, planet by planet," En explained, not thinking of it as a big deal. "No worries though, I'll keep you safe from him. He's an asshole. I don't like rude beings." En tried to assure him, noticing Loki was on the verge of a panic attack, so he moved out of his seat and over to Loki, gently rubbing his back.

"I'm sorry.. I didn't know that would upset you that much. He can't hurt you here." En consoled him and Loki shook his head.

"You don't know that. No rock. No barren moon. No crevice where he can't find me. The leader of the Chitauri's words himself." Loki had kept those words in his mind ever since the battle of New York had turned out not to go in Thanos' favor. Loki didn't know what to do, but it was comforting to know that En had his back.

"Alright.. alright. Do I have your word?" Loki asked hopefully, knowing that his fate almost laid completely in En's hands. He was without a way off the planet currently.

"Of course. You have my word." En nodded, agreeing to protect Loki from Thanos.

After Loki had finally gotten himself calmed enough to eat dinner, they ate the foreign dishes and then Grandmaster took him back to his chambers.

"There are other chambers available, but if you'd like, you can stay here," En grinned, extending a hand out to Loki. "We could have a groovy time here to get your mind off of things."

There was the suggestion Loki had been waiting for. He knew it was coming, so should he take En up on the offer? The raven haired god of mischief knew that no one probably knew who he was here. As far as he knew, Thor was on another planet and the Grandmaster was the only one who knew him and where he was from. This could be the start of a new beginning for him. He took the Grandmaster's hand, even though they were already where they needed to be. En had a wicked look on his face, one that promised something exciting. Though En was millions of years old, he still had a charm about him, and Loki desired to find out what he was like in bed. The god unclipped his cape from his shoulders, exposing that tight leather which curved around and clung to his perfect bottom. En was right there with him, his hand reaching to squeeze his ass, grinning as he nuzzled Loki's neck.

"I've never met someone so.. um.. perfect. You're such a god." En purred into his ear like a cat and Loki smirked right back, pushing the robe off of En's shoulders as he leaned in to steal another kiss.

"You should know, I'll break your heart." Loki murmured against his lips, almost afraid to love anyone. Loving his family had led to him losing everyone except for Thor, and even now, he wasn't sure if his brother lived. En's eyelids fluttered back open, looking into Loki's emerald eyes as if he could see the galaxy in them.

"You won't.." En murmured as the trickster caressed his cheek, smiling fondly at him.

"It's kind of you to think that." Loki emphasized, but stopped protesting as the Grandmaster then leaned in to kiss him once more, shutting him up for the time being. Loki's fingertips trailed down to En's tan chest, almost wanting to snoop in on his memories. No tricks tonight, little trickster. He kept reminding himself not to mess this up as he felt En start to unfasten the leather outfit he'd been wearing. His heart dropped slightly as he thought about the frost giant half of himself. What if this new stranger didn't accept that? He gently pulled away from En's kiss.

"Wait." Loki murmured and the Grandmaster looked at him, concerned.

"What seems to be the problem, Lokimotion?" En asked softly, even more patiently than Loki expected. Loki furrowed his brows in confusion at that one.

"Hm?" En chuckled softly. "Just a nickname for you. You traveled the Bifrost and fell here so it feels right. I like to give people nicknames." He explained and Loki even smiled a little. "So what's bothering you?" The trickster ran his hand through his hair.

"I'm.." Loki was having a hard time coming to terms with it, even after all this time.

"Pregnant?" The Grandmaster teased him a little and Loki chuckled, shaking his head.

"No.. I'm a frost giant." Loki chewed his bottom lip when he confessed it. En paused a moment and smiled.

"Loki... nothing to be worried about. I've been with all sorts of.. erm.. races would you call it? Maybe creatures would fit better. I know you're a shapeshifter." En replied nonchalantly, pulling Loki close once more, his fingertips exploring down Loki's chest. "Enough chit chat. Stop worrying and let yourself relax." Loki complied, finally allowing himself a moment without worry as he felt En stripping him of the leather garb he was wearing. He heard En flip his sandals off and almost laughed, but instead he kissed him to stop from laughing at that.

The next morning, a servant knocked at the door of the Grandmaster's chambers. En rolled over in bed, seeing Loki beside him, and he smiled happily. He knew his makeup was probably smudged and his hair was in a wreck, but for once he didn't care. Loki stirred in bed, hearing the knocking.

"Are they going to come in?" Loki asked softly, groggily.

"No, don't worry. I'll take care of them." En replied and sat up, pulling on his pants from last night, shuffling over to the door.

"What is it?" En asked the servants almost irritably, looking at the two servants that had approached.

"It's news about your brother.." The servants informed him, knowing it was enough to garner En's concern.

"What's happened?" En demanded from them. Loki noticed in the background how En was so irritable with everyone else, but not him. The servants looked at each other and one of them decided to give the news.

"He had an infinity stone, as you are aware of," One of the servants started. "A servant of his took the orb, in an attempt to harness it, and it exploded, leaving the Guardians of the Galaxy to take it." En looked back and forth from one of the servants to the other, making a 'go-on' hand gesture.

"Tivan is doing alright, but the stone is gone." The other servant continued. The Grandmaster crossed his arms, not sure of what to think about it.

"The stone is unsecured.. Thanos will find them and take it. We can't let this happen. He'll destroy everything." For once, En sounded relatively concerned with the state of the entire universe. Loki heard them talking and had also become increasingly concerned. He knew that Knowhere was far from Asgard, but Asgard would be one of the stops on Thanos' journey to the destruction of the universe. En then nodded to himself.

"I'll think of something. For now, go enjoy yourselves at the club. You never know how much time we have left." En spoke honestly and closed the door, returning back to Loki. Loki was propped up on his elbows, his dark hair tousled over his shoulders. En laid back down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.

"The main problem is that Thanos is going to get the infinity stones. We don't know how long it'll take him, but it's getting close," En ran his fingertips through his hair in a signal of distress. "The second problem is that my brother doesn't have the stone anymore.. and Thanos will come for him, thinking he has it. He'll kill him." As non sympathetic as En was most of the time, he loved his brother and didn't want him to die. "Of course I could bring him here, but then you and Taneleer would be here, luring him to us faster." En shook his head, more or less talking to himself now. "That won't do." Loki was nervous too, but he wanted to help En out.

"We'll figure something out," Loki assured him, laying back down and curling up close to him. "Let's just relax today. You can think of a solution." En seemed almost offended by that.

"You may not know this, but my brother is the only family I have left! As infuriating as he can be, I can't lose him." En fired back quite angrily. Loki's eyes widened a little.

"I completely understand, En. I know exactly how you feel." Loki had neglected to tell En about his brother, however, because Thor was known around the galaxy as a pompous and arrogant warrior. Who knows if he'd gotten on En's bad side before? After a little coaxing and comforting, Loki had gotten the Grandmaster to get out of bed and agree to showing him around the planet of Sakaar. Loki had gotten dressed in some new clothes that had been made ready for him while En dressed in his robes that he normally wore. Casual was everyday for him. En took Loki down to the spaceship that he did a lot of *things* in. He typed in the code and Loki made mental note of it in case he needed it later. The spaceship was something of a leisure ship, which Loki found quite odd, but at the same time not odd at all. Nothing was really *odd* for the Grandmaster.

"Have a seat, Lokes," En spoke, motioning to the passenger's seat. "So basically most of this god forsaken planet is junk that flies through space and into the portal." He added and Loki chuckled a little.

"So we'll be spending the day looking at space trash?" Loki questioned a little sarcastically, knowing that couldn't be it. En shook his head and grinned, glancing over at his new companion.

"Not exactly. This spaceship is more for other things." En confirmed Loki's suspicions and Loki's mouth formed into an 'o'. He was certainly amused.

"So we're christening every surface we touch now? Is that you'd have us do?" Loki inquired. En shrugged a little.

"Only if you want to. I'm open to rejection too, of course. It happens, y'know." The Grandmaster mused, leaning back in his seat as he started to fly the ship. The trickster couldn't believe his ears. He'd never met anyone with that kind of sexual appetite before. Not even on Asgard, which was quite surprising. Something about En said that he didn't quite play by the rules. He played his own game, in which he did what he want, whenever he wanted to.

"I'd also like to get to know you outside of just the bedroom, figuratively speaking." Loki was all in for sexing it up in the spaceship, but he also was extremely curious about En's history and private life. He knew vaguely about a rebellion among his people from the here-say he heard around the day previous.

"And I, you," En replied, surprisingly enough. "I'm open to questioning.." He added and motioned for Loki to fire away.

"I don't know, just tell me about how you came here or something. Or why maybe?" Loki asked curiously, wanting to know more about his new companion. En was happy to oblige, though his story wasn't the easiest to tell.

"If I were to tell you all of it, it would take years. I'll just sum it up and you can ask questions further from that," En began, ready to open himself to this new Asgardian stranger. "I've been around since just after the beginning of time. I also used to be part of a galactic race but all became extinct except for myself. Before that, I possessed the time gem and I could bend time to my will. Very helpful, I might add. Then Thanos comes around and fucks everything up, taking my gem. Fast forward some years and the other elders and I are working on trying to defeat the other giant purple asshat, Galactus. We used the remaining gems on him and that defeated him, for a while at least. Really, after my race was almost brought to extinction, I've just been traveling from place to place. Sakaar seemed like a pretty rad place so here I am. I started the arena because I really love games. Who doesn't?" Loki was intrigued by his story, curious if En would let him take a peek into his memories.

"Would you mind if I.. uh.. looked into your memories? Would that be too painful?" Loki asked curiously, looking at En.

"You can do that? I mean, sure. Go ahead, give it a whirl." The Sakaarian answered, fully open to it.

"If it becomes too much, just think in your mind that you want me to stop and I will." Loki spoke, his voice calming as he moved closer to the Grandmaster. En willingly leaned in, intrigued in what Loki could do. Loki pressed his palm to En's forehead, closing his eyes. As Loki delved into the Grandmaster's mind, he became one in the memory.

En looked around, seeing his friend shouting at him.

"You are nothing but a coward! Running away from all of your problems! They are going to decimate us and you are going to leave? Shame be upon you!" He glanced toward his spaceship and made a break for it. As he lifted up, he could see his fellow brethren dying through the window of the spaceship. Thanos blasted through his planet like it was made of butter. The force of the explosion caused his spaceship to careen into space, breaking apart. He was panicking, his breathing becoming shallow as he looked around for a way to save himself.

"Stop! Stop!" En cried out in his memory and Loki jerked back violently, feeling his anxiety rising too.

"By Odin's beard.. I apologize. I did not mean to target that memory in particular. You must have been thinking of the one that you did not want me to see." Loki explained, concerned for En as he saw the color drain from his face. En gripped the chair he was in, his face pale.

"Let's not do that again, shall we?" En wasn't angry, just shaken, and Loki could understand why. The god frowned a little more, then gently rubbed En's back.

"You did what you had to. You could have died too.." Loki was trying to console him, but En hated hearing that.

"I should have. I am damned to live this life knowing what I did, rather, what I didn't do." En spoke, clearly frustrated. A hand now resting on En's cheek in a sign of comfort, Loki brushed his thumb over the Grandmaster's cheekbone, looking into his eyes.

"I did something similar, but worse. I killed my entire race.. in hatred. Now it haunts me. I did it to make a point, and now I look back on it in shame," Loki paused before continuing, closing his eyes for a moment. "There are no more frost giants. I'm the last one." It was the first time he'd admitted that to anyone before. It felt good to get it out. The Grandmaster frowned a little more.

"Wow.. I can't imagine.." En was at a loss for words and he didn't know what to say to Loki.

"Everyone is redeemable. If you make that choice, anyway, you can be," Loki added and then leaned in, stealing a kiss from En's lips. "It's going to be alright. Sakaar is your new beginning. Don't let the past become who you are now." Loki always gave good advice, though he didn't take his own. En's lips tugged into a soft smile, glad to have reassurance about the misdeed he had done. He leaned back in the seat, cruising high above the space trash.

"I've got music, you know. Good stuff, at least I think so." En was clearly changing the topic, but Loki was grateful for it. The Grandmaster grinned over at the other male and Loki smiled more. He could actually be himself around Loki.

"I'll be the judge of that. Midgard has turned music into a scrap heap." Loki chuckled, leaning back in his own seat, in a better mood now that he had comforted the other. He'd almost forgotten that Hela was destroying Asgard while Thor was off somewhere he had no clue of. He'd also almost forgotten that Thanos was coming to kick his ass, or much worse. Probably much worse.

After singing some classic rock songs from Midgard, En more or less belting them out, they'd had a good laugh and turned the ship on autopilot.

"Lokes, you haven't told me about yourself that much. I mean, yeah, um, you're part frost giant so that's cool. I honestly thought you'd have a popsicle if you know what I mean. That was a little concerning to me." En smiled, his bright white teeth poking out a little. Loki chuckled and shook his head.

"No.. nope. Well, I was adopted as a kid and brought up thinking I was just Asgardian. So when I found out, my father did not want to deal with it in a reasonable way, so I rebelled," Loki paused again, finding it hard to talk about his past. "I killed my whole race, fell off a bridge, and then found Thanos. I was given the tesseract and I led an army of Chitauri against the human race and failed, so that's why Thanos wants me, long story short." En blinked a couple of times.

"Wow, really hitting the high notes, are we?" En shook his head, feeling like that was a fast explanation of Loki's life. "So what do you do these days?" Loki leaned back, kicking his boots off.

"Currently, I should be trying to stop my homicidal daughter and son from destroying Asgard. I don't know if it would be any use at this point. There is only so much you can do as a father." He shrugged and En's eyes widened.

"You're a father?" En was shocked to hear that. Loki didn't strike him as the parental type. Loki nodded.

"And a mother, but I'm not going to talk about it and you're not going to ask," Loki added, causing En to furrow his brows. He and did not ask, nor did he want to. "It's a little inconvenient. Three of my four kids want the universe to burn." He explained, getting comfortable in the seat he was in. The Grandmaster gave a little shrug after that.

"Seems so. Especially seeing as you're staying here instead of going to stop them." En pointed out, grinning a little at him. Loki frowned, looking out the window.

"Their minds are set on it. There is nothing I can do now." Loki explained, seeing no other way to save them. En looked over at him, wondering if maybe there was something he could indeed do. He decided to drop the subject, not wanting to make the other feel bad either. He decided to just leave it at that, steering the ship back to the dock. The day was still young and there were other things that he wanted to show Loki. He felt like a young being again, eager to show his world to someone else. He hoped that this someone wouldn't prove to be just a fleeting thing. Who knew if Loki would stick around longer than two days?

Once they got back to the dock, En led Loki to another part of the tower. It was an actual room full of art. It wasn't Midgardian art, but something else entirely. It was mind-blowing how much detail and beauty were contained in each of the paintings. En looked around with Loki.

"What do you see?" En asked curiously, wondering what the trickster's response would be.

"I see the universe... beauty.. darkness.." Loki mused, walking back and forth to each painting to find similarities and differences.

"They're mine." The Grandmaster admitted and looked around the hall of art. Even the walls and ceiling had been painted one way or another. The paintings were of what the Grandmaster could see of the universe.

"These are... incredible." Loki replied. He always had an eye for art. He never took it for granted because he knew that it was a window into the artist's soul. What the artist withheld, he or she expelled it into their art. He saw a beautiful tragedy before his eyes, and that was the only way he could think to describe En Dwi Gast. He was a unique individual who hid behind humor and comedy, his soul filled with horror and beauty.