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The Room

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Daenerys' breath fogged up the bathroom mirror. She mindlessly began to draw in the condensation, a dragon, the sigil of her house. Anything to stop her thinking about going back to Hogwarts, the dread filling up her senses as she stood bare in her ensuite. She had shut down from everything the past few weeks, she was vulnerable. She was weak.

In a very high public case, her father, Aerys Targaryen, had left her mother for another woman. The woman in question: was some Veela floozy who was barely of age in the Wizarding world. She was roughly the same age as Daenerys. She had enticed her father and now the family was broken, open for the vultures to come and tear them apart. Not that it was all peaches and cream to begin with that was. 

The Targaryen name had been nothing but a laughing stock for years, ever since they came to the shores of the United Kingdom.

The Targaryen family lineage was a rich one, drenched in history. As descendants from the blood of Old Valyria, they were unlike any other wizarding family still alive in the world. A hidden island in the Mediterranean sea, it was the home to powerful witches and wizards who were so advanced in technology and war that they did not share their secrets from anyone else in the Wizarding world.

They were their own people, their own power and their own rule. Not to mention their love of Dragons, creatures of great strength, bonds tied them down to all the Valyrian families. each of the high lords of Valyria at one point had five dragons bound to them. You used to be able to look into the sky and see Dragons flying high like birds, as protectors for the people; a message of comfort.

Until, one fateful day, when the gods sort their advantage over others as being unfair, they unleashed their cruel contempt and brought the civilised nation to it's feet. Volcanoes and Hurricanes, Tsunamis, all destroying everything they worked hard to build. Their farms gone, their capital brought to it's knees, their dragons...

Thanks to Daenerys' ancestor, Daenys the Dreamer, the Targaryen family was the only known Valyrian blood to escape before the reckoning. Every other great household perished that day, and their Dragon's too. It was one of the biggest loss of life the wizarding world had ever known; four hundred thousand people. And yet no one knew, really.

From here on in; everything went south for her family. In old Valyria, incest was commonplace. Brother married sister, cousin married cousin. Their blood wanted to be kept pure, the infamous white/silver hair and violet eyes a feature unknown to the rest of society. But leaving the sacred island meant that this practice was frowned upon. So Daenerys family went into hiding in Bulgaria, a secret life in a manor with all protective charms. Another two hundred years passed; the Targaryen lineage carried on between brother's and sisters until ten years ago that was. 

Before she started Hogwarts, they came out of hiding and seeked safety in the United Kingdom, the minister for magic granting them Asylum under one condition. His children were not to marry each other, they had to marry into other families. Accepting this, they moved to a quiet home in Cheshire, away from prying eyes. Being a high profile case, she'd been on the receiving end of taunts and slander all through her Hogwarts years. 

Hence why she was not looking forward to going back, her father had now turned her back on their family and nothing would ever be the same. It had been a month, and it had been the worst month of her life. Not from outsiders, their words didn't hurt her anymore. 

No, this was something far worse. 

From her brother, Viserys. 

Viserys had began to be inappropriate with Daenerys when she was thirteen, noticing she'd started to gain curves as her body changed. He was seven years her senior, and not only was he breaking the agreement their family made with the Minister for Magic, he was breaking her down, piece by piece. 

Her body would be bruised sometimes after his beatings, after his unwanted advances. But she was powerless to it, even magic struggling to help her as he was a far more advanced wizard than she'd ever be at this age. She was small, a mere five foot two. He was over six foot and stronger than he looks. 

All Daenerys could do these days was just wait until the assault was over. 

And their was no one she could turn to, her mother was in denial of her father leaving, she did not know this was happening to her body on a weekly basis; what if he told her and didn't believe her? What if she thought she was trying to get attention?

Not that her mother was very responsive to anything these days, she too had shut down, making Viserys even more predatory. 

Her other brother Rhaegar was living away with his new wife Elia from the loving Martell family; one of the only few who welcomed their family into the wizarding community. They were expecting their first child. 

And the servants knew it happened, but Viserys had bought their silence. All in all, she had no one. She didn't even dare write it in her letters to Missandei; what if he intercepted them before she sent it off?

Daenerys realised her train of thought had caused her to behind schedule, thinking of her shit life tended to lead to that. So wiping herself dry from the shower shed just had she put her bathrobe around her and exited into her Black and Red draped bedroom. While she was in Slytherin, she was not a fan of the colour green. She loved the Targaryen  house colours, Black and Red like all the Targaryen's before her. So as she got dressed in her school uniform, ready to go to Platform nine and three quarters, she inwardly cursed Slytherin not being the red house. 

She breathed in and out as she tried to calm her nerves. There was no safe haven for her anymore. She was either in hell at home, being beaten and raped by her brother on a daily basis, or she was at Hogwarts, where vicious tongues wagged about her family's incestuous tendencies. 

That wasn't much to live for; but she still did anyway, there's got to be some ease up from the cruel gods who taunted her so. 

"Daenerys!" She heard a masculine voice call from the other side of her bedroom door. She felt her skin crawl, like someone had put an ice-cube down her back, or had let spiders crawl across her skin. Him. Ignoring the voice and gathering her trunk and wand (thirteen and a quarter inches, beechwood and Dragon heartstring) she gave herself one check over in the mirror before opening her door to see him standing there. 

He was holding a dark red dress which was bardot styled on the top and was full length, flowing to the floor in lots of layers. Daenerys felt herself gulp. "What is that?"

"A dress, you idiot" He snapped. Daenerys flinched as his tongue hissed harshly, like an out of tune violin. "I believe the word is there's a formal dance this year at Hogwarts, I got some gossip from the office"

"And you want me to wear that?" Daenerys scoffed, knowing her reaction would make him angry, but not caring as in an hour or two she'd be away from him on the train back to her final year. Seeing his face turn dark she adjusted her sentence to avoid a conflict. "I just don't think it's a style that suits me"

"Nonsense" He said, taking her trunk away from her. Opening the clasp her laid it inside and did her trunk up again. "You will wear that dress, or you'll make me very angry. We don't want that now do we"

She did not want this. "No"

Feeling like a slave in her own household; she took her trunk back from him and left him stood by her bedroom door. She marched down the stairs, her anger quickly rising as she felt herself being watched. Leaving her stuff in the entrance hall, she made her way to the Kitchen, Viserys close on her heels. Their mother was sat at the table, picking at the food the servants had prepared for breakfast. 

She felt her heart break in two. Her mother had not been the same since her father had left with that Veela witch from France. It was then she heard the clock chime; ten. 

Shit. She thought to herself angrily.

She didn't have time for breakfast she needed to go. And giving her mother a kiss on the forehead, telling her she was leaving for school, she grabbed a piece of toast to eat on the way. Her mother didn't show much response, it pained her. She began to the hall where her stuff was waiting for her. She had agreed to meet Missandei with her stuff at ten in the cafe outside King's Cross where they first met. 

She grabbed her stuff and burst through the front door of their house. As she made her way down the front path, someone grabbed her arm. Viserys. "Let go of me, I'm going to be late!" He didn't release her, instead he slapped her for being rude. She growled as his hand zipped on her skin, the sting making her skin wince. "Viserys let go of me!"

"My little whore" He grunted as he shoved her over. She hit the concrete, her trunk and bag going tumbling. She knew what was going to happen, she tried to wriggle free. "You didn't think I was going to let you go without giving you something to remember me by did you?"

The first time he raped her, she'd been fourteen years old, she'd come home for Christmas from Hogwarts, and was sat in her room doing one of her many essays which needed to be in after the holidays. He opened the door and asked if she needed any help with whatever essay she was doing. She was only in third year at this point. He'd been and left Hogwart for three years  and had gotten a job in the Ministry working in The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. 

She'd accepted, knowing he was good at Transfiguration. He'd gone over her essay and pointed out where she'd gone wrong. She'd done a few rewrite until he said it was very good. He even helped with Quidditch training, she had wanted to try out for the Slytherin team (she didn't make it in the end, she was too traumatized by the time she started fourth year). When they'd finished the training she'd come back to her room to clean up in her ensuite. 

As she'd walked out of the bathroom, in nothing but her Robe. He was sat on the bed waiting for her to come out, she was confused. He said the shower wasn't working in his ensuite and asked if he could use hers. Not thinking anything of it she said okay. And as he walked by her to the shower, he grabbed her wrist, performed a silencing charm on the door and threw her into the bathroom, no one had heard her screams, not even her father who had spent half an hour trying to find them both in the house. 

She would've said something, but everytime she tried, she would get confused and forget. He'd put a charm onto her, to stop her from blabbing about his rape of her. She'd never been the same since. She was more angry at school, she lashed out in the middle of classes, and everyone had just assumed that was who she was. 

And as she laid on the path outside her house, remembering this all, she felt that same anger building inside her.

They struggled some more; even though they were outside in the pen air, the protective charms on the house would've concealed them from muggles and the like. She cried out, hoping her mother would hear her, but she didn't come. It was as if she knew what was happening. Daenerys saw her wand out of the corner of her eyes, hoping she could reach it, it was inches from her hand. She stretched as he tried to take her school clothes off. 

Come on, come on, she cried in her head.

Refusing to let the tears fall from her face. Viserys hand was around her throat now, really trying to pin her hand, but, as she felt the familiar wood of her wand touching the tips of her fingers she smirked. He stopped, looking at her as she began to howl in laughter. 

Suddenly there was blue, the stunning spell. That's what she'd thought of. And it had sent him flying across the front garden. Breathing heavily, Daenerys scrambled to her feet and got to her stuff. Opening her trunk, she took the red dress out and threw it onto the floor.

"Incendio" It burned, fabric dissolving all over the path. She turned to Viserys who was just coughing and spluttering on the floor, retching even. She spat at him, the venom she'd been holding back overflowing. Briefly forgetting she was now 17, she thought she'd get into trouble. But when she remembered, she felt glee, she'd been able to beat him. She'd won this time.

She didn't look back. She just grabbed her trunk and got the hell out of there.