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Making it Grow

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Groot!Loki and a Tony who just thinks he's the sweetest thing, even if he's full of splinters and only takes breaks from saying 'I am Loki of Asgard' in order to remark how everyone is beneath him. 'I am Loki of Asgard, you are beneath me'. Loki likes the attention that Tony bestows upon him, this one can live.

I Am Loki 

((Those dashes under his eyes are supposed to be eyelashes but I put them too separate))

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Sketch Dump
A dump of a bunch of my sketches, there's actually more and there will be some other completed/coloured pieces. Including a full alternative squad Guardians of Galaxy.

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Loki does not approve of this tradition. He likes Tony's jumper however, it feels nice.
(Just wait until they break out the baubles and the tinsel then he would not be quite so relenting)

Rhodey is the one taking the photograph otherwise he would be in there like a shot.

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I saw it. I loved it. I drew it.


Sans Stephen Strange and Tony Stark