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Author's notes: I was thinking about in Solitudes when Daniel asks Siler an engineering-type
question and Siler responds with a "sir". Then I thought about how one outside the main team who has come to respect Daniel might react to the attitudes of some of the brass-types toward him (ie. Simmons, Kinsey...).

I called him "sir" from the beginning. It was protocol and I never stopped to think whether he deserved the honorific or not. It's the military way.

But very soon he did earn that title in my mind. Not because he saved the world, but for how he's always talked to and not "down-to" or "at" anyone, from the dumbest GED airman to the smartest scientists on the base. He values everyone's knowledge and experience, even mine.

He's asked me to call him Daniel but when the brass are near, I'll say "sir" with pride. After all, he's earned it.