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Let's Make A Baby

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Nicole stepped back from the sink and checked out her makeup in the mirror. ‘Not bad’ she admitted to herself. She didn’t wear much makeup; it didn’t make a whole lot of sense with her job and plus she preferred the look of a natural face anyway but it was nice to know that with her limited usage she was still able use the products properly.

The “cut” on her lip could still use a little work but she was proud that the bruise she’d painted around her right eye looked pretty real and she’d seen a lot of bruises during and even before her time as Sheriff.

Her disheveled hair looked greasy and dirty thanks to some temporary hair concoction she’d found at the store but she thought it could still use that little extra “oomph” so she teased it a bit more with her hairbrush.

“Lookin’ good, lookin good” she aimed and fired finger pistols at herself in the mirror when she heard an unmistakable voice.

“Auntie ‘Cole! Autie ‘Cole!” a high-pitched yell reverberated throughout the hallway leading towards the guest bathroom of the Homestead and no sooner had she heard it the door flew open and a small bundle was tugging at Nicole’s pant leg.

“Wow baby look at you!” Nicole smiled down at her little niece who was practically vibrating with excitement at her feet. “You look more like the Sheriff than I do!” Nicole squatted down so that she was at Alice’s level.

“Auntie Wave sure went all out on your costume didn’t she?” Nicole remarked, turning Alice at all angles so she could see her better.

Waverly had insisted on making all of their costumes this year, going on a fifteen minute rant about how Halloween costumes and decorations were bizarrely over-priced and she had never supported that, even as a child. She’d made all of her Halloween costumes from scratch ever since she’d learned to sew and she’d insisted on making her and her niece’s costumes as well as her wife’s to which Nicole had no complaints. Whatever made Waverly happy.

Alice’s uniform shirt looked exactly like Nicole’s old one did, navy blue fabric with double-breasted teal and red pockets, complete with a little name tag that said “ Sheriff Earp” on it. Alice was also wearing khaki pants which Waverly had accented with two strips of teal duct tape cleanly running up the outside of each pant leg, imitating the dreaded khakis.

“Let’s check out all your accessories, make sure you have all the stuff you need” Nicole suggested to which Alice nodded in agreement.

“Radio?” The redhead questioned as she held up a finger.

“Check!” Alice held up the cleanly painted black cardboard box attached via velcro to her jacket, the cord made from cheap but convincing rubber tubing.

“Handcuffs?” Nicole held up a second finger.

“Check!” Alice grabbed her cowgirl belt by the buckle and shook it, her toy handcuffs jiggling at her hip.

“Badge?” Nicole narrowed her eyes and held up a third finger, pretending like she was trying to stump the younger girl even though she could see Alice’s badge clipped to one of the breast pockets.

“Check!” Alice squealed, proudly puffing out her chest and displaying the not plastic but real metal badge that Waverly had commissioned from the local blacksmith, a friend of Gus’ who was quite fond of the brunette. Nicole had no idea how she was friends with seemingly everyone in the town yet she somehow was.

“Gun?” Nicole questioned with a fourth finger, curious as to how Waverly had accomplished this.

“Check!” Alice drew her weapon from her makeshift holster, a painted but pretty convincing and sturdy handgun made from cardboard and duct tape which Waverly had tied to the end of a string ensuring that in case the younger girl dropped it that she wouldn’t lose it.

“Well it looks like you’re all set then Alice! Except for one more thing, come with me” Nicole offered her hand and Alice took it, letting herself be led into what was Waverly’s old bedroom where her other Aunt was putting the finishing touches on her own costume behind the closed door of the bathroom. Waverly had forbidden Nicole to see her costume before she was in it so Nicole was more than excited to see what her wife was wearing.

“Okay here you go love” Nicole took her Purgatory PD baseball cap from off of the dresser and knelt down to Alice’s level so she could put it on top of the 3 year old’s head, tightening the straps on the back so that it wouldn’t fall off. “Now you’re officially the Sheriff!” Nicole smiled with pride at her little niece.

“Thanks Auntie ‘Cole!” Alice threw her arms around her Aunt and Nicole scooped her up in her arms as she stood.

Waverly chose this moment to emerge from the bathroom in her costume and when Nicole laid eyes on her she nearly lost her shit.


“She’s dressed like daddy Auntie Cole!” Alice giggled, proud that she’d kept the secret that her Auntie Waverly had asked her to keep.

“Yeah I can see that” Nicole replied, putting Alice down and approaching the brunette so she could get a better look at her. “Wow, now I see why you wanted to keep this a secret”.

“Do you like it?” Waverly asked, wiggling her mustache playfully as she snaked her arms around Nicole’s neck.

“I do, I love it baby, but I’m also kind of creeped out” Nicole confessed eyeing Waverly’s costume again.

Waverly was dressed in dark jeans held up by a cowboy’s belt, dark boots, flannel dress shirt underneath a three button vest, fake yet somehow real looking mustache atop her upper lip,, knee length coat and black stetson atop her head and finally, faux leather holsters on either side of her hips; the spitting image of Doc Holliday himself.

“I’m gonna go get mommy!” Alice interrupted before running out of the room.

Now that she was gone Nicole could say what she really wanted to without having to censor herself.

“I hate you for doing this to me” she told her wife as she gripped her by the waist and pulled her closer.

At Waverly’s confused, mustached expression Nicole elaborated, her hands sliding lower Waverly’s hips. “For sexually confusing me enough to make me want to bone Doc Holliday” she confessed causing Waverly erupted into hysterics.

“I’m sorry baby” she giggled, stroking the back of Nicole’s neck gently. “But what about you? I didn’t think an inmate could look so sexy” she let her arms fall down Nicole’s arms, squeezing her biceps tenderly while she checked her out in the outfit she’d made for her.

Waverly had specifically tailored the black and white striped prisoner’s uniform to fit her tall wife, making sure the cloth hugged all the right places, specifically Nicole’s ass. God Waverly loved Nicole’s ass. It was a surprise to her how Nicole had done her makeup though, and she had to admit that the bruise definitely looked real, and she’d seen a lot of bruises before. Simply put, she thought Nicole Haught-Earp looked adorable.

“Oh come on, I do not look sexy” Nicole argued.

“You know I have a thing for women in uniforms” Waverly wiggled her eyebrows which earned an eye roll from Nicole but before they could continue their conversation Wynonna appeared in the doorway.

“Oh. My. God…Waverly…You look just like him!” Wynonna couldn’t help the bulging of her eyes as she stared at her baby sister in shock.

Doc appeared behind her a moment later and when he saw Waverly’s costume he grinned amusedly.

“Why Miss Waverly, you look mighty fine this evening. May I ask as to whom is the handsome devil that are you dressed as?”

“The only handsome devil I know Henry” Waverly responded kindly, placing a mustached kiss to Doc’s cheek making him blush.

“She looks just like you daddy!” Alice eagerly ran up to Doc and pointed at her Aunt to make sure Doc knew who she was talking about.

“Yes she does little lady” Doc agreed. “Why she looks more like me than me!” he scooped down and grabbed Alice’s hands tenderly, looking at his daughter who he loved more than anything in this world. “And may I say you look like the finest Sheriff this great town of Purgatory has ever seen!” he complimented the little girl’s outfit and his heart burst when he saw the smile his words had put on her face.

“Oh my God Nicole, you know what you should do??” Wynonna’s asked excitedly, eyes lit up and paired with the wicket grin that had spread across her face Nicole braced herself for a classic “Wynonna comment”. “Instead of just a bunch of randoms numbers for your prisoner ID you should put the day you and Waverly got married!!! Get it? The day you were ball and chained?!” she explained before she started cracking up and had to lean against Doc for support.

“Very funny Wynonna” Nicole remarked sarcastically but was soothed when Waverly placed a gentle kiss on her cheek and gave her a smile, her smile that was reserved for her and her alone.

“Alright, picture time! Both John Henrys get together please” Wynonna commanded as she whipped out her phone and opened the camera.

Doc excused himself from Alice and stood up to meet Waverly in the center of the bedroom, standing side by side with his twin while Wynonna snapped a few pictures.

“Alright Auntie Nicole, get in there and let’s see you give Doc Holliday a big, fat kiss” Wynonna taunted the redhead knowing exactly what she was doing in pushing Nicole’s buttons. Well two could play at that game.

Waverly held her arm open for Nicole to step to her side for the picture but Nicole brushed it aside, took hold of her wife and in one swift motion dipped her back, locking lips with her in a passionate kiss. Waverly’s eyes had widened in fear from feeling like she was falling for a moment but when she felt Nicole’s lips against hers her fear dissipated in an instant and she returned the kiss eagerly.

Wynonna could tell that Nicole was trying to bait her but when her sister-in-law made an obvious show of slipping her tongue into Waverly’s mouth she cracked.

“OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH, I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT” Wynonna hastily broke the women apart while making vomit sounds.

Waverly was blushing slightly as she was put upright again but Nicole had a shit-eating grin on her face which only got wider when Wynonna mouthed “asshole” to her.

“I want a picture with Auntie Cole!” Alice demanded, tugging on her mother’s pant leg to get her attention.

“Why don’t you take a picture of you handcuffing her?” Wynonna asked calmly, not breaking her gaze from Nicole who was still smiling. “That might be a good idea baby”.

“Okay!” Alice agreed eagerly, not picking up on the not to subtle play fighting she and her Aunt were engaged in.

Nicole had to get on her knees for Alice to be able to put the cuffs on her but when she finally got it the three year old was positively beaming, both Waverly and Wynonna having snapped away profusely with their phone cameras.

“Good job Alice!” Nicole praised the younger girl after easily taking off the fake cuffs behind her back. “Now when I need help arresting someone I know I can ask you”.

“You three had better hurry” Doc interrupted from across the room, glancing up from his watch.
“Prime trick or treating time has already begun”.

“Let’s go let’s go!” Alice grabbed a hold of Waverly and Nicole’s pant legs and started tugging them before letting go and bolting towards the stairwell, desperate to get outside.

Wynonna ran ahead to make sure her daughter didn’t trip and fall down the long flight of stairs while Doc and the young couple trailed behind.
“You sure you don’t want to come with us Doc?” Waverly asked, worried that he would want to be included in their plans for the evening.

“No I’m perfectly content with staying here and watching a scary movie or some such with Wynonna, you ladies go have fun and take care of my little girl” he assured her.

While Wynonna and Doc weren’t together romantically they still spent quite a lot of time together not only because they shared a child but because they genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. They’d both agreed to let Alice go enjoy this holiday with her Aunts while they spent a quiet evening in.

“I’m ready!!” Alice announced from the doorway, having tugged on her tiny winter boots as quickly as she possibly could, sweating slightly from the exertion.

“Have fun ladies” Doc saluted the couple but before they could respond they were tugged through the doorway and that was that.

The Homestead was a few short miles from town but still too far to walk, especially in the cold, so the three girls hopped into Waverly’s jeep and made the quick drive, blasting the radio and singing along to the Halloween classics that were playing.

Waverly’s heart soared every time she took her eyes of the road to steal a glance at her niece and wife singing off-key together unashamedly, and part of her was starting to get the feeling that she needed to talk to Nicole about something important very soon...

Purgatory was a small town but it had a strong community, and many stores were participating in the holiday, staying open after hours to hand out candy to the kids.

Their first stop was Nedley’s house at Waverly’s insistence. Nicole agreed, figuring her old boss would get a kick out of her costume which he did. He also got a laugh out of Alice’s costume, telling the young girl that she looked more like the Sheriff than both he and Nicole. After their goodbyes and promises to get together for dinner soon they left for the next stop on Waverly’s pre-planned hit list, Alice’s bucket already containing a generous amount of sweets from her first stop.

They walked around town hitting the local stores as well as the neighborhoods, Alice holding onto Nicole’s hand the entire time, Nicole wanting to make sure the little girl didn’t slip on any ice that was still lingering from the storm a few nights ago as they paraded from house to house. Waverly lagged behind the two just long enough to pull out her phone and snap a picture of her two favorite girls side by side talking and laughing.

Nicole and Alice had always had a special bond ever since the youngest Earp had been born. Nicole would sneak off to visit Gus and the youngest Earp while Wynonna couldn’t, bringing back baby pictures and video messages which only fueled the Heir’s motivation to end the curse, which she did, right before Alice’s third birthday.

The next weekend Alice was brought home for good and ever since then she’d been the glue that held their makeshift family together.

When Alice's feet started to hurt from all the walking Nicole grabbed her under her arms and hoisted her up so she was sitting on her shoulders, Alice giggly and excited from the new and much taller view she'd acquired. They carried on for another half hour or so with Alice perched atop Nicole which only made Waverly feel like she'd been punched in the ovaries. Seeing Nicole interact with their niece ignited something within her that perhaps had always been there but had otherwise lay dormant or undetected but not anymore. The baby fever had set in and it was fierce.

After running into a friend of Alice's from preschool and her parents, saying hellos and complimenting costumes the three made their way back to the Station where Waverly had parked her red Jeep in Nicole's parking space, just another perk of being the Sheriff’s wife. Nicole buckled Alice into her car seat and they rode back to the Homestead not quite in silence but much more tuckered out than a few hours earlier.

“Hey you guys, how was it?” Wynonna called out from the living room when she heard the front door open, exiting out of the movie that would not be appropriate for Alice to see.

“It was good mommy! I got so much candy!!” Alice ran to her mom to show her the inside of her bucket which was packed pretty heavily with treats. Quite frankly it was pretty impressive that a three year old had been strong enough to carry it the majority of the night.

“That’s my girl!” Wynonna high fived her daughter and slid off the couch to sit next to her on the floor to organize her candy.

Nicole plopped down on the recliner and after shrugging off her coat Waverly joined her sister and niece on the rug.

In about five minutes the three girls had all of Alice’s candy sorted into piles of KitKats, Three Musketeers, Snickers, Hershey’s, Twix, and miscellaneous.

“Daddy come look!” Alice dragged Doc over to admire the neat piles. “You can have some!” she told him eagerly, pushing him closer to the candy.

“Why that is very sweet of you little lady, thank you. And since I am old fashioned I will take a Three Musketeers” he graciously grabbed his daughter’s hand and kissed it.

Waverly picked up a Kit Kat and unwrapped it as she walked over to Nicole, joining her in her lap which the redhead welcomed. The brunette took a bite of one of the sticks and stuck the rest of it in her wife’s mouth, following it with a quick kiss to Nicole’s lips.

They sat together on the recliner cuddling for the next 15 minutes enjoying the company of their family before Nicole whispered in Waverly’s ear. “I have work tomorrow baby, are you staying the night here?” Nicole asked as her way of letting Waverly know that she was heading home but that she didn't necessarily need to follow.

“No I'll come home with you, let me say goodbye first” Waverly answered and got off Nicole's lap.

“We're gonna head home guys, we’re beat” she announced to the room, kneeling down to where Alice was on the floor to give her a goodbye kiss.

Nicole grabbed her coat from the coat rack and turned around to give her goodbyes as well, when she was met with Wynonna who had quietly made her way over to the entryway.

“Hey, thanks for taking her, she had fun” Wynonna whispered to her as they both looked fondly at their girls exchanging hugs and kisses on the floor.

“Yeah no problem we had a good night. Thanks for letting us take her. “ Nicole whispered back, giving her sister in law a relaxed hug before going to do the same with Doc.

Wynonna and Nicole hadn’t always had this laidback relationship; they’d gotten more and more comfortable around each other as time progressed. Wynonna may have been hard on her at times but that’s because she was a protective big sister who had gotten used to Waverly dating bottom of the barrel losers but she knew Nicole was good for her sister, to her. It had taken some effort for both women but they’d actually become pretty good friends. They didn’t always see eye to eye and that’s alright because they had one major thing in common that always anchored them, their love for Waverly.

“Bye Auntie Cole, thank you for taking me trick or treating!” Alice addressed her Aunt politely, giving Nicole a big kiss on the face when she leaned in.

“No problem baby, we’ll see you soon okay?” Nicole smiled, tucking a strand of chestnut hair behind Alice’s ear and giving her a goodbye kiss on the forehead before wrapping her in a big hug.

They hurried to the Jeep, eager for its warmth and shelter from the cold that had settled in since they’d gotten back.


“Bye Auntie Waverly, bye Auntie Cole!” Alice waved from the doorway of the Homestead and Waverly and Nicole waved their final goodbyes from the car as Wynonna pulled Alice inside so she wouldn’t catch her death.

They drove home with the radio playing quietly, Nicole resting her head on her headrest as she looked out the window and watched the scenery go by. It still amazed her how beautiful Purgatory was, and sometimes she remembered how close she had been to not taking the job here in the first place. Of course now she realizes that moving here was one of the best decisions she’s ever made in her entire life; had she not she never would have met the love of her life and a world without Waverly Earp-Haught was unimaginable.

She reached over the center console and laced her fingers with her wife’s, bringing Waverly’s hand to her mouth and kissing it tenderly.

Waverly smiled, not taking her eyes off the road as she pulled up into their driveway. Before Wynonna had broken the curse it was too dangerous to live anywhere other than the Homestead so Nicole had moved in with the Earps. Their relationship was still quite new at the time and Nicole didn't want to overstep any bounds so she'd kept her house, renting it out to tourists passing through. When Wynonna had put down the last revenant right after their 6 month wedding anniversary the couple had moved into Nicole's place, now their place.

As soon as they entered the house Nicole made a beeline for the shower. She had an early day of work tomorrow and wanted to be well rested.

She stripped quickly before stepping underneath the stream of hot water, sighing in contentment at the instant feeling of relaxation.

She was in the middle of rinsing the makeup off of her face when she felt smooth arms wrap around her from behind, settling on her stomach.

Nicole smiled. Waverly joined her in the shower every chance she got and tonight was no different.

She turned around, wordlessly gripping Waverly’s arms and moving her underneath the stream of hot water so the brunette wouldn't be cold.

“I meant what I said earlier yknow” Waverly hummed, eyes closed as she relaxed underneath the water.

“What?” Nicole questioned, squirting shampoo into her hands and running them through her hair, scrubbing thoroughly.

“I've never seen a sexier inmate” Waverly replied casually watching her wife wash her body.

Nicole laughed, “Well I think you might have had something to do with that. Don't think I didnt notice how tight the pants were on my butt”.

“But I just love your butt baby I can’t help it” Waverly justified with a naughty smile, gripping Nicole's waist and pulling her in for a slow kiss.

The water cascaded down the both of them as they made out, Waverly sliding her hands down to caress Nicole's ass while Nicole hungrily palmed her wife's breasts.

Nicole was definitely a boobs girl and Waverly Earp-Haught had the best boobs.

She ran her thumbs over Waverly’s nipples, and the brunette moaned at the contact, sucking on Nicole's tongue before the redhead retracted it gently.

Nicole leaned her forehead against Waverly’s, feeling the water run over their bare bodies. Sometimes she still couldn't believe that it was over, the living in constant danger, forced to be always in the moment, not knowing if there would be a tomorrow. But they'd really done it. They'd really beat the curse, and sometimes it was all she could do to rip herself out of these peaceful moments with her wife that she wished would go on for eternity.

“I'm gonna get out baby” Nicole whispered and pecked Waverly's lips, reaching for her towel.

“Mkay, see you in there” Waverly replied, referring to their bedroom before reaching for the loofa to start scrubbing her body.

Nicole dried off as she walked, collecting her sleep wear from various spots around the room, toothbrush dangling from her mouth.

She slipped on her sleep boxers, a navy blue pair with dozens of tiny silver handcuffs printed on them that Waverly had gotten her for Christmas one year and her oversized sleep shirt, grabbing some fuzzy socks and hopping her way back into the bathroom as she put them on.

She brushed her teeth, smiling from Waverly’s gentle singing in the shower as she washed her hair.

Nicole fell more and more in love with that woman every single day and nothing felt better knowing that she'd get to spend every day of the rest of her life by Waverly's side.

By the time Waverly had gotten out of the shower and finished brushing her teeth Nicole was sound asleep on her stomach in bed, snoring softly.

The brunette dressed quietly, putting on underwear and her oversized sleep shirt before crawling into bed next to Nicole.

Waverly kissed her forehead and whispered an “I love you so much baby”, tucking a strand of short coppery hair behind Nicole's ear, kissing her one more time just because she could.

She draped her leg over Nicole's waist and snuggled in tight, breathing in the vanilla scent that was so Nicole.

Nothing in life was certain (especially for an Earp) but it was in these moments, laid up in bed with Nicole breathing peacefully by her side that Waverly was sure, more sure than she'd ever been about anything else in the world before that she was with the love of her life. But tonight she was certain about one thing in particular. She was certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she wanted, needed to have Nicole’s babies.