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"You must not talk about Milady like that" Fergus said sternly as he shut the door to what was once their room. He heard Marsali scoff behind him as she started fixing her hair in the mirror. 

"She is far from a lady." She said quietly curling a lock of hair around her finger.  

"Stop it!" Fergus said raising his voice slamming his hand down on the small table in front of him. Marsali jumped turning to look at him shock colouring her face. 

"Dont you raise your voice at me Fergus Fraser!" She yelled back, her face becoming red. 

"Ye not talk about my mother like that again!" Fergus yelled grabbing Marsali by the upper arms and giving her a little shake. "I wont have it. Ye will start showing her to respect that she has earned...wife" he said stepping away from her and running his hand though his hair. 

"Mother? She's not your mother Fergus!" Marsali said yelled, "She is a hoor!" Fergus started towards her, she took a step back.

"Ye be quite you know not what you speak of. Do you forget to easily that I know that a whore looks like! Me lady is far from that!" He said forcefully, his voice dropping to a deep growl. "She is my mother! I have known her since my lord took me from that place and gave me a home and a family. So I will tell you again wife. No more. You will call her Claire or me lady or nothing at all do you understand?" Fergus said taking another step towards his wife, she didn't step back this time, her eyes searching his. Fergus softened a little. 

"She is my mother and I need you to get along. Please just give her a chance" Fergus said softly, reaching up to brush Marsali's hair off her shoulder. Marsali nodded. 

"I will try. For you not her." she said softly, leaning in to place a kiss on Fergus's cheek. 


Later that night...

Marsali was coming up from dinner when she heard two voices speaking softly on the deck. Fergus and Claire were sitting that the front of the boat locked in a tight hug. 

"I prayed that you would come back to us." She heard Fergus as he pulled away from her wiping his nose on his sleeve. 

"Dont do that." She heard Claire say and saw her pulling his arm away from his face, "here use this" she passed him her handkerchief. Claire reached up to tuck his wayward hair behind his ear. 

"Je n'ai jamais pensé à toi. Quand ta soeur était plus jeune, je lui ai raconté des histoires de France. De toi. Comme le temps  tu as mis une grenouille dans la botte de ton père. Te souviens tu? (I never not thought of you. When your sister was younger, I told her stories of France. Of you. Like the time you put a frog in your father's boot. Do you remember?)" Claire said softly in French, Fergus laughed and wiped his eyes. They sat in silence for a moment, but then Fergus spoke looking up at the moon. 

"Goodnight moon" He said softly, "Goodnight cow jumping over the moon."

Marsali saw Claire smile at Fergus the small bite of her lip gave away her emotions. She pulled Fergus to her chest holding him tight. 

"Goodnight light, and the red balloon ..." Fergus finished before burying his head in Claire neck, his arms wrapping tight around her middle.