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Forget Me Not

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‘No, no, no, no, no, NO!’

Sans had never seen it coming, He looked away from Sabrina just for a second to pin down an attacker from a nearby human gang. An ambush had crowded around the two as he had successfully kept her safe. Or so he thought. As he took down the assultant and heard the loud blast of a gun behind him, he turned quickly to see Sabrina falling to the ground while clutching her side.

He screamed for her and launched the guy into the brick wall using a blue attack, barley listening to the disgusting crunch that came from the man’s crumbled body, as he swopped up Sabrina and teleported them straight in the middle of Alphys lab, earning a surprised squeak from the yellow lizard.
“S-sans, w-what are y-you doing here- O-oh my s-stars..!”

“Alph, I need your help! Sabrina was shot!”

“S-set her on the bed, I’ll g-go grab gauzes!” She quickly left the room and sans gently laid Sabrina onto the metal bed and kept a hand pressed against her bleeding side. Causing a whimper to escape Sabrina’s lips and gripped onto his wrist. “s-sans..”

He gently cupped her cheek and wiped droplets of tears away from her dark brown eyes. “S-stars darling, i-im so sorry! This was my fault! I should’ve just teleported us out of ere’!”

The pitter patter sound of claws hitting tiles came into the room, signaling Alphys return. “O-okay, what all e-exactly happened?” She gently moved sans hand away and cut opened Sabrinnas blood covered blouse and placed her scaly hand against the wound.

“M-me and doll were walkin by central park and these jackasses from that monster hatin human gang, uhh the Tortellini's, came round and ambushed us. Doll got shot and now were ere’.” He used his sleeve to wipe off the sweat collecting at the base of his skull, and stood on the other side of her. Fear laced in his voice. And If he had a heart, it would be pounding out his chest.

“O-okay.. Did the Bullet come o-out?”

“No..” He could feel more sweat gather.

“T-then it looks l-like I’m going to h-have to dig i-it out of h-her.” Alphys hands glowed a faint green, healing Sabrina enough to slow the bleeding, and to avoid the wound closing.

His eye lights grew dark, and his smile stretched dangerously, “Like hell ya are.”

“Sans i-if that b-bullet stays inside h-her any longer, it c-could cause m-more d-damage!” He clenched his teeth and stared down at Sabrina. Sweat glistened on her forehead and she stared up at him, smiling nervously and took hold of his hand, stroking his knuckles. “It’ll be fine.” He gazed down to her soul and felt his own run cold. “Alphys her soul!” Panic spread across Alphys face as she summoned Sabrina’s soul out, reveling a lavender purple that was steadily losing its color and starting to crack.

“O-oh dear..I-it must’ve been a magic infused bullet! I didn’t even think about that!”

“Dammit, NO!” Sans slammed his fist onto the end of the metal bed, slightly denting the surface. His left eye was engulfed in a lighting blue and his magic made the air feel heavy and static like. “S-sans! C-calm down!”

“ I ‘ L L K I L L T H E M A L L!” He roared,

“SANS SKELETON SERIF!” Sabrina yelled out, completely halting his anger, his head snapped back to look at her and seen how pale her usually tanned skin was. Her breathing was paced as she took steady breaths and looked utterly exhausted. “C-calm.. Down, anger… W-won’t get you anywhere.”

“S-shit doll em’ sorry..!” He rushed to her and gently held her head up, she smiled and reached her arm up and stroked his cheek.

“S-sans.. I- im so sorry…” Alphys said voice heavy with guilt. He didn’t look up, he simply lifted Sabrina, and walked to a large couch, sitting down softly and laying her down on his lap. Not looking up from her. “…I’ll leave y-you t-two alone..” Alphys reached the door and glanced over her shoulder, and left. She wished she knew more about the magic infused bullets and why it effected humans much worse than it did monsters.

There was hardly any chance of survival for humans that had taken a direct blow of a magic infused bullet. The amount of magic inside it was ten times over the limit humans bodies could take and would slowly start shutting down their organs and spreading its way across the body until it paralyzed them completely, and then they just waited for death to come. It was most likely because of the lack of magic humans possessed, while as monsters with a high enough Hp could survive the bullet if they ate enough monster foods, got plenty of rest, and where heavily monitored.

The bullets became illegal the moment they appeared on the streets, becoming too dangerous for humans and monsters. Today they’re very hard to come but yet people continue to get their grubby hands on them.

Sans didn’t even realize he was crying until Sabrina wiped his tears. “Now why you crying big guy?” She smiled up at him, and he gently held her hand to his face, then bringing her hand to his teeth and kissed her knuckles. She blushed lightly, staring into his eye lights, as he stared into hers. Filled with adoration, sadness and guilt, So much guilt.

“M’ cryin’ cuz em’ losin’ ya… Il mio amore, il mio tutto.” (My love, my everything.)

Tears gathered up in her eyes, threating to fall. She bit her trembling lip and griped his dark blue vest, her body shook as she laid her head against his chest, muffling the sound of her sobs. He held her tighter and rested his forehead against hers.

“H-hey, sweetheart. Why are ya cryin’?” He held her head, whipping away stray tears. “I’m crying because I don’t want to leave you Sans! I wanted to experience life with you, Papyrus, Undyne, Toriel, Asgore, everyone!”

He gave her a sad smile and cupped her cheek. He pressed his teeth against her full lips, Using magic to make it comfortable for her, she hooked her arm around his neck, Deeping the kiss as he pried her lips open and explored her mouth. Faintly tasting the vanilla milkshake from earlier that day.

He pulled away slowly and rested his forehead against hers, eyes lidded, cheeks blushing a light blue and a small dopey smile stuck on his face. Her face was bright red and she smiled up at him. “I always loved your smile. It suits you.” He chuckled, his baritone voice sending shivers through her soul. “Yer too kind darlin’ what did I do ta get ya?” He rested his head atop hers.

“Well let’s see, we’ve known each other for what? 3 years? I know you felt some type of way because you were always trying to make me laugh. Then one day you took me to Grilllbys and I believe you told me some, and I do quote “Bon-a-fide skeleton puns,” and then you promptly ended up embarrassing yourself by tripping over annoying dog. And that caused you to grab for the closest thing which so happened to be my plate of pasta and got it all over you.” By the time she finished, sans skull was turning a dark blue, he groaned and slapped his hand over his face.

“Stars that had ta be my worst day ev’a. I was so embarrassed, thought I’d dust right then and there.”

“Ah yes, I felt bad for you and then I ended up going on a date with you. But that was the best day of my life.”

He snorted and laughed whole heartily, wiping a tear away from his socket, “is that so?”

“Oh yes, honestly when I first met you I thought you hated me for being human.”

“Well, it was kinda hard not to… Don’t take it personally darlin’ but when your biggest rivals are humans ya ne’va know who’s part of it.”

“Yeah I get it, honestly I would’ve done the same.” He interlocked their hands and noticed how cool she felt.
Her skin was slowly losing its warmth, as if it was freezing in the room. She could feel her heart slow and breathing was becoming difficult. He sensed her time was coming to an end, seeing the cracks in her soul deepen, split, and crack. The light of her soul was almost dull, his soul clenched painfully and shot up, gaining an idea. A very stupid one.

“Bond souls with me.”

“Sans.. No… I can’t, i-I won’t..” Her throat felt extremely dry.

“Please doll, I-it could save ya!” He pulled his soul out, pure white. Just like freshly fallen snow.

“Or it could kill us both; sans you know that if it didn’t work you couldn’t bear the pain. You’d dust right after me.”

She felt extremely tired, like she hadn’t slept in days.

“I’m willing to try it!”

“And what if it doesn't work? What will Papyrus do?”

He froze, she was right. Papyrus would be miserable without his brother. He couldn’t do that to his little brother. The image of Papyrus’s broken tearful face flashed in his skull. His shoulder’s crumbled and fat tears gathered at the corners of his eye sockets.

“I-I don’t wanna lose ya Darlin…”

Sabrina smiled gently, “Please don’t cry, I’ll be heading to the stars and joining my family. Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone as great as me heh.” His eyes widened and snapped up to meet her gaze. “T-tha hell ya talkin bout doll?! I could ne’va replace ya!” He felt anger swell in his soul. How dare the one he loves say that?!

“You also said you’d never be with a human to Sans.”

His teeth closed with an audible ‘click’ “T-that’s a different story!”

She gripped both of his hands and held them tightly to her chest. “Promise me.”


“Promise me you’ll move on when I’m gone. I don’t want you to hold onto this grief you carry right now.”

He just stared at her. “I-Sabrina…”

“Please. I don’t wanna look down and see you cry over me years after I’m gone.”


“Promise me Sans Serif, for my last wish upon this world.”

He took a slow deep breath, returning the grip on her hands and gave a small smile. With tears running down his face.

“I promise.”

She pulled down his skull and gently kissed his forehead. “Thank you.” Sudden weakness took over her body. Her throat felt like it was being closed up and her heart beat slowly.

‘What a pretty light.’

“D-doll…? Hey look at me.. Sweetheart? Please don’t do this..!”

Sabrinas soul manifested from her chest. Sans eye lights shrunk as he cradled her soul, thick trails of tears ran off his cheek bones and onto her face as he stared down as the large crack on her soul stilled as it reached the bottom of the soul.

“I love you sans…”

A N D S H A T T E R E D . . .


Broken screams traveled throughout the entire lab and even outside, Causing Alphys to panic and rush in. Finding that San’s had blacked out, his head laid limp on the back of the couch with the body of Sabrina.

Alphys sighed and made her way over to them, grunting as she picked up Sabrina and brought her back to the metal bed. She’d have to call Undyne, and Asgore.. As well as the rest to inform them of the loss of Sabrina, a dear friend.

She finger brushed Sabrina’s raven black waves of hair. Changing her out of the bloodied clothes and putting her in a large hoodie and sweats, ‘It’s better than nothing…’ She thought to herself, feeling the grief catch up to her while looking at the peacefulness across Sabrina’s face. Before she turned away, a dull white light caught her eye.

It was half of her SOUL.

‘How?!’ She stared astonished and ran out of the room to quickly return with a tube used to preserve souls. Carefully placing the soul in the container, she just… stared. Noticing all the thin cracks that resembled spider webs cover the surface of the soul. Unsure of what to do since nothing like this has ever happened. Then suddenly a memory appeared in her mind,

“Hey Alph,”

“Y-yes Sabrina?” Alphys didn’t look away from the project she was working on.

“Has a soul ever stayed after death before?”

This gained her full attention and she turned to face her, brow raised.

“N-not for l-long, only for a-a few m-moments… Why a-a-are you a-asking?”

Sabrina didn’t respond for a moment, until she faced Alphys. Looking right into her eyes, “If anything were to happen to me, I give you full permission to experiment on my soul, if it stayed.”

Alphys brows furrowed, “W-where’s this c-c-coming from S-Sabrina?”

“… It’s just a gut feeling.”

The memory ended and her gaze was set on the pure white soul. She felt sick for actually considering it. But Sabrina did say it was alright… And the cameras were on so she has Sabrina confirming that Alphys had permission to conduct experiments.

Curiosity crept into her soul, urging to run test to see how a soul, half of one, is still in stable condition. She took one look at sans and back at the soul, deciding it was for the good of science. Holding the container close to her chest she walked out of the room.

‘Forgive me, sans.’