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A fresh start

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We slowly pulled up to the home, it wasn't anything like Freddy's house. It was much more, well, home like. A family home. Fenced in yard, big oak tree in the front yard of the two story house that looked to be older then Freddy. A nice driveway and a beautiful scenic neighbor like something out of a black and white film. You slowly got out of the car and picked up Claire as you ventured into the yard. You smiled as you seen the bright fall colors surrounding the new home.... Home. You walked around to the back yard to find a good size yard and your perfect recreated pond that looked to be the same size as the other, deck hanging over and a deck on the back of the house as well. You were to busy exploring with your daughter to hear Freddy sneak up.

"Darling we should get inside and put Clarice down for a proper nap." He smiled at your small jump, "you ok?"

"Yes Freddy, just adjusting." You sighed and slowly moved with him to go in.

Now it was hard to see a home when all you could see was cluttered furniture and boxes covering everything. You tried to think of everything, paint colors that went with the decor, getting new furniture such as the living room furniture to make sure neither of you had to recap the past. It was early, nearly ten, so you look at Freddy and slowly walk through to the nursery. It needed painted and unpacked, luckily the crib wasn't wrapped to tight. The bedroom was good, the bed only needed moved a little and the boxes unpacked. Put the bassinet in the bedroom for the night and get people painting the nursery first today. Then I can set it up tomorrow and we can move to unpacking the rest of the house.... Should probably tell Freddy and see what else we want done. You looked at him and smiled, bouncing Clarice on your hip lightly.

"I like it. How about we get ahold of some painters and paint Claire's room and see if there is any others we want done?" 

"Fine with me darling." He kissed your head, "we can get the paint in an hour after we make some calls. I would like my office painted too."

He motioned to follow him as he walked back down the hall to small office room he picked, "I'd prefer white. Claire's room needs to be that icy blue...  Any other rooms before I make a few calls?"

"No. I think the rest are fine." You gave him a small kiss, "I'll start on our bedroom so we can all sleep in there tonight then move to the kitchen when we get back from getting paint." 

"Perfect darling. I'll see what I can find and let you know." He pulled out his phone as you walked back to the bedroom and put Claire in a walker.

Ewen was right by her side, her small glare for being caged up for a week in an animal boarding business now gone as she was with her partner in crime. They played and you unpacked. Clothes in the walk-in closet, one side his and the others yours, and your twos small beauty supplies we're put on the long dresser that you also put the photos on before they could get hung up. The bedding was put in the drawers except for one you struggled to get on the new bed Freddy had bought and paid to have assembled. California king, plenty of room and very cushioned so you really felt like sleeping on air. Everything was going smoothly as Freddy walked in and knocked to gain your attention.

"I have a group coming in two hours. That gives us enough time to buy the paint and get back." He took a look around before petting Ewen who jumped up to see him, "the room is looking good darling. Isn't it Ewen?"

She mewled and he picked her up, "let's go now so we have extra time.... In case we get lost."

"It's a small City, or is it a town? Either way, I doubt we could get lost." You kissed his cheek and picked up Claire as you started out the door. 

It was a short drive, the navigation unit only rerouting a dozen times as Freddy took wrong turns. He was frustrated, but that dissolved fairly well when we got to the third store. We had forgotten it was Thanksgiving, most stores were closed and we struggled to find help but we bought our paint and a little food. We arrived home and he started helping you with food as we waited on the painters. Of course the food wasn't much, some fruit and veggies that were mostly good. We only had a little to go off of, making a small meal and stopping when the painters got here. Freddy handled them as you unpacked a kitchen around cooking, a little Claire trying to help mommy. She crawled by your feet and pulled your pants leg, almost tripped you a few times. You picked her up and sat her in the high chair, Ewen playing with her from the table by snatching a key ring from somewhere. You let it go and kept going with the food and putting away things as you heard footsteps coming closer.


Fred walked the workers up and two went to each room. He focused on the second room, the soon to be new nursery. He was looking it over and trying to decide how he wanted it done. Since you did all of Clarice's room, he got to pick the theme and most of the basic stuff. He of course would still take your opinion and wouldn't do anything you didn't like. He took the time to plan it out, think of what he wanted to do. Boy themes, girls themes, gender neutral. Colors and ideas..... So many for such a little room.

As he planned it in his head, a man knocked and broke him from the task, "ok sir, the rooms are done. You'll want to let the windows stay open so the walls can breath and your wife and daughter doesn't inhale the fumes."

"Thank you, do you need the payment now?" He started towards the steps when the man stopped him.

"No, it's a holiday. Pay tomorrow and we'll call it good." He smiled, "happy Thanksgiving."

The crew packed up and left as he came down to find the small mess known as the kitchen. His daughter jingling the keys and Ewen watched intent. He chuckled and turned to you as you sat down a dish of food.

"Darling, Claire took your keys again."

You frowned and looked at the small hook by the entryway, "no. They are hanging up there."

He frowned and checked his pocket to find his, "we'll I have mine."

A knock came from the front door and Freddy answered it and motioned the man in without words. He lead him to the kitchen and handed Claire a carrot as he pulled the keys from her grasps.

"Sorry about that." He smiled softly.

"I don't remember being near the girls here." He frowned and started to turn around.

"You didn't. The cat took them." Freddy walked him to the door, "she likes to steal keys for the baby."

"Happy Holidays." He nodded and left as Freddy slowly came back to the kitchen to sit down.

He sat across from you and made two plates as you got some apple sauce for Claire. You fed her between a few bites from your plate. He smiled and watched you struggle to do both. He offered a hand to help, and to your surprise he meant feeding you. Once you made him stop, you guys went back to the bedroom to finish a few final touches before bed. Sitting Claire to bed and cuddling close to you, Freddy was excited to sleep in his new home. His new home where they can start fresh. Tomorrow they would unpacked more and hopefully before the end of the week, you two would meet the neighbors. A new start, a fresh start... New beginning for us. The happy Chilton's.