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Liam was excited to start classes, this year would be quieter, no longer hear anything about Monroe and the other hunters, although she was still missing, it seemed that Beacon Hills was much quieter for all creatures and humans. People were no longer afraid of him and the others, including some who apologized to him afterward, his senior year would probably be incredible. Mason had won a car from his parents and promised Liam that he would get him to go to school together, so all he did after packing was to wait. After long minutes Liam heard a horn, saw that it was the Mason's car, when approaching realized Corey was next to him in the front seat, so he came in the back and they followed the way to the school.

"How was the vacation?" Mason asked him, he did not want to say that he had stayed home the whole time, but that was still the truth.

"Slow, I spent a lot of my vacation just thinking about the things we faced and playing video games, it was like time didn't pass." Liam replied truthfully, the time was really slow to pass.

"That must have been terrible, why didn't you tell me? We would have taken you with us, we visited so many places together." Mason said as he smiled at Corey, they were so happy together, Liam could feel it emanating from them.

"I did not mean to upset you, I know you deserved some time together after everything we've been through." Liam said, but the truth is he really would like to have some company during his vacation.

"And we had a great time together..." Mason said and Corey smiled at him, Liam soon understood what kind of 'time' they actually had.

"Have you kept talking to others? And how is Scott?" Corey asked, turning her back to look at Liam.

"Scott calls me almost every day to find out if everything's okay with me and through these calls he tells me how the others are. I managed to talk to Hayden, but it was only once, she said that everything was fine with her, that she and her sister had been attacked, but that in the end everything was fine and after that we did not talk anymore." Liam said, remembering that she had told him to move on, but he did not want to worry his friends, so he omitted that part.

"Maybe it's time for you to forget her, at least she looks good. You're starting a new year, you might meet new people and maybe someone who conquers that little heart." Mason said smiling and looking in the rearview mirror, but Liam did not really think about it now, he would like to have some time for himself.

"Maybe you're right." Liam said not so hopeful.

Mason and Corey went all the way talking about what they did during the holidays, they promised to take Liam next time, so he would not be locked up at home playing video games. When they arrived at school, they realized that it was different, it was more alive and had a new signage too, he could see all the people coming in while they talked and smiled, things had really gone back to normal, the difference is that now they knew about the supernatural and they no longer had to hide it. As they entered, they walked to the lockers and left their things. Liam was not anxious, he knew his first class would be Biology and he didn't like that, but he just said goodbye to Corey and Mason and headed to the classroom. Upon entering the classroom he saw Nolan and Sydney talking, didn't want to interrupt them, then just nodded and they reciprocated. He sat down, but as he had arrived early, so he just leaned his head on the table and began to think again of everything that had happened, he had lost Brett and Lorilee and still blamed himself for not being able to help them, he knew it wasn't but he could still have something he could have done... Liam got so lost in his thoughts that he did not realize that the teacher, Mrs. Finch, had arrived, she smiled at him and he returned it with a faint smile. He started to get his things in his backpack, but stopped as he noticed a figure at his side, Theo Raeken had sat next to him.

"What are you doing here?" Liam asked Theo, he thought Theo should be in college right now. The two had not spoken since the war, they had close moments, but then one day Theo disappeared and he thought he was just gone.

"Why you always ask that? Considering I was dead for a while, thanks to your pack, I still could not finish my senior year. Does that answer your question?" Theo replied to Liam, he was not angry, he knew Liam was the only one who could treat him differently, in a good way, but still he was annoyed at everything. And Liam, he felt bad, okay, he felt good when Theo was taken away by his sister, but now, after fighting side by side with him, he realized that maybe they were too radical with him.

"Yes..." Liam replied so softly that Theo could barely hear.

Theo just turned his face and waited for the beginning of class. And when it started, Liam was already bored, but he could not help noticing how Theo was focused on the class, he did not know how anyone could be interested in a matter as boring as Biology, but he decided to try the same, it was the last year he could not help but get good grades so he could get into college, but none of that got into his head.

While watching Theo write everything down perfectly, Liam remembered everything he and the boy had faced together, but he wanted to know why Theo was gone, why he had not stayed in Beacon Hills.

Classes continued and Liam knew that his last lesson of the day would be History, fortunately because he loved History and also because Mason and Corey would be there. They were sitting right behind Liam and were surprised when they saw Theo sitting next to Liam. It was something they did not expect, they had not heard from him in months.

Liam was focused on class, at least he was trying, because with him Theo was lying on the table with his eyes closed, he probably had no interest in class, or he was just too tired for class. Liam decided not to bother him, just kept focused.

When the alarm went off, Theo woke up, straightened out his things and went out of the classroom, he was tired, he had not slept at night, he stayed up during the night so he did not have nightmares again, it was difficult, but it was better than to go through all that terror again.

Liam thought it strange that Theo had left so fast, he wished he'd asked how his vacation was, but there was no time for that. Liam found Mason and Corey outside the classroom, they were impatient to ask about Theo.

"So... Theo is in our class... Should not he be in college?" Mason asked Liam, but Corey was also aware of the answer.

"He's in my biology class too. He blames us for not being able to finish the year, since he was in hell." Liam replied and he thought Theo was right.

"But he deserved it, right? After all he did." Mason said sternly, Liam did not agree with it, they had been too hard on Theo, he knew that.

"He helped us after I brought him back, maybe he's changed, maybe we've been too bad with him." Liam said, Theo had changed, that was true, but it seemed like only Liam could see that.

"Were we too bad with him? Do not forget everything he did, if we had not sent him to hell, what else could he have done?" Corey said, he was one of those who had been cheated by Theo, at least that's what he thought.

"He brought you back, along with Hayden, don't forget that. And he defended me... several times, so maybe we should give him a break." Liam said, he believed that Theo had already redeemed himself, they didn't need to continue treating him like that.

"Okay, that's true. And if he had not brought you back I don't know what would happen in my life." Mason said looking at Corey, who answered with a smile as he held his hand.

They went into the parking lot, as they got in the car and sat down, Liam saw Theo's truck across the parking lot. Theo was inside, motionless and staring at a fixed spot inside the car, Liam could not see what it was, but Theo looked tired and apprehensive. Liam wanted to know what was going on with him, maybe after all this he could be his friend, Theo did not seem to have many friends. Liam promised himself that tomorrow he would talk to Theo, he would try to approach the boy, as he had done before. Mason started the car and started driving. Liam saw Theo standing back, still standing looking somewhere.

Theo had not left when he left the classroom, he had just waited to hear what Liam and the others would talk about him. And in truth, listening to Liam defending him made him more excited, he had done everything for Scott and the others to forgive him, but it had been an effort in vain, almost in vain, Liam was the only one who seemed to have forgiven him, maybe that's why sometimes when he had nightmares he tried to think of Liam, maybe Liam was the reason he kept trying to be a good person, after all the evil he'd done, he just wanted to be happy, at least once .