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Mosdra Kazuma's life/Universe 1

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Universe 1:
Main character

VegitoxPowergirl, SupermanxBlack widow, MosdraxKara, theta(Doctor)x romana or clara, OliverxDinah, barryxJesse, others to be added

Disclaimer: I don’t own most of the characters but I do own Mosdra and my other OCs besides Kail he is one of my friends character


Chapter 1: the Creation of the most dangerous mortal
A long time on Gallifrey before the first lord president of Gallifrey took over Rassilon ordered his scientist to create something to fulfil the ancient prophecy created of two warrior-like races so he used DNA of the gallifreyans and the saiyans he used the time scoop to extract the strongest full blooded Saiyans to exist in the multiverse he got out Broly, Goku, Vegeta, Vegito then he send them back when they were still unconscious but it took eons to work on the hybrids creation he was finally finished by Theta Sigma of Lungbarrow and Koschei of Oakdown getting ready to join the time lord Academia.

Mosdra just got out of his tank where created and put some clothes were on. “I see you are up Mosdra you have go to the academy “ said a random scientist then Mosdra started to walk to the and he started to fly (When he was created they gave him full knowledge of Ki control and something surprising and his current power level is equal to Goku at the start of super) then he arrived at the Academy then Mosdra started walking down then he saw his future best friends Koschei and Theta. “Hey my name is Koschei and this is my best friend I see him as a brother his nick name is Theta Sigma, I am from the house of Oakdown and he is from lungbarrow” Koschei said talking to Mosdra and Theta was waving hello to him, “I see my name is Mosdrashytonytanmorenoldacheengoldilden Mosdra for short if you must and my house is I don’t know i don’t have a past” said Mosdra looking a bit upset then Koschei put his hand on Mosdras back and reassuring him. “Hey Mosdra and Koschei we have to go to the Untempered Schism so let’s go and see what we will do I heard rumours of some ran, some went mad and some were inspired so let’s go” said Theta then they started running to where have to stare in the Untempered Schism.
Then they arrived there and they saw a big line up, after a few hours of waiting It was Theta’s turn and he ran away then it was Koschei’s turn and he went a bit insane. Now it’s Mosdra’s turn.
“Mosdra tell me what you see” said the teacher. “I see the entire timeline I see everything it is a bit inspiring and overwhelming all I care about is my life what am I? What is my houses name? What is my purpose? I know Theta will be a doctor he is so nice and trying make everyone better.” Mosdra said looking a bit angry at Borusa then something started to glow around him (Super saiyan not yet he will turn into it really soon when he finds out what he is and his slow descend into the darkness until he goes to krypton and he started to change because of love). Then arrived to their first class and started learning and Theta and Koschei started messing around while Mosdra listened and did his work with no complains until they gave a lot harder work than his two best friends and Mosdra did them easily, then they gave him something not even true time lords do and Mosdra still did it and he started to notice they are giving him extremely hard questions. Mosdra started reading in the Library
92 years later
Mosdra keep on his quest to be the best, then he visited the house of lungbarrow and Theta convinced his family to let Mosdra stay with them and Mosdra, Theta, Koschei and being called the second coming of the time lord great trio. Then a bully came with a sword looking weapon with a gun (yes a gun blade I love final fantasy) then he attacked Mosdra and cut him with it.
“Nerd give me your answers or I will kill you and your friends” said the Bully his name is Torvic. “How about no we gave deal with this peacefully? “asked Mosdra peacefully not trying to cause a fight then Torvic then he used the gun part to shoot Mosdra’s leg then he sliced his chest and made him bleed then Toric started walking to Koschei and Theta and kicked them around and Mosdra is trying to get up and he was bleeding badly. “No you will not hurt my friends I will make you play” said Mosdra then he lost unconscious then he got up with his eyes shut (Sound familiar in super just imagine when Goku got up when he was fighting Kefla and his eyes were shut just imagine the theme going of) then Toric tried to hit Mosdra with his gun blade and Mosdra dodging them without trying then he used the gun and aimed at Mosdra’s heart and shot and Mosdra just avoided them and punched Toric in the chest and knocked the air out of him then Mosdra picked him up and blasted him in the sky and vaporized then Mosdra fell down unconscious.
Then Mosdra woke up feeling like his stamina drained. “Good to see you are up Theta and Koshei were worried about you” said Ushas. “What are you doing here Ushas I heard you enlarged at rat and it ate the president’s cat it was kind of funny” said Mosdra then they started to laughing then Ushas started walking away from them then she kissed Theta’s lips and Mosdra and Koschei are shocked.
Now the Graduation ceremony
“Theta of Lungbarrow aka The doctor graduates 51% on the second attempt you just as bad as Koschei you to must be twins” said Borusa and everyone started laughing at them and Koschi and Theta embarrassed. “Mosdra of Kazuma graduates with 120% on the first attempt and surpassed even the smartest time lords” said Borusa and everyone started clapping and Mosdra don’t really care about it he just wants to do his own thing. Then all the graduates had a big dinner and Mosdra ate the most because of his Saiyans DNA then after it Mosdra headed to where he was and he found a giant lab with thousands of tanks like he was hold in and Mosdra started to get extremely angry and his hair started spiking up and turning golden and his eyes turning blue then he transformed into super saiyan but that is not all his angry is getting higher than his hair started to get more spike and ascended into super saiyan 2 then something hit him but it did not phase at all but he gained knowledge how to fight most fighting styles. Then Mosdra looked at who it was just a scientist and Mosdra looked at him with so much angry then something unusual happened Mosdra’s regeneration energy started to show itself and attacked all life in the building even ones in the pods started to absorb them (think Alucard) but Mosdra’s angry did not stop he started powering up and turned into super saiyan 3 and he levelled the building then he flew away far from anyone and started to release his angry then he turned back to normal then he turned into the 3 states he was in with ease. He started to create his own TT capsule or as in his friend’s granddaughter the TARDIS. Mosdra found a type 80 mark VI TARDIS and Battle TARDISes he dismantled the Battle one and type 80 and reassembled them together to make a hybrid to reflect what he is and he added an AI that he called T.A.R.D.I.S (think of J.A.R.V.I.S and K.I.T.T and EDI combined).

20 years later
Theta Sigma known now as the Doctor stole a type 40 mark III TARDIS and took his granddaughter Susan and ran away also Koschei known as now The Master went insane and was sent to Shada, Ushas called herself the Rani and she was exiled because of what happened now Mosdra is alone until he was asked by the President to do something unknown to the high council that wants to keep Mosdra like a dog and completely oblivious to Mosdra’s ever-growing hatred to all time lords besides The doctor and The Master.
“Long time no see Mosdra I need you to do something who knows you may find what you are looking for someone who will care about you “ said the Lord President. “Time now I lost my patience with this race” said Mosdra coldly. “I am going to send you to a planet called Krypton the hight council knows they think only a few months but it is really until you want to return but I got two different places for you to go planet Krypton and to a planet called Latera in the Pegasus galaxy what do you say?” asked lord President. “I will be going right now and I am never going to return” said Mosdra happy because he got freedom

{Far away from the multiverse a secret council of Transcended gods}
Watching Mosdras life and they saw his Ultra Instinct. “This is interesting a mortal gaining that he could achieve young this could be interesting” said Chuck. “Brother what are you thinking of” said Amara. “Keeping away from dear old brother, sister” said Chuck “ I see old friend will find out if we can keep him away” said Death
(Supernatural characters)

On Gallifrey Mosdra is setting course to Planet Kryton where he will meet his future girlfriend/ wife Kara Zor-el and her bastard of a father

The end of chapter one

What do you think of it the Kara is close to smallvilles Kara combined with new earth and new 52?