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Ships That Pass In the Night...

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“Lieutenant, this is the third time I’ve had you in my office this month. Do you know how many times we’ve passed you for promotion because of this?” Colonel Gardner practically barked.

Steve Trevor gritted his teeth before responding.

“Maybe if you’d tell your Alpha officers to keep their hands to themselves, I wouldn’t need to tell them myself with my fists.”

“If you have an issue with a fellow officer, you’re supposed to report it through the proper channels, not start a brawl over it.” Colonel Gardner countered.

“I have reported it through the proper channels, sir . I have made no bones over the harassment I’ve endured since receiving this posting. Unless all my letters have been going to the shredder, it should be very well-documented.”

“Son, if you can’t handle a little cat-calling--”

“She grabbed my ass!”

“Maybe you should re-evaluate what it is you’re doing in the army!” his superior stood. “We’re not gonna hold your hand and say ‘there, there’ every time an Omega thinks their fellow officers are getting too friendly!”

“You’re just gonna act like she did nothing wrong, aren’t you?”

“Captain Minerva has been here a long time. If she does as you claim, then why are you the only one to be reporting it?”

Steve clenched his jaw. The colonel had him, and there was nothing he could do.

“Get the hell out of my office, Trevor. If I have to see you here again, it will be for your dismissal.”

Steve walked quickly back to the Omega barracks. He gave his footlocker a furious kick before throwing himself on his back on his cot, staring angrily at the ceiling. His breathing was rapid and shallow, and he tapped his fingers in quick rhythm against the coarse blanket.

“Told you it was no use.”

Steve turned to see his friend Hal leaning against a support post just a few spots down.

“What would you know about it, Jordan? You’re an Alpha.”

Steve knew this was unfair of him. Hal had been a good friend throughout all of it, and had the decency to keep his hands to himself. But at that moment, Steve felt a truly presentist anger towards Alphas.

“I’ll let you have that one, ’cause I know you’re pissed.” he approached Steve’s cot. “When you’re calmed down enough, though, you might want to look at this.”

He threw a folded paper onto Steve’s chest, which the Omega unfolded immediately.

It was a photocopy on yellow paper, and read in bold, black lettering:








“It’s tonight, on base, and I think our shifts just ended. You wanna come?”

“Who is she?” Steve frowned at the poor quality black-and-white photo.

“She’s Greek nobility or something. Ex-military. She’s been going around the world trying to shame army brass into acknowledging that harassment happens and that people are getting away with it.”

“So she’s an Omega?”

“Nope, Alpha.”

Steve stared at Hal.

“And she’s speaking up for Omega rights?”

“Well, yeah, but, you know that Omegas aren’t the only ones who get harassed, right? There was a time Omegas weren’t allowed in the army, and shit still happened. Besides, I’m all for Omega rights.”

Steve shut his eyes in a slow blink at his own stupidity.

“Yeah, I know. I just-- ugh!” he bolted upright.

“Fucking Gardner! And fucking Minerva! Who the fuck does she think she is that she thinks I should just bend over for her just because she’s asking!?”

“She’s an entitled little shit. I knew a lot of those in high school, believe me. Listen,”

Hal sat on the cot next to Steve’s.

“It’s gonna be a while before the talk starts. Let’s go blow off some steam in the gym, and then get changed up to go sit in on it. She’s been doing a lot of good. Leave a note with her, and things might start changing around here.”

Steve smiled crookedly.

“Sounds good. I wanna see how many times I can knock your ass down before I get bored.” he stood.

“You little shit.” Hal shoved him back down onto the cot as he stood and made his way to the door.

Steve snorted and quickly followed.


“Fuck’s sake.” Hal said, winding his shoulder as he and Steve made their way to a pair of unoccupied metal chairs in the rec hall.

“What?” Steve asked.

“Like you don’t know. Nearly tore my arm out of its socket on that last move.”

Steve snorted.

“You must really be out of shape. Alphas are supposed to have a natural superior strength compared to Omegas.”

“Pfft!” Hal said as they sat down. “You should have seen some of the twinks I trained when I was in the Air Force. Half of the new recruits I was worried about sending up in the jets ’cause I thought if ever they had to pull the eject ’chute they’d get blown away; and the other half I thought the jet might not take off with all the extra Jell-O they had packed into their ACUs. Half the time, the Omegas who enlist are stronger than the Alphas who get drafted because the little snots think ‘Oh, wait till I go through basic, I’m gonna get so jacked!’ But the Omegas and Betas, they know they’re at a natural disadvantage, so they train every chance they get. Pisses off some of the Alphas that are right out of high school, ’cause they still haven’t got it through their heads that their presentation doesn’t mean they’re owed any respect from the other presentations. My superior officer, Farris, she’s an Omega, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone. One snot-nosed pup tried to get smart with her on the first day of basic, he found himself running laps till he threw up. Didn’t pull that one again.”

Steve laughed at the image of Minerva being forced to run laps for an hour, exhausted and red in the face, while he’d be sitting back drinking a cold one in the shade.

After a moment of silence between the two while the hall filled up, Steve turned to Hal again.

“You ever think of going back to Air Force?”

“Hell, no.” Hal told him. “I left for a very good reason and I’m not going back.”

“What happened?” Steve asked, frowning.

Hal pulled his dog tags from under his shirt. He held them out to Steve, the front showing the name and other info engraved on them.

One read Jordan Harold, but the other read--

“Farris Carol?” Steve asked.

“My superior officer from the Air Force.” Hal grinned. “Couldn’t see each other while we worked in the same unit, so I got transferred.”

“Awesome.” Steve grinned back. “I’m happy for you.”


There was a sudden hush over the room as someone tapped the microphone at the front on the temp stage. A four-star general Steve didn’t know stood in dress uniform at the mic.

“Officers and guests,” she started. “It is my very great pleasure to introduce Diana Prince, formerly of Grecian military forces. Her current position is as part of the UN’s A for O campaign alongside actress Emma Watson, speaking from experience about the very real issue of sexual harassment within the military worldwide, bringing it to light so that victims will feel confident that when they report incidents it will be dealt with appropriately. Ladies and gentlemen, Diana Prince.”

The general stepped back and clapped along with the rest of the room. A tall, tan woman with dark hair in a french twist walked to the microphone. She wore a pantsuit and stylish flats.

Steve swallowed as he took her in, practically feeling his mouth watering.

“Ladies,” she began. “Gentlemen, and everyone in-between. I thank you for showing up in such large numbers, for the message is one which should be heard by as many as possible.”

She had somewhat lilting accent, but spoke clearly held the room’s attention with little effort.

“For years, as I have travelled around the world, I have seen thousands of cases of sexual harassment between all presentations. And while it is strongest in cases of Alphas harassing Omegas, no matter who the aggressor is, it all starts with a fundamental problem: that the person doing the harassment believes themselves to be above their victim. It is a power trip. It is nothing less than a way of making the victim feel like they are less than them. And this is made worse when others around it make light of the situation. Victims are told a various amount of things making the act more damaging. ‘Get over it.’ ‘Stop being a pup.’ As though the harassment should be accepted as though it’s not degrading. And there’s also the victim-blaming: ‘What did you do?’ ‘Why were you there?’ ‘What were you wearing?’

“Let me be very clear: sexual harassment is degrading. If you don’t like a person, that’s one thing. But the moment you show them that you hold no respect for them as a human being, you have demonstrated how much of an animal you are. Yet even among beasts there is more respect. The breeder has the right to refuse a mate, and the sire will have to look elsewhere. So why is it that among humans, with all our laws and clear rules about what kind of language or physical contact is appropriate and which is not are victims constantly told to either just accept it or that they must be, in part, responsible?

“Countries have been reporting the numbers, and they are frightening. In Canada, an Omega has a fifty percent chance of being sexually harassed or abused at least once in their life. In the United States, one in six Omegas have been the victim of an attempted or completed rape.

“There are some of you who are no doubt still agreeing with the arguments I brought up earlier: that harassment is to be expected, especially if the victim dresses or behaves a certain way. But I want you to think about it differently: what if this person was your mother? Your sibling? Now, I want you to go a step further: What if it happened to you? And Alphas, I want you to clear any scoffing immediately because it does happen to Alphas. And not just the ones you might consider weak.

“There was an Alpha commander in the navy posted in Florida, and this was just last year, who was approached by a male Beta who propositioned him for sex. They were alone in the locker room, and the Alpha refused. This occurred a second time, and the Beta told him that if he didn’t agree, he would neuter him. The Alpha refused, and tried to have disciplinary action taken against the Beta. He was told by his superiors that if he couldn’t handle a simple Beta, then what was he doing in the navy? A week later, the Alpha was attacked by the Beta while he slept. He nearly died of blood loss from his injuries, and can no longer produce children.

“The problem began with the Beta wanting to exert power, because he believed the Alpha beneath him. This is not simply a pack hierarchy issue, it is one human being to another. No one should have that much power over anyone; not a mate, not a parent, nor anyone else.

“The second part of this problem was how others involved in the situation brushed it off, thinking it to be of little consequence. If someone is showing tendencies to their fellow soldiers that they have no respect for them, then how do they treat others elsewhere? How, especially in a position where, as soldiers, your duty is to protect others, would such a person treat those they are meant to protect?

“A look at this particular Beta’s history showed a long list of abused ex-partners, and bullying in high school. The signs were all there, but no one acted when the threat showed itself. Why?

“Friends, we have forgotten how to show solidarity for our fellow beings. No matter how the media may display it, when a person says ‘no,’ that should be respected. And if the harassment continues, then all of us have the duty to stand behind the victim and repeat ‘no,’ louder and stronger with all our voices combined, so that the abuser understands that their actions will not be tolerated. Commanding officers have a duty to take seriously any complaints reported to them by their subordinates, because if they allow for the abuse to continue, they will end up with a bigger mess down the line.

“Everyone has the right to say no, and to live their lives without unwanted advances. We, as soldiers, have the duty to protect our countries and their interests. But how can we be expected to do that if we don’t protect our fellow soldiers, our friends, our families, from those monsters which hide among us?

“Over the past five years I have been working with the UN to develop a helpline. I have pamphlets and cards with the number for you to call, if you or someone close to you is in need of help, and all the proper channels have been exhausted or you fear to use them. They are stacked on the table next to the refreshments at the end. Help is there, and you can become part of the wave of change which will protect those closest to us. Thank you.”

Steve and Hal stood and clapped with the rest. It was like the room was empowered from having heard her words, and the lifting mood was infectious.

“Damn, I wish Carol could’ve heard that.” Hal said. “What a lady.”

“Yeah.” Steve breathed. “What a lady.”

Hal looked at his friend, then smiled crookedly.

“C’mere.” Hal grabbed Steve’s wrist and started making his way towards the stage.

“Hal!?” Steve exclaimed as his friend dragged him. “What’re yo--?”

Suddenly, they were in front of Diana Prince, who had just stepped off the stage.

“Ma’am!” Hal saluted. “Captain Hal Jordan.”

On instinct, Steve saluted as well.

“First Lieutenant Steve Trevor.”

“Pleased to meet you both.” Diana smiled warmly. “How can I help you?”

“My friend’s been having problems with some higher-ups. We were wondering if you could help.”

Steve felt his face grow hot. Diana’s expression turned serious.

“I’m on my way to have dinner with the general. Perhaps you could accompany us and give us the details?”

“Uh, I-- um…” Steve swallowed, suddenly unsure. Hal bumped his arm with his elbow, but it didn’t restore his speech.

“You mustn’t fear about coming forward.” Diana assured him. “If it would make you more at ease to have your friend accompany us as well, that would not be a problem.”

Steve was yelling at himself in his head for his mouth to work properly.

“I can come with you--” Hal started, but Steve suddenly regained speech.

“Yes, I would like that.” the words came rushing out of his mouth. “Thank you, for the opportunity.”

Diana smiled.

“Excellent. If you’re ready to go now, our car is waiting for us through the west exit.”

Hal and Steve followed her through the door, where the general was conversing with a member of the security staff.

“General O’Neill, this is--”

“Hal! Long time no see!” The general shook Hal’s hand.

“Good to see you, sir.” Hal grinned.

“Please, no formalities. I’ve had young privates tripping over their words trying to talk to me all day.”

“No problem. Jack, this is my buddy Steve Trevor.” Hal indicated Steve. “He’s a First Lieutenant here.”

“Nice to meet you.” Jack O’Neill shook his hand next.

“Likewise.” Steve liked the man instantly. He seemed very approachable and down-to-earth.

“I’ve invited them to join us for dinner.” Diana explained.

“Oh, nice! Well, let’s all get in the luxury SUV the UN splurged for us.” Jack grinned.

Steve and Hal chuckled as they climbed into the back seat, which had been made to have rear-facing seats for a more open feeling, rather like being in a limo.

“So, Lieutenant,” Diana said, leaning across from him. “Could you elaborate on your problem?”

“It’s a captain on base.” Steve explained. “She’s about as lewd as you can get and not afraid to get handsy. Almost every time it turns into a fight, but somehow I’m the one with an attitude problem.”

“Colonel Gardner seems to equate her behavior with high school teasing.” Hal elaborated.

“If only more people understood how serious high school teasing can be.” Diana said seriously. “If more bullies were given the proper punishments at a younger age, they might better understand that their behaviours will most certainly not be tolerated as adults. But, ‘pups will pups’ continues to be allowed as though it excuses everything.”

Steve decided he really liked Diana.


Over dinner, Jack and Hal mostly spent the time catching up, giving Steve and Diana a chance to get to know one another.

“Must be nice, visiting all over the place while preaching your message.” Steve told her after she gave him a rundown of where she’d been so far.

“Tiring.” Diana said. “But interesting. Oh, if ever you go to Asia, don’t order squid unless it’s well-cooked. They make it very fresh, and, while this is a rare occurrence, it’s possible to get stung by a sire’s sperm sack, and it hurts.

“Wait, you got stung by squid sperm?” Steve grimaced.

“I had to chew exclusively on the right side of my mouth while my left side healed after they removed the barbs from my cheek and gums.” Diana used her hand to indicate roughly where it had been.

Diana hand-talked a lot. Steve found it entertaining to watch.


“So…” Hal said as he and Steve walked towards the compound after being dropped off. “Did you get her number?”

Steve grinned.


Hal chuckled.

“You gonna text her?”

“Dunno, yet. What do I say? ‘Hey, how’s it going?’”

“Well, you know she’s gonna be flying out in the morning? Text her in the afternoon, ask her if she landed safely or something.”

“Sounds lame.”

“It sounds lame because you like her. You want whatever you say next to be impressive. Don’t do that. Take it from me, an Alpha in her position isn’t looking for the June Cleaver type who’s gonna always know the right thing to say.”

Steve scoffed.

“Good. Because June Cleaver can take her perfect little submission act and shove it up her ass.”

“What I mean is, the whole time you guys were talking tonight? You were sharing experiences and laughing. Like friends. Be her friend. You don’t need to prove you’re fuckable, anyone with eyes can see how good you look. You need to show you can stay up till midnight having an intelligent conversation.”

“You saying I can’t?” Steve challenged.

I know you can, but she’s the one you wanna roll in the hay with.”

Steve rolled his eyes.

“‘Roll in the hay.’” he muttered. “What kind of shit are you reading? R-rated Little House on the Prairie?”

“Well, Melissa Gilbert did grow up to be quite the cutie, but that’s beside the point.” They arrived at the door to the Omega barracks and stopped.

“The point being that in the year I’ve known you, I’ve seen how you flirt, and it’s always been toying, like you don’t discourage Alphas, but you don’t give them an inch, either; they can talk to you for an hour and not learn a thing about you. But that whole time with Diana, you opened right up. I’ve never seen you so lit up.”

Steve couldn’t help but blush.

“She’s really easy to talk to.”

“So’s Carol.” Hal smiled. “She asked me out first, you know.”

Steve grinned.

“I think I like her already.”

“We had started talking over lunch in the mess one day, and then she asked me to meet her for drinks the following week. And we just talked. It was great. And then we started joking around on base, we got this really great working rhythm.” Hal sighed. “And then one day we ended up playing seven minutes in heaven in a supply closet. Huh.” he sighed again. “Well, then we knew we were in trouble, because dating someone in your unit is against regulations. So I put in for a transfer.”

“And that’s how I got stuck kicking your sorry ass around the sparring ring.” Steve grinned.

“One of these days, Trevor, I’m gonna be pinning you to the ground.”

“Sure your girlfriend would approve?”

Hal cocked his head, a twisted smile like he was actually considering the scenario.

“Hmm. Would I have to worry more about Carol or Diana?”

Steve pointed at Hal.

“Wait, I’ve got an idea. How about let Diana have Carol, and we’ll run away together?”

Hal put his hand on his heart.

“Why, Steve, I never knew you cared!”

“Oh, Hal!” Steve teased. “Your rugged good looks have completely drawn me in! Let’s go to Walnut Grove and have ten pups!”

They broke down in laughter, clutching their bellies, doubled over.

“Would you two pipe down!?” a voice called from within the barracks. “Some of us are tryin’ ta sleep!”

Steve and Hal gradually slowed from their laughter to tired giggles.

“I’ll see ya tomorrow, Steve.” Hal told him as he went to make his way to the Alpha barracks down the hall.

“Later, Hal.” Steve said, his voice still full of mirth as he went inside the barracks.


The next evening, Steve texted Diana.


Steve: Had a nice flight?


He spent nearly five minutes feeling tense, when she finally answered.


Diana: Definitely thankful to have been in first class. I was late boarding and passed someone in coach who had a wide blast radius of terrible body odour.

Steve: Ugh… one of my uncles told me about the time he lived in Italy and would take the train at the same time as this guy every morning: the guy wore a very *expensive* looking suit, but smelled like death run over twice.

Diana: Gross. Even if you don’t use soap every day, it’s nothing to just stand under a stream of warm water and scrub your body with a facecloth, and it will keep odour under control.

Steve: Sounds like you’ve just found your next area of concern: encouraging people to use proper hygiene methods! :P

Diana: I’ll start writing my speech! ^_^

Steve: So… when do you think you’ll be in my neck of the woods, again?

Diana: Well, the tour ends in about a month. I could swing by to say hi when it’s over.

Steve: I really enjoyed talking with you last night.

Diana: As did I. :)


One Month Later...


“Oh, shit!” Steve cried. He was way too close.

“It’s alright, Steve!” Diana gasped beneath him. “Nearly there!”

Steve didn’t want to take any chances. He reached between their bodies and took hold of Diana’s cock and began pumping as he continued his thrusts when--


Steve came at the same time as she did, feeling her come on his hand, her nails digging into his shoulders pushing him over the edge.

“Wow.” Steve panted as he pulled out, lying on his back next to an equally breathless Diana. “I’ve never topped before.”

“Well, you did very well for a first time.” Diana flashed him a shit-eating grin, turning on her side to face him better, sweat adding a golden sheen to her caramel features.

“Does that mean I get to do this again? With you, I mean?” he turned to look at her.

“I certainly hope so.” she flicked his nose playfully. “I’d like a turn, too.”

Steve laughed, then sat up on the edge of the bed to deal with the condom. Diana left the bed and went into the bathroom, and Steve heard her start up the shower.

Steve went into the bathroom after her and washed his hands at the sink.

“I don’t suppose there’s room in there for two?” he called out.

“Actually, for a hotel tub, it’s surprisingly roomy.” Diana replied before sticking her face out from behind the curtain. “Care to join me?”

Steve grinned.

When Diana later gave him an excellent massage back in the bed, Steve thought that yes, this was definitely going to work out well.