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Daenerys' breath fogged up the bathroom mirror. She mindlessly began to draw in the condensation, a dragon, the sigil of her house. Anything to stop her thinking about going back to Hogwarts, the dread filling up her senses as she stood bare in her ensuite. She had shut down from everything the past few weeks, she was vulnerable. She was weak.

In a very high public case, her father, Aerys Targaryen, had left her mother for another woman. The woman in question: was some Veela floozy who was barely of age in the Wizarding world. She was roughly the same age as Daenerys. She had enticed her father and now the family was broken, open for the vultures to come and tear them apart. Not that it was all peaches and cream to begin with that was. 

The Targaryen name had been nothing but a laughing stock for years, ever since they came to the shores of the United Kingdom.

The Targaryen family lineage was a rich one, drenched in history. As descendants from the blood of Old Valyria, they were unlike any other wizarding family still alive in the world. A hidden island in the Mediterranean sea, it was the home to powerful witches and wizards who were so advanced in technology and war that they did not share their secrets from anyone else in the Wizarding world.

They were their own people, their own power and their own rule. Not to mention their love of Dragons, creatures of great strength, bonds tied them down to all the Valyrian families. each of the high lords of Valyria at one point had five dragons bound to them. You used to be able to look into the sky and see Dragons flying high like birds, as protectors for the people; a message of comfort.

Until, one fateful day, when the gods sort their advantage over others as being unfair, they unleashed their cruel contempt and brought the civilised nation to it's feet. Volcanoes and Hurricanes, Tsunamis, all destroying everything they worked hard to build. Their farms gone, their capital brought to it's knees, their dragons...

Thanks to Daenerys' ancestor, Daenys the Dreamer, the Targaryen family was the only known Valyrian blood to escape before the reckoning. Every other great household perished that day, and their Dragon's too. It was one of the biggest loss of life the wizarding world had ever known; four hundred thousand people. And yet no one knew, really.

From here on in; everything went south for her family. In old Valyria, incest was commonplace. Brother married sister, cousin married cousin. Their blood wanted to be kept pure, the infamous white/silver hair and violet eyes a feature unknown to the rest of society. But leaving the sacred island meant that this practice was frowned upon. So Daenerys family went into hiding in Bulgaria, a secret life in a manor with all protective charms. Another two hundred years passed; the Targaryen lineage carried on between brother's and sisters until ten years ago that was. 

Before she started Hogwarts, they came out of hiding and seeked safety in the United Kingdom, the minister for magic granting them Asylum under one condition. His children were not to marry each other, they had to marry into other families. Accepting this, they moved to a quiet home in Cheshire, away from prying eyes. Being a high profile case, she'd been on the receiving end of taunts and slander all through her Hogwarts years. 

Hence why she was not looking forward to going back, her father had now turned her back on their family and nothing would ever be the same. It had been a month, and it had been the worst month of her life. Not from outsiders, their words didn't hurt her anymore. 

No, this was something far worse. 

From her brother, Viserys. 

Viserys had began to be inappropriate with Daenerys when she was thirteen, noticing she'd started to gain curves as her body changed. He was seven years her senior, and not only was he breaking the agreement their family made with the Minister for Magic, he was breaking her down, piece by piece. 

Her body would be bruised sometimes after his beatings, after his unwanted advances. But she was powerless to it, even magic struggling to help her as he was a far more advanced wizard than she'd ever be at this age. She was small, a mere five foot two. He was over six foot and stronger than he looks. 

All Daenerys could do these days was just wait until the assault was over. 

And their was no one she could turn to, her mother was in denial of her father leaving, she did not know this was happening to her body on a weekly basis; what if he told her and didn't believe her? What if she thought she was trying to get attention?

Not that her mother was very responsive to anything these days, she too had shut down, making Viserys even more predatory. 

Her other brother Rhaegar was living away with his new wife Elia from the loving Martell family; one of the only few who welcomed their family into the wizarding community. They were expecting their first child. 

And the servants knew it happened, but Viserys had bought their silence. All in all, she had no one. She didn't even dare write it in her letters to Missandei; what if he intercepted them before she sent it off?

Daenerys realised her train of thought had caused her to behind schedule, thinking of her shit life tended to lead to that. So wiping herself dry from the shower shed just had she put her bathrobe around her and exited into her Black and Red draped bedroom. While she was in Slytherin, she was not a fan of the colour green. She loved the Targaryen  house colours, Black and Red like all the Targaryen's before her. So as she got dressed in her school uniform, ready to go to Platform nine and three quarters, she inwardly cursed Slytherin not being the red house. 

She breathed in and out as she tried to calm her nerves. There was no safe haven for her anymore. She was either in hell at home, being beaten and raped by her brother on a daily basis, or she was at Hogwarts, where vicious tongues wagged about her family's incestuous tendencies. 

That wasn't much to live for; but she still did anyway, there's got to be some ease up from the cruel gods who taunted her so. 

"Daenerys!" She heard a masculine voice call from the other side of her bedroom door. She felt her skin crawl, like someone had put an ice-cube down her back, or had let spiders crawl across her skin. Him. Ignoring the voice and gathering her trunk and wand (thirteen and a quarter inches, beechwood and Dragon heartstring) she gave herself one check over in the mirror before opening her door to see him standing there. 

He was holding a dark red dress which was bardot styled on the top and was full length, flowing to the floor in lots of layers. Daenerys felt herself gulp. "What is that?"

"A dress, you idiot" He snapped. Daenerys flinched as his tongue hissed harshly, like an out of tune violin. "I believe the word is there's a formal dance this year at Hogwarts, I got some gossip from the office"

"And you want me to wear that?" Daenerys scoffed, knowing her reaction would make him angry, but not caring as in an hour or two she'd be away from him on the train back to her final year. Seeing his face turn dark she adjusted her sentence to avoid a conflict. "I just don't think it's a style that suits me"

"Nonsense" He said, taking her trunk away from her. Opening the clasp her laid it inside and did her trunk up again. "You will wear that dress, or you'll make me very angry. We don't want that now do we"

She did not want this. "No"

Feeling like a slave in her own household; she took her trunk back from him and left him stood by her bedroom door. She marched down the stairs, her anger quickly rising as she felt herself being watched. Leaving her stuff in the entrance hall, she made her way to the Kitchen, Viserys close on her heels. Their mother was sat at the table, picking at the food the servants had prepared for breakfast. 

She felt her heart break in two. Her mother had not been the same since her father had left with that Veela witch from France. It was then she heard the clock chime; ten. 

Shit. She thought to herself angrily.

She didn't have time for breakfast she needed to go. And giving her mother a kiss on the forehead, telling her she was leaving for school, she grabbed a piece of toast to eat on the way. Her mother didn't show much response, it pained her. She began to the hall where her stuff was waiting for her. She had agreed to meet Missandei with her stuff at ten in the cafe outside King's Cross where they first met. 

She grabbed her stuff and burst through the front door of their house. As she made her way down the front path, someone grabbed her arm. Viserys. "Let go of me, I'm going to be late!" He didn't release her, instead he slapped her for being rude. She growled as his hand zipped on her skin, the sting making her skin wince. "Viserys let go of me!"

"My little whore" He grunted as he shoved her over. She hit the concrete, her trunk and bag going tumbling. She knew what was going to happen, she tried to wriggle free. "You didn't think I was going to let you go without giving you something to remember me by did you?"

The first time he raped her, she'd been fourteen years old, she'd come home for Christmas from Hogwarts, and was sat in her room doing one of her many essays which needed to be in after the holidays. He opened the door and asked if she needed any help with whatever essay she was doing. She was only in third year at this point. He'd been and left Hogwart for three years  and had gotten a job in the Ministry working in The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. 

She'd accepted, knowing he was good at Transfiguration. He'd gone over her essay and pointed out where she'd gone wrong. She'd done a few rewrite until he said it was very good. He even helped with Quidditch training, she had wanted to try out for the Slytherin team (she didn't make it in the end, she was too traumatized by the time she started fourth year). When they'd finished the training she'd come back to her room to clean up in her ensuite. 

As she'd walked out of the bathroom, in nothing but her Robe. He was sat on the bed waiting for her to come out, she was confused. He said the shower wasn't working in his ensuite and asked if he could use hers. Not thinking anything of it she said okay. And as he walked by her to the shower, he grabbed her wrist, performed a silencing charm on the door and threw her into the bathroom, no one had heard her screams, not even her father who had spent half an hour trying to find them both in the house. 

She would've said something, but everytime she tried, she would get confused and forget. He'd put a charm onto her, to stop her from blabbing about his rape of her. She'd never been the same since. She was more angry at school, she lashed out in the middle of classes, and everyone had just assumed that was who she was. 

And as she laid on the path outside her house, remembering this all, she felt that same anger building inside her.

They struggled some more; even though they were outside in the pen air, the protective charms on the house would've concealed them from muggles and the like. She cried out, hoping her mother would hear her, but she didn't come. It was as if she knew what was happening. Daenerys saw her wand out of the corner of her eyes, hoping she could reach it, it was inches from her hand. She stretched as he tried to take her school clothes off. 

Come on, come on, she cried in her head.

Refusing to let the tears fall from her face. Viserys hand was around her throat now, really trying to pin her hand, but, as she felt the familiar wood of her wand touching the tips of her fingers she smirked. He stopped, looking at her as she began to howl in laughter. 

Suddenly there was blue, the stunning spell. That's what she'd thought of. And it had sent him flying across the front garden. Breathing heavily, Daenerys scrambled to her feet and got to her stuff. Opening her trunk, she took the red dress out and threw it onto the floor.

"Incendio" It burned, fabric dissolving all over the path. She turned to Viserys who was just coughing and spluttering on the floor, retching even. She spat at him, the venom she'd been holding back overflowing. Briefly forgetting she was now 17, she thought she'd get into trouble. But when she remembered, she felt glee, she'd been able to beat him. She'd won this time.

She didn't look back. She just grabbed her trunk and got the hell out of there. 

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Jon hated the mornings of September first. He always felt like an outsider look in when it came to his family, and as he looked at the chaos before him, Sansa forgetting her hairbrush and Robb forgetting his Quidditch gear, he felt it more than ever. He was the odd one out, his half-siblings acting as family should, while he, his father's secret child with some bar maid from times lost, was forgotten and left to sit in the hall on his trunk.

Wylla was her name, or so he had been told. A beauty as enticing as her name. Red hair; pale skin and eyes kinder than you could dream. This information was not comforting to him. His arrival had almost ruined his father's relationship with his wife. And Jon living here was a constant reminder of that betrayal. Not that this should ever be Jon's fault; don't blame me for father's mistakes, he'd always tell Catelyn, his father's wife, when she was in one of her spiteful crusades against him.

But she still did; it was better than being affectionate with him like he was her own child. She couldn't bring herself to see the value in Jon, he thought it all very archaic. Show him a husband and wife in the wizarding world who were still together that hadn't had a mishap of adultery in their marriage? It would be very difficult; it's just something that happens. Perhaps it was the skeptic in him, that was thinking this.

Jon was just really wishing the blame had been put somewhere else; it's not like it's his fault he exists. Perhaps that's what Cat would like, for him to not exist. She'd never explicitly told him that; but he'd got the feeling that this was true. As his father never bothered to stand up for him when she was on a rampage against Jon, he just had to endure. 

A rather tragic and worn out reason to hate the mornings of September first, but it was valid in his heart. 

And now, this year would be the last time he had a September first like this, which he guessed was some form of reason to be happy. He didn't have to come back to this place after the year was done if he did not want to, he could go into the big world and get a place of his own. A small flat perhaps, something he'd be able to keep tidy himself. As he was going into his seventh and final year of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it was indeed time for him to become an adult.

It had been more of a home for him than the Stark house ever had been at some points in his life. He'd had his first girlfriend, Ygritte at this school and several afterwards as his family liked to point out. He'd become something there too; he was popular, not that he understood why. All he had to do was brood in the Great Hall for twenty minutes and there would be a sea of people just watching him, fascinated. Jon found that part silly really, and more to the fact that when it happened Theon and Robb started charging people to watch him ponder things that were bothering him. Third year hufflepuff girls were the big audience. He would shake his head and give the girls their money back; his brooding was for free.

Jon was a proud Gryffindor; and while his bedroom here at the Stark's house was all black, his favourite colour, he wore the Red and Gold with pride. His father hated that. His father would always say Pride is the downfall of a man. Pride makes men act stupidly, and Starks are not stupid. Jon would always say he wasn't a Stark in reply, taking his mother's surname of Snow instead (an a reminder to Catelyn really). His father would laugh. You may not have my name, but you have my blood. And we Starks do not act stupidly. Jon always hated the idea of that, his father never lectured Bran or Arya when they became proud of something they've achieved. He was particularly harsh on Jon. 

But Jon was proud, and in his mind it was not a bad thing. He's been sorted into the Gryffindor House along with his brother, Robb and his now best friend, Theon Greyjoy seven years ago. He remembered it like it was yesterday, the way the fear of having to sit on the stool made his skin tingle, the eyes of other students peering at him as the old material was placed onto his head. The long wait as it made his decision on Jon's fate before finally realising his bravery outweighed his loyalty and put him in Gryffindor and not Hufflepuff.

Of course, everything about him had changed since he wore that hat. He'd become a man, and a great one he had hoped. His father had said during the summer, that he was a man of honour and integrity and that it would be rewarded in his life. It was a strange compliment from his Father, a rare one at that. It was strange, the assaults from Catelyn, and his Father's chastising was at an all time low over the summer; perhaps because he'd barely been in the house, only for dinners in the evening that he was earning his stay there rather than just being around all the time. 

Jon had had the best summer after sixth year, and he had never been more ready to attend school than this time around. He'd been accepted on a three week internship programme with the Ministry's Department of Magical Law enforcement. It was a starter course to see if being an Auror is exactly what he wanted. His first couple of days was getting used to the different people in the department and what the main constitutions of the job had been. But as the first week finished and the second started he really felt like he'd settled in well and was learning so much. 

All he needed to do was increase his potion skill from Exceeds to outstanding and with doing the internship programme over the summer he'd definitely be able to get into the entry level Auror jobs and begin basic training. It was a rewarding career; but it could be dangerous too as he had found out in his third and final week.

Some of the Aurors from the Department here in the UK were transferred over to the east near Durmstrang School as there had been some Dark Wizard activity in the area. The school which used to be a hub of Dark energy, had in the last one hundred years turned around it's values and began teaching more or less some of the same stuff as Hogwarts. So the students there were to be protected at all cost, especially if something went wrong. Durmstrang were also out of school at this current time, but if the activity kept building it could be a threat when they returned. 

An Auror, one Waymar Royce, was killed while on mission out there, it had definitely been dark magic and that was all Jon had known at the time. He left the day after this news came through but he had thought of Waymar often since then; wondering what the dark activity could be so far out that way. He shuddered to think. It only made him want to be an Auror more, to stop this kind of things happening. If he was going to nail this career in the neck, he was going to have to be involved in less and less of Robb and Theon's debauchery and focus even harder than years previous. 

He had so much to juggle this year. He was the seeker of the Quidditch team, Captain of the Duelling Club and he was top in Defence Against the Dark Arts. These were all achievements he was really proud of, he did not care if pride was a dangerous thing. He had worked hard to earn the respect in school he had.

Being seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch team was something he knew he wanted from his first flying lesson in first year. He remembered the way the wind felt across his face, the way the chill of the Autumn air sank into his skin, the way it made his skin tingle even long after getting off of the broom. It was just natural, and he managed to pick up speed so quickly. He had a natural talent for the Seeker role, his glasses helping his over active eyes focus better on seeing the tiny golden ball with it's fluttery wings. He'd yet to not catch the snitch in his four years as Seeker. He hoped his final year was the same. 

He had been surprised last year with the honour of being captain of the Duelling Club. It was a club that had been together for just over one hundred years now, the D.A, it's real name. A notion that began with Legendary wizard Harry Potter over a century ago and had continued as a tradition and as a way of honouring him. Jon was made captain as he was to some, the only student since potter who'd ever come close in matching his talent for Defence against the Dark Arts and Duelling. Jon had found these words silly, of course he wasn't that good. He liked to think it was more for his natural ability to lead that had made Headmaster Lannister choose him. 

 And this was all thanks to his Defence Against the Dark Arts Lessons which he'd worked so hard to be the top of since first year. Professor Mormont had seen something in Jon's ability and had even given him the odd lesson outside of classes with some more advanced magic that you didn't learn until you got to the Ministry level of working and education. Defence just came naturally to Jon, he was even getting good at nonverbal now, only a few trickier spells he'd still not mastered without talking.

His skill in defence had actually meant he'd started going beyond that of education and started doing his own research, especially now as he was able to do magic outside of school. It had been a good nine months of being able to whip his wand out for just about anything. Thanks to all his research, he had actually created a new spell over the summer (something he'd only practiced a few times) and was eager to try it out more. He really wanted to try it on Joffrey Baratheon of Slytherin, who on the last day on Sixth year, hit his sister Sansa, a second year while he was a fourth. Of course, he'd never try a spell on a student without having fully worked the reverse of the spell. But it was tempting...

A ding of the clock meant his thoughts ran dry and his eyes peered up to hallway Grandfather clock, standing at the end of corridor, staring straight at him. 

10 'o' clock. 

Shit, the train will be leaving soon, he thought to himself as he leapt up from sitting on his trunk and dragged it to the main living room where everyone but Arya and Robb were waiting. Sansa made an offhand comment. "Finished staring into the abyss?"

"Sorry, I can't help it" Jon shrugged. He had tried not to brood or stare intently, but it just help him reorganise his thoughts in his head. It was at this comment that his father and Catelyn walked into the room, Arya, who was starting her first year, behind them looking more scared than Jon had ever seen her. 

"All ready?" Ned asked, his tall stature towering over everyone except Robb, who had enjoyed a growth spurt over the summer. His steely gaze glazed over them all. "Now, ground rules" Here we go, Jon thought. "I do not want any letters home about setting people on fire this year, no letters about turning people into Ferrets and absolutely no words slandering another Wizard or Witch. If I do, there will be some choice Howlers for you all"

Jon knew he was talking to him and Robb. Jon had a fierce rivalry with a girl in Slytherin house, Daenerys Targaryen. She was a brilliant witch, Jon would always give her that. But she just lashed out to everyone, anyone who walk by that she felt has done her some wrong she'll hex into an oblivion. Jon, having that strong sense of morality and leadership, would defend those she harms and they'd always end up duelling in the corridors. She'd set him on fire and he'd turned her into a Ferret. It was all very stupid, but Jon refused to let her get away with the stuff she does. She was just so... angry all the time. He didn't know what her problem was but if she didn't change she'd have no friends, not that she has many anyway.

It also doesn't help that the teachers love her and turned a blind eye to her fiery temperament, all because she'd top in everything (besides Defence of course). And her family and their history... Jon shuddered, but the teachers did not care. They treated her with kindness and besides her friend from Hufflepuff, she only actually liked the teachers, particularly Headmaster Lannister, he doted upon her. "Jon"

"Yes?" He said as his father glared at him.

"Behave yourself, that family has gone through enough this summer" He warned.

It was true, he'd seen the newspaper. A very high profile family, torn apart as the father has left them. Some French Veela according to the daily prophet; he highly doubted that. The prophet were never a reliable source of information. Of course since the Targaryen family came to the UK ten years ago they'd been nothing but high profile. The mother and father being brother and sister might have something to do with that. Jon felt another shudder... he just didn't understand that. How can they come from a culture where that was okay?

"Of course, father" He nodded. He saw Catelyn flinch, another jab by Jon that reminded her of her husband's infidelity. "Well this is it then"

"Indeed, let's go!" Arya giggled, excited at her first year starting.

And so one by one they flooed into the Leaky Cauldron, a hotspot for Witches and Wizards all around London. It was the safest option to travel too before going to Kings cross, a ten minute walk away. Ned had done an undetectable extension charm on a bag in which all their trunks were neatly piled up inside. It saved them walking across London with trunks, drawing attention to themselves. 

They reached platform nine and three quarters by half ten, plenty of time for the train. And as they walk through the barrier, they see the Scarlet engine and note it's already looking full. Spotting Theon and his sister Yara, a fifth year Slytherin, Jon got his trunk from his father, gave a noncommittal goodbye and left them behind with Robb by his side. 

Theon started going on about how he and Yara had done nothing but Quidditch strength training all summer, hoping to become faster and harder to beat each other on the Quidditch pitch. Jon told them about his internship at the Ministry and the weird news happening in the East near Durmstrang school. It was all public knowledge now anyways. There had been a piece in the paper talking about Waymar Royce's life.

The train pulled away, it's engine sputtering to life as the Stark family who was not travelling to Hogwarts yet (Bran and Rickon) waved furiously on the platform. giving half a wave in reply, and receiving one steely last glance from Catelyn, the brick of the platform was finally replaced with the blues and greens of the british countryside. 

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"How are you feeling?" A loaded question that Daenerys didn't even properly comprehend at this point, but Missandei had asked her and she felt she owed it to her friend to be completely honest. About some stuff anyway, she wasn't ready to tell all; it was all so raw to her. Especially considering she was assaulted by her brother not two hours ago. That was something she couldn't say. 

"Better, I think" Was all Daenerys said as she looked down at her hands, her bottom lip wobbling slightly as raw emotion threatened to creep into her pores. The low humming of the train as it chugged along left a silence behind it in the carriage. Don't cry, Targaryen's don't cry, we're the blood of the dragon, people are afraid of us! She tried to channel her Valyrian blood in a time of low strength; she wanted to show people how dangerous she could be, how spectacular of a Witch she was capable of being. People should be afraid of her power, this she had been taught by her father.

Not that this was true anymore; they were the laughing stock of society.

And it was all because of a truth they did not understand or could not comprehend. Had they seen Valyria; had it survived and they had known how great of a nation they were. Perhaps they would think differently. Not that Daenerys knew what Valyria was like, it was long gone before she was born. Her family didn't even have photos, they just had the stories which had been passed down. It was the incest; that was the word everyone had hated when they came out of hiding almost ten years ago. But it wasn't just that in Valyria, lots of Valyrian families interbred. Daenerys supposed after a while they were all just related to each other in the end.

But she did not know; the dead could not defend their reasoning, and so she did not speak ill of them. It was not her place to judge, after all, she is a product of incest. 

Finding herself getting lost in thought, her focus shifted back to Missandei. She owed it to Missandei to be the strong willed woman she wanted to become, even more so now in the face of her brother's abuse. So she held the tears back and channelled the energy inside her into steadying her breathing. A few more moments passed in silence before she felt at ease once more and spoke. "The tears have stopped"

"That's not always a good thing" She tried to offer some form of comfort. She wasn't very good at it, but it wasn't her fault. Missandei is, one could say, very socially awkward, especially when they were at school around other people. She hardly spoke to those in her own house out of crippling fear of rejection, but she had got better. She'd even started doing her homework in the Hufflepuff Common Room with a few others and not just with Daenerys in the library. Daenerys felt like she'd helped towards that. 

When they first spoke, they'd been partnered up in Potions as Missandei had been struggling and was in need of a patient teacher besides Professor Luwin to help on homework and such. Daenerys had shown a knack for potions early on in her Hogwarts career and so in second year they got paired up. Missandei hadn't said a single word all lesson except for thank you at the end; but she'd done everything Daenerys had suggested and followed her instructions to success. 

It had initially been rather odd to Daenerys but the double potions lesson after that it was more apparent that Missandei wanted to speak but was just struggling. Feeling sorry for the girl, as she knew what it was like to feel lonely, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Hardly anyone in Slytherin spoke to Daenerys at this point, or any of the other houses for that matter. So meeting Missandei had given her a chance to show who she truly was behind all the fame of her families shamed household.

She told her she wanted to eat with her at the Lunch table later that day and told her what time she'd be there. Daenerys did not know if she'd show herself; but when she spotted her afro walking towards her nervously, feet shuffling and her head down in fear she felt elated. She had smiled at her, to show her support and since that moment; Missandei had become more and more verbal with Daenerys than she could have ever imagined. 

She had actually been thanked by Headmaster Lannister for the teachers had been worried about Missandei's...shyness, as they called it. Of course if she meets any new people she still gets nervous; but it was good to know that Missandei's fears were going away piece by piece. And underneath all this; she'd become a great friend. It was also a friendship that went against everything her family's history had been about. 

As Daenerys had just been thinking, Valyria was a product of thousands of years of pure-blooded magic. And Missandei, being a muggleborn Hufflepuff, was none of that. 

When Missandei had visited the house in the summer after fifth year; her father had expressed his disappointment at her bloodlines to which Daenerys replied that it did not matter anymore. She was a great witch in her own right and as she reminded her father; they were only alive and living in the UK as a result of not mingling with pureblood to keep their genealogy strong. After that comment, none of her family had said anything, mainly because Daenerys' temperament at this time was getting worse every day due to her inability to tell anyone of Viserys' abuse. She'd shouted at them all until their ears were almost falling off.

She'd had the final say, and so Missandei was a friend for life. 

"I know it's not a good thing; but it's better than doing nothing but cry all the time" She said looking at her own reflection in her small hand mirror she always kept her small bag. Her pale skin was duller than ever, her dark circles threatening to creep onto her cheeks and her eyes were a little bloodshot. She looked a mess. She hadn't even bothered to do anything to her hair. Not that it mattered how her face was, her body was ridiculously marred and bruised from her brother anyways.

"You're beautiful" Missandei said as she noted Daenerys was looking at herself in disgust, horrified at the person she'd let herself become. Why was she this all powerful presence at school; and why was she this weak and pathetic creature at home. It needed to change, she needed to go against her brother, she needed to be there for her mother. But how could she do any of these things? She was weak in the face of Viserys. "Here"

Missandei got of her seat on the opposite side of the carriage and sat next to Daenerys. Her face scrunched in confusion and violation of her personal space. She wouldn't say that to Missandei though; she merely spoke in a level voice. "What are you doing?"

"Let me braid your hair" She offered. Daenerys didn't see a problem with it, so she let her body twist towards the window while Missandei got to work.

"This feels... good" It was actually more therapeutic than Daenerys had been expecting. She closed her eyes and imagined herself browsing Madame Malkin's dresses or making potions in her study, reading books on the Second Wizarding War. It was a small chance for a breather; to stop the thoughts swarming her head as she tried to pick herself up and prepare for the hardships of her Seventh year.

"You have incredibly long hair; perfect for braiding" She mused as she hummed a jaunty tune while finishing off the french braid she'd put Daenerys hair into. Daenerys turned and looked in the mirror; it looked... good. She liked her hair like this; she'd have to get Missandei to do it more often. "Almost done, but something is missing"

"What could possibly be missing? My hair looks nice, thank you" Daenerys didn't want to start a full on pamper session in the carriage, but her protests fell on deaf ears and so she sat while Missandei got out her makeup bag and began searching for things she could use on Daenerys skin. Daenerys was surprised that Missandei had all this stuff; did she know how to use it? When she looked at Missandei's face, it wasn't obvious that she was wearing the stuff; but when her eyes got more attuned she could see the powder and mascara and lipstick. Not much but it enhanced Missandei's natural beauty. 

Missandei put something on Dany's under eye area, a cream of some sort, perhaps to help with the dark circles? Sleep, that will help, Daenerys thought. She combed her brows through and gave them a bit of shape, she put some mascara on and a clear lip gloss too. Daenerys didn't have any of these things at home; Witches generally didn't wear this type of thing, did they? She'd never seen her mother wear it anyways; those of Valyrian blood had such beauty that it wasn't required. 

But then again...

She did look awfully tired; she was so exhausted from the summer of hell that she was surprised to see herself even be able to function. But it was nothing; she could have Madam Bones give her some sleeping draught when she got to school; she'd run out of it at home and had not been allowed to brew more. So she did not worry about it. 

The next hour passed by in the Carriage; Daenerys thanked Missandei for her 'new look' stating that she really liked it. The trolley lady came by and Daenerys, feeling she needed a pick me up, got a cauldron cake and some drewballs. She was someone who did not eat much; but every now and then she'd get this huge hankering for sweet stuff, chocolate and cakes and sherbets a plenty. Missandei got two chocolate frogs and a Pumpkin Pasty. Missandei eyed her cards she got from Chocolate frogs. "Oh cool, I don't have Plotemy"

They finished their treats in silence and began talking about their final year and what sort of things would be happening. Daenerys mentioned that she'd heard of some sort of dance that the school would be having. Missandei then mentioned she'd heard someone mention that Quidditch was cancelled. "What? They never cancel Quidditch!"

Missandei had just shrugged. It didn't completely bother Daenerys; she never made the team in the end. Even though she was good, the trauma of her first rape by Viserys had stayed with her all the rest of third year until now. Holding a Quaffle in her hand, she was reminded of his betrayal of her body. He had shown kindness in training her, helping her get better, showing her different moves to confuse opponents. Of course he'd started Hogwarts going straight into sixth year when they came out of hiding and had gotten onto Slytherin's team straight away. And then he undid all that he'd taught her, by raping her in her own ensuite bathroom. 

She still remembered the pain, her pleas. Don't do this to me, Viz, please I don't want this, she would cry over and over until it was over. It felt like hours, and as she lied on the bathroom floor, helpless and afraid, she remembered to never show him any kindness ever again. And since then she'd never been able to play Quidditch, but she still liked to watch it. Why would they cancel it?

There was a knock on their compartment door that made Daenerys jump as her thoughts got the better of her once again. She turned to see a small Ravenclaw girl opening the door and looking very nervous about something. Daenerys raised an eyebrow. The girl spoke. "Errr, Headmaster Lannister wants to see you in the teacher's carriage" 

Daenerys was confused. "Me?"

The little girl nodded before shuffling away, intently nervous over something. Daenerys wondered if the Headmaster really wanted to see her or not or if it was bullies trying to lure her out of the carriage so they could start their assault on her. Either way, she best thought to investigate to see what the problem was. If the headmaster did want to see her, she did not want to leave him waiting. Turning to Missandei she told her she wouldn't be long and left the carriage after grabbing her wand. She wanted to make sure she wasn't about to be attacked. 

The halls of the train were crowded, people setting of Weasley Wizard Wheezes and showing off their new pets. Daenerys didn't have a pet this time around. Her owl had died in a freak plane accident and she hadn't had the heart to replace him yet. She'd make do. Someone shouted out as she walked through the compartments to get to the teacher's one. "Look who it is, it's the inbred bitch, Daddy left you all alone hasn't he?"

"Sod off" Daenerys growled ignoring them. Feeling like she should never have left her carriage, she continued until she was outside the teacher's compartment. It was there she noticed someone else. Six foot, eyes as grey as rainy days, hair as black as night and as curly as can be. He wore his glasses today; and a ridiculous smirk which made Daenerys instantly want to punch him. He was too stood outside the compartment. 

"Dany, how nice to see you" His voice said in monotone.

Daenerys felt her jaw click, her eyes glaring at him. She held the hate back in her throat.


Chapter Text

"So you're actually being serious?" Jon stared incredulously at the Headmaster in front of him. He was sat down on the soft seating with Slytherin's Daenerys Targaryen next to him (too close for his liking, he should move away). The room was fancier than their student carriages, he'd never been in here before. Colours of all the houses draped across the compartment. There was a little drinks tray which held mead, perhaps something Headmaster Lannister shouldn't be drinking in school hours.

There was also a table between them, something the other compartments were also lacking. He'd love a table in his compartment, Theon had spilt Bertie Bott's every flavour beans all on the floor and some had been crushed into the carpet. There was a tea set on there too, badly chipped.  

But why me? Jon thought again. He thought he hadn't heard the Headmaster correctly, his ears beginning to ring with responsibility. While he was flattered... why with her? Headmaster Lannister could've picked any other student to 'rule' next to him; he just had to pick the one he had a rivalry with. She spoke up then, echoing something for once he actually agreed with her on. "We're not even prefects!"

"Indeed you aren't" He smirked from across the way, the table covering his short legs as he rested on it, his hands laced together as he leaned forward. He looked tired, more so than last year. He looked weighed down with worry over something. He'd heard something incredibly big was going to be happening at Hogwarts this year and no one else was in the loop. Perhaps it was stress over the organisation of such thing. "But I've come to notice that you two have had a little bit of a, one would say heated relationship since fifth year. This is the kind of fire I'm looking for in my Head girl and boy" 

"That doesn't make sense" Daenerys huffed and Jon once again, found himself agreeing. He better not start making a habit of this, he wouldn't want people to think he was sympathising with her. Not that Jon cared what anyone thought of him, he was an adult, he couldn't care less. But she acted like a petulant child, her anger was taken out on anyone and everyone. What reason did she have to be so angry at everyone? "Head boys and girls are suppose to work together for the better of the school; you can't tell me you think we can get on after he turned me into a ferret last year!"

"You set me on fire to be fair; all I asked you was to leave that fourth year Ravenclaw alone" Jon shrugged. He could see her seething in his peripherals, but she did not rise to it, she merely bit her tongue and continued to stare at the Headmaster. He was smirking at them both as they were waiting for him to speak; the hate was radiating off of both of them and Tyrion Lannister was enjoying every second of it. 

Jon found it all ridiculous. Never beyond his wildest dreams did he think he would be chosen to be Head boy, especially over someone like Robb who was a natural with charisma and charm and got on with just about everyone one in school. Sure Jon was popular, and he'd done wonders with the Duelling club, people's grades were improving thanks to his help. But it was just baffling. Him? Head boy?

He thought about how his family would react; he could see Catelyn's anger in his eyes already. The bastard of the Stark family, getting Head boy over her own son, living and breathing in her house where he should not be. It was a funny mental image to him.

For that reason almost he would accept on the spot. And it certainly would help improve his chances of getting into the Auror programme to show he was head boy. That's a huge responsibility, and one he almost couldn't even think about too much. What jobs did it entail? Well he knew they'd have to do Prefect rotas and organise rooms for different meetings and organisations to gather in. He knew they offered emotional support to other sometimes to; helped give advice to people who are struggling with workload. 

"So you're telling me you want me to be head boy, as well as in charge of the Duelling Club, as well as be on Gryffindor Quidditch team and study for Newts AND get extra credit on my potions exam" Jon said processing it all. Headmaster Lannister just nodded. "Crap"

"I heard Quidditch is cancelled this year" Daenerys mumbled. Jon turned his head sharply to look at her but she had her steely gaze on the Professor. Why would they cancel Quidditch, they hadn't done that in over one hundred years! And being on the Gryffindor team, he did not appreciate this, he'd wanted to be Captain this year. "Missandei said she heard some students on the platform talking"

"That's ridiculous; why would they do that?" Jon scoffed. 

"I don't know; it's just what I heard" She shrugged. He noticed her lips were shiny as she spoke. and that her eyelashes had something on them. Was she wearing makeup? Jon recalled if he had ever seen her wear it. Probably not. Wait why am I even looking at her lips? He asked himself. She was talking, that's why, she's still talking. "That and a dance this year too; best get your best robes out, Snow!"

"No Quidditch and a dance?" Jon screwed his face up, what was Hogwarts playing at? This was a stupid idea, and he told her so. "That's a pointless idea"

They glanced at the Headmaster who had said nothing at this point, waiting for an answer. He nodded. Jon felt numb for a moment. It was true. Then, suddenly, his anger frothed and boiled over like a saucepan. He leapt up off of his seat, the table rattled and teacups went flying. The Headmaster looked shocked.

"That's outrageous! You can't just cancel Quidditch! What is a big enough reason to cancel Quidditch?" He was livid. Everything was suppose to go right this year, he needed as much on his list as possible to help his chances of getting onto the Auror Training Programme. "Quidditch means six times a year, us students can relax and have some fun from the stress of Owls and Newts! You can't cancel Quidditch; the school will riot and go bonkers!"

"God forbid, no Quidditch, whatever will we do!" Daenerys.

"...And a Dance, a DANCE! In place of Quidditch!" Jon. 

"I mean, it's almost as if you'd have to study instead" Daenerys. 

"...If they think I'm dancing they've got another think coming..." Jon. 

"Perhaps try and beat me in potions for once" Daenerys. 

"...And I'm certainly not organising this dance..." Jon. 

"Are you both done?" Headmaster Tyrion's eyes pierced his own. Jon sat back down and crossed his arms. Daenerys didn't move an inch. "I am not here with you to discuss the school's upset over the loss of a few Quidditch Matches, I am here to offer you the role of Head Boy; which perhaps, given your display here this afternoon you do not want the honour"

"Headmaster-" Jon tried to interrupt, he was cut off by the Headmaster holding his hand up. 

"I'm not finished!" Jon went silent. "You will both be briefed on the school's reasoning later, with the rest of the student body at the feast. Until then; I suggest you go and let the prefects know about your appointment and appoint them to their tasks this evening. We'll be arriving at Hogwarts in just over an hour, make yourself presentable"

They had been dismissed, there was no more arguing with him. They took their badges and pinned them to their jumpers before leaving with a small goodbye and walking into the empty corridor. Jon closed his eyes in an attempt to cool his anger. He had reacted in such a terrible way; he had been honoured and he'd nearly lost it all to some cancellation of Quidditch. 

He felt Daenerys beside him; he was not impressed. He was going to have to work together with her all year and he was not in the slightest bit happy. It made him think of all the times he'd clashed with her. When he'd first met her she'd been fine, sweet enough. She kept to herself, she had asked him to borrow a quill in the Library one time during first year but since she come back of Christmas break in third year it was almost as if she'd had a personality transplant. She was angry all the time, furious of anyone who came anywhere near her. Theon had put his hand on her shoulder to ask if he could get by in the Library while they were doing their Transfiguration essays and she'd hexed him into an oblivion for touching her. 

Jon had no idea what it was down to; but her anger kept turning onto the younger students and he felt he had to protect them from her wrath. When he thought about it; he did not understand why the Headmaster had chosen her to be Head Girl; sure she was great in everything except Defence. Well, she was still great in that but she wasn't as good as him, no one was. But she was a troublemaker; she was cruel sometimes to the other students. 

"Don't start brooding, Snow. We have our orders" Her voice was dripping in sarcasm and it made Jon seethe. 

They made their way to the Prefect meeting which had been called and introduced themselves to everyone. Theon and Robb were prefects for Gryffindor Seventh year and their mouths dropped open when Jon walked in with his badge on. A lot of people were looking confused at each other. Jon felt the same way; it was a lot to process.

They assigned fifth year to escorting their houses to the common rooms after the feast and then patrol the areas around their common rooms. Sixth years were to patrol the grounds after the feast and Seventh years were to spread across the rest of the castles. They'd patrol until ten and return to their dormitories once everything was secure. Daenerys had put everyone into their pairs; nothing had changed from last time just some new additions in fifth year prefects. 

As Head boy and girl he'd be doing patrols with her; which was a prospect he wasn't looking forward to. Thankfully it was only three nights a week to give each year a night off. That means they'd be a little lighter on prefects on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. This worked out fine as they needed all staff on Saturdays. Saturday just before dinner would be Jon and Daenery's prefect meeting at four pm. They'd then have the meeting just the two of them after dinner leaving Prefects to do their patrols. Curfew was at nine on Saturdays now.

Jon felt the last hour on the train go by quickly, even being in the presence of Daenerys; who generally sucked the life out of him whenever she was around like a dementor. He was being really careful to watch his step around her; one wrong move and she was a time bomb.

As he looked at her; he noticed she looked tired. He wasn't an idiot; he knew she'd be going through a rough time with her parents separation. He was just worried it meant she was going to lash out even more; but surprisingly she hadn't done that yet. When he found out about no Quidditch, he was the one to lose it; she had stayed calm. Had she been sarcastic? Yes. But Jon hoped he'd only have to deal with that, he would much rather he did than the pain of having to be burned again. 

"Snow, you haven't said anything" She said impatiently. 

"Sorry?" He said, regain train of thought. 

"I asked you if you wanted to patrol the Quidditch Pitch or the Greenhouses" She huffed. 

"Sorry, either is fine. I think the Quidditch Pitch is closer to both Slytherin and Gryffindor common room" She just nodded and wrote them down on the Quidditch pitch section of her rota. Jon felt the train slow, slightly. "We're here; everyone remember their roles?"

Everyone nodded before making their way out. The train came to a stop at Hogsmeade station. Seventh year was about to get a whole lot busier.

Chapter Text

Daenerys felt exhausted by the time she'd made it to the great hall after she'd walked through the train and made sure everyone was off. She hadn't felt this tired in weeks; her father's betrayal was really starting to affect her. The sleepless nights, the physical abuse from Viserys, the longing to see her own mother well; it all culminated in Daenerys' body feeling weaker than she'd ever been. And the physical exercise of walking the entire train and then making her way up to the castle was another added layer. 

But she was in the Great Hall now; and that meant once the sorting Ceremony and the announcements were made, she could eat and recoup her strength. She always sat with a couple of Slytherin girls at their House table. They were the only civil members of the House she could stomach. Sisters Tyene and Nymeria, while cruel to others, yet they had always shown pity to Daenerys. Not that she needed their pity. 

Sitting down in her seat, her eyes drifted over to the Gryffindor table where Jon was high-fiving several people in and around him; flashing his badge off. Daenerys found her eyes rolling and her mouth tutting at his bragging. He was never one to act this way; he'd always been humble in his own wizarding ability. Well towards everyone else but not towards her. She knew he was never one to boast, even in his position at the top of Defence as he had been since year one. So watching hm flash off his badge was baffling to her.

Jon was a very skilled wizard; particularly in combat. She'd always struggled to keep toe-to-toe with him in their many fights in the hallways and grounds of school. He would be able to whip his wand around so effortlessly and all of his spells worked out for him. Sometimes Daenerys' own spells wouldn't always come off in their duels, she had to concentrate so much harder than he did for success. That or she'd play dirty to catch him off guard. But he still almost always anticipated this.

He wasn't captain of the duelling club for nothing. 

Shame he was such an annoying prick to her; he judged her, started on her for her anger and her fears. He didn't know her, he doesn't know the hell she's been through the past four years, since that fateful Christmas. He knew nothing of her life and he judged her all the same. She could feel it in his body language, see it in her eyes. He hated her, and he had no grounds to even do such a thing. If he knew, he'd be begging for forgiveness of his actions.

She felt her anger boil as her eyes glared at the back of his head, hers fists on the table edge, grabbing onto them as if she was going to break it. 

Stupid twit. 

"Daenerys, we've just got back" Tyene's voice rang through her. Daenery's eyes instantly felt kinder as she turned to face the speaker. Her eyes were pleading for her to calm down. Jon always made her react in such a manner, a heated violence she did not like stirred inside her. "Don't start a war with him already"

"Sorry, I... lost myself for a moment" Daenerys tried to listen to the sorting after this; trying to completely free her mind of Jon as she did. How did he provoke such a strong reaction in her? It was is audacity, that was it surely. The feeling that he thought he knew everything about her, that he thought she wanted to be this angry mess. "Head girl, gotta keep my temper in check"

"It's alright; we've all been there" Nymeria assured her. "We're with you, it can't have been easy this summer"

"No, it hasn't" Daenerys didn't want to think about it too much. The image of her father flinging a stunning spell at her mother on the path to their house is one she'll never forget. How could he have been so cruel? To leave her and the country after everything they've tried so hard to build here. He abandoned her; he is nothing to Daenerys anymore. He got to flee and he doesn't have to face the shame that she and her mother will now face from day to day, for the rest of their lives. 

She watched the rest of the ceremony intently in an attempt to put all these thoughts away; but the truth is her brain worked over time these days and it showed no signs of slowing down. As her eyes glanced at Headmaster Tyrion sat in his large chair as Deputy Headmaster Varys Lys placed the sorting hat onto people's heads. Slytherin gained twenty one new students, some of who looked so terrified at the prospect of being in this house. The halls 'oohs' rang out as William Potter, War hero Harry Potter's Great-great grandson was sorted into Gryffindor. 

Soon, all seventy-ish students had been sorted and Lord Lannister had stepped up to the podium. It was time for one of his famous speeches; they were always so insightful into what his mind was thinking. Daenerys sometimes wished she'd taken notes; his wisdom was unparalleled since the days of Albus Dumbledore; whose portrait in the Headmaster's office was still the smartest thing in school. 

"My most glorious welcomes to those of you who are new; and welcome back, to those of you who have returned to us" There was silence as everyone had finally turned to the front and listen. "Great going-ons in the outside world; reasons to be cautious; reasons to be friendly to one another more so now, than you could ever imagine. Dark forces have risen in the east; families have gone missing, the world is coming undone. All the more reason; to promote the unity that Hogwarts has become a beacon of in these last hundred years or so"

There was mumbles all around. Daenerys had heard of these events in the papers; the Daily Prophet was reporting something right for once. As she glanced around her she saw more confused faces, some scared, some angry. No one wanted a third wizarding war, but thankfully, the aurors weren't sitting around ignoring it this time like they had done the Death Eaters.

Daenerys had heard all the stories of this before; great battles, dragon riding and the defeat of the greatest known dark wizard of all time, Voldemort. By all accounts, Harry Potter had been the age she was now when it happened. She felt like her life paled in comparison to this. What had she done at her age of note? Nothing, she was good at potions. That was all. She guessed Head Girl was an okay achievement. 

"And so to promote such unity; it is my pleasure to announce our Head Boy and Girl this year" He said as a segue. Daenerys felt her eyes widen and her heart flush. "Both students are keen in mind, strong-willed, fiery and are passionate about magic. It is known throughout this school that they've been less than... civil towards each other, but if they can agree to rule this school together so to speak, than we can inform others and show others; that unity is the best course of actions"

Daenerys felt her skin flush. She was embarrassed; she hated being embarrassed. She let her eyes glance over to Jon who was too looking a little more sheepish than he did earlier. Why did Professor Lannister have to make a huge song and dance about it? It was just an appointment that happened every year.

"Our Head boy is Jon Snow of Gryffindor" There was a loud, rapturous applause from the Gryffindor table. "Our Head girl is Daenery Targaryen of Slytherin"

There was silence at first. Small mutterings followed.Was she suppose to stand up, stay seated. She saw Jon had stood up and so fumbling slightly; she stood up too. She looked down at the table almost. The clapping slowly started and eventually Slytherin house were clapping too. It didn't surprise her that lots of people didn't like this appointment, when had she ever earned it with the Student body?

In the past she'd been harsh to those who probably did not deserve it. If someone accidently bumped into her, she'd flinch and hex them into an oblivion. All better than ever feeling unwanted hands on herself again. But now; looking out at the sea of people with worried faces, besides Missandei who was smiling brightly and clapping in support, she felt the guilt of doing the stuff she'd done to other house members. 

Daenerys sat down sharpish; not wanted to look like a fool. 

"Thank you to both of them for agreeing to work together this year. I look forward to it" He said in a quiet tone as the mutterings in the hall faded out. Well I'm not looking forward to it. "Now, housekeeping. For those wondering; the Duelling Club will be continuing this year, as Mr. Snow will be having Head boy duties, I'm appointing someone to give a helping hand out in executing the meetings. The Deputy of the Duelling Club, is Yara Greyjoy"

Daenerys wondered if Tyrion had secretly spoken to Jon about this; she didn't imagine he could be too happy to have someone else help out with the duelling club champion. She couldn't see his face, it was turned as he talked to his brother Robb. Headmaster Lannister spoke about some other issues; the great lake on the far side was currently out of bounds due to a Pixie infestation that had yet been sorted and the grounds near the back of the castle past the Greenhouses was out of bounds due to need-to-know reasons. Daenerys could see all the troublemakers eyes light up. 

"Now, a word of warning" Everyone sat up straight. Daenerys wondered if this is the Quidditch announcement. "This year, something magical is happening at Hogwarts. An event the school hasn't seen in over one hundred years. This years Quidditch cup has been cancelled so it can take it's place" There was a loud intake of breath. Daenerys thought it was an overreaction. But Quidditch meant so much to people here that she couldn't help but chuckle at their reactions. Quidditch was people's livelihood, not Daenerys' though. "In it's place we will be hosting, The Triwizard Tournament"

Daenerys eyes widened as an intake of breath was united and deep across the hall.

What the hell are the school governors thinking?

The Triwizard Tournament was a magical contest held between the three largest wizarding schools of Europe: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang Institute, and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, each school being represented by one Champion. Selected Champions compete in three tasks designed to test magical ability, intelligence and courage. Champions competed for the honour and glory of winning the Tournament, for the Triwizard Cup, and usually, a lot of gold. 

And now; it was being held once more.

Daenerys stood upright in her seat and shouted across the hall, the rage she'd felt for potter earlier was back but was flowing in her veins in a different manner. "Professor Lannister, you can't possibly be serious?" He nodded, as if he knew every single comment she was about to throw at him. But that did not stop her, she was going to throw them all at him. "The last time this school held the Triwizard Tournament a student died; you cannot possibly think that's a risk worth taking with these students!" 

"Myself and the head of the other schools have met with the Minister of Magic and the necessary precautions have been put in place for this tournament to run smoothly. Durmstrang school will arrive on the twenty ninth of October and Beauxbatons on the thirtieth. It is try, the last time this tournament was indeed held a student unfortunately perished. Which is why no student under the age of seventeen will be able to compete"

Theon Greyjoy stood up then. "Can someone explain exactly what the Triwizard tournament is?"

Daenerys' brain worked faster than it ever had done. It was too risky, too dangerous. These Students could die, someone could be killed! "Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, since the early thirteenth century have come together to host the tournament. A representative from each school would compete in three task which were deemed to test intelligence, courage and magical ability. The death rate is very high, it was why it was disbanded in the first place!"

Daenerys had read all about it; there were many books at her home she would read late into the night about Hogwarts and the great events in the wizarding world. She could not believe the Headmaster and the School Governors had been so stupid to resurrect this ancient tournament; some of the deaths described in these books were horrific and bloody. Not to mention it brings out the crazy in people; people have genuinely gone insane after competing in the tournament and have lived their days out in the St. Mungos. 

"I can assure you Miss. Targaryen we've taken all the precautions. Just like your appointment as Head girl alongside Mr. Snow; I've decided to allow this tournament to go ahead and promote unity with other schools; to show how strength in numbers helps more than ever" 

Daenerys couldn't believe what she was hearing. So he was using it as PR to help the school and wizarding worlds image? Lives were at stake! "So you're using the opportunity to make it about Public relations? You think death of students is a small price to pay for the unity of wizarding Europe against an enemy we do not even know?"

"I can assure-" She hadn't finished. The room was silent.

"Cedric Diggory was murdered by Lord Voldemort, and before that in 1863, Jack Tollpen was swallowed whole by a dragon. Mesia Jones in 1643 was ripped apart by werewolves! This tournament is not safe to enter! And we should not be having it in this school!"

"That is enough!" The headmaster shouted louder than she'd ever heard before. "Unless you have a reasonable comment to add to this discussion, it's over" Headmaster Lannister snapped. "Now, as I was saying"

Daenerys couldn't believe it. Whoever entered that tournament, they may die. And she couldn't watch any student of this school (even Joffrey Baratheon, the Headmaster's unpleasant nephew) die at the hands of magical creatures or horrifying jinxes. It was at this she realised what she had to do. She must tell everyone else not to enter; that way, she'd be protecting them. She could tell the whole school not to enter the tournament and then... what would she do beyond that?

She would do it.

She would make that sacrifice for them.

What had she got to live for anyway? Perhaps she could salvage some of her family's reputation by making this choice. As the reality of what she knew she must do set in; she sunk into her chair and felt the rage burn inside her. And as she looked over at the Headmaster who was staring her down she thought to herself, my death will be on you

Chapter Text

Jon had never been more baffled by the girl stood next to him. Yet as her truths rang out in the Great Hall; there was something underneath her angry exterior which meant she did have a caring bone in her body. So as they walked the Quidditch pitch in search of stragglers from the feast, he kept finding himself wishing to know what she was thinking. Why had she defended all these students when if they knew she was picked, they would not support her, in fact, some of them would wish for her death. 

"So, you think the tournament is horsepiss?" Jon said as they finished circling the teacher's stand. He knew by the sudden glare she threw him she did not wish to talk about it but he wasn't going to give in that easy. Her hair, still in it's braid, whipped the air many times as the Autumn breeze rolled through. It's chill got to Jon's bones; he did not say anything though. He just was intent on getting a rise out of Daenerys. "Look, I get it. You hate me, you wish you wasn't doing prefect duty with me-"

"-Correct-" She added in. 

"But what you did in the Great Hall; that showed that you're not a complete bitch" He folded his arms and looked at her with a knowing look as she stopped and scoffed. "People will not enter this tournament now; you're going to have the School Governors on your back for being sensible" He sighed, she still was keeping her mouth shut. "Eternal glory, three thousand galleons; it's all nothing if someone dies, you're right" He added. "Still, would be cool to win all that gold; I'd be able to get a small place when we graduate"

"Do you ever shut up?" She snarled. 

Jon rolled his eyes; he knew better than to think she'd be anything other than arsey with him. What was going on inside that furious mindy and body of hers? She was just so angry all the time and now she was incensed all because the school was holding a tournament in which someone could die for the graces of showing good relations with other schools. He knew it to be wrong; to risk human life in such a way. But he'd really like to enter; he had the know how for Defence and duelling and quickly thinking on your feet. 

He laughed to himself. He wondered if Daenerys would be okay if he entered; she probably wouldn't mind if he got swallowed by a dragon or ripped in half by werewolves. 

Still; after her display in the hall and when she finally sat down they did explain the rule changes. Prize money had gone up from one thousand Galleons from last task to the three thousand galleon extravaganza that it was now. No one under the age of seventeen could enter; so basically no one in sixth year or under. Finally, the three tasks will be in November, February and June. There would also be the Yule Ball on Christmas eve that everyone kept buzzing about; Jon really couldn't care less. 

"I just wanna know why" Jon gruffed. 

"Why what?" She snapped. 

"Why defend all these students when you know they wouldn't think twice about doing it for you - me included!" He added to not sound as if he was being soppy with her. She still got on his wick; in fact, he really did not like her. but knowing there was something inside her that wasn't anger, he wished to expose it, bringing it to the light. This way; he could say that all his arguing with her had brought about some change in her. 

But who was he kidding; she was just like this, the old Daenerys from second year was gone. He turned his head from her, not expecting to get an answer. "That's the reason why" She quietly spoke as they finished searching another stand. "None of these people care; I'm just a bitter and angry bitch who would trample on anyone who gets in my way! Of course; this isn't true, and it's time I started showing it to people"

"Me included?" Jon asked slightly in shock. 

"Don't flatter yourself; if you're an arsehole you will be treated like one" She grumbled. Jon felt any hope that was still lingering in his chest go away. "And stop talking to me; we're not friends, we'll never be. Let's just finish our patrol so we can be on our way"

And that was that, Jon dare not say another word. So he did just finish the patrol, no students were to be found though. By eleven they were walking back to the Castle and found themselves crossing paths with other prefects who also had nothing of note to show. And within another few minutes, Daenerys had stormed off towards the Slytherin Dungeons with a small 'bye' and left him to proceed up the Grand Staircase.

He passed first floor and heard the Bloody Baron chastising Peeves for his latest prank of leaving bertie botts every flavoured beans on the floor so people would fall and trip over. When he went past fourth floor he was accosted by the janitor Mord before reminding him that he was head boy and on his way back to the common room after patrol. It took some convincing but he finally got through. Then on the seventh floor, just outside Gryffindor tower, he saw the House ghost Nearly Headless Nick talking to Violet, a portrait of a witch who uses s much beautifying potions she had an effect on passing students that was very much like a Veela. 

Remembering to walk to the portrait as far away from her as possible he whispered the password. "Dragon fire" The Fat Lady had been drinking. Jon found himself rolling his eyes, so he said it a little louder. She again didn't listen. He shouted this time. "DRAGON FIRE!"

She turned from her drink and eyed him up. "A little late aren't we?"

"Prefect Patrol - now let me in please" Jon grumbled, rubbing his eyes finally feeling a little tired. The fat Lady thought about it for a moment before finally sighing and swinging open. "Thank you very much, only took you three attempts"

She mumbled about having respect for portraits considering he was head boy now but he just ignored her once she opened and he crawled through. As he did, he was hit by a wall of noise. People were still up and about; Theon and Robb were gathered by the fire having finished their patrol while their sister Arya was sat playing wizard's chess with another first year. He was so proud when she sat on that seat and the hat had put her in the same house as him. She'd been so nervous, and now it look like she'd already made a friend; which was unlike her as she liked to be independant. 

Jon sunk himself next to Robb on the double sofa while Theon took the chair up. They grumbled in hello before sinking lower into the chairs; hoping for sleep it seemed like. But as Jon listened to their grumbles; they too had been talking about the tournament. "Wish the girl had kept her mouth shut; I would've entered then. But I'm not about to die so Professor Lannister can make posters about unity from it"

"What is this school thinking though?" Robb retorted to Theon's groans. "Collectively they thought this was a good idea; we should have all their heads and get a completely new board; one that's actually got more than two braincells" 

"Well that counts you out then" Theon snickered, Robb ignored him. 

"Father is on the board" Robb remembered. "He would've known about this, agreed to it"

"Drat" Jon moaned, he wasn't about to live with a dorm full of people doing nothing but talk of the tournament. "This is all we're going to talk about; other things happened this evening you know, I don't know like me being made head boy instead of you, Robb. Father will be furious"

"No, father will be proud, mother will be furious" Robb corrected him. Robb did not care; he and Theon were prefects, that was all good for him. He caused too much trouble otherwise with his debauchery with Theon. Also you couldn't count on one hand the amount of women he'd been caught in a broom cupboard with. Overall he was a good prefect, but his scores in his test were only just above average. He didn't do any extracurricular activities, he wasn't head boy material. And he didn't want to be. 

"I should write to them" Jon grinned. Robb blinked before cackling with laughter. This was why Robb was Jon's best friend; he always stood up for Jon to his mother, he was sensible, he knew their father's infidelity wasn't Jon's fault and after his mother died in child-birth it's hardly fair to hand the baby off to people he won't know when there's a father for him here who could look after him. Catelyn would tell Robb to leave himself out of it, but Robb just knew it was because he was right and he'd rattled her cage. 

Robb ran off to the drawing cupboard on the other side of the room, grabbing parchment, a quill and some ink. It had been Jon's idea to have a cupboard in the common room with spare stuff incase others forgot. Robb brought them back and Jon instantly began writing. 

Dear Father, 

I am pleased to inform you we all got here safely; the train journey was tedious but we arrived in one piece. So much has happened since arriving however; Arya was sorted into Gryffindor (she's so happy, she's currently playing Wizard's chess with a friend she's already made - yes she's willingly made a friend!), Quidditch was cancelled (this is not good) and I, have been made Head Boy. 

I can hardly believe it; I never thought I'd make it to this. It's a lot of responsibility but I'm ready and willingly to do it; all to help out my application to the Auror Programme for September. Daenerys Targaryen is the Head Girl; Professor Lannister saw it fit to pick us both in an effort to make us more civil towards one another. We've had a patrol so far and haven't managed to kill each other yet so maybe there is hope. 

As you would be well aware given you're on the Governor's board; the school is hosting the Triwizard Tournament this year. The scene in the hall over the announcement was something you couldn't possibly imagine. Daenerys was fuming, which given the last tournament had a student die, I don't actually blame her. People are scared to enter already and it's not even four hours after it was announced. I would enter; but I'm not sure the reward outweighs the risk it bares. Sure; I'm the most equipped when it comes to the defence and duelling; but I don't want to die or be severely injured. 

Anyways, it's bed time and we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow; I have double potions and I want to crack this lesson with the whip. Robb says hello, he's sat with me as I write this. 



Jon finished the letter and rolled it up after Robb read it. He sent it out of the window with his family owl, Hodor, and watched as he fluttered away in the clear night sky. He could see the Groundskeeper cabin glowing in the distance, and the great lake as the moon glistened on it. He sighed in peace, before closing the window; stopping the draught from coming in. Robb snickered. "A bit soppy that letter was Jon, but okay" 

"Sod off" Jon hit him. Theon rolled his eyes.

He felt happy to be back at Hogwarts, it was unlike any other feeling he could explain. A sense of belonging and a place to be. Especially now he's head boy; it's just something he never imagined. And as he went to the dormitory that night and sorted his trunk out; he got changed into his pyjamas and climbed into the four poster bed. Sleep came to him easy; the last thing on his mind the tournament.

Should he enter? 

Chapter Text

"Viserys, please don't" She managed to choke out as she felt her throat constrict as his hand tightened around it. She was already bleeding from a cut on her forehead  that had been caused by his pocket knife scraping along her sensitive skin. It was drying on her cheek, the occasional bit dripping into her own mouth. And now; his large hand was closing around her windpipe as she struggled to get away from his grasp.

"Shut your mouth, whore" He was so violent, more so than Daenerys had ever imagined him to be. She was being tortured, defiled and beaten bloody. She wailed in pain; but it was helpless, useless even. She'd been in this situation before, so many times in fact. She cried and cried and cried until the tears ran dry and the will to fight in her body had not existed anymore. And that's the thing she wished was more true; she wishes she did not exist.

So now: as she stared into violet eyes similar to her own, she felt the numbness take over as the hatred for him boiled over and flowed from her every pore. How could he do this to me? Was it a product of our parents insect?  She thought.Valyrian's had been known for fiery temperaments. Had she done something wrong? No, she did not. It was not her fault that this was happening, it was him. Viserys and his vile tendencies were the only thing to blame. She was innocent.

His little whore, that's what he liked to call her. Demeaning her piece by piece was what he did best. She'd known nothing other than this cycle of abuse; since she was fourteen years old. She would pray to the gods everyday, pray that he'd see the error in his ways and find something else to concentrate his energies on; but he never did. He always came back to her room while she was sleeping; trying to attack her when she was unaware. Just like now.

He'd rip her night clothes off; pin her down with his own body as her voice evaporated onto the air. She was always trying to call out, for someone to hear her pleas. But like always, she was alone. Alone with the man who would squeeze her breasts until she sometimes passed out from the agony of it all; in which she'd wake up to feel her brother's length inside her, an abnormality inside her which caused immense pain.

Never pleasure. Sometimes she'd be strong and struggle; trying to hit him back.  But he would just be rougher, more harsh. It turned him on to see her struggle and cry. And he would slam into her harder as a result.

S he did not feel any of the abuse in her body by the time fifth year came about; it had happened so often she just let it go on.  And even now, as his throat constricted her throat even more so; she felt his cold, spare hand snake from her breast down towards her genitals. She had so many scars now, so many bruises from the weekly assaults he left on her that she did not flinch as he did. The feeling was so real; so raw and as his fingers invaded her body. "Please stop, I'll do anything to make you stop"

He would just laugh, coldly and full of venom and taunt her. "There is nothing you can do to stop this, my little love". That's what he would say as he abused her being. And so she gave up; if nothing would stop what he was doing why did she still tried to fight him?

Daenerys woke up with a jolt in her system, and beads of sweat pouring down her face. 

Where am I? 

Everything had felt so real.

But as she looked around her room, she saw the four poster bed draped in green and silver silks. Hogwarts; she was safe. No Viserys here, it had all been a bad dream. Of course she wished all the abuse she'd had at his hands had been in her nightmares and not real. But pretending they were imaginary was not going to help herself. She needed to get over this feeling of being helpless; she needed to finally bring up the strength inside her to tell someone. She needed to break this wheel of torture inside her that was constantly building up. 

Glancing to her alarm clock, she saw the time. Four in the morning. 

"Shit" She muttered. She'd only been asleep for just over four hours and she was awake already. She really needed some sleeping draught. She needed anything to help her get the memories of the bad dream she'd just encountered off of her mind. Except it wasn't a dream; these things happened to her. The memory of them all; all the times he had harmed her, seeping into her dreams too? Was she safe any place?

Deciding there was no way she was going back to bed, she got into her trunk and pulled out her fresh uniform for the day. She changed and did her hair, pulling it back into a sleek ponytail and putting in some small earrings. By the time she'd done this it was still only four thirty, so she decided to pull out her cauldron and begin a brewing of some sleeping potions which would be ready for tonight. 

Placing the cauldron on the side table next to her bed she started by adding the Lavender and Standard ingredient. As she got through this part she realised she had no Valerian sprigs so huffing she turned the cauldron down to a gentle simmer and left the dorm and headed down to the common room. She knew there was some potions supplies in the cupboard by the fireplace so she began searching around. it was dark; the fireplace was out and nobody was around to bother her; just as she liked it. She found some under a pile of lacewing flies dried out; and so closing the cupboard door quietly she made her way back up to the dorm. Completing the potion and only needing it to simmer for seventy minutes before she could finish it so she decided to go for a walk around the grounds to clear her head. 

The trip out of the school was problematic and Daenerys was regretting even attempting too. She met peeves who was flinging dung bombs at her head, thankfully they all missed. It wasn't until the Bloody Baron's name was mentioned that he left her alone and managed to get to the entrance hall. She was then greeted by Headmaster Lannister who too looked as if he had not slept. He saw he immediately as she tried to creep by him and she thought she'd instantly get into trouble. 

"Miss. Targaryen, early start" He said; looking down his nose at her, even if she was over three feet taller than he was. She somehow still felt smaller. While she'd always got on with the headmaster, being awake at five in the morning in the great entrance hall was still against the rules, she was sure. 

"Couldn't sleep" She sighed, rubbing her hands together as she looked down at them. She began playing with the hem of her jumper. She wondered if he thought she was worried about the tournament, which she was, she was still outraged that he'd even agreed to this. But since her nightmare filled sleep; she had other worries, other priorities. "Feeling a little, tense"

"Anything I could do to help?" He asked as she slowly began to walk toward the doors that would lead down towards the boathouse and the lake. She wanted a walk to clear her head; but she wanted someone to talk to. She ummed and aahed about it for a little while before deciding she needed to tell someone. Someone who would listen. But how could she; when her brother had put a tongue-tying curse on her. She couldn't exactly tell him about it. And it was magic beyond what she was capable of doing; she'd tried. She needed an experience wizard to...

It hit her. She needed him. 

"Professor, I need... lifting off of me" She blinked at his confused look. She had meant to say Tongue-tying curse but even the effects of the curse stopped her from saying the name of it, Viserys knew what he was doing with this one. It was a lot more powerful than the average one that students used on each other. She found her tongue getting caught in her mouth, struggling to speak. She began coughing and spluttering. He looked at her with a knowing glance, she felt comforted. Perhaps she could get the help she needed to break this wheel. 

"Tongue-tying; I've seen these quite often. Many students turn up at the hospital wing with the same curse placed upon them. Who placed this upon you?" He asked as she sat down on the steps of the Grand staircase, finding her breath hard to return to her. She looked at him in an apology; she couldn't even say his name aloud. "It does not matter, I can lift it. It's a powerful one on you; I imagine a rather advanced wizard placed it. Perhaps to stop you talking about your father departing the family"

Of course he was wrong; but she nodded anyways. She wanted this to be off her as soon as possible."Please get rid of it"

"I will, now stay seated and close your eyes; it'll be much better than you stood up. You may feel slightly faint because of it" He warned. It was a few minutes of him muttering a countercurse and piece by piece she could feel the spell lifted away from her. It was a huge weight off of her shoulders, she knew she should be better at Defence; Jon would've known how to lift this curse off of himself straight away. Even if it was one this strong. And he was right; she did feel faint.

When he was done she said 'Tongue-tying curse' several times over to test that she could actually say it. He heard them all and nodded. She evened her breathing out; her head feeling light as her strength came back to her. "Thank you, Professor"

"You're Welcome, Miss. Targaryen" he nodded before taking a seat on the step next to her. She had her arms on her knees and her hands clasped together. She began to lose herself in thought as she stared at the floor. "Now tell me child, what's bothering you so?"

She hadn't expected it to come out; it had been her close guarded secret for so long. Four years almost. And expecting for her tongue to be all tied up she let the words spill out of her mouth. A four worded sentence that would change the nature of their relationship for the better, she'd hoped. "My brother raped me"

She had expected the silence that came afterwards; the leaving of sound from her ears as if she'd gone deaf. There was nothing, no rage, no sorrow, no happiness. It was nothingness. Feeling like she needed to implore how broken she was to her Headmaster, she carried on speaking. "I went home for Christmas; third year. We'd been doing Quidditch training. I'd said I wanted to join the Slytherin Quidditch Team in fourth year and he'd offered to help me get better so I accepted. We'd practiced for four hours in the wind and snow outside our house and I was so thankful for his help"

"Miss. Targaryen you don't-"

"I was washing and changing in my bathroom and when I come out he was sat on the end of my bed still with the dirty clothes on we'd been training in. I didn't think anything of it; he said the hot water wasn't working in his shower and so I said he could use mine. I never expected that he'd perform a silencing charm on my door and drag me into the bathroom so he could... he..." She lost herself. She couldn't believe she was talking to someone about this; it was such a relief. She felt her anger lift as the truth rang in the entrance hall. "I've never played Quidditch since. I've never felt... happy since then. It's happened more too; two hundred and twenty seven times since that first. And I... I'm only just holding myself together. I scream; begging for help every time... but it doesn't come and I just..." 

She burst into tears. She couldn't help it. 

"Daenerys" He said, authoritatively. "Do I have permission to inform the Department of Magical Law Enforcement? To inform the Minister?"

"No" She snapped instantly. "I... I don't have evidence"

She was sadder now as the realisation set in. Viserys was a well respected member of the International Magical Cooperation Department (even the fact he was a Targaryen and they knew he was a product of incest) and she couldn't make these accusations without evidence. It was soon to be fifty years since the death of the greatest Minister of magic the country had ever seen, Hermione Granger, and even with her laws she put in place to help the victims of such attacks she still knew she didn't have a chance of him going to Azkaban. The Ministry of Magic was still a Misogynistic society; and they would blame her for not trying to do more in fighting against this. Or because he was a well respected member they'd try and cover up these claims she would make, try and pay her off. 

"But the Wizengamot can-"

"Aren't going to concern themselves with a teenage girl making accusations over a ministry member who happens to be her brother, especially because of our lineage"

She shuddered to think about how everything was going to pan out now. What with the tournament and NEWTs and now the fact her Headmaster knew her deepest and darkest secret. "Miss. Targaryen, I implore strongly that you get the Department of Magical Law Enforcement alerted as soon as possible"

"I don't have evidence, Professor. Viserys is a well respected man in the ministry and this kind of scandal would look badly on them. I don't want them to sweep it under the carpet and try to shut me up with money or whatever. I need to build a proper case towards him. I don't want them to be able to do anything; I need a full trial at the Wizengamot, I need this to be taken seriously" She said with confidence for the first time in years. She turned to gage some type of reaction from him. He looked intense, angry and sick to his stomach. As you would if you found out one of your students just told you they'd been raped by their brother over two hundred times in the last four years. 

"Then let me help you; I started my career at the ministry I have a vast working of the law" He implored. Daenerys ears tingled. She wanted help; she didn't want to go this alone. "Let's get you to Madam bones, she's a master in recognising injuries and would be able to do a write up on you in complete confidence"

"Confidence?" Daenerys choked. 

"One hundred percent confidence. I can start a file in my office; every thing we find we can use against him I'll keep in the file and when the year is done and it's time for you to go home; we'll go to the ministry instead and we'll make our case there against him. We'll have everything; I promise you" He was a good man, the best professor the school had in years. And she knew she was going to accept. It was just a case of feeling the hope inside her which had been extinguished so many times over. She didn't feel right feeling it again. "We can use the pensive to extract your memories to use as evidence, they will accept them. We can make sure they don't sweep it under the rug, even if we allow them to use veritaserum. We'll make sure they know it's the truth and that they need to do something about it"

"I believe you could help" She said carefully. 

"We'll go to the prophet afterwards if they do not do anything; then something will get done. You're one of my best students, and your safety had been compromised" He gave a heartwarming smile. He actually cared. This was why she knew she'd been okay to come and speak with him about this. "It is my job to protect you at all costs

"So you decide to hold the Triwizard Tournament" She scoffs. 

"Another conversation for a different day, Miss. Targaryen" She found herself smiling. He was right. 

After their heart to heart in which she felt more optimistic than since when she started Hogwarts; she went with him to the Hospital wing (well, after telling him she had a sleeping potions she was brewing that needed finishing as the seventy minutes were almost up). Madam Bones was only just awake and in her robes when they entered. She was surprised at the earliness of the two of them. They went into her office and Daenerys explained everything to her that she had to Professor Lannister. She'd agreed to complete confidentiality and after asking for an examination, Professor Lannister left to return to his study. 

She was to go straight there after her examination with the right up Madam Bones gave her. It was an awkward fifteen minutes as she stripped down to nothing and laid on the bed and closed her eyes. Imagining she'd flying on a dragon in the Old Valyria, anything to stop herself from flinching from the touch of Madam Bones' inspection. But she survived it, to her surprise. Madam Bones was one hundred percent certain of what Daenerys had told her and so walking to Professor Lannister study, papers in hand, she felt it. 


Chapter Text

Jon found himself being constantly surrounded by the sound of voices whispering at Dinner after his first day back. Why? Because he'd had an argument with Daenerys in double charms at the end of the day, sou naturally, the whole school knows. In all honesty, Jon hadn't even meant for what he said to sound as bad as it came out, but apparently saying that she's about as level headed as a dragon in heat wasn't a good idea. He'd had to go to the hospital wing after being hit with a stinging hex and he'd become severely red and blotchy. 

He needed to figure out what her problem was; yes he'd probably pushed it over the line but she'd called him a moron after he'd defended her so he had felt the need to defend himself in the end. It was all rather confusing. He really didn't know how it happened; she'd seemed in a reasonable mood when she'd entered the classroom and was talking with the Sand twins from Slytherin. She'd even cracked a smile, which immediately disappeared when she saw he was looking. She was almost two different people sometimes.

As he was Head boy and she was Head girl (this whole unity thing was really going to kill them both); Professor Flitwick had seen fit to partner them up together. Aguamenti was the charm and while they both knew it well it was non-verbally that needed to try and water the flower pot in front of them. They'd been polite to each other for most of the lesson, it wasn't until someone from the back of the class shout out that it went wrong. They asked Daenerys if she had all her toes or if because her parents were brother and sister they wondered is she was missing some digits. 

Jon had been fuming. It was downright rude to disrupt the class and even though he may not agree with her people's practices, she was their Head girl. Jon; forgetting their was a higher authority present in the room; deducted ten points from Gryffindor to make a statement. There was a shock of silence that rung through the room.

His own house; people were shocked. And defending Daenerys too; something he thought would never happen.

None more so than Daenerys. 

He'd turned to see her fuming and couldn't understand what her problem was. 'Don't stick up for me when you make just as awful jokes about my family when you don't know anything yourself' she'd said. Jon knew it to be true; but he asked her to calm down, saying she was overreacting. A rough exchange of words were flung at each other and thus he called her as levelheaded as a dragon in heat, and he got a stinging hex on his face. 

And some joke Professor Flitwick was, he'd become a shadow of his former self since he began teaching after his death in ghost form. He just floated there and watched the whole debate take over the classroom as Head boy and girl came at odds with each other. Jon just left to go the the Hospital wing with no further comment after the stinging hex, leaving Daenerys to scowl at the place he'd been. Madam Bones had fixed him up easily enough and by the time he reached the Great Hall everyone was filtering in from classes too. 

Robb sat next to him at the Gryffindor table then, drowning out the whispers with his presence. He looked smug; as if he had a million jokes to make at Jon's expense but he did not know which to pick. Jon knew everyone was going to know what happened by the time the evening meal was over. "You took points off of Gryffindor on the first day... some impression as Head boy you've made"

"Shut up, Robb" Jon grumbled as he poked at his chicken on his plate. He hadn't eaten much but he really didn't feel like doing so. Daenerys had pretty much been on his mind since he'd arrived at school over twenty four hours ago and he just couldn't work out why. "She's just frustrating; I wish we didn't have such a spiteful past and she'd truly let me know why she's such an arsey little shit sometimes. I've spent the entire day thinking about everything she said in the great hall last night and now, I have no idea who she even is"

"I think you're in love" Robb tried to tease.

"Fuck off" Jon snapped. "I'm just confused"

"Because you're in love" Theon agreed. Jon found himself scowling at them both. Theon yielded. "...with yourself?"

Jon sighed, they were both really no use sometimes. Theon was Robb's lapdog at the worst of times; and they both liked to gang up on Jon on occasion leaving Jon to brood for several days. One time, they'd forced him to go to Hogsmeade with a girl Theon liked to try and plant seeds of how nice a guy he was but she and Jon had ended up making out in the Three Broomsticks. When Jon came back and told him what happened Robb was the first one to state a sabbatical of ignoring him and Theon followed suit. That was the longest period they went ignoring each other. And the girl had ended up liking Theon and dating him for a bit anyways so it had worked out in the end.

There was a sudden silence in the hall and as Jon looked up, Daenerys was walking towards him with a hint of anger present on her face. Oh drat what had he done now? Think Jon think, he said inside his head. He thought about all the duties he'd doesn't so far as Head boy and concluded he'd not missed anything. Whatever he was about to be yelled at for; it was obviously something he wasn't aware of, so he just braced himself.

Bracing himself he watched her march slowly towards him; her face became less anger based and a little passive as he did watch her. He blinked, scared for what was coming. "Jon" She said void of any affection or emotion really. He almost had to laugh at this. But given not half an hour ago she'd flung a stinging hex at him; he held it back. He was still pissed at her. "Six fifth years thought it would be funny to have a skiving snackbox challenge at lunchtime and four of them happen to be prefects. We're short on cover in the dungeons this evening. I told Professor Lannister we'd cover"

"Oh alright, sure" He nodded, thankful he hadn't done anything wrong. At least she was only annoyed at having to patrol with him and not because he'd forgotten to make a change to the rota in the Prefects meeting room or something. "I'll meet you outside the Slytherin Common Room at Seven" He said to Daenerys as a confused look gathered on her face. "What?"

"How do you know where the Slytherin Common Room is?" She exclaimed.

"Really? I've been at this school seven years and you think I don't know where the common room is?" Jon let out a belly laugh to which everyone around them started sending him strange looks. It was funny, how confused she was. "That's really funny. Do you know where the Gryffindor Common Room is?"

"Yes" She said a little guarded, huffing at him.

"Then why is it difficult to think I don't know where th-"

"I get your point Merlin, shut up" She grumbled as she walked away. Jon found himself blinking. He did not know how he was suppose to survive an evening of patrols with her; but he had done it the night previous so he knew he could make it through. He hoped perhaps he could get some answers from her, but then again he may as well just wish for eternal peace in the wizarding world. He watched her walk over to the hufflepuff table where her friend Missandei had just arrived and they sat together eating their food, she was a piece of work. 

Robb grunted and so Jon turned his attention away from Daenerys to see what he was doing. He was reading the daily prophet. Jon raised an eyebrow and so Robb showed him the front cover which had the title 'MINISTRY COVER-UP?'. Jon was instantly intrigued as he saw a picture of Waymar Royce with the story and wondered what was going on. So Jon took the article and began to read. 

'Minister for Magic, Tywin Lannister, has come under fire once again as more ministry cover-ups are being unearthed day by day. We reported two weeks ago the sudden disappearance and subsequent death of Waymar Royce, talented Auror and beloved father and husband. Yet according to our sources inside the ministry, there is no record of Waymar having even been out of the country to have died or indeed how he did in fact die. This comes as a bit of a shock to the family who are still wanting answer but are having a door closed into their face. While rumours of dark magic rising in the east has people worried, the ministry has never confirmed this yet had let the rumour continue. A spokesperson for the ministry has said that they've got a full enquiry going on into the death of Mr. Royce, but until they have the full details, they cannot make any statement as to what actually happened. 

This is just a month after the high profile sacking of Senior Undersecretary to the minister of magic, Robert Baratheon, his son in law and long time family friend. Reports were that Robert Baratheon was a hands on man and after several complains from females in Tywin's charge he made a choice to get rid of Robert's job position entirely and thus he left the ministry. This had caused outrage amongst the females in the Ministry according to sources yet none of them have come forward and condemned the minister. Perhaps they've been given hush money?

Whatever is happening in the Ministry of Magic, there is definitely a divide between people and one wonders if perhaps Tywin Lannister's time as Minister of Magic is coming to an end. We'll have to wait and see'

 "Father didn't vote for him" Jon snapped as he shoved the paper back onto the table. "It's an insult to Waymar's memory that they've not figured this out yet! And the fact they've decided to keep the family in the dark? Poor wife and son must be scared witless!"

"And the sexual assault that he just swept under the carpet" Robb added as he chewed on a roast potato. Theon was nodding along too although Jon suspected he wasn't actually listening.. "It's twenty ninety-nine, why are women still afraid to work for people like this. Everyone should know if a lady says she's uncomfortable then you stop; simple as"

"I'm confused though; everyone knows something is stirring in the east so why are their still so many questions about his death?" Jon mused while he forked his chicken once again, not really wanting to eat it. "I guess it's the unknown of what it is that's scaring people, and they've had no reassurance from the ministry that it's under control or that they know what they're doing"

Robb just nodded in agreeance. "Also; the fact that his 'friend' Robert Baratheon was one hundred percent guilty of groping those woman and he did nothing. The Wizengamot is there for that kind of thing; but I guess bad press is not Tywin's way. We should ask Professor Lannister about him; I'd love to hear his thoughts on the ministry cover-ups"

"I highly doubt Professor Lannister would agree with what his father is doing as minister, people have been calling for him to be Minister for Magic for years now; he's just that good. But instead he uses the knowledge and wisdom he has to be headmaster" Jon countered. "Anyways, this is where he belongs best. Since his six years as headmaster, the school has seen results like never before, over ninety percent of students passing all NEWTS and OWLs"

"Still, there's no love loss between them. According to the prophet they had a huge falling out in the summer" Theon added in. Jon had heard this too. Whatever it was, Jon was glad that Professor Lannister was here and not Tywin. 

They didn't mention the article anymore after that; he just finished up what food he could stomach before going and putting his bags in the common room. It was quiet, most people were still in the Great Hall. He set down parchment and ink on his side table, ready to do some of his Transfiguration essay he'd got that day in first lesson; wanting to get ahead on the homework. he'd start after he came back from patrols. On weekdays curfew was eight, Headmaster Lannister had made it as a way to try and get kids to go to sleep earlier as there was a point where everyone was falling asleep in classes. Most people stuck to curfews, it was only the odd few trouble makers you'd catch out and about.

So he prepared himself, and when it was ten to seven, he began to make his way out of the common room and back down the grand staircase. People were filtering from the Great Hall and returning to their own dorms. Jon turned to the door on the right at the bottom of the grand staircase and began his descent into the depths of the dungeons. Following a few slytherin's from distance (even though he knew where the common room was) he made his way into the candle light halls. A constant dripping sound was the only thing you could hear besides footsteps. It certainly had a creepy vibe. 

He reached the common room and loitered. It wasn't long after Daenerys came out. "Let's get this over with"

"Don't make it sound like a chore" Jon groaned. 

"You are an annoying piece of work" She shrugged. 

"Touche" He agreed. 

Two days in and he already didn't think he'd survive Daenerys Targaryen any longer. 

Chapter Text

Daenerys had endured a lot since arriving at Hogwarts and it was only eight in the evening on the first day. She'd confided in Headmaster Lannister over her abuse from her brother, she'd had words of hate and bile thrown at her, Jon had defended her which made her even more mad and now she was having to patrol with him. He was chewing drewball gum all the way around the dungeon, his mouth making an uncomfortable slapping and squishing noise as he did. It was adding to the agitation she felt inside her.

She was furious with him in reality.

How did he not see that it was not okay for him to defend her when he has called her worse things in the past? And furthermore since when had it ever been in his interest to defend her? Daenerys only assumed it was because he was head boy now and had to show some responsibility. Or maybe he had grown up over the summer? No that was not it, he wouldn't have called her a dragon in heat if he'd actually grown up.

The first time they'd ever had an argument he'd called her a shrivelled lacewing and not five minutes later Merlin's sagging left- she didn't like thinking about that. But it illustrated her point, how dare he even defend her from comments she can handle as head girl. She should've dished out those punishments, not him. Ever since that first argument they'd been on a warpath against each other and Daenerys was not about to forgive all that, even if she probably should.

And then he went and called her a Dragon on heat today, which was possibly the most insulting thing he could say to her in her current state of mind. The dragon was the sigil of her house, for centuries. He was covering more taint on her already shamed house. And saying she was on heat caused her stomach to flip, she didn't ask for this violation of her body, not that he knew what it meant. But she didn't want it. What could she have done other than hex him?

She shouldn't have done it, really. She should've just let it roll off of her and ignore them all. But her anger and frustration mixed with the hope she had been feeling inside from her conversation with the headmaster had led to this point. Just because something was going to be done about one part of her life doesn't mean anything else was going to be fixed. Even if the thing getting fixed is the main root of all her problems.

Once the arrest happened, whenever that would be, people would stop their hate and vile words. Not that it mattered to her, she knew she was a good person deep down. Everything had just been twisted and contorted inside her. She was a new person since third year, and they'd soon come to understand why. Or maybe they wouldn't care in the slightest, no one has bothered to ask her since third year how she feels. 

"So are you gonna walk in silence with me all evening?" Jon asked as they finished checking the potions classroom. She felt her eyes roll to the back of her head. How dare he interrupt me mid-thought. Daenerys didn't even look at him, she couldn't, not after the display they'd already shown today.

"Yes" Daenerys answered truthfully, he was annoying her just by standing there, not accounting for the lip smacking. Although the lip-smacking was making her nerve fray with rage. She hated loud eaters. "Silence is better than having to listen to whatever comes out of your mouth"

"I'm not that bad" He said sounding offended. Good, Daenerys thought. She was so frustrated with him that she was happy she'd offended him. "Stop acting like I'm invisible"

"It's hard to pretend you're not here when you're smacking your lips together like a cow eating grass" She sighed, stalking a few steps in front of Jon, still not making eye contact with him. "And you're just as bad as the rest of them so ignoring you is the best option"

"Why?" He was clueless.

"Or I'll hex you, that's why" Daenerys' voice raised.

"No, I meant why am I a bad person?" Daenerys blinked at Jon's cluelessness, standing still in shock. She wasn't sure if he was being serious or not but when she turned around and saw him looking confused, she realised he was that stupid. Daenerys didn't know what came over her, but she just burst out laughing. A gut-busting laugh that echoed around the dungeons for minutes after.

"Seriously?" She cackled mid breath. "You have no idea why you're as bad as them?" She scoffed, her brows had risen and her pulse was quickening as she thought on the fury he was making her feel. But she still couldn't do anything but laugh. Jon had no clue, even though she'd been saying the same song and dance for three years now. "You've done nothing but shout at me, duel with me, say horrible things about my family and I, and yet you act like I'm the horrible bitch"

"That's because you can be a bitch on the odd occasion, Daenerys" Jon said as if it was a matter of fact. Daenerys stopped laughing, her expression being replace by a scowl. What happened to them both? Bright eyed-first years to this sour and bitter seventh years. She knew her trauma, what was his excuse for being an ass? "How does me defending everyone who you've hexed in the corridors make me as bad as them?"

"My family, for a thousand years have practiced incest"

Jon flinched at the word. Daenerys didn't, she wasn't a weak willed woman anymore. It was a part of her, she wouldn't be who she was without those years of history.

"It was said that even if they tried not to; they were somehow still attracted to their own brothers and sisters. My Great grandfather, Jaehaerys, he was forbidden to marry any of his sisters by his father, Aegon. But even this was not enough, he was in love with Shaera, his younger sister. They confronted Aegon about the Valyrian way and he conceded. They wed and fucked like rabbits. They were never mad, only madly in love. They kept the blood in their own kin not to keep it 'pure' as you would say, but to keep the magic within us strong. We used to be bond to Dragons, you know?"

"Aye, I heard" Jon gruffed. Daenerys could tell he looked uncomfortable. 

"Some of the Lords of Valyria had up to five dragons each to do their bidding, to unleash their fury on those who would cross them. It was a tradition, it wasn't frowned upon"

"Daenerys I-" She wouldn't let him talk, she was too fired up. She needed him to feel the pain and misery she does from his actions.

"And you; and countless other in this school still have belittled me and degraded me for things out of my control. Do you think I want to be a child of incest? Do you think I want to be this angry at the world? Neither you or the world has ever given a shit about me and so I shouldn't ever give a shit about them. The gods are cruel, if there are any at all, but I know that there is going to come a day where I am not shackled by the hate and hurtful words everyone spills at me. I am a product of incest, this is who I am. But I'm not a monster"


"A Dragon in heat, huh? I think you better chose your words carefully next time. I am a Dragon, Wolves are good food for the Dragons" Daenerys huffed. She wanted to get under his skin. It was working. 

"Are you threatening me?" He asked incredulously.

"I'm reminding you. Call me a dragon in heat again and I'll show you what a Dragon is. Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor" She snarled.

"Zal-what?" Jon said almost scratching his head in confusion, impatient at the same time. 

"Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor - A dragon is not a slave. And I am not here to be your hexing bag, Jon" She said before stalking off down the hall. He followed on her heels as she tried to lose him. Tears were threatening to spill but she would not let them. She did enough crying this morning, and Jon Snow wasn't worth her tears. But he didn't seem to get it.

"So you've been dealt a shitty hand in life - you're not the only one, I'm a well respected pure blood wizard's child with a muggle that wasn't his wife; you think I'm any better off?" Daenerys halted and turned to glare as meanly as she could. How could he even think the two things are the same?

"Boohoo, you grew up in a nice home yet people are mean to you because your father loved another woman besides his wife" Daenerys snorted, impatient with his attitude. She couldn't believe he was comparing the two. "They are not the same!"

"Why are they not the same?" Jon threw his hands in the air in exasperation. Daenerys wanted to strangle him.

"I don't EVER take the mickey out of you for that!" She thought that if a teacher didn't show up soon, she may very well hex him until there was nothing left of him. Yet she still did not cry, even if she could feel the watery tears threaten to spill over. 

"And I've never made jokes about your ancestry!" He tried to return, but it wasn't true. Daenerys had heard them, she'd heard his hurtful words.

"Fourth year you laughed when Theon Greyjoy asked me if I had six toes on one foot" She started. "Fifth year you asked me if I felt the need to sleep with my brothers and Last year you agreed with your mate Gendry said that my eyes were a little close together" Daenerys felt her skin crawl as she relived these memories. "You are as bad as the rest of them and I don't care whether your mother was a muggle or not. I'd take that over this existence any day!"

"I-" He couldn't speak. He was shocked that she'd remembered all this; he'd quiet clearly forgotten it all. Daenerys knew it was like water off of a ducks back with him, he didn't really care about what he'd said. And she was going to tell him as much.

"What the matter? Realising how much of a douche you are?" Daenerys quipped as she turned to look him directly in the face. She was heartbroken really, she'd never wanted this, they'd got on in second year, even working on a few assignments together. But after she'd gone through a huge change in her life, he had turned against her rather than just ask what was wrong. 

"I guess an apology is too far gone now" He looked down at his own hands. Daenerys saw shame on his face, it did not suit him. he was always so confident yet humble in every other aspect of his life. But this rage match between the two of them had gone on for too long. "But for what it's worth I am so sorry, I've been an ass to you"

"I don't want your apology, Jon. I want you to stop it; stop saying these things about me. I can't control who my parents are, what my blood is. It's part of who I am. And I'm perfectly normal, I'm not some weird one eyed witch who could combust any day because she's inbred" She felt the energy leave the hall, no one was around, their shouts had been the only thing filling the air. 

"Why do you act the way you do?" Jon asked. 

"Do what?" She snapped. 

"That - get so angry at people" He looked scared almost, as if she was about to explode and he would cease to exist. "Not to me, but to people who haven't said anything about your family, to those who are just getting through school and are hexed or hurt by your anger"

"You wouldn't understand" She shrugged and turned away. Not wanting to look at him. The tears had spilled over. It was a few moments but she felt his hand on her shoulder. She flinched away from him straight off.

"Try me" He begs, his hand still hovering in the space she had been.

"You are very trying" She feels the will to live living her body. He was driving her up the wall. He didn't look away from her, he tried to hold her gaze. She saw something raw inside him, a thirst for knowledge, understanding. He wanted to understand her better. As if he was some phony wizard shrink. 

"Please, I don't want to continue this fighting" He said in a quiet voice, his position only two feet from hers. She felt her pulse quicken as he was close to invading her personal space. Her alarm bells were ringing, and while she knew Jon was not someone who would hurt her in the ways Viserys has, she couldn't be too cautious. 

"It's... strange" She explains. "Father told me that there was a saying, in which Valyrian families would use to describe the Targaryens. Everytime one was born the gods flipped a coin, heads they were fine, tails they were mad. It was the incest, well initially that was the reason. Targaryen's however, would be worse than the other families. They had some of their family members who were more mad than anything the Valyrian's had ever seen"

"So it's your blood, you've gone... mad?" He said looking even more scared. This actually made Daenerys snort. 

"No, I'm sane. It's just... in the past two hundred years, when a Targaryen has gone mad, they've gone through a traumatic event. Some have only had anger issues, others have gone full crazy town and have had to have been 'put down' as father once said" She wasn't explaining well. "My brother Rhaegar, he's the sweetest person you will ever meet, kind, caring and nothing like our father. He has my mother's kindness. My other brother, Viserys... he has all my father's cruelness, he's a pompous twat. And I, I'm the one in the middle"

"So you're not full blown rabid dog but you have the potential?" He said furrowing his brows. "I'm going to be completely honest you're not explaining it very well"

"I went through something... horrifying, in third year. I still haven't fully processed it all, it's still happening to me. But it made me angry, so angry all the time. It's my blood that makes me such a way" She summed up and he nodded, sort of understanding. 

"Okay, I think I got it" He wasn't convinced, she could see it. But she didn't care. 

"Perhaps now you'll lay off of me?" Daenerys enquired. 

"Daenerys, I was never laying on you" He snorted, thinking his joke was funny. 

"Pathetic" Daenerys stalked off again. He followed her, apologising for it.

"Okay I'm sorry, look. We've both been stupid in the past. I shouldn't have made jokes about who you are. You're right, you can't help it. I know this more than you think, you can't help who your parents are" She gave him a dirty look. "But you need to be more tactile about this temper of yours, you've really upset people with it" He said as they entered the potions store cupboard to make sure no one was hiding in there. "But we are Head boy and girl now, and I know for a fact I just want to make it to the end of this year without us clashing"

"Never had a problem with it before so why now?"

"It's exhausting" He said as a matter-of-fact. 

"True" Daenerys mused. She thought about it. He was right; she too wanted to get through this school year without any bumps as such. The triwizard tournament was one she could overcome, but it was silly to think that she could get through without a few glitches. Jon however, was offering a truce, a truce she would like to take. "Okay, fine. I will be civil towards you for the rest of the school year..."

"Cool-" He was stopped.

"If you never tell anyone we had this conversation and you keep your distance from me until we have to do Head boy and girl duties or if we get partnered in lessons. You know it's going to happen" She agreed with him. It was a day of firsts in her mind. It was also possibly the longest they'd actually spoke without hexing each other. 

"I think I can manage that" He rolled his eyes, a small smile present. Daenerys found herself regretting this already, especially if he was going to enjoy their truce. "Okay so, we cool?"

"We cool" She nodded. 

Their patrol finished a few moments later and Daenerys was left wondering if there was perhaps more to Jon than she initially knew. But at least he'd be off her case now; another one on the list dealt with. 

Chapter Text

Jon felt like he was going to be sick at breakfast on the Saturday after the first week; his conversation with Daenerys on their patrol had not left his mind ever since then. He felt like a failure; he felt like he was a disgusting human. For someone who always championed the underdog, how did he not see the upset and pain he and many others had caused her? Even if her so called 'fire made blood' or whatever she said gives her the angry trait, the things he's done and said about her... It was a horrifying thing to think about. 

It was a thought that hadn't left him all week. So much so that his first week back had been more eventful than he'd ever imagined. He'd had two arguments with Robb when he'd said some horrible things about Daenerys' temper. He'd tried to not say any of what she told him, but just that she was his Head girl now and he was trying to just move past the anger and her family line. It wasn't her fault, and Jon knew this now. 

He'd even been sloppy in his lessons where he'd otherwise be attentive. Several teachers had asked if he was okay and he'd mumbled about having headaches to save face, rather than saying he couldn't stop thinking about how much of a jackass he is. Professor Mormont in Defence Against the Dark Arts had suggest he go to Madam Bones and get a pepperup potion but Jon could brew that himself and so politely turned him down. 

So now sat at the Gryffindor table while he tried to eat some pancakes with bacon and golden syrup; he couldn't help but let his mind wander over to the platinum blonde haired girl two tables over, who too looked consumed in her own thoughts by something. Robb and Theon were talking amongst themselves about the tournament and how they hadn't seen anyone enter yet thanks to Daenerys outburst at dinner. 

Jon had wondered if she'd meant to put people off so she could enter herself and take all the glory but that didn't seem likely. It was more like her, especially in recent light, to enter so no one else had too. She didn't seem to have many people in her corner these days. Her brother had become estranged from the family in favour of the Martells whose daughter he was marrying. This had been all over the prophet after he'd publically condemned his father several times. Her other brother was a ministry worker and her mother was 'unwell' according to the Longbottoms who live on the same road. 

Jon sighed at himself. He'd thought of the tournament as a distraction and still his mind went to Daenerys. He just felt so guilty over the things he'd said. Why had he said them? He was not a horrible person, he'd never had horrible thoughts of anyone, except perhaps Lady Catelyn. And even then he did not blame her for thinking in the manner she does. He is a reminder of his father's infidelity and so he understood. 

It didn't help being friends with two boys who were constantly causing mass panic wherever they went. He has been wrapped up in their pranks one too many times, not that it was an excuse. It wasn't. he'd said those things about her and there was nothing he could do to take them back. The only thing he could do, which he had been doing (besides beating himself up about it) was be as kind towards her on their Head duties as he could possibly be. 

"You're doing it again" Robb sighed as he shoved egg into his mouth. 

Brooding, Jon's favourite pastime. It wasn't his fault, he just had a lot on his mind. Robb and Theon's thoughts were not very complex if their conversations were anything to go by; they were usually talking about girls skirt lengths or the latest stuff in Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

But Jon, he often thought of his future, of his friendships and life back at the Stark House. He loved to organise his thoughts, catergorize them almost. But Daenerys, he couldn't do it. He couldn't put the thoughts away and get on with school. The guilt was too much for him. He'd never felt in any way, that he'd contribute in the way he had to someone's sorrow and hurt. It ate away at him; he couldn't imagine how she'd lived with it for as long as he and others had been spewing that bile. 

"Sorry, just lost my train of thought" Jon mumbled as he ate some more of the breakfast in front of him. It was a few minutes of silence before the hall came to life again. It was mail day, the owls one by one swooped in and dropped parcels down by people's hands. Some narrowly missed the breakfast, others weren't so fortunate. Theon pulled his letter from his family out of the milk jug which he'd just opened and used a drinking charm in efforts to save it. 

That was when Jon spotted Hodor, the large owl the family used to communicate with each other and saw as it dropped a letter by Sansa on the Ravenclaw table; Arya at the other end of this table and finally ones by him and Robb. This was going to be his father's response to the letter he sent on the first night. He was nervous. It was as he picked his up he saw the red envelop and writing on Robbs. Robb had got a howler. 

Robb's face said it all; he was petrified. Everyone around him was shuffling away from him on the bench. He slowly peeled the wax seal open and dropped it on the table as a shout came out of it. 


Jon felt his face flush as everyone turned to look at him, the angry Catelyn's voice echoing through the hall. Jon felt fury inside him; why did she hate him so much? Robb enver wanted to be Head boy, he was happy enough being a prefect (which was a surprise enough in of itself). Robb always stuck up for Jon though, so as he looked at Robb, he could see his eyes rolling.


Arya was stabbing the table with her food knife as she listened to her mother's harsh words coming out of the howler. Even Sansa on the next table looked extremely confused. Jon was more so than anyone else. He dare not even open his own letter encase he got a harshly worded letter from his father. Why was he not allowed to be head boy? Why was he not allowed to make something of himself? It was not like ti was in the Stark name. 


The letter ripped itself up and left a horrid silence on the air. Jon realised that he could never go back to the Stark House, only to pack up his stuff and leave - and that is what he would do. He would get a job in Diagon Alley until the Auror Programme started next september after the school year finished. He'd get a small flat to live in and he'd leave that woman behind.

Catelyn was nothing more than wrath and rage and as Jon thought on everything that had happened in the family over his father's infidelity, he found himself not caring about any of them more than ever. Arya and Robb and Sansa did not deserved to be talked to in such a way all because their mother couldn't act like adults. 

Robb stared at the letter for a few more seconds as the pieces of red paper floated back onto the table. Jon did not know what he would do; but when a huge smile spread across his face he had to admit to himself he was surprised. And then, suddenly, Robb let out an ear splitting laugh; he was holding his sides and creasing up. Everyone else started to laugh then and suddenly it was infectious, even Jon was laughing. 

He them remembered he had his own letter to open. Grabbing it in his left hand from next to the plate of toast; he peeled the seal open and began to read while Robb took the mickey out of his mother's voice with Theon. 


Congratulations on the position of Head Boy; while others in this family are not happy, know that I am. You'll do great. 

As for the tournament, yes I did know. All the safety precautions have been taken, and the security is double that of the last tournament; I had a hand in helping out with this myself. So there is nothing to fear from the tournament that will kill you.

If you wish to enter; you will be safe, you will not die. It would help in your application to the Auror training programme. You could also get a faster passing through their exams with more experience beneath your belt. 

You will be Head of Magical Law Enforcement before you know it. 


Your father.

Jon breathed a sigh of relief. His father, while not having said the word, was proud. That was enough for him. But he did say he'd had a hand in organising security for the tournament himself and that it was even more secure than the last tournament. That would mean everything was double checked, that nothing was a portkey or was under dark magic. 

And it would help him out with his application to the Auror Training Programme; it was his ambition to be an Auror. He hadn't thought about being the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, but the fact his father believed he could be in that job role, he realised his father recognised the potential in him. That Jon could make something for himself besides being the 'secret' son of Eddard Stark, that he could be happy with his lot in life. 

It was as if this letter made his mind up. He was going to do it; he was going to enter the tournament. 

Ripping a corner of the letter off, he picked a quill and ink pot from his bag and placed it on the table. Opposite him; was Robb who grabbed the letter after seeing Jon rip the corner off. Jon saw him in his peripherals scanning the letter before slamming it on the table as Jon wrote his own name on the parchment. "No, Jon, don't you even dare!"

"I'm doing it" Jon shrugged, he leapt off of his seat and everyone around him realised what he was doing. There was a huge buzz around the place suddenly as everyone stood up and followed Jon as he walked down the hall towards the goblet at the end of the hall. There was an age line around it, it stood menacingly as if it could sense Jon's future. As if it knew he was going to enter and was enticing him. 

"Jon, don't be a prat!" Arya shouted behind him. "You'll die!"

"Arya, I am the most equipped to enter this tournament! I have the best Defence scores the school has seen since Harry Potter, and he was in the tournament too. If not me then who? No one else feels confident enough to enter the tournament - but someone has too!" Jon argued as he turned to see the audience of around forty people stood behind him. 

Then, the platinum blonde he'd been thinking about all week burst through the crowd, her face as angry as he'd ever seen it. Her eyes were showing concern, something he'd never seen from her before. At least not towards him anyway. "Jon Snow, don't you dare enter this tournament! I don't want to have to go through the rest of the school year with your dead body on my conscience, thank you very much!"

"Daenerys, I get your point of view I really do, it's just-"

"Oh Daenerys keep your webbed toes out of it, let him enter. It's be fun seeing a Stark die" Everyone turned to see Joffrey Baratheon smirking as he stood with his friends. Jon was furious all of a sudden. His hand clenched as Joffrey snickered. "Go on, enter!"

"Joffrey, go torment someone else before I deduct points from Slytherin" Daenerys snapped. 

"Very touch today - I think she doesn't want you to enter, Jon. Perhaps she wants the glory for herself!" He snarled. Everyone else was silent as this exchanged happened. Jon ignored him, he folded up the piece of paper in his hand and stepped over the age line. Daenerys was livid and he could see it in her eyes. He turned away from her and put it in the goblet, watching as the colours changed momentarily before accepting the Jon's entry. He sighed in relief. 

"You complete idiot!" Dany was enraged. "You're going to die!"

"I won't die - Do you know how much security they've got? How much screening all the objects and creatures have gone through that they'd be using?" Jon sighed as he stepped out of the age line. "I'm the best at defence - if I don't survive then the tournament is too dangerous for even seventh years"

"So you'd just willingly put your life on the line as a risk? Just so others don't have to enter?" She shouted in retort. 

"It's what you would do - possibly make the choice to go it alone instead of risking your fellow students dying. At least, as Head boy it's the choice I've made. Would you not make the same choice?" He asked her honestly. Her eyes softened but her face was still harsh and icy. She broke eye contact and looked down at her feet momentarily. 

"Yeah - I would" Daenerys understood him, they were finally getting somewhere in their relationship even if it was through arguments. Everyone around them was mumbling, Jon did not know if this was a good or bad thing but everyone seemed shocked. 

"I think you're too scared to enter" Joffrey Baratheon walked towards Daenerys menacingly. Jon was getting ready to intervene. 

"Of course I'm scared, only a fool wouldn't be" She narrowed her eyes on him and he stopped walking. Jon's stance relaxed a little. "But the glory in this tournament does not outweigh the risk involved. Even if I was going to enter so no one else had to" 

Jon's eyes widened. "You was?"

"Yes, I was - but I guess it doesn't matter now because you're a stupid idiot, Jon Snow and now you're going to get yourself killed" She folded her arms as she stood defiantly. 

"Do it" Joffrey laughed in a tone which reminded Jon a lot of Catelyn. That rage and storm behind her eyes he'd seen so many times. "Go on - enter" Joffrey was having fun and that annoyed Jon. His face became tense as he watched a familiar expression on daenerys face. Brooding, like what he did. She was weighing up the options. "Let your family be known for something else other thanks shagging each other!"

"Joffrey - that's enough!" Jon snapped. Daenerys glared at him, Jon could feel the anger flowing from her body.

"What's the matter, Daenerys? Are you a coward?" Joffrey ignored Jon's warning.

In a split second however - there was a loud bang and Joffrey was on the floor holding a bleeding nose while Daenerys walked back to her table. Jon had no idea how it'd happened but it had. And when he looked around he saw Arya grinning as she was holding something small in her hand - a trick gift from Weasley Wizard Wheezes. How had she got that? And whatever it was had caused Joffrey's nose bleed. 

No one was paying him any attention however; they were all gasping as Daenerys was scribbling her name on a piece of parchment. Jon's eyes widened. She was really entering? Jon did not expect this. She stormed back over to where he was rooted on the spot. 

"You're entering? What about the dying part?" Jon asked as she stepped over the age line and threw her name into the Goblet. Daenerys glared at the flames as it accepted her entry. "Daenerys?"

"My name is already mud on the bottoms of everyone's shoe -- It's time for House Targaryen to be restored to what it once was" That was all she said before storming back to her seat and grabbing her bag and making her way out of the hall, leaving Jon and the crowd in shock. 

Chapter Text

Daenerys stared at her Defence Against the Dark Arts homework as if it was magically going to write itself. It wasn't that the homework was particularly hard, it was more that she'd written a death sentence for herself in entering the tournament even when she was so against it. Professor Lannister had asked her if the abuse she'd given him in the great hall was for show and she said had replied that she was only entering so others did not have to and now, since both she and Snow had done so, it had gotten out of control and twelve other seventh year students had been seen entering too. 

Nothing was going to plan anymore; she only had a one in fourteen chance of being chosen now and she did not like it. At least, there was a chance she could be chosen, however small it was. But this was just more pressure and build up inside of her that was not necessary. She was swamped with the idea of taking Viserys to trial, trying to pass her Newts, trying to ignore all the hate from people like Joffrey Baratheon and now she'd entered the tournament, only to not be the sole entry so she could take the sacrifice. So as she was feeling all these emotions inside her mind, she was confiding in the one person she knew she could trust. 

"Let me get this straight, you were going to enter the tournament despite your protests in the Great Hall" Missandei said as she opened her Potions text book. Daenerys just nodded. "You wanted to be the sole entry for Hogwarts in this tournament, just so you could be the one to have sacrificed yourself if something went wrong" Again, Daenerys just nodded. "So your name stood for something good"

"Not a great plan, I know" Daenerys never questioned herself when it came to decisions she'd made. But now, she most certainly was. "This tournament is littered with death; it's drowning in it and now so am I and I can't get this stench away from me, it's everywhere. I've made a stupid mistake"

"All because Joffrey Baratheon said horrible things about you and that you were too scared to enter?" Missandei raised an eyebrow. 

"Yes, all because of him" Daenerys sighed as she slammed her Defence book closed.

"That is the most stupid thing you've done in your life, I agree" She said frankly causing daenerys to be shocked. 

The library was quiet, Sunday's it did not attract much attention. The Librarian Master, Marwin did not mind a little bit of talking in his library on Sunday's. And as Missandei and Daenerys were the only two people in here (besides the librarian himself), they found a corner furthest away from him so they could talk while they worked. She hadn't seen Missandei most of the week due to different lessons, but it was nice to finally catch up with her (even if she wasn't happy with the explanation Dany had given her)

"Thank you, Missandei. I know it was reckless, but you think I'm going to let Head Boy look all grand and not me? And as I said, House Targaryen is pretty much gone. We're nothing - and we should be something" Daenerys spoke softly. "The Valyrians who died would hang their heads in shame at the state of what we had become"

"It's time like these where I see why the hat chose Slytherin over Ravenclaw" Missandei mused. 

"How so?" Daenerys asked confused. She had the brain for Ravenclaw, it was known. But she felt Slytherin through and through. 

"You're such a survivor, you'd stop at nothing to get what you want, to get even. You're clever, very clever. But it's almost too clever for Ravenclaw, and now you're letting all this want and wish cloud your judgement" She spoke so well with Daenerys now it actually amazed her. It was a shame when other people were around she became so quiet. "You take pride in your roots too, pride can be a dangerous thing"

"It can. Good point, well made" Daenerys sighed. 

"And so now both you and Jon have entered" She summed it all up. Daenerys did not want to think about it, instead she focused on something else. Or tried to at least. Missandei's hair was different today. As stress increased her hair would get bigger and wilder. But Daenerys loved it like that, it was so different from any hair she'd ever seen. "Since when have you been civil towards him anyway, that display in the Great Hall was not your usual fighting. You both would have hexed each other into next week"

"He's always deserved it" Daenerys grumbled as she dipped her quill into the ink pot. 

"I don't doubt it, Daenerys" She smiled sweetly as she too scratched her quill on the parchment. "You've always had a lover's quarrel with him"

"A what?" Daenerys nearly spilt her ink all over the table. "A lover's quarrel? I can hardly stomach the guy!"

"I don't mean you want him to be your lover, I meant that you argue like an old married couple except it's a lot more violent" Missandei sighed. Daenerys did not feel any form of romantic attachment to Jon Snow. Sure he was six foot (not quite as tall as his brother Robb), his hair was a deep and curly brown which he styled back into a half up bun most days and he was... nevermind. Sure, he was attractive, but his personality was what made Daenerys scrunch her nose up everytime he walked by. 

"Well, we had patrol" She said in a quiet hush as she spotted two figures enter the library from the back near the restricted section. As they got close she saw Jon's sister Sansa and her friend Jeyne from Ravenclaw. Daenerys knew she had to be quiet or Sansa, being the gossip she knew her to be, would tell Jon everything she was saying. "We had a strong... conversation with each other"

"You had an argument" Missandei giggled. 

"Yes, we did" Daenerys agreed, her eyes crinkling a little. "I won"

"You always win"

"Not always, I like to think I do. I know I'm the better person, even if the blood inside me gets the better of my judgement sometimes" Daenerys countered. "I told him of the ancient ways of the Valyrian's and how, because of the incest it meant some of the Targaryen's over the years have gone slightly mad. He was more confused than scared of me to be perfectly honest. More confused than I'd ever seen him initially" Daenerys laughed as the memory of his face reminded her. "But I told him everything, and that he needed to lay off me. We decided the fighting was tiring, so that's it" 

"I give it until the end of next week before you break that rule" Missandei smirks as she finished off the conclusion of her potions essay. Daenerys heard the clock ring for two pm. "Damn, I've got to go meet Professor Lewin - He's promised to help me with my speech if I help him organise the potions cupboard. Catch you later?"

"Of course, have fun!" Daenerys smirked knowing full well that cleaning the potions cupboard is the worst job in the school. Missandei rolled her eyes before placing her books in her bag and grabbing her wand off of the table. She gave Daenerys a hug, which made her a little uncomfortable before leaving her to her own devices on the table. She just went back to her blank parchment to try and start her essay. 

She knew she should tell Missandei about what has been happening to her body all these years, she owed it to her, she was her only friend. But she couldn't bring herself to do it. So she hadn't yet. She needed time. So ignoring this nagging thought in her head she wrote her first sentence. 

She actually found herself being able to concentrate a little better. Within the next hour she had an introduction down; a summary of what it was in Non-Verbal Magic she wanted to explore in this essay and how she was going to go about that. The next hour went by and she'd crafted majority of the main body, littering her page with statements and evidence from the many books she had scattered across the table. She was getting a feel for Defensive theory finally, even if her practical application was lacking, so she was feeling hopeful about the essay. By five pm, she'd fully written the essay and was finishing of the conclusion when her stomach growled and she realised it was almost dinner. 

As it was Sunday, she would be patrolling with Jon. This was going to be their first interaction since the Great Hall fiasco yesterday. It would be a tense patrol, but she knew she was in the right initially; she just hoped he would understand that her 'anger' got the better of her. She also hoped that he shared her concern for the rest of the student populous.

Daenerys would be the next best candidate after Jon; she would admit that his superior defence skills would make him the most capable. But Daenerys excelled in Care of magical creatures and potions. She was also a dab hand at Herbology so she would definitely be able to contribute lots to the competition. But she hated thinking about this, why had she done it? Was it for all the reasons she was saying? It was, she growled at herself.

Although she'd be lying if she didn't admit the promise of three thousand galleons did not excite her. She could use it to get away from her family; get an apartment, set up her life. Something that she'd always wanted was a bakery in which she could experiment with different ingredients and potions to enhance flavours. Cooking was considered beneath her by her father, but she loved to do it anyways. Several times she'd sneaked into the kitchens here and make stuff with the house elves, but she hadn't since fifth year. She should do it again sometime, I'm sure they'd all love to see her again.

Dinner was a quick process, she hated being around other people at the best of times but since the fiasco yesterday everyone had been looking at her funny or saying she was going to lose in the tournament if she was picked etcetera. She ate her chicken pie and mash quickly before working her way to the Astronomy tower where she'd be giving out new rotas for the Prefects. She sat in the designated room and the pairs of prefects came and went of to begin their patrols. It was seven on the dot when Jon arrived, an hour after he was suppose to be handing out rotas with her. Daenerys wasn't mad, it wasn't like him to be late so she knew there must've been a reason.

"Sorry, I had a situation to write up with some fourth year Ravenclaws; duelling in the corridors" Jon spoke with a semblance of an apologetic face. She studied his face a little, she'd never noticed a small silver scar that ran through his left eye. It was only thin, as if he'd accidently got himself with a slicing charm or something. It made him look older than eighteen, which is what he was "They managed to turn half the suits of armour in the charm corridor into murderous suits"

"No worries" She shrugged, not wholly listening but focusing on the features of his face. She managed to tear her eyes away as she saw a glisten in his eyes, they held so much history. She almost couldn't look at them, almost. "You ready to patrol?"

"Yes" He replied astutely. Wait why am I looking at his face? "Where is it tonight?"

"You don't know" Daenerys rolled her eyes, the face observing completely forgotten as she huffed impatiently.

"You literally just handed out new rotas, obviously I don't know considering you wrote them" He replied short. Damn him to Merlin, she growled in her head. She just stalked out of the classroom and left him to follow. They walked in silence for a bit, students making their way to their common rooms, curfew wasn't for another half an hour. But by the time they reached greenhouse three, the greenhouses being where they were patrolling, that half an hour was up and all stragglers were being told they had to go to their common room. 

"So-" He began, she cut him off instantly. 

"If you talk about the tournament I swear I'll turn you into a tea cosy" She sighed. 

"Why? Because you let a prat like Joffrey Baratheon get to you?" He snorted. Daenerys was not having any of this, she turned to look at him straight away. 

"If you had not entered in the first place, I would not have been made to look an idiot! Joffrey Baratheon is nothing but a leech and I was going to enter alone before your proud head got involved" She snapped before opening the door to Professor Sprout's greenhouse one. 

"How is it my fault? You wanted the glory, Daenerys admit it!" Jon laughed, as if it was funny to him. She turned to face him, fire in her eyes. 

"I do not need glory! I do not need fame or power or anything else you could imagine! I want clearance! I want my name to stand for something more than the mud it has been dragged through for the last ten years of my life! I want to be able to walk freely throughout school without a comment on my heritage - that's why I wanted to enter okay"

"Daenerys I don't think-" She cut him off instantly, the small space they were in getting warmer from the intensity of their glares. Daenerys was hyper away that they couldn't move much, Professor Sprouts Venomous Tentacula plants were sprouting and if they moved closer to the plant pots they'd be attack. So they had to stand close to each other. 

"I wanted the school to understand me, I wanted them to feel protected from their head girl; to feel safe. I wanted to take that decision from them, so they did not have to die. I wanted them to realise that I was more than a name, more than the shell of a person I've become! I am Daenerys of the House Targaryen, and that name will stand for something more than ju-"

Daenerys felt lips on her own and hands on her face. She smelt the woods, ferns and thistles in her senses as she tasted sweetness on her mouth. It didn't last long, but it was overwhelming still. The hands didn't hold her forcefully, they were soft, even though the skin surface was coarse. It wasn't long this placement of lips, but it was long enough to cause panic and fear inside her. He let go of her face and removed his mouth from hers. 

"Now I've managed to shut you up before everyone hears you grandstanding speech" He uttered as he turned and left the classroom. His voice grew distant as Daenerys felt rigid with fear. "May I remind you we still have Greenhouses four through eight to check and the surrounding area"

Finding the strength to move her feet she followed, but she did not saying a single word for the rest of that evening, even though Jon attempted to. 

She was too shocked. 

And everytime he got closer to her she flinched. 

He's not like Viserys, he's not like Viserys.

She had to tell herself just to be able to stay standing up. But he had just kissed her without her consent, all just to keep her quiet. She should have screamed at him, cursed him out and sent him to the hospital wing, she should've blasted him into the lake for the Giant Squid to eat. 

But she didn't, she couldn't do any of that. And why?

Because she liked it.

Chapter Text

 Jon was currently in the library with Theon and Robb, they were all trying to get their Transfiguration essays done before the next lesson the following day. But Jon couldn't concentrate much, he kep thinking about Patrol three days previous and that weird kiss he'd given Daenerys. Sure it didn't mean anything, he merely needed her to be quiet before their arguments escalated into something more, but she'd been ignoring him ever since and he got the uneasy feeling that when she did speak to him it would be a temper he'd never seen from her before. 

He regretted saying she wanted the glory when he knew it was not true, he'd just spent so much of his past few years getting a rise from her that it was hard to transition from them hating each other to them trying to be civil. So when she started on her massive rant at him, to stop it becoming something more, he had kissed her tenderly. It was a brave move even by his standard. She didn't fight it, she just let it happen, and that was a weird thing to him. He was sure she might smack him or hex him. It was a calculated risk, put it had paid off.

He understood her now though, she wasn't entering the tournament for pride or glory. She didn't make the scene in the Great Hall for nothing; she genuinely cared for the welbeing of her fellow students. He hadn't needed to listen to all she said; he got it. She did like the grandstanding speeches though. He'd been witness to several of them and he wasn't about to listen to another. 

He'd rather she just shouted at him now and got on with it. He probably shouldn't have done it.

It meant nothing right?

"Wait so... You can't summon food from nothing?" Theon scratched his head as his voice pulled Jon out of his brooding self. 

"No. It's one of the Principal Exceptions to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration" Robb confirmed. Theon blinked rapidly as if Robb had grown a second head and spoke Spanish. Robb rolled his eyes at their friends dim-wittedness when it came to Transfigurations. Theon was good at Astronomy and Arithmancy; he'd always struggled with Transfiguration. Transfiguration was one of Jon and Robb's stronger subjects. "Jon help me out here, Theon doesn't understand"

"Food cannot be outright created from nothing, it can be multiplied if you already have some food to multiply, it can be enlarged or the food can be summoned if you know the approximate location and are fairly sure the food will still be there" Jon spoke. "So I could go Accio chocolate cake without thinking of anywhere in mind and it would not work. However-" 

Jon picked up his wand, thirteen and a quarter inch pine with dragon heartstring. He cleared his throat. Theon's eyes widened. "Are you really going to summon chocolate cake? We're not allowed food in the library!"

"You're not after you smashed a pumpkin pasty into the carpet. You know that took several scourgify attempts for Professor Marwyn to clean it all out" Jon laughed. He closed his eyes and pictured the Kitchens downstairs by the portrait of the pear in a fruit bowl. He knew they kept cake in huge chilled rooms on the left as you enter the portrait. He'd seen them when he'd snuck in many times with Ghost. Taking a deep breath he could almost see it in his mind. The rich brown chocolate covered sponge with buttercream and decoration. He could almost taste it. "Accio Chocolate cake"

He waited all of fourty seconds before a large chocolate cake zoomed in the air on a cake stand and landed softly on the table. There was a muttering of impressed looks from nearby tables who'd seen it all go down. Jon smirked to himself. Before Theon could grab for a piece of cake, he flicked his wand and sent it back to the kitchens. "Not fair"

"Not the dinner table" Jon shrugged. "So as I was sayi-"

"HE'S AN IDIOT, DON'T RISE TO IT SANSA!" Jon heard a voice squeak. His little sister was trailing behind Sansa's flowing red hair. Sansa was marching with her books towards their table while Arya dragged her bag along the floor. 

"He spoils everything!" She sighed in defeat as she slumped next to Robb. Arya dragged her bag, they'd both earned glared from Master Marwyn who was signing papers. Jon gave an apologetic glance at him before turning to his sisters. 

"Reminding you this is a library so stop shouting" Jon almost hissed. Arya shrugged and got out parchment and her copy of Standard Book of Spells: Grade One to do her defence homework. Sansa grumbled for a few seconds before getting her herbology homework out. "What's the matter?"

"It's nothing" Sansa snapped. 

"Joffrey levitated a tarantula on her" Arya shrugged. 

"I don't wanna talk about it" Sansa. 

"She's not stopped complaining for three hours" Arya. 

"Okay enough both of you" Robb ordered. Sansa rarely listened to Jon but she always listened to Robb. When she'd been very young she'd sided with her mother in the hate against him for being an outsider in this family. But Jon had engaged in a heart to heart with her and explained how he felt and how he wished things were different but he could not change anything. She'd accepted him after that  and they'd enjoyed a good siblingship (if that was even a word). 

"Tell us what's going on" Jon asked politely. Sansa glared at Arya for causing a scene. Arya just shrugged and continued writing her essay. 

"I was in the great hall with Jeyne and he thought it would be funny to put a spider on the ravenclaw table. He levitated it over but it landed on my head and you know I hate spiders. It was awful: I wanted to cry but I didn't because it would just make him happier. Professor Lannister saw and deducted points from Slytherin and gave him detention but he said he wouldn't turn up because his uncle wouldn't really give him detention"

Theon scoffed at this. The privilege he gets from Headmaster Lannister sometimes was not good. Jon wondered however with his father being Minister for Magic if there was only so much punishment of Joffrey's insolent behaviour that could happen without the Minister breathing down the headmasters neck. The Lannisters were a powerful and influential family after all. 

"He's a pig" Robb grumbled. "Is he hitting you still?"

"What?" Jon exclaimed. "He hit you more than once?" Sansa nodded. "That little rat! I'm gonna-"

"Calm down Jon, its fine. I've got him back. William and I have just been and put Itching powder from Weasley Wizard Wheezes in the Slytherin boys dormitory" Arya stated causing everyone to turn their heads and stare at her. She had written a paragraph in the four minutes she'd been sat down, Jon noted. She was intelligent, very intelligent. She was also very abrupt and rude sometimes but Jon loved his sister for it. But itching powder in the common room?

Only Arya Stark.

"And how have you done that? Neither of you are Slytherin! You can't get into the dorm!" Sansa demanded to know. Robb rolled his eyes at the argument he knew was coming. They all knew it was coming. "Don't be causing more trouble!"

"Relax, no one saw us" Arya coolly spoke. 

"Wait who's William?" Theon added. 

"Potter, troublemaker if ever I saw one" Sansa sniffed. "And how do you know no one saw you?"

"Shut up Sansa, just because he is a fun person to be around and doesn't abide by the 'Sansa standard of how to act in society' doesn't mean he's a troublemaker" Arya argued back. "And we have our ways of getting places"

"You're lucky you didn't get caught, I should report you for it!" Sansa was a stickler for the rules.If Jon did not intercede now then they'd never stop. he knew his sisters too well and when they argued they argued big time.

"We did it for you so don't be rude!"

"Alright girls, enough" Jon's voice was stern with authority, even if it's gruffness sounded funny in his tone of voice. There was an uneasy silence as everyone looked at each other before backing down and continuing to do what they came to the library for. It was an hour before anyone else spoke again and by this time Jon had finished his Transfiguration essay and was asked by Arya for help on her Defence one. Sansa was breezing through her Herbology essay, and Theon and Robb were finishing up their stuff. "This is great, Arya, you'll get good marks for this"

"There's a but coming isn't there?"

"Only a little one - You need a little more evidence. You go back and forth on the theory of levitation charm and it's origins. You just need to be more decisive. I think that the wand movement best for this incantation is this, and then back up with evidence from your books. Leave the 'but this could also work out' as you look like you're second guessing yourself"

Arya nodded and said thank you, it wasn't an issue for Jon. He enjoyed helping his siblings with their work. He was about to go back to finishing the last sentence off on his essay when Robb spoke. "Heads up Jon, fiery blond at ten 'o' clock"

Jon froze. He looked up to see Daenerys with Missandei. She had papers in her hand and while Missandei took a seat at the opposite end of table she walked straight towards Jon. She hardly looked at him, keeping her head down as to not make eye contact. She reached his table and didn't make much more eye contact. "Err... hi"

"Hi" Was all Jon could say. He had said it meant nothing, it was nothing. So why did every fibre in his being feel extremely awkward looking at her right now. He'd kissed her, no big deal. It was not a big deal. 

"Umm, the Gobstones club have officially moved from Thursdays to Tuesdays I need you to agree it and sign" She said passing a piece of paper over. Jon blinked for a few seconds before nodding. 

"Sure" He squiggled his signature on the paper and handed it back. 

"Also I've moved prefect meetings forward on Saturdays so they can be done in time for dinner. Our head meeting will be after dinner now, is that okay?" She was so nervous about something. Jon wondered if something family related was causing her to act this way but it couldn't have been. It had to be the kiss. Had it unsettled her? Made her scare or nervous? 

If there was ever a time he regretted this kiss it was now more so than before. "Sure, that's fine"

"Okay, see you in class" She mumbled before leaving abruptly to go sit with Missandei. He could see her hair was almost down to her bottom, even in it's new braids she'd learnt to do; he frame was so petite she was almost all hair. Jon blinked. What had happened? He did not know. But something had changed between them because he was thinking about her hair and... no he wasn't thinking about her rear, that wasn't like him. 

"Okay, what was that?" Robb demanded. Jon turned to see his family all staring at him. 

"No idea" Jon said. 

"Bullshit" Arya sighed. 

"Language" Sansa. 

"Whatever" Arya wasn't listening. "He is bullshitting us"

"It's nothing" Jon tried to say.

"Well it's something" Theon reasoned. "We're not stupid"

"It's none of your business" Jon shrugged. 

"True, but that doesn't mean we won't find out" Robb agreed. "Maybe Miss. Targaryen is starting to fancy people who aren't related to her"

"ROBB!" Sansa snapped. Jon couldn't believe what he'd said. "That's uncalled for!"

Jon took one look at Robb before packing his things up in his bag abruptly. He glared at them all as he did. Grabbing his wand and slinging his bag over his shoulder. He wasn't about to rise to their comments, he wasn't suppose to care. But he did, he cared immensely; and this change in him scared him. 

Oh Daenerys Targaryen, look what you've made me become. 

A better person? Jury was still out. 

Chapter Text

Daenerys had not stopped thinking about Jon's soft lips on hers all week, it was agonising. How can such a small human interaction feel so different from the hurt she'd always felt from touch with other people? It was though, vastly different from the discomfort and agony Viserys laid upon her sometimes daily. It still left her uncomfortable, it added another layer to her troubles she did not need, but there was something so pure and raw about it that differed from anything else she experienced. 

She would never tell a single soul about it though, and from seeing Jon storm out of the Library the day before after their awkward encounter, he knew he'd not said anything to his siblings. They were all looking around confused. But still, she should ask Missandei her opinion. He said he did it to stop her talking, that it didn't mean anything, that it was nothing but a means of distracting her. 

Daenerys would've been okay with this had it not stirred something so wild inside her that she wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on her again. But it wasn't okay, because it was Jon Snow. She hated him, she thought he was rude and arrogant at times. They both had such differing views of the world and they were never going to get on. Why could it not have been someone like Gendry in Hufflepuff? He was nice, and handsome. Why did it have to be Jon?

It didn't really change anything between them; she knew that they'd go back to arguing within the next couple of days, they were Jon and Daenerys. They would be letting the school down if there wasn't a display of harsh words on show for the students to relish. But still, it was going to changed. They'd kissed. It didn't matter if that kiss meant nothing to either of them, it had happened. And Daenerys had found that even her dreams had changed from the violent ones she'd always known for the last four years to the confusing feel of his lips on hers once again. 

Daenerys wished she could organise her thoughts in her head, it was too much sometimes and she was becoming swamped. The tournament had been the last thing on her mind. She had been practicing her weak areas in defence in an attempt to get better for it, if she was even picked to represent Hogwarts. She needed to practice anyway, she wanted her grade to improve. Viserys had gone onto the back burner almost, while Headmaster Lannister had written up the reports of her injuries and got statements from both her and Madam Bones, he was waiting to hear from his Father, the minister, after he asked for a meeting. There wasn't anything more she could do there. 

And all the head responsibilities she was having to deal with, that alone with her studies was enough to make anyone lose their minds. But here she was, still standing. She did not know where her strength came from. But even though she felt weak and helpless against Viserys, she was clearly a strong person to have survived what she had.

"Endure and survive, we always have" She muttered as she walked up to the Headmasters office. He'd requested to see her immediately and assumed that it was to do with the trial. She was hoping the Minister was there too, she'd have to have her memories checked, that could take months for all of the memories she had on his abuse checked. She remembered almost all of the occasions too, and to check a memory is not tampered it can take up to two or three days on each one. 

She reached the top floor and saw the gargoyle statue guarding the stairs, she whispered 'cauldron cake' and stood on it as it took her up to the office. She had to hold on for it was a fast moving staircase and made her a little motion sick. She got off at the top and was greeted by the familiar large wooden bolted door which guarded the office. She knocked and it opened almost instantly. 

She peered in and saw Professor Lannister sat behind his large desk, many of the portraits of the old headmasters behind the desk were asleep. He motioned for her to come in and when she did, she noticed the Deputy Headmaster and Madam Bones sat with a ministry official. They all looked very serious. Daenerys mind began to race; she prayed that there wasn't going to any news saying that they couldn't go through with the trial... The evidence was clear. All they needed was Veritaserum. 

She walked towards the desk and waited for Professor Lannister to motion for her to take the spare seat. Her bag slumped on the floor as she did on the chair. Her wand fell out of it so she picked it up and pushed it back into the spare pocket on the front. She placed the folders on the desk in front of her, not wanting to hold them while she sat. Everyone was staring at each other, some secret loop Daenerys was about to be let in on. She didn't like the uneasy feeling that crept over her body. 

"Miss. Targaryen" Professor Lannister started. "It's my duty as your guardian while you are at this school to protect you at all costs"

"What's happened?" Daenerys demanded. She noticed the ministry official nod at Professor Lannister which caused her to be very nervous. "Professor Lannister is this to do with my brother? Has he tried to reach me here at school?"

"No, it's not your brother" Professor Lannister stiffened at the mere mention of him. Daenerys knew it made him uncomfortable to discuss these matters, but they needed discussing. For another day perhaps however, something else was the problem. "I'm afraid your mother has passed away" 

Daenerys didn't think she'd heard him correctly at first, the concern wasn't apparent on his face straight off. But then she saw it, and as she looked at the others, they too looked concerned. So the reality of what he said sunk in, and she realised it was true. Her mother had died. 

Anger, that was the first emotion she felt.

She felt rage boil through her entire body. It was done, she'd lost. Another part of her had completely been crushed. Her mother had left her like her father. Left her with her vile brother, an estranged brother, an orphan now. Her eyes began to sweat as she felt the Targaryen blood burn through her skin, burn through her nerves. How dare she leave me. How dare she get to leave the name, the reputation, while I have to pick up the pieces. The anger in her threatened to take over as she balled her fists up by her side. Her entire forehead glistening with sweat, and red and puffy eyes as salty tears trailed her cheeks. 

She then felt Sorrow. 

She remembered her mother teaching her how to ride a broom, she'd always been better at it than their father. 'It's all about the kick off, you need to control the broom and not let it control you' she would always say after another scraped knee or cut elbow. She would tend her wounds, hold her tightly, and promise to always be there for her fiery dragon. She couldn't be there for her anymore, not that she was there much these past few months. She'd grown inward, she'd let her loneliness consume her. Daenerys had felt sorrow for her mother before, but now, she longed to see her. 

She felt guilt.

She should've been there for her,  she should've been able to prevent this. She should have taken her mother in her arms and confided in her everything she's been through and built that trust back that they'd lost in recent months since she'd shut down. The guilt consumed her every fibre and the knowing that something could have been done left her with nothing but anger once again.

She then felt pain. 

It dug into her heart like a searing hot blade, twisting as it taunted her loss. She felt it as it burned away at what happiness was left inside her body. It made her feel helpless as this pain ate her alive and devoured her whole. It teased her as all she had left was the pain her brother inflicted, and the numbing sensation left behind from her mother as a reminder that she was truly alone. The pain was only a small part of the overall feeling, she felt the tears coming, she felt the words getting stuck in her throat as she looked at Professor Lannister for some guidance.

She needed help, she needed to stop drowning in misery after misery after misery. It was heartbreaking to feel this way, but she struggled to feel anything else now. Another loss, another hill to climb in her road to peace. "Miss. Targaryen, it is my utmost regret that this has happened, but as my student, you need to understand the gravity of this situation"

"My mother..." She stared at the floor, finding the anger and sorrow and pain teetering on the edge, threatening to spill out if she wasn't careful. She was at ninety-nine percent and one wrong move, she was going to blow. She had questions too. How did she die? Was it peacefully? Was she by herself?

"Until we can get the meeting with the minister, something Horace here is working on for me, you are to stay in this school under all circumstances" Professor Lannister's authority rang true around the room. "However, there is a complication with this - one I would like to avoid, as your safety is put at risk from this"

"Was it peaceful? Quick?" Daenerys croaked, her entire face sticky with sweat and salt. Professor Lannister once again glanced at the ministry official. "Did she die from a broken heart? Father always did treat her horribly"

"She didn't die from a broken heart" The ministry official spoke, trying to be sensitive. Madam Bones looked upset - Daenerys was unsure as to why she was here. Perhaps emotional support? Not that anyone could offer that to Daenerys - this was another thing she had to deal with by herself. "This is not confirmed, but we have reason enough to believe she took her own life"

Daenerys felt the anger inside her once again. 

This time however it was not at herself for not being able to prevent this from happening, but at her father for causing it. She knew it was he that had done it, his abandonment of the family had led to this, to her mother now laying dead in some Ministry testing facility place while they try to determine exactly what had killed her. Had she poisoned herself? Hex herself? Daenerys didn't want to think about it, but she had let this happen.

Father, look what our family name has come to, it's all your fault. While you swanned off with some girl my age you left our own wife heartbroken and defenceless, she loved you more than anything and now she'd taken her own life because she cannot bare to be in the same world as you. 

Daenerys was teetering on the edge now, the anger, pain, guilt and sorrow was all combining into one heavy weight on her chest, constricting her breathing and drying her throat out. She began crying then, the tears wouldn't hold back anymore. The noises that came from her throat rattled as she bent her head onto her pile of folders and rested it there, the parchments and books getting soaked from her salty tears. 

Madam Bones came and held her then, she needed someone to cry on and so she did. It was a little while before she managed to get herself back under control. She was thinking too many thing, feeling so much. It was hard to think clearly after hearing this news. 

"It will be arranged for her to have a funeral; it will only be a quiet affair" Professor Lannister tried to talk to me. "However, if you wish to go, you will be given a ministry escort. Until I can get an audience with the Minister and the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, I will not allow you to go back to that house or to this funeral by yourself" Daenerys couldn't take it all in. "My Deputy here has arranged for some off the books protection for the funeral

"My brother wouldn't try anything at her funeral - not with neighbours and friends watching" Daenerys spoke. Her lip was wobbling as she spoke. 

"Daenerys I can't take the risk of you not having protection" Professor Lannister urged. "I will not let you near that wretched man without someone there guarding you. I am your Headmaster and therefore your guardian, what I say goes, and I will not hear anything else about it"

Daenerys just nodded meekly and wiped her face. The next twenty minutes they went through all the procedures that was going to happen next and whether Daenerys knew where her mother's will was. She also learnt that Viserys had demanded that she returned home from Hogwarts now he was the 'man of the house'. Professor Lannister flat out refused stating that his head girl was not going anywhere she's not comfortable to do so. 

When they had finished speaking to her, Madam Bones helped collect her things and escorted her all the way down the stairs, past the gargoyle and the grand staircase to the dungeons. She took her to the Slytherin common room where she gave her some more sleeping draught and some spells to ward of nightmares. She also gave her some food to eat when she felt like it, as she would probably end up missing dinner and lunch. 

She left her to herself, several Slytherins wondering what was going on but Daenerys ignored them all and went up to bed. She got changed, took her potions and performed the spells to help with nightmares, hoping they'd worked. She put the food in her chest, hidden, so no one could eat it. As she climbed into her bed she stared at the canopy, it becoming more and more blurry as the tears started up once again. 

Daenerys had hit rock bottom, and she had no way of climbing back up. 

Chapter Text

Jon hadn't seen Daenerys in a few days, he was a little worried if he was honest with himself. He'd been approached by Headmaster Lannister and told he was to deal with Head duties for a couple of days while Daenerys deals with some family issues. Whatever it was that was the problem the whole school did not know anything, which was unusual as they always knew everything. But Jon didn't press anyone for information, Missandei knew, she'd said that she just needed some rest and time to herself. And the teachers obviously knew. 

Jon felt a little peeved by this, as her Head boy, her patrol partner, shouldn't he be told just so he can truly be there for her if the time comes, or at least to be able to explain to others she was going through stuff without just straight up lying about some illness mumbo jumbo. He respected she probably did not wish for whatever information it was she was keeping to herself to come out to the whole school but it would be nice for him to get some form of warning. 

He was currently at dinner with Robb and Theon, and this train of thought had been triggered by the fact Daenerys had just  entered the Great Hall for the first time all week and people were staring at her and whispering amongst themselves. Jon tried not to look at her but he couldn't help it. Her eyes were puffy, her skin was paler than usual and she was completely dead behind the eyes. She had no emotion on her face. She almost looked like she was on autopilot, she was going through the motions. 

He looked down at his own dinner, a lovely slice of Steak and kidney bean pie with mash and plenty of gravy and found himself not as hungry as he had been. He wanted to check she was okay, to update her on everything that had happened while she'd been recovering. But he had to restrain himself, he'd be seeing her in an hour for their Patrol, if she turned up this time. 

So forcing himself to eat, he tucked into dinner, and tried to tune his worried thoughts out. It made him laugh in all honesty. Whoever thought Jon Snow would be concerned for Daenerys Targaryen, not him, least of all himself. But he did, as her Head boy and from seeing that she's not completely a psycho he once thought she was. He saw she had sat by herself, Missandei joining her from the Hufflepuff table after a few minutes. She made her eat some mash and a few vegetables. At least Jon wasn't the only one looking out for her. 

"This pie is so good, I think it might even be better than the ones old Nan used to make" Robb moaned as her shoved a mouthful in. Jon turned his attention from Daenerys finally and watched in disgust as his two best friends shovelled the food in their gobs as if it was going to disappear. "Mmm yes"

"Honestly, that's disgusting" Jon said as a matter of fact. 

"The pie?" Robb asked, his mouth half full. 

"No, the sex noises you're making" Jon scoffed. Theon just giggled after swallowing his mouthful. Robb's facial expression suggested he was offended. "What? You're moaning like you're one of those girls in those muggle sex things. You know the ones I mean, the ones you watch on the Veletision?" 

Theon cackled out loud then and soon it was infectious. Robb was left looking red in the face while half of the Gryffindor table laughed at his expense. Sansa had gone really red in the face with him, as if she was uncomfortable with the subject matter. Jon rolled his eyes. She was always a lady. Arya however, was nearly peeing herself from laughing so hard. Oh the Starks were always a good laugh when at Hogwarts, away from everyone else. 

"Ooooh yes pie, you feel good in my mouth!" Arya giggled. 

"ARYA STARK!" Sansa shouted, her eyes widening in horror. 

"How do you know about that stuff?" Theon asked laughing his head off. 

"Robb has a magazine under his bed I found once" She shrugged. Robb went redder. 

"Oh really?" Jon laughed as Sansa put her fingers in her ears. "And how did you come to find that?"

"I was trying to find some money to go to Diagon Alley with" Arya just shrugged once more. All of Gryffindor were giggling at this point. "And there it was, ladies chests and bums on every page! I was nine, I didn't know what any of it meant! I still don't really"

"Serves you right for going through my things!" Robb grumbled. "You're a pain in the arse sometimes, Jon" 

"Noted, although I am your Head Boy so watch it or I'll be handing out detentions" Jon smirked.

"Careful, Jon" Theon said as his head flinched towards Professor Lannister who had just walked by. He gave Jon a raised eyebrow before shaking his head and continuing over to his seat at the head of the table. Jon felt his cheeks go red. "Abusing your power, a stone's throw from the dark side"

"He threatened detention, he didn't threaten to chop my head of you idiot!" Robb argued. They began bickering which meant the entire Gryffindor table moaned in frustration and decided to leave them too it. This meant Jon looked up to see if Daenerys was doing okay. She was already looking around as if she wanted to leave the room. She'd been here all of three minutes. She'd eaten what looked like the equivalent of two mouthfuls. 

Feeling like he needed to help her out; even though he did not know what was troubling her, he got up off of his table and bidded Robb and Theon a good evening. "You're off already?"

"I haven't seen Daenerys all week and while she's here I want to ask a few things I'm unsure on. I've taken all the responsibility on this week but there's a few things I'm unsure of. And while she's here, and not recovering, I'm going to take the opportunity to ask her" Jon shrugged, taking one last swill of his drink. "Don't forget Patrol tonight, you're both doing the Forbidden forest border near the Gameskeeper hut"

"No worries with Patrol, we got it covered" Robb nodded. Jon wished them a good evening once again and headed off to the Slytherin table with his bag. Missandei narrowed her eyes at him as she approached, but Jon just sent a comforting smile back to let her know he wasn't coming to be a pest. Daenerys looked up and jumped slightly at his sudden appearance. They hadn't really spoken since the kiss except for the strange library encounter, and Jon wondered if she was still feeling the awkward air that had been around then since that day. 

But it didn't mean anything.

They both knew it didn't.

"Dany" Jon smiled, knowing he was coming for friendly reasons. Missandei left, so they could talk alone. "Er... can I talk to you? It's nothing bad I promise"

"S-sure" She squeaked. Her voice was pretty much gone, she was obviously unwell. "C-can we leave the hall though?"

"Of course" Jon nodded. And so, quicker than he'd ever seen Daenerys move she got up off of the seat and was walking out the hall. Jon followed her and saw she was going to go up the Grand Staircase. Jon stopped and cleared his throat. "When did you last go outside?"

"Last week" She said quietly. 

"You wanna go for a walk? It might do you some good to get some fresh oxygen in those lungs, it's still quiet warm for mid September" He asked politely. She nodded, not replying at all. She followed him as they walked outside and even though the sun was setting, it was still warm. The breeze was cool, but it wasn't unbearable. The sky was filled with all the different colours you could imagine. Pinks and oranges and yellows. They walked down to the Boathouse, it was quiet and secluded. 

"What did you want to talk about?" Her voice was void of emotion, it was a little unnerving to him. 

"Just some Head boy and girl stuff. I got no issues with taking the reigns for a bit, but I did want your opinion on a few issues that I've been having" He said as he sat down on the edge of the pier next to the boathouse. His feet didn't go into the water thankfully, but he was dangling them anyway. She took a seat next to him, a few feet between them as he placed his bag down in between them. "Marc Smith in fourth year wants to form a weekly book club, I think this is a really good idea. Professor Lannister says that it could distract them from their studies and that I was to speak with you about it"

"I like it" She said quietly. "Maybe fortnightly, so they have longer to read the books and can still focus on their studies too?"

"Okay" Jon agreed. He looked at her for a minute, her usual violet eyes looked a lot deeper and darker than usual. They held pain, sadness. He could tell. They are eyes that he's seen in his own reflection before. He suddenly wanted to know what was going on, what had caused such pain and misery. "And perhaps we could speak with Master Marwin about getting it scheduled for one of the private study rooms, maybe a sunday as that's when the library is quietest"

"Okay" She said. Jon felt his heart twinged for her. 

"I've um, also had some issues with..." He trailed off as he stared at her, she hadn't brushed her hair, it wasn't in the braids he'd seen it in recently. And so looked broken. She glanced up and met his eyes with her own. "Sorry I... sorry, um. There's been some issues with some Slytherins graffiting the toilets and bathrooms. I don't know who they are, or even if it was Slytherin.."

"Then why are you saying it's slytherins?" She enquired. 

"I'm just going off of only witness I have, a first year hufflepuff" Jon defended himself. She flinched as his voice sounded harsh in the slow winds. Jon instantly felt bad and softened his tone. "They may be wrong, it may have been her and she's blaming other people. But until I can catch them in the act this is the only information I have. I was just giving you a heads up, to keep an eye out. That's all"

There was an awkward silence between them. "Sorry, just...  been a rough few days, I didn't- I don't mean to be rude"

"It's fine" Jon just smiled. "You're fine" He wanted to stare at her for the rest of the day, hoping that if he did so she would feel better, but he knew it wouldn't. So he tried not to stare. "Before I forget, we have to do detention tomorrow night, Deputy Varys has a meeting with some ministry people about something or other and has asked if we could conduct it - Will you be alright for that?"

"I think so" She smiled. 

"And what about tonight, you okay to patrol tonight? It's alright if not, I'll rope Sansa into doing it if not" Jon asked carefully.

"Sansa is in third year, replace me with your sister?" Daenerys laughed, it was a glorious sound. "You can't get her to patrol with you, that's against the rules!"

"Well she wants to be a Prefect and Head girl so I try and show her what it all entails" Jon laughed, them both connecting for a moment. A small moment Jon never thought would happen. "So you're alright for patrol then?"

"I think I will patrol" She nodded. 

"Okay" Jon smiled

"Okay" She smiled back.

Chapter Text

Daenerys head was spinning.

She should be screaming her head off, running far away, leaving everything. She longed to be by herself, for everyone to not exist and for her to just be free of all this torment and torture. She should run away from the fire, except she was running straight into it. She'd suffered so much, her scars of violent assault still marring her skin. Her emotional and mental scars on show for everyone to see. And somehow, through all this, she still found herself trusting him. 

She shouldn't trust him, her experiences have told her she would be let down by him too. There will come a point where he gets whatever it is he wants and he will let her down and betray that trust. Yet on the pier, she couldn't help but trust him when she was alone with him. It terrified her. She knew that even though this life she'd been dealt wasn't far, there was a reason, a purpose behind it. But how could she betray herself like this?

How could she so easily let this guy in? Even though she wasn't really. She hadn't said anything to him, hadn't given him any clue of what was going on, and she didn't need to. He'd not asked, even if she thought perhaps he suspected something off. But she couldn't tell him what had happened to her body, to her family. She could hardly figure out herself what was happening, what her mind was thinking. And she wanted respect from him, trust from him, before she tells something like that to him. She hadn't even told Missandei!

And this was another thing, the kiss. She couldn't stand for even Missandei to get too close before she begins to feel crowded and constricted by her. She can't stand to be near any other students before her fleeing instincts take over and she needs space to breathe. She did hex Theon for just touching her when he was trying to get by her in the library.

She couldn't bare it and yet... her warning alarms hadn't gone off when he stood near her and grabbed her chin and kissed her. Instead her body had froze in confusion and shock. It was a reason not to trust him, he had kissed her without asking. How could she trust someone like that.

Trust was a two way street, both parties having to find it in each other. He'd showed no sign that he trusted her to not kick off like she had done, so why had she so easily trusted herself to be alone with him by the pier away from everyone else. Perhaps it was the loneliness in him that she sensed made her do so. Like he'd said, he too was a bit of an outcast within his family and their inner circle. But that couldn't be it, she couldn't just trust this man based on a feeling. She trusted Viserys for years before he violated her every fibre. 

Yet she did it, she sat on that pier with him, three feet between them and for nearly an hour as they talked about head duties. Her voice was hoarse and she was tired at the end of it. He had offered to walk her back to the Slytherin dorm if that was where she was going, it was only then that alarm bells rang in her head. She'd been skittish and abruptly left. He must've been confused, but when they patrolled that night, he never said anything. 

They didn't speak much on patrol, Daenerys was too busy trying to re-organise and contextualise every thought she'd ever had on Jon. She was weak in that moment on the pier and she'd resolved to never be like that. So even though they patrolled together, she kept her distance and as soon as it was over she just left with a small 'bye' and returned to the dormitory. 

She hadn't slept well that night, but instead of the nightmares of Viserys violation of her body, it was replaced by flowing water, feet dangling of a pier edge and feeling the coolness on her toes. There was sunshine, and breezing winds that glided over her arms and raised her goosebumps. She dreamed of a smile on her own face, a feel of contentment. 

To be content, that's all she'd had ever wanted. But now, after the passing of her mother, everything had changed. All she wanted now was to completely feel nothing, it was better than the pain, anger and confusion she felt all the time when she was conscious. She hated it all, but she had to try and keep moving throughout all the bullshit that had happened. It was one bad deal after bad deal, but there will come a moment where she gets a good moment. And when she does, she will hold onto it no matter what, hope of a good turn was all she had left. 

And now, as she made her way to monitor detention for Deputy Headmaster Varys, she was trying to shove everything into the recesses of her mind. She needed to feel nothing when she got to the detention, it was the only way to function now, to be able to focus on school. So she arrived into the potions classroom where Jon was already there, designating seats to the troublemakers who had detention. 

"Hey" She muttered quietly as she placed her bag down by the front desk. Professor Lewin was putting papers away. Jon smiled, it made Daenerys flinch involuntarily. There it was again, the civil Jon Snow she'd never known before, cutting away at her. She didn't reply to him, she just walked over to Professor Lewin's desk. "Thank you for letting us use the potions classroom, Professor Lewin. We'll have the store cupboard and spare cauldrons all organised for you"

"No worries, Miss. Targaryen. I'll be out of your hair in a moment, let me clear my marking away" He huffed a bit, a man of his age should probably not be teaching, he should be retiring in the south of france to stand on grapes or whatever it is normal people do. Daenerys had always love Professor Lewin's teaching however. Potions was her favourite lesson and she always had artistic freedom to try and mix and create what she wanted. 

"Thank you" She said politely as she pulled a folder out of her planner. She turned towards the gathering crowd of students who were in detention. There was nine in total and by the time they all arrived to detention, Daenerys was feeling the claustrophobia once again. It was a small classroom at best and lesson were always tough to get through, but potions was her passion so she locked it all away. However, as she looked out at the sea of faces, of which were all male, she couldn't help but feel the panic settling in. 

"Flinch, what are you in here for?" Snow asked as he went around the room. A small third year hufflepuff looked frightened as Jon approached him. 

"I h-hexed a fifth year for scaring a thestral on purpose in the woods near the owlery" Daenerys blinked, that was certainly one of the weirder excuses for a detention she'd ever heard. The Gamekeeper must've gotten angry at their presence near his cabin. He loved the thestrals, not that Daenerys could see them. "I didn't mean to hurt anyone - it just happened so fast" 

"Okay, you can clean the potion vials for me, there's not many but it should take you at least an hour" Jon spoke authoritatively. The next hour the nine students were divided into three teams, one lot were cleaning vials and cauldrons and measuring equipment. The other was organising the live insects and critters, making sure they were fed and in good enough condition for potions. The final group was going through the small store cupboard and reorganising the ingredients by age of being harvested. Professor Lewin had a habit of writing the date of when he collected the ingredient on the jar or bag they're in meaning the new collections went at the back and the older stock was at the front.

Jon and Daenerys oversaw everything. She found herself keeping distance, she did not want the thoughts she'd been feeling and thinking since she was told about her mother to creep into her mind. She was trying hard to keep her school and head duties seperate now. It was becoming increasingly difficult in every moment of her breathe. She found herself looking at Jon a lot, even if she tried to stay away from him. He entranced her at times. 

Something had changed within him; he had grown up over the holidays. It was only a good thing, it would've been a pain to deal with childish Jon another year. But here she was, checking on the different groups, and despite alarm bells in her mind about the crowdedness of the room and her proximity to all the other boys she found herself trying to relax. There was nothing worse than the constricted feeling, but she found Jon to be a soothing presence. He was calm, and coolly walking around. Daenerys almost felt a peaceful energy off of him, why. 

She didn't understand. 

"Miss. Targaryen?" The boy from earlier spoke. She turned her head and flinch at how close the boy was stood next to her. "We've finished cleaning"

"Good, you three can go" She nodded. They didn't say anything except a small thank you, they avoided her eye contact however and grabbed their bags before trudging out of the classroom. The other boys groaned, Daenerys ignored them all"Jon, how is the store cupboard looking?"

"It's almost there, just waiting on the newts from them to put back and I think everything will be done then" Daenerys didn't stand next to him when she spoke, she called from a few feet away and she didn't look at him. She needed to reset her brain, to stop this uneasy trust she found herself giving him. "Daenerys?"

"Yes?" She said, still not looking, therefore surprised and slightly scare when he appeared right in front of her, not even a feet between them. he froze, her brain fet cracked as the space between them was small. 

"Are you okay?" He asked, concern lacing his voice as he spoke. Daenerys wanted to say no, she wanted to scream at him for making her trust him, for everything that's happened in her life. She wanted to cry then and there, to push him away and tell him to mind his own business. But she couldn't. Her fried brain, it's tiredness, it craved the attention. The care he was placing on her, the concern. She'd never felt something so pure in her bones. 

"I'm fine" She mumbled, stepping away from him, her feet dragging on the floor as she did so. She couldn't look at him, especially since the tears threatened to fall down her face. She once again wondered how on earth she'd managed to keep herself together, but she had, and she was grateful. "Let's just get this over with" 

They didn't speak until everything was done and all the students had left to go back to their dormitories. Daenerys just wanted to get to hers and so she picked up her bag and put her folders in there sharpish. Jon kicked the last student out and turned to face her. Their eyes locked a little, but not before Daenerys tore them away and put her bag on her shoulder. "Don't forget patrol tomorrow"

"I won't" She mumbled again. "Goodnight"

"Daenerys-" Jon started. Daenerys turned, her bottom lip was wobbling, her eyes were threatening to spill, but she didn't let it happen. She held on, for whatever reason she held on and kept it together. "'ave I done something wrong?"

She thought about it. No he hadn't done anything wrong in the conscious sense of the word. Since they spoke about being civil towards each other he'd done nothing but be that. But he did not know her inner confliction about him, this trust building inside her which freaked her out. So as she spoke, she tried to forget it all, by smiling and cracking a joke. "Yes, you've been too nice. I prefer it when we argue"

He smiled. "Go, I'll tidy everything else up. You need some rest"

"Yes boss" She said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Jon winked, which just added even more confusion to her brain. She felt the conflict within her building, she needed to get out of the room, but she couldn't breathe. "See you tomorrow"

She hastily left, all the while wondering how everything could be different. Wondering, when she would be dealt the good turn she deserved. 

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Jon Snow was concerned about Daenerys Targaryen. 

It was all over the school that they were being civil to one another, even that he'd been cracking jokes to cheer her up. People would whisper and gossip every time they walked by and it was actually starting to get on Jon's nerves. It wasn't that they were gossiping, it was school, this always happened. And they'd eventually move onto something less trivial in a few days time. It was more that he didn't understand why he was trying to cheer her up, she'd never gone out of her way to cheer him up, or even be nice to her. Yet here he was. 

Jon longed to understand what was going on in the mind of his fellow head, that he could somehow make her feel better about the stuff that was happening to her, whatever it was. But he also knew it just wasn't his place to know, the trust would come eventually and should satisfy him. But it didn't, he found himself wanting to understand her every waking moment. He spent all his time that wasn't on school work or family issues or head duties thinking on her and her sad aura she'd been giving off as of late. 

And now, as they held their prefect meeting, he found himself less concentrated on the subject at hand (heavy sanctions for incorrect uniform) and more concentrated on how Daenerys' usually bright violet eyes were so dull they were almost black. He watched her as her lips moved, as they sang sweetly in the form of her stern voice. He was almost certainly losing his mind if he was referring to Daenerys as sweet. 

Shaking the weird energy out of his body he refocused and caught some of the conversation. "The uniform rule is there for a reason; I'm not saying give detentions for first time abusers of the rule, but a warning is needed. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be with us in just over a weeks time and so I would prefer it if we could set a good impression on them all. Detentions for repeated abuse of the rules is needed however-"

"And how do we know we've not told off someone who was already told off a few hours ago by someone else on the other side of the castle" Jazzalyn Quench, A fifth year Slytherin spoke. There was a muttering of agreeance with her, but Daenerys was prepared.  They were always prepared when she asked the questions. Jon and Daenerys had spoke earlier in the day to come up with a way to communicate with the rest of the prefects about punishments and points deductions that had been given out. 

"We were hoping you'd say that" Daenerys smiled before picking up some small pocket sized notebooks, all the same and enough for every single prefect and the head girl and boy. "These are personal notebooks charmed specifically for us prefects. We spoke with Headmaster Lannister and he has put the enchantment on them himself. Now, every time you write a name in here and what they were told of or punished for, it will appear in everyone's notebook"

"That's genius!" Robb spoke enthusiastically as he took one and passed the rest on.

"Thank you, dear brother. So now, let me show you how it works. Say I was to write Joffrey Baratheon up for bullying a first year-" There was a smattering of laughters at this. The prefects had lost count how many detentions and how many points they had deducted from Slytherin over the years because of Joffrey. "You must write the name, the house, what they were doing and the punishment you gave. And that way we can all stay informed on who's been dealt what. With the other schools coming, it's so important we make the right impression"

"Please be wary to write the time when you give the sanction. We do not want anyone to be written twice in the same ten minute period if they've not had a chance to fix themselves up" Daenerys reminded. "We may be trying to make the school look smarter but we also don't want to come down on everyone like a ton of bricks"

Jon found it interesting how confident she was speaking in front of the other prefects. She'd also had no confidence in herself, or so everyone who was in lessons with her had told him. He knew that in Defence she struggled, but he did not realise that in Charms too, while her theory was strong her practical application was weak. But now, standing in front of everyone, she held the room in silence, you would be able to hear the drop of a quill.  

"Meeting's over, don't forget curfew is nine tonight so there's no need to start patrol right after dinner" Daenerys reminded everyone. They all packed their bags away and began to filter out of the room one by one. "You need to speak more in meetings and stare at me less"

Jon did a double take. "What?"

"Being head boy ang girl is a two person job and I'm not the only person in this two person job. So stop staring at me and actually engaage in what I'm saying rather than wishing I'd shut up" Daenerys accused. Jon felt his defence go up. 

"I don't wish you'd shut up, sometimes my brain shuts off when you speak because I'm tired or whatever but I don't stare at you wishing you'd be quiet" Jon said confused. Daenerys just packed her stuff up ready to go to dinner. "Quite the opposite, I love you're passionate about showing off this school to the others when they come"

"You wished I talked more?" She raised an eyebrow. 

"Oh no, not more. You talk enough, enough for a lifetime" Jon smirked. Daenerys blinked before smiling herself. There was a small second of silence after their laughter died down, a moment when you could hear their relationship evolving. But rather than listen to it, Jon changed the subject. "Urgh, I'm so hungry. Jazzalyn Quench's questions can be so obnoxious to get through. I feel like we've been in this room for like, twelve hours!"

"I know, but it's not our fault that these fucks do nothing but talk" Daenerys agreed. Jon's eyes went wide. Daenerys saw. "What?"

"These fucks?" Jon laughed. 

"They're fucks and you know it" She scoffed. 

"Aye, I do" He found himself agreeing with her again. What is happening to me?  "None more so than my brother and Theon"

"Please, Theon and Robb are a piece of pie to control in comparison to Gendry Waters and Laurie Berkel in Hufflepuff. The constant laughter is just one big punch in the face after the other. They're Like children" Daenerys laughed as they left their Prefect meeting room on the Seventh floor. The walk down to dinner was going to be long and tedious, meaning they didn't have much time to eat as their head meeting with Professor Lannister was at seven and it was already quarter to six. Not to mention Jon would then have to walk all the way back up to the seventh floor for his common room. 

"Well, they're good at their jobs, that's all I care about" Jon shrugged as they walked side by side. The halls were empty, everyone would be at dinner by now, only the odd straggler was around already finishing dinner and making their way to their respective common rooms. "Seems awfully quiet"

"It's fish and chip night" Daenerys shrugged. Once a month the great hall offered fish and chips, and it was the tastiest meal of the month. Jon felt his stomach rumble in response, he had forgotten tonight was that night. Daenerys laughed at the sound of his stomach. "Wow, sounding like thunder there, Snow"

They were about to come to the end of the corridor and turn right when Daenerys hands shot out and pulled him back around to stay were they was. As this happened, a blast of blue light sped past them and hit the painting of Edward Rabnott causing him to flee down back where they came from. Jon's heart was in his mouth. Daenerys had just prevented him from getting hit by a stunning spell. A powerful one, he'd never seen a fellow student produce such a huge blast. 

"W-what was that?" Dany whispered as they both stay against the wall. They were in very close proximity to one another and Jon thought for a moment he could smell coconuts. His breathing increased suddenly before disappearing as the realisation of what had happened settled in. They were being attacked by something. 

"No idea, but thanks for not letting me get stunned" He says breathless as he crawls up to the corner in an attempt to hear something. It's dead silent, only the cries of a distant painting's child at the disturbance. "I need to see who it is, or what it is"

"Jon, you'll get your head blown off if you peer around the corner, you idiot!" Daenerys hissed. It felt to Jon like a personal attack on either himself or Daenerys and if it was a fellow student he'd wager it was probably meant for Daenerys. If they knew where they were, it had to be a prefect or a teacher, no one else knew they'd be in the prefect meeting. Jon never said any of this though, he didn't want to start pointing fingers even if he knew he was right.

"Daenerys stay back" Jon, to the protests of Daenerys, slowly peaked his head around to try and see something. His head whipped back around when he saw the light coming at him rapidly. "Merlin's beard"

"Merlin's beard indeed! You could've gotten yourself killed, we're suppose to die in the tournament not in the flipping seventh floor corridor!" Daenerys cried as she jumps from the shock of the light. She looked behind her and Jon followed her eye line. They only saw classrooms they could hide in."How do we get out of here?" 

There hear faint laughing down from the hall they were suppose to be going, it was a cold and high laugh, a male voice for certain. Jon looked around at his surroundings, trying to figure out what options they had. The only things behind them was the Gryffindor common room and the divination towers.

However, opposite them, was the portrait of Temeritus Shanks, whose portrait came out at the library entrance. This could be a way to get out and to the headteachers office. But Jon didn't have the password, or the headline from the front page of the Daily Prophet to bribe him with like usual. He eyed the portrait up and saw Shanks wasn't even in is frame, so not only would they have to get a profit but they'd have to lure him back. "There, he's our way out - only I don't have the Daily Prophet from today!" 

"The Daily Prophet?" Daenerys blinked furiously, her face slapped with confusion and strain from the tense situation. As they spoke, another flash of light hit the wall, this time destroying the painting of Edward Rabnott by setting it on fire. Jon always assumed the portraits were safe and fireproof, but clearly this was not the case. The wizard in question, shad come round full circle and was wailing about the damage done to his frame. 

"Shanks loved gossip and headlines. He changed his password once a week and the only way to get the password from him is to tell him the headline of the day from the Daily Prophet; he's the only way we're going to get out of this corridor and to the Headmaster" Jon explained quickly as he pulled his wand out of his pocket and stand right against the edge of the corner. 

"I have today's prophet in my bag" Daenerys's hand delved deep into her bag and pulled out an almost unfolded version of today's prophet. The title read, 'Tournament Concerns From Minister'. Jon sighed in relief that at least one part of the puzzle was slotting into place. 

"Okay, I'm gonna throw a blast down the hallway to distract them" Jon started. Daenerys eyes widened as she realised that she was gonna have to run across the hall without getting blasted. "I'll throw up a shield, and if you're lucky you'll get across"

"I don't like these odds" Daenerys whispered. 

"Neither do I but I'm not sitting here to grow old with you as my only company Daenerys" Jon snorted. Daenerys rolled her eyes. "Now, as soon as that blast is shot, you start running, by the time his blast gets down here my shield will be up" Jon took a deep breathe. "How powerful his shots are, my protego will probably last two hits - so you gotta run fast"

Daenerys eyes widened. Jon felt her panic and fear, he placed his hand on hers as they looked at each other. He squeezed tightly, her eyes growing wider as her lips wobbled. hey parted so she could mumble. "I'm ready"

Jon nodded and took his lace back at the corner. He peered his head around the corner and hid it once more as another blast came towards them. As soon as it past, he wordlessly sent a confringo curse down the hall nd immediately through his protego up. Daenerys scrambled and ran as two blasts hit his shield in quick succession. She dived with all her things to the floor and rolled with her bag until she was safe on the other side of the wall. 

"Good girl" Jon nodded as he brought his shield down and hid again before another blue light hit the back wall. Daenerys scrambled up from off of the floor and put her hands on her knees as she breathed heavily. She spat on the floor, Jon was worried she was goign to throw up. Jon's ears however pricked up when the voice grew a little louder. The attacker was daring to come closer. "Shit"

"Jon, I'll throw a curse and shield now while you run" Daenerys offered. Jon had to laugh. 

"No offence Daenerys but I've seen your practical Defence skills and I think I could do a better job in my sleep" Jon sighed as blasts and curse started being flung at an increased rate. Daenerys went redded than the colours of his own house. 

"Well then how do you propose you get across?!" She almost shouted at him. 

"I've got something, but it's mad" Jon said as he almost cried while laughing. Daenerys looked even more worried than before. "You just work on getting that bloody portrait open for us! I'd hate to be able to cross this hallway and die trying to get a snarky wizard to let us into his portrait!"

"Okay, I can do that" Daenerys nodded and started tapping on the portrait frame and trying to use all matter of summoning spells. Jon would throw the odd hex down, some blasting others fire curses, nothing that would do major harm. he even tried expelliarmus but ended up hearing a portrait complain of losing their glasses instead. "He won't come! Merlin, Shanks!"

"Daenerys, anytime now would be fucking great!" Jon cussed as a stinging hex caught his foot which was accidentally poking out. It felt like forever until the portrait showed up, annoyed that he'd been called back from his post in the library. Daenerys screamed at him for ignoring him and he threatened her he would leave. "Daenerys, I don't wanna die tonight!"

"Shanks please, Tournament Concerns for Minister!" She yelled as she held up the Prophet and showed him the date, almost pressing it against his canvas she was so close to it. "We're about to be murdered by a physco, we need passage out of here, we're cornered!"

"Quiet girl, you're being very loud" The painting huffed. 

"DAENERYS!" Jon yelled as he heard the arguments unfold. "GET THAT PORTRAIT OPEN NOW OR IM GONNA DIE!"

The portrait heard Jon's voice and sighed in defeat. His password for the rest of the week was 'Journalism' and so he swung open. Daenerys climbed inside and watched as Jon breathed in deeply. "Jon get over here, it's open!"

"Good. Now as soon as I fling this curse I'm gonna run straight to you without a shield, there's going to be a lot of push back off of this spell so as soon as I cast it, I need you to start running into the passage. Even with his portrait shut I don't know of the consequences if it will affect us in there" Jon stated. Daenerys looked extremely scared. 

"What do you mean you don't kn- YOU'VE NEVER CAST IT BEFORE HAVE YOU?" Daenerys almost barked at him in surprise. 

"Not exactly" Jon grinned as Daenerys put her head in the palm of her hand. "I've invented this spell, and haven't really properly tested it yet" Daenerys eyes couldn't get any wider. She looked horrified as she lifted her head up. "Well, here goes nothing. Wish me luck, always need some luck" 

The next few moments went by in a blur for Jon. He threw some curses down the corridor for the attacker to deal with before concentrating on the energy he had when he first created this spell over the summer. The feeling of forming this new spell filled him as he began to inhale and exhale quickly. Sending another few blasts he loudly, and forcefully yelled out before pointing his wand down the corridor. "Gelida Crepitus!"

There was a yell of pain and a huge explosion that occurred. Jon ignored it all and legged it to the portrait. As he reached it, he felt the chill take him from his spell. Flinging one last look behind him, as Daenerys ran deeper into the passage, all he saw before the portrait shut was ice everywhere, and a hooded figure crawling towards them as an icicle impaled his leg.

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Daenerys felt sick as she plonked herself on a seat in the headmasters office. How they just got away from whatever it was that happened, she did not know but she was thankful that Jon had kept his wits about him. She on the other hand, pretty much crumbled and without him she probably would've been stunned into an oblivion. 

There was this swirling feeling inside her stomach which kept causing a retching reaction as her lungs burned and her chest ached from the running to get to the Headmasters office. There was no one in the corridors, they'd kept running in case the attacker had managed to get into the passage or had heard their conversation about where they were going. But once they reached the gargoyle and Daenerys shouted 'Cherry soda' at it, they'd tried to catch their breath on the steps.

The Headmaster had been meeting with two ministry officials when Daenerys had kicked the door down and almost collapsed on his rug by the fire. The portraits ragged onto them about manners and interrupting when they shouldn't be.

They'd explained in panicked breaths that they'd been attacked on the way back from their prefect meeting by someone very powerful and had escaped via Shanks portrait on the Seventh floor before coming here. The two ministry officials who looked shocked by this point, accompanied Headmaster Lannister as they left the room immediately to go and check the scene out for themselves. This left Jon and Daenerys by themselves in the office with just the portraits still muttering about lack of respect. 

"What the hell just happened?" Jon raggedly breathed as he laid on the floor spread out as an eagle. Daenerys felt the adrenaline still kicking in her lungs. She shrugged and rubbed her face with her hands. What had happened? She thought to herself. She did not know was the answer she told herself. "So much for Fish and Chips night" 

"I'm sure you can scrounge something up by the elves in the Kitchen" Daenerys rolled her eyes so hard at his comment she gave herself a headache. This was not a time for jokes however. "That guy was going to kill us, Jon. What have we ever done to this person?" 

As she spoke she found herself drifting off of the end of the sentence... She considered it to be Viserys for a small nano-second. It was not his laugh, she knew his cruel laughter all too well, but could he have hired someone to finish his sister off and so he has the whole family name and money and estate? She wouldn't put it past him. He was vile and harsh but he never struck Daenerys as someone very calculating. He was always one to think with emotion and not with his mind. 

There was no one else Daenerys thought of that could be mad at her enough to want to kill her. It could be a random attack, but it did not feel like it. And when she voiced this to Jon he agreed. "They knew we'd be walking that route to the Great Hall, it was either a teacher who knew where we would be or a prefect who waited for us after the meeting was done"

"Are you sure?" Daenerys felt the anger inside her then when he nodded. How dare someone try and kill them at school of all place, security was going to be twice as tight now and life at Hogwarts was about to get a whole lot more constricted. "This person would have killed us had it not been for your quick thinking, Jon.  I swear when we find out who did this I'm going to-"

"Do what? We can't do anything about when we die Daenerys, it could have been tonight. We all will at some point. I'm just more concerned with the traitor we quite clearly have in the school. We just have to let the ministry deal with this" Jon said with a shrug of the shoulders. "God I'm hungry"

"Well you certainly have made a mess of the Seventh floor corridor" Professor Lannister entered with the two ministry officials behind him. He was holding a wand that wasn't his own and that was in three broken pieces while they were dragging a man in by his hair and he screamed and grunted. Daenerys leapt up onto her feet as she saw the attacker being dragged into the room. He'd not managed to get away, and his thigh was still bleeding. "What spell was that?"

"Merlin's beard" Jon gasped as the man spat at them both while he was dragged across the floor. Professor Dumbledore's portrait looked shocked as the man's leg smeared blood on the rug in front of his old desk. He muttered something about it being a '400 year old' rug in his portrait. Professor Snape's portrait looked on at the man with disgust too, in fact, when Daenerys looked around they were all tutting. 

"Jon, answer Professor Lannister's question" Daenerys nudged him. 

"Sorry Professor" Jon blinked as he stopped staring at the man. "A spell I invented, I call it the ice bomb, Professor"

"And you used this spell you created on this unknown assailant" Professor Lannister asked with a raised eyebrow. Daenerys saw the look of horror in Jon's eye as if he was about to be told off for the level of destruction he'd caused. 

"Professor I'm sorry for using a spell that I had technically only tested out once on an unknown assailant but given that he was trying to murder us I don't think it was a huge over reaction to use this spell" Jon defended himself. Daenerys had to agree with him, he said it was mad. He'd said it might have a hell of a kick back, btu there was no way they were getting out of that situation without it. Short of using fiendfyre that was. And so she told him so. 

"Do you at least have the incantation to reverse it?" Professor Lannister asked. Jon flushed red. Daenery face palmed. 

"Jon, do you mean to say you just used a spell you invented on a whim this summer in the seventh floor corridor without any way to reverse the effects of it" Daenerys asked incredulously. He just blushed a deep red. Daenerys felt her face become expressionless. Why was she not surprised? "This was the kind of wayward behaviour I usually expected from you, nice to know you don't really change Jon. Couldn't you have just done something normal like the shield again? Did you have to do something cool to show off?"

"I swear, Dany if you just gave that whole spiel so you could make the cool joke about my ice-bomb, then you are officially the biggest nerd in this world" Jon giggled as Daenerys frowned. "Sorry, we were being serious. Yes, I don't have the counter curse to my ice-bomb"

"And you call me a nerd, 'ice-bomb' for goodness sakes" She hadn't realised at this point that she'd spent six hours straight now with Jon, a new record for them both, it must be. And she was only just now getting around to wanting him to be anywhere else. It was a step in the right direction for them both. But as the two ministry officials tied the man to a chair, so secure he could not escape, she couldn't help but be brought back to reality again.

Who would do such a thing?

Professor Lannister pulled up a chair next to him and hopped up onto it to meet the man's eye level. Daenerys saw the man had strange raised markings on the back of his neck. As if he was in some sort of cult. His head was shaved but covered in tattooes, some on his ears too. The man wasn't anyone Daenerys recognised, but that didn't mean someone wasn't pulling his strings. 

"Hello my friend" He said quietly. The man just grumbled something in a foreign language. Daenerys had chills all down her body, she knew instantly where he was from. But she couldn't understand why. It was then she nudged Jon and pointed to the small tattoo that moved on the back of his head behind his ear. Jon froze. It meant something to both of them. It was a symbol she'd seen on walls in bulgaria. A group of people very similar to death eaters used this mark. She did not know the name of the group. 

Daenerys noticed one of the ministry officials disappeared in the fireplace, perhaps to inform the Minister of what has happened tonight. Daenerys wouldn't be surprised if the Minister of Magic flooed into the room within minutes. She turned her head from there back to Professor Lannister, where an intense eye contact battle was going on. "Now then, you attacked two of my students. My best students... my head boy and girl-"

"-Fuck your students-" The mans thick accent purrs. 

"-And that makes me very unhappy, angry even. You don't want that, know one does. I love my students, I care for them as they are my own children, and you have come into this school and attempted to kill two of them. Of course, someone let you into this school, tell me who" Daenerys had never seen Professor Lannister act this way before. He was angry, it almost came across as vicious to an untrained eye, but after years of knowing what viciousness looked like, she could see the difference. This was wild protectiveness. "You will tell me"

"T' only t'ing I will be telling you, bastard is the colour of your eyes as I drain the life from them" He grumbled menacingly as he tried to shuffle on the chair.

Daenerys was stood at the back of the room now, Jon by her side, the both of them scared out of their wits. Unconsciously, she reached her hand out to Jon, an electrical zap between them that was present in this room. She felt his fingers respond and intertwine with her own. While the alarms were going off in her head, she couldn't help but grab onto his hand tightly. 

Professor Lannister chuckled. "You will tell me, willingly or not" 

Just at this, the fireplace crackled again and the ministry official who Daenerys recognised as Horace from her abuse case, returned with the Minister of Magic Tywin Lannister. He was a stoic looking man, old looking in his appearance but he carried a certain weight with him. He looked menacing and almost demanded respect by walking in. He stood taller than everyone in the room and didn't say a word as he strolled up to the man in the chair. 

"You've been busy" He said to the man's whose leg was bleeding so badly it was a steady trickle on the floor. 

"Minister" Professor Lannister spoke, being professional and not calling him father. They shared a steely gaze, revealing so much history that Daenerys couldn't even begin to break it down. It was well documented that these two heavyweights of Lannister House had been in a public scrap for years. Many had suggested that Professor Lannister would be a better fit for Minister of Magic than his father but he'd never wanted it. He enjoyed being headmaster here at Hogwarts. It still didn't stop him from speaking out against decisions his father would make in power. "Did Horace fill you in?"

"Indeed" He said not even looking at his son. "We need to get this one to a nice comfy cell in Azkaban I think"

"Thank you, Minister" Professor Lannister nodded as the two ministry officials left with the prisoner still tied to the chair via the stairs. "You know what this means, don't you?" The Minister Of Magic nodded. "We need to find the mole in this school soon, or other people might get hurt"

"But more importantly, why did this man attack two of your students? Your head boy and girl" Jon and Daenerys coughed to remind them both they were still in the room. As they did, they realised their hands were still connected and they abruptly parted hands. "The Head girl I've heard so much about, Daenerys correct?" She nodded as she looked down at the floor. "And the Stark boy?"

"Snow, sir. Stark is my father's name" Jon said with a slight grin on his face. The minister did not look impressed. 

"Yes well, charming. Tyrion I'm afraid I must get back, we will deal with this, thanks for moving quickly over such a matter" His gaze pierced into eyes of all three of them. "And thank you both, your bravery shall be rewarded. You should both enter the tournament, with school like that"

"We have" Jon said straight away without thinking. He started laughing. "Maybe that's why the man tried to kill us, betting on another horse"

There was a small chuckle from the minister until his face fell. Jon had a point... Daenerys then spoke up. "It's those people in Bulgaria isn't it? They're going to try and come over here? Why? What's their purpose?"

"Good question, for another time" Tyrion answered. He turned to his father, a glint of anger still in his eyes. Daenerys knew it was time for her and Jon to leave. Well, she thought so. "Speaking of another time, have you been getting my messages about Miss. Targaryen, Minister?"

Daenerys froze. She did not want this conversation to happen in front of Jon, she did not want him to know. It wasn't his place to know and she wasn't comfortable with him doing so. How can she put that all on him, how can she drop the bomb on him that her brother has been sexually assaulting her for years. She can barely acknowledge it herself. Never mind tell someone else about it. And Professor Lannister was different, he sensed the pain, he sensed the tongue-tying curse. 

All of this ran through her head in about the space of five seconds, she felt her chest constrict and her breathing become raspy. She dare not look at Jon, her eyes just became steely as they stared down Professor Lannister for even mentioning it in front of him. Before she could control her mouth, she spoke abruptly. "I think Jon should leave, this is a personal matter"

"Of course" Tyrion nodded. 

"Are you alright?" Jon asked, putting a hand on Dany's shoulder. She shrugged it off and walked away from him. She sat in a chair by the Headmaster's desk and waited until she could hear Jon had left. It was a few minutes of him saying 'I'm the head boy, I should know if my head girl is upset' before he left with thank yous for his actions that night. She felt horrible to have him kicked out in such a way, but it was needed. She didn't need the school knowing she was fucked up in the way she was, or in the way she thought she was at least. 

"What do you need?" The minister spoke as the door closed. 

"Memory extraction and it's authenticity checked" Dany replied. "I'll take Veritaserum too" 

"There will be no need for you to take Veritaserum, but your brother will when we arrest him. However, I need good grounds to do so. So I will granted memory extraction, how many?" The Minister nodded. 

"I remember all of them, all Two hundred and twenty seven" Daenerys challenged, she did not think he would grant a memory extraction for that many. Professor Lannister was pacing slowly, as his father mulled over their case. "I lost my father over the summer, one brother is estranged, and my mother just killed herself. I'm not lying, I have enough rubbish to deal with instead of a trial. But it needs doing, I need to be free of him"

"Memory extraction, granted" He nodded. 

Daenerys breathed a sigh of relief.

Chapter Text

Jon was completely baffled. He stood outside the Headmaster's office more confused than he had been after he'd gone in there. Not only had some weirdo tried to attack him, he'd met the Minister of Magic and saw that devilled symbol on the back of the attackers neck. That was the Symbol they'd found on Waymar Royce when he'd died out east. The spiral of death, he'd referred to it himself. There was a death eater like group rising and that was concerning to say the least. 

But the most confusing part was where Daenerys Targaryen had demanded that he left the room because there was something private she needed to discuss with the Minister. Jon's mind was doing runs as he tried to figure out what exactly it could be, coming up blank every time he thought of a scenario. Maybe she was gushing about how heroic he was during their scare. Jon had to laugh at himself, don't make it about you Jon, it's not all about you.

He wandered the halls, meeting several prefects on route as curfew was now in place. It was nine already and several times in his small walk down the Headmaster's tower his stomach growled. Taking up Daenerys suggestion of going to the kitchens he slipped past the students on the the first floor and made his way to the Hufflepuff basement. Staying in the shadows to avoid being detected, even as Head boy it'd be silly with his past reputation of sneaking around at night to be spotted near here and not be questioned as to why. 

He made it all the way to the portrait of the fruit bowl and making sure no one was looking, he tickled the pear and the frame swung open. Quickly clamouring inside, he heard the portrait shut. Giving it a few minutes, while he heard someone walk by the portrait, he then began to shuffle through the portrait hole, trying not to make noise but was unfortunately louder than expected. When he got through the portrait hole, there was a house elf holding a frying pan ready to hit him for sneaking in.

"Pyp it's me, Jon!" He raised his hand in defence. 

"Jon, sir! We missed you, sir!" He threw the pan and it flung in the air to the washing up pile perfectly, balancing on top of the stuff that needed to be washed. With Pyp's track record, he'd half expected all the washing up to come crashing like bowling balls. "Pyp has learnt to be more careful,  sir!"

"Well that's only a good thing" Jon smiled. Just on cue, his stomach growled once again, angrily almost. The other house elves around noticed and started crowding him. "Yes I've not eaten, I had a meeting with the headmaster. You got any fish and chips left, Pyp? I was looking forward to it but dinner was over when I finished the meeting"

"Yes, sir! Plenty, sir!" He squeaked as he and other house elves scrambled to make a meal up for him. 

"Stop calling me sir, Pyp" Jon rolled his eyes as he took a seat at one of the tables. He saw the grumpy elf, Grenn washing up, the sinks filling themselves however so he was getting through the stuff quickly. He liked Grenn, but Grenn didn't like anyone else. He was a miserable elf, but Pyp had said it was only because he would prefer to be doing Karaoke. 

Before Jon knew it, a large battered fish and lemon slice was on a plate in front of him with a huge pile of chunky chips. There was vinegar and salt and ketchup and mayonnaise in small dishes. He decided to go with the Ketchup. He found his mouth watering at everything. He thanked them all so much as he got stuck in, realising how hungry he was after the days events. It wasn't long before he finished, he'd shovelled it down quicker than it was made and he was so satisfied at the end of it. 

"Guys, that was so good" Jon sighed. "Really, some of your best cooking yet!"

"Thank you, sir!" They all chorused as they looked at him with such life and animation Jon almost found it creepy. 

"You need me to help with anything?" Jon always asked. Even though they never accepted it, they'd come custom to him asking whenever he did coming in. "I can at least wash this stuff up for you!"

"You will not!" Pyp squeaked. They all nodded in agreeance and began to take his plate away. He suddenly found himself wondering if Daenerys ever came down to the Kitchens. She had said he should come here and ask nicely when they were in the Headmaster's office, does that mean she knew where it was? Not many people did. "What's wrong, Jon sir?"

"I was wondering" How does he ask this and not come off looking like a creep. He then realized that house elves didn't really understand that sort of thing. They'd get angry or really happy, but they never felt anything deeper than that. Well, they do but they wouldn't get curious over him asking this type of question. 

"Wondering what, sir?" Pyp asked. 

"Does Daenerys Targaryen ever come to the kitchens?" There was an almighty silence as all the elves turned to look at him, their eyes wide with wonder. "It's just, she said something to me earlier that would mean she does come here"

"We love Miss. Targaryen, she's so kind to us" Pyp said solemnly. The other house elves' heads bent down, as if they were all sad about something. "She was so sad when she came a few days ago, we made her pancakes with strawberries, her favourite. But still she was very sad, we could not make her feel better. Of course, it was understandable that she would not be happy. It's always hard to lose a parent"

"Lose a parent?" Jon found his eyes wide in fear. Was they on about her father leaving her family? Was this what she had to discuss with the Minister? Perhaps it was arrangements to sort out his affairs now he'd left the country. 

"Her mother, sir" Jon found his heart almost stop. 

"Her mother?" Jon asked trembling, his hands shaking as he stood from the table. No, this is not true...

"Her mother died last week, her funeral is tomorrow sir, or the day after" Pyp squeaked sadly.

Jon had never felt so sorry for someone in his entire life. No wonder she hadn't been coming to lessons or helping out with head duties. She'd lost both her parents in a few months. Conjoin that with all the jokes and digs made at her expense by those who didn't realise it was not her fault who her parents were, he had no idea how she was still standing on her own two feet. Her mother, Rhaella was supposedly a kind woman, he'd heard Robb's mother talk of her kindness when they'd met. 

"I... I gotta go, Pyp" Jon scrambled his stuff together and walked back over to the portrait hole. He paused for a moment, before turning to meet the elf's gaze. "Pyp, how did she die?"

Pyp gulped before parting his lips. Jon wondered how this had occurred, perhaps health ground he'd thought. Perhaps she hadn't been properly looking out for herself since the father left. She could've died of a broken heart, if that was even possible, Jon did not know about if such a thing was. But when Pyp spoke, he did not expect the words he spoke. "She took her own life, sir"

Jon didn't even say a word back, he just turned ad climbed into the portrait hole. When he came to the end of the four metre crawl, he heard others outside the frame. He waited, the voices grew faint within a few minutes before he crawled out and made his way in the shadows towards the Slytherin Common Room in the Dungeons. He did not know whether he'd catch her in time before she entered the common room, but he had to find her. He didn't think he would sleep without doing so. 

Once again he stuck to the shadows, not wanting to alert anyone to his presence in the basements and dungeons. He kept moving and by the time he got to the Slytherin Common Room is was quiet all except for the two Slytherin prefects including Jazzalyn Quench patrolling. Jon decided to make himself know this time, he was head boy and he could pass off being down here for looking for his head girl. 

"Jon?" Jazzalyn said, her almost translucent skin looking see through in the light of the dungeon. Her raven black hair blended into the background of the dungeon walls. The distinct sound of dripping water could be heard in the distance, it gave Jon the itchies. "To what do we owe this pleasure?"

"Had Daenerys returned from speaking with Professor Lannister?" Jon asked. Jazzalyn's face went from normal to a huge smik on her face. Jon did not want to know what she was thinking. Her patrol partner, David Melleby, looked about as bored as you could without falling asleep. "I need to speak with her, privately"

"No she hasn't, not yet" Her eyes glistened as she Jon felt the heat in his body flush his face. He did not know why, but when Jazzalyn started laughing, he found himself wishing he'd never come down to the Dungeons. "What's the matter, loverboy?"

"Lover-what?" Jon asked screwing his face up. 

"You've heard the rumours" She grinned. 

"I don't care about rumours" Jon sighed. He had heard them, he just preferred to ignore them. 

"Ooooh, ickle Jon Snow likes Daenerys Targaryen!" Jazzalyn howled and grabbed Jon's cheeks and began squeezing them. 

"Get off of me!" Jon grumbled. He just turned around and stalked off in the direction he came. He did not like Daenerys in the way he thought. "I'll see you later"

He trudged his feet through the dark and dank corridors of the dungeons, water dripping and voices cackling. The ghosts down here loved to scare off anyone who wasn't Slytherin, even the head boy. Peeves came by twice and tried to pelt Jon with stink bombs but it just made Jon angry. He used the threat of the Bloody Baron and finally Peeves was scared off. 

As he came to the exit of the dungeons, there was a few stragglers who he told off for being out past curfew and loitering, taking points of both hufflepuff and Slytherin for doing so. The clock chimed ten and Jon found himself miffed that he could not find Daenerys. But as he thought this, her voice called out to him ashe made his way to the first floor. "Jon?"

He blinked and turned and saw her sitting on a bench near the entrance to the dungeons, she'd obviously been crying and it made Jon melt. She was always so fiery and vicious that it completely took him by surprise to see her in such a vulnerable and sensitive state. But this was Daenerys he was thinking about, she always rocked west and east on the crazy barometer. Not that he'd ever say that too her face. 

Her hair that had been up in it's elegant braid was completely down now and flowing in waves toward her hips, her face was clammy from tears and her eyes look red and as if they stung a little. Her lips were cracked and dry. Her violet eyes seemed to dance in the torch light that was placed above her but she still seemed to have a deep and dark purple rather than the amethyst iris' she usually would. She wiped her left eye with a handkerchief and tried to look presentable. Jon thought she was expecting too much, if he'd just lost his mother the emotion would be raw and he did not know if he'd be able to get out of bed. Of course, he'd never know his mother all his life. 

"Tell me what's wrong" Jon said sensitively as he plonked himself next to her on the bench. She just gave a sniffle. "What was she like? Your mother?"

Daenerys froze and looked up at him, her eyes wide and her nose red. "How did you-"

"-Pyp told me" He said, smiling and hoping she'd feel comforted by his presence. He could sense the tension in her body and how frigid still she was next to him. "Dany, I know that nothing I say will make you feel better, or bring her back. But you deserve to know that if you're ever feeling crap, if you ever just wanna go get so sleep or study in the library instead of head duties, than I will pick up the slack for you"

"You're right, she won't come back" Daenerys weeped. 

"I don't remember my mother, obviously. She died birthing me" Jon said sadly. "She was called Wylla, this I know. Wylla Snow. She had great kindness and beauty my father told me when I asked. She'd worked in a muggle pub, she was a muggle. But she'd entranced my father so. Their affair was fleeting and when she died, my father was left with a small baby amongst his wife's other baby, Robb. I used to cry when Catelyn was mean to me, when I saw other children with their mothers. I wish I'd known her, I still feel like there's this piece of me missing. And it won't ever go away, but I've come to terms with it"

"You've never told me this" Daenerys said. 

"I've never told anyone" Jon said as a matter of fact. "I guess I'm just trying to tell you, it will get better. And it might not be what you need to hear, but it will" 

"I hope it's soon..." She had been the saddest Jon had ever seen someone at Hogwarts. "Have you ever lost something that was so... I dunno, I guess I just..."

Jon placed his hand on hers and squeezed it tight. He slowly and very carefully placed a small kiss on her cheek. He did not know if it was what she needed, but he felt compelled to show her compassion. He whispered in her ear. "Those who love us never really leave us, you'll always find them in your heart"

"But she has left me, all alone" Jon knew of the father leaving too. "And I just... I can't take this anymore. We used to strike fear into people's heart with just our name, and now, this is what is left of our great house. Myself. A self-pitying, no good, angry shell that has no sway or hold in the world she now belongs in"

"Today, maybe" Jon said as he put some space between them again, fearing that her emotional state might bring about something that neither of them could avoid. "But tomorrow, that's a different story" He got up off of the bench and smiled at her brightly. She stood up to meet him too. "Are you going to be alright tonight?"

She nodded, wiping her eyes once again. Jon offered a hug to her, but she did not accept which he was fine about. He didn't want to encroach on her boundaries. Again she was upset and an upset daenerys, however sad she was, was only a wrong move away from hexing time. Jon said goodbye and left her to return to the Slytherin Common Room by beginning the long journey upstairs towards his own bed. When he hit the third floor, he saw Theon and Robb who were returning to the common room aswell. 

Jon said hello, but he did not engage in their conversation, still thinking about Daenerys as they travelled up the stairs. They came to the seventh floor and was hit by a sudden chill. Jon really needed to work on getting that spell reversed. As they entered the very corridor in which he and Dany had been attacked, the air felt like it sucked out of Jon's lungs. Robb and Theon were looking around in surprise. Jon felt Robb's face glare at him, as if he recognised the spell as the one Jon invented but Jon ignored him and continued to walk/slide down the corridor. 

He would tell them tomorrow, for now. He wanted his bed. It had been the strangest day of his life, and he for one wanted to forget it all. 


Chapter Text

"And we commit her body to the ground, soul and spirit" The pastor spoke as the sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky. While they were a wizarding family, Daenerys respected her mother's wish of having a normal muggle funeral to show that they were a normal family. It was a beautiful day for it, birds chirped and sang a solemn song.

She just wished the occasion wasn't so sad, it should be a celebration of the things her mother did accomplish in life. Not that the list is long, but up until recent years, she had been the greatest mother in existence. It was only the setback of her father leaving in which she had become neglectful.

Daenerys was dressed in all black, sunglasses on her face as her hair was in the most intricate braid Missandei had ever done yet. She had not cried, she did not weep. She held it all in. Not that there was much left for Daenerys to hold in. Daenerys had done her crying, she was just saying goodbye as her mother parted this life into the next great adventure now. She'll see her again one day, she believed that. She just didn't know when it would be she'd see her.

After everything that's happened, it could well be within the next year.

Daenerys had a ministry escort to the funeral of her mother. Wallace who had been working on getting Daenerys memories authenticated was with her as well as a new auror Qhono. She'd felt very safe with them stood by her side and was thankful the ministry was allowing them to keep her safe from Viserys.

Viserys was here at this funeral, but he had not even said a word to her, as he shouldn't. Her ministry escort was enough to ward him off, she knew this. What would he try and say to her? He'd no doubt try and rape her, tell her it was her fault perhaps. But she wasn't weak anymore, she was as strong as she'd ever been. And he did not scare her anymore, she was going to take the floor from right out under him.

Daenerys had black leather gloves on to stop the autumn chill reaching her bones. It may have been bright sunshine, but there was still a lingering chill in the air, almost as if Dementors were around them. Daenerys knew this to be folly, the only dementors here were those in her mind, slowly draining her hope and will from her as life threw more and more shit at her than she could handle.

She was a tough girl, she had to be to survive what she had, but there was only so much she could take before feeling nothing anymore. And as she buried her mother, she felt the numbing pain curl at her edges of her flesh.

Yet Jon's words never escaped her, those we love never truly leave us, she spoke in her head. And now, as her mother's body was placed in the ground, she was to make her speech and try an emulate these very words he'd uttered too her. He'd offered such comfort and had frightened her so much at the same time. He did not know of the pain he put her in when he hugged her, or when he plants that intimate kiss on her cheek.

She knows he wants the opposite effect, that he was wishes to offer comfort where no one else has. But the thought of someone touching her... it gave her chills, no matter how tender it had been. And Jon was no exception to this, even as sweet as he had been to her. he'd really been the best ally she could've asked for in her head girl duties. He didn't ask questions or rush her on things, with everything that's happened, he just let her be, yet he was there when she needed him.

Stop thinking of Jon, you're burying your mother. You have a speech to make.

The pastor spoke of this. "As we celebrate the life of Rhaella Tarygaryen, I'd like to invite her daughter, Daenerys, to speak"

Daenerys stood up to the small crowd. It was a small crowd. Rhaegar had turned up with the Martell family in which his wife belonged too and some close family friends and neighbours had turned up. But there was only about twenty five of them altogether. Her father was not here. Daenerys didn't have a speech to read off of parchment, she felt it was too robotic to do so from paper. She wanted it to come from the heart yet she did not know where to begin.

Taking in a deep breath, she let the words flow from her naturally.

"A friend told me recently, that the ones who love us never truly leave us. That those who have been intertwined with us on our long journeys of life never really stop being there for us. My mother, will always be apart of me. She will always be there to comfort me when I fail, when I'm hurt. She always was before, and she still will be in the future. This summer had been hard on her, and she felt she had nothing else to live for"

She saw her brother Rhaegar, tears in his eyes. She was angry at him for abandoning the family, but she wasn't angry at him for wanting to start a life of his own out of the shadow of the Targaryen name. She's always loved him more than Viserys, and recent events had only made it more concrete in her opinions. If her mother knew what Viserys did to her body, Rhaegar would be her favourite child and she would had left everything to him instead.

But unfortunately, Rhaegar hadn't been in contact with the family for nearly two years.

"It's a sad truth, you lay awake at night wondering if there was something you could've done to prevent it, to get through to her and tell her that you are there for her even if she thinks you're not. But no one is to blame, depression is one of life's mysteries. I just hope she's happier now, that she can be with her parents, that she can feel free of the torment that wracked her while she lived. Because depression is not a joke, and today, as I celebrate her life, I invite you to think on your own inner demons. Talk to someone, offer comfort to others. Do it all so others don't suffer the same fate she did, thank you"

There was a small smattering of applause, it was all Daenerys could off up in words. She wasn't a poet, but she felt she had done an okay job.

The ceremony finished and sooner than Daenerys suspected she was being told her portkey back to Hogsmeade would be leaving in ten minutes. She looked at her brother, Rhaegar, who sent her a sorrowful glance. Feeling uptight about his neglect of the family she turned away and ignored him. Even if she was happy he came, she couldn't forgive him for neglecting his family. 

She left with the two ministry officials to the locations point, five minute walk south from the chapel and when they saw the old hairbrush on top of a dustbin they all grabbed it and the whirling sensation took hold. Dany was never very good with portkeys, she felt sick after them, and she always would land on her back. And when the portkey ended, sure enough she was sprawled on the floor. 

She got up off of the grassy field behind Hogsmeade town and she and her two ministry escorts began the walk back up to the castle. There were many shoppers about, they all looked at Daenerys and bowed their heads in respect. Rhaella was loved in Hogsmeade, she used to spend hours at a time going through the shops, wondering what good she'd by that day, making conversations. Madam Puddifoot's owner, Lyra Puddifoot, was a huge fan of her mother and she'd always say she was her favourite patron. 

Daenerys did not cry, she just smiled as the shone shined down. She was sure she would cry later but for now, she held it in. They got through the town and the winding steps up to the entrance courtyard appeared. Daenerys felt a bead of sweat fall on her face by the time she'd climbed up it all. When they reached the courtyard, she was free to walk around the school by herself. They were within the enchantments and Viserys, even if he followed her, would not be able to try anything. 

"Thank you both, for escorting me" Daenerys spoke politely at Wallace and Qhono. "I felt so much better knowing you were there"

"Just doing our job, Miss. Targaryen" Wallace assured her. "It was a beautiful service"

"It was" Daenerys agreed. The only downside was that her father did not show up, but if thirty plus years of marriage means nothing to him then she did not want him there. "I feel like I did her proud - she always spoke of having a normal muggle funeral. I hope she liked it anyways"

"I'm sure she did" Qhono comforted her as his foreign accent purred. "Now we must leave you. Professor Lannister has asked we report in to him, let him know we had no hiccups on our travels today"

They bowed their head to her in respect and left her to her own devices. Everyone else would be in lessons, or just finishing them at least. Daenerys had been given all of the homework ahead of time to catch up by the time she had the next lessons which she'd done that morning before leaving for the funeral. She wasn't ready to go back to the Slytherin common room, besides the Sand twins everyone one else had said it was a good riddance that her mother had gone, that it was the will of the wizarding gods that she was punished for her unnatural behaviour.

So she walked the castle, corridor after corridor, staircase after staircase before it had been an hour and she hadn't even realised  where she was. She was on the seventh floor corridor near the divination tower, nowhere near where she expected to be. But her sorrow had brought her here for some reason. As she walked down another corridor, she saw the tapestry of Barnabas the barmy. She'd never fully inspected it, and now seemed like as good an idea as any. 

he sorrows became full fruitful thoughts as she stared at the tapestry. Even when she'd had the ministry escort today - there were moments when she was scared that something would happen and she'd be alone with Viserys and he'd rape her again. But it did not happen and she'd felt safe and secure. But now, without that security blanket, she felt less safe inside hogwarts, inside the very walls of the place where she belonged the most. 

Missandei would never harm her, she knew this. She was her good friend, her best friend, her only friend. But then there was Jon, he was a... friend of sorts now too, and she knew he would never intentionally harm her. When hat attacker had targeted them both she'd felt safe knowing he'd gotten her back. 

But that was it, there was no one else she felt secure with in school expect the teachers, and this scared her. 

She wished there was somewhere she could hide...

She wished there was somewhere she could be alone...

She wished there was somewhere she felt safe...

Daenerys whipped her head around as she heard a creeking sound behind her. Her eyes widened as a door appeared to her, just small enough for her to squeeze in. It was brown with iron floral decoration and heavy bolts. It creaked open a little, enough for Daenerys to push open. Curiosity got the better of Daenerys as she walked towards the door. She heard the distant noise of students filing out of lessons. 

She pushed the door open and gasped. 

Chapter Text

Jon had never seen chaos like this before.

Girls on the hufflepuff table were trying to catch glimpses of their reflections in the clean silver plates that they'd later be eating off of, hoping not one single hair fell out of place on their heads. Like Durmstrang and Beauxbatons cared what they looked like, Jon thought. From everything that he'd heard they're all pompous enough to think they're the most attractive people in the world anyway. Not to mention half the girls who attended Beauxbatons had some form of veela blood - what's the point in worrying you look bad? You will to them anyway. 

They were sat in their correct seats, all waiting for the students from each school to join them on the dinner tables and begin the welcome feast. It had been hard to organise such chaos. The hall only just fit the four tables with enough space for movement let alone another two tables for the travelling guests. Theon groaned as he finally took his seat opposite Jon. "I hope all the fuss has been worth it"

"Like you've done anything to contribute" Arya snorted. 

"Extra prefect rounds, it's been hellish!" He argues back. Jon was inclined to agree with him. If he was not in lessons or in planning meetings with Daenerys about this welcome feast and it's decorations, they'd been patrolling. The school was having extra security thanks to the attacker that managed to get into the school, and that meant patrolling twice as long in groups of four covering twice as much area. 

Daenerys had even huffed at all the bother, and she along with himself had been the ones to be attacked. She'd said it really wasn't that big of a deal and that Jon easily outsmarted the attacker in the security briefing they got as heads. Professor Lannister had the final say on the matter, and in the end they were cracking down on lax behaviour. 

Jon hadn't seen anyone else much the past week and a half other than Daenerys. They had so much work to do as Heads of the school plus all the extra patrols with the tournament turning up that he'd sometimes forgotten what Sansa had even looked like. He'd received a letter from his father saying that his brother and sisters had all shared concerns with him via letter that he was over working. 

He didn't feel tired, and he was only doing his fair share, even a little more to help out with Daenerys who was still needing time to recover from her mother's death. Jon had hoped to see her when she returned from her mother's funeral, just to offer support, but he had not been able to find her anywhere. It wasn't until the next day he'd seen her at breakfast where he managed to ask her if the service was well done. 

She'd apologised for disappearing, they were suppose to patrol that night but he'd roped Theon into helping him even though it was his one night off patrol. Theon had complained but had shut up rather quickly when Jon covered for Dany and said he'd sent her to her dorm to rest following her mother's funeral, even if he had no idea where she'd gone. 

She didn't say either, and Jon got the feeling she was up to something which worried him more than he already was about her. If he didn't calm down he was probably going to go grey before he hit twenty at this rate. All because Daenerys Targaryen was turning him into a worry wart. If someone had told him in the summer this would be the case he would've hexed them into next week. 

And even now, as the whole school waited in heightened anticipation for their first glimpses of the other schools, Jon found himself looking across the way to the Slytherin table where she was sat with the Sand twins, laughing about something with her mouth but it never fully reaching her eyes. Perhaps he could do something to help put the spark back into them, to give her the fire back that she'd recently lost. Even though they argued all the time in a weird way he kind of missed it. 

Here I go again, thinking about her, he thought to himself. Any time they had spent apart he found himself wondering what she wa sup to, if she'd heard whatever gossip was circling the school or perhaps what was on her mind. He liked to think she was sleeping, she needed it. She was always so tired. And she wasn't always looking after herself. Their days organising stuff fo the other schools arrival could take hours at a time but she refused to stop. 

Jon had decided to take matters in his own hands. He made sure his bag was always stocked with some drewballs or chocolate frogs and a bottle of water so that whenever she wasn't looking after herself he could a least offer her something to eat. He'd even spoken to Pyp in the kitchens about leaving her the odd thing on her pillow in her dorm just as a reminder for her to eat. 

She hadn't said anything about it but he hoped she was grateful that he was looking out for her. Just as he was now, watching her drum her fingers on the table as she stared into a candle. She wouldn't notice him, she never did. But he did not mind this, he was too worried about her than to let anyone else worry about him. 

"All this nonsense for eternal glory" Robb tutted. Jon's eyes flickered from Daenerys' solemn expression to Robb's bored one. He raised an eyebrow.

"You want to be careful, Robb. You'll disappoint your mother completely if she catches you saying stuff like that" Jon joked. Robb stuck his middle finger up at him in return. Catelyn had sent more correspondence with Robb, urging him to put his name forward to compete. It was all so Jon's chances of being chosen were less and less. She didn;t want the bastard child of her husband to be the most successful member of the house. 

Not that Jon would think of himself as successful, he just worked hard and Robb... didn't. Robb was capable, but he didn't want to go into the Auror world or the healer world. He always like writing instead, he fancied himself a poet. But that wasn't good enough for Catelyn Stark. "Here we go"

Jon looked up in time to see the big doors swing open, a flurry of sound erupted from the hall as they clapped before they even saw who it was. Blue uniforms filled his eyesight as the clap sounded loudly throughout the room. Jo felt his brain become drawn to a few of the girls who entered... part veelas. He shook his head and focused on the Head Mistress. A woman in a red robe and hood who's blue eyes pierced the room. She had a steely gaze that scoured the room for Headmaster Lannister. 

He stood from his seat and walked toward her, a jolly stroll down the middle of the aisles. The Beauxbatons girls and boys stopped as their Head Mistress did so in the middle of the middle aisle. As the two of them approached each other, the clapping ceased. Headmaster Lannister spoke. "Lady Melisandre, so good to see you again"

"Thank you for having us" Her accent purred, Jon could not place it. It was not french. "Such a... quaint school you have here"

Jon side eyed Robb who was holding back a snort. Professor Lannister looked annoyed by her mere presence after that. He ushered her to the teachers table where she took her place next to Professor Marwin, the librarian. He was acting, on first glance, like it was the first time he'd ever been in such close proximity to a woman. However when you looked closer, they were smirking and laughing with each other as if they were already friends. Perhaps they knew each other...

The Beauxbatons students took their place on the table free next to the Ravenclaws just in time for the students of Durmstrang to enter. There was only a small quiet clap this time. People were afraid of Durmstrang, particularly after everything that had been going on that summer and since the attack. People were suspicious of the Durmstrang Headmaster, the steely gaze of Stannis Baratheon was enough to make anyone feel unwell. 

How he became headmaster of Durmstrang was a whole drama that involved many people in the room they were sat in. Stannis was the shamed brother of former (and now also shamed) Senior Undersecretary for the Minister Robert Baratheon. He too had been a ministry official but after running an unsuccessful campaign to be minister against the current Minister Tywin, his brother's father in law, beat him by a landslide. 

Stannis Baratheon was convinced it was a fix as he'd got a lot of positive response on his campaign tour of britain and did not believe the voted were correctly counted. It was still an unsure system since it was introduced nearing ninety years ago when Minister Grainger first introduced the idea of electing a leader the wizarding public wanted rather than whoever the ministry at the time deemed best. 

For the most part it had been a success, and the wizarding public had always chose the smarter option. But this election some three years ago was one in which many people sat down and wondered what went wrong. Stannis Baratheon, led a revolt against the ministry and wanted change in how the votes were counted but was denied. He quit the ministry altogether and left britain to do a job he felt more suited too, controlling unruly teenagers and dealing with school governors rather than high achieving ministry idiots. 

This was his first trip back to the uk, Jon found it strange seeing him walk around. And when he spoke to Headmaster Lannister, you could hear a pin drop in the room. "Professor Lannister, how's your father?" 

Professor Lannister's eyes narrowed, Jon wondered if he was trying to figure out what game Stannis was playing. Robb was even quiet now, everyone's eyes were on the exchange between this man. "Still minister, and doing a good job might I add"

If Jon had been sipping his water he may have spat it all out. He'd never heard Professor Lannister talk about his father in a positive way before, or even in a way to help him have the high ground in a conversation. Stannis looked surprised at the bluntness. He managed to compose himself before replying. "Good, I'd hate for this country to be falling apart as soon as I leave"

The durmstrang students took their seats on the table next to Jon's then and Professor Lannister stood up to the owl stand at the front. "Welcome one and all, to those of you who have never been here before, we are Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and it is my pleasure to announce that tomorrow night, we'll be picking the names of our three champions"

There was a small applause. The cup was unveiled once again, even though the Hogwarts students had already seen it.

"You have until six pm tomorrow to enter your name into the cup, in which after dinner, three students will be chosen at random. They will compete in three thrilling tasks and at the end of the school year, the winner will be crowned as such and win a promised one thousand and five hundred galleons" There was a sharp intake of breath, it was a lot of money. Even Jon was salivating at the thought of this money. "The first task will be on November the twenty seventh, and it will be being broadcasted across all radio stations" 

There was more announces to follow including a horrible rendition of Hoggy-warty Hogwarts sung by the choir and the sorting hat to get through before dinner turned up on the tables. There was a mixed array of different food thing time, seafood and cheeses for those from beauxbatons and meat and spices for those from durmstrang. Jon decided he needed to try some of the other stuff and while not liking much of it, there was a few fish dishes he was particularly keen of. 

Then before he knew it, the welcome feast was over and he, Theon and Robb were waiting for Daenerys by the front courtyard to begin patrol in their groups of four. She showed up after a few minutes and before he knew it he was freezing his bum off as he patrolled the edge of the forbidden forest with them. 

"Jesus it's fucking cold" Theon mumbled as he had his scarf right up to just under his eyes. Daenery rolled her eyes but didn't say anything, Robb did though. 

"Stop being a fucking wuss!" 

"Well I'm sorry we're not all built like trains, I feel the cold, sorry!" Theon retorted.

Jon rolled his eyes and started marching ahead of them as they argued. Daenerys was wandering on her own and Jon was unsure if he should approach her or not. Do it, he urged himself. He sped up and walked side by side with her, she didn't say anything to warn him away. He held his wand in his hand as they checked all the hiding places Jon knew about while they walked. He looked like an idiot looking under rocks, but he couldn't remember which one covered a ditch you could hide in. Dany was about to say something to him until he hit jackpot and saw two first years hiding in the ditch, no, making out was more correct. 

"Come on guys, back to your dorms" Jon raised an eyebrow. "Hufflepuff, should've known better than to be wandering the castle grounds at night" 

"Ten points from Hufflepuff" Daenerys snapped. "And another ten for breaking the rules of fornication on school premises!"

"Daenerys..." Jon said confused. "Wait what?"

"Don't you read the school handbook?" She reminded him. 

"We have a school handbook?" He was utterly confused. 

"Jesus you amaze me sometimes" She said rolling her eyes. She sent the first years on their way, embarrassed and mortified. "Would it hurt you to read? No sexual activity on school premises"

"I hardly think kissing is classed as sexual activity" He laughed. She just scowled at him. He sighed. "But then what do I know, I've only broken that rule twelve times instead of once if we go with you standard instead of mine - guess ten points off of Gryffindor is needed then"

"For each offence" Dany demanded. 

"Oh come on Daenerys, you surely have to have kissed someone at school" Jon asked laughingly as they turned back towards the school after checking the area. Her small smile dropped from her face completely and her cheeks went red. She hid her face from him but Jon knew he'd hit a sensitive topic. "Well besides me in the herbology greenhouse, but that doesn't count"

"Then no" She muttered shyly. 


Chapter Text

Daenerys felt sick to her stomach. 

It was quarter to six on Halloween evening and there was a hive of activity in the hall. All the schools were once again gathered following the welcome feast the night before and this time, the air was laced with a poisonous rivalry. Students from all schools were talking down at each other, claiming their school would wipe the floor with theirs. All daenerys could think of as she and Missandei sat together, trying to ignore the chatter, was that she'd possibly been the world's biggest idiot. 

At least Snow was good at Defence, he'd got them out of that situation easier than you could say Salazar Slytherin, but Daenerys, will successful in other areas, was scared for the first time about the competition. Sure she'd been nervous, she knew she lacked in that particular area but now, only a few minutes out from the champions being chosen she was beginning to think she might throw up her breakfast. 

To make matters worse, Joffrey Baratheon was going around telling everyone to kill her if they got the chance while in the arena if she was chosen. She'd ignored him, and thankfully none of the other students who entered were listening to him either, but she thought if she heard his bitch mouth talk anymore shit about her she was gonna throw a bat bogey hex his way. She was good at those, quite fabulous actually. 

She didn't want to be so obvious with him however, she was in Slytherin after all, even if in all her years of being here she'd never felt less like one than in her final year. She'd lost her cunning edge, her calculating brain had become docile and she'd even given up hexing people - save the odd one at Jon on prefet duty. She knew it was just the pressure of everything that's happened with her mum's passing that she's become so empty. She also knew that in time she would become her old self again, but it was time to change and give the chance to have a normal life after all of it. 

If that was even possible. 

"Red headed bitch, wouldn't be able to beat me in a duel if she tried" Daenerys heard Joffrey's voice sound out with a couple of his mates snickering with him. Daenerys found ehr hands balling into fists as he described his attack on the Stark sisters he'd performed in the charms corridor the other day. "And that bitch sister of hers, hexed her in the hall the other day, stinging curse. Nasty little brat she is"

She'd heard all about it, they were suppose to be meeting Jon so he could help them with their homework. He'd told her that on Head duties. He'd turned up to one of their many meetings the past few days with his hands shaking and his eyes seeing red. Dany hadn't even needed to probe him for further details due to his shouting voice that started before she even said hello. 

Joffrey was snickering and the two girls in question were sat on the other side of the school together with Robb on one side and Jon on the other. Theon sat in front of them with Jon's Hufflepuff friend Gendry. They were all glaring at Joffrey who didn't seemed phased by them. He just kept going into detail about how Arya had tried to fight back by biting his ankles. 

"Joffrey, be quiet" Daenerys sighed. The silence that rang along the Slytherin table was palpable. 

"Excuse me?" He walked towards her menacingly. "What did you say?"

"I said be quiet" Daenerys was unphased by his menacing prowling. He was about as threatening as a puppy in a wooly coat. The Sand twins were snickering, trying to hold their giggles in. Joffrey sent them glares and they shut up sharpish. "It's not nice to pick on people younger than you - nevermind that they're girls too"

Daenerys eye caught Jon's for the briefest of moments, a fleeting exchange of worry as he surveyed the situation. Daenerys looked Joffrey up and down, he was skinny, scrawny even, and so pale. How he had any sway over the descent students in Slytherin house she did not know, but it must be something to do with the money and favours he'd be sitting on from his rich parents. 

"Listen, inbred witch-" Joffrey started. 

"So original" Daenerys sighed. She stood up with her bag and signalled for Missandei to follow her, she didn't fancy leaving her with this lot. They'd rip her to pieces and she wouldn't be able to fight back. She turned towards him for one final exit line. "Come back to me when you've got an insult you've actually thought of yourself"

She began to walk over to where Jon and his family were sat, Missandei in tow. "You can't talk to me like that, I'm a Baratheon!" 

"And I'm a Targaryen" She warned him, a small spark of fire in her fingertips as her heated blood flowed through her veins. Underneath all the pain, her tenacity was still there, still fighting to keep her afloat and not be weighed down. "Speak to me in a manner that degrades my family again and I'll be sending you to yours in a matchbox!"

She stormed away then so he couldn't say anymore and plonked herself next to Jon while Missandei sat the other side of her. There wasn't time to explain herself however as the Headmasters from all three schools filled the hall with an eerie silence as they walked down the middle of the tables, Professor Lannister leading the way. The clock stuck six and everyone's intake of breath could be heard.

And then, as silent as a feather landing on a soft pillow. Daenerys felt her breakfast threaten to come up once more, the taste of bacon still present in her mouth as Lady Melisandre and Headmaster Baratheon took to their seats. Professor Lannister waked up to his podium, cleaning it a little. This gave Daenerys a few seconds to look at Jon, a single drop of sweat had formed on his forehead and he looked paler than she'd ever seen him. 

It was almost reassuring to know he was feeling as riddled with fear and nerves as she was. If one of them were chosen then she'd be forced to ask for help from him in defence (not that she'd tell anyone else that - working with her four year long rival wasn't an announcement to make the papers). He may ask her for potions help, it was a known fact she was the best at potions in the school besides Professor Lewin himself so he may come to her for the same reasons she'd go to him. 

It all reminded her of their patrol the evening before, when she'd stupidly let it be known that he was the first person to ever kiss her. His had said it all, surprise and amusement. She wasn't happy that her inability to produce a meaningful relationship with someone enough to kiss them was amusing to him. Of course, she gave him some leeway for not knowing that she isn't comfortable with people touching her. But he'd still annoyed her. 

Of course, he hadn't said a word to anyone because it would go around school quicker than you could say Bertie Botts and it'd be another thing added to the list of things people would laugh at her for. She had decided however not to let any of it bother her, their words didn't hurt anymore. She'd hit the bottom with such a crash and fall that nothing affected her anymore. It was just another thing to add to the shitpile as she kept saying to herself. 

"Students, local and from afar" Professor Lannister started his speech. The ceremony was about to get underway and they hadn't even eaten. Usually it was tradition to have the feast and then call the names out after desert. Daenerys thought this way was going to cause more issues but she overheard Theon saying at least it will be out of people's systems by curfew and there won't be any stragglers talking predictions. So eating after the announcement it was then. 

"Today, the goblet of fire will tell us who our three champions will be" There was a generous clap that echoed around the room. "Yes, exciting. The Goblet of Fire is a magical binding contract; if you are chosen, you must compete in the three tasks. The prize, one thousand five hundred galleons, is a life changing amount of money. If we do not have any late editions to the cup, let the ceremony commence"

He took the age line down on the cup so he could step through safely and work on the enchantment that stops it from accepting any more names. The room was silent besides his small muttering of the charm. Jon turned to face daenerys, she could feel his eyes on her but she refused to say anything. Everyone in this hall will not be the same after today's ceremony. She found courage however in the reason she entered in the first place. To stop others from making that sacrifice, to make the school realise she cared for them and she'd fight for the school's name. 

As Professor Lannisters words ended,, she drew on these thoughts and found that she was forcing herself to smile. To not appear as nervous to those who could be chosen or she could be representing. She was completely ridden with angst and tension however, and the drumming of Jon's fingers on his own thigh she could see below the table suggested that he too was about to lose the plot. 

"Time for our Beauxbatons champion" His voice was sharp and clear throughout the room. the flames in the goblet turned from Blue to red as it spat out a piece of parchment that looked like two joined together. No one else seemed to have noticed this until Professor Lannister was holding it in his small hands. His face paled as he stared at the parchment. "It's given me two names... there's two names on this piece of parchment"

He scanned the crowd to gage the reaction from the students. Everyone was wide eyes and whispering, shocked hissing and gasps of excitement tingled through the room like an warmth that spread across cold skin. Lady Melisandre stood in her seat, eyes dark in their colour, now red instead of blue. She was a changeling, a Metamorphmagus. her entire face was piercing into Daenerys very being, an angry she did not feel from other people. 

"How can it chose two?" She demanded to know. 

Professor Lannister had no reply. He did not know, so he just read out the names. "Irri Dothrak" There was a cheer from Beauxbatons table as a small but fiesty looking woman with tanned skin and a pixie haircut stood and walked towards the front. The other houses gave a respectful clap. "Greyworm"

Daenerys had heard about the infamous Greyworm. He was a muggleborn who's prowess as a melee combat fighter was going around school. He could throw a punch. Apparently he was really good at creating different weapons through magic and had been a popular hope to represent Beauxbatons in the tournament. He stood up, a tall man with gorgeous brown skin that popped in the candlelight of the great hall. He looked sturdy and muscular and so much so even Missandei sat next to Daenerys was looking with interest. 

"Our Beauxbatons champions, if you'd like to go to the trophy room with your head mistress where you will await further instruction" Professor Lannister was rubbing his head, a weird occurrence that he could not explain. Someone had to have tampered with it to cause this to happen. Just like the last time the tournament was held. She felt like gloating to him, telling him that she told him the tournament was a bad idea. But her argument to that had gone out of the window when she entered. "Time for our Durmstrang champion to be chosen"

The flames that were ice blue grew and turned red once again to spit out a piece of parchment with a name on it. Once again, it was two pieces of parchment together and it had spit two names out to be the Durmstrang champions. "Daario Naharis" A tall but muscular white boy stood, his hair slicked back and a blue flower on his uniform. He winked at several girls as he passed them by on his way to the front. Daenerys screwed her face up. He was a bit of a pretty man for her liking, he thought as much too. "Doreah Qarth"

Another skinny and small girl stood up and walked to the front. Her hair was in dreads and her eyes were a hazy blue. She skipped with joy as a respectable clap once again sounded out. She hadn't heard anything about this girl, but she did not look like she'd just been told she was participating in a deadly tournament. Instead, she looked like she'd won a date with the lead singer of Free Cities. Stannis Baratheon stood up then and took his two champions into the trophy room to await instruction of what to do next.

This left everyone in the hall on the edge of their seats over who the Hogwarts champions would be. It was bound to be two people, the other two schools had enjoyed double champions chosen so Daenerys wasn't holding out that Hogwarts wasn't going to be in the same boat. Professor Lannister didn't even say anything, he just clicked his fingers and watched as two pieces of parchment joint together once again was spit out of the raging flames before fluttering down and landing in his hands. 

He looked at the names and sighed. Jon breathed in deeply all while Daenerys caught the eye of Jessica Flint, a fellow student who entered. Professor Lannister opened his lips, a deep sigh fell from them once more before he spoke. "My heads"


Chapter Text

Jon knew as soon as the two Beauxbatons students names came out together that he and Daenerys were going to be Hogwarts champions, he'd felt it. He'd been correct of course, and now, as they both trudged down the steps into the trophy room after Professor Lannister who looked like a man on a mission, he was starting to wonder why he and Daenerys keep getting drawn together like this. Perhaps it's the year they were meant to resolve their conflict. 

The trophy room was dimly lit, the candle light flickering as it casts ungainly shadows across the walls. The trophies danced in the yellow glow, gleaming as they sit proudly in pristine cases which contain them. Jon's eyes found the Quidditch trophies, pissed he'd never get a chance to ad his name to the Quidditch captain lists due to this blinking tournament. He saw Harry Potter's name first, a boy of fourteen he'd been when he entered the tournament. 

Of course it was a huge scandal, the boy had not entered himself yet his name was pulled out of the goblet and their had been four champions. He'd gone on to win the tournament at the cost of the life of fellow champion Cedric Diggory, who has a memorial bench on the castle grounds out by the Whomping willow.

It had recently announced by Potter's state that he gave his winnings to the Weasley twins to start their joke shop which was now a global brand. Jon wondered if he won, would he keep the money? He always thought on moving out of the Stark's house as soon as he joined the Auror Programme, but perhaps there was something else he could do with the money? Maybe if he kept half for himself and gave some to charity, that'd be cool. 

You actually have to win it first, your name has just been pulled out of the hat. 

The other students were gathered talking, but Jon kept his distance as did Daenerys. If one thing he knew about these types of competitions is that he did not want to give anything away to the opponents. So he kept his distance and observed them instead. Perhaps it was anti-social but he knew it was right. Daenerys stood next to him however, he did not need to study her to know what she was good at. They'd been in classes together for seven years now. 

"How does something like this happen?" Daenerys whispered to him. Jon smirked as the light grew and he saw Daenerys' purple iris glow a weird indigo shade instead of the usual amethyst. They looked beautiful, and while her thought this in his head and knew it was a strange thought for even himself he did not say it allowed. She'd probably hex him. 

"Well you write your name on a piece of par-"

"-Don't get smart with me, Snow!" She hissed as the Headmasters all brooded angrily with each other. 

"Sorry" He offered a small apologetic smile. "I genuinely don't know how this happened - it's ridiculous, only a powerful wizard would be able to confuse the cup. It happened in 1994 during the Triwizard then and it's happened again. I don't think it's a coincidence that dark wizard were rising then and they are now"

"I agree - I think whoever is behind the attack on the Seventh Floor is in on this too" Wait, did she just agree with me? Jon thought he must be going mad if something like this is going on. She never agreed with him, only if she's being coerced to. But then, when he thought on it, she was opening up to him a lot more. Their whole discussion on her mother still felt uneasy with him, he knew she was hurting but it pissed him off that he did not know how much. 

"The questions is who?" Jon raised an eyebrow. Professor Lannister and Stannis Baratheon's voices were louder now, they were having a full on argument over the legality of the event going forward with six champions. The other students had stopped speaking with each other and were just waiting for what was going to happen next. "I don't trust Baratheon" 

"Me neither" Daenerys replied as Jon stared at the man. He was tall and thin, his hair was greying and his skin almost so too, he was a hard-weathered man. He looked down at everyone even if they towered over him, he kept wearily glancing around the room at people at Professor Lannister went on his rants about the tournament having to go forward. As they continued to argue, the Head of the Department for Magical Sports and Games entered with some ministry officials. 

"Well this is a complication" She spoke. He was a tall grey-haired man too, although he had a far kinder face than that of Stannis Baratheon's. 

"Mance, thank you for getting here as quickly as possible" Professor Lannister thanked him. There was a few minutes where the champions were not doing anything as all the grownups talked. Jon and Dany did not speak with one another either, they just watched as the two Beauxbatons' students talked with each other as did the Durmstrang students. They were jovial, not seeming to care about what situation could be unfolding before them. 

Jon looked at them and tried to order them into the threat he thought they'd be when it came to the tournament. The boy from Beauxbatons wasn't a threat. He was good in combat, Jon could tell from his build. But Jon did not see anything that would make him fear him. Jon was excellent in combat, and would be good enough to take him no problems. The girl however, she looked a handful. She had an aura around her that reminded him of Arya, a tenacity that should not be taken lightly. Plus she was small, she'd be able to be silent and creep up on you when you least expect it. 

The Durmstrangs posed different threats. Daario didn't seem more than strength, his arms which were showing in his uniform were thick and bulging. He'd be a brute force of strength but Jon did not think there was much for a thinking brain underneath it all. He also noticed he was left handed which could be used to Jon's advantage to.

The girl from Durmstrang was a bit of a mystery to Jon. She did not seem strong or tenacious, instead she sat in silence with a worried look planted on her face, but also an intensity Jon often associated to Sansa's thinking face. Jon wondered if the girl was all brain.

They'd for sure have to think on their feet and solve puzzles and retain knowledge on mythical creatures and the like, perhaps she'd be a little like Daenerys in that sense.

And Daenerys was the last of his opponents. Having known her for seven years and knowing what she is capable of when it came to Care of magical creatures and charms and particularly potions He knew she was one of the ones to beat. They may come from the same school, and they may be being civil towards one another, but Jon was in this for himself. 

He wanted to win. 

Daenerys he decided, was probably his biggest task in the brains department and the Beauxbaton boy who'd been called 'Greyworm' was probably his biggest threat in the physical sense. It was his fighting style that Jon wondered about the most, it was just so different from all the other wizards he'd ever duelled before. He could make weapons Jon had only ever thought about, if the rumours were true that is. 

It would probably do Jon well not to think about it too much, but considering he'd just been chosen to be a champion for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in one of the most dangerous tournaments in the world, he couldn't help but think about it slightly. Especially as he was being made to sit in this cold and dim trophy room, some candles going out as he could hear the sounds of students eating above them. 

Gods he was hungry, he tried not to think on it but he really wanted some chicken wings right about now with some wedged potatoes and oodles of gravy. Forgetting where he was momentarily he let out a groan in annoyance, earning a few stares from different people. 

"Is there a problem, Mr. Snow?" Professor Lannister asked him. 

"Oh nothing, Professor Lannister, just wondering if i'll get to eat this evening" Jon smirked cheekily. Daenerys, who had not said a word since their brief exchange when they first got down here, snorted a little. 

"You can go when we've agreed on how to proceed" Lady Melisandre hissed at him for his insolence. Jon did not care for the way she spoke to him so he stood up and walked over to them all where they stood. He huffed his chest out as he stared directly at her. 

"The Goblet of Fire is a powerful magical object, only a powerful witch or wizard would've been able to confuse it to make this happen" Jon sighed. Daenerys was stood by his side all of a sudden, Jon wondered if she wanted in on the conversation that was happening. "But it's powers are still strong, we have to go ahead as planned, we just have six champions instead of two. It's simple, or at least as simple as it can be. You all know what happens if anyone of us don't compete after being chosen from the Goblet?"

"You seem to know a lot on the subject matter for only being a seventeen year old now, Mr... Snow was it?" Stannis Baratheon added into the conversation to try and get Jon to back down. "Perhaps you know of some information that could be useful to us in this situation? Information that I don't have to get out of you with Veritaserum"

"Stannis!" One of the ministry officials exclaimed. "He's one of the two students who got attacked in the Seventh Floor! Of course he's smart enough to know what's going on. I don't think any of us are stupid enough to think that the dark forces that were rising near your school are not involved with this!"

"Actually it's called reading" Jon shrugged. "And I guess having a brain too"

"Jon" He heard Daenerys speak next to him. "Calm down"

"I am calm, I'm just bloody hungry!" Jon shouted as he walked off and took a seat back down again. Daenerys followed but he still spoke loudly enough for the teachers to hear him. "Why are we sitting here acting like this is a shock to us when we know that something is coming. We've just got to stay vigilant and go with the course that the events are taking us on - expect the unexpected at any moment"

"You sound like an Auror" Daenerys chuckled.

Jon did not laugh - in fact, he just sat grumpily for the next forty five minutes until the ministry officials and the teachers confirmed that they were indeed just going to stay the course and see what happens. By the time he and Dany left the Trophy room, the hall was empty and dinner was finished with. He grumbled in annoyance at the pointlessness of whatever that so called meeting was and got to doing his rounds with Daenerys. 

Lady Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon watched him all the way as he left the Great Hall with Dany by his side. He knew she had a lot to say on this matter but he doubted she would say anything today. They both still had to process the idea of being champions, something that really did not sit well with him all of a sudden. With the dark forces rising, someone could really die in this tournament if they were not careful. 

"Jesus I'm fucking famished" Jon groaned. He didn't even have his bag with him that he kept bits in to nibble on. He just had to make sure the patrol was finished as quick as possible so he could get to the common room and pig out on chocolate frogs. 

"I could use some food If I'm honest" She agreed. Their patrol was pretty silent for the most part but every now and then they'd share the odd comment about passing statues and the different memorials around the school. They should be patrolling in fours, but there was nothing that could be done about it. Robb and Theon would probably be on their way back to the common room. 

"What did you say to Joffrey by the way?" Jon asked intrigued. Daenerys eyes found his and suddenly he was found drawn into them. 

"I stood up for myself for once" She shrugged. 

"He's a pillock" Jon chortled. 

"Agreed, although I'm kind of surprised you asked me this after everything we've just experienced together" She smiled, and this time, jon saw it reach her eyes. It warmed him. She'd been so torn apart by the shit that's been building up in her life that her smiles had been a facade. But here, tonight, it looked genuine. 

"Well, crazy seems to follow you and me around" Jon smirked. 

"That's because we're crazy" She retorted. 

"Speak for yourself, crazy cat lady" 

"Please, if I'm any type of lady I'm going to live in the mountains with seventy dragons" She scoffed at his banter. It felt... nice. They stopped by the balcony on fourth floor by the gargoyle pig statue and looked out to the amazing view below. You could see Beauxbatons carriage and Durmstrangs ship in the distance. The moon shimmered like diamonds on the watery reflections if the surface. "Everything is going to change now"

"It is" He sighed. 

"And you, are you going to fight me when the time comes?" She asked. Jon felt hesitant to answer this question. He did not know if she wanted him too or if she wanted him to team up with her and win it for Hogwarts together. "Safety in numbers could be a good thing"

"And yet if I agree why do I get the feeling you'd hex me and call me a wuss or something and tell me you'll enjoy kicking my ass" Jon laughed. "Even if you couldn't in defence combat. You'd still believe it"

Daenerys stood inches away from him. She purposefully looked up to him, their faces literally millimeters away. Jon felt his breath hitch. She was being cryptic. "There are more ways to conquer a man than to defeat him in one on one defence" She took a step back and smirked at him with revelry. "Goodnight Jon Snow"

"Y-you're going?" He blinked furiously, confused at what happened. 

"Can't hang around with a wuss anymore, I'll lose my streetcred"


Chapter Text

Daenerys had not known how this room worked at first but she was thankful for it appearing to her almost three weeks ago. The room had showed itself to her at her lowest moment, during her mother's death and reminded her that when everything else feels like it's going to shit, Hogwarts cares and will always be there to welcome you home. At least that was how it had felt like.

Then, after some research, she'd discovered mentions of it in different textbooks popping up as a mixture of names. 

The Room of hidden things, The place where everything is hidden, the room of requirement, the come and go room. All of them having some basis on needing a particular place to either hide something or yourself for a certain reason. Daenerys remembered reading about this room when learning about it in 'Modern wizarding history', a book on the events of the Second Wizarding War. Half of the school had been hidden in there when Voldemort had taken over Wizarding Britain.

The last account of it she'd found in books of recent memory was of it being burned during the Battle of Hogwarts some one hundred years ago, and yet, here it was appearing to her in the seventh floor corridor by the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy with just a single thought of 'I need to be safe'. The room had obviously got some form of magical containment and had managed to heal itself together as it did not look like any form of burned or charred. It did not even smell as such.

Instead, there were bookcases as high as those in the school library with all the books she could ever dream of reading piled high, general and restricted. Some of the books were falling apart from age but still held that wonderful book smell that she associated with reading late into the night. There were novels of distant lands and travels of successful wizards. There were tales of times past and historical figures, their achievements and their downfalls. There were non-fiction books that doubled up as perfect learning material, all the potions books she could ever need or want. 

There was a sitting area for her to read these books, plush and squishy bean bags in pitch black and fire red like her own bedroom back at the family home. The colours of her family's name, colours she wore with more pride than that of the Slytherin green. There was several of them with embroidered pillows and fur blankets to match, all laid out by a roaring fireside which was decorated with detailed Dragons and dancing flowers. Daenerys loved it's black paint job with the gold leaf calligraphy; she wish she had this in her room at the Targaryen residence or in her Slytherin dorm room. 

It certainly made her feel safe being squished in a bean bag with a thick blanket and radiating heat from a fireplace. Several times she'd fallen asleep already. 

By the back of the room near a fake window letting in fake light was a large, rustic oak table with a black pewter cauldron in the middle surrounded by crystal vials and velvet bags of all sorts of ingredients. It was all rather dusty but had such a homey vibe. Daenerys thought of how she'd always wanted a potions room in whatever house she owned in the future, it was one of the ways she kept her head together. Making potions and discovering new ones, of course she hadn't done this in a while so this was why there was a lack of togetherness inside her. 

There was also a desk by the bookcases, also oak and old, but sturdy. There was enough room for her parchment and quill and storage of up to a couple of books she would be using at any one time to complete homework. The walls were large stone brick, but it was draped with curtains and tapestries of all four houses. Greens and Silvers and Reds and Golds and Yellows and Blacks and Blues. They created a layer of warmth that added to the room, keeping heat in rather than losing it like the rest of the school was during winter time. It really was somewhere she could feel... safe

Even if it was away from people.

But now, this being her sixth visit to this wonderful room since her first discovery of it, she was sitting in her favourite spot not thinking of all this, but thinking of Defence Against the Dark Arts. This was quickly becoming her favourite place in all of hogwarts. The black bean bag with the draped red throw on it by the fireplace was where she was located as she did some reading for her Defence lesson later on in the week, wondering just how much she was going to have to improve in a short amount of time. She had a clock thankfully in the room to keep an eye on the time for her. She was supposed to be meeting Missandei outside the barrels near the entrance of hufflepuff basement later on.

Missandei had been terrified when Daenerys was chosen to enter the tournament, it was the most vocal she'd ever been. She called her folly for retaliating to Joffrey's taunts and told her she should've left Jon to win the glory himself in this tournament. Daenerys had told her she was scared, but it was what it was now and all she could do was prepare and have constant vigilance of her surrounding throughout the tournament.

No one celebrated with her either, so that was why she came to the room most evenings. Even if it was terrifying to be a contestant in this dangerous game, she had faced worse from her brother for years. She'd hoped that at least one person would show support for her besides Missandei and the Sand Twins, but she had been wrong. Everyone was wearing 'Support Snow' badges around the halls and Daenerys was half sick of it. So she sulked most evening in this very room, swearing to herself to get better at Defence, to really show them who was going to win this tournament. 

If they all really thought he'd do better than her because of him being better at Defence then they were going to be in for a shock. For one thing, it would be a test of general intelligence. There would be puzzle to solve and riddles to crack. And Daenerys had done her fair share of those. And if they knew what had happened to her the past four years, they wouldn't be calling her weak. They would be giving her the best odds for pure resilience to shit being thrown her way.

She was strong in so many more areas than he was her yet they were never going to give her a thought. Daenerys wondered if that might suit her better. She could be the underdog, quietly get through the tasks (depending on what they are) and come out the eventual win at the other end. While Jon hadn't done anything on their patrols to aggravate her, on the contrary he'd been lovely to walk the halls with, he'd been walking with a swagger that Daenerys only associated with being the cock of the walk. She'd seen it whenever Baratheon strutted into the common room or whenever Theon successfully got one of the teachers to drink liverworms.

But she'd soon make him walk like an insecure and scared child when she showed her prowess in the tournament. If she gets Defence down, then she'd have to be the favourite, the other competition wasn't anything special from first glance. She was exceedingly good in Potions, she'd have her vials of strength and pepper up potions with her hidden in her robes if her health were to decrease a little. She had mastered how to make her strength potions more potent with none of the negative side effects through the use of knox grass. 

Daenerys was also extremely good in Care of Magical Creatures. She had a second sight almost with wild beasts and forest imps, she was able to bond with them all immediately. Whether it was getting a Bowtruckle to stay still for some sketchings or making a proud Hippogriff feel respected, Daenerys was able to achieve it all. She would be able to face all creatures, even dragons heaven forbid, if she was lucky enough. A Dragon was the one thing Daenerys would love to see in her lifetime, but she did not go into the wild or visit the sanctuary's in Romania and the like. 

She was also a dab hand at Ancient Runes, there wasn't a symbol in Spellman's Syllabry that Daenery did not recognise in her sleep. If there was a rune to be translated in the tournament then for sure she'd be able to succeed in these areas. Daenerys even know of one's not in Spellman's Syllabry, which was few and far between. She'd known of the Deathly Hallows symbol from the second wizarding war and had researched other further, including fashioning her own symbol to sign letters. 

Damn Defence being a pain in my arse, she angrily thought as she reread the same paragraph three times over. 

Daenerys was re-reading about Boggarts, one of her many weaknesses when it came to Defence. Her Boggart had changed many forms over the years. Firstly, it had been her father, he had scared her loads as a child and she'd always been more afraid of him than anything. Secondly it had turned to the notion of rejection, this was around the time they moved to the UK. She'd been scared of the Wizarding population rejecting her family and not having a place to fit in. This it turned out, was nothing compared to what it turned into afterwards. 

Since that fateful Christmas four years ago, all the Boggarts Daenerys had faced had taken the form of her brother. He would always look the same as that first time, in his Quidditch gear and covered in mud. If Daenerys stood frozen long enough, he would turn angry and stalk towards her, even if shakily she was able to turn him away with a small 'Riddikulus'. It always felt so real, brought about the same nausea as she felt the memories take over and relive the experience.

She hadn't thought on Viserys for a few days, even though she'd been inundated with letter from him that were all left unopened at the bottom of her school bag. Every morning without fail since the choosing of the champions his owl would show up with post and drop it onto her plate of egg and bacon. She would ceremoniously at this point, shove the letters in her bag without a second thought and continue with her day as if nothing had happened. 

Perhaps she should read them, give them to Professor Lannister to pass onto the ministry as evidence in her case. It would only help, particularly if the contents was explicit and harmful. She did not miss reading those types of letter from him; ones where he laid out explicitly what he was going to do to her body when she got home off of the train for Christmas or for the summer. She used to read them in fear, but now, knowing his world would soon come crashing down on him when they arrested him for the horrendous acts he'd done to her, she was strong against the harm her words would cause him. 

"Best get it over with" She grumbled to herself as her eyes flickered over tot he clock, she had an hour before Missandei would be finished with her study group for Arithmancy in the library. Yes, Missandei had gone to the Library on saturday with a study group. Daenerys had been so proud of her, even if she didn't say anything and just nodded and agreed with the others, it was a huge step for her in becoming more confident speaking to others. 

Ripping the band aid off, she grabbed a letter and opened it with force. The Parchment ripped slightly but she did not care. 

Dearest sister, 

You've been busy, my little clam. Ignoring the only brother that actually cares for you, that holds you like no one else at your own mother's funeral and enter a tournament for a cash prize and glory. You've changed, I'm not sure I like the new Dany. She has forgotten her place as my property. My body misses our little excursions, even if you've done nothing but anger me since you've left. The way you left too, not letting me have one more good fuck with you before you left for the train. 

Still, summer will come around before we both know it and once again your little cunt will be mine. I have tried to speed this up, but for reasons unknown Professor Lannister is stopping his students going home for Christmas, so it will be June before we see each other again. 

Remember, you're mine. 

Viserys III

Daenerys had to laugh or she may have caused a lot of property damage in her newly discovered room. The way he talked about her as if she was nothing more than a brainless oaf for him to fuck, to play with. How dare he, she thought as her blood fired up and her eyes began to sweat with rage. She loathed him, despised him, and not a single fibre in her body regretted telling Professor Lannister. 

Daenerys was excited that Viserys did not know the fury she was going to unleash on him, she almost wanted to be there when he was arrested. What would be his defence? There was none, no defence he could cover his acts with. 

Acting on this thought, she opened the rest of the letters and they were all of a similar manner, with one going into very graphic detail about how it felt for him to be inside his sweet sister that made Daenerys stomach turn. Feeling defiance wash over her she packed her back up and held the letters tightly in her hands as she left her sanctuary and began the long journey towards the Headmaster's tower. 

There was only one place she was going to take these letters, to Professor Lannister to be put in as evidence. 

Viserys was a vile human being and Daenerys was going to enjoy watching him crumble.

Chapter Text

Dear Father, 

As you are on the board of Governors you are probably aware by now that I was chosen to represent Hogwarts at the Triwizard Tournament. It's a great opportunity for me to be able to represent my school while preparing for the Auror programme next September. I'm hoping that this will be the final push for the Ministry to accept my application that I need.

It was strange and curious that the Goblet of Fire pulled out two names from each house, but this means I am sharing the pride of representing the school with none other than Daenerys Targaryen. A few months ago I would've been completely indifferent to this, maybe even a little peeved. It's her after all. But I've come to form a completely different opinion of her since we've become head boy and girl. 

Yes we still argue like we'll be kicked out of Hogwarts tomorrow, but there is an appreciation and understanding between us. I've got to know her a little better over the past few months, she had surprised me several times. She still manages to walk through the corridors, attend lessons and do her head duties despite not only the constant (and unnecessary I've come to conclude) barrage of comments on her lineage and the fact her mother died only a few weeks ago. 

I think we're putting our petty feud behind us. Further investigation into the reasons why we argue so much has been avoided just through talking to one another. I've said stuff about her I regret, namely about her parents relationship and she's hexed me in the corridors for and picked on others for the anger she felt inside of the comments I was making. I think it's going to be plain sailing from her (or at least I hope). No letters home over being set on fire or setting someone on fire will occur. 

Together, she and I will win this tournament for Hogwarts, even if I do want the win for myself. But I am being forced with the fact that I may need her help at some point in the tournament, she's stronger than she thinks. Although I think she's fully aware at how good she is in potions... and Care of Magical Creatures and Runes too. 

Enough about Daenerys, and onto the reason for my writing. After Lady Catelyn's unsavoury howler towards Robb a few weeks back, I've decided not to return to the Stark residence to live after the year is up. I shall be moving in with Theon briefly until I can get on my feet with my own place and into the paying internship with the Auror department or if that does not happen, I've got a few options lined up in Diagon Alley. 

This silly grudge she has against me for your mistake has gone on long enough and is affecting my relationship with Robb and the others. They say they do not have the same sentiments she does but sometimes, I see it in Robb's eyes. He always says he does not wish to be Head boy, that he's quite happy being a prefect that gets good grades. But I sometimes feel envy radiate from him. And I don't like this. So it's best for us all if I leave to alleviate some of the tension in that house. 

I hope you understand that this is a result of her jealousy towards me having goals she wants her son to attain. The goals I set out for myself, being the best in defence or becoming Head boy, these were goals I never thought would happen to me. But I'm happy they have because I've worked so hard to achieve them. 

I'm tired of her sideways looks at me, her offhand comments to the others about how they should work to be better than me. I'm tired of it all, so I'm taking myself out of the equation. H er hatred of me for something I cannot control, it's unfortunate. 

Anyways I wish you all the best father, we will see each other again soon I have no doubt on this, 

Best Wishes, Jon.

Jon reread his letter before he was ready to send it off with Hodor, the family owl. He knew his letter would give Catelyn satisfaction in Jon finally leaving their home, even if she never outright could wish him away. But Robb had received another letter from her complaining about his lack of ambition when he could be a much better wizard than Jon. Robb of course had laughed it off, but Jon knew it was starting to affect Robb. He'd asked Theon if he could crash on his couch for a couple of months after they finish, just until he gets on his feet with the ministry and Theon had gladly accepted him with open arms.

He knew his father would try and talk him out of it but his mind was already made up, just as it was made up to speak with Daenerys later on about the tournament and where they stand with each other over it. He knew he could help her and she him. If he did not win, he'd want it to be her. Hogwarts has won the last four and they wanted that trend to keep going. So he was willing to help her with Defence if he could offer some potions advice.

Hodor was currently eating a mouse and hooting at any other owls trying to steal his dinner. Jon rolled his eyes, thoughts off of the contents of the letter and now more on the crazy bird in front of him. Hodor was usually a gentle owl but age had made him groggy to other birds and certain members of the family (Sansa). Sealing the letter off, he attached it to Hodor's leg.

"Send that back home to Father for me won't you, Hodor" Hodor's eyes squinted as he looked down to his mouse before looking back at Jon, he didn't seem to happy at the fact he had to make a journey. Jon swore he could tell what that bird was thinking all the time. "You can go once you've eaten it, it's not urgent"

The bird squawked happier then so Jon left him to his dinner before making his long walk back to the main castle from the owlery. It was nearing darkness, and soon everyone would need to be back into the safety of the four walls of Hogwarts, this meant that it would soon be time for his patrol with Daenerys, Robb and Theon. They'd been chastised for splitting off into twos and so for now, the four of them had to patrol the library and second floor classrooms this evening. 

Jon's feet nearly tripped on the bottom step of the spiral stairway up to the owlery, the final step was slippery from ice that was already forming due to the temperature dropping past zero. Jon was thankful no one was around to laugh at him, it was big effort to stop himself flying head first into one of the dirigible plum bushes nearby. Theon and Robb would've laugh so long they'd have given themselves chronic stomach ache, he was thankful they weren't here either.

In fact, he did not meet up with Theon and Robb until he got to the entrance courtyard. They were waiting for him after he'd announced he was going to the Owlery. It wasn't until her got closer to them that he noticed something was wrong. Theon was sporting a black eye while Robb looked gleeful. Jon took one look at both of them before Theon grumbled and began to stalk off. 

"What happened?" Jon asked. 

"It's nothing" Theon moped. 

"I set a punching telescope on him" Robb chortled. 

"It was one piddly telescope! I think I'm fine" Theon retorted. 

"He cried" Robb laughed. 

Jon had not know in that moment why he was friends with either of them. Theon and Robb were worth more trouble than the good they caused, but they were a laugh to Jon when shit got too much sometimes. And it was always handy to have someone stopping him from going into full brooding mode, in which Jon hadn't actually done for a while. Perhaps it would do him some good to sit in the Gryffindor Common Room and brood for a whole day. He would, if he wasn't so busy. 

"Nice of you all to show, only been waiting twenty minutes" Jon heard her voice, the only voice he would be able to pick out from the crowd these days. The one he'd had to listen to for almost the entirety of October and now November considering they were Head boy and girl. Twenty minutes? Jon looked for a clock around the corridor, his panicked eyes searching. It was only twenty to seven. He was nowhere near late. He saw her then, she looked... different. A little healthier perhaps? Yes that was it, he thought to himself. 

Her eyes were not as puffy as they had previously been, the dark and discolouration under her eyes was more even with her skin. Her eyes themselves had a small twinkle to them, they were happier, as if she'd slept well and had enjoyed a good dream. Her eyes crinkled around the edges, as if she'd recently been smiling more, as if she was smiling now. And then Jon noticed, she was. Her lips had moved into a dazzling, pearly smile and it was directed at him. 

It clicked: she was teasing him about waiting. She'd probably only get to the corridor herself. Jon rolled his eyes as her laugh turned into a soft chuckle. That was uncalled for, he thought to himself, even if he couldn't help but laugh too. "Thank you, Daenerys, for teasing me so. Do you take pleasure from seeing me panic?"

"So much pleasure, you don't even know" Her smile was still their in her eyes, glistening playfully. "So, have you enjoyed having a Saturday without any Head duties, I know I have. It's just been me and my books today. So good to not have you hanging around me like a leech all the time"

"Lovely to know what you think of me, a leech?" Jon asked intrigued. 

"Yeah, a time-consuming, leech" Daenerys grinned. Jon did not. "Lighten up, Snow. You know you've taken all my time up as of late, arguably not your fault, you didn't have to be chosen as Head Boy"

"Hard for me to lighten up when I can never understand if you're being serious or not - got to work on your facial expressions and give me some clues as to what you actually mean. Then I'd be able to read you" They started walking a little, Theon and Robb staying quiet behind them as they walked down the Second floor corridor towards the library. "And what is wrong with me being a Head boy?"

"Nothing, except I see you more than the inside of my own eyelids as of late and I have no social life" Daenerys shrugged. 

"You never had one of those anyway" Jon butted in. Daenerys turned around on the spot and whacked him playfully on the arm. It stung Jon, she packed a mean punch. As he rubbed his arm, Jon's laugh filled the entire corridor, still Robb and Theon remained silent. Jon had almost forgotten them, it happened a lot of late when he was with Daenerys, everyone else just seemed to fade away and it was only her. "Thanks for the broken arm, I love you too, Dany" 

"Oh shut up, I'm only messin around!" She folded her arms and began to stalk towards the library in fake anger. Jon did not understand what was happening, she was different. Happier. And Jon felt happier for it. Perhaps all his help has paid off. It was selfish of himself to think it could be his affect but he was sure there was a difference that he'd contributed too. Theon and Robb had stayed silent up to this point and had been watching Jon's interaction from afar. Jon turned his head to meet their eyes, they had raised eyebrows and smirks plastered on their face. 

"Do you want to know something, Jon?" The corner of Robb's mouth turned upwards into a cheeky smile. "I was very worried about you having to face Dragon or stunning spells and Banshees in the tournament. I thought you were crazy for entering. But now-" He glanced to where Daenerys was stood with her arms still folded outside the library. "-I think you've got it easy in comparison to that one. She's going to eat you alive - and you reckon you'll win because you're better at Defence"

"I concur" Theon added. Jon sighed before putting his hands on his hips and glancing down at the floor. 

"You two, are a pain in my arse, do you know that?" He spoke through gritted teeth. They did know it, but Jon knew something else. Daenerys Targaryen wasn't the only one changing, he was too.

And it was because of her.

Chapter Text

Lessons were more cramped than ever before now they were learning with Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students too. And on this particular day, while Daenerys mind was filled with questions over her relationship with Jon Snow (namely how she even had one that was civil considering not this time last year she'd sent him to the Hospital Wing with a bad case of numb tongue) that she realised her shoulders were brushing with people she did not know as she stood outside Professor Mormonts classroom. 

She found herself wishing Jon was nearby, just as a weird form of security blanket that she didn't realise she needed but somehow wanted. Everything was chaos inside her mind these days, Jon had said a couple of times she was looking healthier, that she seemed to be coping better. The truth was Daenerys had just given up trying to cope with everything. She wasn't made to cope with this much, her body and brain were not programmed to sustain this muddy water she was trying to stay afloat in. She had to focus on the tournament, and being weighed down by her mother's death and her past with Viserys, at the moment, was too much of a distraction. 

So she spent her days trying to think on all the good things that have happened to her in the past few months, and while the list was small, there was some things she would class as small victories in her way. The novelty of being Head Girl had not worn off on her yet. Doing her tasks as Head Girl was one of Daenerys favourite parts of the day. If she was ever going to be free from the shit her brother tried to smother her with, being Head Girl was a good thing to have on her resume for future jobs. 

She loved working with the other prefects. She'd been blessed with a very diligent and efficient group of students who, like her, wanted this tournament to go through as smoothly as possible. They all worked around the clock to make sure the other students felt welcomed and safe in their halls. Daenerys had gotten used to Gendry's incessant laughing and Jazzalyn's elongated questions, they were a unit now, a family almost. 

And by far the best thing to come to happen in the past few months (not that she'd ever admit this to anyone) was her relationship with Jon. It always felt so surreal and strange to Daenerys every time she interacted with Jon, she felt like she was living in sort of dream world where he wasn't pigheaded and abrupt with her like he used to be. She kept expecting to wake up and he was still ignoring her and she'd feel the urge to hex him where he stood. 

But she didn't. 

In fact, Daenerys had recently been feeling other things, strange and foreign feelings which did not seem to pass. She had no clue what they meant, or how to even deal with them properly. Daenerys had never felt these things for someone before, she did not know how to categorise them. She couldn't help but feel she was over analysing things too, but that was what happened to every situation she found herself in, so this was nothing new. 

It all started, when Jon gave her that kiss to keep her quiet. 

She replayed that scene over and over in her mind until she was starting to feel like a broken record stuck on repeat, unable to jump to the next song. She remembered everything about that small moment, from the feel of the air around her to the taste of his mouth on hers. She smelt the woods, ferns and thistles in her senses as she tasted sweetness on her mouth. It didn't last long, but it was overwhelming still. The hands didn't hold her forcefully, they were soft, even though the skin surface was coarse. This was what she remembered most. 

And it didn't mean anything, at that time at least. He had done it to stop her from making one of her grandstanding speeches that he'd grown to dislike over the years as rivals. That's what he'd told her, and she'd been happy with that answer. But now, she remembered things in a different like. 

She had liked the kiss then, yet now she thinks on it, she did not just like it, she had loved it. Not because it meant anything to her in terms of a romantical feeling towards Jon. She did not think what she was feeling for him was romantic feelings, not that she would know what they would feel like. She'd never experienced anything like romance in her life. But she loved that kiss for a very simple reason. 

Daenerys thought on the kindness people had shown her on the odd occasion, how sweet and inspiring and caring they could be. However, she had concluded that his soft placement of his hands and the tenderness in which he placed this chaste kiss was the most pure energy she'd felt in her life. How one small throw away kiss from someone she didn't even like much at that time could fill her with such a blissful high, and yet be so demure and poignant was remarkable to her.

She'd never felt that combination of emotions before. 

In all honesty Daenerys wasn't sure what it was, but that kiss had meant something to her. Yet, she could not put her finger on it, for the anonymity of the feeling and the uncertainty of her mind's portrayal of this emotions was confusing her logical mind. But this was just the first in a few moments that had transcended anything she'd ever thought she'd share with someone like Jon. 

When he'd comforted her over the death of her mother after the attack endured together by the lone assailant, Daenerys had for the first time in her miserable life felt like she could constitute herself as safe. Safety was in short numbers in her life, but the way he'd kissed her cheek, a motions he'd meant to be soothing and calming had done the opposite and left her in a more confused manner. She now knew the feelings she had over that very press of lips onto her cheek was categorised the same as the tender kiss he'd planted on her lips. 

But it just wasn't kisses that had given her joy in her new 'relationship' with Jon, it was the trust that had been built between them while enduring more shit thrown at them than any other Head Boy or Girl would have to deal with. The attack had left Daenerys with a serious case of having to admit Jon's defence skills were incredible. She'd tried not to act impressed in front of him, but the fact he created his own spell and it had been that effective was an incredible thing to see. Although, she liked to remind him on the daily that he should be working on the counter curse, as the corridor is still icy and the portraits have been complaining of draught. 

Then there had been the fact they were both chosen for the tournament together, something Daenerys would've easily assigned as a coincidence, but after being attack she was not so sure. They were in this together, she knew this, even if they would be against each other in the tasks. She knew that if the time came, she would have to help him out and vice versa. Her bond with him had grown to the point where the task was just another tuesday for them both. 

One day at a time in their crazy lives as Head Girl and Boy. 

Feeling like she was thinking all of this in the space of two seconds, Daenerys shook her head and cleared it all out towards the back of her conscience. She spotted what she liked to refer to as the Three Amigos and walked over to them. While Jon was the only one she'd consider a friend in that group, since doing more Prefect rounds with them Robb and Theon have both apologised to her for jokes made about her family's practices and had announced she was a cool 'chick'. She did not know what this meant but it was two other people in the school she did not have to fight to prove she was normal. 

"Hey" She smiled brightly towards Jon as she took her place next to him in the hall. Theon's eye had finally gone down after that stupid punching telescope from that joke shop had whacked him several times in the face. Daenerys did not approve of joke gifts, even if they were used on some deserving people. 

"Hey" Jon replied, he was wearing his glasses today. Daenerys liked them, he looked much better when he wore them, btu as he once told her, he always forgot to wear them. "Quite a lot of company today; Durmstrang are joining for the best lesson we'll ever have"

"Let me guess, Patronus Charm?" Daenerys inwardly groaned. Every lesson these days were doing all the spells they'd already learnt but non-verbally. It was a complete ball ache, and Daenerys couldn't even do the Patronus Charm verbally never mind not saying the incantation. Theon's Patronus had been bright the last time they practiced but had not taken a form yet. Robb's had been a Large wolf, larger than any regular wolf, a Direwolf in fact but it hadn't lasted for long, just a few seconds. Yet Jon's, it had been the most beautiful white wolf she'd ever seen. It had ran around the room and burned brightly in everyone's eyes before disappearing. 

"The very one" He grinned. 

"So basically you could sleep for this entire lesson and still be able to do this on the first try while muggins over her struggles to even produce wisps verbally" Daenerys grumbled as she folded her arms unimpressed. "Wonderful way to humiliate me in Defence once again"

"You'll get there, don't put pressure on yourself" Jon reassured her, well he tried to anyway. Daenerys wasn't sure if there was anything anyone coould do to keep the panic inside her. At this thought, there was a commotion behind her. "People are going in, did you want to sit with us? I know you don't want to sit next to some weird foreign durmstrang student, probably will try to eat you or something"

"Eat me?" Daenerys laughed. Theon and Robb too had confused expressions, but they decided to let it go. Daenerys weighed up what he was saying, it was true that she did not want to sit next to a stranger, better to be sat with someone she knew. Although, she'd never willingly sat next to Jon in a lesson, there's bound to be gossip stronger than a four hundred year old mead going around soon. 

"Come on, you know you can't resist me" He winked at her. Daenerys was so startled by this sudden reaction from him that she blinked furiously. However, she was not as surprised as Jon himself, who looked so startled by his own words that he flushed red from embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I don't know where that came from"

"Okay, Jon. I will sit with you, as long as you never say anything like that to me ever again" Daenerys warned him, a small trace of a smirk present on her lips. He nodded and agreed and so she entered the Defence classroom and followed him towards near the back where he, Theon and Robb always sit. She could already feel people's eyes on her as she sat next to him and got her books out ready for the lesson. She chuckled to herself quietly. "How long do you reckon before the whole school knows we sat together?"

"Lunch at the latest - bunch of gossiping old women really" Jon laughed. Daenerys turned to Page 394 of her Standard Book of Spells: Grade Seven book and prepped her quill and parchment for notes to be taken. Professor Mormont was never big on doing much Theoretical work when it came to spells themselves, it was more the learning of knocturnal beasts and dark creatures that they did lots of study for. 

The lesson began soon enough, the door bolted close and Professor Mormont stepped down from his office and silenced the class with his loud and brash voice. Daenerys managed a sideways glance at Jon, who was in raptures with everything he said. His eyes were alight with willingness to learn and a thirst for knowledge, and it wasn't even time for them to practice yet. Jon never put up his hand to answer questions, even if Daenerys was always sure that he knew the answers. So when Professor Mormont asked what Patronus charms could be used for besides warding off dementors, she put her hand up. 

"Yes, Miss. Targaryen?" He pointed to her when his eyes scanned the room. 

"Albus Dumbledore invented a way of using the Patronus, whether that be corporeal or non-corporeal as a means of communication. They can deliver messages, speaking with the voice of the caster" Daenerys tried to change up her inflection and tone of her voice to make it not so obvious that she'd read it straight from a textbook and memorised it. She thought she was successful. 

"Very good, ten points to Slytherin" He acknowledged. Professor Mormont had always liked Daenerys keenness to read more and more on Defence even if her practical wasn't solid. Daenerys like his teaching too, she always felt he got the balance of being fun yet not too much of an overload in information like some (Professor Binns). "May I ask how you knew it was Dumbledore?"

"I read a lot on the second Wizarding War, Professor" Daenerys confirmed, her knowledge flooding back to her. "They used this way of communicating to get messages between members of the Order of the Phoenix when they were scattered or as warnings. Celebrated Auror and War Hero Ron weasley wrote in his memoirs that had it not been for a Patronus from former Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt, Harry would not have been alive"

"Very good, another ten points to Slytherin for outside reading" He winked.

Daenerys felt happy, even if not a few seconds later when Professor Mormont continued to speak she heard a very subtle 'Nerd' whispered into her ear. She turned to glare at Jon who was just grinning like a twelve year old. She slapped him on his thigh under the table, he jumped a little in his seat. He grabbed her hand before she could pull it away in time and raised an eyebrow. Daenerys had to look away from him, she didn't know what was wrong but she had a feeling in her chest, something was bothering her about his glances. 

She paid attention for the next fifteen minutes while Professor Mormont continued to talk on, never noticing that for the whole fifteen minutes, while he was talking, her hand was never returned to her and she had been holding hands with Jon under the table for all that time. It wasn't until her hand began to sweat that she felt her fingers interlaced with his. Quickly, she pulled it away in embarrassment and felt her own cheeks go red. 

Unfortunately for her, it was time to practice the Patronus Charm. Professor Mormont said that it would never work non-verbally if you cannot at least produce a non-corporeal Patronus verbally. Daenerys felt miffed, so she'd have to practice it verball first and try to get more than a few silver wisps out of her wand. Daenerys loved her wand, fourteen and a half inches, dragon heartstring and made of oak. The handle had a dragon that was wrapped around the ends. Yet in defence, it always let her down. 

"Work in pairs" The annoying word that forced Daenerys to turn and face Jon rather than run from him after the awkward hand holding thing that had just happened. He wasn't red in the face, he actually look surprisingly calm, perhaps he was wondering if she'd lose her cool and hex him like she used to for something that he too probably did not realise they were doing. She wouldn't do that, not anymore. 

Daenerys raised her wand and focused on achieving the desired result she wanted for the spell. "Expecto Patronum" Nothing but a few silvery wisps that could be mistaken for strands of unicorn hair. She felt frustration instantly, she was a great witch yet she couldn't even do a simple Patronas. "Expecto Patronum!" She felt her hand shake as the pressure built up inside, she was showing a weakness to her Head Boy, to her Co-champion in the tournament. "Expecto freaking Patronum!"

"Okay, Daenerys Targaryen, time for you to put the wand down a second before you singe my hair off!" Jon ushered her arm down, she had not realised blue sparks were emitting from her wand. "Firstly, you need to relax. The Patronus Charm doesn't work like any other ordinary spell, it relies on a feeling more than the incantation. The incantation is just the vessel in which it's released" 

"I don't understand where I'm going wrong, perhaps it's just because I have no happy memories to remember" She put her wand down on the table with force and huffed in shame. "I'll never survive this tournament"

"You will, don't sweat it" Jon put a hand on her shoulder and began telling her about his happiest memory that he uses every time without fail to success when casting a Patronus. He explained how for his tenth birthday he was given his first broom by his father, it was wrapped in layers and layers of paper and the feeling of trying to get to the broom amongst the wrapping still filled him with a happiness he had not felt in years. "Let it fill you up completely, let it be powerful"

"I don't have a memory like that, that's so clear in my mind as a happy occasion-" She thought on it. A powerful emotions that was pure enough to turn her wisps into at least a corporeal cast. She smelt the woods, ferns and thistles in her senses as she tasted sweetness on her mouth. It didn't last long, but it was overwhelming still. The hands didn't hold her forcefully, they were soft, even though the skin surface was coarse. She knew she shouldn't use this feeling, this memory. But it was the most alive she'd felt, he couldn't tell him what it was, she'd be mad to think he'd understand. 

Her hand lifted her wand up and she eased her mind into a relaxed feeling. Remembering the memory, she let it fill her, let every fibre in her body experience the energy and pure emotion she felt when remembering it. Her shoulders relaxed, he lifted her arm into the correct stance, a hand at the nape of her back as she took in a large gulp of air. The incantation was on the tip of her tongue, as a smile spread across her face. "Expecto Patronum!"

There was a large gasp as Daenerys felt something erupt from her wand; she had to put her other hand on the wand to stop it from falling out of her hand. Her eyes opened and as she saw, her jaw dropped. There, soaring around the room above the heads of every student was a Dragon, her Patronus in it's Corporeal form. It was never going to be any other animal when it finally took for, she thought to herself. 

She dropped her wand in shock and it quickly disappeared. Her ears were ringing in surprise. It was clear to he that her ability to perform Defence exceedingly well was there, it was just whether she could unlock it with the right help. She turned to Jon whose face was one of shock too. Daenerys wondered if he did not think his advice would be such a good effect for her. But it clearly was. 

Jon Snow was more valuable to Daenerys than ever. 

Chapter Text

Jon never knew where he stood with Daenerys before, one minute she'd completely ignore his entire existence and the next she'd be screaming bloody murder at him and hex him into an oblivion. Yet, as of late, Jon's feelings towards the fiery little woman with the spindly silver hair was more than complicated. Just a few days ago when they'd accidently held hands for almost fifteen minutes in their joint Defence lesson, Jon's cogs had turned as he recontextualised everything that they'd shared together this school year so far. 

The attack alone left an uneasy alliance between them, as their lives had depended on one another in that situations. She'd got that portrait open and he'd created that ice bomb that had crippled the attacker, both using their skill and knowledge to protect each other in that panicked instance. They'd hurried down the passage after the portrait, worried the same person had that password and was following them. They'd held hands during that time too, scared to lose the other and have to face that person alone. Jon hadn't thought on it much having been up to his ears in work because of the Tournament, but now he'd given himself the time to think it through, he realised their relationship had changed forever. 

Jon wondered if the feelings he was beginning to harbour for Daenerys were genuine or not. Of course he'd appreciated the fact that since that attack they'd managed to get on like a house on fire and their Head work had improved as a result of this. But Jon had to wonder whether the extent of his feelings moved passed a kinship and where present in the romantical sense. Some would say the fact he was having to ask himself these questions merely proved he was starting to feel something for her. 

But Jon begged to differ. Both their lives were steeped in such chaos, that Jon believed he was connecting with her on a deeper level because she was the only other person in this school that could understand what he was feeling as she too was going through it all. The struggle to get up in the morning after having only gone to bed five hours before, running into meetings almost late because you got carried away with the essays you were writing and missing meals so you could meet with Professor Lannister. She was the only one who could feel the tired ache in her bones the same way he did.

Throw in the hassle of trying to pass your newts while you contemplate your own possible death in the tournament and that made for two people teetering on the edge of completely giving up. And the weird tension between them that was encompassing all of this just meant Jon was more confused than ever before. He had been wondering what she meant when she said there were other ways to distract a man, it was so unlike her to be that forward. Perhaps she simply meant she'd take him out in a second thought with some all powerful potion she'd come up with, he did not know. 

"Stop brooding or I swear I'm going to but a frog in your hair" He heard Robb threaten. 

"It'd be a bit difficult considering the frogs in the classroom don't like you" Jon countered. "Shouldn't have set a stink bomb off in their habitat"

"Shove off that was Theon and you know it" Robb grumbled as they trickled into the potions classroom, the seats filling up quick. Theon and Robb grabbed the only double space left leaving Jon with only one seat left. Of course, it was next to Dany. Jon really wished it could be avoided; every lesson this week they'd been seated together or paired up and it was starting to become comical. 

He took the seat and muttered a small 'hey' to her and got one in return instantly. He had to hear the giggling and snickering from Theon and Robb who all week had been telling Jon he should make out with Daenerys and get it out of his system, whatever it was that was in there. But it wasn't like that, she was his friend. And while she was speaking and acknowledging his existence in a positive way, he did not want to do anything that could upset that balance. 

Did Jon think that Daenerys attractive? Of course he did. Her hair was unlike any shade of blonde he'd ever seen before and the way she wore it these days in it's singular braid. One day he'd asked her why she'd decided to wear it like that all of a sudden and she'd claimed that she'd learned how to do it from Missandei and thought it was a good thing to keep score of all of the good things happening in her life by how many braids were in her hair. Jon had of course, just smiled and nodded not really understanding what she meant. 

Her eyes were what Jon liked the most. They were so honest, readable to the last millimetre. The bright violet Amethyst colour of her iris' pierced Jon's dreary grey ones all the time. He could always tell what she was thinking when her eyes found his. It was usually a sombre stare that greeted his, but of late, her eyes had been kinder and more joyous. Jon had said she looked better, more healthy. Her response had surprised him and left him guessing. 

There isn't much left to be happy about these days Jon, having no parents seems to have finally made me crack. I think I'm just so exhausted from the effort of trying to be strong in the wake of everything that has happened that I just don't care anymore. This is what not caring and trying to get on with my life looks like, if that's healthier, then sure thing. 

Jon was ninety-nine percent sure she had not meant for her huge spiel to come out so honestly to him of all people. But things were changing between them both. Trust was always a two way street, it was needed on both parts of them and for some unknown reason, Jon found himself trusting her more than ever. And that did give him some feelings of unease about her. How had she subconsciously managed to convince him she was trustworthy. Because that's what happened, he just started trusting her, knowing there was a small chance he shouldn't do as such because it would blow back in her face. 

The lesson had begun and Jon was still taking his notes out, Draught of the Living Death was today's potion of choice. A sixth year potion that needed to be relearnt for it could appear on the NEWT tests. Professor Luwin, the Potions master was someone who preferred practical application in lesson over talking people to death so when people began to move he realised he had to do so. So he collected the ingredients and his Pewter cauldron and began the potion. 

"You've got the temperature too high" He heard from next to him, he watched as the blue flames underneath his cauldron turned to yellow candle like flicker. Daenerys was the potions master, he wasn't going to argue with her. No one else had turned their potion down except the two of them. He looked at her, her eyes reflecting the dancing flames of her burner. "Trust me"

There it was again. Trust her. He was going to go mad if he had to have the same inner monologue he'd had with himself the last three days since their hand holding incident and yet as this gorgeous woman stared at him with her endearing violet eyes and her cheeky smile, he felt like he could give her his brain and heart without a second thought. Woah, hold on. Gorgeous? Where the hell did this come from?

"I do" He smirked, trying not to let it be known he had just broken all the rules he ever made himself when it came to Daenerys Targaryen in his head. Why had he complimented her with such intensity? Not that she or anyone else knew, of course. But Jon knew, and it rattled him to think that his brain and body was acting of its own accord when it came to her. Thinking what it wanted, feeling what it desired, Jon was unsure he should trust himself now.

Trying to file all these thoughts away he threw himself into his potions, following the instructions to a tea. He infused the wormwood with his standard ingredients in the bubbling pot, he powdered the Asphodel root and stirred it into the cauldron twice clockwise. The pale lilac he desired was there, perhaps the teeniest bit darker than it should be. He found himself looking over at Dany's cauldron to see it's perfect, of course. 

He sliced the sloth brain very finely and added it one slice at a time into the pot, the colour going darker as it specifically said it would in the textbook. He got to the beans, and this was where he was having a problem. They were jumping all over the place and he couldn't get the chance to impale them on the blade so he could release the juice into the cauldron.

"Crush them instead - it releases the juice better" Jon watched Daenerys as she took the side of the knife and crushed it, bean juice oozing out. She picked the beans up and released the juice into her own cauldron and watched as it turned black. Damn she really is good at potions, he thought to himself. Copying her instructions he crushed the beans under his knife and used the juice to watch his own potion turn to a very dark grey. "Do an extra bean, it needs it for complete blackness"

Jon nodded and crushed one more. As he then stirred the potion anti-clockwise seven times like it said in the book and felt happy with how his potions looked. Daenerys reached over and stirred once clockwise for him. She then took a small leaf she had left over from the Asphodel and placed it in the cauldron. Jon watched as the leaf shrivelled and 'died'. "Thank you, Dany"

"No worries" She smiled, it fully encapsulated her face this time.

Jon could feel himself becoming entranced, so he pulled his face away and turned to Professor Luwin who'd arrived on the table to have a look at their potions. He glanced into both of their Cauldron's and nodded as if impressed. He gave Slytherin and Gryffindor ten points and Jon had to do a double take. He was never awarded points in potions for what he'd made, only for when he answered questions correctly. Dany's influence in potions could be a good thing for him in the tournament, they needed to help each other out. The irony was not lost on him that he'd managed to help her form a patronus and she'd helped him with his potioneering. 

The class ended and so Jon waited for her to finish speaking with Professor Luwin about her potions essay they'd been given as homework, ushering Robb and Theon along saying he'd catch up with them. It was a whole ten minutes before she came out of the dungeon classroom, her bags in disarray and her head in one of them looking for something. 

"Hey" Jon spoke softly as he leaned against the wall. She jumped out of her skin and instinctively threw a hex in his direction. He managed to duck in time, but all her books and papers went flying everywhere. Jon's heart beated quickly as he laid against the wall, clutching his heart. "Merlin, I only said hey!"

"You scared me!" She spoke through gritted teeth. She bent down and started picking her parchments and books up, Jon decided to lend a helping hand despite her protests. He grabbed several parchments and filed them away in one of her three bags. "What are you still doing here? Don't you have herbology with Hufflepuff to get to? Or are you slacking now because I could write you up for that if you'd like!"

"Easy girl, Herbology is not until after Lunch - and how would you know? Stalking my rotas are you?" He grinned at her, letting her know it was a healthy jab and he meant nothing by it. He did not fancy another hex flung at his head. She just rolled her eyes and took all of the parchments he had put in one of her bags into another one, she obviously had a system. Even if it just looked like organised chaos. "It doesn't matter, but I need to talk to you" 

"And it couldn't wait until Prefect meeting tomorrow?" She was clearly annoyed with him for making her jump like that, she was on edge as he spoke to her and her hands were shaking as she tried to pick some stuff up. Her hands wouldn't work properly so Jon picked them up for her and passed them over. As he did, their hands touched again. It felt like a hearty zap of static electricity, like thunder hitting the ground. She flinched away, her overall sudden jumpiness concerning him.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jon asked as he saw tears pooling at her eyes.

That was it then, she broke down, rivers pouring out of her eyes. Jon glanced around the hall and saw nobody was around, everyone had left the dungeons. Jon filed away the rest of her stuff before putting his arms around her, pulling her towards him in a hug so comforting, Jon thought he could stay like this forever. She did not fight him, she did not resist. Instead, she snaked her arms around his waist and cried into his school jumper. 

"I miss her so much!" Her mother, Jon knew straight away. He rubbed her back as she let it all out, she'd been teetering on the edge, acting like she did not care, acting like she'd given up and was moving on in her life. In fact, she was just drowning in it all, she was cracking and this is what she was feeling like all the time. She was sniffling and wailing and holding onto him for dear life. 

It was unlike Daenerys to even show emotional weakness in front of him, but he was almost glad she was. He knew all this time she had to be feeling tired and exhausted and lonely from everything she'd gone through losing both parents in the way she did, but she'd done such a good job to hide it from people. She was eating better, she was sleeping more, she was cracking on with her studies yet she was still breaking down in the dark dungeons corridor. 

"Hey, it's okay, it's okay" Jon cooed. He had no idea why he was doing this, allowing himself to be so emotionally available for her, but this poor woman crying on him needed someone to do it, someone to be there for her and he wasn't going to let his head Girl suffer in pain when he was there to offer comfort and be someone she could talk to. She mumbled about being weak as she leaned on him and he found himself feeling so sorry for her. "You're fine, you're nothing but strong. And even the strongest among us feel pain and sorrow"

"I try, I try to be strong but every time I think of her... it's just this huge t-twist of a knife in the gut" She sobbed as she pulled herself away from Jon and wiped her eyes clear of tears. Her hair was half hanging out of it's braid and the bags under her eyes which had been going down since her last breakdown were all red and puffy once again. Jon's hand found its way to her face, a tear was wiped off of her cheek with his thumb. 

"It will hurt, and it will keep hurting - but look at how far you've managed to come already since she died, you're doing so well" He offered in support. There was something lingering in the air between them, their eyes interlocking and their hands touching as she place her own onto of his and rubbed her cheek into his palm. He felt his heart race, he felt the beating of it in his throat. "Dany..."

Their eyes locked once again and their faces were dangerously close. He could smell coconuts once again, her shampoo. It was an intoxicating scent, reminding him of his family's holiday to the caribbean all those years ago. Her skin felt so smooth under his thumb as he subconsciously continued to rub her cheek. It was daenerys who acted upon the lingering energy in the air. She closed the distance and pressed her lips onto his. 

Jon's brain was all fireworks. Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs to be more accurate, they were going off all around him and all he could think of was the first kiss they'd shared where he'd jokingly done so to stop her from talking. Now it was her turn to act on instinct, as Jon was left completely dumbfounded. Her lips felt soft but a little dry, the colder weather had affected them. But as his mouth began to move in sync with her on, he did not notice it. His other hand instinctively held her jaw, both hand cupping her face and he holds her there, as their mouths open slightly. 

Jon's head leant to the right a little, she mirrored him as so their noses did not clash. The kiss was full of passion and intensity, Jon wondered if Daenerys was pouring every emotion she was feeling into their mouth colliding. The air was becoming thin around them, he needed to breath but he wanted to taste her moreso. Jon felt Dany's tongue begging for entrance into his mouth. He parted his lips more and invited her in.

She tasted divine, like fine mead tangled with coconuts, her scent filling his nose and mouth. It was like ecstacy. Their kiss deepend as their tongues touched and their lips crashed. Jon had felt everything in their relationship add up to this moment. There was almost a messiness to their combination of lips and tongues, this been, Jon realised, Daenerys first proper kiss. But there wasn't the teeth clashing that usually came with inexperience, it was more harmonious. They moved together like poetry, like rhyming couplets.

Suddenly, she pulled away, gasping for air and shocked at what she'd done. Jon could feel it coming as her scared eyes flickered between him and the exit in the corridor. She'd scared herself, she was horrified at what she'd done. He backed away, not wanting to give her more reason for her wish to fly off. "I... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-"

"It's okay" Jon spoek quietly. Rejection stung him a little, but he got it. He understood. She was hurting, so much pain was flowing through her veins that she'd acted in accordance to the comfort he was offering. It was a confusing kiss to her, he understood this. It did not stop it hurting him like hell. "You're upset, I know. You were looking for comfort, it's fine"

"Jon, I-"

"No, it's fine" He grabbed his bag and stood up off of the floor, anger suddenly flooding him. How could such an intense and pleasurable experience of a kiss mean nothing, surely it meant something to her. It had been so enthralling for him, had it not felt this way for her? Was he really just comforting her while she was upset? He did not know, and he didn't ask. But her eyes looked even more troubled than when she initially broke down a few minutes ago. 

She stepped towards him, he was frozen once again. "I don't regret it, it was... wonderful. I just... I'm not there - if at all. I'm sorry if I put you in an awkward position. I have a lot going on in my head and-" She paused herself. She thought for a brief second. Jon couldn't help but stare at her lips. Red and plump from their kiss. "-I want you to know that I appreciate you being there for me"

"S'nothing" He mumbled as he flung his bag over his shoulder. Not wanting to hear what she said any longer, even if he understood everything completely, he walked away from her, a small 'See you later' uttered from his lips. He did like her, he knew it now. But she did not want him the way he wanted her. She was just looking for emotional comfort. 

He accepted defeat.

Chapter Text

Daenerys Targaryen had never felt more embarrassed in her entire life. Insults, jabs at her family's ancestry was nothing in comparison to the shame she felt for kissing Jon in the manner she had done. Everything else paled in the face of leading him on like that. Usually, Daenerys would've said something along the lines of 'suck it up, Jon. It was one kiss, I was feeling vulnerable, it's nothing', unless she explicitly says that it meant something than he shouldn't jump to conclusions and assume it was. Yet she couldn't help but feel guilty, part and parcel to the fact she knew there was some truth to the matter. 

It was more than just a kiss, far more.

It was almost a statement of adoration and compassion for a man she once regarded lowly. He's been there for her when she's felt most crap, she'd showed more of herself to him than even Missandei at this point and she got caught up in the moment. She knew it was going to happen, the tears that is, as soon as he said what's wrong, she knew she was done for. She'd tried so hard to keep everything inside her, to keep her emotions in check. She wanted more than anything for everything to not bring her down like it once had before, but she was gravely mistaken. 

While she put on a brave face for everyone and while she'd been sleeping and eating better, she has just been compressing the emotions inside her like a pressurised tank, ready to blow any second. As soon as she'd flung that hex, just because he'd been there when she'd not expected him to be, she'd felt the cracks widening and the dam destroyed as she looked into the eyes of this man. And then the tears had flown, and he'd held her like no one ever had before. It reminded her of when he'd sat next to her and asked about her mother before Dany even realised he knew. 

He'd comforted her then and he'd done it now and it was like a wall of warmth and home had enveloped her and was promising to keep her safe, even if no promise was uttered aloud. Daenerys had been ignorant of the connection building between them, the Defence lesson was proof of their serene peace with one another. How had they held hands for so long without realising? And how had he managed to bring her Patronus out of her?

He was truly different from the boy that aggravated her so beforehand. He held her in his arms, close to his chest while uttering words of comfort, even if Daenerys was just so full of self loathing at the time. And then they'd parted and he'd held her face and she'd felt the warmth radiate from him. She'd seen his eyes, the compassion and concern that had enveloped them and she'd acted completely on instinct. Her vulnerability had gotten the better of her, her brain had not been under her control. And she'd pressed her lips to his. 

It wasn't what she'd expected, it was better. No one had held her face that way, kissed her lips in that fashion. Daenerys was terrified underneath it all, how could she so easily give herself over to him like that? After everything she'd been through! Perhaps she was truly healing, if she was beginning to get comfortable with people, if she'd let Jon in, then she truly was finding inner peace after her ordeal. 

An now, sat at breakfast on the Hufflepuff table before her trip to Hogsmeade with Missandei, she was being forced to listen to Theon and Robb on the table behind her question why Jon Snow had been in such a sour mood all week. Missandei wasn't listening to any of it, she was just happily eating her eggs and bacon on toast while Daenerys just forked her sausage on the plate, not wanting to eat any of it. 

"Eat something" Missandei urged her. Daenerys was brought out of her trance with her voice. She knew she needed to do so, she just didn't feel up to the task of it. She pushed her plate away, her stomach turning at the sight of the food in front of her but Missandei tried to stop her. "I know you've been good at doing so the past week, but please, continue to do so. For me at least!" Daenerys gave in and picked up a slice of toast and nibbled at it. "Good, now. Where are we going in Hogsmeade today?"

"Flanagan's frocks" Daenerys mumbled. She needed to get a gown for the Yule Ball in december and this was the only place in Hogsmeade she considered affordable but stylish enough to get one from. She liked the idea of having a white dress but it wasn't a wedding and so she decided dark red was probably the best for her. She had to represent her house colours after all. Not that she particularly wanted to partake in the Yule Ball. 

"Cool, we can stop at Honeydukes too, they've got a whole new range of chocolates in there that I'm begging to try" She talked at Daenerys for roughly fifteen minutes. Dany was not really listening, but she made the odd 'hmm' and 'ohh' noise every now and then to at least pretend she was. Her mind was too focused on the man behind her at the next table along and the burning sensation she felt in the back of her head. 

She dare not look behind her for fear that she'd cry or he'd say something both of them would regret. The kiss was still too real for them, too palpable for them to get over it. Because that's what they had to do now, get over it. "Can we go now?"

"Sure" Missandei shrugged as she finished her mouthful with a swill of orange juice. 

Daenerys could keep this up much longer, Prefect meetings and Head meetings the past week with Professor Lannister had been hard enough to keep herself together let alone the fact that he inner need to make Jon listen and understand what she was feeling was tenfold. But by doing that, she'd have to tell the truth, and she wasn't ready to drop that on his plate. She could barely say it outloud by herself never mind to the man she once considered her nemesis. 

When she hit the entrance courtyard, the billowing breeze of the ripe November morning hit her like a brick wall. It was a biting chill that got Daenerys cold to the bone, even with her many layers on. The trees danced in rave mode as the Scottish mountains intensified the winter weather. She felt her mouth go dry as she and Missandei trudged against the strong headwind down towards the town of Hogsmeade. Had the wind not been so chilling and devastating, Daenerys would have appreciated the beauty of the outdoors in the Winter a little more. 

There was a slippery frost that had iced over the walkways and slopes of the very rock Hogwarts was built into. They had to be extra careful on their way down the mountain; Missandei nearly slid into a frozen puddle but had managed to compose herself. By the time they had reached the town, it felt almost as if they'd climbed Everest or ran a marathon. They were pleased with themselves. 

Missandei suggested they go get their outfits first and do all the shops before they had a drink in the Three Broomsticks and made their way back up the hill. Daenerys considered buying a broomstick just so she didn't have to climb all the way back up but realising that she couldn't even go near one these days she mentally sighed. They went to Flanagan's Frocks and found themselves to be the only ones in there. They had first pick of the dresses. 

Daenerys found herself drawn to the black dresses at the left side of the shop. Two assistance came over and offered Missandei help looking for a blue or yellow dress (she had not decided what colour suited her most) but Daenerys asked to be left alone as she knew what she'd want when she saw it. She skimmed through rails upon rails of dresses and felt the different fabrics between her hands. She wanted something light but also something dramatic. She was a Hogwarts champion after all and once the first task was over, she'd need to have a dance with whoever it was she'd be going with. 

Before the incident, she would've asked Jon. He'd be the only person she could see herself dancing with, especially after the kinship they'd shared. But after the incident, she fund herself not even being able to look him into the eye. She might had to go with Missandei after all. Daenerys spent a good twenty minutes looking, she'd almost given up hope until she came across a piece she considered was meant for her. 

It was floor length and black with a shoulder cape. It had a love V neck cut in there which was taut on a thick silver piece of rope. The shoulders where the cape joined had red embroidered crystals on (or something similar) which had fashioned itself into the pattern of dragon scales. Daenerys was floored, it was beyond perfect for her, she knew she had to have it. 

Feeling something that resembled glee, despite her current headspace, she took it off to the dressing room where she found herself feeling slightly uncomfortable that only a thing fabric was protecting her from everyone else in the shop. As she took her clothes off, she looked at her body and saw it littered with scars. She was a sad sight, Daenerys hated looking at it. Turning to not look at the reflection she saw, she gently climbed into the dress. It took a little while, for she was fearful that it would rip, even if she'd be able to magic it back together. 

She looked at herself in the mirror once it was finally on. It was... nice. She really liked it, but she always had thought lowly of herself and her looks. She jumped a little when she heard a soft voice on the other side of the curtain. It was Missandei's. "Daenerys, have you found one you like?"

"I think so, I'm just not sure if it suits me or not" She pulled the curtain back and let Missandei in to see. Missandei's eyes went wide as she looked at the dress up and down. "What's wrong... do you not think it looks nice?" 

"No, I mean, yes I think it looks great" Missandei bumbled. Daenerys nodded and turned to look at herself again in the mirror. Missandei had a small smirk on her face, as she peered over Daenerys shoulder. "If we get some nice shoes and your hair completely braided, a little makeup... no one will be able to take their eyes off of you. You could have any date you wanted in this outfit"

Daenerys did not want any date, she wanted one only. And she'd screwed that opportunity up already so there was no point her even contemplating it further. But she had to agree with Missandei that with a bit of scrubbing up even she could look like she was functioning and not fraying on the edges. There was a month until the Yule bule and only five days until the first task. She had plenty of time to get better between now and then. Perhaps she'd even consider herself pretty by then. 

"It is nice" She mused. Missandei begged her to get it for another five minutes before Daenerys gave in and decided to change into her regular clothes once again. She was glad that the shop was warm, otherwise changing would've frozen her to the bones. When she'd fully dressed she muttered an anti crease charm on the dress and took it too the till. The lady at the cashpoint rang up the till and took 37 galleons for the dress, a reasonable price she thought for a dress so pretty. "Can it be delivered to Hogwarts? It's just the weather, I'd hate for it to get ruined"

"Not a problem ma'am" Daenerys filled in a form to have the dress delivered tonight at the entrance courtyard at 8pm after dinner and before her heard meeting with Jon. She was not looking forward to that meeting whatsoever. It was bound to be charged with too much tension and regret. But she had to forget about this now, it was time she and Missandei (who'd bought a yellow dress in the end and put it in the same delivery order as Daenerys') to go to Honeydukes and get some sweets. 

They left Flanagan's and marched in the howling winds one more time, their feet stamping hard on the ground to get purchase on the frozen floor of the lane. They marched quickly, their scarves covering their faces to stop the snapping pain of the winds of winter eating at their skin. When they reached Honeydukes, Daenerys felt her stomach drop. She watched as Jon entered there with Theon and Robb. 

You can do this, you can walk into the shop. It was just a kiss, it was a weak moment when you were feeling low and vulnerable, just like the first time. She couldn't lie to herself though, it was a kiss that topped any physical joy she'd felt in her life. Even Strawberries and Pancakes couldn't make her insides feel the same way she did during that kiss. He hadn't seen her when he'd entered but he did not look joyous. Missandei just continued to walk like nothing was wrong, but of course to her, nothing had changed. 

Daenerys bent her head down and followed at Missandei 'oohed' and 'aahed' over what was in the shop window. The doorbell dinged and they entered. Her face was hit with a wall of warmth not dissimilar to that of when Jon's hug had enveloped her in the Potions corridor. And then, she locked eyes with him. She was stood frozen in the doorway, the door shutting firmly behind her as they locked eyes. Missandei had gone over to the chocolates section while she saw in her peripherals that Robb and Theon were looking at the Gobstoppers. 

Daenerys' feet began to bumble towards him. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, she knew she should not talk to him while it was still so raw. But she couldn't help shake this feeling inside her that was telling herself to be more open and honest with him; to tell him as much as she could handle. He turned away from her, but she wasn't going to give up that easy. She dragged him by the arm, as much as she could and took him over to the quiet corner near all the old people sweets such as mint humbugs and sherbert lemons. "Jon-"

"Daenerys, leave me alone" He was angry. He didn't look directly at her, it pissed her off. 

"Hey! Look at me, Jon" She demanded. He gave in and their eyes locked once again. Daenerys had to talk now, her mouth drying as the words came to her. "We need to stop avoiding each other, I upset you, I get that-"

"-Do you? Because if I remember correctly you looked like you'd made the worst mistake in your life" He wasn't being vicious in the way he spoke, he had every right to be annoyed at her. He was full of sorrow and sadness however and Daenerys couldn't help but feel for him. 

"I do get it, because I feel the same. At the beginning of this year if someone had told me that I'd be feeling this comfortable with you and that my heart would've been open for you to help heal it the way you have done I'd have hexed them into the new year" She started, granted not the best way to go about it. "But I have, I trust you even if my head is screaming 'don't you idiot he'll let you down like everyone else has'. Turned out, I was the one to let you down and I'm sorry. But that Kiss did not mean nothing to me, was it ill-advised? Yes-"

"Daenerys, I-"

"-Please, let me finish! It was ill-advised, because it wasn't the way I'd ever imagined my first kiss with anyone ever to go, it was from an emotional upheaval and it was messy and confusing and I led you on with it" She was saying everything as a stream of consciousness, her words tumbling out of her mouth faster than running water. "There are things that have happened to me the last few years that have left me so unable to form relationships and a trusting bond with people. I'm so broken that I don't ever think I'll completely be fixed ever again and that's what scared me, Jon"

"What do you mean? What's left you broken?" He looked concerned, and it was these very eyes that had made her kiss him in the first place.

"I cannot tell you that, I'm not ready. But it amazes me how easy it was to trust you, to form a bond with you, it scared me. And so that kiss, while it was wonderful and special and possibly the most joyous physical contact I've ever felt... it was terrifying and daunting. Not because it was you, but because of the things in my past that I'm not ready to let go of" She looked down at her hands. "I, uhh, know that I upset you"

"You did" He confirmed. "I can't believe I'm saying this but, rejection and I, not best friends"

"You thought I was rejecting you, you couldn't be more wrong" She smiled, she was sure it never reached her eyes though, she was too emotionally drained for that. "I was going to ask you to the ball with me, I think that makes me own feelings towards you apparent"

They had a laugh together, a small one but they both realised how stupid they'd been. "I appreciate the thought, I would say yes to you asking me to the ball, but umm-" Daenerys smile faltered. Had he asked someone else? Was he not going? He had to go he was a champion! "I don't know if you've read the handbook, but Champions are not allowed to go with each other, something about inter house mingling back in the day"

Daenerys felt relief. That did mean she wouldn't be able to dance with him first like she wanted to, but they may be able to get a dance later on in the evening. "I can't believe how idiotic we've both been. I appreciate that I upset you, even though that was not my intention and I'm so sorry for that. But I need space, and while I'm fully admitting that I like you, Jon, my very own arch-nemesis, I'm also saying I need space. I'm not ready for all 'that' yet"

"That's fair" He nodded. Robb and Theon spotted them then, but Missandei hadn't even noticed Dany was gone, she was stockpiling chocolate into a basket. Jon turned to face her, their eyes connecting one more time. "So we good?"

"We good"

Chapter Text

Jon was in a ridiculously good mood for the rest of that day and now into the morning. His relationship with Daenerys had taken huge strides and it was a relief to understand they were on the same page. They were both in the 'I like you but I'm not going to fully admit it yet I know you know so I won't outright lie' stage and that suited him fine. 

He had found himself rather intrigued when she'd suggest there was stuff that had happened to her that had left her unable to form bonds with people, it was something that had thrown him off completely. What stuff? How was she broken? Who had left her so emotionally downtrodden? Jon did not know but he got the feeling that if he ever was let in on whoever it was he'd roundhouse kick them and then hex them to Azkaban. 

It could just be something as simple as her father leaving her mother over the summer and it had left he suspicious enough to not form attachments as quickly as they have. But then she did say it was something she was not ready to talk about, yet several times they'd discussed her mother and father's relationship. Yes, she got defensive every damn time Jon tried to get through to her but they had still engaged in that conversation. That was quickly cast aside as a reasoning for what she'd said the day before in Honeydukes. 

So now, as Jon stared into the abyss at the breakfast table, not touching his eggs because he was too busy thinking about Daenerys, said person walked into the hall and joined Missandei. Jon couldn't believe how much better she looked; something that was paired with the fact as soon as she sat down on the Hufflepuff table she dived straight for some sausages and hash browns. She was eating better, she was drinking more liquids and she generally seemed on the outside at least to be smiling and laughing with Missandei more. Of course, appearances wasn't anything. 

Jon had believed she was doing better a week ago and then she'd broken down in his arms outside the Potions dungeon not a few hours later. The Potions incident, as he referred to it, was still something that seemed almost dream like to him. Her lips had felt magically on his and even better than the small snippet of it he got when the patrolled the Greenhouses. It made him long to taste her again, to feel the softness of her lips on his, to feel the vulnerability in her kiss. Of course, he respected that she wanted to set the pace and that they were officially 'Dating' or whatever. 

She was still to up and down as a person at the moment, and Jon respected that it might be when the school year is actually over and the Pressure of exams and the tournament is not on the forefront of their minds before they actually fully admit they like each other. But Jon was staying hopeful. Who knows, he could do something to upset her between now and then given his track record so he wouldn't be surprised if they were soon back to square one. 

Jon realised soon after this thought that he'd been staring at Daenerys for nearing five minutes straight as she was blushing redder than the roasted tomatoes on her plate. She was making eye contact back every now and then and Jon swore he saw Missandei roll her eyes.

He shook his head and tore his gaze to his own plate of food. Usually, Jon was a gannet. He kept so active that he needed to eat loads to make up for the energy he lost from exercising. but today, he could not even be enticed by the food on the table, even waffles which were his one weakness. He was too entranced by Dany. However, he forced himself to eat, it would do good if he fainted halfway through the day from no energy. In preparation for the tournament, he's started running the Lake every other morning as a way to keep his stamina up and make his leg stronger. So he'd best eat to replaced what he'd already lost this morning. 

"Good morning, Handsome" Someone playfully spoke to stop Jon's constant gaze on Daenerys. 

Jon turned his head to see his brother Robb swagger up to the table, followed of course by his shadow Theon, and put four sausages on his plate and six rashers of bacon. They were growing men, they ate more than most. Robb's record was twelve sausages, three rashers of bacon, four eggs and seven slices of toast for breakfast the morning after a quidditch match. Oh, and a spoonful of baked beans too. 

Theon went for the sweeter choice of pancakes with so much maple syrup Jon was pretty sure the Pancake to syrup ratio became 1:2. They both dug in and Jon soon realised that they're dinner room table manners did not exist on a Sunday morning any more. 

"Everything good?" Jon asked nicely. Jon and Daenerys had been stuck in a meeting with Professor Lannister until late so Robb and Theon had to patrol the back of the castle grounds by themselves. Clearly they were fine but Jon had received a notice left for him on the notice board that a couple of beauxbatons girls were caught out late. 

"Yeah, boy have we got something to tell you" Theon winked. Robb glared at him for opening his mouth and Jon was afraid to ask what it was all about. "We'll tell you later with less people around, right Robb?"

"Worst save ever, but yes we will" Jon was intrigued. What on earth could they have seen on there patrol? Jon swore if it was the sixth year Ravenclaw girl making out with her girlfriend again he was going to give them detention. Just because they couldn't hold down a girl they had a grudge against her for 'stealing all the good ones'. Jon had always argued it was because they both acted like such tits all the time. 

This was only a stance he had that had already been informed twice this school year. Robb had put a colour changing charm on Professor Lannister's gargoyle statue at the bottom of his tower. It was currently a goth Gargoyle as it's wings were black and it had black rims around the eyes for black eyeliner. And then there was Theon, who had been caught fighting a fully grown mandrake in the greenhouse with earmuffs on. 

"So Jo, what's the deal with you and Dragon girl?" Theon asked to the surprise of both Jon and himself.

"Well, we're not rude to each other anymore, she's my Head girl and we get on" Jon shrugged, trying to act nonchalantly. Unfortunately for him, Arya had arrived at the table and she just snorted loudly at Jon's blatant lie. Jon found himself cursing Merlin under his breath. 

"Please, you want to get into that girls pants so badly" She cackled as she flinged some cornflakes down the table at William Potter. It knocked his glasses off of his face and they landed in his mug of pumpkin juice. 

"Arya, you shouldn't know about these things" Robb warned her. 

"Then hide your dirty magazines better, I've said this already" Robb went beetroot red, Arya just shrugged and downed her breakfast. Jon was praying to anyone who was listening that they'd move on from this topic of conversation. But only he'd be so lucky. "Jon, just ask her to the ball already then maybe you'll get that smitten look off of your stupid face"

"Can't, champions are not allowed to take each other" Jon replied as he shoved a slice of toast in his mouth. Theon dropped his fork, Arya's eyes went wide and Robb choked on his hash brown. Jon could not understand their shocked faces. "What?"

"You were going to ask her, wasn't you?" Oh great, now Sansa's joining in. Jon sent daggers to the redhead who like Arya, loved to get a tease in when she could.

"No, she asked me" Jon shrugged. There was more wide eyes and more excitement amongst the Stark extended family. Jon found it all ridiculous. Arya and Sansa only liked Daenerys because she stuck up for them against Joffrey. Robb and Theon had still been making jokes about her heritage until Jon put a stop to it so he knows their indifferent. He couldn't understand the excitement. 

"So you checked the rules because you was going to say yes?" Robb's eyebrows raised as he could see Jon was getting more and more frustrated. 

"No, I'd already checked the rules before she asked me" Drat, Jon shouldn't have said that. He felt his face burning up as their incredulous stares turned into teasing. Sansa and Arya were discussing what to wear at the wedding while Robb was thinking about what to do on his best man speech. Jon grumbled at all of it. 

 Jon got up off of the table in time for Daenerys to wander over. This could have gone a lot more awkward than it already was with his blushing face had they all not abruptly shut up when they'd seen her coming over. They greeted each other with a big smile but it was only a fleeting visit. "Sorry to disturb you on a Sunday, can you just sign these for me? The book club has officially found a spot they're happy with in one of the open bay windowed classrooms on third floor"

"Sure" He took the parchment from her and skimmed it through quickly to get the gist of what he was signing. He scribbled his signature in the placed she pointed too and handed the piece of parchment back over to her. "See you later for Patrol?" She nodded, her eyes glistening from the candles floating above her head. "Cool, I'll meet you at eight at the bottom of the Astronomy tower"

"See you then, Jon" She smiled and walked off with Missandei and her arms full of books. Jon was confident in saying he'd never seen her this relaxed before. He briefly wondered if she was on some sort of sedative potion to make her more calm, but he did not even think to say it too her. That Targaryen temper was never far away and while he'd been good, he had been teetering on the edge. 

He turned to see the Stark Clan smirking their heads off. He rolled his eyes. "Oh shut up"

He marched off out of the great hall, Theon and Robb ended up following him in the end. They were making their way to the common room when Robb suggested they find a quiet classroom they can use a silencing charm. So when they reached the fourth floor, the three of them snuck into a classroom. This was not before Peeves pelted them with bertie botts every flavour beans and some rotten fish. 

"Shove off you pest!" Theon threatened but was just hit in the face by a stinking salmon. Robb nearly threw up from the smell and Theon had to perform some cleaning charms on himself, a surprise to Jon. "What a pain in the fucking arse!"

"Peeves! The Bloody Baron had business on the fourth floor today, you need to stay away" Jon shouted. He had a knack for getting Peeves to leave. He was only scared of the Bloody Baron, which is ironic because the Bloody Baron was the softest of all the ghost really. Peeves just stuck his tongue out before disappearing. They slipped into the classroom and locked the door. Robb performed the silencing charm while Jon did a disillusion charm encase Peeves or any ghosts came back.  

"Okay, tell me" Jon said urgently, he was very intrigued and it was itching him to know. 

"We were patrolling the area that Professor Lannister said was out of bounds at the beginning of the year and for the smallest of moments, literally for about four seconds, we saw a massive house in the middle of the ground. It was surrounded by a perfectly round garden" Robb stated. 

"The annoying thing though was that we only saw it for the smallest period of time; we didn't even get a good enough look" Theon sighed. Jon's head was whirling. A house? What type of house? "But, we did hear a conversation we probably shouldn't have"

"Yes, there were two men carrying a box, it definitely sounded like Banshees in there. One said to the other 'Several boggart have been placed in already, two in the gardens, one in the attic and one in the living room'" Robb recited. Jon's ears were burning. It sounded like there was going to be some sort of Haunted House task. Jon did not know what this meant. Was he could to have to defeat everything in each room? Was there something he had to find? The possibilities were endless. "We think it's going to be some sort of-"

"Haunted house" Jon finished him. They both nodded in agreement with him. Jon took a seat and put his hands in his head. He needed to get a better idea of what was going on, but that would require sneaking out after hours and he handed done that since the beginning of sixth year. "I could sneak out and get a look at this house, but there's no guarantees I could. Sounds like they've got some very strong concealment charms on that place"

"I think they refresh the charms, that was why we could see it for a brief moment" Robb deduced. "Jon, I think Ghost needs to investigate"

Jon's eyes went wide. "Robb, I've done that three times only, and not to mention it's illegal!" 

"Pfft, it's only illegal if someone finds out you're an animagus!" He reasoned. Jon felt like no matter what he said in reply he wasn't going to win. Jon had one day when bored in fifth year, found out how to become an Animagus. He'd assumed the persona of 'Ghost' three times since then and it had all gone okay. Apart from that he used it once to sneak into the kitchens for chocolate cake. "You've done it successfully three times to, it's not like it was three failed attempts"

Jon weighed everything up, he really needed to get a footing on the fellow champions; even Daenerys. "Fine, I'll do it. But if I'm caught I'm blaming you"

Shit was really going down now and suddenly, to Jon, the tournament felt real.

Chapter Text

His little whore, that's what he liked to call her. Demeaning her piece by piece was what he did best. She'd known nothing other than this cycle of abuse; since she was fourteen years old. She would pray to the gods everyday, pray that he'd see the error in his ways and find something else to concentrate his energies on; but he never did. He always came back to her room while she was sleeping; trying to attack her when she was unaware. 

He'd rip her night clothes off; pin her down with his own body as her voice evaporated onto the air. She was always trying to call out, for someone to hear her pleas. But like always, she was alone. Alone with the man who would squeeze her breasts until she sometimes passed out from the agony of it all; in which she'd wake up to feel her brother's length inside her, an abnormality inside her which caused immense pain.  Never pleasure. Sometimes she'd be strong and struggle; trying to hit him back.  But he would just be rougher, more harsh. It turned him on to see her struggle and cry. And he would slam into her harder as a result.

And this was one of those times as she lied on her back.

Daenerys thrashed about in the covers as a hand slid over her mouth to quieten her, the same familiar routine. She was determined to fight him off, determined to be free of his torment and abuse and so she wriggled and writhed to free herself. He shouted at her... slapped her about before trying to rip her nightgown off of her. Her free arm would try to push him off, but he was just that much taller and stronger than her. It was always the same.

"Hold still, dear sister" He taunted as he tried to grab at her breasts forcefully. He managed to pin her down to the point where her arms were pinned behind her and she was laid on her front with one of his hands grabbing at her exposed nipple and pulling hard on it. She would cry profusely, until there was nothing left in her, scream until her voice was hoarse and she was physically choking into the pillow he shoved her face in. The pain seared into every fibre of her body, like a hot flame licking at her skin with his every touch and supposed caress.

It was physically vomit inducing to go through the intense pain. She was sure she'd pass out any moment. Her very essence and childhood ripped from her with his violation. It wouldn't be long then before he'd put himself inside her. She'd try to keep the legs closed and not let him in but the pain to just keep herself conscious was taking all the energy and he'd ultimately win. And he did, over and over. With every thrust she'd cry at the intrusion, every slap of skin she'd plead for him to stop and every sharp pain in her stomach she begged for help...

Daenerys eyes flew open as she awake in fit of sweats. It was only a dream, yet it felt so real. So much so her nipples felt sore from the pulling and her sex painful from the intrusion. It was only because Daenerys had known the intrusion all too well, she'd known that pain. That's why it had been so visceral. Yet, she could see the Greens and Golds of the Slytherin dorm and she knew she was safe. 

Thankfully for Daenerys, knowing she still had these nightmares she always performed a silencing charm on her bed every night as so the other did not hear her cries and pleas. She could not help what she said when asleep and if one of them found out, she'd hate to think what they thought of her. They'd probably tell her that they knew she liked to fuck her brother.

Well, she would've thought that originally. 

Thanks to Jon being her co-head, he'd come down twice as hard on people making jokes about her family and in their joint pocket notebooks she'd seen he'd given out three detentions in the last week for hearing slander against her. She'd have to have a go at him for that on next patrol. As she turned to her alarm clock, she saw it had only just turned to Midnight. She'd only been in bed for forty-five minutes. 

Usually when she had a nightmare she liked to go for a walk around the castle early morning to help clear her mind; once or twice the past week it had occurred and she'd been walking when she'd spotted Jon in some of his jogging gear and he was heading out to the Great Lake for a morning run. But it being midnight, even if she went for a walk about the castle she wouldn't be able to get away with 'I had a nightmare and I needed to clear my head'. Not even the head girl had such power of persuasion. 

But then, she thought on it. A simple disillusion charm could help her out if she wanted to get out of the common room for even just fifteen minutes. Deciding to listen to the voice in her head telling her to go for it, she put her cloak on and her scarf. She slid her feet into some trainers she had at the end of her bed and grabbed her wand off of the bedside table before quietly leaving the dorm. 

She could hear voices still in the common room so she casted the charm on herself before she entered and snuck past them. You couldn't cast very accurate disillusion charm on yourself, it was more specialised for a certain room. So now as she walked to the entrance, they might see the door opening but they would not be able to see Daenerys leaving. 

She climbed out of the dungeon common room and entered the eerily quiet halls which had this constant dripping sound which creeped everyone out. It was dark and dank and their was puddles everywhere. There was a leak or something, it'd never been this gross down here. She started to walk toward the entrance hall, she needed to see something other than a dark and miserable corridor for once. 

She walked a little way before she heard voices. Thankfully, the dungeons were good for one thing, plenty of shadows and corners to hid in. So she snuck into a corner of the corridor that had no light and was a good place to hid until the voices carried on by her. As they got closer, she recognized one of them a Professor Lannister and the other as Stannis Baratheon's. What were they doing down here? They were talking about the tournament, obviously in a place they did not expect anyone to hear. 

"So the first task is ready to go?" The more unfamiliar voice spoke to the Headmaster. Daenery's eyes widened, it suddenly dawned on her that in three days time she was going to be competing in the first task. 

"Indeed, the last crate of Boggarts came in last night" Boggarts, damn things. Daenerys had only ever faced two boggarts in her life, one in professor Mormont classroom in third year and another last school year when one had escaped and gotten into the Slytherin common room. Before it had taken the form of her father, she used to be terrified of him. But now, it took the form of Viserys. There was nothing more that scared her in the world than him, as evident from the dream she'd been having. 

"This tournament, it could potentially be the best one. The tasks you proposed last year are all very different from each other and from anything the students will have ever faced before. However forgive me, there are safety concerns with them all" Stannis carefully chose his words. 

"There's safety concerns in our real world these days, Stannis. You saw the prophet headline?" Headmaster Lannister asked. Daenerys had seen it, 'Dark Wizard Activity Detected In Britain'. If she'd ever seen a scaremongering headline it was this one. Daenerys was smart enough to know with the gathering of three schools and some of the most famous wizards, it was bound to attract attention from whatever had been forming in the east. 

"Yes" Was all Stannis Baratheon said. Daenerys couldn't see them, btu she could almost feel their emotions. There was a bated breath before Stannis spoke again, this time his voice laced with sarcasm. "And you, Dear headmaster Lannister, saw the article where there are calls for Minister Tywin to resign?"

Daenerys had to hand it to him, he had a lot of nerve if he thought he was ever going to run against Minister Tywin again and win. He lost last time by a large margin (even if there was some hubbub over the legality of the votes) and no one had liked him. There had always been calls to get rid of whatever Minister was in power anyway, that's just how political journalism worked. 

"If I had a Galleon for ever time I'd heard about or read an article saying there were calls for my father to be sacked I'd be richer than you are" Professor Lannister cackled. He could see through Stannis Baratheon as if he was as see through as the Fat Lady. 

"You are richer than me" The gruff man retorted. 

"Correct" Daenerys could hear the smirk in his voice. "Now, the task area was cordoned off at the beginning of the yeah, we need to make sure the enchantments are down by the time the students come to travelling down for the task..."

Their voices grew fainter but Daenerys couldn't breathe with excitement. When they'd completely become silent she carefully crept towards the Dungeons entrance and flung a Disillusion charm behind her for safety. When she reached the top of the exit it was right on the entrance hall. It was a bugger to not be seen by at least a ghost. That was when, speaking of ghostly figures she noticed something peculiar. 

As she hid behind a pillar a white wolf was trotting down the grand staircase. It's fur was fluffy and clean, it's paws not even with a spec of mud on them. It's eyes were red as love potion and it's tail wagged happily behind it. A wolf, in Hogwarts? Daenerys did not want to get too close to it, wolves were supposedly dangerous creature and not very friendly towards humans. But keeping a distance, she watched as it nudged its way out of the front door. 

She gave it a few seconds before she rushed towards the door, not looking back for teachers or ghosts. Thankfully she was not spotted by any; even though she was head girl, it was now way past midnight. When she was the other side of the door, the chilling night hit her bones. She saw, out of the corner of her eye a blur of white go out towards the lake as if it was thirsty. Keeping her distance once more she followed. 

It was a long walk down to the lake, Daenerys about one hundred feet behind the wolf at all times. However the wolf did not go into the lake, it merely sat down for a moment and looked as if it was enjoying the view. Daenerys, don't be an idiot, she told herself. Wolves can't appreciate views! she waited in the shadows to see if it did anything else before realising it was going to stay there all night now. 

Sighing, she turned back on herself slightly and headed towards the area of Hogwarts that had been forbidden to enter since the start of the year. It was a real surprise that she hadn't realised that the reason for it being zoned off was because it was a task area, but thanks to Professor Lannister, she could at least see if she could get a glimpse, despite the protective enchantments that will be there. 

It was a good half an hour before she made it to the zoned off area, she was already tired and realised she'd have to walk back to the dungeons which was another forty minutes. There was nothing there... wait, there was. Daenerys could sense people. She lined the trees and looked intently as if she was going to see something and then, there it was. 

A huge and rickety looking black house with a perfectly circular garden/maze surrounding it. The whole plot of land it was on must've been, maybe eight or ten acres? Definitely four maybe five quidditch pitches. She could see wizards doing stuff, whatever stuff she wasn't really sure. And as she looked down on the valley the house was in, she could see something sitting on top of the houses' flat roof. 

Now, she understood. There would be some boggarts to face in this haunted house type thing. What other creatures was there going to be? Daenerys felt like she could face a boggart. She knew what her biggest fear was and seeing her brother while in this house thing, she'd know it wasn't real. It would be the one defense spell she would let control her. But if there was boggarts, then there could be redkaps, hinkypunks, banshee and dementors. And a bunch more!

At least it wasn't a werewolf or Dragon, those she'd feel she'd have a bit more difficulty winging it in. At least the First Task was supposed to produce a clue to the second and so on, for this one they just had to hope and prey they'd studied enough or everything. It was then, that in her eyeline, she saw the white blur again. The wolf, it had followed her and was sitting staring at the same thing she was staring at, not three feet from her. Had the wolf sensed she'd been following her all along?  She felt quite scared all of a sudden. This wolf could mangle her if she didn't approach this cautiously. 

What a story that would be, head girl mangled by wolf three days before due to compete in Triwizard Tournament. 

Daenerys had been so wrapped in this funny thought that she had not noticed the wolf was now sat right next to her, it's fur brushing her legs. It's tongue was hanging out of its mouth and his head was cocked to one side. Daenerys gingerly reached a hand out for the wolf to sniff. It licked her fingers. Daenerys found herself giggling at the sensation. Boy she had not expected this when she left the common room. 

She bent down and stroked the wolf between it's ears, it howled happily in response before it licked Daenerys face. This wolf had come from inside the castle, and had moved down the stairs like a ghost, silent and not disturbing anyone. How? How had a wolf moved through the castle and not been spotted by anyone? And how had she on all her patrols with Jon this year never spotted it before? "Where did you come from, eh?"

Daenerys though she could read something in the wolf's eyes which made him understand what she said. But it just yapped again and smothered Daenerys in licks. Daenerys was full on laughing now and she almost did not want to go back to the castle.

Sounds about right, Daenerys, more friendly and trustworthy of the animals than humans. 

Chapter Text

Jon was clearing his mind and focusing on Robb and Theon in front of him. It currently was the night before the first task and Jon was in the downstairs common room with lots of fellow Gryffindors looking on as he put in some last minute stops to make sure he wins. He felt strong, all the run had paid off and he's lost a couple of excess pounds he'd gained from eating pancakes and such. He felt fit, he was ready to run a marathon if it was needed. He felt good, positive thoughts were flowing through his body. 

It had been an odd few days leading up to this first task. First there had been the uneasy conversation in Honeydukes between himself and daenerys which had led to him feeling like a giddy idiot all day, but also a there was the midnight adventure to the task sight and that Daenerys had seen him in wolf form. Is she'd have known it was him, he hadn't let on, ne would have a black eye or a stinging hex if that was the case. 

Jon did not have much control in wolf form. As having only done the transformation four times it was a little difficult to get used to all these new sensations and senses. The instincts of being a wolf completely overtook his mind, while he still held Jon's thoughts and he knew what he as doing every time he became the wolf. Other things easily distracted him and having known someone was behind him, following since he left the castle, this had been one of them times. When he'd eventually felt the person walk away, he'd turned and recognised her straight away. 

She was looking breathtaking, even in her pyjamas and cloak. She had moved effortlessly through the hills and bushes towards the out of bound zone, like some sort of angel as her cloak billowed behind her. He'd been entranced. he'd followed her, this time he'd kept a distance until she'd come to a halt and seen the First task location. It was frightening to her, she could feel the tension roll off of her; especially as she wondered what could be in there. He could almost feel her thoughts a little, understand her. 

He'd been overcome with his own instincts as the wolf when he'd gone and sat next to her. She'd looked at the wolf as if she'd recognised her, but then again she could've just been nervous to see a wolf sitting next to her. It wasn't like Jon was small in wolf form; when on all fours he came up to her elbows. He was a big white wolf. And then, she'd stroked his head between his ears. It's felt, comforting. The wolf had fully overtaking her then and so he'd licked her face. 

Was it ill advised to do such a thing? Yes, it probably was considering if Daenerys found out she'd hex him into next week for licking her face. If it was any consolation to her, she tasted good. Not tat she'd accept such an answer from him, he highly doubted that she'd even give him a chance to explain he wasn't fully in control. Or maybe he just wouldn't say anything at all. Curse him to chose to be an animagus. 

It was true, that for most, becoming an animagus can be a truly horrifying experience. It takes skill, practise, and patience for wizards and witches to become Animagi. The process of becoming an Animagus is long and arduous, and has the potential to backfire and cause the transformation to go horribly wrong. But he'd followed everything that he'd read in the books he collected in fifth year on the subject. And while it was a long process, and the potential of contorting himself into a human/animal hybrid was frightening, the transformation had gone smoothly. 

He did not lie, it hurt like hell and the lengthy process was probably not worth the hour boredom he'd had one evening after completing all his homework. But he'd done it successfully and now he was an Animagus. However, there is one small problem. If you have learnt the skill, you must register with the Ministry, and he has not. It was illegal for him to be as such. So that was why he did not do it very often. 

"You're doing it again, concentrate!" Robb barked as Jon's clear mind become one of brooding. He was snapped out of the thoughts he had and began to clear his mind once again. They'd come up with this routine year ago to keep there defence skills in top shape, and now, Jon was going to try and do it all non verbals. All his thoughts drained from his head, even pushing aside Daenerys. 

"I'm ready" Jon spoke as it all left him with inner peace and an expanded mind. 

"Okay" Theon agreed. Jon opened his eyes and held his wand in front of him, he ignored them but he could feel more and more crowded arriving to watch as their champion practiced for his tournament tomorrow. There was a buzz in the air but Jon ignored it and focused on his inner tranquility. "Boggarts"

Riddikulus, Jon thought and watched as an orange glow came out of his hand and sizzled in the air. There was no boggart in the room present with them, they only ever did that training when they were in the school ground after hours (which had been naughty of two prefects and the head boy) but they'd found a clearing cut off from the school which had all manners of creatures at night. 

"Acromantula" Robb directed. 

Arania Exumai, he thought once more and a burst of silver light came from his wand and and blasted through the entire room. Two spiders fell from the ceiling and scurried off towards the portrait scared. Jon was happy with this spell, he'd had to use it in second year when the three of them had accidentally wandered too far into the forbidden forest and had come across a huge spiders lair. He shuddered at the mere memory. 

"Dementors" Theon urged. 

Expecto Patronum, Jon's mind was intense for this one. It was a tricky spell to master verbally but trying to do it non-verbally was almost impossible. And with his clear mind, he had to pull something to use as a happy memory to fill him up. His lips on hers, he found himself smiling as the emotion filled up in him and his patronus filled the room with light. The wolf ran around everyone and there was awes of wonder. 


Lumos Duo, Jon's brain was cracking, thinking of his happy memory of Daenerys had made her begin to edge ehr way back into his thoughts. Her eyes haunted his own, violet and lind and hopeful. Her hair was soft and unlike whatever he'd seen before. Jon, focus, he urged himself and with a quick  rewire and clearance of thoughts, he was back to thinking on the Hinkypunks. 

Hinkypunks were difficult creatures, once you were in range of the beasts, you had to hit them with the Lumos Duo spell to keep them dazed and confused. Being creatures of light and spoke (more spirit like than an actual creature) they flung fireballs at you if you wasn't careful. once they were dazed, you'd had to hit them several times with a stunning spell or knockback jinx before they disappeared. Stupefy, he added as an after thought and the spell hit the mirror after a student ducked in time. 

"Blast-Ended Skrewts"

Impedimenta, Jon sighed. He remember that if he came across one of these creations then he was to hit it's underbelly with the spell and it would turn over and could be hit again before being rendered immobile. Whoever's idea it was to cross breed a Manticore and a Fire crab clearly craved death yet they were a thing. They'd learned about them in fourth year and Jon noted adult ones could get up to ten feet long. 


Jon stared at Robb. "Obviously if I was being attacked by an Inferi I'd use a fire-summoning spell. However, one, I am not burning the common room down just because you said Inferi and two, why on earth would there be inferi in the tasks? They're corpses animated by a dark wizard, that's not something ministry officials are going to do to a bunch of seventeen year olds, Robb!"

"There is dark wizard's rising everywhere, Jon. You cannot be too careful, they could be anywhere!" They began arguing over various things then and Jon's defences were completely down. His mind was swarm with Daenerys, like it had been most days and he began to daze off and stare in the distance as Robb's voice sounded out about whatever it was. The common room had dissipated, the show was over so everyone was beginning to go to bed. This meant Jon's brain was shut off and he felt he did not want to do anymore practice. He was as ready as he ever was going to be. 

He found himself wondering if Daenerys was going to be ready. He knows she's been disappearing some days to god knows where, she wondered if she'd been training by herself in some room away from everyone or something. He'd have loved to train with her, but they both realised that when it came to the tournament, they wouldn't help each other as they both wanted to win. 

If Daenerys was going to win, it was going to be through letting everyone else fight while she stuck to the shadows and had plenty of Wiggenweld potion on her. He just couldn't see her taking on any matter of dark creatures and winning. Unless she'd miraculously got better over night or had taken some Felix Felicis, which he knew she would not (it was more likely something he would do, if he knew how to make it). It wasn't him being unfair against her abilities as a witch, she was brilliant. It was just that he knew her own confidence and frustration held her back in really performing spells. Add the pressure of the tournament he could see her just staying hidden. 

 "Tomorrow, is a big day for you Jon" Theon put his arm on his shoulder pulling him out of his brooding trance once more. "You think you're ready for it?"

"No, I'm not ready for it in all honesty" Jon sighed as he walked over to the window and saw Hodor wanting to enter. He lifted it up and let the bird fly in and land on the Owl perch by the fire. Robb had sent letters home asking if they were coming to watch the tournament, given he was on the board of governors. Robb walked over and took the reply back from him. "Am I well equipped to deal with anything I see? Yes. Are my nervous in tethers? Absolutely"

"Still, you got the best chances of anyone. Those two girls from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang look like they could break in a particularly harsh wind" Theon reasoned. Jon, did not share these views. He'd seen Doreah of Durmstrang in a duel with one of the Durmstrang troublemakers and she'd very much defeated him without any real effort. She would be just as dangerous as the rest. And the Beauxbatons girl, Irri she was rivalling Daenerys in charms. They were both dangerous. 

"Father's coming, Mother is undecided" Robb announced. Jon was not surprised. He was about to say as such before Robb decided to use this opportunity to rant. "She seriously needs to get over herself; there isn't a wizarding marriage around in this country left that the parents haven't been involved with other people, I'm sure of it. And Father has apologised a hundred times. Especially the nature of which it all happened"

Jon wasn't listening, he'd decided he was going to stare in the fireplace instead. He wondered if Daenerys had already gone to bed, it likely as it was gone eleven now and prefect rounds had been done for two hours. If she was sensible she'd be trying to get as much sleep as possible, like he should be doing. And he was tired, he could feel it; but there wasn't going to be much use in sleeping yet, his mind was too active he wouldn't fall into slumber quick enough. 

Jon's bag was sat next to him and decided to pull out on of his notepads. While all the prefects had a linked notepad which would let them know who had been given what punishment or sanction hen it was written down in there, Jon and Dany had a private one just to message each other if they couldn't get away from duties to speak. While it was mainly used for letting the other know about a meeting or details of the Yule Ball (yes, Jon's time was being used up planning a dance), there were a few times where Jon had written a 'hope you're having a better day', just so there was some support for her when she was alone. 

He knew she was still struggling with the loss of her mother and the abandonment of her brother and father, he knew all she had was her other brother who she'd never really gotten along with. So he found himself compelled on several occasions to check she was doing alright. And this usually meant spanning her with reminders to eat and drink plenty of water. She was probably getting pissed off but she had not said anything. 

I can't sleep, what about you?

He waited for a few minutes, not thinking she'd see it until the morning time. Robb and Theon's voices sounded out as they said goodbye and headed for the dorm. Jon said he wasn't going to sleep yet, he needed to calm down a bit. Then, it appeared. 

No sleep for me, I'm terrified.

Jon felt worry for her, it was not the first time. He'd felt like he's spent half the school year so far worried about her for one thing or another. Daenerys Targaryen, the girl made of fire and anger had somehow fizzled out and let him in and allowed him to be concerned for her. 

You'll do great, you're an amazing witch. 

He found himself getting sleepy by the fireside, he was alone now, everyone had gone up to the dorms to get ready for the first task tomorrow. Jon was scared too, he knew it. He'd said so aloud, but he knew if he let it control him, he would not win. 

I am far from amazing these days, couldn't even practice a proper impedimenta jinx earlier. Some witch I am. 

Jon felt sorry for her, he knew it wasn't her ability that was holding her back, it was herself. He did not think she was finishing for compliments so he replied in the only way he could. It might be a little sappy or surprising to most, himself included. But it was something that she needed to hear. 

Daenerys, I'm going to say this only once. You are the brightest person in this school. You're so intelligent and your mastery of all subjects is something I wished to accomplish. So what you're struggling with Defence a little, you're not struggling with your other subjects. You're top in them all. So yes, you are some witch, an incredible one at that. When we finish seventh year you could go into any career you wanted, you could be next minister if you wanted. Stop thinking so low of yourself, it's not warranted. 

Jon had hoped she'd read between the lines of his gushing and ask to come and see him in the dorm so they could be alone together. He wanted someone just sit with and share his insecurities about this tournament, and she'd be the only one to understand. But it wasn't going to happen. They were still a little awkward around each other after the kiss and the Honeydukes conversation. 

She did reply however, and it warmed his heart. Although it could be the fireplace. 

You really need to stop being so nice to me or I'm going to have to compliment you back and that is not something I want to do. 

She put a little kiss mark at the end and Jon's face smiled brighter than the flames in front of him. She was being sarcastic, funny. He loved it when she was like that. 

Good to know the old you is still in there somewhere. 

He waited. 

Sod off.

Chapter Text

She was lost, in a confusing maze of mist and moss. Everything she saw was green, the whole spectrum of that colour. Deep and dirty greens that were almost brown and sludgy covered the floor, bright and neon greens were too the sky, and floral green leaves were on the hedges that surrounded her. She was going in circles, she'd past this hedge before... or was it a different hedge? They all seemed the same to her now, no distinguishing features on any of them. As if it was the same bush over and over.

Her feet only took her as far as she dared, something moved in the shadows as she did, a green blur. There was mist and fog surrounding her, she could hardly see the way. A cold chill ran down her spine as if she was suddenly surrounded by a hoard of Dementors. And she had things in her past... things she dare not entice them with. She kept her happy memories with her as she ran around, trying to find and exist to this forever plain.

And then, a glisten in the corner of her eye. Something was reflecting in here; she could not see what it was but she walked towards it. It was enticing her, pulling her closer with something she'd never experience before. Dark energy, Dark magic. The glistening did not stop and it never moved, yet she felt like she was getting no closer. Was this the maze playing a trick on her? She couldn't break from the draw this shine had to her, it was the only thing besides herself and the mist that wasn't green, it was silvery. She reached out with her hand to touch it, she felt something that resembled glass. 

Her other hand with her wand in it reached out to feel the surface and suddenly, she was pulled downwards. Falling, she felt herself falling and spiralling out of control. The greens were replaced by silvers and greys, all hues of a metallic surface, of glass and mirrors and dingy windows. The falling never ceased, she felt like she'd been falling for years, she felt her life flash in front of her, memories flooding her of things she'd never experienced yet. Was it showing her the future? 

Suddenly, she landed. A thud on the ground yet she did not ache. She merely stood up and adjusted to her new surroundings. A hall of mirrors, reflecting infinitely a dozen and more Daenerys everywhere she turned. And they all turned with her, a confusion planted on her face. She was in a loop, with no way of getting out, just like the maze. She screamed but no voice escaped her mouth, she cried but no tears fell down her face, she exhaled but no breath was felt. She was in a stasis of nothing. She was caught, in this hell dimension. She couldn't even wake up, it had to be a dream there was nothing else in the reality she lived in that could conjure such images and feelings. At least, nothing that she knew of. 

Suddenly, a piercing scream filled her ears and left her crippled on the floor. She would've thought it was a banshee, but it was a person. A male voice in pain, cursing the world as it spoke and trashed and yelled. She could not see anyone, she could only hear it. She tried to cover her ears, but the sound was in her mind, not viscerally in front of her. The ear-splitting scream shattered the mirrors around her, ending the loop she was caught in. So, it was real? The noise was real.

"Daenerys Targaryen" An old voice spoke to her. She turned on the spot and saw a man in chains, skin wrinkled and hair grey as the clouds on a rainy day. He was lying on his side, thin as bones, wasting away as the chains tightened. The man howled in pain. "You left me, you did this. You said you'd help me, that you'd get me out of this hell hole. You lied to me, you're a liar, A LIAR!"

She flinched back as he tried to stretch out towards her in an attack. But his body did not cooperate. Daenerys' skin crawled, there was something familiar about the man. She did not know any old men, only her father who she thought she would recognise in him. The man had brown eyes, eyes that had changed but there was something... She gasped. She knew who it was. "J-Jon?"

"YOU LEFT ME! YOU SAID WE WOULD MAKE IT OUT OF THIS AND YOU LEFT ME, EIGHTY YEARS I-I'VE BEEN HERE!" He shouting smothered her. She was crying now, her own moans and whimpers were heard in this hell room. She backed away slowly as the old Jon tried to stand up. She had to look away, she couldn't see this. She attempted to turn back and run but she was caught by an arm. and there he was, young now and no longer in chains. "You left me"

"Jon, let go of me!" She screamed. But he did not, his free hand held her neck, his large hands tightened. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't feel her body. his eyes poured into hers as he sternly gazed into her own eyes. She tried to tell him it wasn't real, thatt she'd only just got here, that it was an illusion. She wanted to tell him she loved him, that she would never leave him. But she could not. His handed tightened and her vision fade as her last thought was of their kiss...




Daenerys woke up with a thin layer of sweat on her body. 

She was confused and surprised. She looked around and saw the Slytherin Common Room and all of her books still by her side. The common room clock, where was it? She panted heavily as she looked around. It was twenty past five. She may as well get up now, there was no point sleeping again, not after... What was that dream she had? Was she subconsciously scared of letting Jon down? And how would she do that? They were not really anything to each other. 

Okay, she knew that was a lie. They meant more to each other than she'd ever thought they could possibly mean, but there was something unsaid every time they spoke, booth scared to be the one to let go of their concerns and throw caution to the wind. Daenerys couldn't, she was so physically scared of the way he made her feel that she was afraid to even contemplate the feelings she had. 

And in the dream, she'd thought about telling him she loved him! Was that how she really felt? It couldn't be, she'd only felt nothing but hatred for the man since she was fourteen and now, everything was a whirl in her mind. Was he kind to her? Always. Did he make her laugh? Yes. Did he make her feel safe? One Hundred Percent. And that was the most terrifying aspect of the whole debacle. She felt safe and happy whenever she was near him. 

And she also felt the overwhelming need to kiss him, something that she thought was just her being vulnerable and confused from every other aspect that was going on in her life, this tournament included. What's the point in thinking your dreams over, Daenerys. They never make any sense! Of course, she'd been having nightmares since she was fourteen, but they'd always been about Viserys, never Jon. It was why this one was so jarring to her. 

Getting up to have a shower, she felt the need to clean herself free of the dream she'd had, not wanting to go any deeper into it just in case she freaked herself out again. When she'd gotten into it, the water was hot and steaming, misty even. Early morning showers were the best, the plumber had sensory heating charms on them and so first thing in the morning ti was the strongest, nice and hot like she always liked it. Others never had showers first thing, they said the water was almost scalding to them but never to daenerys. 

When she left the shower she felt cleaner than she'd ever been and readied herself for the first task. Late last night she'd received the clothing she was going to be wearing in the tournament and she was thankful it was something sensible. She'd got thermals to wear under the clothes with a heating charm in them too as it was bitterly cold outside. She's got a long sleeve dark green top with a silver snake on in the corner just above her left breast area. She had black combat trousers with a green and silver stripe down the side tucked into combat boots. She felt toasty, the charm working it's magic. There was also a hoodie with her name on the back. 

She pinned her hair into a french plait as so it did not whip her in the face while she was running around doing god knows what in this damn tournament. she grabbed her wand and shoved a couple of vials of Wiggenweld potion in her bra so if things got a little rough in the task she'd have some health back up. She was just getting ready to go downstairs when Tyene Sand woke up. 

"Morning, Daenerys" She grumbled, rubbing her eye as she sat up in bed. As she looked around the room she took in Daenerys' appearance and her eyes flung wide open. Her mouth opened and a million words fell out in the space of three seconds. "Oh shit, it's the first task today! how are you feeling? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Of course you're nervous there's a chance you could be eaten by a manticore or something!"

Daenerys did not find any comfort in the questions she asked, or by the fact that being eaten by a manticore was an acceptable way to go out. So, she told her as such. "I'm feeling that if someone else suggests to me a way I might die in this tournament I'm going to hex them to Diagon Alley and back!"

"There's the Daenerys we like" Nymeria grumbled as she too sat up in bed. 

"Sod off" Daenerys grumbled as she sat herself on the edge of her bed and contemplated the challenge ahead of her. Remember what Jon said last night, think it and feel it, Daenerys. Stop thinking so low of yourself, it's not warranted. That's what's he'd said. Gushed was more appropriate maybe, but she couldn't believe what he'd written. It wa heartwarming. So now, sat on her bed she tried to remember this. 

She was good at Care of Magical Creatures, she always bonded with whatever animal she was studying. She was good at potions, she'd gotten her Wiggenweld with her. She was good at charms, her Aguamenti was one of the best Professor Flitwick had ever seen. She could do things! It was just... the doubt in her mind over the defence aspect, she just wasn't... No, stop it. You can do it!

With a new found confidence she left the dorm and made her way back down to the common room. It was rowdy with people already, there was a buzz in the air. As she entered there was a small muttering and sme loud claps as she came down the stairs. Daenerys face was shocked. None of these people had ever spoken to her, had they? She was sure none of them knew she existed. "Good luck, Daenerys!"

"Err, thanks?" She said unsure. 

"Glory for Slytherin!" Some other mad person shouted getting a few other claps to join it. 

"Speech!" Someone demanded. Daenerys eyes went wide. "C'mon head girl, give us a speech!"

"Okay..." She said her eyes being blank. "But I haven't even done anything yet!" She laughed awkwardly. "Okay, err. I guess I wanna say thanks for the support this morning, it means, a lot actually. I know for many people here I'm the butt of all their jokes and I'm an easy target. But I still wanna thank you all. This tournament is a chance for me to make my name mean something. I'm sure you've all read the prophet the last few days. I'm sure you know my mother died. I want to make her proud. And if this means I put Slytherin on the map too, giving us a chance to be the heroes when so much of our house's history is torture and cruelty, then that's great as well!" 


"You're going to win!"

"Go get them, Daenerys!" Daenerys had never felt this elation from her fellow Slytherin's. She supposed since everything has come out about her mother's death and her father's abandonment all the other students had decided to cut her some slack. She made her way out of the common room, nothing could put a downer on this sudden surprise of adoration from Slytherin house. 

Not even Joffrey baratheon who was lurking around. She just shoved him out of the way and went to breakfast with a newfound positivity. 

Bring it on, first task. 

Chapter Text

The Champion's tent was just a bag of nerves, a bucket containing the contents of someone's stomach. It wasn't Jon's thank goodness. He was pacing around instead as if he'd got a stick up his arse while Daenerys was sat staring at the canvas wall of the tent. Jon noticed the Durmstrang girl was mumbling to herself while the Durmstrang champion was fidgeting around with something in his hand. Jon thought he was going to be sick, they didn't even know what was happening! No one had told them what the objective of the task was. Was it as simple as survive? 

He found himself wondering what Daenerys would be thinking yet he dare not look at her much. If anything like last night was to go by, she would've been concerned at how much she felt like she was going to fail. Yet as he looked at her, she seemed different. He could not tell. He'd only briefly spoken to her, not about the tournament. Cheekily he'd asked her if they both survived the first task could he have another kiss from her? She replied saying if they both survived the tournament she would kick his ass for even suggesting such a thing. He had to laugh at that. 

Jon knew that he was a foodie, but he'd decided if he made it out of this task and the tournament as a whole, he was going to have to award himself with the biggest stack of pancakes you'd ever seen. So much syrup and bananas and bacon and ice cream would go on them pancakes that he wasn't sure if he'd finish everything he was thinking off. It was a little shameful that the idea of pancakes is what's getting him through this.

Jon was wondering when this thing was actually going to start by the time they got into the third hour of waiting. Fucking morons making us wait, dramatic stakes are a bitch. It was nearing midday. They soon found out, however, when all three Headmasters entered the beige tent with Mance Rayder, who was in charge of the tournament. 

"Champions, please gather" He said in a manner which meant he was not a patient man and wanted to get this all over with. Jon shared his sentiments. "Miss. Dothrak, Mr. Greyworm, Miss. Targaryen, Mr. Snow, Miss. Qaath and Mr. Naharis. You have each been chosen by the goblet to compete in this task and it is now my duty to inform you of what is about to happen. Each of you will be placed at different entry points to the task, your objective is to make it to the roof and collect one of the six relics on top. Your relic is a clue to the next task"

"How will we know this Relic when we see it?" Daario asked, flexing a little as if to try and intimidate all the other champions, his tactic wasn't about to work on Jon. Jon managed to sideways glance at Daenerys whose face was stoic and icy. She was all ears and it seemed had a new sense of intent. 

"All six relics will be together on the same table, you are only to pick one of the relics up for yourself. The only way to get to the roof is by going through the houses many rooms and climbing up to the top. When you reach the top and you collect the relic, you use your flare and you will be collected from the top via apparition. You will be mark on your performance from one - six depending on the order you come in. If you come first, you get all six points, if you come last you'll get one point"

Jon thought that was a little bit pathetic, why change the scoring system from the previous tournaments? And also, why would he not just summon a broom and fly to the top of the roof if he had to collect something off of it? He rolled his eyes but it earned him a glare from Professor Lannister so he just gave in and listened. 

"And don't even try summoning a broom to fly up to the top of the house, you won't get in. It's charmed to prevent that. Like I said, the only way on the roof is through the house" Mance Raydar warned. How did he assume that was what Jon was thinking? "We will now take you to your designated areas, you have five minutes until the cannons go off. Mr. Snow, you will go with Professor Lannister, he'll show you your entry point. Be quick about it too!"

Jon turned to glance at Daenerys one last time and she mouth a small 'Good luck' to him. He nodded in reply before all of the students were divided up and suddenly everything felt real to Jon. His stomach flipped and turned as if it had been poisoned and need a bezoar to save him. His brow started sweating and his hands were shaking. His wand was tightly gripped in his hand. He would be doing this any moment, that canon was going to go off any second. The sound from the crowd was immense. They were in various stands around the task area and they all hid binoculars to see up close what was happening. 

Jon was taken to a spot where there was an entrance to the maze. The hedges grew ten feet here and they seemed full of mist and of darkness. it was unnerving. They shook in the wind and he felt a chill go down his spine. The announcer spoke through the speakers. "All our champions are in place, we have a minute until the canon goes- yes, Professor Mormont I'll move, one second-" There was a scratching sound. "-As I was saying the champions are in place and we're ready to go. So to all, Welcome, to the First task of the Triwizard Tournament!"

Jon felt his stomach wretch, his mind was intent on running as fast as he could through the maze and into the house and as quickly as possibly up to the roof. Even though he knew this was a foolish idea, he still felt it was his best option than to be cautious and just wait for something to attack him. He also had the option of transforming into Ghost once he was in the house to try and sneak through unnoticed. 


The Canon, it caught Jon off balance but he headed straight into the maze without looking behind him. The wall of sound was shut off for the most part as it closed off behind him. Okay, this is actually happening, this is really about to happen. To Jon, it had all been this thing in his life that he was not anticipating coming up on him so quickly, and now here he was in the maze, seeing the House before him but not being able to reach it without navigating the garden maze before hand. 

"Lumos" Jon's wand erupted with light as he stumbled forward. The hedges were definitely enchanted, he thought perhaps they had grown this large before being planted here but they definitely were enchanted to be so tall and imposing. He came to a halt in the path and looked at the two options in front of him. Left, or right. Jon knew he needed to go straight ahead, but he had to make this decision.

Hmm, Right. 

He began to walk to the right. It was a few more minutes , his feet picking up into a jog before he came across anything. He halted as before him was a large, ungainly beast. It had a hard shell, it was breathing fire and had a scorpion tail. Jon knew what this was straight away. A blast ended skrewt. Jon's wand whipped in front of him in a fluid motion. His impedimenta Jinx knocked the Skrewt over quickly before he could do another shot of the spell and render the beast useless. Sighing deeply, he past it and walked on. There was turns and circles, rights and lefts, entries and exits. But nothing seemed to be leading to anywhere. 

That was until he came across something he'd only read about and seen once in Defence classes. A Sphinx. It's body was that of a lion, it's claws sharp and long, it's paws large and menacing. Yet it's body was that of a woman, who's dark skin sung in the daylight from above. Even though it was day, the Maze seemed so dark. The mist did not help. It was almost as if Dementors were around. 

Jon readied his wand once again and walked up to the Sphinx. She paced between the left and right exit she was guarding. The only Sphinx Jon had seen had been a fiery redheaded one which attacked the Professor of Care of Magical creature all the time. The Sphinx spoke to him, it's voice almost snake like as it's tongue slithered on her chosen words. "You seek entry, a way through to the house"

"I do" Jon said plainly, his wand still in front of him readily. 

"Then you must answer my riddle" Oh great, one of these things. Daenerys would be able to do these in a heartbeat, he thought. "Fail to answer on your first try and you will be free to turn around and find another path, answer incorrectly I will attack. Answer correctly and you will be given entry"

Jon thought on it, at least if he did not know the answer he could always find another route through to the House. He was definitely much closer to it than he was before, and getting a correct answer for the Sphinx would put him pretty much on the houses doorstep. He decided he needed to at least give the riddle one go, if he wanted to win this tournament then he'd have to do this. "Ok- I'll take a riddle"

"A chill, a creep, a mist in the green.

A dark creature's love of the unseen

Be careful what your pasts procure

For this creatures attack, there is no cure"

Jon thought about this in his head for awhile. He thought he had an idea of what it was but he wanted to rethink over each clue and make sure it fit. A creatures who's attack on a person had no known cure, it also had a love on the unseen things... like what was inside a person's mind? That would make sense, Jon decided, if you had to be careful of your pasts around this dark creature. And the chill and mist added to this. It was what he'd thought about earlier. 

"A Dementor" He stated. The sphinx eyes looked upset, she obviously wanted to attack Jon but she stood to the side in defeat and sulked in wait for the next person to come along. Jon cautiously walked past, making sure it did not attack him before muttering a thanks and legging it through to the what he felt was the last area before the house. he came across more exits and entries and could visibly see he was getting closer to the house now, only thirty metres or-

He stopped dead in his tracks. Ahead of him on the floor, out cold was a silvery blonde girl and her wand a few feet from her. Daenerys. No, no, no, Jon thought aggressively. He ran towards her but stopped in his tracks again a few feet from her. She was bleeding, heavily. Blood everywhere. Her tongue was hanging out of her head and her eyes were rolled back. She was... dead. 

No, no, no, no. 

Not you, not my sweet Daenerys. My, incredible and brave and kind and funny, Daenerys Targaryen. 

Jon fell to his knees and sobbed on the floor. He couldn't even find himself to crawl closer, he was so consumed with grief and pain that he couldn't even physically look at the body. She'd gone through so much and to lose her family too. And now, this girl that he was mad for, hopelessly in love with even if he wouldn't admit it to anyone, she was gone. Just like that, taken from hi- Jon froze... there was something not right. 

He caught a reflection off of Daenerys eyes, they were a greenish colour... This is not her, it's a boggart. He did not what he was more concerned about, that his defence skills were so lacking that he did not recognise a boggart straight away or that the form his boggart was now taking was the fear of Daenerys' death. He'd not encountered one in ages and the last time he had it had taken the form of rejection. 

Wiping the tears from his eyes, he whipped his wand out once more and shook with rage at the dead Dany boggart on the floor. he practically screamed 'Riddikulus' and the orange light hit the body and the Boggart disappeared in a puff of smoke. Jon's hands were on his knees as the pathway was clear. He thought he was going to throw up. And he did, all over the middle of the pathway. 

Merlin's beard, he said to himself, got to keep going.

He pushed on further and came to a small clearing before an entrance on the house. It was being guarded by a hinkypunk who was dancing around as the silvery glow of his being cast shadows on the ground. He knew how to deal with these little buggers. Jon cast Lumos at the hinkypunk and watched as it was momentarily blinded. With a quick cast of stupefy, the hinky punk was gone and he was free to enter the house. 

This was where the real shit began. 

Chapter Text


The cannon set off and Daenerys had never felt so uneasy in her life. She could already see the green path ahead of her twister to the right, even in the mist. It was just like Daenerys dream state she'd been in overnight; had she seen this all play out in front of her? How had she known that this task would feel like this? Steadily yet cautiously she held her wand in front of her and walked with purpose into the maze. The hedges closed behind her and seen the sounds of the crowd were lost and all she could see was dark greens and silver mists. 

She followed the path as it twisted to the right and then left again before coming up to several options. There was an option to go straight ahead and continue on the path she was on, there was an option to go right and one to go left. Hmmm, decisions, she said to herself. Even though going straight ahead would take her closer to the house, she felt like that would almost certainly lead to a dead end, it would be two easy. 

So she decide to take the left. She travelled the course, managing to avoid some Venomous Tentacula leaves on route but found herself doubling back and therefore she came back to the very same options. That's odd, she noted. So, this time she took the right side, it was a mirror image of the left route, only this side had a firecrab which she was able to get by with a simple cooling charm. yet, again though, she came back to the three options. She kept going through the options but none of them prevailed; it was as if her nightmare was real all of a sudden.

She was indeed lost, in this confusing maze of mist and moss. Everything she saw was green, the whole spectrum of that colour. Deep and dirty greens that were almost brown and sludgy covered the floor, bright and neon greens were too the sky, and floral green leaves were on the hedges that surrounded her. She was going in circles, she'd past this hedge before... or was it a different hedge? They all seemed the same to her now, no distinguishing features on any of them. As if it was the same bush over and over. She was losing the will to live, unsure of how she could get out. 

Then, like a saviour, another passage opened for her on the left bend. She thanked Merlin for an exit out of the confusing loop, however, when she took it, after a few feet she was confronted with her first big challenge. He was tall like he'd always been, his violet eyes had a dinge to them as they darkened in lust for Daenerys. His hair was pulled back into the stupid bun he'd always worn and he had a smirk plastered on his face which left Daenerys feeling easy. It was a boggart, she knew it was. But still she could not help this horrendous feeling of dread as the fake Viserys began to walk towards her. 

Daenerys stood defiant however and let her mind clear as she pointed her wand at the boggart. I spoke to her, said horrendous things as she tried to focus on getting the best out of her Riddikulus spell. She pushed everything out of her head, cleared it and focused on the task she needed to complete. Letting peace flow across her skin, she found herself casting the best spell she'd done yet. "Riddikulus!"

The boggart stalled before puffing into thin air. Daenerys had to stand still for a moment as the realisation set in. She'd actually done it, she'd managed to repel a boggart. Her mother would be proud of her, she was the one who'd helped her with her boggart training early third year. She'd sent letters telling her how she deals with them and how to not let them fool you. Then, the incident had occurred and Daenerys boggart changed from a disappointing father to a menacing brother. 

Not wanting to dwell on the past and being solely focused on getting the hell out of this maze and into the house to begin her long descent to the top, she thought she heard a scream not far from her. It sounded female and was probably one of the other contestants. Daenerys did not think she would scream, even if the most terrifying thing turned out to be her she did not think she'd be able to, her voice was coarse and throaty. It was a surprise she could even speak her spells. 

Her feet began to take her forward and with her wand lit in front of her she picked up her speed once again. There were more spirals ahead, her beating heart increased every time she took a wrong turn. She was surprised by how little obstacles she'd had to face so far, she thought it would be a constant running pace and that her lungs would burn up in her chest but so far it wasn't bad at all. Yes, she was still concerned that it was eerily similar to her dream the night before btu she could not worry about that now. 

When she thought she was almost on the house, the only option was to take her back away from the house. She slowly made her way through, her eyes constantly shifting around for the next exit to turn her back onto the house. This, was when she came across a blast-ended skrewt and inwardly cursed whoever had come up with the idea of making one of these creatures. Her wand flourished as she hit it with the Impedimenta Jinx several times until it was unable to move and she could pass by freely. 

Exits and Entries taunted her her as she flowed in and out of pathways, heading back on herself towards the house in the hope of finding it's entrance sooner rather than later. She suddenly found herself on the house when her entrance was blocked by a Sphinx. Daenerys was good at riddles, and she wondered what one the half-Lion, half-Man had in store for her. She stood opposite and watched the Sphinx pace as he took her in. 

"Only one way to passsssss" The Sphinx spoke. Daenerys nodded in agreeance, bring it on. "Answer my riddle, "Fail to answer on your first try and you will be free to turn around and find another path, answer incorrectly I will attack. Answer correctly and you will be given entry"

"Good, give us your riddle" Daenerys demanded almost. The Sphinx eyed her with intrigue before she nodded and her voice sounded out. 

"The hues of an regret and anger, 

they burrow underground,

something you put on your head

a limb on the ground"

Daenerys found this to be tricky. Okay so this creature was something that burrow underground. This could be a number of things, gnomes and moles just for one guess. Then there was hues of regret and anger. If she's a saying hues it means he does not want to say the word colour allowed for thinking it was too big of a clue. Daenerys' brain worked overtime on this one. A limb on the ground? Of course! It all suddenly clicked with Daenerys. 

The colours of regret were grey and the ones of anger was red. So this was a creature that was grey and red and burrowed underground. Something that was to be put on your head would be a hat of some kind, in this instant, a cap. A limb on the ground would be the legs or arm to most, but it's a little different. He was talking about kneecap, she was sure of it. "Redcaps!"

The Sphinx eyed her again, a smile present on his face as he stepped aside to let Daenerys through to the entrance of the house. She said thank you and quickly jolted past the Sphinx to enter the clearing ahead of the house. So far, daenerys was feeling good. Her chances were good, she felt good and with each passing riddle or creature she had to face, she was gaining confidence. 

The house looked even older and more rickety as she stood up to it, in detail it was far more ancient looking than when she'd seen it from afar. it's wood was painted purple to give it a spooky vibe and there were black trims on the house. The porch Daenerys stepped on creaked loudly, she was almost certain her foot would go through it at any moment, but it did not. So she stepped further into the house, no light coming from it, just her wand illuminated as she entered the first room. 

Daenerys could not see a single thing, it was complete pitch black. Lumos had died on her wand and no matter how many times she tried to cast it, it was not working in this place. She cursed before she froze in her place. She could hear things, sounds which seemed distant yet rang in her ears. She turned to face the sound but the only thing that she could feel or experience was water. There was water all over the floor, her every move sending ripples as she walked around.  

And then, vision came to her better, there was a small glow to the place she was in. It was a visceral experience, lots of tension in her fingertips as she tried to find some form of exit. But there was none, it was just a vast and dark space, the water reflected her ownly as a dim glow was there. Daenerys was so unsure of how to proceed it was a few minutes before she said anything. "H-hello?"

She knew it was useless to try and speak, who was there to listen. There was someone however. Daenerys froze as she heard the voice. There was no one around to see, but yet she still heard them. She could hear the people speaking clearly, it was a foreign accent, russian maybe... No, bulgarian. Then, she saw them. It was the two durmstrang students. They were wandering around, but they never saw Daenerys. 

What was this mind trick?

She walked towards them, seeing that they had found each other and were currently casting stupefy on something. The boy, Daario, was that his name? She kept forgetting, it wasn't important to her that she got to know all these other champions. She knew Jon well enough for all of them. Not as well as you'd like to know him, her inner thoughts teased. Daenerys sent a mental note to that part of her brain to shut up but it didn't listen. So she had to ignore it as she glanced at the two fellow champions. 

How did they not see her? Were they not in this room or a similar room? No, they wasn't. Their clothes flayed around in the wind, their hoodies trying to stay on their bodies... they were still in the maze. This was confirmed to her when on of them spoke, the boy did. "We need to get out of this maze, we're no closer to the house than we was five minutes ago!"

"We would've been had we not got the wrong answer on the riddle. Not my fault you're dumber than dishwater!" The girl cackled in retort to Daario. What was her name again? Doreah, that was it. The boy just lifted a middle finger up at her. "Sod off, it was rather fun to watch you wrestle a sphinx however, shame you had to kill it"

Daenerys was horrified. They killed a Sphinx? That was against the rules of the tournament surely? You always just disarm or render immobile. The boggart disappear and go find another target when it came to the riddikulus charm, firecrabs can move again a few minutes after the cooling charm. You never kill these creatures! She needed to get out of this, viewing dimension or whatever it was she was in. But she did not know how she was supposed to do that. 

And then, something rather incredible occured. 

It moved like a silver whisper, it's fur fluffy and it's eyes red. It was the wolf she'd seen the night before, except it as a considerably more muddy wolf than she'd seen before. It was the same one, she knew it so. She followed it, like she had done a few nights back, this hell dimension seemed like it would not end but perhaps if she followed the wold, it would lead her out of this place. 

It was fast, running as if it was a contest- Daenerys halted. You idiot, you absolute idiot, she smacked herself on the head, hard as if she was trying to recalibrate her brain. It is a contestant, whoever this is... they were an animagus! A stupid one at that, no one in the contest were registered. Perhaps that was why... they wanted to get an edge ahead of the field. Also, animagus laws are there to protect young wizards from trying the transformation. It's an easier time if you're and adult, your bones are more durable and you've got more stamina. 

Following the contestant, she found the room disappearing slightly, the water dried up and more light came back to the room. The wolf halted and so, as images were coming back to her she hid behind something and peered out as she looked at it. It was changing back. Daenerys could see all her surroundings again, shabby wood and creaking noises. She was in a hallway at the bottom of some stairs. 

It looked agonising, and weirdly, she could see the clothes coming back too. How do clothes change into the wolf aswell? That was a strange thing... And then, she saw reds and golds, brown curling hair, skin smooth and eyes disorientated. Daenerys mouth dropped. She knew this person like the back of her hand, she'd never known anyone better. And now, she was realising how little she still knew him. 

Jon, it was Jon. 

Oh god, he licked my face... why, Jon? Now I've got dog germs and goodness knows what else...

He could've tried to hump your leg...


"What the fuck" She stated, her eyes wide as Jon turned in a panic and pointed his wand at her in a flash. Daenerys held hers up too. His eyes soften before he realised what she'd seen. he looked scared, as if she was about to hex him for it. She would not do that, but boy was she going to say something. 


Chapter Text

Jon's eyes widened as he took in her appearance. She looked dishevelled, like she'd fought a lot to get to where she was in this house already, her own eyes reflected his. They held panic and confusion as they stared back at him. She'd seen him transform, she'd realised his deepest secret, something only two people before her knew. And they only knew because they'd protested him trying the transformation in the first place!!

He soon realised he was a dead man walking as the fiery eyes of Daenerys Targaryen stared back at his. Any minute now he expected her to hex him to Diagon Alley and back, he braced himself for the attack, his hand firmly on his wand. He could see confusion wash over her face, as if she was telling herself to not feel the anger she usually did. It never came. All he saw, was a deep breathe before he softly spoke to her.

"Daenerys?" He said in a small utter. She blinked, her body swaying as she held onto the door frame. Her feet would not be so easily moved, she was still processing what she'd seen. She's gonna mention the face-licking, it wasn't his fault he could not control it! His thoughts ran wild as she took her time to say anything to him. When she did, it was not so bad.

"How long?" She asked, her feet beginning to move towards him. He would've thought she was going to attack him but her wand was loosely gripped in her hand and her arm was down by her side. He breathed a sigh of relief. Jon's mind worked over time. Having not just seen her dead on the floor as a boggart, he was finding it really difficult to concentrate. That had shaken him the most, thinking he'd see his father in the maze turning from him, thinking that he'd envision his fear of rejection. And then, seeing her, it was so surreal. 

"Since fifth year" He answered meekly, his face blushing and turning from hers. He did not know if she'd be impressed by this sudden thing she'd be confronted with, but he thought before he turned from her he saw a glance of disbelief. Daenerys always beat Jon in transfiguration tests, but Jon was almost always more intrigued by the stuff they wasn't supposed to be learning. 

"Fifth year? FIFTH YEAR!" She exclaimed. Jon decided to continue on through the house all the while she was rambling at him. It would be the safest way to assure she wasn't going to hex him. "And you didn't think in all that time to register yourself with the ministry? So not only what you just did was illegal, but it was also extremely stupid! What If I'd been someone from another school and I'd seen you transform, huh? What would've happened then?"

"Daenerys, now is not the time for a wizarding inquisition - I'd like to make it too the roof before anyone else!" He announced. She followed him close by, and Jon accepted they'd be finishing the task together. She sighed in defeat, for now that was. She stuck right behind him, her wand raised. Every creak and sound making them jump, Daenerys in particular would flinch towards him. Jon could not help but smirk."And besides, I've done it like three times only, five possibly"

"That makes you even stupider, face licker" She announced as they came to a door. Jon rolled his eyes as if unfazed by her comment but was secretly regretting doing as such. They finished their conversation and turned back to the door. It was a door that was very out of place in this house. The door was grand, at least ten feet tall and looked to be made of marble. There was gold leafing about the door and writing ran across the top. Eraweb esoht ohw retne, rof ylno eht gnorts nac hcamots eseht snialp. Jon felt his eyes do a double take. 

"What the heck does that mean?" Jon asked, he was looking at the symbols on either side, runes that he knew Daenerys would be able to crack. She was looking intently at the door and pointing her finger upwards as if she was working the strange wording out. He recognised the rune for death, it was something he'd been seeing a lot since he arrived at school. It was lucky he did not believe in omens. 

"It's a warning" She stated. Jon could've figured as much, the death rune kind of gave that away. She continued. to analyse the markings and runes before she realised what it all said. "The words, they're backwards. 'Beware those who enter, for only the strong can stomach these plains', that's what it says. So basically there is some gnarly shit in there" Jon blinked heavily. When did Daenerys so effortlessly swear like that? Daenerys rolled her eyes at his obviously shocked face. "I've swore plenty before, Jon. It's not that big of a deal"

Jon did not argue, he was more concerned with whatever 'gnarly shit' they might find inside. They had no choice but to go in. There was no other options and they needed to make the roof first. There mind was made up, when they thought they heard voices coming from the floor they'd found each other in. They shared a glance, panic on her eyes as Jon nudged it open and they quietly stepped inside. 

The smell hit them. It was something rotten, not human corpses but perhaps animals. It was dark and dingy, a bit like the dungeons in the school, but it had even less light and a lot more water across the place. There was a long walkway, statues either side of snakes. No, Lions. Both, there were greying and broken statues of snakes and lions on either side of the walkway. As they shuffled forward a few feet, the large marble door behind them shrunk before disappearing, leaving a black nothingness behind them, and their only option forward. 

"I got a bad feeling about this" Jon mumbled as they walked side by side down this walkway. Daenerys was visibly shaking, he wondered what was the particular cause. There was many things to be concerned with in this place. The smell was making Jon want to put his head in a bucket, rotten corpse was definitely the first thing that came to mind. But there was other stuff to make you have the willies about this place. 

"Is... Is that... a werewolf corpse?" Daenerys uttered in a shocked voice. Ahead of them, as the narrow walkway opened into a larger area there was a body, very similar to a werewolf laying there, it's guts ripped out and it's head a long way away from it's body. Daenerys had to look away. Jon knew she was a huge lover of all animals and creatures and knowing that was another person made her weep. "Jon, that's horrific"

"Remember it's not real, this isn't a real place" He reminded her, subconsciously holding her hand as they walked towards the corpse. Something was going to happen, there was something in this room that was going to be a challenge to get past and as they both raised their wands, eyes looking all around, they anticipated this. The body was definitely the smell, Jon had read somewhere in his large collection of defence books that when a werewolf dies the smell is enough to make some people pass out. And looking at the corpse, it was easy to understand why. 

"Fresh" Daenerys stated, uttering that this wolf was a recent kill, in this plain anyways. They got a little closer, their wands pointing to the corpse, Lumos on both their wands for closer inspection. "He looks like he was killed by a fellow werewolf. The claw marks here, and here-" She pointed to the wolf's stomach area. "-the shape and the pattern of the markings here are obvious indicators. Also looked like it was killed so violently that it didn't get a chance to change back to human form when it die-"

"-DAENERYS LOOK OUT!" Jon screamed as another werewolf, much larger than this one on the floor appeared out of nowhere and went for Daenerys. It's hair was matted with blood in certain spots and it's eyes were a yellow so vibrant that it almost cut right through you. It's claws were the size of knives and it was at least ten feet in height when it was stood up. Daenerys managed to dive out of the way and scramble off of the floor quickly. Jon threw a slicing charm at the werewolf to injure it as best as possible but it agitated it more. Jon looked around the room as he and Daenerys threw shields up to try and stop the beast's attacks. They were both stuck on opposite sides of the room. 

"Shit, shit, shit!" Daenerys yelled as she was cornered by the wolf in a small area of the opening with nothing but rocks and water around her. Jon had to think quickly, so he levitated a large rock and crushed it onto the wolf's head. It let out an ear splitting carry, obviously injured but still angry. It looked battle worn, as if it had a hundred scars and a hundred fresh new ones. It was then that Daenerys pointed across the clearing from where she was stuck. 

There was a small hatch that had appeared at the top of a mountain of rocks. You'd need body strength to lift yourself up there and Jon was happy that there was a way out of this wolf den. The wolf still cornering Daenerys, but her doing well enough to keep it busy, Jon legged it over to the rocks to get the hatch open. He'd get to the distracting the wolf bit in a second. 

He climbed, flinging the odd curse behind him whenever Daenerys' screams got too much for his liking. when he finally heaved himself up the last rock he began to budge the hatch open. It was stuck, rusting hinges and broken wood. It was hard to get it to budge. It took eleven pushes in total before it flung wide open and sunlight poured into the room. Looking down, he saw the wolf circling trying to get to Daenerys through her shield. He needed to help her. 

He climbed back down and sent a fire curse at the wolf. It screamed and turned to Jon on his rock pile. Jon felt his breath quicken in panic as it's large yellow eyes pierced his own. Jon flung up his own shield and then started wracking his brain on how to defeat a werewolf. He saw Daenerys drink something from a small vial she took from out of her shirt. It looked like wiggenweld. She needed more strength. 

He remembered reading something about a charm that could briefly turn a werewolf back to it's human form. It was complicated and there had been a whole paragraph on it's complexity. Think Jon, think, he told himself. He remembered something about the... homorphus charm? That was it he just couldn't remember the incantation. Remember what it said, Jon. His racked his brains. To bring him home, to bring him back, a mutation must occur for the wolf to crack, that's it!

"Homin Mutantio!" Jon shouted as he brought his shield down, full of emotion and anger and pointed his wand at the wolf. He'd never down the spell before, a greenish light shot out of the wand as Daenerys made it onto the rocks to join him. He through his shield back up again and guarded as Daenerys got to the hatch above him. There on the floor, laid a human male, weak but getting ready to turn back. 

Jon took the opportunity to climb the rocks in the small time they had and reached the hatch where Daenerys was stood. She was small and needed a boost up to it so he held his hands together and she stood on it before he launched her up and she grabbed onto the ledge and pulled herself up with more ease tan Jon would've expected. She was physically quite strong now. 

Jon leapt up as she was full through the hatch and lifted himself up. There was a large howl very close to him and he looked down to see the wolf right beside him. The wolf clawed at Jon's leg causing him to fall through the hatch again. Daenerys screamed from above. Gods Daenerys, please don't leave me here, do something, he begged. Even if he did not say it outloud. He managed to get the wolf off of him with a kick to the face. But he still came back, hoping to make Jon his next victim.

He could not help but think about the day this tournament was announced and Daenerys had spoken of Mesia Jones in the tournament all those centuries ago. Mesia Jones in 1643 was ripped apart by werewolves! Jon did not want to go out like this. And thankfully, just when he thought he was, a blast of fire flew past him and began to bun the wolf. jon scrambled to his feet, legs aching from the claw marks but thankfully no bites and within seconds he'd heaved himself back up to the hatch and was through it before the wolf could recover. They shut the hatch and then watched as it disappeared. 

"Holy shit" Was all Daenerys could say. "I thought you was a goner just then!" 

"I thought you might leave me" Jon said honestly. "I thought you might take all the glory for yourself!"

"Not a chance" She smiled as they realised they were on the roof of the haunted house. The sun was hot up here and they could see all the students in the stands. Jon thought he could still see someone in the maze. He definitely saw where he's started and the path he'd taken. They glanced around and saw the table then. Jon hobbled while Daenerys pelted it. When he got to it, he smiled brightly. All six pieces were still here. They'd done it, they were first. "Let's get out of this task"

"Merlin, yes please. I think this leg needs banaging" They both picked up the carved yet brittle black relics and fired red sparks to signify they were finished with the task. "Hogwart win the first task, not bad, eh?"

"Not bad" She smiled as two officials apparated onto the roof and apparated them both off. A little disorientated they landed by the judges table where Professor Lannister had a small smirk on his mouth. He uttered a small 'well done' before they awaited there scores. The Hogwarts stand was going crazy. No doubt there'd be a party in the Gryffindor tower tonight. He may even invite the other houses. He felt compelled to hug Daenerys whose hands were on her knees and she was breathing heavily. 

"You okay?" He asked as their scores came through, both awarded six points to be joint first. She took a gulp of air and smiled adorably back at him. 

"Never better"

Jon thought he might melt on the spot. Damn her

Chapter Text

Daenerys was enjoying herself, which was something she'd never thought she'd say about the parties she'd heard about in Gryffindor dorm. but this seemed a little more, controlled than others, perhaps because other houses had been invited including Daenerys herself and instead of shunning her people kept congratulating her. Obvious, this was Gryffindor tower so Jon was going to be the more popular one but as Daenerys sipped on a Butter Beer with Missandei, retelling some hufflepuff students about what she faced in the trial, she could say she was content. 

She kept watching Jon, who seemed to be more and more zazzed everytime she sees him. He was currently having a dance off with his sister, Arya and he was getting his ass kicked. Theon kept shouting out different styles of dance and while Jon knew none of them Arya was doing the perfect Irish Jig. Jon decided to stop and went to get another glass of firewhisky. "So, Daenerys, what's the deal with you and Head boy over there?"

Daenerys blinked as if she could not believe this question was being asked of her. Like she was going to tell these two random hufflepuffs who she did not know! And even if she was going to what would she say? She'd hated him, tolerated him, he'd saved her life, they began to get along, he comforted her over her mother and she ended up awkwardly kissing him which they've not really spoken of since then. They they apologised and began to just enjoy each other's company even though they both know they want something different out of it.

However, Daenerys was not ready for that. While they'd shared something between them and they definitely had a lot more in common than they thought, she just could not bring herself to commit to making an effort with him. Her dreams were starting to be a problem now and she did not need angst and intensity over boys to be another problem to her daily dramas. "Nothing, he's just good at what he does"

"I bet" One of them, the coloured girl giggled. Daenerys rolled her eyes and protested that she meant his head duties and tried to hold back the inevitable flush of the cheeks she felt from other people talking about Jon that way. If they got into any details she might be compelled to report them for inappropriate talk of a senior member of the school. "You know he dated Ygritte from Hufflepuff once?"

"The redhead?" Missandei blinked. Daenerys had heard about her, Zazzi Beats from Ravenclaw had caught them making out in a broom cupboard in fifth year when she was Head Girl. Daenerys had not interacted with Jon yet that year for fear of turning him into a tea cosy. She didn't want to hear anymore of this conversation but she also did not want to seem rude and just leave, so she blocked them out and stared at Jon instead. 

He was wearing a shirt, tucked into jeans and Daenerys thought, even for only being eighteen, he had a bit of scruff going on. There was a bunch of beauxbatons girls who were dancing with him and Daenerys had to hold herself back from barging past them and taking him to dance for herself. But then she remembered she can't dance so there would be no point in doing such a thing. Daenerys, are you seriously getting jealous over people interacting with him? He's allowed to interact with others!

The voice in her head was much stronger than the one that just spoke. They're okay to interact with him that way, but I'll be damned if I see them flirt with him there's going to be trouble. Daenerys surprised herself, she was NEVER one to get like this. It was stupid to even think these feelings but she was and her scrunched up fists beside her body. "I think I'm going to go now"

She turned to Missandei who was getting up. The clock in Gryffindor tower chimed midnight and Daenerys thought perhaps she might do the same. Even though it was sunday tomorrow and she should have a lie in, there was too much stuff still to organise and she had a herbology essay that needed finishing. "I'll walk with you a bit, I've got to get some control back, the last few hours have been the most un-Daenerys I've ever been"

"You mean you actually had a good time?" Missandei giggled. 

"I did actually- it's completely odd. Slytherin House has started to be nice to me after everything about mother's death came out and now I'm a champion and Hogwarts came joint first they actually seem to be respecting me a little more as a witch" Daenerys smiled, she was feeling good about certain things. Even if her body ached from the task that day and she needed a rest for a few days. "I'll have to give some people detentions, otherwise everyone will think I've gone soft"

"We wouldn't want that now would we" A northern accent gruffed behind her. She felt her heart swell and her ears open up as she turned to face the voice. They were outside the party now but she could hear the vibrations of the music from the walls they just left. It was going to start getting a little more leary in there soon. Jon had a smile on his face that made Daenerys want to leap and do six backflips. "Daenerys"

"Jon" As they both stared at one another, Missandei announced she was going back to Hufflepuff basement meaning the two of them were alone in the corridor. The air was a little awkward, so Daenerys tried to break it. "Your dancing sucked"

"Thanks" He grinned like a giddy wolf. Daenerys instantly thought about the fact the man that was stood in front of her was an animagus, an unregistered one at that! He could turn into a wolf at will and he did it in the tournament. If anyone had found out about it he'd be spoken too and he'd have to answer to the minister as to why he did it. "There's a lot we need to talk about"

Jon nodded, he obviously agreed. Daenerys did not know what came over her in the next instant, but with a grin on her face she took his hand and began dragging him down the hallway so they could leave Gryffindor tower and exit at the seventh floor. No one was about, it was dark and the noises were more distance once they got to the stairs. Jon whispered a small 'where are you taking me' but all he got in reply was 'you'll see'.

When they reached the seventh floor they had to hide in a broom cupboard to get away from the teacher patrols that were occuring. Prefects had got the night off providing the parties stayed in their dormitories, of course, they all knew there was only one party happening and that it was in Gryffindor dorm. It was a few minutes of complete darkness with Jon stood next to her before they heard Professor Mormont leave and they could continue to the tapestry she was looking for. 

She wished there was somewhere she could hide...

She wished there was somewhere she could be alone...

She wished there was somewhere she felt safe...

The door appeared and she watched as Jon's eyes widened in excitement. She wondered if he knew the room, after all there's several text in the library that state what this room is. She'd done her research and she'd been blown away that Harry Potter had stood in the very room over a hundred years ago during the second wizarding war. The door creaked as it set itself in place, it was louder than she anticipated and as she opened the door, she heard the door at the end of the corridor be opened. She grabbed Jon and they both shut the door behind them. 

Daenerys knew the door would disappear to those on the outside, but to Daenerys and Jon on the inside it was the spacious room she'd always known. "I was reluctant to share this place with anyone, even with Missandei. But after our victory today, this could be somewhere we train together out of the way of eyes watching us and without Durmstrang and Beauxbatons knowing our plans"

"Come and Go room, The Place of Hidden Things... the Room of Requirement!" Jon was amazed, he'd heard of this place, she knew it. She could see it in his eyes. "I've read about it so often but none of them say roughly where it was, the memoirs of Ronald Weasley that you mentioned in defence, he says he believed the room to be destroyed after fiendfyre was let loose in here"

"Half of the school had been hidden in there when Voldemort had taken over Wizarding Britain, I read it in 'Modern Wizarding History'. And yes, many accounts claimed it was burned, all the most recent too. No one has found it in over a hundred years, that we know of" Daenerys smirked as she plopped herself on her favourite red bean bag with the black blanket. "Except now of course, I found it"

"How did you find this place?" Jon was curious, she knew. But she wasn't given him any answers until she got some of the ones she was wanting. Not only was she wanting to speak on the animagus deal, she wanted to talk about them going forward in the tournament. Jon was gazing at the books in amazement. "Sit down and we'll talk. I've got a lot of answers I'm looking for from you" 

He did as he was told. "So you want to know about me turning into an Animagus right?" Daenerys nodded. "Basically, one night in fifth year I'd done all my homework and I just started reading about whatever my mind was taking me on. I came across an Animagus guide on how they turn and the painful process. The more I read the more I just loved the idea of having this counterpart version of yourself. One that's a little more free and wild"

"Did it hurt?" She asked as she snuggled into her blanket more. 

"A little, it was definitely not the pain I had been expecting from it. But it was just a pain in the arse to get to the stage where you transform" Daenerys had heard about Animagus obviously, they'd learnt about them in defence, but it wasn't something they delved too deep into. "I had to start the day after the full moon and put a Mandrake leaf into my mouth - which firstly getting Professor Longbottom to agree to giving me for a potion was a hassle. The leaf had to stay in my mouth until the next full moon"

"A whole twenty eight days?!" Daenerys exclaimed as the fire warmed her bones. He nodded. "How on Merlin's earth did you manage to keep a mandrake leaf in your mouth for twenty eight day?"

"I had to used a charm to seer it to my mouth, I still have the scar from when I took it out after my first transformation" He opened his mouth and Daenerys stared into it. She could see it, pink yet soft. She got the chills, she did not think she'd be able to do it. "Anyways, I had to make and drink a potion with the Saliva in my mouth from the mandrake leaf being there and then had to repeat a charm daily. Then, I turned"

"You're crazy" Daenerys did not think any of that was worth her time, but then she did not even have any spare time to even consider such a thing. "And what the deal when you are in wolf form? Do you still think like yourself or are you fully wolf? And so you get like flea bites? And do other wolves come up to you and try and be friends with you?"

"Woah, easy there. One question at a time" Jon laughed, settling into his beanbag. "When you're the wolf, parts of you are human and parts of you are a wolf. So I may be thinking as Jon but I can't control my actions when instinct kicks in, for example. So, when I licked your face, I am sorry about that by the way, it was the wolf part taking over. As for flea bites, never had any, my fur is always impeccable. And wolfs are lone creatures if not in packs from early on, that or they force themselves in when they are looking for new territory to control. I stay away from them"

Daenerys mind was swirling, she would never have believed that Jon was an animagus, or that he was so lax about being able to do it. She'd done some research on the subject before, and it was a very hard and tiring process for most wizards. And yet, Jon, he was acting like the process was more of a nuisance than actual physical pain. He was a brave man and while she was annoyed at him for being so reckless over it, it was a skill she was genuinely curious over. "Why are you not registered?"

"Good question, no answer unfortunately. I should do it - but will they imprison me now?" He asked with a shrug of his shoulders. The fireplace warmed them both up tremendously. "I mean I've gone a year and a half without being registered, I've only used the skill three times, but when I register do I have say when I first turned etcetera?"

"I think they will, but it's not as arduous as you are making it out to be. You could say you first transformed this week or something and that way you won't get carted off to Azkaban" Daenerys offered. Jon just grinned his usual smile and Daenerys decided to leave it be, if he wanted to be an idiot she wasn't going to stop him. "Fine, I have no more questions on the animagus front, but believe me if I wasn't almost asleep in this bean bag I would slap you upside the head"

"You still owe me that kiss for surviving" He cheekily added. 

"Sod off, you don't deserve shit" She laughed as she turned to face him more on the bean bag. "You want to know how I found this place?" He nodded. "I just returned to the school, my mother's funeral. I buried her and with it the last ounce of me feeling like I had a home. Estranged Brother, dead Mother and an abandoned Father, it's almost comical. So I wandered the school, wondering if I'd ever feel safe again, wondering if there would be a place for me and there it appeared, like a miracle really"

"It shows you whatever you need" Jon understood. Daenerys felt her eyes flickering as he was going in and out of focus. "Are you tired, Daenerys? I don't particularly think you've done anything particularly taxing today to warrant being tired"

"I should've left you behind in the tournament" She grumbled. 

"Love you too" He fake cooed. 

Daenerys shook her head and turned away from him. What an idiot.

Chapter Text

Jon woke up in an unfamiliar place, there were shelves and shelves of ancient and new books, a fireplace and one Daenerys Targaryen asleep on a beanbag. Then, he remembered it all. He was in the Room of Requirement and both Daenerys and himself came here after the party at Gryffindor Tower. He'd seen her leave with that friend of hers and thought perhaps it would be a good idea for him to thank her for the help in the tournament. He never expected to be taking to a secret room where they talked about him being an animagus. 

He'd also joked about the kiss that she owed him. Of course, she owed him nothing but to see her face flush a little red when he spoke of it was all worth the effort. He knew that  another kiss from her at some point was inevitable, but she had said there were horrors she'd faced that make her unable to go there at this point. He still thought on this often and wondered what it meant. Had she had a relationship before? But she said that you were the only guy to kiss her... It baffled Jon. 

Daenerys was still sleepy, so Jon left her be when he got up and stretched his legs around the room. There was a clock in here, Daenerys obviously used it to keep track of time and to not miss lessons and such. It was eight am. Majority of the school would still be in bed, parties usually meant they'd get up around ten am. Deciding he needed food, he left Daenerys asleep on the beanbag and exited the room of requirement. 

The halls were bright and cheerful almost, no sign of life yet, only the odd suit of armour waving and the odd painting waking up. There were no teachers, yet this was usually nothing considering they stayed in their rooms on Sundays apart from meal times. The journey down the grand staircase was easy enough, the stairs kept changing but Jon, being the idiot he was just jumped across gaps as they started to form. He reached the Great Hall and saw only a few students there, none of these had come to the party and so they were fresh and awake. He did not want to stay, just to take a stack of pancakes he could share with Daenerys. 

However, Headmaster Lannister caught him before he could leave for a nice chat. "Good Morning, Jon"

"Hello, Professor" Jon yawned as the stack of Pancakes float next to him. Professor Lannister raised an eyebrow at the stack. "Daenerys and I have already started going over the finishing touches for the Yule Ball this morning, we're hungry so I come to get some pancakes for us to have while we work. We've taken to an abandoned classroom because people keep congratulating us"

"As they should be, You did the school proud" He stated. 

"Err, thanks I guess" Jon mumbled in reply. It was one thing to inflate his ego by students telling him he was amazing, it was completely different when the teachers complimented.

"I do need a favour to ask of you however" He started, Jon did not like doing favours. It usually meant he had to cover detentions which were the worst thing known to mankind. "I need you to keep an eye on the durmstrang champions, I got word from the Beauxbaton headmistress that while in the task they killed a Sphinx, obviously, we do not condone this sort of behaviour in or out of tournament. All the spells learnt are to repel dark creatures not to kill them"

"What are you suggesting?" Jon asked incredulously. 

"I'm suggesting that Wizarding Britain is in dark times and you cannot be too sure on anyone's motives. Had it been students that were killed by them instead of a sphinx, when you can see the uproar that would cause" He answered with authority and firmness. Jon was ninety-nine percent sure Professor Lannister was born intelligent. "So please, just keep an eye on them - I'd hate for you or Miss. Targaryen to be injured because of them"

Jon nodded before parting with the pancaked levitating beside him. He left the hall and made his journey back up the stairs while thinking on Professor Lannister's words. He had to deal with Peeves but considering this was a regular occurance now threatening to turn him human and kill him all over again seemed to be working enough this time. He made it back to the seventh floor without anyone else seeing him and looked around for the tapestry of Barnabas the barmy, that had been where it was. He did not know if he was going to get back into the room and so thinking really hard he tried. 

I need the place where Daenerys is...

I need the place where she is at home...

I need the place where she feels safe...

He did not think it would work, but as a door formed and creaking was heard he was very proud of himself. It set into the stone wall and opened a crack for him to go inside. He levitated the pancakes inside and followed them, the door firmly shutting behind him. She was still asleep on the Bean Bag and so he set the pancakes down between the two comfy seats and gently nudged her shoulder. 

She woke lightening fast in a panic and Jon leapt back just incase she decided to throw a hex at him. She looked at her surrounds, obviously confused for a minute before sinking into the seat and taking Jon's appearance in. Jon decided to be the one to speak. "I've been to the Hall and brought you breakfast, I was wanting some pancakes so I brought a huge stack for us to share"

"Breakfast?" She said blurry eyed. Dany sat up more straight and pointed her wand at her hair and muttered a couple of spells. It went straight instead of messy and it went shinier and more silvery blonde. Jon was impressed but he did not say anything. He plonked himself on the bean bag next to her. "I could eat some pancakes, did you bring a fork?"

"Of course" He pulled two out of hs robes and passed one over. They stayed silent for a moment as they chowed down on the pancakes, Jon would make the most lewd noises with his food but he could not help it. Daenerys rolled her eyes before muttering a few more spells, Jon watched as the creases in her clothes fell out. Women had all these spells he did not know yet perhaps he should learn, he was interested by them. "What?"

Jon realised he'd been staring at her, something which he promised himself he was going to cut down, but it did not seem like he could. However, instead of admitting she was the prettiest girl in school and that he was staring like the boy he is, he used the moment to speak on what Professor Lannister spoke to him about. "I spoke with Professor Lannister in the hall"

"What did he say?" She asked with her mouth half full. She was just as into these pancakes as he was, he stomach was rumbling with hunger as she ate more and more to curb the pangers. 

"One of the Beauxbaton champions had warned him that the two Durmstrang students had killed a Sphinx while in the maze. He asked for me to keep an eye out, if they have the imperius curse on them or if they're acting on their own accord, it's not behaviour permitted in the tournament" As Jon said the words Daenerys froze. He was concerned that she had done the same, but thinking that thought alone made him chastise himself. Daenerys loves all animals, she would never willingly bring harm to a creature. She was the animal whisperer as he'd called her before. 

"Jon" She mumbled. He looked up from the pile of pancakes and stared directly into her bright violet eyes. They shone like amethyst in her sockets today, beautiful and bold. He had to stop himself from leaning in and kissing her, he did not want to cause her more confusion than ever. "When I was in the house, before we ran into each other... I experienced something strange"

"What was it?"

"There was water everywhere but it was pitch black. I saw Doreah and Daario in front of me, as clearly as you are now, but they could not see me. All our reflections were bright on this water, but everything else was so dark. They were still in the maze, it was like some kind of live feed almost, I could see their clothes blowing in the winds" Jon did not know where this was going. "Doreah said to Daario, 'it was rather fun to watch you wrestle a sphinx however, shame you had to kill it'"

"So they did kill a Sphinx!" Jon's eyes were wide. He left it there and began talking of their joint experience in the task. "I mean I saw some gnarly shit too, but I never killed anything, the werewolf was not really there. I think it was a projection of our fears of what we could face, and someone had altered it to be more dangerous than it should've been. When I spoke to Professor Lannister yesterday after we finished and said I had a werewolf scratch on my leg he looked horrified"

"Someone is messing with the tournaments, I'm sure of it" Daenerys agree. "And I'm sorry but Doreah and Daario came in last after the Beauxbaton students so I don't believe they'd be smart or powerful enough to rig it. Their headmaster however, I do not trust him. He's powerful enough to have rigged the tournament or at least put things in their that people do not know"

"Stannis Baratheon is many things, vengeful could be one of them after the horrendous political campaign he ran against Tywin Lannister. He would be looking for something to gain from a Durmstrang win" Jon agreed. 

"He was talking to Professor Lannister the evening we both saw the house. I couldn't sleep so I decided to go for a walk around the castle to clear my head" Jon was shocked Daenerys broke rules, and his face obviously gave it away. "I broke the rules, yes. I had to hide as I heard them talking. 'Forgive me, there are safety concerns with them all' Stannis had said in regards to all three tasks. He could have caused these concerns. Not to mention he kept pushing Professor Lannister on the calls for Tywin to resign"

"So not only are we going to keep an eye on the students but Stannis Baratheon is fair game too?" Jon offered. Daenerys smiled as her mouth was full of pancakes. They were quiet for a bit before Jon spoke again. "Seems so weird, even though it was tough - I imagined the tournament to be a lot harder than it was. I think that wolf section was the worst part. I even got the Sphinx riddle!"

"I thought about you several times before we crossed paths" Daenerys admitted. Jon couldn't help but be intrigued by her comment, so he raised an eyebrow. However he immediately regret this as her face suggest she thought he was implying something different. "Not in that way you berk! I meant when I managed to get past the different creatures. My riddikulus was perfect on the boggart, I got past the Blast Ended skrewt with impedimenta fine. I think I was so scared that I was just running on adrenaline" 

"Did you get a Sphinx?" Jon asked as the pancakes were finished and they just laid in their bean bags with their hands on their stomach from being full. 

"I did" Daenerys took a deep breath as she pulled the blankets up closer to her. "The hues of an regret and anger, they burrow underground, something you put on your head, a limb on the ground"

Jon thought on it for a moment. Colours of regret and anger... Red and Grey...underground... head. He knew straight away. "Redcaps" Jon announced. Daenerys nodded. "A chill, a creep, a mist in the green. A dark creature's love of the unseen, be careful what your pasts procure. For this creature's attack, there is no cure"

"Dementor, I would say" She said almost instantly. Jon smiled. Gods she was so smart, he'd thought too long on it in the maze. "See, you're good at riddles, Jon. You always put yourself down in other subjects that are not defence but you're just as good as me"

"Please, you're the queen of underestimating yourself" Jon teased her. Her eyes became lighter and her smile wrinkled in the corners of her mouth. "You should be shouting off of the rooftops here that you're good at Defence. I hardly had to help you in that wolf chamber. You sent a fire curse at it and stopped me from being ripped to shreds. I never did say thank you for that"

"You don't have to thank me" She shrugged. There was another paused silence. "I say we spend the day in here, we can get some head work done?"

"Yes, we've got this stupid ball to plan" Jon agreed. 

"It's not stupid" Daenerys scrunched her face up. 

"It is stupid" Jon was adamant on this. 

"Why is it stupid?" Daenerys asked with her arms folded across her chest and a scowl on her face. 

"Because I'm not allowed to take you, so what's the point?" He said honestly.

That left her shocked. 

Chapter Text

November had finished and December brought with a fresh coating of snow across the castle. The temperature had dropped and everyone was walking in huddles to try and keep warm. The teachers had lit extra torches and fireplaces throughout the castle to try and help with the chill. When you looked out of the castle towards the lake, Durmstrangs ship was frosted over, the portholes covered in ice and stuck in the lake which had fully iced over now. Beauxbatons' carried too looked uninviting, it's pale gold and blue colour replaced with silver glistening snow and frost. 

Madam Bones, the school nurse, was working overtime in brewing pepper up potions for everyone who was suffering with a sickness that was spreading. Thankfully it was not lasting more than a few hours but by day two almost everyone in school had experienced it. Daenerys herself had a whole batch of the potion in question (trusting her own potion making skills better) that she had made for her cold that had been forming. But, she had not used them all because the cold had passed quicker than expected.

Despite her workload beginning to pile up and her Head duties becoming a little slack, Daenerys was in no mood to work the first week in December. She was enjoy the Christmas spirit and the relief of finally getting everything sorted for the Yule Ball in just under four weeks time was cause for celebration. It wasn't like she'd failed her homework, she'd get it all done, there were just other things she needed to worry about.

The christmas trees that lined the tables in the Great Halls and that filled the grounds,stood over thirty feet tall in some cases and cast large and unassuming shadows across all the exterior buildings. Gleaming gold and sparkling silver ornaments hung aesthetically from the trees with a varying array of stars and angels as toppers. The teachers had spent two whole days decorating the school in their spare time, Daenerys had seen Professor Mormont grumpily levitate the decorations onto the tree before getting mad and leaving it for Professor Lannister to finish. 

Slytherin Common room was becoming a bit more of a lively place to, everyone had accepted Daenerys as an 'alright' person and she'd enjoyed getting to know some of the girls in her dorm that she never really spoke to before. One evening, while speaking with Margaery Tyrell about the upcoming ball and who to ask, someone levitated a stink bomb into the fireplace causing mass panic when it exploded and fire went everywhere. Margaery's eyebrows had been burnt off but thankfully Daenerys had left the common room unscathed. The smell however, was present for three whole days and this meant no one was seen in the common room unless leaving their dorms for lessons. 

It was in Slytherin's common room she found herself now, trying to concentrate on reading The History of Werewolves in Europe but struggling as she was replaying everything Jon and her had been through in the task together. Of course, none of it mattered now, she knew his feelings towards her clearly. Because I'm not allowed to take you, so what's the point? That's what he'd said. And while not surprising and she too had wanted to go with him, it was the fact he was willing to call the whole dance stupid because of this one reason. Of course they'd be able to share a dance at some point, but the champions dance they were not allowed to. 

She did not know why she had not kissed him again, there were plenty of opportune moments, and she knew they both wanted it. It was just that when things took a turn towards that, just always felt this tightness in her chest. It was the past, she was holding onto it when she knew she should be letting go of it. Missandei was letting go of her fear of talking to people, she'd been asked to the Yule Ball by Beauxbatons champion Greyworn. Jon was moving on from the shame he supposebly brings to his family for being a bastard in working to get his own flat for when he leaves seventh year. So why could she not let the stuff with Viserys leave her bones?

Because it was different. Shame and social anxiety were not the same of years of sexual abuse, and while she needed to let it go, without the go ahead of the ministry she was powerless to stop it from happening. If by the end of the year she had gotten no response and she had to return to that home, everything she's done to build bridges with people will have been for nothing. 

Daenerys had not had an opportunity like this to just sit and rethink everything over, even though Jon had a particular taste for brooding, she was just as guilty. The task had brought many things to light. One, was these dreams she'd been having (the most recent one she was dancing with a faceless man in a room of black) were really some form of visions. When she'd had the dream of leaving Jon behind and of the greenery and mist, it had translated into the task. Thankfully for her, it was a gift meaning she could help stop them from coming true. That's why she did not leave Jon behind. 

The other thing to come to light during the tournament (besides the possible rigging that was happening) was how well she worked with Jon in the task. When they fought together, it was as if there was this balance, a feeling of being able to rely on one another without a second thought. They had both decided they should help each other out in figuring the clue for the next task. However, so far they'd both come up blank. 

Sighing and realising the book was of no use to her, she closed it forcefully and began to leave the common room for lunch. She hated free period, it was as if she was being forced into doing work for school. Even thought she wanted to just enjoy the peace and quiet of no teachers moaning about this or that, there was a nagging voice present in her mind reminding her of everything she needed to do. 

The portrait swung open and she began the long walk through the dungeons to the great hall. It was generally quiet, only the odd students going to potions or the Slytherin Common room came past her meaning she could think while she walked. Oh Jon, why do I have to keep replaying everything in my head all because another piece of your puzzle is added. Daenerys would've been easily infuriated by this, but she was so fed up of not understanding any of it she gave up. 

When the entrance hall came into view, she saw Joffrey and his lapdog (literal lapdog as his nickname was the hound) Sandor Clegane. Rolling her eyes and hoping at the very least she could get by with only a few comments she pushed forward and past them. "Oh look who it is, Hogwarts hero!"

"What do you want, Joffrey?" Daenerys sighed as she turned around back to face him. "Can't you just go and pick on someone your own size?"

"Well they're not all easy targets, Daenerys. No one else here has a nice and rich family lineage like you, you know I can't really dissect their lives" Daenerys felt her hand shake as the fire inside her began to grow. She was still of an even temperament but any minute, if he kept pushing her, she would snap. "So you'll have to do"

"It's funny, of all the shenanigans that go on in my family life, no one really talks about yours do they?" She threatened. His smirk faltered on his face. Daenerys had read the prophet of late, his family was in a shambles. After his father was fired by the ministry they'd become reliant on the Lannister name his wife carried and held wild parties to take in more money. "Your mother's been a busy woman, hasn't she?"

Daenerys would never have said anything had he not started on her. A woman's sexual activity is not to be scrutinised and up for public discussion, but as the daughter of the minister and wife of the ex-Senior Undersecretary to the Minister she had been caught having a dalliance with several unknown men. It wasn't a fair comment to make towards Joffrey's family, the woman was at liberty to do whatever, considering by the prophet's article the husband in question does not seem to care. But the way he stands there and picks apart her life as if it's a joke, it's not fair. 

"You better shut your little mouth now, whore or I'll get you expelled!" He snapped. Daenerys felt rage fly through her and so, in one swiping motion she slapped him as hard across the cheek as she possibly could. The sound made was loud and sharp. The redness on his skin was blotchy and pulsing. The noise he made was one of a prepubescent girl. "You bitch! My uncle will expel you it doesn't matter you're head girl!"

"Call me a whore again, make a joke towards my family again or even speak to me in general and I'll turn you into a fucking ferret, you irritating little twerp!" Daenerys was seething and she had to hold herself back from making more of a seen. She could not believe she'd slapped him, but she had. It was unlike her, she hexed people yes but this physical act of violence was beyond her. "And for your information, your uncle thinks you're a little shit too!"

"I guess the inbred nature within you makes you act like a complete bitch after all!" He snapped but cowered away when Daenerys raised her fist in a threatening motion. Joffrey thought about saying something else but he just turned to address his friend instead. "Come on, Sandor, she ain't worth the trouble"

Daenerys was stood for a few seconds seething before she managed to control the temper within her. Every time a Targaryen was born the gods flipped a coin, heads they were fine, tails they were mad. For a few moments there, Daenerys felt strings of madness within her. I went through something... horrifying, in third year. I still haven't fully processed it all, it's still happening to me. But it made me angry, so angry all the time. It's my blood that makes me such a way. A piece of conversation she remembered with Jon. 

"That was impressive" She hears from a foreign accent on the other side of the entrance hall. There, leaning against the wall with his arms folded and his hair in a ponytail, was a durmstrang student. She'd seen this one around the castle, he was eighteen, the same as her, but he towered over everyone else. He had hit puberty hard, or ran headfirst into it was more accurate. He had some tattoos, magical ones that moved on his arm. He did not wear the hat that the durmstrang boys usually wore. 

Daenerys' alarm bells went off in her head as the guy walked towards her. Daenerys was short and he felt at least a foot taller than her, but his face was that of a kind soul, it smiled and his eyes shone brightly too. Daenerys cleared her throat as a way of breaking tension. "Sorry, I shouldn't be slapping fellow students"

"If they deserve it, it's fine" He laughed, his eyes crinkling in the corners and one piece of hair falling in front of his face. He held a hand out to introduce himself, his accent purred through the room. "Drogo, nice to meet you"

Daenerys looked at the hand, they were big, much bigger than her own. But she shook it anyway, even if the old scared Daenerys was starting to come through again. The alarms had subsided but she was still cautious. Her hand was dainty in her own but it was enveloped in heat from his hand. Heat rose to her cheeks instantly at the touch. He was like a radiator. Daenerys almost needed to stick her head out of the front door to cool down. "Daenerys, Daenerys Targaryen"

"I know, Hogwarts Champion and Head Girl" He nodded as his eyes surveyed her. Daenerys covered her chest area up subconsciously with her book, she felt like she was being scrutinized a little. He continued to talk. "You did well in the tournament, joint first. A lot of people were surprised, myself included. Many people had you to come in last, there were bets on whether you'd get eaten by a sphinx or not"

"Well they had me wrong then, didn't they?" Daenerys said a little snootily. "And Sphinx' don't eat humans, they'll just kill them"

Drogo grinned. "They did have you wrong it seems, they did indeed"

Daenerys felt her patience wearing a little. "Can I actually help you with anything at all or are you just going to stop me from eating lunch all day?"

"I have been wondering if the great lady, Daenerys Targaryen, had a date for the Yule ball she's been planning?" Daenerys eyes went wider than Jon's when he saw pancakes. She had just thought about asking Jon if she could take Theon or Robb but she'd heard Robb was taking fifth year Talisa Lys and Theon was taking Margaery Tyrell. She did not have a date, and there was no way she could lie and say she did. 

"I do not" 

"See that seems ridiculous to me, how does a pretty lady like you not have a date to the ball?" He smirked. Daenerys felt alarm bells go off in her mind once again, there was something off about this guy but Daenerys wondered if this was because of her past. She was worrying too much she told herself. If he knew anything, the reasons why people have stayed away...

"Because no one likes me" She shrugs. "Well some do but most find me irritating"

"Well, from just this small interaction, I very much like you" He countered. Daenerys could not tell if he was being really flirtatious or if he was being serious. She just rolled with it. "Daenerys, will you please accompany me to the ball?"

She thought on it, Jon would be annoyed but there was really nothing to be done about it. They had to dance the champions dances separately but they'd definitely save a dance for each other for later. No one else had asked her and she would more than likely not get any more offers. Even if she did not know this guy well, she could at least act civil with him for one night, interschool relations and such. 

"I don't know you very well" She squints her eyes suspiciously. "Why me?"

"I still needed a date and you were on the top of my list" He shrugged. 

"Not very reassuring" Daenerys countered. "Maybe if you go to Hogsmeade this weekend we can have a chat in the Three Broomsticks, maybe"

"I'll be with friends that weekend" He tried to get an answer out of her.

"So will I" Daenerys stated.

"Fine, if I see you at Hogsmeade, I'll make a note to come and be nice to you"

"I look forward to it" He bowed before wandering off. 

What in the name of Merlin's saggy left bollock just happened?

Chapter Text

Jon was jealous, it was the only explanation for the sudden fire and rage that was building up inside of him. Daenerys had come into the hall looking a little flustered and worse for wear and when she'd sat don opposite him at the Gryffindor table she'd just shrugged off whatever had happened. He was going to do the same, until some Durmstrang prat walked over to the table and gave her a piece of parchment she'd dropped outside. Jon's eyes had squinted. 

"Who was that?" Jon asked, his mind doing somersaults as he wondered who this mystery guy was and why he was smiling the way he was at Daenerys. Jon did not like the look of the man, he seemed untrustworthy. He had long hair that was back in a ponytail, they were always the troublesome types. Daenerys eyes widened as Jon's squinted at her, her cheeks flushed red and her forehead began to sweat. 

"Err, his name is Drogo" She said nonchalantly. "He's a student from Durmstrang and he's in seventh year"

"Daenerys..." Jon dug his heels in, it wasn't that she was hiding something from him, he thought he knew what had occurred but he wanted the confirmation. He just did not know how he felt about it. She could've asked Theon or Robb, he thought to himself. Then he remembered his conversation with the pair of them the day previous, Robb was taking fifth year Talisa Lys and Theon was taking Margaery Tyrell. 

"He asked me to the ball, Jon" Daenerys said it with a blase attitude which meant Jon was unsure how to proceed. Had she said yes or had she sent a curse at his head? If she'd cursed him he wouldn't have willingly walked over to the table, even if she'd dropped a parchment, h wouldn't gotten someone else to do it. Well, if he had any common sense that is. 

"And you said yes" And so the fire built in Jon. He should not be like this, he should not be territorial over a flipping dance but by golly did he feel the jealousy rip through him like a nerve ending being set on fire.  Her eyes had widened in shock, as if there was something Jon had missed, something so glaringly obvious. It wasn't that she wasn't allowed to go with anyone but him, he was just shocked that she'd done such a thing, If she'd done such a thing.

"No I didn't" Jon blinked several times before taking in what she said. "I said I'd think about it, I don't know him. And while I guess I'm flattered that he did ask me, I'd need to get to know him a little better. I thought you'd know me better than to just accept a random strangers invite"

"I do, I promise that's why I was confused!" Jon tried to backpedal a little. "I just don't want anyone taking you that's not me, honestly"

"Jon, are you jealous?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. He flushed crimson. "You are! Jon Snow, you have no reason to be jealous, it will be one dance, whoever I go with will know this. And then all my other dances will be saved for you, I promise. But I might just go stag and see if Gendry or someone want to have one dance for the champions dance and then just dance all by myself all evening"

"I like that idea" Jon said suddenly, the wish of not wanting the durmstrang man to have his hands all over Daenerys. 

"Jealousy doesn't suit you, Jon" Dany was sincere in her smile as she ate an egg and cress sandwich. Jon looked at his own sandwich in embarrassment but when he heard her laughing he knew he was out of the woods. "We cool, Jon?"

"Always, it's just other people I don't trust" He stated. She just rolled her eyes and too another bite of her sandwich. "As you well know"

"I know, but if it's any consolation I just slapped Joffrey Baratheon" Jon's eyes widened. 

"You did what now?" Jon couldn't help the smile that grew on his face. "You slapped Joffrey Baratheon? Why?"

"Oh you know, called me out for being inbred, I defended myself by asking how his mother was after she'd been so busy of late and he called me a whore so I slapped him. The usual when it comes to that little prick" She shrugged, a small smirk on her face. "He deserved it"

"I'm proud" Jon laughed. "How long before Professor Lannister asks to speak with you?"

"And give me fifty points for knocking some sense into him? A couple of hours at best" Daenerys laughed, her eyes crinkling. Jon felt his chest constrict as she did.

Jon hadn't really known when his feelings for Daenerys had begin to flutter, perhaps he'd always known it and that was why they antagonised each other so much but if he thought about it, it had to be their patrol in the greenhouses. He'd kissed her to shut her up but he'd felt something stir inside him. Of course, it wasn't until later that he'd realised how much it was changed him. Old Jon would be angry at himself for going soppy. 

Daenerys was getting paperwork out to fill in on the table as the pupils around them began to disperse. They had a head meeting now to plan the Prefect one friday as Hogsmeade weekend always got in the way of doing rotas and such. She was reading the same piece of parchment for a while. She was staring at the paper but she wasn't doing work. Suddenly she got all serious. "Do you even remember what it's like to fight now?"

"Oh I remember, I used to worry everyday when I walked around school that a hex would fly past my face. You had a right temper at me one time, do you remember the quidditch incident, when I flew into you in the stands?" Jon laughed about it now but at the time it had seemed a life and death situation.

Daenerys eyes widened in horror. It was the only time Daenerys had apologise to Jon when they'd argued all that time ago. Well, she'd sent a note saying Sorry arsehole, and he's taken that to mean she felt some guilt at what she'd done. Jon hadn't mind, he thought it was pretty hilarious, until he spent days in the hospital wing that was. 

"Oh I was hoping you would not bring that up! I acted like a fool!" She was embarrassed, it just made her more endearing to him. He liked when she laughed, even though she was doing it more these days there was still parts of him that wanted to just see her happy all the time. "You couldn't walk for days, all because you flew over my head in a quidditch match!"

"I was aiming for you though, so I kind of deserved it. I don't know where you learnt that charm before but it was not one I was happy about" Jon laughed. Then it became awkward again. Daenerys had cast an engorgement charm on Jon's... lower appendage let's say. It had grown over twelve times the size and it had caused him to be in the Hospital wing for almost a week. "Don't need help in that department"

"Jon, that's gross" She feigned to be disgusted. They laughed and Jon realised his jealousy had dissipated. 

Jon had finished his sandwich and for a few moments as their plates disappeared and the table became clean, more paperwork spread out on the table. Daenery was organising her notes for the meeting while Jon went over the finalisation of the Yule Ball plans. "Jon, is there anything you want to be brought up in the meeting?"

"Yes, I want a rule where we don't have meetings so I can spend more time with the head girl" He winked. Daenerys did not respond enthusiastically, she was obviously in her work 'zone' now. Jon cleared his throat. "I think there needs to be a rule on objects for pranks being used on students. A lot of first years have been attacked by fanged frisbees and the like this week"

"I have covered that, so that's good. You hear about the confrontation between Joffrey and Professor Lannister after the first task?" She asked. Jon had not. "I wasn't there, but Missandei got stuck behind a tapestry and heard everything. Apparently Joffrey had been hexign first year Beauxbaton students. So I think I want to mention a crackdown on his behaviour. Every time a prefect sees him acting out of line, I want point reductions at the very least"

"You'll alienate Slytherin house if you do that, surely?" Jon said concerned.

"No, because I have a plan. At the end of each week, whatever points have been deducted from him for dickheadish behaviour, I'm going to give to the prefects for deducting them in the first place" She had a wicked glint in her eye that Jon had not seen in a while. He did love it though, brilliantly it's not punishing Slytherin house just him.

"That's Evil and I love it" He laughed.

"Thanks, I feel like recently I've lost my edge a little and it's almost like Joffrey has ignited it back inside me and that means more detentions for him" She smirked. She could be really cunning when she got her way, he'd seen it many times. You've been on the receiving end of it many times too, he thought. Suddenly he was overcome with an urge that he'd promised himself he would not do until she was ready. 

Her lips were soft and shiny, slightly red from whatever she had been eating and begging to be kissed. He felt a ting of jealousy run through him again, enough to fire him up to get the courage to do it. Well, not on the lips anyway, she'd hex him for sure. She caught him staring and she looked slightly shocked. He glanced around the room briefly and saw no one looking before placing the smallest kiss on her forehead. It was so brief that if you blink you'd have missed it.

It was tender though, and Jon wanted to show her how much he cared for her wellbeing. Daenerys went completely beetroot at what had transpired. her breathing stuttered and Jon knew it was a good feeling she was having. Well, that and the fact she had not whipped her wand out and used another engorgement charm on him. "Jon, there's people around"

"So you wouldn't mind if I kiss you when we're alone?" He grinned cheekily, her sudden flush in her cheeks the only proof he needed that he was correct. "You know, I was a little worried about this guy taking you, even if you haven't said yes to him but after that reaction I think I'm good. I know that you like me, Daenerys"

"Well at least one of us hasn't changed" Daenerys smirked in reference to Jon's boasting. Her skin was flushed red but slowly turning pink as she recovered from the sudden kiss he'd given her. "You're an impossible man sometimes, Jon Snow"

"Let me take you to the ball" He said suddenly. he could not help it, it just came out of his mouth. "We can claim ignorance of the rules"

"No, we can't" She warned him, and Jon knew she was right. He just hated hearing her turn him down (even if she wasn't technically doing so). "When you signed that document in Professor Lannister's office stating you would abide by all tournament rule sit included that one. Jon I'm sorry, I want to go with you too but I will not get points deducted or something after we both worked so hard to come out of the first task in first place"

"I know" Jon sighed as he too got some work out. Merlin she's impossible sometimes, he thought, but I do love her for it. Jon's own eyes widened at the word he just said in his own thoughts. he just shook his head and looked through the paperwork as a way of distracting himself. "But you owe me like seventy dances because of it" 

 "I'll give you ten dances" She said. "I don't dance very well and I have promised Missandei some dances too"

"Ah the best friend, why don't you go to the dance with her?" Jon asked nicely, not trying to make it sound like he was jealous at someone else asking Daenerys. "Does she have a date?"

"She does, Greyworm asked her" Daenerys stated. 

"The Beauxbatons Champion?" Jon was shocked. Daenerys nodded. "Oh well that's great for her, I don't know if much talking will be done. And I mean because she never says anything and I don't think I've heard him say a word"

"She's getting better, she'd got her own study group now and she's been talkative in that" Daenerys signed some papers and gave them to Jon to sign. Jon read them all. Permission for the gobstones club to change their group colours, permission for astronomy club to have a meeting sunday night after curfew due to a super blood moon and permission for Herbology club to use Greenhouse three instead of four the following week. He signed them all off one by one. 

"That's good then" Jon nodded. he'd hardly spoke with Missandei, but she had gotten comfortable around Jon. They spent a few times a week on the same table, never the same classes though. "What time is prefect meeting on Friday?"

"Seven in the evening, just before patrol" Daenerys stated. "I've got Jazzalyn doing Slytherin dungeons again, we'll be needed out by the beauxbaton carriage and Durmstrang ship next week"

"No worries" He smiled. it was half an hour of talking back and forth before they were finished and it was time for them to head to lessons. Daenerys had Ancient Runes and Jon had Muggle Studies so they said goodbye and went their separate ways. He found himself thinking of that guy again, he just couldn't help it. All the reassurance from Daenerys in the world was not going to change a thing. 

He did not trust him one bit. 

Chapter Text

The Three Broomsticks was lively with travellers from all over Wizarding Britain. Old ladies huddled by the fireplace and gossiped about mystifying stories that could not be explained and argued over the stories credibility, students gathered in loud crowds as butterbeer flowed and conversation echoed and the barmaids worked tirelessly to serve all the patrons who entered in their plentiful. It was not an unfamiliar scene but the arrival of Christmas time meant that the inn was busy constantly and it was a surprise to Daenerys that she and Missandei had managed to get a good enough table. 

They were sat for all of five minutes when Jon entered with his two best friends, his brother Robb and Theon Greyjoy. Daenerys still had not gotten used to having them around whenever she hung out with Jon but it was a three for one deal these days apparently. They spotted her and clambered around the table with her. Jon made sure he was sat next to Daenerys meaning no one else had the option. She found it amusing. Every since she'd told him of the Durmstrang student asking her to the Yule Ball a few days previous, he'd done nothing but be protective and glare at anyone else who walked over to her. 

She would've told him to stop it, in fact she had done several times. She was so past telling him now however as he would not listen, she just went along with it. Missandei was completely clueless to everything and even though she'd spoken several times to Daenerys about the nature of her relationship with Jon, Daenerys would never give her a correct answer. But now, as her butterbeer flushed her cheeks and the arrival of Jon did nothing to tame this, she felt Missandei's gaze more than ever. 

Stop it I can only go so red, she thought as all eyes seemed to be one her. As she looked around the table, Missandei's brown skin glowing in the candlelight, Theon's blue eyes singing from the reflection of the window and Robb's ginger hair blowing from a slight breeze, it was evident they were indeed staring at her. "I'm sorry, did I do something wrong? Why are you all staring at me?"

"I just asked you a question" Jon gruffed, a small chuckle escaping his mouth. Daenerys blinked for a second before regaining her composure. 

"Sorry, I was quite clearly miles away" She apologised. 

"No worries" He smirked, a small gesture that could have gone unnoticed. But it did not, she caught it and he'd known she had. She hated it when he did that, he looked so proud that he'd caused Daenerys Targaryen to have a malfunction. If she didn't know him so well she'd have hexed him into christmas and back, but that wasn't exactly going to work on him. She'd have to go a different route to exact her revenge. "I asked if you've got your dress for the ball?"

"Oh yeah, I'm all set for that. We got our outfits when we came last time, it's a nice dress" Daenerys replied, sipping on her butterbeer one more time. She fluttered her eyelashes at Jon who's pupils dilated. She was the one smirking now. "Dark like my soul, flowing like my hair, all the good stuff. Some nice shoes too, ordered them. Silver for a change, I did want to go with black ones but this way I'm able to accessorise better"

"You'll look great" Jon meekly smiled. 

"Oh I know I will" Daenerys replied. She'd come to realise it was all about confidence, the way she came across to Jon. There were a few moments in her life so far at Hogwarts where she'd felt this confident. They were always fleeting but she had to take the opportunity while it was there. Their eyes connected for a while, Jon faltered at this new found confidence had for this small moment in time. But, like anything else she'd ever held onto, it betrayed her. She felt her cheeks burn as her eyes tore from his and looked down at her drink. 

"Okay" Theon stated suddenly. "Now that embarrassment that you two seem to call flirting is over, I'm going to order some drinks..."

The rest of his words were lost, Daenerys focused on the table and how it was made. She looked at the grains of wood, anything to stop feeling this sudden embarrassment that had taken over her body. She did not know what was with her, she knew in her mind that she she liked him, that sometimes the days get so crowded and wild and that she just wished it was the two of them in their room. 

She'd had dreams of them like this, a golden bed, nothing rude happening, just the two of them laying together, pillows and blankets as the sun poured in from a big bay window. He'd fall asleep as her head rested on his chest, his rhythmic breathing would relax her mind as she too inhaled and exhaled. She felt content as her eyes closed at the table and remembered it, filtering out everyone else as she let the feeling fill her. Safe and sound, that's how she'd felt. Suddenly, as if the entire world around ehr no longer existed she was in a dream state. 

Iced windows... snowflakes falling in intricate patterns, flashes of the cool air they brought along with it. Daenerys was falling again, the cold whipping past her as it snapped at her feet and breasts, her entire body cooling drastically. Her eyes tried to focus, above her light, bright and blinding. What does this mean? She fell for ages, the air tasted salty like tears that rolled down a cheek. The falling never ceased, she felt like she'd been falling for years, she felt her life flash in front of her, memories flooding her of things she'd never experienced yet.

Was it showing her the future? 

Her voice tried to cry out, but it wouldn't... just like the last dream she'd had. Suddenly, she landed. A thud on the ground yet she did not ache. There was movement around her, snakes, they slithered over and tried to tie her down, constricting her throat and arms as the last of her breaths left her body. Until they were suddenly gone and she was once again standing before mirrors. What was this place? What power did she have?

"Daenerys..." She heard someone call, female, Missandei. Missandei was stuck here somewhere... no, she was calling her in real, but she could not leave this dream state yet. She needed to know what was going on. But nothing was giving her the answer. All she saw was herself, over and over again until it was one endless loop. She looked behind her and looked ahead. She held up a hand to wave at herself and the million other Daenerys waved too. 

"Hello" She said aloud and clear... Was it true sight? Is this what she had? Her family, the Targaryen lineage is still alive because of a dream, of prior knowledge her ancestor Daenys the Dreamer had. She had dreamt of the tournament before it happened and now this? But what was this saying? What was she suppose to be warned off. Ice and salt? It did not make any sense. Self reflection? There was nothing here that could give her a clue. 

And then, she heard the ocean, a strong wave. And suddenly she was engulfed in the water, her mind was becoming swamped with survival instincts as she tried to make sense of what was happening. She could hear Missandei again but she couldn't find the voice. Wave after wave bombarded her as she found herself in an ocean, a ship passing by... The durmstrang ship... 

This has to do with the tournament, Daenerys concluded this much...

Her eyes flung wide opened to see four concerned faces staring back at her own. Missandei had one of concern, Robb and Theon ones of confusion and Jon's was one of worry and fear. She found she'd been holding her breath all this time and decided to rectify that. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. After a few more minutes of this, Jon asked the other three to leave. Missandei would've put up a fight but she could not say the words she'd wanted to, so Jon won out. 

"Right, what the flying Merlin's undercrackers was that about?" He said authoritatively. "I'm gone for ten minutes and return to find you with your eyes close and mumble som mumbo jumbo about ice and salt"

"You heard?" She said scared yet excited too. She grabbed a napkin and a drying quill from her bag. "What did I say, tell me?"

"Woah, hold on!" Jon said as Daenerys behaviour confused him. Daenerys glared at him for a solid minute before he sighed and gave in. Daenerys dipped the quill in ink and began to write down. "Ice like twinkle, salt in flavour, snakes betrayal and a ships curse. Honestly Daenerys you could write riddles for the tasks yourself"

"Jon, I need you to listen very carefully" Daenerys started. "My great ancestor Daenys the Dreamer had visions, premonitions if you will. It was her seeing the doom of Valyria that caused our family to leave before it happened. It was said she had a gift of sight, true sight. That she could see things before they could happen. That's how she was able to save the family!"

"Daenerys, I-"

"Let me finish, please. The night before tournament I had a dream of the first task. I didn't think on it at first but when I got into the task, everything clicked into place. My dream was misty, moss and green everywhere. Then I fell, deep into a realm that seemed so real but that played on my fears. You were there, old and chained up. Clawed and bruised to pieces. There were mirrors everywhere, you kept yelling at me, I'd left you there you'd said. And then you killed me and I'd woken up. Then the tournament happened. Mist and moss everywhere, the mirror realm I saw the other two champions in and a choice"

"What choice?"

"When you were attacked by the werewolf, as choice to run on or save you. I chose to save you, to go against the dream that had seemed so real. You said to me, you thought I would leave you behind, but I didn't. My dream, my vision if you will, came true" Jon did not look like he believed her. "You said you heard me say 'Ice like twinkle, salt in flavour, snakes betrayal and a ships curse', right?"

He nodded and mumbled. "Yeah"

"I lived it, there was iced windows and snowflakes, the air tasted like salty tears as I fell and when I hid the bottom I was covered in snakes. They constricted me and strangle me but before I died I was released. Then, I was hit with waves and suddenly I was in an ocean as the durmstrang ship passed by" Jon looked straight into her eyes, she could see he believed her but was afraid to admit it. "I don't know what this means, but clearly Durmstrang is up to something"

"Daenerys!" Daenerys leapt three feet in the air almost as she heard the booming voice of the man who'd asked her to the Yule Ball. She knocked the table and spilt everyone's butterbeers. Jon freezed next to him and Daenerys found herself rolling her eyes. She wanted to tell him to not leave, she still didn't trust being alone with this guy. He was dressed warm, scarf and hat and large fur coat. He looked as if he'd just come in from a trek in the woods. 

"Drogo" She sniffed. Jon's eyes became intense. Robb and Theon rejoined the table and Missandei meekly followed sensing there could be some trouble. "I see you made it?"

"Well we don't have butterbeer in Bulgaria so we decided we needed to try it out while we're here. I hear it's a divine drink!" He laughed as he took a seat near them. Drogo had a smirk on his face which made Daenerys almost want to punch him. It was unfortunate, because if it was not there he's be a handsome man. Well, sort of. Nothing compared to Jon. Two other Durmstrang students sat with him. "Forgive my manners, this is Qotho and this is Moro, we were only talking the other day about your entrance into the tournament. Such great skill unknown, many people-"

"Did not think I'd win, yes you told me" She finished, getting a little impatient. She wanted to talk more with Jon about what had occured in her dreamstate. She wasn't going to go with him to the ball. If she had to dance with a teacher instead she would, she did not like him. "Tell me, what does Durmstrang think of the approach Stannis Baratheon's leadership has taken your school in?"

"I... do not understand you?" He says confused. 

"Stannis Baratheon, your head master. He's new at the job and has taken dark arts completely off of your practical magic lists. What are your thoughts on that?" She asked once again. She could see the cogs turning, he wasn't as smart as he made himself out to be, she could tell. 

"Well it's a good thing, children should not be taught the dark arts, it's a subject for which Witches and wizards should be cautious when entering. You never know what you will find when you're studying unknown territory" His words lingered on the air as if there was a hidden meaning. Daenerys wondered if Drogo was spying on her as a way of getting information from the champions. If someone wants her and Jon dead, would it not be best to know who it is?

"That's a good point" She nodded in appreciation, or at least she made it look like it. 

"Another good point, is whether you've thought on my offer of going to the Yule Ball with me?" He asked once more. 

"I have thought on it and made a decision" She stated. Jon beside her began to shake in anger. Drogo's eyes lit up and his mouth turned into a smirk. "I decline. I will go alone to this dance, we will not be doing the champions dance together. However, I will be civil with you at the dance and I will make conversation. But I'm not looking for anyone to sweep me off of my feet, I already have that in my life"

"So you don't want to go with me?" Drogo said with an irritated look on his face. Jon breathed easy beside her. 

"No I do not" She agreed. "I'm glad we're on the sam-"

There was a ruckus behind them as she saw Gendry Waters in a full on fist fight with Joffrey Baratheon. Forgetting all about Drogo, she launched over to the fight and incarcerated both on them so as they could not fight each other anymore. She deducted points and her and Jon escorted them back to the castle, leaving a very angry Durmstrang student behind. 

Chapter Text

It turned out that Gendry and Joffrey were fighting due to the latter pushing in line for a refill on the Butterbeer tap. The two of them were sat in Professor Lannister's office having stern words thrown at them while Jon and Dany waited outside the door and could hear everything. He did not know what to do, they wasn't allowed to leave as they both saw what had occurred and had to give statements, but standing there was more boring than History of Magic. 

So he settled for looking at Daenerys. It was a little creepy, he would admit that, but how she'd done her hair that day and her woolly hat which warmed her pink ears made a warm feeling spread through him. He was head over heels and it was a little hopeless, at least she hid it well from other people that she liked him, he was just shamelessly staring all the time. 

He'd noticed due to her eating better she had filled out a little bit, and she looked healthy. Of course, with Daenerys it was all inside her mind and she'd still got a lot on her plate dealing with her mothers death. He was happy that her self care was high and she'd actually listened to him about it. He still carried chocolate frogs in his bag just for if such an occasion should arise that she'd missed a meal. At least he could give her something. Daenerys always knew when Jon was thinking about her, it was a strange thing to think on, and now, she turned to meet his eyes which shone with knowing. A smiled formed on her mouth. 

"What are you looking at?" She sighed. 

"You" He had to be honest, but he was ninety five percent sure Daenerys already knew the answer before he uttered it. She did not look surprised or shocked, she just nodded knowingly and continued to play with her wand between her fingers. Jon suddenly got the hot flushes as a very lewd image came and went through his mind. It was just flashes, seconds of a collections of pictures as erotic as that fiction he knows Sansa reads. 

"Well, that's nice" Her lips looked plump, pink and glistening begging to be kissed. The torch light in the room outside his office made Daenerys skin more inviting and once again the same images flashed through his mind. I want to be able to kiss her properly first never mind that stuff, he chastised himself. But no matter how much he tried to not think on them, they'd creep back into the edges of his mind like a disease eating away at his defences. 

Neither of them said anything for a while, both wishing they could spend their Saturday doing something other than wait for their meeting with Professor Lannister that had suddenly been thrust upon them. And for Jon right now, he wished he was somewhere more secluded and away from Daenerys, just so there was no chance of her identifying the sudden discomfort. Brain stop it, his inner monologue running wild. 

The images were the same, four or five quick peeks into the psyche of Jon's mind. One was of his hand roaming across the snow pale flesh of her ass, bouncy and soft under his palm. Another of their tongues colliding as their bodies pressed together in a heated embrace. A third image was of his thumb rubbing across her her pert and dainty breasts, her nipples so firm under his touch. A final image of him kissing her down there... Jon stop it!

He knew that whatever his mind conjured up for him it would never do Daenerys actual body any justice, and as these images toyed with him he couldn't help but feel like a typical teenage boy with his hormones running wild. And he wasn't ever lick this, he couldn't even remember a time where he'd felt this way for someone. Even Ygritte who'd he'd dated for the entirety of sixth year was nothing in comparison. That one kiss he'd shared with Daenerys was more erotic and tense than anything he'd ever experience. 

And it was a kiss surrounded in sadness. 

If he actually got to kiss her again without the backdrop of comfort and just the two of them wanting to kiss each other for the pleasure, he couldn't imagine what he'd do. It would be more explosive than any sex he'd had with Ygritte, for sure. The red head turned out to be a bitch anyways, he's lost count of how many students she'd had since him, 6? 7? Not that it matters obviously, she was free to do whatever she liked and he was thankful she hadn't come back to him. 

He was in too deep with Daenerys now, she crept into his every waking thought and he thought he was going to lose her to some tall and buff Durmstrang man earlier that day. yet she'd turned him down and he knew why instantly. She suspected Durmstrang to knowing more than they were letting on with the rigging of the tournament and the rising of the dark magic. She wasn't about to date someone she thought was involved with the goings on. Of course, it wasn't a date, it was a dance. That did not stop Jon from seeing green with a jealous rage that built inside him. And she knew he was that way. 

"Fucking prick" Was the next thing Jon heard as Gendry came out of the headmasters office with a face of anger. Jon coughed to let him know both he and Daenerys were there and he ought to watch his language. Jon was in that kind of mood where he'd give out points for even the tamest expletive as his afternoon in Hogsmeade had been forfeited. 

"Language" Daenerys spoke mirroring his thoughts entirely. 

"Sorry" He grumbled. "He's just such a worm!"

"Did you know I slapped him the other day?" Daenerys smiled at Gendry. Jon got lost in it, Merlin curse you, Daenerys Targaryen. The images flashed by once again and Jon found his jeans tightening a little. His head was swirling as he tried not to focus on it and listen to what everyone was saying. 

"I heard, knock some sense into him?" Gendry cackled. 

"Clearly not enough" Daenerys replied laughing too. Gendry was a friend of her friend Missandei, even though Jon was sure they'd hardly said anything to each other. Jon knew Gendry the best obviously out of them both, he'd had lessons with him for seven years now in fours with Robb and Theon. There was a brief period of silence but it did not last long, Daenerys spoke again. "Gendry, I have a favour to ask you"

Jon hated what was coming. He knew it was irrational and he knew it was completely and utterly useless feeling this way but he could not help it. The green rage was filling him and he had need of an outlet. Why wasn't she alright to have one dance with someone that wasn't him? If it was Missandei he would not get this irrational, but because it was boys and being of that same sex he knew none of them could be trusted. "Sure, what's up?"

"I am going to the Yule Ball stag, I don't want a date really. I don't trust many people and the ones I do are already taken, but I need someone to dance with during the champions dance" She said. "I was wondering if you'd do that for me? I don't really like dancing, well I can't dance. But I'd probably be made to dance with a teacher or something if I don't choose someone"

"You're not asking Jon but you're going to ask me?" Gendry laughed. 

"Tournament rules, Champions are not allowed to dance the Champion's dance together" Daenerys sighed. It was a pain, one that irked Jon incredibly. What was the problem with it? With their being two students from each house it made sense that they danced with each other. Gendry made an 'o' face and Jon felt the rage boil up inside him. He was not happy about it, but it was better Gendry than that Durmstrang prick. At least Daenerys knew Gendry. 

"Okay sure" He nods. "I mean I was going to go stag anyways so that works out" 

"Gendry Waters, you are a life saver" She laughed. "Now go before you get expelled for causing a scene again!"

Gendry rolled his eyes before making his way down the spiralled staircase. Jon had an urge to follow him and tell him if he hurt Daenerys than he'd face a pain he'd never realised before, but he found that to be too over the top so he let it slid. They were only waiting a few more minutes when Joffrey came out and marched down the stairs in a mood. He completely ignored Jon and Daenerys at the top of the stairs, which suited them just fine. 

As they entered the Headmaster's office once more Jon's mind began to play with him again. The lewd images came back and this time lasted longer in his mind. Why now? After all the time they'd spent together this school year, after all the times he's found himself wishing he could kiss her or even hold her in his arms, why was his brain only just beginning to give him these thoughts. Had he just been in such denial of his feelings for her before that now he freely admitted them it was fair game? He did not know, but if this meeting went on for too long he'd have an issue with walking out the door his jeans were getting that tight. 

He'd never thought about doing these things to Daenerys. Would he hope that if after they finish Hogwarts they could do something like this? Yes. But it never crossed his mind that he'd be wanting her in this way so early on, they had not even kissed properly yet! Jon really needed to do something about that, maybe at the ball he'd pluck up the courage and ask. Yet as she talked away to Professor Lannister about the scene that had occurred in the Three Broomsticks, he couldn't help but think about being inside her. 

Merlin he was a mess, and if she had the slightest idea of where his mind was going she'd curse him into the new year. 2098 seemed a long way away, even if it was only three weeks away. He wondered how she'd taste... sweet he'd always imagined, if her kisses were just an appetiser he could not dream of how she tasted down there. And her voice, would she pant or would she moan? Would she arch her back into him as she laid underneath him? All questions he found himself wanting answers too. 

"You both may go" Professor Lannister said suddenly, pulling Jon out of these thoughts. He was thankful that they weren't in there long, he needed a shower and he needed one as soon as possible. He could do with one considering his jeans were damp and muddy at the bottom and he was cold to the bone anyways, but the sudden hardness in his jeans meant he needed one for a completely different reason. 

"I'm going to Gryffindor Tower, see you at dinner?" Jon said suddenly as they walked down the stairs and past the Gargoyle. Daenerys blinked before nodding and heading off in the opposite direction as him.

Oh my sweet Daenerys, if only you knew... He decided he did not want her to know, it was best of being his own shameful act. And yes, he did think it was shameful, he very rarely got boners and usually he'd be able to quickly release in the shower in a few seconds to get rid of it. But this, this was different. It was almost aching in his jeans as it wished to get free. Jon was thankful the walk to Gryffindor tower was short. No one was in there beside second and first years doing homework. Jon managed to get to the dorm unquestioned and grab some clean clothes for his shower. 

Why am I doing this? He asked himself. Because you can't walk around school with a boner...

Of course, there was nothing to be ashamed of, lots of the young boys here had experienced them, it was part of becoming a man. Jon had even had to reassure some of the third and second year boys who were going through the change that it was perfectly normal. Yet here he was panicking about it because he feels dirty. It was all a ridiculous situation. 

Jon climbed into the showers and realised there was plenty of hot water. He let it run across his body as his curly hair became heavy with moisture. Subconsciously, his hand wrapped around his hard member and began to pump. One pump, two pump. He let his barriers down and his mind filled with the images from before. Merlin she looked so good in his dreams. Sweet and innocent, never been kissed Daenerys looked so perfect and ready in his dreams. 

His inhibitions were gone and all he felt was the pleasure coursing through his veins. He pumped his hand slowly to start off with before building his speed up as the intensity rose. It was so crazy to think that he could get like this without any real reason. They hadn't kissed or touched each other for him to be this horny. All he'd done was look at her and these images had come to him. 

And as he thrust into his own hand and his other hand began to play with his balls, he saw new images in his mind, heard her saying his name as he made her feel good. Or at least he hoped he did. He was on top of he, he was inside her and was going in and out of her with the same speed at which he pumped his own member. Oh Jon, he could hear her and it all combined into a sweaty situation. One day, when they leave Hogwarts maybe, when the madness of the year is all gone... When they'd actually kissed. 

He released soon after and moaned her name aloud. He was thankful for putting a silencing charm on the door to stop the anyone else hearing him. He didn't want people to know how deeply he felt for her, that he wanted her so badly that he was jacking himself off in the showers and moaning her name. there was also a question of how was he going to face her, now that he'd fantasised about her this way... Especially with the ball coming up and the excitement of seeing her in a gorgeous dress. 

It was a lucky thing he was taking Sansa to dance with, any other girl would probably get jealous for all the time he'd spend looking at Daenerys. He had asked Arya but she'd made a vomiting sound at the prospect of wearing a dress so he'd asked Sansa in exchange for doing one of her Herbology essays for her. It was next weekend and with Jon's hopes of a kiss that they could share, he dried off and pushed the memories of what he'd just done away. 

She really was going to be the death of him. 

Chapter Text

Iced windows... snowflakes falling in intricate patterns, flashes of the cool air they brought along with it. Daenerys was falling again, the cold whipping past her as it snapped at her feet and breasts, her entire body cooling drastically. Her eyes tried to focus, above her light, bright and blinding. What does this mean? She fell for ages, the air tasted salty like tears that rolled down a cheek. The falling never ceased, she felt like she'd been falling for years, she felt her life flash in front of her, memories flooding her of things she'd never experienced yet.

Was it showing her the future? Wait, this is the dream she'd had while in the Three Broomsticks...

Her voice tried to cry out, but it wouldn't... just like the last dream she'd had. Suddenly, she landed. A thud on the ground yet she did not ache. There was movement around her, snakes, they slithered over and tried to tie her down, constricting her throat and arms as the last of her breaths left her body. Until they were suddenly gone and she was once again standing before mirrors. What was this place? What power did she have?

"Daenerys..." She heard someone call, female, Missandei. Missandei was stuck here somewhere... no, she was calling her in real, but she could not leave this dream state yet. Everything was repeating itself again. Daenerys was getting the same exact vision... She needed to know what was going on. But nothing was giving her the answer. All she saw was herself, over and over again until it was one endless loop. She looked behind her and looked ahead. She held up a hand to wave at herself and the million other Daenerys waved too. 

"Hello" She said aloud and clear... Was it true sight? Is this what she had? Her family, the Targaryen lineage is still alive because of a dream, of prior knowledge her ancestor Daenys the Dreamer had. She had dreamt of the tournament before it happened and now this? But what was this saying? What was she suppose to be warned off. Ice and salt? It did not make any sense. Self reflection? There was nothing here that could give her a clue. 

And then, she heard the ocean, a strong wave. And suddenly she was engulfed in the water, her mind was becoming swamped with survival instincts as she tried to make sense of what was happening. She could hear Missandei again but she couldn't find the voice. Wave after wave bombarded her as she found herself in an ocean, a ship passing by... The Durmstrang ship... 

It's a warning, it has to be one...

Daenerys woke up with sweat on her forehead and her skin cold and pimpled. She forgot momentarily where she was, after all the ocean and waves of her dream had felt so really. Just like last week she had no idea what it meant, only that she got chills thinking of Durmstrang and what as a school they could be plotting against wizard kind. Daenerys knew she had no concrete evidence on them, just a feeling of unease. This would hardly convince Professor Lannister of their guilt. 

Putting it aside she had one focus today, the Yule Ball. It was Christmas eve and she had not got around to wrapping presents never mind getting ready for the dance in six hours time. As she laid in her bed she could hear others already beginning to get ready. The twins were having an argument over lipstick shades that go with their dresses and Margaery was complaining that she wasn't allowed to wear a suit. 

Realising she probably should get up considering it was nearing midday, she sat up and pulled the curtains of her four poster bed back. She did not know how she'd slept so long but she was almost grateful. Sleep had been hard to come by these past few days, she'd been going over in her mind if she'd done anything wrong to upset Jon. He'd acted funny with her since Gendry said he'd give her the first dance and she'd been confused ever since. He knew she had to dance with someone, and Gendry was better than a Durmstrang student. 

She had confronted him and asked him if she'd done something wrong. And then he's been sickly sweet and tried to comfort her in saying she'd done nothing wrong and that it was just him going through some stuff. She never brought it up since that interaction two days ago yet she still was not entirely convinced she'd done something to annoy or upset him. So she racked her brain on what else it would be. Curse boys and their mysterious ways, she thought. Well it was more Jon, the rest were so plain and basic that Daenerys could read them like a book. 

"Morning, Daenerys" Margaery said as she was pinning her hair in different fashions. Daenerys sleepily looked around and saw everyone had stuff out everywhere. She rubbed her eyes, mumbled a hello back and got off of the bed. She reached into her draw and opened a chocolate frog, stopping it from jumping off and biting it's head off. Everyone was staring at her. She could hear their comments already. Why are you eating chocolate when you know you need to get into your dress? Well Daenerys was stupid enough to get a dress to small for herself in the beginning. 

She shrugged and took the presents she'd bought a select few for Christmas. She'd gotten Missandei a speech therapy book along with a large selection of the new chocolates in Honeydukes put into a selection box. She'd also gotten her a new lipstick she'd ready about in Witch Weekly. It was a red colour which was suppose to look good on all skin tones. She'd gotten Professor Lannister a book on How to be the funniest person in the room, something she thought was quite funny. Lately he'd been serious all the time and she almost missed his wisecracking. 

And then there was Jon. She'd struggled for ages on what to get him, or if she should get hims something at all. After all, she'd have given him something to blow up in his face the last few years. But she decided she would. So she'd bought him a new broomstick service repair kit as he was complaining his own one was looking a bit worse for wear as there had been no Quidditch this year. 

She'd then decided it wasn't enough so she'd ordered some of her favourite books on the second wizarding war for him and a few potions ones to help him in his weakest subject. She hoped it wasn't too much, but after all he'd helped her this year when no one else would and she would never forget that. And it had only been four months of the school year, so how quickly they'd realised their true feelings towards one another was completely bonkers. 

She got her wrapping out, a brown paper and her string and effortlessly began wrapping all the presents up with a flick of her wand. The Spello-tape reel went down quickly so she had to duplicate it to finish her packages. She wrote name tags out and magically attached them to the packages before putting them all back into the bag she'd got them from and placing them back under her bed and magically sealing them in there. No sticky fingers was going to steal her stuff today. 

She thought it was too early to start getting ready, Missandei wasn't coming to the Slytherin common room with her and makeup until two in the afternoon. So Daenerys grabbed her towels and shampoo and went to have a shower, praying there was some hot water left. She didn't fancy having to put a charm on the shower head to get it to the temperature she wanted, that was too much hard work. 

When she got to the showers, she was grateful she did not have to do as such. The water rolled off of her skin and formed a warming blanket around her. Her hair stuck to her face and her nipples suddenly became hard at the sensation of the water flowing over them. It did feel good, but not that good. Daenerys was utterly confused as to why this had suddenly happened at all. She'd never found anything to make her body have such a visceral reaction. Her mind immediately went to Jon, she'd felt things for him, but not this suddenly. 

Scaring herself she decided to ignore it and continued to wash her body thoroughly and to shampoo her hair. It felt like every inch of her body was suddenly on a wire, so sensitive to touch and making her weak. Daenerys had never found anything this pleasing before, her own experiences of being touched had marred her ideals of love and how all that stuff should go. She didn't know how she was supposed to feel, it wasn't something she thought off. It had often been too painful. 

It was Jon she thought of though, and that was what ultimately scared her. She'd never felt so much intensity and sensitivity in her body that led to this sensation. And as she washed her hair out, her mind flashed with images. Their tongues collided in the first image, something that she'd had a small experience of and something she secretly hoped for tonight at the ball. She would not ask, but she hoped that he might. It wasn't like they hadn't kissed before, but it as over a backdrop of pin and misery in her life. And yes she still felt those things, but she could think more clearly these days. 

The second image was his hands on her waist, the coarse yet soft sensation of his hand running under her school shirt. Daenerys breathing increased quickly, was this just a fantasy she was having or was it one of her visions again? Was this something that was going to happen during this school year? The final image was of his mouth attached to her sex. Daenerys almost sobbed at the way it made her feel, so caressed yet so scared. How would she ever let him do that? When she was so scared of what Viserys had done to her body?

She slid down the wall of the shower and curled up at the bottom, head resting on her knee and tears streaming her face, mixing with the warm water of the shower. She was terrified, feeling like her mind had betrayed her body, feeling like she'd lost the ability to speak. The images felt so real, yet they did not give her thoughts of feelings of terror like her memories of Viserys abuse did, it was a completely new sensation. 

She did not know how long she was at the bottom of the shower for, but when she finally got out her fingers had pruned up. She shakily wrapped her towel around her body and prayed that her hard nipples did not show through it. Merlin I'm a mess, Daenerys thought harshly. She stared at her own reflection for a good ten minutes before returning to the dorm in her dressing robe. 

Missandei had turned up and was sat on the bed, two hours she must've been in there for. Daenerys apologised for not being able to let her in and she said she'd only got here a few minutes ago so it wasn't that big of a deal. Missandei noticed something off with Daenerys, which meant that she was still visibly shaken. Daenerys did not want anyone knowing the small snippet of arousal she'd felt from having thoughts of Jon Snow in the shower so she smiled wearily. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, a little nervous" Daenerys reassured. 

"Well you have nothing to be nervous about, you'll do great on the Champion's dance!" She tells her. Somehow her reassurance works and the spend the next four hours getting ready. Daenerys braid was done up into a complicated pattern, she wore glowing makeup to help accentuate her natural beauty. They painted their nails before changing into their dresses. 

Daenerys look into the mirror and found herself smiling. She didn't realise she could look so pretty, when people had told her before that she was it had meant nothing. Her brothers declarations had made her feel sick and she had not believed Jon when he'd complimented her. But now, she saw beauty. She smiled and left the small changing bathroom in the dorm and returned wearing her dress. Several people gasped. 

"Daenerys, you look incredible!" Nymeria whistled. Daenerys felt her cheeks flush bright red. "How do you look so effortless?"

"Err, do I? Thanks I guess" Daenerys realised that if she was going to have compliments all evening she was not going to be able to handle this ball. Missandei went into the room after her to put her yellow dress on. Missandei's hair was in it's full and natural Afro. Daenerys sat on the edge of her bed and put her shoes on, small and silver. She had even painted her toenails, something she always found pointless for school. "Missandei, are you ready?"

"Yes" She mumbled before stepping out. Daenerys eyes went wide. "You look fantastic!"

"Really?" She said as if she did not believe it. 

"Really" Daenerys reassured.

Nymeria and Tyene agreed and said the colour yellow made her skin colour pop too. Margaery winked at Missandei which caused Daenerys to roll her eyes. It was almost seven when they'd finished. So all the girls stepped down and out of the dorm into the common room where many people were already gathered in fine outfits. Daenerys smoothed her navy dress down once more and they walked through the crowd of party-goers.

There was also a bunch of First, second and third year students looking unhappy as they were not allowed to go unless they had been asked by a fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh year. So Sansa Stark was the only one in third year or lower going as Jon had asked his sister rather than bothering to find someone else to dance with. Daenerys did think about Ygritte, wondering if he'd ask her but she was apparently going with a Ravenclaw student. Daenerys was happy he was taking his sister instead. 

They left the common room and stood outside the doors ere Gendry and Greyworm. They both looked good in their dress robes, Gendry in particular scrubbed up well. Daenerys was pretty sure she saw Greyworm's eyes widen as he took in Missandei's appearance. Gendry offered his hand in a low bow and after curtsying (something difficult in heels Daenerys decided) she accepted. 

The Yule Ball had begun. 

Chapter Text

Jon hated bow-ties, they were always awkward to do and somehow they always ended up wonky around his neck. Thankfully, Sansa was doing it for him as she was ready to go down to the Great Hall for the Yule Ball. Sansa had put her hair into a braid similar to what Daenerys would usually do and it looked nice. She was wearing a grey dress that complimented her fiery red hair and a beautiful silver chair which hung behind her. He did not understand witch fashion but ever sicne Robb told him that all women liked compliments he'd given her one anyway. 

"How can you not do a simple tie up?" She sighed as she finished it and nodded her head. Jon didn't wear dress robes very often, only at the odd Stark family occasion had there been a need for it and every time he'd gone open collar. That decision had always earned him glares but he'd been beyond caring. So why do I care now? He thought to himself. he knew the answer to this question, but he still asked himself it. 

When both himself and Daenerys realised they could not do the champions dance with each other he'd been more brooding than ever when it came to other students in the school. He didn't want to dance with anyone else (and did not know how to dance beside tapping his foot to music)  and so every girl that had asked him he'd politely turned down. It was going through the school like dragon fire that Jon was deciding to go stag and majority wondered if Daenerys was the reason. They all knew they both liked each other. 

'Daenerys is going with Gendry, why didn't he just ask her himself?' 'Champions are not allowed to do the champions dance together' 'Then why is he turning down all of the girls who ask him?' 'Maybe he's not going?' 'He has to go, he's a champion!'

Jon was actually fed up with the gossip he'd heard every time he'd walk by or the strange glances he'd receive knowing those people had just been talking about him five minutes before. But the truth was that if he couldn't go with Daenerys he wasn't going to go with some other girl he didn't know very well.  The likelihood of him being able to spend time at the ball with Daenerys that was would be low, the other girls in school were attention-seekers. He'd have to focus his time on them and not the one person he wanted too, but he wasn't about to do that. 

And so he'd asked Arya, his little sister, to be his date to the ball. Jon got on the most with Arya and he'd hoped that she would enjoy a night of punch, nibbles, music and dancing. She, however, had laughed in his face claiming he must not know her very well if he thought she'd agree to dressing up and dancing when she had studies to do. He'd rolled his eyes at the choice language Arya had spoken, a few curse words slipping out of the mouth as she declined him. She'd bee spending too much time with that William Potter, his mouth was like troll in heat by all accounts. 

So Jon had turned to Sansa, not by choice, but by force. Later that same day he'd been accosted by the red head and she'd nearly hexed him into next week. She'd demanded to know why he'd asked Arya but not her. Jon had never really gotten along with Sansa, it was only recent years where they'd both seen eye to eye so Jon naturally didn't think about it. she'd said that she'd go with him and that she'd also teach him basic dancing skills since he had foolishly showed himself up in Madam Quaithe's lessons the past few week. 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. That's all he had to remember. No doubt I'll forget, he thought feeling panicked all of a sudden. 

"You ready" Sansa asked with an eager smile on her face. They were in the boy dorm room where Robb and Theon had also finished getting ready. They came back into the room looking smart in their dress robes and Sansa jumped with happiness. "You all look amazing! But, as the oldest female in our family I need to give you advice"

"You're thirteen Sansa" Robb moaned, knowing what was coming. 

"And you'd do well to listen to me, so stop complaining!" She snapped. All three of them shut up sharpish. "Good, now you're all taking very nice ladies this evening. And Jon, I know you're taking me but let's be honest as soon as the champions dance is over you'll be dancing with Daenerys so listen up. Do not, under any circumstances try and take advantage of these girls! I heard some boys in the library talking about spiking their dates drinks, I told Professor Marwin and they have been banned thankfully"

"Sansa, we would never-" Jon was abruptly interrupted.

"I'm not finished!" Jon had never seen Sansa look so serious, and currently, he was inclined to pay attention to every word she was saying. Even Theon looked shocked and that was saying something. "If I hear that ANY of you have done something to make a girl uncomfortable and do something she doesn't want to, I will invoke the wrath of my mother and bring hell onto you. A Blast-ended Skrewt will look like a puppy in comparison. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sansa" The three of them chimed. Jon was afraid to move. Jon continued speaking. "You know we never would, right?"

"I know, but I had to say it. If you're going to drink the punch I want it to be responsibly and not at the expense of another girls dignity" She was being reasonable, and Jon knows she means more for Theon than himself and Robb. But he listens to her spiel anyway. He would never hurt Daenerys in such a way, and any man or young boy who would hurt girls were disgusting. "Okay, we ready?"

They all nodded and left the dorm and entered the common room. There was a commotion of fourth year and up students in various dresses and dress robes. Arya was laughing as she sat by the fireplace while all the other students in her year were looking grumpy for not being allowed to go. Jon offered his arm and Sansa took. As they left the room through the portrait of the fat lady, there was more commotion outside as boys lined up waiting for their dates. Jon glided past them all with Sansa as Theon took off to the Slytherin dungeon to pick up Margaery and Robb went to Ravenclaw tower to get Talisa. 

Jon was nervous, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't, he kept on wondering what dress Daenerys was wearing (even if he's been avoiding her after his slightly erotic thoughts on her) and hoped she'd be wearing something regal. She was the Queen of the ball for Hogwarts anyway, and he couldn't wait to see it. Sansa, sensing Jon's thoughts were all jumbled up, chastised him. "Stop brooding, for once in your life"

"Yes mother" Jon snorted. Sansa did not find it funny. She went on about how it was the one night in the entire school year where girls would be letting loose and dancing the night away and they did not need him brooding in the corner bringing a sour mood on the proceedings. Jon wondered if she was going to complain about anything else, but she just smiled as they came down the final steps. Daario was stood outside the Great Hall with a fellow Hogwarts student while Doreah was with a Beauxbaton boy. Daenerys was not there yet meaning Greyworm was neither. Irri was, and she was going with David Melleby the Slytherin student. They joined the champions and everyone began snickering when they showed up. 

"Couldn't get a date, Snow?" Daario chortled, Doreah smirked too. Jon found them pathetic so he ignored them and waited for the tournament organiser to show up. Sansa had gone red in the cheeks with embarrassment. Jon held her hand and whispered in her ear that they were idiots so she just needed to ignore them. She wasn't listening, she was looking behind Jon, eyes wide and mouth open. Doreah was the same but she looked more miffed than anything. 

Jon turned around and scanned the people. He felt his heart stop in it's place. 

She looked stunning, a modest dress that hugged her figure and was floor length in an unexpected colour. It was blue. She had a little makeup on, as she had been using all school year so far, her lips were shiny and her eyes had something glittery on them. Her hair was up in a more complicated braid that he'd ever seen it and he found himself wondering how on earth it was achieved. Merlin on a broom, she looks gorgeous. 

He found himself wondering how this was the same woman he'd known all school year. Where the nervous and tense girl had been, whose mother had died and family had fallen apart, was now a blossoming woman who looked confident and glowing. Jon was sure if this had been the cartoons in the old wizardology magazine he used to collect as a kid his heart would've beat out of his chest and his eyes would've fallen out of their sockets. She looked like a dream, having more of an affect on him than the Veela girls from Beauxbaton's Academy. 

She walked down the last few steps with Gendry and joined the group of champions. Missandei followed with Greyworm and Jon thought she'd scrubbed up well too. Her hair looked amazing. Daenerys and Gendry came and stood next to Jon and Sansa and Jon found his heart speeding up double time. She spoke then, and Jon thought he'd faint then and there. "Hi"

"Hi" He mumbled, his tongue getting caught in his mouth. He looked in her eyes and saw his own reflection in her shining iris'. "You look amazing... I mean you always do I wasn't implying that you don't when you're normal but you look great now too" Sansa nudged him to try and tell him to shut up but it wasn't happening, his mouth was still blabbing. "That dress looks good, I didn't know you liked Navy"

"There's many thing you don't know about me, Jon Snow" She teased, a small smile on her mouth and a twinkle in her eye. Jon realised, in that moment, just how fucked he was. He was so head over heels for this woman and there was nothing that could prevent it now. He was ninety nine percent sure she could tell him she was a serial killer and he still would love her with every fibre of his being and more. There it was, the L word. It wasn't intended but it slipped out. There was no doubt in his mind however, he was one hundred percent sure. And knowing it made him breathe easier. He had accepted it. He just had to wait on the other end realising, if she did feel that way of course. 

Before he could ask want she meant by the subtle 'there's many things you don't know about me' they were interrupted by the Tournament organiser, Mance Raydar. He went on and on about making sure they stayed in formation and about respecting the integrity of the Yule Ball before leading them into the Great Hall. It looked majestic as they entered, the work Jon and Daenerys had done in getting all the food, entertainment and decorations sorted was incredible. The snow was falling but high up, it was disappearing before landing on any students. 

There was silver and black hangings around the room, simple and elegant as the trees were changed to match the same colour scheme. The stage was all silver too, and a swing orchestra was playing a soft melody while people waited. They lined either side of the hall and clapped when the champions walked in. Remember what Sansa taught you, don't look foolish, Jon!

There was a huge gap in the floor where they waited for ten minutes until everyone else poured in. Robb turned up with Talisa who was dressed in aqua blue, Margaery was wearing Green to support the Sytherin colours. Zazzie beats was wearing a suit instead of a dress and Jon thought it was cool. Everywhere there was a sea of colours and happy faces. It was all a little overwhelming. Then, they had to dance. 

Jon held his hand out to Sansa who accepted with a curtsy. They then took the waltz position they'd been learning from Professor Quaithe and began to spin around the floor in sync with the rest of the couples. The music was a soft melody, string instruments only playing. Violins and Cellos sounded out in the open space. 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, he remembered again. He kept reciting the mantra in his head to help him remember the rythmn. 

"There, you can do it" Sansa smiled as some teachers joined in half way through the song piece. Jon knew he could, he was just scared he'd have two left feet. He watched as Professor Lannister decided to enter the floor with his wife, Shae Lannister who was taller than him and Jon found it great to watch them spin around the floor. There was a close call of him stepping on Sansa's foot but it was averted in the end through Jon's quick reactions. 

"I can do this, I'm trying to" Jon laughed. His mind was swirling with Daenerys in that dress. He wanted to kiss her so badly, and every time he saw her on the opposite side of the dance floor elegantly swinging with Gendry, he felt it more than ever. He wanted everyone in this room to know she was his, even though he'd never say that out loud. Careful Jon, don't scare her off before you've even spoken to her this evening properly. Keep the L word to chest and hold back on it. Go at her pace. 

The song soon ended with a big flourish and there was a huge round of applause as the champions bowed and parted. The champions dance was short, but it was over. Jon couldn't help but feel underwhelmed. All the hoopla over a champions dance and it was five minutes of spinning around in sync. At least it meant he could dance with Daenerys and chat with her all night. Well, he'd have to be civil with Robb and Theon too otherwise they'd get grumpy without the attention. 

He bowed to Sansa and watched as she made a B-line for the food. Classic Stark's, loving their food more than anything else. He had asked Daenerys to put pancakes on the nibbles table but she'd refused and told him he'd got a problem with addiction. He'd felt insulted, or at least pretended to be and they had laughed afterwards. He wasn't that bad was he? Probably. 

"Hello handsome" He heard her say from behind him. When he turned to look at her, everyone now mingling and dancing, he felt his heart stop. After the dance she'd also had a flush across her skin as if she'd held her breath the entire time she'd spun with Gendry. Jon couldn't help but swallow some air as he took in her appearance. She looked so good. "You look great"

"Thanks, Sansa tied the bow" Jon laughed, easing himself into this tense encounter. There was a small moment of silence, not prolonged but still noticeable before Jon offered his hand out. "Care to dance?"


The night was truly underway. 

Chapter Text

What is happening to me?

Daenerys was having a complete and utter inner breakdown. The act of dancing with someone should not feel so scary, it did not when she danced with Gendry. But now, as Jon's hands were on her waist and they enjoyed a mid-tempo shimmy together, she found her mind doing back-flips and somersaults as it tried to figure out what was happening to her body and her soul. 

They were stood two inches from each others bodies, Jon's hands rested on her hips as her arms hung loosely around her neck. She could feel his breath on her skin, her own forehead felt moist from either his closeness or the sudden sweatiness she was feeling. All the stars in the sky and all the trees on earth could not add up to the feeling in her body right this moment. As her eyes were almost dizzy with the glow from the candles, the decorations twinkling like ice as it hung onto the trees and across tables, she could only focus on his features. 

His eyes were dark and deep, the usual grey looked black in the glow of the hall. They enchanted her, wished her to get lost in them and never return. They were large pools of oil, deep and easy to drown in. Her own eyes, feeling heavy as she got lost in Jon's appearance, scanned his expression. She did not know it, all she knew was it was intense and he looked as though he wished to kiss her. She wised he would, but she did not know how to articulate it. She could just say kiss me, but she wanted them to be alone when they did.

She didn't like the idea of everyone seeing it. So instead she was content to just sway to the music with him. She tried to focus on one thing at a time, if they had of kissed then and there, she might have completely loss all ability to function. Jon whispered to her quietly. "You still amaze me on a daily basis, you know?"

Daenerys felt her breath catch in her throat. What did he mean by this? How was she amazing? How did she surprise him on the daily? All these questions swirled in her head as she thought on it all. She needed everything to clear in her mind but she was so unable to do so as this handsome man danced with her. "Come again?"

"You, Daenerys Targaryen are one pretty incredible woman" Jon stated again, a little louder so other people could hear. She felt the heat run to her cheeks as she flushed in embarrassment. Why is he so nice? "You keep getting up after so many setbacks and here we both are, dancing together at a ball as Triwizard Champions. It's pretty amazing really when you think about it"

"Amazing when you realise we were two seconds away from strangling each other for most of fourth, fifth and sixth year" Daenerys giggled, she had not known where the noise came from, perhaps there was something in the water but she felt incredibly happy. And so a giggle escaped. "The Quidditch incident and the ferret fiasco seem years and lifetimes ago, lost memories of people we used to be. But we've changed, in a pretty big way"

"I feel like the crap we've both gone through has made us that way, realising that we both were just being stupid and inconsiderate with our arguing led to us being here. I'm glad we talked about it all on Patrol many moons ago" Jon agreed. "And I still don't know what I did to deserve your forgiveness for the shit I said about you, had it been me I would never have forgiven. But you did, and now look at us!"

"You're special to me, Jon" Daenerys admitted. "I don't know how I would've gotten through the school year and all the trauma and horror that has come to my family if it wasn't for your support. I never expected it, even thought we were both Head boy and girl and we were suppose to look out for each other, I never expected it. You've helped me more than you realise to and the fact you don't think I don't see it all makes it even more endearing"

"See what?" He raised a brow and wondered curiously?

"It's... little things, I guess. Having food and water in your bag so that if I've not eaten you've got something for me to have, especially when I was forgetting to do everything when my mother died" She started, Jon flushed redder than the Gryffindor common room sofas. "Tell people that jokes about my heritage are no longer okay, that if people were caught saying it then it would be detentions straight off. Sticking up for me after everything we went through arguing with each other, it's just a complete turn on how we used to be. Thank you for looking out for me no one else was"

"It's okay" He said in a hushed tone. "You don't have to thank me"

"Oh, but I do! Jon I'd be a mess if it wasn't for you!" Daenerys said more honestly than she'd realised. She had not known where this sudden spiel had come from but it was intense. When she thought on it all, she realised that these were acts of someone who cared more than the average witch or wizard does to a fellow student. That terrified her, did he love her? No, he can't be there yet, he's just being supportive and caring as a fellow head boy does, he can't love you like you love him, Daenerys.

Daenerys was unsure how and when she'd fallen in love. She didn't even know if the feeling she had was love but she'd read enough books to know she was feeling some of the same stuff the girls in those books felt for their partners. It was almost petrifying, wondering how and when this man she once hated had affected her in such a way. But he did make sure she was eating, he did watch her back for her, he did outwardly look at her with eyes of longing and adoration. He liked her, he'd said as much, but love? Surely that's too much to ask for. Not that she would ask. 

Her mind was ahead of her body. She felt like dancing with him in this close proximity was already pushing her limits of human contact but she was tough and resilient. She luckily enough had not had any reminders from Viserys about his intentions towards her, or any contact at all since the letter she'd opened in her Room. No Viserys meant nothing to ruin her happy demeanour and the elation running bone deep. The music sped up a little, and Daenerys found herself wanting to groove a little more than just the old shimmy she was currently doing. 

She parted a little from Jon as the song turned into a full on upbeat jig. Missandei and Greyworm came over to them then and the four of them started to groove and get down with leg kicks and laughs. Missandei started to break it down and Greyworm followed suit. Before they knew it, half the school was cheering the four of them on as a dance battle began. "You're going down, Targaryen!"

"I've seen you dance, Jon. You're horrendous!" She cackled as her and Missandei took one side of the battle and Greyworm and Jon took the other sides. There was five full minutes of back and fourth dancing where it was going in favour of Daenerys and Missandei until Jon broke out the worm. He got down on the floor and began break-dancing. "That's not dancing! That's rolling around on the floor getting mucky!"

The crowds were cheering anyway and Daenerys and Missandei got the grump and conceded the win. Jon high-fived Greyworm and went back to Daenerys who was pretending to be grumpy with him. "Sorry, love. But I'm just so much better at dancing than you"

"Pfft" Daenerys scoffed. She walked towards the food table, her stomach rumbling a little. Jon followed her and kept going on about him showing her how to dance some other time which earned him a whack on his shoulder. Jon picked up a plate and began piling stuff on it, this was when Robb and Theon made their way over. "Now, what food shall I have today? Oh, hello boys"

"Great dancing Daenerys" Robb winked. Daenerys furrowed her brow. "Such a shame Jon cheated"

"What?" Jon exclaimed loudly. 

"Oh come on, rolling on the floor is not dancing and you know it!" Theon cackled. Daenerys took their appearance in. Their foreheads were glistening with thin beads of sweat from the dancing and they looked tired. "Now, well done on the Champions dance though, Jon. You did not manage to trip over, an improvement!"

"I can dance when it's freestyle but not a waltz, stupefy me!" He shoved a egg and cress sandwich in his mouth and Daenerys found herself rolling her eyes. Jon continued to talk with his mouth full. "And anyways, where are your dates for this evening? Have they realised how pathetic you both are and ditched? I wouldn't be surprised" Daenerys whacked him on the arm again and he let out a loud shout. "Ouch! That hurt!"

"Don't be an arse then" She shrugged before picking up some chocolate cake and putting it on her plate. Robb and Theon said their ladies were powdering their nose or something to that effect in the girls bathroom (most ladies do this apparently, Daenerys did not know this). A few more minutes of talking by the food table and the girls came back and took Robb and Theon away to dance again. Then, Sansa came over. 

"Jon, can we dance again? All these Durmstrang boys are a bit hands on and I'd like to be reminded what a nice dance is" Daenerys instantly knew Sansa regretted saying 'hands on' as Jon turned into a rage monster in front of their very eyes. Daenerys couldn't help but laugh, it was almost sweet how protective of his family Jon was. She just wished her own family was like it and not the ones who had sexually assaulted her and abandoned her. She envied him for it. 

"WHAT! Who was it? Tell me there names and I'll send them to the hospital wing!" Jon barked. Sansa groaned and just dragged him too the dance floor. Daenerys did not mind, she was enjoying the cake and sandwiches. Missandei came over and she too started to pile food on a plate, Daenerys nodded in appreciation. All the other girls wouldn't be able to eat, they'd come in very tight dressed, but Daenerys black dress (Dark navy really) had a little room, so she wasn't going to skip on food and neither was Missandei. 

They didn't say anything for a while, they just watched people dance and chat. Daenerys thought about how hard it had been to get the whole school to come together and help with different aspects of decoration, but it looked amazing now and she was thankful she'd managed it. Suddenly, she was reminded of her dream. Twinkles like Ice... Could her decorations be the icy twinkle she'd thought of? No, surely it would be something task related. Still, it unnerved her slightly. 

"What do we have here then..." Daenerys felt a chill run down her neck. Drogo. Daenerys had done her best to actively avoid the guy since the fiasco in the Three Broomsticks a week back, but she had managed it until now. She did not know what he wanted and she was pretty unwilling to even talk to him. Most guys would've given up by now but he was persistent, she'd give him that. 

"What do you want, Drogo?" Daenerys sighed as she found herself wishing she could be dancing with Jon again away from the food table. As she looked on at him on the other side of the room jiving with Sansa, she considered walking off and not even entertaining Drogo's questions. But that would be rude and she prided herself on not being that way to the visiting students. 

"I'm a little upset, I offered to come to the dance and you chose that Hufflepuff lad. A big mistake" He smirked. "Not the best dancer was he?"

"He was perfectly fine, it was a lovely first dance. Now I you don't mind, please excuse me as I think I have to go and be literally anywhere else but here with you" Daenerys stated. It rattled him and he looked visibly annoyed. Well, so much for not being rude. 

"You embarrassed me in Hogsmeade village" He moaned. Daenerys did not realise she was dealing with a child. "It was not a very nice thing for you to do, you said you was not looking to be swept of your feet, someone else had done that. Such a lie, can you not see that he doesn't feel that way about you? You're a filthy inbred, why would he?"

Daenerys froze in her spot. How did he know? How did he know that her parents were brother and sister? No one had said anything about it in months, she'd not told him and he had not heard why she'd slapped Joffrey on that she had done it. And Jon, he did like her, didn't he? Yes, he did. Drogo is just manipulating you, ignore it, resist it. Missandei, hissing as she spoke told him to go away before she made him. It was something Daenerys did not think she'd hear from her. 

"Leave" Daenerys demanded. "Leave me alone"

"Sorry, did I hit a nerve? Your friend said it would rattle your cage, I should thank him" Drogo smirked. Friend? What friend? "Oh, here he comes, thank him yourself for enlightening me on your preferences" Daenerys head was spinning. "I didn't know brother fucking was allowed, but you still practice it?"

Daenerys turned into the direction Drogo was looking at to see Joffrey Baratheon smirking like the slimy git that he was. "Drogo, my friend!" Joffrey came up and greeted him. "Oh, Daenerys. You're still here?"

"You shit-bag!" Daenerys blurted, see was seething. Her Targaryen nature was coming out, she felt her blood flow and her anger with it. She was keeping tears back in her eyes. It was bad enough Drogo had suggested Jon did not like her because of her nature but that Joffrey told Drogo she liked to sleep with her brothers... she was beyond angry. "You have no idea what my life is like, you don't know what you're talking about! How dare you spread lies about me that are false and defaming!"

"Lies? Are you not a child of filthy incest?" Joffrey laughed. 

"That's not my fault and you know it!" She growled. The ball was ruined, the evening was ruined. Her reputation was ruined. 

"Sure, and when you lay down and take your brother inside you, as I assume you do, is it good? You probably enjoy it you disgusting whore" Joffrey laughed and Drogo laughed with him. Daenerys felt her heart clench and her barrier break down. If they knew, if only they knew... Feeling dejected and horrified as this boys laughed at her and said whatever vile thing came to their mind she turned and fled. 

She could hear Missandei calling after her, but she ignored it.

She just ran...

And ran...

And ran. 

Chapter Text

Jon left Daenerys with Missandei by the food table as he was dragged forcefully into the crowd of people by Sansa. He did not particularly like that some greasy Durmstrang had gotten his hands on his baby sister and so he watched all of them around him like hawks for any sly hands trying to grab her. She was only a third year after all and all these guys were definitely seventh years. How dare they, he found himself thinking angrily. 

"You look really intense, what did I say about no brooding!" Sansa warned. Jon rolled his eyes at her intense expression, she looked like Catelyn in these moments with her red hair flowing and her eyes squinting in a piecing stare. Of course she was nothing like Catelyn these days. Where her mother lacked compassion Sansa was full of it and where Catelyn lacked a sense of humour, Sansa could crack jokes better than anyone. Clean jokes though, Sansa still had the sensibilities of a lady after all. 

"You literally just told me that some guys were trying to grope you how am I not suppose to looked pissed off?" Jon was right and Sansa gave in. They began to salsa across the floor along with Robb and Talisa who was swooning as if Robb was the greatest dancer she'd ever seen. It was not true of course, but Robb probably was the best dancer of all the boys in the family. Although little Rickon would give them all a run for their money, Jon once caught him spinning on his head. 

"Just smile for once" Sansa moaned. 

"Yes, boss" Jon pretended to salute, which while mid dance was a difficult thing to do. He nearly tripped over Sansa's feet but managed to regain composure. She scowled at him for being stupid. "Now who's got the sulking face?"

Sansa ignored him and began to lead instead, it was something Jon wasn't used to but he went along with it. Theon and Margaery were just laughing as they lazily span around, giggling and causing a scene. Theon tripped on Margaery's dress and they both tumbled to the floor where they continued to laugh as if they'd taken a laughing elixir and couldn't physically stop. "Merlin on a broom they're an embarrassment!"

"They're just having fun" Jon reasoned. "Is that such a crime?"

Jon turned to look at them as they began to make out on the floor. Jon swore he could see saliva hanging between their mouths. He felt himself have to hold down the food he'd just eaten. "Clearly it's a crime"

"Fair point" Jon nodded in agreement. They waltzed away from the love fest and began dancing over by the band near the front. "Public displays of affection in that capacity should be banned, I mean what is he even think-"

Jon stopped on his words as out of the corner of his eye he saw someone running, that someone had a dark blue dress on and a silver blonde braid flowing down there back. He felt his tongue get twisted in his mouth as his eyes followed her as she shot out the door, her hands covering her face, one of them wiping her eye as if she'd been crying. 

Jon felt anger bubble in the tips of his fingers as he clamped down on Sansa's hands a bit too much. He let go off her and looked around for the cause of whatever had happened. he should've gone straight after her, asked her what had happened and comforted her. But as he saw Joffrey Baratheon and that weird Drogo guy laughing together by the food table while Missandei shouted in their faces as Grey tried to pull her back, he headed straight for them. 

Sansa shouted at him wondering what on earth he was doing but he wasn't going to listen to hear, she could follow him all he liked but he wanted to know what was said and why. Jon felt the bow-tie around his neck become tight as he tried to not panic. Merlin, I hope she's alright, he thought aggressively. He swore to himself if these arseholes have said anything about her heritage he was going to sock them square in the jaw. 

By the time Jon reached the food table, Daenerys plate left there and Jon's that he left before being dragged away by Sansa had been picked clean. He could hear Missandei's conversations, or shouts were more appropriate. Jon being head boy, decided it was time to act and try to be a calming factor in whatever was going on. Or at least that's what he would say to teachers after he's punched someone in the face. 

"What's going on here?" He asked authoritatively. Joffrey's face turned to eye him up and with a second pause his face turned into one that he often associated with the young Baratheon. Gloating and satisfaction. He'd seen it so often. The Drogo guy on the other hand, he looked stoic and cautious, as he should. He might be bigger than Jon but Jon would put him in the ground without a second thought. 

You need to stop thinking like this, whatever they said to Daenerys is not true and you know she will recover, she always does... Jon found it was a stupid wish, of course she would be affected, she always was. And it was times like these where he regretted having a part of making her life miserable. He'd been such an arse too her, the offhanded comments had been beneath him yet he'd still made them. And now, as he looked at them both, he felt all the pain and regret resurface. "Ah, Jon. Lovely to have some authority here!"

"Cut the shit, Joffrey" Jon warned. He wasn't taking any excuse tonight, he wanted the truth. "What did you say to her?"

"Now now, so easy to blame me. I never said anything that we all didn't already know" He said as he gestured to all of them stood in this group. Missandei made for him again but Greyworm easily held her back. Jon's eyes squinted and as he took a deep breath he walked towards Joffrey with more meaning than he's ever done with anyone before. He stood from him, only a foot apart before he squared up to him. 

"I'm going to say this once; tell me what you said to her or I'll bury you three feet deep in the ground" Jon's voice was laced with venom. He could hear Sansa's gasp behind him but he ignored her, he meant every word of it. He was pumping with adrenaline and he was ready to take them both on and win. Joffrey just laughed, it was clear that Jon wasn't getting his message through. 

In one fell motion Jon's hand was around Joffrey's throat and holding it so tightly that he was lifting him off of the ground. Joffrey's arms were trying to get Jon's wrist off of his neck, but Jon would not relent. "G-get off m-me!" 

"Tell me what you said" Jon asked louder, his anger flowing through him as he expected the worst. There was a slid minute where the gasps and shocked looks of the onlookers fell on Jon's suddenly deaf ears. He was consumed by a rage over something he did not know. It wasn't until Sansa yelled at him that he was brought out of the trance and released Joffrey out of his grip. He fell to the floor gasping for air. 

"You can't do that to me! I am t-the grandson of the minister!" He howled as he rubbed his neck where Jon's hand-print was bright red. Jon bent down and grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and looked him directly in his eyes. 

"Tell me what you said or I'll send you to the minister in a coffin with a bow on it" Jon growled. 

"Tell him you shit!" Missandei shouted. Jon's eyes swung around to her, she was struggling in Greyworm's arms. He face was red with anger and her eyes darker than the usual honey they were. "Tell him how you told this Drogo guy that Daenerys is a product of incest! Tell him how you said she fucks her brothers! Tell him how you said to her face that she was a disgusting whore who loved it when her brothers fuck her, TELL HIM!"

Jon's face dropped. Disgusting whore... Incest... It was the same things that he'd said all that time ago. Well, not the whore part... but he'd definitely joked about the brother fucking before. He felt horrified, dirty and he couldn't even imagine how it made her feel. Jon's fists balled up around the cloth of Joffrey's dress shirt. He was so angry, he'd never felt this angry before. He understood, he finally understood why she'd been so mad every time a joke was made at her expense. 

Feeling everything at once and hating on this piece of garbage between his hands, Jon curled his right fist up and connected with Joffrey's jawline. There was a distinct crack and for a second Jon was worried it was his fingers, but it wasn't. He'd cracked Joffrey's jawline and he knew it. One strike, one angry and riled up strike and that's all it had taken. It didn't stop him from landing a second hit despite the cowering shit that was receiving the blows was begging for him to stop. One hit, two hit. A tooth came flying out and blood splatted across the floor. 

Jon felt himself being dragged off of Joffrey as teachers voices could be heard through the crowded scene. He couldn't be carted off to the headmasters office for a warning and a letter home yet, he couldn't. He needed to see how she was, to find her. Even though he was ninety five percent sure he knew where she was. The swarm off people meant he could climb under people's legs. 

Joffrey was moaning and mumbling, he couldn't talk properly, clearly Jon broke his jaw. But the moans and the mumbles were still enough to make Jon's skin crawl with hate and vile thoughts. Legs parted and people moved as Jon got to the front door of the entrance hall. Everyone else looking for him was in the distance as he stood up and legged it out of the Hall and on his way to Daenerys. 

The halls were empty, the music was slowly becoming quieter behind him as he tried to run in his dress shoes up the grand staircase. He kept slipping on certain stones and some disappeared that he'd usually miss altogether. He had to spend ages waiting for the third floor staircase to turn back towards the Gryffindor common room way so he could get to the seventh floor and when it finally did he cursed for minutes after. 

He heard the clock chime outside, it was closer to Christmas day than he's realised. The portraits were giggling merrily and drinking mead together. On the sixth floor, not a signal portrait had anyone in, they'd all gone to the fifth floor to terrorise the portrait of Bertie Bott who was the world worst party pooper. Jon flew between corridors and finally reached the seventh floor. he had not seen a soul but he knew straight away she'd been by here. 

"Head boy, do something!" One of the portraits called out to him. Jon turned to face him. "That wretched crying girl has ruin our festivities with her wailing!"

"Have you perhaps thought she was crying because she was upset?" Jon snapped. 

"Boy that's the only time you do cry of course I thought of it!" The portrait sniffed. Jon just stuck his middle finger up to him causing an audible gasp before he marched to the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. He could see scuff marks on the floor where she'd ran. Why are you searching for clues like a detective, Jon? Get in the fucking room and make sure she's okay you idiot! Jon stood to the wall, and closed his eyes. 

I need to make sure she's okay...

I need to know she's safe...

I need her to know she's loved...

It was a minute or so before the door came into view, creaking as it bolted itself into place. It seemed bigger than ever as the door creaked open and he heard cries coming from the other side. He rushed in, the same room familiar to him. The fireplace was burning brightly and heat enveloped him as he entered. She was lying face first into the bean bag, her shoulders moving as she cried. 

Jon rushed over too her, nearly tripping on the rug by the fireplace. he was by her side in a second and he was putting his arms around her. She struggled away from him at first, crying becoming louder as her tears streamed from her face. "Hey, hey, it's okay. It's just me"

"They s-said you didn't c-care for me" She sobs into him eventually, he hoped his embrace felt safe and secure. Jon cooed her, off course he cared for her. He'd just punched Joffrey Baratheon in the face and broke his Jaw! How could he not care for her? He was hopelessly in love with her and he wanted to show it. But how could he do such a thing? Listen, that's all he could do now. "Say you do, say you care for me"

"Daenerys I'm past the caring stage, I'm head over heels for you and would do anything to protect you, to defend you" He said honestly. 

"You would?" She sobs, his dress robes becoming wet with tears. 

"I would" He confirmed. It was the truth. In the tournament he'd helped save her and she him, in school he protected her from other people's harsh words and now, as she cried, he held her close in love and devotion. How could it not be the truth. "I would do anything for you"

"Jon?" She said in a tone of voice that was a question more than an simple mumbling of his name. 

"Yes?" He replied, the heat warming them both as they embraced on the bean bags. 

"I need to tell you something"

Chapter Text

Daenerys Targaryen had no idea how to go about telling her story to Jon. There was so much pain and suffering in it and he was a man she'd come to love and appreciate and respect and admire, trusting him with her life. It was time, she knew it was time in her bones but it did not stop the prospect of telling him from being scary. The fact that she was even the slightest bit comfortable and ready in telling him this tale now shows how much she'd come to care for him and that was not lost on her. She knew the words needed to come out of her mouth as they embraced on her favourite black bean bag with the red throw. 

"What is it?" He asked, a question so loaded that she did not know how to process it. Daenerys saw his knuckles then as he held her hand. They were bruised and slightly bloodied, as if he'd hit something multiple times. She could only hope it was Drogo and Joffrey's faces that had been battered, and she never thought this of anyone. But their words from earlier dug deep into her heart and broke her from the inside. When you lay down and take your brother inside you, as I assume you do, is it good?  If only they knew she kept saying to herself.

But that did not matter now, all that mattered was that Daenerys needed to tell Jon the truth as to why she has her mood swings and to why she was so scared of people touching her and to why she was so broken and damaged inside. But how does she do this? It wasn't going to be easy, she could already feel the anger and hurt flowing through her veins as she processed this. She almost wished Professor Lannister was here to give support in telling the story like he had done in getting the case against Viserys built. It was any day now that it would all be good and everything in her life would change. 

"I... I need you to promise not to get angry or break anything" She mumbled. It was true that she'd expect him to do these things when it came to her truth, so she wanted a promise from him that he would not do any of these things until she'd finished and said her piece. However if it came to him doing this, she would not blame him. How could you not hear such a truth and not feel enraged and pitiful. She continued however, her adrenaline kicking in as she spoke once again. "This is important to me"

"Okay..." Jon's face became one of confusion, his brows furrowed and his eyes squinted a little as if he was trying to figure out a really difficult arithmancy equation. Daenerys looked at him and took in the expression. It was a look that wasn't going to be on his face for much longer so she tried to use his sweet, puppy eyes and soft lips as something to warm her insides and give courage. She inhaled, the air in the room felt constricting and briefly she considered whether a tongue-tying charm was still on her. But it wasn't, she could speak. Here goes nothing...

"You have said to me on several occasions before that when I came back from Christmas in third year that you noticed I was a little... different per say" She started, her courage was failing her quickly as her hands shook while Jon held them. Her mouth was hot, her tongue felt big in her throat, as if she was going to choke on it suddenly. But she fought through it, this was too important to sweep away. She realised this now. "You said that I was mean to anyone that came near me, even within just a few yards and that I was horrible to people. I can tell you it wasn't on purpose, there was a reason"

"I told you all that stuff is in the past, that it did not matter" Jon replied. "And you said it was your blood, the Targaryen blood inside you"

"Please Jon, let me say what I need to say. It's not just the blood. Please listen to me" She asked once again and he remained quiet. She looked at his face, he was obviously worried about her, and that gave her courage to continue. "There was a reason, there is still a reason why it's so hard for me to trust people and to love people and care for them. There's a reason I still struggle with meeting strangers and hanging out with people I do not know very well. It's a fear of mine, but it's not a social anxiety, it's a genuine fear over something that happened to me in third year"

She paused for a moment, her breath almost failing in her mouth. Jon's eyes lit up with curiosity. "Go on"

"I went back to our family home for the Christmas break like I always did, in third year and spent majority of it doing homework. Rhaegar had left home the summer before and had refused to come back after a huge falling out with our father. The house was a pretty miserable place at this point in time" It even hurt Daenerys to talk about Rhaegar, she'd loved him the most out of any family member and then he'd left to live with his partner Elia and never came back. "I was doing my divination homework by the large bay windows in my room, it was cold out but I remember I liked to look at the snow as it fell, landing in thick blankets across the ground"

This was the part of the story Daenerys was going to struggle with, she found her lips wobbling as the memory of that first time came back to her. 

"I'd made it very clear I was upset about not having Rhaegar around the house any more and so my other brother, Viserys, had come into my room and offered to help with my homework. I wasn't particularly struggling with it but I accepted the help anyway because I wanted to feel that connection with a family member like I had Rhaegar. It was stupid, I know" She breathed raspily, even his name made her cringe inwardly. She felt dirty and unclean, used. Which is exactly what she was, used. "So he helped me for a few hours before he asked if I wanted to go play some Quidditch in the garden"

"You play Quidditch?" Jon asked clearly shocked, there was a small smile there as he asked. It wouldn't be there much longer. 

"I used to. It was cold out and it was snowing but I thought why not, I'd been doing all my homework for a few hours and needed a break. I wrapped up warm in my Quidditch gear and we went outside. We played for an hour before the biting winds were too much, I didn't win but I hadn't expected to. Viserys was on the Quidditch team here and he was a renown beater but I'd appreciated being put through the ringer. I had wanted to join the Slytherin Quidditch team so it was good practice. We came inside and it wasn't going to be long until dinner that evening, it was Boxing Day I remember. I showered and got warm from the cold, I still remember the iciness of my fingers as they thawed in the hot shower"

There was a brief pause as Daenerys found a second wind of courage. Why is this so damn hard, Daenerys? Rip the band-aid off!

"I got out the shower and dried off in my en-suite. I put my hair up in a bun I remember and cleaned down in the cubicle. I changed into my dressing robe before leaving my en-suite and re-entering my room. Viserys was sat on one of my chairs by the fireplace still in his Quidditch robes and covered in dirt. He asked if he could use my shower as his wasn't working, he said something about the plumbing not connecting or something I don't really remember" Daenerys felt uncomfortable, she couldn't even look Jon in the face. "I didn't think anything of it and so I said it was fine. And then... then..."

She was really struggling, and as she felt Jon tense up next to her she knew he was filling in the blank himself. But she needed to say it out loud, she needed him to hear her words, to understand how she felt. 

"He grabbed my arm forcefully, there was a bruise there as purple and red as Professor Lannister's robes. I still remember the ache I had there for weeks afterwards, still to this day I feel a twinge in my arm when I'm carrying stuff. I know it's psychological though. He dragged me kicking and screaming into the bathroom. He shut all the doors magically and cast a few silencing charms. No one heard me scream" Her tears were blurring her vision, she couldn't see anything much. "He... he raped me, Jon. He violated me"

"Dany" There was so much in the word he uttered. So much pain and upset and sorrow and pity and empathy and anger and caring. It was all there and it filled the room with a tension she'd never felt. A weight lifted off of her chest as she'd said the words, but she did not realise how freeing it could be to tell him. She'd been dreading it for so long. 

"I still remember struggling to get free, but I was a fourteen year old girl at this stage, I couldn't match him. He was a fully grown, twenty one year old man raping his fourteen year old sister and I was powerless to it" She cried tears of regret and hurt. Jon's fists clench next to her. The words came tumbling out then, she couldn't stop. "He r-ripped my robe off and slapped me until I stayed still. He pinned me down with his body and he put himself inside me. It was pain I'd never felt before, tears felt hot on my cheeks and I bled down... there when it happened. It was the single most horrible thing to happen to me, or at the time it was, anyways"

Jon couldn't say anything, Daenerys knew it. How could he say anything? What could he say? All the words he wanted to say were not leaving his throat as she peered at him, gagging for a reaction. Please believe me, please believe my truth. "Dany..." His voice was louder, full of a little more aggression and angst than before. He was shaking as he sat next to her. He did believe it, and he was furious. "I..."

He leapt up from the bean bag causing Daenerys to jump a little, he was pacing, head in his hands around the whole room as he mumbled to himself. Daenerys could not quite catch what he was saying, something about blame and fault, but she did not need to know, because what he did next summed up exactly what he was feeling. It was a brief stop in front of a bookcase, a stare into space and Daenerys was too afraid to say anything. But she did... "Jon?"

Suddenly, he lashed out. He knocked a bookcase clean over and kicked it as it fell to the floor. He grabbed piles of old books and through them with force at the wall opposite, pages flying and dust swirling. He was turning the air blue as he did it and for the first time in Daenerys life, she was scared of Jon Snow. She pulled the blanket up to her face and tried to hide in the bean bag, but she still peered at him. She was not scared for herself, she knew he would not turn against her in his heated anger, but for him. Knowing this information, knowing that if only he'd done something different he could've stopped their petty feud long before it became anything. 

But the truth was that everything had happened the way it was suppose to. Had Jon added fuel to her fire when he'd made jokes about her parentage? Yes. Had she forgiven him? Yes, of course she did. It was all the past, but she knew he'd feel this responsibility for her lack of confidence and would take it out on himself. It was not his fault, it would never be his fault. She wanted to tell him this, to show him how she did not blame him, that she only loved him. Of all the things Jon Snow had done to Daenerys Targaryen, none of it compare to the horror she'd endured at the hands of her brother. 

But Jon did not know this, and so he kicked furniture and threw pillows and ripped curtains off of the wall. He cursed Merlin to hell and threatened to rip Viserys head clean off of his body. The thought of Jon being able to do something like this freaked Daenerys out, she'd never heard him use such violent language. "Jon, please stop" He did not, in fact he knocked another bookcase over and got dust all over his dress robes. Daenerys broke down in sobs, her heart ached and all she wanted was to be held. She did not want this. "Jon, you're scaring me, stop!"

He did hear her then and so he turned to face her. Panting heavily and his eyes darker than she'd ever seen them he saw the scared expression on her face and fell to his knees in front of her. He had tears in his eyes, but they were angry ones, his eyes becoming lighter but more bloodshot as he seethed with rage. But he tried to control it. "I'm so... sorry" He professed. He held one of her hands in his own and kissed it tenderly. It was an intense kiss that made Daenerys skin jolt with energy. She felt so shocked by ow he went from rage to tenderness in such a short moment. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that"

"Don't be angry... it's not your fault" She mumbled quietly, she could taste the salt in her tears on her dry lips. He wanted to protest, no doubt tell her that he added fuel to the fire, but she did not want to hear it. He'd saved her this year, he'd made her feel things other than emptiness. "It's something that's happened to me over the last four years when I've been at home, it's nothing that you did. He was the one that defiled me, not you. You've given me a reason to exist, Jon"

Daenerys had hoped that he would not catch on to the 'last four years' truth she just spoke, that he would focus on the positive affect he'd had in her life. But she was wishing for three pet dragons if that was the case, he caught on. His expression was flickering between comfort and seething misery as he processed what she'd said. "Four years? Daenerys how many times has he done this to you?"

Daenerys moaned, she was uncomfortable enough telling the previous truth. But she had to tell him, she'd promised herself she'd come clean about it all. She could not see Jon now, he was a silhouette as she tried to blink tears away as they came into her eyes. The room was almost silent, as if it too was waiting for her answer on a held breath. The fireplace warmed them still, roaring with a crackle. Only Daenerys' sniffles sounded out, snotty and brash as she wept. "Two..."

"Twice?" He said aloud and astonished. 

Daenerys shook her head, she wished it was only twice. It would be a vacation in comparison to all this pain she'd felt at the hands of her brother's torment. She corrected herself then. "Two hundred" Jon dropped her hand that he'd been holding and his eyes went wide with a wild ferocity. His mouth hung open like a mermaid and he froze in his position. He's horrified... Daenerys wanted to show him her scars on her body, but that would be for a different time. "I guess you can understand how much it hurts every time someone makes a so called joke now"

"Oh Daenerys" He pulled her into an embrace and let her cry on him again. His left hand rubbed her back in a soothing motion, almost as if she was a baby, his other holding her tightly. She felt safe in that moment, even though a vengeful fire burned inside Jon and he could easily be ignited once more, she still felt safe. It was a miracle she'd been able to tell him, but the relief.. she felt free. 

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I really am!" She whimpered, her chin tucked into his neck. "It's just so hard to even get up everyday, to walk around and attend lessons like I'm a normal person. I have no family to love me or to love back, not mother to protect me from harm and no hope left inside me to carry on most days. I think about it every night, I have the same nightmares of him doing it over and over to me! I'm so broken, Jon"

"It's okay, you're not to blame, it's not your fault. It's his, he's a disgusting pig and I swear to you, my love, if I ever get my hands on him he will know pain like never before" he promised her and while it was a little abrupt and blunt for Jon to speak, she knew in this moment he meant it, every word. Weirdly it did offer her comfort, even if the language was so harsh.

"I'm damaged" 

"No, you're the reason I get up everyday, I think about you and how amazing you are all the time. Now I know everything you've faced  and the fact you're still standing and still fighting to be a normal human being again and that's amazing. You're such a strong person!" She couldn't help but cry, his words meant a lot. This was her closely guarded secret and she had to keep it buried inside or she'd be crushed under the truth. "I'm so sorry you went through this, I'm so sorry there was no one there to guide you and help you out of the abuse you've suffered. And I'm sorry for my part in it"

"It's okay" She said quietly, a sentence she probably should not have in Jon's current frame of mind.

"No it's not okay! It's not okay, Daenerys!" Jon snapped as he let her go and stood up and began pacing again. Daenerys sunk into the bean bag and missed his warmth immediately. "I said those things, those horrible things about you! I laughed when others made those jokes, I added to your hurt and pain and misery and I was an arsehole, I really was!"

There was a silence as Jon put his large hands on his hips and sighed dramatically. Daenerys thought the atmosphere in the room was thick all of a sudden, you'd be able to cut the tension with a knife or slicing charm. She did not know if she should say anything, she did not want him throwing things around again. He looked around at all the damage he'd caused in the room and Daenerys could see the cogs turning in his mind. 

She would tell him about the trial that would be happening eventually, about the case she was building with Professor Lannister but that was a conversation for later. He'd be annoyed that she'd have divulged the information to Professor Lannister before him but when she'd told the Professor, they still were not getting on very well,  still arguing. She'd had the curse taken off of her by him so she could spill the information that was eating her alive. and she'd felt freer since. But she'd given letters and memories to Professor Lannister to be screened by the Ministry to prepare for an arrest. And Jon could not be angry at that, like he was the actual truth. 

"Jon, I don't blame you anymore" She said quietly as the silence began to turn the air awkward. "I was mad every time those jokes came my way, it's a hard thing to deal when you're fourteen and having been raped. The jokes made suggesting I enjoy it hen he does it too me... like what Joffrey said to me this evening, that is always when it gets to me the most. Sometimes I just wanted to lash out at everyone and make them feel what I did. But the truth is I never would want someone to got through what I suffered"

"Jon slowly walked back to her and sat by her side again, his small fit over. "You're the bravest person I know"

"Facing what you've suffered does not make you brave" She looked at her hands in sadness. "I'm a weak person for letting it happen to me over and over and over again"

"No, you are brave!" Jon protested. 

"But I don't feel it! I feel useless in all honesty. I let my body be exploited so often, there came a point where he'd visit me a night and I'd just let it happen, my body was so tired from fighting him that I would just close my eyes and wait until it was all over" Daenerys felt exhausted. This was a challenging night in many ways for her. "I had to brew so many contraception potions, just because it became so inevitable. I hated going home for Christmas and Summer break, I used to brew them for days before I left because I knew what my body would be put through"

"I can't even imagine what it's like, especially at fourteen" Jon offered comfort. "But you are brave, and I thank you for telling me you'e truth. Fourteen years old..."

"It was scary and sad. That was my life, Jon. A sad mess, raped and abused and tortured by her twisted brother for four years repeatedly with no one to tell and no way of telling them" She sighed. Even though she felt all these emotions inside her and she knew Jon was too, she knew it was for the better, she felt a new dawn was on the horizon. One where Jon would be there for her and she could finally get Viserys in Azkaban where he belongs. 

"Did he put a curse on you?" Jon was smart, Daenerys wondered if he would figure that out for himself. She just nodded and in response, she received a loving kiss on the cheek. "I don't know how to comfort you, I want to shelter you and never let anything bad ever happen to you again. I want to hold you close to me forever, please let me do this, Daenerys. I failed in doing anything to help you before, I don't want to fail again"

"You've saved me enough" She sighed as her arms snaked around his body and she fell into a comfortable position with them both on the bean bag. "Jon Snow, I believe you failed to not get angry or throw things"

"Sorry" She could hear the blush in his voice, she wanted to see if his face matched. 

"Don't be, I've not had anyone care for me like this in a long time" Daenerys sighed. "Except perhaps Missandei"

"Does she know?" Jon asked. 

"No... no one beside you, Professor Lannister and two ministry officials working on the case. An arrest will be happening any day now" Daenerys stopped herself from spilling all the details even though she knew it was needed. But later, she wanted to do it later. "I'll tell you all about it later, for now I just want you to hold me"

And he did, they were there for hours it felt like, maybe even days. But his embrace of her felt like somewhere she wanted to be forever and she knew he too wanted this. It would be a while before her body was ready for more than the odd kiss, but if someone was going to touch her ever again she wanted it to be Jon. Daenerys did not know for sure what was going to happen now, but all she knew was that Jon loved her and she loved him. 

Maybe that was enough, for now.

Chapter Text

Jon was furious. What kind of man rapes and abuses his fourteen year old sister? A disgusting piece of shit, that's what. How dare Viserys Targaryen do such a thing to his sister, the woman he'd fallen in love with and his own familial blood. Everything clicked into place for Jon. It was why she was so afraid of their kiss, why she'd been scared. Of course he'd never ever hurt her, let one... Merlin's beard. But it made sense, she was so broken and destroyed by the experience that she couldn't even handle the slightest of contact with anyone. 

Something this violent and personal happening to her body was why she lashed out at everyone else, she'd had a silencing charm of some sorts put on her and as she was not able to tell anyone she had no outlet for the pain and suffering she'd been going through. So she lashed out back, her magic was chaos in the halls at times, it had been. It was almost like she was eventually turning into an Obscuro, her magic was turning inwards and affecting her brain function. But she had come out the other side, she'd fought it within her and now she was going to have the last laugh when the ministry officials take Viserys in. 

He remembered Theon trying to get by her in the library and had put his hand on her back, she'd sent him to the hospital wing in minutes. She was so scared of being touched in anyway that she'd had a knee jerk reaction such as this. Poor Daenerys, this sad and beautiful broken girl in his arms right now had been through so much that Jon couldn't even comprehend. How was this fair? Was she not punished enough by society that even in her own home she could not be safe. 

Two hundred times. 

Over two hundred times this horrific thing had happened to her body and yet she was still going, still fighting to keep her own sanity and secretly trying to get Viserys locked up. Any day now she'd said. It was any day now that all her memories would be finished screening and would come back tamper free. She said she'd given them all two hundred and twenty seven, that she remembered them all. 

"All of them?" Jon asked softly as he held her to him so tightly in their room that he did not want to let her go. They'd been like this for at least an hour now since she'd told him, cuddled up on the black bean bag. Jon was so afraid of this moment ending, even though it was sad and melancholy in the room. He was getting to comfort her, to show how much he cared in a way he never expected before the ball. He knew he'd be in trouble eventually for hitting Joffrey, but perhaps he could claim he was pushed and his hand fell onto his face. That did not matter, what mattered was the petite girl in his arms telling her sad truth. 

"All of them" She nodded. She looked deep in thought as he peered at her, he could only imagine the horror of what she went through, he was no man for doing this too her. What a disgusting and vile thing he has done. "I remember one dinner time at the table, we were sat next to each other and I was so horrified by the rape he'd done to me not hours before that I threw up my stomach on the dining room table. My mother, being none the wiser asked Viserys to take me upstairs as I seemed weak. I tried to say I was fine and could get upstairs myself but she didn't listen. She perpetuated my suffering with this act, as had he"

"Dany" Jon tried too say something, say anything. But he could not. What could he say? What words in this world could he have to offer comfort and support to her? He was at a loss, something he never usually was. Not two hours ago they were dancing together, and now, his whole world was different. Daenerys had told him a truth that had really confronted him about how he acts in the future and his treatment of Daenerys. Of course, it was an afterthought, his main thought was how she'd suffered and bled. 

He wasn't consumed with rage anymore, he did not want to scare her again. He kept it under wraps the fire that flurried through his own skin, he kept his cool while he held her. Every single thing she told him made him madder, made him furious. But he contained it, he had too. He wanted to offer comfort. "She didn't know of course, and I couldn't tell her"

"She should've known, how could she not know her own daughter was in such pain?" He asked softly, so many questions needing an answer that now he'd expressed his anger and hate for the vile man who'd done this to her he'd turned to the parents. Where were they? She spent her entire Christmases and summers in their house, how did they not know?

"You didn't know" She said quietly. Jon considered this and came to the conclusion she was right. He'd known something was up, he'd known she'd had a personality change but he'd never bothered to find out. Not that she'd have told him something this personal all those years ago. Jon didn't even think he'd be able to process something like this when she was in third year. "If she did she wouldn't have been pleasant, she would've lashed out, probably killed him. Which he deserves, don't get me wrong. But mother did not deserve to be a killer, it's almost better this way"

"You're so wise" Jon found himself chuckling. 

"Experience has aged me" She sighed in his arms. There was a comfortable silence but Jon was reminded of how late it was and that they should leave the room soon or the rumours would start to spread. Hogwarts was notorious for how quickly a rumour could spread, the fastest thing to fly around the school Jon was aware of was the time Theon was found naked in a broom cupboard by the then Head Girl Melissa Tamera. She did his status many favours and still to this day some people remember the phrase 'Three ft long Greyjoy'. It was not the most creative nickname Hogwarts had come up with, but it was hilarious all the same. 

"We should go back to our common rooms, tomorrow is Christmas day" Jon spoke, almost ruining what had been the most important emotional connection he'd ever had. So, before she got ideas that he was uncomfortable or wishing he was elsewhere, he reiterated his own thought. "The school gossips about us enough I'd hate to have the 'where did they go and what did they do Christmas eve' rumours circulating while you're dealing with everything else"

"How are you the same person I hated for so long?" Daenerys sighed. "You're too sweet with me"

"I wonder too but I was an arsehole so I think your resentment was warranted" Jon kissed her on the top of her head before standing up from the bean bag and stretching. His dress robes were creased and his hair was a complete mop now. He was thankful he had two sisters otherwise he didn't think he'd be able to perform the next few spells. He made his hair go back into it's desired position and mumbled some enchantments so the creases fell out of his suit. "How do I look?"

"Handsome" Daenerys blushed cherry red, her skin looked beautiful where she'd done so. Jon found himself thinking of another reason why he loved Daenerys. For so long he'd thought she was the typical Slytherin, cunning, cruel and fierce. Yet, she was the complete opposite, she was sweet, nervous most of the time and complex. Did she have a fierce side? A cunning side? Yes, absolutely. But it's paired with her loyalty and intelligence so beautifully that she was a mixed bag. And now as she blushed furiously, her sweet and sensitive side was coming out. 

"Thank you" Jon grinned like a Chesire cat. She got out of the bean bag with his help, their hands connecting and causing an electric zap between them. Jon, even though he'd felt this energy between him and Daenerys now, still jolted like it was the first time their hands had ever met. He had a spare hand on her waist, it'd curled its way around to hold her back as she uneasily got onto her feet. "I'll walk you back to the Slytherin Common Room"

Merlin I wish I could hold her like this forever.

It was a very honest thought for Jon, he'd never been one before to let out his emotions in such an impassioned way before, he'd always bottled them up and then when it had become too much he'd cracked. These were the times he'd lost it towards Catelyn and had to have a cool down time away from the Stark House. This only happened once or twice a year of late but there was a point when Jon was changing into becoming a teenager that it was almost every day he was lashing out at her with his words. He was so over it now though, and Daenerys was part and parcel of this. "You don't have to do that"

"I do, for my own peace of mind" Jon insisted. He didn't like the idea of Joffrey or that Drogo character lurking outside the Slytherin Common Room and giving her more stick, if he walked her to the common room and made sure she got in okay he'd be relieved. He could deal with the consequences of smacking Joffrey and breaking his jaw later on, it wasn't even a blimp on his radar right now. He only thought of Daenerys welfare. 

"Okay" She mumbled and after copying Jon's charms to freshen up her appearance, they left the room for the night. It was strange how different Daenerys was when in the room, he knew she felt safe in here, that she felt bliss even. As they left, she almost cringed, flinching as the Hogwarts air hit her skin. The corridors were empty, and in the distance a bell chimed once again. Had it been an hour? Two? Jon did not know. 

They walked in silence, hand in hand as the corridors of the seventh floor became the staircase that led down to the dungeon. They still had not spotted any students, but they could hear the music in the great hall softly. The Yule Ball was due to finish at one, so obviously it had been maybe two hours at most since he left the crowds. There was no one to be seen, and this meant the entered the entrance to the dungeons in peace.

Even though it was dark and dank in the dungeons, there was still a warm feeling that came from it, that even the dungeons felt cheerful in a weird festive way. The ghosts were singing in a nearby corridor and bells could be heard. However, the music from the Great Hall still played in the distance and somehow still managed to be echoed throughout the mass dungeon. Jon stopped in his tracks just a little way before the Slytherin Common Room. Our dances were cut short

"What's wrong?" Daenerys asked, her sniffles still breaking the air around them. 

"Nothing" Jon held her hand tighter. "We didn't get to finish our dance"

"I hardly think- oh" She understood when Jon held out his hand for her to except. He was almost in a low bow and his eyes fixed onto hers. She looked scared yet excited. He wanted a perfect dance with her and she deserved the dance. After having her Yule Ball experience ruined and her deepest secret revealed to him, it was clear now more than ever that she deserved the world. 

She took his hand and their bodies stood only a few centimetres apart then, his arms snaked around her waist and her spare one on his shoulder. They began to sway, nothing fancy, just a side to side motion that suited them both. Their eyes never left each other, anyone who saw them now would see how in love they were, Jon knew it. He couldn't help but smile when he looked at her, when she smiled back. It was everything he'd dreamed of, it was just a shame that he'd found out something so awful had happened to her. He wished he had a thousand time turners, that he could go back and kill Viserys before he ever harmed a hair on her head. 

"You're thinking too much" She sighed as they turned slowly in the empty corridor. Jon felt his skin flush this time, he had not realised he looked so intense. His brooding face was a problem. "I can see it in your eyes, I know what you're like. They don't call you Broody Snow for no reason, you know" Jon snorted and said it was not himself he was brooding over. "I know, but you know I'll be fine, right?"

"I know you will, someone who's gone through everything you have and still be standing, I know you're be alright. I just think you deserve some kind of medal, everything really. You deserve to be happy, to have a life you want. Whatever job you want and whatever family you want. You deserve everything, you really do" His accent had never been more gruff, he was tired and physically drained from the encounter with Daenerys in their room. Daenerys embraced him them, their small dance over as she cuddled him. 

"I think I love you, Jon Snow" Jon's heat melted as the words came out of her mouth. sure he knew, he felt the same. But there was something about hearing her say the words that made him become a mess. He wished he could stay in this embrace forever, and hear her say those words to him over and over again. I think I love you, Jon Snow. That's what she'd said, and he knew deep down that he loved her too. 

"I think I love you too, Daenerys Targaryen" Jon beams and he kissed her head softly once more. There's a few minutes while they embraced, a slight sway taking over them once again as the music that still sounded from the Great Hall died down, it was ending in their now. People would be here soon. Jon looked into Daenerys eyes as they both parted when the music stopped. "Merry Christmas, Dany"

"Jon?" She said quietly, ignoring his festive cheer. Jon wondered what she would say, he did not know but he didn't think he could take another confession like the on earlier. He put his hand on her cheek and rubbed it slightly with his thumb. Asking what ti was she took a deep breath. Jon felt her body shake, as if she was nervous. What could she possibly have to say? Whatever it was, it was not what he expected. "I want you to kiss me"

Jon blinked several times, wondering if he'd heard correctly. "I'm sorry?"

"I said I want you to kiss me" Daenerys blushed, the cherry glow coming back to her skin as she almost looked down at her feet. "Please"

"Are you sure?" Jon wanted to make sure, he did not want her to regret such an action. Their first kiss had not really been a kiss, it was a knee-jerk response he'd had to hearing her go on and on about whatever it was. He'd done it to shut her up. The second kiss had been an emotionally vulnerable moment by Daenerys and she'd done it without warning Jon first hand. But here, this could be their first proper kiss. 

"I'm ready, I want this" She said as their fingers intertwined with each other. Jon almost didn't know how to go about this, he was suddenly riddled with nerves and fear. What if she did not like his kissing? What if she was grossed out by him for something or other? Did he just put his lips on hers? Did she want a kiss with tongues? Jon stop being an idiot you've kissed girls before it's going to be fine. He did not find comfort in his thoughts. Yeah, he'd kissed girls before, but he had not properly kissed Daenerys Targaryen. "Please"

The final plea was enough to knock sense into him. He encased her jaw with both hands and softly pressed his lips onto hers. She tasted like tears, it was to be expected as she'd been crying all evening. But there was a sweetness to her lips, they were so soft and supple and pink as raspberries. He found himself getting lost in her lips, a feeling he would not trade for the world. Once again, just like last time, Jon's brain was all fireworks. Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs and crackers were going off all around him as everything was Daenerys Targaryen. 

Merlin he loved her.

Chapter Text

Daenerys woke up the following morning as a wave of bliss rolled over her completely. She'd been dreaming off curly hair, soft lips and a smile so piercing she almost felt the wind be knocked out from inside her lungs. It happened, she'd been brave enough to ask for the kiss she'd wanted, a comfort after such a torturous talk about her past. It had been everything she'd dreamed of. A blanket of warm enveloping her as her senses worked overtime.

She did not have much to go on when it came to kissing, her own knowledge and experience had been limited to the three she'd shared with Jon and while the first two were enjoyable, it had nothing on the feeling she got from the one the night before. There wasn't too much pressure in the kiss, her lips were in sync with his and they moved at a pleasant rythmn. He tasted like a sweetened musk, her tongue harbouring flavours she never knew existed. His hand held her jaw, cupped it perfectly as if he never want to let her go. It was fireworks on a dark night, lighting up her existence one bang at a time. 

And now as she lay in her four poster bed, her fellow Slytherins snoring peacefully beyond her curtains, she couldn't help but think of this and smile. Jon Snow, the man who does not know how much of her life he'd changed. This secret she'd been carrying with her for so long, this violation of her very being, the weight of it all was gone. It had been lifted off of her shoulders in a way she hadn't anticipated at all.

And she felt free. 

She couldn't help it, even though she wasn't completely free of it yet. Any day now she would get the news of an arrest, but the ministry was taking forever on screening all two hundred plus of her memories. Each memory was taking almost half a day to completely screen and test according to Professor Lannister. The last she spoke to him a few days ago they'd done nearing three quarters of them so it could be anywhere between a few days or a few weeks to finish it all off and get this arrest going. He would go down, it was known. There was so much overwhelming evidence, but the standard procedure meant she would still have to attend a trial. 

But the day was coming, it was almost over for her. And then all she had to worry about was not dying in the second task at the beginning of February. she hadn't even had time to examine her piece of treasure she picked up from the end of the first task, worry after worry has been plaguing her and the task was pushed to the back of her mind. But now the ball was out of the way and she and Jon were on the same page, it'd be useful to start her research. She'd save that for at least boxing day though, today was Christmas and she wanted rest after a blurry and mad evening the night before. 

Drawing her curtains back she saw that all the other girls in the dormitory were fast asleep still, it was nine o clock now. Daenerys would've usually called them lazy and woken them up with Decoy Detonators, but everyone was up late last night, so she'd leave them to sleep in for however long they wanted. Plus it was Christmas, it'd be a little unfair to be a pest to them on this day. 

Daenerys threw back her covers and examined her in the one mirror the dorm room had, she looked a mess. Her hair was all tangled in the braids she left it in, her makeup had once again smudged across her face and she looked so tired Daenerys was wondering if she'd even slept at all. She knew she had, the dreams of Jon were proof, but her body was so tired, perhaps from the reveal of her close guarded secret to Jon. Tired didn't even begin to cover it for Daenerys, but it was Christmas, and there would be a feast later and the tree in the common room had presents under them. 

Daenerys never got many, she'd always get something from her mother and father, a nice dress or some new books she'd been interested in reading about their wizarding history. Missandei always got her sweets and biscuits and chocolates in a big bumper back which she enjoyed for at least a week before they were all gone. That would usually be it, but it would always be things she wanted so she was never bothered that everyone else in the dorm had piles upon presents. 

This time, she was only expecting Missandei's, both her parents has gone and her brother was still not talking to her. It was a mess, the longing she had for a family that cared and loved each other never faded. Had everyone stuck together would Viserys had done this to her body? Yes, a monster is always a monster. Rhaegar would've found out beforehand too, he would've done something about it. But he wasn't home, he couldn't protect Daenerys. 

Sighing at her inevitable pang of loneliness at Christmas time, she took her shampoos and towels into the dorm's bathroom and began to run the shower. She pushed the dysfunctional family thoughts out of her mind and remembered the night before. Not the confession, that was still too much to process for her and it was something she still did not fully understand.

Instead she thought of the kiss. 

As she stepped into the shower once her night gown was off, she allowed the feeling of glee and pleasure from their intense kiss fill her bones and flood her mind. The warm water trickled across her skin and raised the goose bumps across it, her mind became intense suddenly as the feel of his lips on hers evoked other images that she'd had in the shower about him the day before, ones she could not control. Not now, it's Christmas day, she thought in a frustrated sigh. 

Ignoring the growing pleasure building under her layers of skin she washed her body and hair, trying to be finished as soon as possible. However, as her own hands swept across her body with a flannel to clean it, she felt herself come alive. The urge to let her hand go to places she never touched herself on was astronomical, her nipples were hard once again and she was craving something to touch them. 

She'd already ignored the sensation once, it had been a difficult task, she didn't know if she could do it again. As soon as she thought this her walls were down. She found herself sweeping a hand over her sore and swollen breast and instantly slid down the wall in crippling pleasure. It was terrifying, scary and exciting all in one confusing mess. Viserys abuse had been so painful and so frequent, Daenerys thought she'd never feel this way. A clear fantasy in her head as Jon held her in an embrace and a clear reaction from her own body. 

What changed that she felt like this was something she could deal with? Was the baptism of fire of telling Jon everything, that he was the one person in this school that knew the details as much as he did, that he was the one person who she felt this intensely about, was that what had changed? Whatever had changed, it scared her, as change often did. But she could not control what her body wanted, she could not control her hands as they glided down to her sex. None of it. 

But it happened anyway, and Jon's mouth fell from her lips in a moan so full of want and desperation that as soon as her hand landed down there the pleasure was almost gone. It was strange that she felt like this, she didn't know what to think. She knew she loved Jon, she knew that maybe in ten years time she'd feel comfortable with something like this... but not now, she'd gone through too much. 

yet her body continued to want this. 

Shaking at the bottom of the shower, one hand on a breast and the other down there, she felt herself come to what she only knew had to be an orgasm. she'd never had one before, she'd never even touched herself before. It ripped through her body fast that a fire through a barrel of fuel, than a fire-bolt through air. Her mouth formed an 'o' shape as it did, the experience was something so unlike anything she'd ever felt. Then, words fell out of her mouth before she could process them. "Oh Jon"

That made her tip over the edge and her breathing increase tenfold. It woke her up from the trance she'd seemed to be in and almost felt shame flow through her. Missandei would say it was nothing to be ashamed about, that she'd read about it in Witch Weekly and it was something that was suppose to give a woman strength or something like that. But in this moment, given her history and her only recent confession of love to Jon, it all felt to raw. 

She clambered up off of the floor and shut the water off. She got out of the shower and looked at her naked body in the reflection of the mirror, her hair clinging to her face and covering her breasts. For once in her life there were no bruises on her skin, even the ones she'd got from the tournament had gone, only a few scars lingered on her inner thighs and arms. Her breasts were full now, a D cup after being flat chested for so long. Her curves were in the right places, she'd come out the other side of her body changes. She was a woman now, yet, she still felt like the same scared thirteen year old she had once been. 

Not wanting to look at herself any longer, she grabbed a towel and dried herself down, her bathrobe encasing her once she'd done. The intensity of the shower and what had occurred had vanished, but when she walked back into the dorm she realised that once again she'd been in there a long time. She did not want this to be an occurrence every time she had a shower now. It was nearing half ten when she looked at the clock. That was an hour and a half. 

Taking no longer than a few minutes to dress in jeans and a jumper, she put her hair up and went downstairs to the common room. There wasn't many people, only a couple of first years who'd already opened their presents. She was the first of all the people who attended the ball to be awake. She walked straight to the tree, wanting to see her chocolates and sweets from Missandei. 

The good thing about the trees in the different common rooms is that they were all linked. So Daenerys last night when she'd returned tot he dorm had put all the gifts underneath it, even the ones for Missandei and Jon and they will then turn up into the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor Common rooms respectively. So now as she looked at the tree, she was two presents with her name on. She picked them up and took them over to the fireplace to be unwrapped. One of the first years there mumbled. "M-morning Daenerys"

"Hello" She replied kindly, wondering if they were scared of her. She knew that a lot of the first year students had been warned of her fiery temperament. The others glared as if not scared by her, so she just went about opening her presents. One was a care basket from Missandei which yes had a lot of sweets and chocolates and biscuits in, but it also had face wipes and a mascara and a lipstick and an eye-shadow palette. Daenerys was excited, she'd never been bought makeup and had only been borrowing Missandei's this year. 

She unwrapped it to look at all the colours. The lipstick was by Witching Decay, a company she'd seen about in Witch Weekly when deciding which lipstick to get Missandei. When she opened the packaging she looked at it. 'Witching Decay Maddening Matte Lipstick' it said on the box. she opened and looked at the colour, a neutral peachy nude shade which Daenerys knew she was going to get some use out of. The Mascara was by the same company and was black brown rather than full black and the eye-shadow palette was all neutral tones too. She was going to get a lot of use out of them all. 

As she opened the second present which was from Jon, she began eating some of the jellied sweets she'd received. She ripped the not so well wrapped wrapping paper off of the present and felt her jaw drop. It was a photo frame, black with engraved dragons around the edges that looked expensive, but in the frame was what was more important. She remembered this day, the day of the tournament.

When they was debriefed after finishing first Jon's sister Arya too a photo of them both. It had ended up being the only one where she'd smiled, despite beign covered in dirt and god knows what. But there she was, with Jon, both of them smiling back at her as the picture moved. Daenerys felt hot tears form in her eyes, she loved it. It was such a personal present that she got emotional just looking at it. She needed to seek him out now and thank him, it was beautiful. 

Ignoring the girls who were wondering why she'd started crying she took all of her stuff back up to her dorm and after shoving the sweets under the bed, she put the picture of her and Jon next to the one of her and Missandei on her bedside table. She didn't care that the girls in the dorm would see it, after Jon punched Joffrey last night (something she found out when she re-enter the Slytherin common room after her dance/kiss with Jon) everyone knew they liked each other. 

She was about to leave the dorm room with her wand and walk the corridors before lunch when a tapping on the window near her bed brought her back. She turned to see an owl she did not recognise there, wanting to come in. That's odd, she thought. The Sand twins' owl was a large eagle owl and Margaery's was a barn owl. This one wanting to get in was a snowy owl and she knew no one with a snowy. She unlocked the window and let him fly in. It dropped a letter and package on her bed before leaving out of the window it came in. Perhaps it was going to the Owlery for a snack. 

She closed the window and sat on her four poster bed. The letter was hand-writing she recognised but almost did not want to believe initially. She opened the present first. Once again, her jaw dropped as she couldn't believe what she was looking at. A sterling silver Dragon necklace which curled around the neck as if a protector. It looked very expensive and very heavy. She lifted it up and put it on, the mirror in the dorm room showing that it did indeed suit her. It was a statement piece of jewellery as her mother would say, one that showed power and that was dragon themed. 

She needed to read this letter, so she ripped the seal off, which had a burning sun with a spear through it and opened the letter. It was him, it was from Rhaegar. 

Dearest sister, 

I know I have not been around for you to have a connection with the last ten years and I know there is no excuse for my actions. I cut you all off because of my own petty feud with father and now, you have to deal with having no mother or father to love and support you. Nothing can erase the hatred you probably feel towards me, the angry, but do know that I do not blame you one bit. 

So I'm telling you finally, what happened. I fell in love, Daenerys. I fell in love with the most intelligent and gifted witch I've ever met and she has me too. We're so happy together, we're getting married soon. I love her, and she loves me. I know that it can be a lot to take in, but I do not blame you if you do not want to do this, but I'd love for you to come, it won't be until the summer however. 

Christmas time can be lonely, particularly for someone who will be spending it at school and not with the remaining member of her family at that house, so I sent you this small gift as a reminder of our past, our heritage and our ways in Valyria. We used to be among the most feared, we had many dragons bonded to us, we were a grand house. We gave our enemies death with Fire and Blood, and while we are both a product of their unnatural ways, that's all our history has ever known. 

So this Dragon necklace, let it be a reminder to you that while our parents are gone, and while I have failed you in not being a part of your life (or that I did not come to support you i the tournament, one which you seem to be winning) you are a fire that can give the world something to think about. You could lead, create or bring together people. You can do anything you put your mind too, Daenerys Targaryen. Because you are my sister and while I have not shown it, I love you and support you wholly. 

Forever your brother (and I someday hope to be your favourite once again)


It was a couple of rereads of the letter, her emotions swivelling inside her before the tears fell. 

Chapter Text

Jon woke up Christmas morning by being flung into the air by a Levicorpus charm. Granted anything was possible in a room of all boys (especially Robb and Theon) but this particular morning he had not expected it. He felt what contents was left in his stomach rise to his mouth and shouted to be let down before it all came out. He fell with a thud onto the floor and Theon and Robb just cackled like seven year old children at him crumpled on the floor. 

Bloody arseholes, he found himself cursing inwardly. He was in no mood to be messing around in such a manner, it was Christmas and he'd been given the best Christmas present already. A kiss from Daenerys. Nothing that happened for the rest of the day would ever top what happened the night previous and in all honesty he felt kind of annoyed that Robb and Theon would attack him while he was sleeping. 

Perhaps it was a sign of maturity, but in years gone by he would've retaliated and turned them into tea cosies. Now, however, he didn't want the bother. He just wanted some peace and quiet and to open his presents with his family and eat until he couldn't move. Not to mention he wanted to see Daenerys. He had wondered what to get her for Christmas for a while and then Arya had developed a bunch of her photos she'd taken. He knew as soon as he saw the two of them, half beaten up in their tournament clothes that he needed to get a photo frame and so he searched for one in Hogsmeade and found it. 

Jon pulled himself off of the floor and moved to get dressed. He grumbled a Merry Christmas to them all before changing into jeans and a comfy jumper, black of course. Robb tried to go back to bed but after beign flung into the air Jon was not going to let him sleep on it, besides Arya and Sansa were outside the common room waiting for the present opening to beginning. Jon had suggested to Arya that she walked to Ravenclaw tower on Christmas morning to get Sansa to come over, their family was to be together as they were still at school for Christmas due to the tournament and the ball the night previous. 

"Get dressed, idiot" Jon snapped and flung some clothes at Robb who grumbled as Theon slipped his pyjamas off and changed into comfy joggers and a jumper, green with a black trim. Jon used his wand to fling Robb's bed curtains back and made them stay there so Robb couldn't close them again. Robb grumbled something along the lines of 'prick' to which Jon stuck his middle finger up at him in return. So basically it was a usual Christmas morning. 

Jon walked out to the common room then and his thoughts immediately turned to Daenerys who's lips had been on his the night previous and it had been everything he'd wished for. Gentle yet frenzied, soft yet harsh, intense yet relaxed. It had taken over his senses until his entire body felt the kiss, the way their lips moved in a rhythmic harmony had sent chills down his spine, as if it was one and the same. 

Jon's mind was reliving the feeling now, swirling with the possibilities of other kisses they could have. Of course, now he knew everything that had happened to her, he was not surprised when after a few minutes of kissing outside the Slytherin Common room that she'd parted suddenly and said she wasn't comfortable anymore. Merlin it made him so angry, what that piece of scum has done to her. She may never be touched in that way again, she may never want kids and if she does it will take years and years to heal from something so horrific. 

Jon felt angry flush his skin like he was getting into a hot bath, one where the hot top had been left on for too long and your skin just steams instead of being wrapped in the warmth. How could someone do that to their own family? She was fourteen, fourteen! She's the same age as Sansa... Jon shuddered and all over again he felt a rage inside him only her being near him could quell. He suddenly wanted to get presents over as quickly as possible just so he could be with her. But as he got to the common room, the Starts were all gathered (and by that he means Arya and Sansa). 

"Merry Christmas, Jon!" Arya leapt up at him and he caught her. Arya was by far his favourite member of the family, not that he'd tell Robb that of course. But they'd been there for each other when no one else was. They both felt like odd ducklings out when it came to the family. Jon being his father's secret son with a muggle and Arya for not being the well spoken and polite daughter Sansa was. They'd bonded over their individuality and have been close ever since. 

"Happy Christmas, Arry" Jon sighed as he put her down. Arya, who'd been in a good mood all morning felt betrayed at the use of her old nickname, Jon couldn't help but laugh at the face she pulled. Arya went through a phase where she tried to dress like Robb and only wanted to be addressed as Arry. This was when she was six years old and was just beginning to show signs of her magic in herself. "Sorry, low blow"

"Idiot" Arya snapped. 

"So I've been told many times" Jon laughed before messing her hair up with one of his hands. He remembered the summer time when Arya got her letter from Hogwarts, she'd been so excited when that came from Professor Lys she'd turned her entire hair blue accidentally. Jon still did not know how she managed it but it was Arya after all, and she always made impossible feats occur. 

Jon remembered the way that he'd arrived home that evening from his training at the ministry for dinner and she'd waved the letter in his face. It had been a heated discussion between him and Catelyn that night as Arya had asked if she could go with Jon to Diagon Alley the next day (which had been a Friday and he'd been on a half day) to get her supplies. Catelyn felt that as her mother she should be the one to go with her to make sure everything she gets is correct. She'd been with all her other children when they'd got their supplies, she'd even gone with Jon to choose his wand as Eddard had work business to attend that year. 

Arya said that she could come if she wanted but that she just wanted Jon to be there more than anyone else. Catelyn had never understood the kinship between the two of them but it was as easy to understand as rudimentary Arithmancy. They felt like outsiders in the family, and Arya had loved Jon more than anyone else. When she'd been sick, he'd been the one to care for her, he'd given her stern words when she'd tormented Sansa too much. He'd been a brother to her more than Robb had. And she'd been more of a sister to him than Sansa ever had. 

Of course, all four of them got on better than ever now, both Robb and Sansa finally realising that there was nothing wrong with Jon like Catelyn had tried to make them believe for so long. Arya, who had sighed with Jon before she knew what that meant had met Jon in Diagon Alley to go shopping for her school supplies and this had really cemented their affection for one another. Catelyn had agreed to drop her off and do some shopping for Robb and Sansa for school while Arya was taken to Ollivanders to get her wand in the end. 

He remembered the way her eyes lit up when they'd walked through the front door, the thousands of wands, stacked like books on all walls and her gleeful grin as she stepped up to the counter. The woman behind the till had commented that she'd never seen such excitable eyes at the prospect of a wand before. But Arya from that day had shown her enthusiasm for Hogwarts and the magical world around them. She tried out a couple of different wands, some short others long. It wasn't until she held a very thin one in her hand with a sturdy and robust handle that she smiled. 

Does it have a name? All the greatest wands have a name, you know. He'd said to her and she'd thought on it for all of two minutes. She'd chosen needle, a great name for a thin wand that was fast in her hand. She'd named it so as almost a fuck you to Sansa and her mother at the time, Sansa loved to sew dresses and her mother always encouraged it. But Arya loved the outdoors and the companionship of others, so this was her needle. Her weapon. 

"Jon, it's Christmas stop it!" He was pulled out of his thoughts by an annoyed Sansa. Everyone was sat waiting to open presents and Jon had been there with a glum and brooding expression on his face. He pushed all this randomness in his mind tot he back and focused on what was in front of him, a pill of presents for the five of them (six now Yara Greyjoy and just turned up with Theon's gift). "Okay I'll go first"

Sansa grabbed a box with her name on it and in lightening quick speed she unearth a hair clip with looked expensive, really expensive. It was a wolf shape and gold encrusted with jewels Jon did not know the name of. Sansa's eyes widened as she read the tag and gawked at Robb. Oh, that's what Robb was on about when he said he'd spent too much money on Christmas presents this year. Needless to say Sansa loved it and placed it into her hair immediately. The green of the jewels and complimented her hair and the iris of her eyes. It was always her favourite colour. 

They opened other presents, Jon received a bunch of books about different subjects he'd always wanted to look into from Robb such as the rise of Grindlewald and the life of Dumbledore one of the old headmasters here. He was given a new Sneakascope from Sansa after she accidentally broke his and a bunch of Weasley Wizard Wheezes products from Arya which she thought would come in handy for him during the second and third tasks of the tournament. He then saw the package from Daenerys and felt excitement inside him. 

He ripped the brown paper and string to reveal a load of books and a broom service repair kit. He was in desperate need of giving his broom some TLC, he'd said so to her on one of their prefect patrols. There was a card inside which he read. For Jon, you've been nothing short of amazing to me this year so as a token of my gratitude, her are some of my favourite books on the second wizarding war that I think you'll enjoy. There's also a couple of potions ones to help you out for the tournament and a broom repair kit as yours is looking like it crashed into the Whomping Willow. Yours, Daenerys.

Jon couldn't help but smile as he looked through the book titles. There was The Secrets of Hogwarts Revealed by Justin Finch-Fletchley, Memoirs of Ronald Weasley by Ronald Weasley, Potions 101 by Draco Malfoy and The Art of Potion-Making by Maria Hendry. He couldn't wait to get through them all, Daenerys had spoken particular praise at the Memoirs of Ronald Weasley which was a series of Seven books, one for each year he'd been at Hogwarts. She'd read her copies of the books so many times they'd been falling apart when he'd caught her last reading them. 

And the potions books were so meaningful, she knew he had issues with the more complex stuff and she had offered to help. He'd been so stubborn and refused the she'd offered at first, but they'd worked so well together in the first task that he'd realised he needed her and she needed him. Particularly as Durmstrang were acting dubious, the headmaster Stannis was nowhere to be seen during the day and Beauxbaton was as nonchalant about the attacks that were happening across the continent they may aswell be asleep. They had to rely on each other to get through this. 

They had not looked at the relics since the first task, he hadn't found time to even digest it. Everything since then had happened so fast and his relationship with Daenerys had taken up the most time, both of them cracking each other, letting themselves get lost in each other. Then came school priorities, both of them Head boy and girl, organising the prefects from all three schools to help protect Hogwarts from an incursions that the tournament has attracted. It was all so messy and the relics had been pushed to the far recesses of their brains, but soon they would need to figure them out for it was only six weeks until the second task in February. 

"Wow, you're going to be reading for weeks" Robb laughed as Jon counted twelve brand new books in total from his Christmas haul. He was never one to publically show how much he read, usually he was the thinker, the brooding king or whatever clever name people came up for him that week. But the truth was while he enjoyed a practical approach to lessons, particularly those of Defence, he always enjoyed reading. It was late at night when others went to bed that he'd get lost in pages of information. It all fascinated him. 

"I can do one every couple of days" Jon agreed. They took their presents back to their respective common rooms, Sansa leaving to go to Ravenclaw tower before they all reconvened outside the Great Hall twenty minutes later to enjoy the food prepared for them all. It was here that Daenerys arrived by herself with a big smile on her face and in comfy jeans and a jumper too. 

Jon could not help but smile, his happiness as plain on his face as it had ever been. How did he act now though? He hadn't told his family that they'd kissed or that they most likely will be kissing again in the future (if she was okay with that of course), he hadn't told them that they were getting on like a house on fire and of course he'd said nothing on what had happened to Daenerys. That was not for him to say, it was for them to find out if she told them or when the arrest happened and the news reached their ears. His brain was going into deep distraction and brooding mode and if he did not shut it off soon he wouldn't even be able to say hello to her. So he did. 

"Hello" She blushed a little and Jon couldn't help but smile at how delicate and sweet she looked. She cleared her throat as Jon raised an eyebrow at her, her skin flushing even more. "Merry Christmas, Jon"

"Merry Christmas, Daenerys" He smiled, wanting more than anything to give her another kiss. Fortunately for him, Arya cleared her throat and pointed above them. There, as if some big cosmic joke in the universe, some mistletoe grew slowly over the two of them. This was the kind that Professor Lannister had said you would not be able to move from under unless you kissed whomever you were stuck under there with. It usually caused arguments at Christmas time. Jon looked into Daenerys eyes again, getting lost in the whirlpools of her purple Iris. 

"You can kiss me if you want to" She mumbled really quietly and Jon almost thought she'd not said it. His eyes widened and he blinked furiously. Her sweet embarrassment only made Jon fall for her even more. Of course he wanted to, more than anything, but Arya was stood there with her camera and Sansa looked as if she may cry, so he turned to them and told them to scoot off into the hall. They grumbled before marching into the hall and closing the door behind them. 

As soon as they did, Jon's lips were on Dany's, only a short while and no tongue was present. But it was sweet and simple, and it was still like fireworks going off inside his brain. This woman had such an affect on him that he wondered if he'd ever feel normal again, or if he was just going to be in a constant state of bliss from now on. He didn't mind though, she was worth being this way. 

Merry Christmas indeed.