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Love Hurts

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It was late when Abby and Clarke left the Blake’s. Although they only lived next door, Marcus stood at his door and watched them to make sure they arrived home safely.

“If anything happens, you call me first. Call me.”

When the mother and daughter walked through the front door, the house was free of beer cans and had returned to the family home they once knew before Jake had started drinking. In fact, Jake wasn’t drunk. He was sat on the sofa, a grin spread across his freshly-shaven face.

“My girls. Please come and sit with me.”

Clarke’s eyes had lit up and Abby was pretty sure her’s lit up too. Both of them sat at each side of Jake as he stretched out his arms and wrapped them around his wife and child, their heads resting on his shoulders.

“I love you both, you know that, right? And I’m so sorry for acting the way I have. But I feel so much better now I’m with the two most beautiful people in the world.”

Jake pulled them closer and then everything that had happened in the previous couple of weeks was almost immediately forgotten as the warmth of familial love returned to their hearts. This was what they needed.



“Bell, O? Telly off.”

Marcus sat down on the sofa and looked at his children. They both had the eyes of their mother, and Marcus was lost in his small epiphany. The TV screen zapped off and the twins heads turned and faced their father. With them being sixteen now, they were old enough to understand the truth about their mother.

“Sup, dad?”

Bellamy had grown and matured so much over the past year and Marcus was comfortable with sharing the truth with his son, but Marcus struggled to open up to Octavia. Her face was still so young, so innocent. She was still the baby that giggled hysterically when he tickled his beard on her face, or the baby girl who would break all of the electricity circuits in the house by switching the lights on and off super-fast to make the house into a ‘disco-party’ or even the toddler who knew precisely the right moment to switch off the TV when Marcus was watching his favourite show. Now he understood why Abby wanted to protect Clarke so much.

“It’s about your mom.”

Bellamy and Octavia’s face grew with concern as they waited for their father to elaborate.

“I’ve told you that you’re mom ‘just left’. But it was through no choice of her own. Two months after you were born, she was hit by a car and the driver... he umh- he just left her lying there.”

“She died?”

Octavia’s eyes began to water and suddenly she remembered the messages she would write on a balloon and release on her birthday without her father knowing – hoping some day she would come to visit her. She remembered finding photographs of her parents wedding day and Bellamy yelling at her for keeping the pictures of them after she ‘left them behind for no god-damn reason’.


Marcus’ head nodded slowly. Bellamy sat silently and pulled his sister into a hug as she wept.

“You want to know why your names are Bellamy and Octavia?”

The children looked up at their father, nodding.

“Your mother loved reading stories about Ancient Greece, and both of you names were picked especially from your mother’s favourite book. She too left behind the most wonderful legacies – like the Ancient Greeks – and she would be so proud of the people you two have become.”



It was late evening and Clarke went to bed early after the movie night at Bellamy’s house. She was so relieved that her parents were on good terms and fell asleep easily. Abby was snuggled into Jake’s chest as the pair watched the television. She was exhausted after her day at work, and her emotional talk with Marcus now seemed pointless. Everything was how it should be, how it was. Perfect.

“I’m going to bed.”

Jake felt Abby’s body pull away from what was perfectly molded to his. He kissed her as a ‘goodnight’ gesture, but within moments, his lips were surrounding hers. He was running his hand up her inner thigh. Abby pulled away again hesitantly, too tired.

“That wasn’t an invite to have sex. I’m genuinely tired.”

Abby smiled, finding his misinterpretation amusing as she stood up. Suddenly, she felt Jake’s hand grip her wrist.

“Are you not going to show me how much you love me? The old me is back.”

“I’m not in the mood, Jake. Maybe tomorrow?”

That was it. That small amount of refusal triggered Jake’s over-reaction. He pulled her towards himself, startling Abby in doing so. His fingers interlocked with her hair and Abby tried to pull back.

“I want you to show me that you still love me, Abby.”

God, he was really scaring her now and Abby started to panic. She attempted to pull away from him again but he grip intensified.


Before she could attempt to pull away from him once more, Jake pushed her down onto the sofa, forcing her to lie on her back. One hand still remained gripping to her hair and the other forcing her legs apart.

“Jake! Our daughter is upstairs. Stop it.”

Abby struggled against him as he used one of his knees to keep her legs separated. His hands then found their way onto her arms, pinning them down as he kissed down her neck. Abby’s heart was racing at this point. A surge of disgust and disbelief rushing through her veins.


“Shut up! You’ll wake Clarke.”

She let out a small yelp as her bones struggled under his strength and he forced his weight on top of her to keep her still. His lips met hers again, but Abby scrunched up her mouth, refusing to participate; spitting and hissing at him.

Jake’s grip weakened and Abby wasn’t going to give up without a fight. Slowly, Abby was wriggling from his grip and off the sofa. Soon, the pair had wrestled each other to the floor, but Jake still dominated her. She wanted so desperately to cry, scream, shout, but she didn’t want worry Clarke. Abby couldn’t bear it. She had to stop him.


The screech caused a burst of energy in Jake as his temper ignited. He smashed the back of Abby’s head on the wooden floor. Consequently, her teeth snapped down at her tongue with the force. She almost choked on the blood welling up in her mouth and Jake mounted her, undoing the belt on his waist. Abby could barely move, her head throbbing. She wasn’t even aware that Jake had already forced himself into her before her groan started to burn.

“Please, Jake.”

The only two words she could managed before droplets of blood rolled down her cheeks from her tongue. Abby barely struggled now. She already knew she had lost.