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Tom rocks on his feet anxiously. Back and forwards. Back and Forwards. He whips his phone out of his pocket checking the time. He clicks it on and then clicks it off putting it back in his pocket. He then takes the corner of the collar of his shirt and brings it to his nose. He sniffs it, smelling for his cologne. He’s not happy with it. Now that he’s second guessing himself he looks back to his apartment complex.
‘Do I have enough time to change?’ he thinks to himself. Tye is already late. What could a few more minutes be-


Tom stumbles out of his trance as a car pulls up in front of him. The door quickly opens and Tom bends down to look in.
“Hey” he smiles at Tye.
“Hop in” Tye says, retreating to his seat having opened the door for Tom.
“What took you so long?” says Tom, climbing into the car.
“Traffic was a nightmare, should of left earlier sorry” Tye moves the car into first gear and drives off as soon as Tom’s door has shut. “Nice cologne by the way”.
Tom smiles to himself in delight, he hides his smile to the righthand side of himself so Tye can’t see.
But Tye knows he’s made Tom flustered.
“So only a few weeks till the premiere, you must be getting nervous”.
“Yeah, it- it’s getting close” stutters Tom.
“Don’t worry about it, can’t be worse than ‘X-men: Apocalypse’ and everyone moved on pretty quickly from how shitty I was in that. Now I’m getting directed by Spielberg, you just need to lock the next big blockbuster down before initial reviews come-”
“I..” Tom interjects, “I didn’t really call to get Hollywood advice Tye, my career is going better than yours.”
“Fuck off” Tye laughs back.
“But, I’m getting stressed with the press tour and stuff and just want to relieve some pressure. And last time we met you said you.. you could help.”
“Don’t get me wrong, I knew what this was. I was just making chit chat, and last time was just a kiss.”
“Yeah and I want to do a…a lot more, and you know I’ve never done…anything with a guy before” Tom words fade away towards the end of his sentence.
“Stop man” Tye says as he looks down at the bulge in his pants, “You are getting me way to excited. Shit we made good time, I knew I should have gone this way in the first place” Tye continues, pulling the car up to his place.
“You’ve got stuff up there right? Like condoms and lube?” Tom says hopping out of the car.
“Yeah Tom it’s ok, don’t worry about it”. Tye clicks the remote to his car on his key ring locking it shut.
“Press 14” says Tye.
Tom does so and the elevator takes off. They stand apart waiting to reach the floor of Tye’s apartment.
Tye looks at Tom who stares at the ground. “You can kiss me now”.
Tom looks up a bit more enthused “Oh...ok”
Tom takes a step towards Tye and leans in. Their lips touch lightly and Tom pulls away.
As he does so Tye grabs Toms hand and pulls him back, their lips crash back together.
The door to the elevator opens.
Tye stops the kiss and walks out of the elevator leaving Tom bumbling standing by himself star eyed and bewildered.
Tye kicks off his shoes as he enters his home, “Now don’t worry I’ll coach you through everything alright”.
Tom grins “Yeah sweet”, trying to convince Tye he has some confidence to himself but it just comes off forced.
Tye walks him into his bedroom and removes his pants. Tom follows shortly behind him and begins to undo his own belt.
Tye turns around to him. “Hold on keep them on”. Tom stops and does his belt back up. “We are going to focus on me first and then you”. Tom nods with a bit of confusion.
Tye sits on the end of his bed wearing nothing but his underwear and his shirt. “Come over and get on your knees”
Tom walks over in front of him. He kneels in between Tye’s pale slim thighs.
Tom looks up at him grabbing Tye’s cock through his dark coloured underwear. He feels his erection. It’s so firm, so perfect. The first dick he has ever touched that wasn’t his own. It could make Tom cum right there. This whole new experience. The anticipation and Tye’s covered cock. Already Tom was close to eruption. But he knows he must hold on.
Tom touches his own cock with his other hand through his pants. Gently, just to keep himself satisfied.
“Go on, take them off, I know you want to see it” says Tye the grin of his face widening at the childishness of Tom’s excitement.
Tom reaches under the elastic of the underwear and brings them down to Tye’s ankles. His eyes haven’t moved from the now freed dick that stands tall in front of him.
“Lick from the balls to the tip” directs Tye.
Tom gulps like a cartoon character staring at Tye’s dick. He leans in slowly and places his tongue at the bottom of Tye’s recently shaved sack and slowly brings his tongue to the red tip of his lovers uncut cock. “Keep doing that” says Tye tilting his head back, “Jerk me off a little too.”
Tom complies, getting more confident. He licks up and down and around his cock, putting his tongue in between Tye’s foreskin.
“Yeah, yeah” says Tye, “No umm, oh, now just try take it all in.”
Tom with glee opens his mouth and drops his head down and around Tye’s length.
“Don’t use so much teeth man” fidgets Tye.
Tom takes his mouth off Tye’s dick with a pop. A string of saliva mixed with precum joining his mouth to Tyler’s exposed head extends between them. “Sorry” he says, wiping it away.
“Don’t be, it’s your first BJ you are doing great. Keep sucking” replies Tye.
Pre-cum now seeps through Tom’s trousers. He palms his contained erection.
Tye places some pressure on Toms head, softly guiding his mouth up and down his shaft. “Stop touching yourself Tom”. Tye gets up out of his comfortable position leaning down and taking Toms hand and placing it under his ball sack and at the beginning of his ass crack. “Slowly move your fingers up and around my hole Tom. Gently. Lubricate your fingers too, just suck on them”.
Tom nods not taking his mouth off Tye’s cock. He gently plays with his instructor’s ass while sucking harder and faster on his leaking dick. Tye lays backwards on the bed. “Get a little deeper in my ass Tom”.
Tom complies be pushes his fingers down, wiggling them. Searching for that magic spot that sits within Tye’s tight ass. “I might cum soon” moans Tye.
Tom quickens the pace shoving his fingers deeper inside Tye while making sure to work the bright red head of Tye’s dick in his mouth.
“Yep. Definitely. Want me to finish in your mouth?”
Tom stops sucking. “Will you be able to cum again if you finish now?”
“Yeah baby” he laughs, “This is only the beginning”.
“Alright, finish in me” replies Tom giddy for Tye’s juices.
Tye lays back completely on the bed in pure ecstasy. Tom quickens the pace of his mouth. His fingers still play with his ass.
“Yes Tom” Tye whispers cumming straight into Tom’s mouth. His seed spills out past his dick leaking around Tom’s mouth.
Ty looks down at Tom “Open wide.”
Tom opens his mouth showing him all the cum oozing down the back of his throat. Tye wipes his wet dick juices over tom’s cheek. “Swallow it all baby”.
“That was so good.” Says Tom finishing off what’s left on Tye’s dick.
“Now to do you” Tye stands up and motions for Tom to sit on the bed.
“Finally” expels Tom.
Tom leans in for a quick kiss with Tye. Their lips gently brushing. As their lips intensify Tom’s hands search all over Tye’s body. They lead themselves to the bottom of Tye’s shirt. He brings it up over Tye’s head stopping their kiss but leaving Tye naked. Tom kisses down Tye’s abs and puts a kiss on his deflating penis.
“Let’s see what you are hiding down there Tom”.
Tye drops to his knees pulling Tom’s pants with him. As his knees hit the floor his eyes become level with Tom’s concealed dick. Tom’s underwear is wet with precum. Tye brings his mouth over Tom’s cock sucking the juices from Tom’s materials.
“Defiantly a spider-man not a spider boy” laughs Tye. “Ever had a guy suck you off?”
“It’s going to make you blow so hard”.
“I’m basically ready to blow now”.
“Can’t wait to taste you” says Tye smiling back to him.
Tye strips Tom of his underwear and deep throats all of Tom in one motion. His lips hitting the base of his cock. Up and down, back and forwards. It’s mind-blowing to Tom. Tye works the head and sucks his hairless sack. He feels Tom’s dick pulsating.
His tongue plays around with the head of Tom’s dick, making sure to get in-between his slit. Tye’s mouth retreats from Tom’s dick, his eyes peering up at Tom’s face.
“You already ready to cum?” laughs Tye.
“Sorry” replies Tom, with genuine embarrassment in his voice.
“It’s ok.”
“If I cum now, I don’t know if I can again later.”
“Don’t worry I’ll make you come again.” Remarks Tye with confidence.
Tye places his mouth back onto Tom’s dick working it quicker than he did before.
Tom moans loudly as his cum fills up Tye’s big mouth. Tye embraces it sucking harder. Swallowing everything he can.
As he finishes he pushes Tom gently on his rippled abs motioning for Tom to lay backwards on the bed behind him. Tom complies still riding the high of his ejaculation.
“Put your legs up” ays Tye holding Tom’s right legged calf. Leaving a kiss on it as he helps his leg up onto the bed. “Keep them nice and wide for me I want to see it all”.
Tom does so timidly in fear of having something in his hole for the first time.
“You have the pinkest hole Tom” gulps Tye drooling for it. He pokes a finger into Tom’s hole. Slowly and dryly. “Tell me if it hurts?”.
“Nah it’s ok so far”.
“Want me to eat you out?”
Tom just hums a reply of pleasure translating to “YES!”
Tye places his mouth up to his fuck friends hole and smashes his tongue forcefully into his tight little entrance.
“Oh I can’t wait to fuck your hole!”. Tye fingers him deeper and faster. Moans stream out of Tom’s mouth. “You want more baby?”
“Yes” Tom says with a whimper.
Tye inserts two fingers into his hole, alternating between fingering him and eating him.
“Just fuck me Tye. Please.”
“You aren’t ready. You need to open up more”.
“I don’t care I can take it, I just need you in me.”
Tye crawls up Tom’s body to look at him face to face. They kiss. Their wet mouths slobber with intense sound as their tongues dance with excitement fighting for dominance.
“I want to see your face when I fuck you. See the pain and pleasure. Now don’t tense up.”
Tom nods as he reaches for his own dick. But Tye denies him, swatting his hand away. “It’s ok Tom I’ll touch you.”
Tye take a hold of Tom’s erect penis. He lines up the big red bulb of his dick to the small hole that is Tom’s cute little ass.
He gently presses into his hole. Tom’s pink entrance begins to engulf Tye’s dick. “That’s good Tom so good. You’re taking it so well”
His hole stretches around the head of his dick, then bam he’s in. Tom winces with the pain as Tye continues to enter.
“You are so tight Tom!” says Tye enthusiastically as he retreats his penis.
“No, no” tom moans grabbing Tye by the butt making sure he doesn’t pull out. “Stay in me”.
“I have to pull out to loosen you Tom. It’ll feel good. I promise.”
“Just fuck me Tye. I’m not a kid I can take it. I’m older than you”.
“Only just older” replies Tye slamming back into Tom who yells in pain. “Is that what you want? I have to be slow babe”.
Tom huffs in pain. Eyes slightly watery.
Still inside Tom, Tye lies down on top of him. And gently kisses him. “I’m sorry that was rough. I’ll just do little ones. He drifts in and out of Tom slowly. Tom kisses back passionately.
“Fuck my ass Tye.”
“Shhhhh take it easy” He sooths Tom with his tongue kissing back.
Tye quickens the pace. Tom’s breathing intensifies. And then Tye hits Tom’s special spot. And Tom is in for a ride.
“Ohhhh” expels Tom in pleasure.
“Oh yeah you like that now do you Tom?”
“Shut up and fuck me. Get that spot! Please! I feel you!”.
Tom wraps his legs around Tye’s bare body. His dick digging into Tom’s ass further and further, faster and faster. He hits toms spot again. And his legs clench in reflex locking Tye into him. Tom smiles as they kiss. He hits his spot again and Tom digs his nails into Tye’s back.
“Yes!” Yells Tom. He’s never felt anything like this before.
“I’m going to cum Tom” whispers Tye, sweat dripping down the side of his face.
“Me too” replies Tom. “Cum with me Tye, I’m almost there”.
With every thrust the two merge closer and closer to their climax.
And then Tye gets Tom’s special spot again. The pleasure escapes Tom’s lips with a breath and he cums in Tyes hand which to this moment was still pleasing Tom’s dick. The sound that Tom makes and the sticky juices that ooze over Tye’s hand cause him to go over the edge and Tye cums too.
They exhale together. Tye bring his face back to Tom’s kissing him passionately again.
“That…Was….Good” pants Tom catching his breath.
“You were good” replies Tye. Removing himself from Tom’s anus.
Tom release one last sound as Tye retreats into the open air of the room.
He lays back down next to Tom. Removing the condom from his deflating dick.
Tom scoops his own cum up from his stomach. Looking for a tissue on the bedside table to wipe it clean.
Tye takes Tom’s cum soaked hand and sucks it clean.
“I do yours you do mine?” questions Tye handing his condom to Tom.
Tom takes it and drains Tye’s juices into his mouth. Like a child at a doctors office Tom turns to Tye and opens his mouth wide revealing he’s swallowed it all.
“Not bad for a first time Tom?” questions Tye.
“Not bad at all” smiles Tom. Closing his eyes and cuddling into Tye’s torso.