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I’m Friends with the Monster in my Closet

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Katsuki was two years old when he spotted a rabbit in his backyard. It bounced away the second it spotted the toddler wobbling towards it. His mother paid no mind to his chase.

He never was able to catch the rabbit.

The next year, his parents threw him in daycare. It was a torturous event day in and day out. His mother often said that he needed to spend time with other children his age to build character…whatever that meant.

There was a character in his afternoon daycare. The adults seemed to ignore the kid that sat by him every day for playtime.

The other boy would always smile at him.

Most parents shimmied their brats into daycare uniforms because it’s easier on the staff, but this kid – with his stupid big green eyes – had on green footie pajamas.

He looked like a total baby.

He later found out the boy’s name was Midoriya Izuku. It’s a pretty stupid name, but Katsuki let the cry baby tag along anyway. Izuku mentioned that he was hungry. It didn’t cross his mind as odd. The kid was such a loser that the adults paid him no mind. It wasn’t hard to sneak him extra snacks or take from other kids trays when no one was looking. Who would even deny him if he got caught?

Not the teachers and certainly not some snot nose brats.

Katsuki’s mom asked him if he had made any friends at daycare. He thought of Izuku, but didn’t mention the other boy to his mother. He hadn't understood the weird look in her eyes or the slight frown. All the other kids were boring and push overs. He was better than all of them…especially whiny Izuku.

On weekdays, his parents told him that his bedtime was eight o’ clock.  They tucked him in like any other weeknight and left to do whatever the hell parents did. His clock read 10:00 in big blocky red numbers that flashed on the hour. That was usually the time he would stopped hearing his parents shuffle around their house and it was around that hour he would hear the tell-tale tapping on his window.

Like clockwork

It was never a surprise to see who it was; Izuku was a strange kid. He was standing there in the dark, shaking like a leaf and looking out of place with his stupid bunny pajamas. But even if he did look stupid out there, Katsuki still let him in.

“What the fuck do you want?” He whispered as he quietly opened the door. He could hear his father’s snoring down the hall. His father wasn't the biggest fan of his new favorite word.

“I wanted to see you and I’m kind of hungry.” He gave Katsuki a nervous smile while stepping in the house.

It wasn’t hard to notice that there was dirt being dragged through the house. His mom will have a fit if she saw the mess whiny baby Izuku made.

Stupid worthless Izuku that did nothing for himself, but whine to Katsuki for leftovers

Stupid worthless Izuku that did nothing for himself

Stupid worthless Izuku with his dumb smile

Stupid worthless Izuku with his big eyes

Stupid worthless Izuku






“Deku.” The name felt good dropping from his mouth. He didn’t care if the other boy was confused. It would be his new name from now on. “Useless, Deku, go fucking change.” He reiterated and walked quietly to his kitchen.

His mother always had neat containers for their leftovers. Each container was labeled with his father’s handwriting. He picked the closest one for the least disturbance and shoved it into the loser’s hands. Why does he have to be so nice?

Deku, being the weirdo he was, took the food and hurried upstairs. Once, the other mentioned about being a shy eater. Nothing too strange, but it left Katsuki rolling his eyes about how much of a baby Deku was. While he was downstairs, he drank himself a glass of water and checked to see if both his parents were still asleep. By the time he was heading towards his room, Deku was heading out with a dirty dish in hand. It wasn’t that he was tired, but he didn’t feel like babying Deku anymore tonight. He knew what to do if he wanted to sleep over.

Just don’t wake his parents up.

Katsuki didn’t feel like explaining Deku and whatever the hell his deal was. The loser would clean up his mess, wash his dishes and put them up in the cabinet.

Now that Bakugou thought about it, how did that munchkin put the dishes in the cabinets? He probably used a chair or something…whatever it was it didn’t matter as long as no one will find out.

By the time that whiney baby came back, Katsuki was already half asleep and too lazy to push the other boy away as they both settled fully in the bed with a big All Might blanket around them.

When morning came Deku was gone, as always, before his mom barged in his room to wake him up for daycare.

Katsuki lost count of the times Deku came over.

It didn’t matter.

A few weeks passed with nothing notable happening, but on one hot summer day where Katsuki’s palms were disgustingly sweaty, itchy and annoying did something happen.

Deku’s large green eyes were staring at his hands in wonder and amazement and Katsuki couldn’t help the way his chest swelled with pride. The adults and other kids were crowding him in his ugly daycare uniform as sparks came out his hands. He could feel the warm heat as he controlled the timing of the flashes. A few of his followers started asking questions, but most of them were praises. Hell, even the adults were practically bowing to him as they all told him; he will be a pro-hero that could be like or greater than All Might.

“So cool Bakugou!”

“What does it feel like?”

“Can I touch it?”

“I hope my quirk will be as cool as yours!”

“Such a flashy quirk, you’ll be just like All Might.”

It went on and on and Katsuki felt light and powerful. His red eyes caught those big green ones and let out a bigger spark. He was rewarded with the other boy clapping and smiling his way.

The other students ignored his clapping to gush more about his new flashy quirk.

After daycare, he told his mother he was going to the park.

He left before he could hear her answer.

Deku was at the park alone, by the time he got there. His hands were sparking as he ran around, jumping off of the slide and doing a pose he saw All Might do a million times on the internet. Deku was clapping again from his spot on the swing while beaming him a bright smile.

“Have no fear, I’m here to kill the bad guys!” He loudly declared to the playground with an audience of one, but that didn’t matter.

“You’re so cool, Kacchan!” The loser was walking up to him now. Bakugou couldn’t help but notice how…off Deku looked. His shirt was a little baggy. He didn’t notice earlier that day because he was so focused on his itchy palms and quirk.

“Of course, I’m cool! I’m not a background character like the rest.” He grabbed the smaller boy’s wrist and pulled him along, down the street.

“Where are we going?” Deku was giving him a weird look, but Katsuki didn’t want to hear anything out of the loser’s mouth. So he just glanced at him and continued on tugging the other boy to the edge of the neighborhood, near the hiking grounds. He dropped Deku’s wrist. His clammy hands were slightly chilled.

“I want to see how much I can do. It’s no good to practice on extras that just whine and bitch.” That last word was something he heard from one of the older boys from the nicer park that was a little further from his house. It didn’t feel as good as saying ‘fuck’ but it had a nice shock value to it.

He didn’t spare Deku another glance before he was firing up and aiming at the bark of the tree in front of him. It should work as a mid-range attack. The sparks went off and something bigger ignited. A loud thunderous clap, heat and smoke came from his hands. It was hot today and Katsuki made sure to let his hands sweat and sweat and sweat.

And it paid the fuck off, as he stared at the sizable dent in the bark.

“Fuck yeah!” He did it again and again. Deku watched and encouraged him. Hell, he even put on a performance to show the loser just how uncool he was compared to the Great Bakugou Katsuki!

By the end of the day with the setting sun, his arms were sore but he was convinced more than ever that he’ll become better than All Might.

“Come on, Deku. I can hear your stomach from here.” Katsuki started walking the way back to his house. His hands were in front of him, the tips of his fingers were a little charred and his palms were dry and smelling of chemicals and smoke. He’ll have to train to improve on this.

Today kicked so much ass!

The smaller boy tailed after him. He was talking a mile a minute about how cool he thought ‘Kacchan’ was. Katsuki always welcomed the praise. Hell, he was in such a good mood, he didn’t push the little freak when the other caught up to him and grabbed his arm to hold. It wasn’t like anyone was going to see them from school this late in the day.

That night he demanded that his mom make both normal and extra spicy katsudon for dinner. His mom popped him upside the head for being a brat and gave one of those long annoyingly boring lectures about “respecting your elders” or some shit like that. Afterwards she asked:

“You ok, kiddo? You’ve been eating a lot more recently. We rarely have leftovers that last a night, not to mention, you’ve been asking for more food in your lunches.” While most mothers had a gentle and soothing voice, Mitsuki Bakugou’s was edged with authority and lightly laced with a caring tone.

“What? You think it’s weird for a growing boy to request more food? Get over yourself, old hag.” Katsuki was effectively taking his mother’s attention as he spotted the green haired boy quietly slipping past his mother and into his room. “So can I have both or what?”

After a highly unnecessary noogie, Bakugou walked into his room ready to yell at the little wimp for being the cause of his messed up hair. He caught Deku playing with his All Might action figure and he felt too drained to put up a fuss. Plus it would be better if he mother didn’t think he was talking to himself if he started yelling.

“I hope you’re happy, fuckmunch, we’re having katsudon tonight.” He threw a controller at the other. “Now, it’s time to get your ass kicked in Mario kart.”

It was kind of unfair to challenge Deku in video games. The kid acted like he never played a game before. When they first started, he held the controller backward. After a few sessions, the loser is getting the hang of not running off the course or into corners. Today, Katsuki was feeling a little cruel, he chose rainbow road. It was hilarious to watch that extra, Luigi, fall again and again into the dark abyss as his Bowser glided across the changing colors. Unlike most of the other kids that Katsuki had the misfortune of playing with; Midoriya had some balls…even if he was a whiny bitch. Most the other kids would cry or give up against his brilliant win streak, but not Deku. He sucked, but at least he was determined.

“Is it spicy katsudon?” There was a slight waver in his voice as he tried to stay on the map.

“What if it is? Got a problem?” He released a few bananas to trip the cry baby up, but he ignored those eyes burning holes on the side of his face. He hardened his scowl.  “What! What the fuck do you want, Deku!” He spat the name for emphasis.

Deku just smiled at him. “Nothing, Kacchan~”

Katsuki ignored it. “Fucking loser.” He muttered.


More and more kids started to get their quirks. The two fuckers that always tagged along with him when it wasn’t just Deku and him, started to show off in front of him. They were nothing special and they were so plain, he couldn’t even be bothered to remember their names. He knew them by their quirks.

One of them had leathery wings that reminded Katsuki of a dragon, but how lame was a dragon that couldn’t breathe fire or have armored skin?

Pretty fucking lame…

The other one could…make his fingers longer?

Fucking background characters if you ask him.

He nudged Deku next to him. “Where’s your quirk, loser?” Katsuki was just a little bit curious about the boy that always followed him. He hasn’t seen him do anything out of the ordinary lately. Maybe, his quirk was so mundane it wouldn’t make a difference if he had one or not?

The fucker just shrugs.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Haven’t you been to the doctor yet?”

“No, I don't like going to the doctor.”

Katsuki couldn't argue with that. Sometimes doctors were annoying. He just assumed the dork would get his quirk later. His mom mentioned that some people were just late bloomers, but it figures that Deku’s would be late.

His sixth birthday came without a hitch. It came complete with a birthday party, cake, his favorite spicy foods (much to Deku’s dismay) and his parents.

His mom took a bunch of embarrassing pictures of him wearing a birthday hat like he's seen American families do on TV. His dad gave him a speech about being another year older and wiser.


Deku was hiding under the table, munching on whatever Katsuki snuck him. His mother told him that she wished he had more friends so he could have a cooler birthday parties. He didn’t need friends, because those losers were uncool. Inviting uncool people didn’t make a party cooler.

Plus he was fine kicking Deku’s ass in video games.


“You are all losers, fucking babies!” Katsuki yelled from the top of the jungle gym. He was perfectly balanced. His hands were igniting, making his scene more intimidating to the crybabies below.

He didn’t see what the big deal was. They all agreed to visit the cooler park that was, admittedly, farther than what most parents would be comfortable with letting their six and seven year old kids walking to. Katsuki may have been a little caught up with showing off and swinging from bars and fantasizing about being a pro-hero that he didn’t notice the time, but that just meant that they would have to take the shortcuts home. No big deal.

Apparently it was a big deal, because all the other kids were gaining some nerve to question his judgment.  

All of them were little punks. If no one wanted to go with him...fuck them!

“Bakugou, you can’t go by yourself. It gets dangerous at night.” One of the extras told him. A few of them were huddled together as if the mere idea of crossing a few silly alleyways and a few backyards was something to be afraid of.

Speaking of going alone…

Katsuki glanced at Deku. The other boy was staring at him while fidgeting in his loud red kicks. At least he wasn’t afraid. Katsuki wasn’t sure if that made Deku stupid or brave. Either way he wouldn’t be totally alone, but Katsuki guessed the other children didn’t count Deku as a worthy person to accompany him and Katsuki sure as hell wasn’t going to admit to being a little bitch and telling the others he would be just fine with Deku.

He left.

It was getting dark and his mom was expecting him home before it got dark out. The old hag is going to have a fit, because the sun had set a while ago and they weren’t exactly close to his house. It might have been a dumb idea to venture out to one of the nicer parks so late in the day. Most of the other kids probably either lived closed or had someone picking them up, but Katsuki wasn’t a wimp. He can get home just fine.

The alleys weren’t so bad anyway. Some areas were a little dark while others had a light or two. So far they saw no one, but that didn’t mean everything was quiet. Sometimes there were the sounds of a cat or maybe a rat running here or there, other sounds bled through the side of the buildings. He had heard a few muffled yells, but nothing that sounded alarming. If it wasn’t that slightly ominous sounds of the back ways, then he was hearing Deku bitch and complain about his fucking stomach. The brat acted like he hasn’t eaten all day. Deku was holding his hand, but he was dragging his feet.

“Can you stop fucking pouting for one goddamn second? You act like you haven’t had a single thing to eat all day and I know that’s a fucking lie because you had half my lunch earlier.” Katsuki whirled on him, breaking his hand free of the other’s grip.  

“But I’m hungry now, Kacchan.” Deku looked like he was about to fucking cry. His mouth was doing that wobbly thing it always did and it was annoying him. He didn’t see what the big deal was. They would both eat when he got back home.

“If you're so fucking hungry, go find something to eat!” He yelled before turning his back on the dork and stomping off.

Katsuki didn’t hear anymore complaining after that, which was fine by him. He didn’t want to look over his shoulder to see if the other was following. That would make it seem like he actually gave a shit. Instead he looked off towards the gray wall. There was a small alley light casting their shadows. He could see Deku, shoulders slumped and walking slowly. He wasn’t too far behind.


They weren’t too far from home, Katsuki thinks. Some of the building were familiar. Deku was still pouting, but Katsuki figured the little baby would be fine once they get inside.

“Why so sad little boy? Did your friend hurt your feelings?”

At the sound of the voice Katsuki’s palms flared up, he was going kick the fucker ass that dar-

“Now, now, I think you're the troublemaker. Can't have any of that from you.”  Katsuki's body froze. His limbs felt tight and his breath quick. His body felt like he couldn't get enough air as his heart tried to break out of his chest.

He felt trapped and couldn't move.

His eyes could only stare at the shadows of useless fucking Deku and this fucking cheap ass villain. Once he gets out...and he will get out, he will kill that fucker dead for this. No one will get away with doing such shit to him.

A large shadow approached Deku’s frail looking one.

Deku was probably shitting his pants right now.

“Why so quiet?” The man looked to be crouching in front of Deku. Katsuki saw the man's arms reaching only to pause after the wimp finally spoke. The villain seemed to humor him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.”

“I’m hungry.” It was loud enough to catch Katsuki’s ears. To think that that little cry baby didn’t understand the situation they were both in. What the fuck, Deku!

“You’re hungry, you say, how cute.”

Katsuki was going to yell at Deku to do something. Anything but what he was doing now. There was some more movement…

Deku’s frail looking shadow wavered slightly. The bunny ears on his hood seemed to stand a little straighter, a little more rigid. The villain didn’t seem to notice the growth. It was the only thing that gave away what would happen next. Katsuki was still, he stopped struggling against the man’s quirk. He wasn’t sure it it even held him captive anymore as he was sure it dropped as he heard a quick scream that was abruptly cut off

The shadows danced on the wall in the dimmed light of the alley. Deku’s mouth grew in size. Katsuki could tell it was spreading. It happened so quick. A blink and the man was gone. Maybe his red eyes caught the glimpse of what appeared to be legs being forced down a too wide mouth and a too small body.

It was quick.

There was no struggle.

It seemed like a dream.

“I’m sleepy, let’s go home now.”

A pale fragile looking hand grabbed his slightly darker one. Deku sounded absolutely normal. He walked at a steady pace.

They were home in no time, or maybe Katsuki wasn’t paying attention to the time.

He was in bed and tucked in by the green haired creep.

“Goodnight, Kacchan.” Deku gave him a quick hug and easily slept with one hand around his waist.

Deku was always a cuddler and for kind of help.

Katsuki went to sleep.


He’s groggy when he wakes up. He could feel Deku still at his side which means that it's not time to be up yet.

Thank fuck!

He didn’t want to deal with his mom right now. The lights on his clock flash 11:00. He must have been out for a few hours, but why did he feel so tired. He closed his eyes and tried to rub the sleep out. He was kind of hungry, now that he thought about it.

I’m Hungry

             I’m Hungry

                             I’m Hungry

Big protruding mouth, jagged teeth

Katsuki looks up. His closet door is open. The area had the darkest blacks making - what he knows is a little ass closet - seem endless in depth.

His attention is caught and there’s a strange urgency to not look away. Since he’s been up there’s been something bugging him. It floats on the edge of his mind, but it's foggy. It’s almost like a buzzing…no…more like…

The longer he stares at his open closet, the louder this thing becomes. The longer he stares, the harder it becomes to focus on his thoughts and this annoying sound.

Deku moves next to him and it’s the distraction Katsuki needs to tear his eyes away from the closet.

The other boy is sitting up next to him. His face was relaxed and facing Katsuki’s. The little dork almost looked cute as he yawned. His mouth opened wide because the little shit has no manners. He’s waiting for Deku to close his fucking mouth, but he doesn’t. It stays wide open and tilted up. Katsuki’s red eyes look to find Deku’s. His green rabbit hood is still on his head even with it tilted back. Deku’s green eyes aren’t there.

What meets his eyes are murky half lid white ones with inflamed red edges.

Katsuki focuses on the mouth instead as he finds himself having a hard time breathing evenly while looking at those cloudy orbs.

The sound is louder

It’s clearer

Its sounds like a wavering groan with dips that go lower and lower.

Its next to his ear.


There’s movement by the closet and Katsuki was sure it was something long and black. When he blinks, its Deku in his All Might pajamas. His eyes are clear and green and he has his stupid smile on his face. He looks sleepy as he crawls towards him from the foot of the bed.

Deku has a soft voice.

His hands feel wet.

Thick dark liquid is spilling on his hands.

Deku is still next to him, groaning. His open mouth reveals nothing still. It looks just as black as his closet. The same dark liquid that covers his hands, spills out of Deku’s mouth. His white eyes are still staring at him.

“I’m hungry.”

The little voice is in front of him, but when Katsuki looks he sees nothing…

…absolutely nothing as he’s swallowed whole.



“Wake up, brat!” His mom is in front of him, angrily swinging a pillow at him. “You over slept!”

His mother pushed him to the bathroom and urged him to brush his teeth faster. His uniform was on and he was rushed to school by his father. Normally he would walk by himself, but it seemed his parents needed to make up some excuse for him being late this morning.

The classroom was a little rowdy, he could hear them from outside the door, but that all changed when he walked into the classroom at least twenty minutes late. The teacher nodded at him and went back to teaching students that looked more interested in him than the lesson.

Which wasn’t surprising.

He’s always more interesting.

Deku was sitting next to his seat, as usual. He had that same shaky smile on his face.

Katsuki was a very observant boy when he wanted to be. There was no point in wasting his time of lowly extra’s lives, but he spent more time looking at Deku today. He spent more time trying to figure out who Midoriya Izuku was.

Maybe it was a quirk?

He hasn’t heard of a quirk that cannibalized people.

There’s some girl in his class that has a quirk relating to how dark a room is.

There’s a quirk that one pro-hero has that allows him to control a person using their shadow.

He thought about different quirks, but they were still nothing like that thing.

Deku was happily humming a song next to him. It wasn’t so loud, but he glanced at the teacher wondering if they would tell Deku to shut the hell up.

They didn’t.

Katsuki glanced at the other students. No one seemed to care.

Their teacher excused themselves to go to the restroom. He said they were allowed to talk, just not to be “too loud”. It was all the excuse Katsuki needed to call over one of his goons, a freak with the weird eyes. The other boy was visibly happy and it made him want to barf.

“Hey, Bakugou!” The other boy stopped by Deku’s desk. He didn’t move closer to Katsuki – though most students didn’t because of his bad attitude – nor did he seem to acknowledge Deku’s presence. Deku had stopped fiddling with his fingers to look at the boy that approached them. The green haired boy was obviously aware.

“Come closer.” The boy seemed to be caught off guard and a little hesitant. He took his time, but he was by Katsuki and behind Deku’s chair. That’s when something interesting happened.

His red eyes took in the way the boy’s demeanor changed. He was confident when he walked up to them and that confidence slowly went away as he stood before them. He fidgeted and rocketed back and forth slightly. At some point he shook as if he was cold. Katsuki glanced at Deku, who was silently watching the boy.

“You know what? I forgot.” He waved off the boy dismissively as the teacher walked back in


“You know what, Deku, you better ask before you steal another fucking tempura.” He watched as the boy happily popped the fried piece into his mouth. Strange that he never noticed Deku had a habit of covering his mouth as he ate.

I’m sorry Kacchan. I’m a shy eater.”

That was the first time the loser asked him for some of his lunch.

I’m hungry, can I have a piece?”

"I’m hungry”


Feed Me



They were outside for lunch, sitting on the steps. The sun was behind them and their shadows were stretched out in front of them. Katsuki was carefully watching the blacked out figures. You could easily see the rabbit ears on Deku’s hood. Their movements matched up.

Carefully Katsuki’s hand crept behind Deku. The other boy was too caught up in food to notice until Katsuki ripped the hood down. Red eyes stayed glued to their shadows as Deku yelped. If this was anyone else, those ears would have disappeared with the hood.


“Is something wrong, Kacchan?” Green eyes stared at him. Fingers still poised over his bento box.

“Nothing loser.”

Katsuki stared at the twitching ears of Deku’s shadow.

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With a pocket filled with a few hundred yen that he was saving to buy more All Might color pencils, Katsuki grabbed Deku’s hand and then shoved their hands in his pocket. If this worked…he didn’t want to seem like, he was crazy holding on to something that wasn’t there.

They hopped on the train. There was a lot of people out. Every time the train stopped, the car would become empty and fill back up with even more people.  There was a little girl sitting on her mother’s lap. She was staring at them with wide eyes. Her eyes were on Deku mostly and Katsuki tensed up. Red eyes glanced at the other beside him. Deku was staring back at the girl. He had a smile on his face. The rest of the train ride just that. Unfortunately, the girl and her mother had the same stop as them.

Katsuki was quick to grab Deku’s attention as they both walked in the crowded mall.

Deku didn’t seem to mind. The loser was staring at everything with wide eyes, with their mouth going a mile a minute. Katsuki occasionally looked at their shadows. Strangely, both of them were slightly blended together.  Katsuki could make out the ears of the other’s hood and their four limbs within the bulkier structure. Katsuki eyed Deku to see if he acknowledged this.


Usually when they walked through crowded areas, Katsuki thought that maybe his scowling face and short temper gave an intimidating aura – it still probably did – and that was why people gave them so much breathing room. No one ever bumped up against the blond’s shoulder in public places.

He dragged them through many stores to see if it would be the same every time. Hell, Katsuki even decided to get into this lady’s personal space to see if some child age punk would make her move. He stood by her side. His shoulder was almost touching her leg. Katsuki watched her from the corner of his eye as she began to fidget. She adjusted and readjusted her hold on her purse before walking off in a faster than normal pace. As she walked further away, he saw her roll her shoulders continuously as if to get something off them…or maybe she was that uncomfortable. Red eyes glanced over.

Deku was looking after the lady too.

His bottom lip stuck out slightly and Katsuki knew what the other was going to say. He wouldn’t admit why his heart jump slightly before dragging Deku to the nearest ice cream parlor. Deku wasn’t very picky about what he ate, but Katsuki knew that the other liked sweet things. The place wasn’t too crowded. It had a few lingering teens chatting and goofing around. Some eyed Katsuki as he made his way through with his hands in his pockets. A few giggled and pointed his way. If he concentrated hard enough, he could hear their conversation.

He gripped Deku’s hand tighter when he made it to the display glass. The guy at the counter was a little confused to why he ordered a chocolate chunk explosion for himself and a plain vanilla swirl. It didn’t matter. There were people with invisible quirks, right?

He slowly walked by the teens on his way out. He sent them cold stare, his chest and throat rumbled with a growl.

Deku followed behind him. Katsuki could feel him on his shoulders.

Thank goodness, the ice cream place was by the mall’s exit. Katsuki was getting a little tired of random people. The fucking teens in the parlor keep eying him like they were all better than him.

Bunch of fucking extras.

Katsuki could bet his All Might collection that their quirks were all shit compared to his.

Katsuki handed Deku his plain ice cream once they were under a shaded tree and away from most of the mall goers outside. Deku slowly ate his treat with his back turned towards Katsuki while Katsuki tried hard to not to stare while chomping down on his ice cream.

“Don’t worry about them. Kacchan is way cooler than they are!” Katsuki thought he saw something flicker out when Deku looked over his shoulder. His eyes were big and too innocent. His hoodie was too big on his thin form.

Were there always dark circles under Deku’s eyes?

“Fuck you! You think I give a shit about those fuckers?” He walked ahead of Deku, shoulder checking his ass as he passed. “Of course, I’m cooler.” Sparks and smoke were coming from his hands.

Deku started to say something, but the blond ignored it.

If it was something like an invisibility quirk, then wouldn’t that loud ass yellow hoodie with the bunny hood and red sneakers be seen by the public? No one looked in Deku’s general direction except that little girl. Katsuki wondered if she could really see him or if she could sense Deku? Other than her, no one noticed. Most were nervously glanced at Katsuki when they thought he wasn’t looking, but…

He still had one more thing to test out.

“Kacchan, are we going home now?”

“Yea…” Deku took his hand and began pulling him to the train station.

The sun was setting, and their shadows were separated once again.


The last test Katsuki wanted to do had his heart shaking his rib cage. His mother, as bossy and noisy as she was, was still his mother. He did care for her greatly and his allergies always started to act up when he thought of anything happening to her. She was a smart and perceptive woman, so that was way she was the ultimate test.

Katsuki stared his mother down as Deku stood next to him. She eyed him with the same intensity.

Deku shifted left to right, seemingly bored. His shoes were squeaky on the hard tile floors.

“Spit it out brat!” She had her hands on her hip.

“Ask her if dinner is done, Kacchan.” Deku was lightly tugging on his shirt. His mom did not catch any of this.

“Is dinner done?”

He tried to give her his best scowl, but all she did was look at him funny. “Why, the fuck, are you looking at me like that?” She popped him upside the head for his bad language. “What the fuck? All I asked was if dinner was fucking done and you act like you got a problem!”

“Katsuki, are you ok?” Her voice cuts through him and he finally takes her all in. Her shoulders are slightly slouched and she stance less aggressive. Her sharp features were softened by concern.

“I’m fine, old hag. Just call me when dinner's done.” Katsuki had half the mind to yell for Deku to follow him, but soon realized that doing such a thing would be unwise, plus the little fuckmunch wasn’t in the kitchen or the living room.

When the blond got to his room, he spotted a lump on his bed. He wasn’t sure if Izuku slept because the loser needed it or because he just could. It was better this way. Better that he slept than complain about his never-ending stomach.

Katsuki couldn't connect the two things that were Midoriya Izuku. Anytime he took in the dork, he couldn't take him seriously. He was weak looking. He still looked a bit off, like there was something he couldn't quite remember being different. His skin was still pale with many slightly darker freckles and very large green eyes.

I’m Hungry, Kacchan

Feed Me

Katsuki blinked.

There was barely any light shining through his window.

It was late, and he found himself sitting on his bed staring at Deku. Deku stared back from his laying position.

The other didn’t seem bothered by it. Deku’s rabbit hood had slipped off during his nap leaving his wild mass of curls to take up a majority of his pillow.

It was at this moment Katsuki thought that…maybe…maybe he could ask.

“You ate breakfast, lunch and a snack. Why are you so eager for dinner?” He asked. His jaw hurt from how hard he was clenching it.

Deku gave him one of his signature soft smiles before sitting up and stretching. The shadow on the wall moved with Deku, but those ears were moving. “Because I’m hungry.”

Smoke slowly rose to Katsuki’s nose as he realized it was from his hands. “No shit. When aren’t you hungry.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement.

If his irritation was a bothering, Deku didn’t show it. The little fucker yawned with a hand covering his mouth. “Kacchan’s food takes the edge off.”

Katsuki’s shoulders tensed at that. Deku didn’t supply more information.

“Oi, little mini me, your dinner is ready!” His mother yelled from the kitchen and Deku’s face brightened up.

That night, Katsuki stared at Deku’s fluttering eyes as they laid face to face. Katsuki still wasn’t happy with this new information. Deku made it seem like he was always starving. Sure, he was happy when he got food and would often try to get more if there was some, but as long as the next meal of the day was close by, he wasn’t too fussy.

What did Deku do before he met Katsuki?

Where did he go before he was glued to Katsuki 24/7?

Katsuki wonder what would happen if Deku got really hungry. That villain was gone –

Wide mouth, growing…

Spasming legs…

Katsuki took a deep breath and went to sleep the minute he saw those green eyes close.


Katsuki’s dad was a good man. He provided for his family and he loved his wife dearly. Katsuki’s dad wasn’t loud or aggressive like his mom. He was calmer even though he had the same explosive quirk Katsuki had. But even though he was a gentle soul didn’t mean that his father wasn’t cool in his own right. His father didn’t speak about it often, but his father was a knife enthusiast.

Well, that was the word his mother used to describe his hobby.

In his parent’s room, in a case under their bed was his dad’s knife collection. Once, Katsuki’s father showed him this foldable knife. His father twirled it around his fingers with grace and speed. He called it a butterfly knife.

It was the only knife that Katsuki knew of besides the kitchen knifes and his mother would definitely notice when one of those were gone.

Deku was sleep in his bed again and Katsuki was in his parent’s room making sure to cover his tracks as he grabbed the knife.

There was a stupid plan in his head that he couldn’t get rid of, but he kept thinking about what if…

What if...

What if…

What if…

What if…

Katsuki punched himself in the chest.

Baa-Baachan was an old woman that lived down the street that claimed to be everyone’s grandmother. She was a pain sometimes, but Katsuki didn’t mind her. She had a big friendly dog that had too much fur. He was supposed to be a guard dog, but the big doofus was too goofy for that. He never barked at Katsuki when he saw him. His tail would wag a mile a minute and that old woman didn’t care if the neighborhood kids trespassed on her property to play with her dog.

She was an old woman that couldn’t do much.

Katsuki may have visited the dog once or twice just to see how stupid it looked when it went to fetch a stick or catch a ball.

It wasn’t anything special.

At least he tried to convince himself that as he tried to gauge how large the dog was.

Katsuki never bothered to learn the dog’s name. Why should he? Certainly, learning the dog’s name now, would make this harder.

The damn dog was staring at him with its dumb mouth all open and tongue hanging out. It had big brown eyes and it titled its head to look at Katsuki.

Stupid mutt…

Katsuki gripped the knife tighter.

He’s seen it done in action movies all the time.

There would be some blood, but at least it would be quick, right?

The dog jumped and thumped the dirt with its front paws. It dashed side to side to keep Katsuki’s attention. It looked so stupid…so stupid that the blond’s chest started to ache. His eyes felt watery and he cussed out loud because he forgot to take his stupid allergy meds this morning.

The pocket knife felt heavy in his hands.

“Stupid fucking dog.” He didn’t acknowledge the waver in his voice.

Stupid fucking plan.

There was another way to do this.

He wiped the wetness from his face before putting the knife back in his pocket.

He sat down on the dirt and the dog attacked him with face licks and gentle headbutts. His clothes were getting dirty and Katsuki knew his mom would have a fit, but at least it was dirt.

Dirt could come out…

Katsuki closed his eyes and let the dog slobber over his face.

Deku found him some time later. The other watched him silently before wandering to the fence. It was times like these that Katsuki wondered. Deku eyes were shaded by his unruly bangs. The sun was behind him, casting the other in shadows. He still had on his ridiculous hoodie and loud sneakers, but he looked different. Katsuki could almost imagine the black ears on top of his head.

The dog wasn’t one to react to much, Katsuki was sure that the dog has seen Deku before, but now with this reaction…

“Are you ready, Kacchan?” The dog shifted into a position. Katsuki took in the spread legs and the tense muscles.

“You trying to tell me what to do, fucking Deku?” Katsuki got up. His hand was gripping the fur around the dog’s neck, the other scratching

Their shadows, normal, under the sun.

Deku gave him a shaky smile. “Of course not, Kacchan. I just wanted to see if you wanted to play?” He twiddled his fingers together. “It gets kinda lonely without you.”


Katsuki took to visiting the stupid mutt when he thought no one would notice he was gone. Deku would tag along with him every once in a while, but Katsuki made sure to go when he thought Deku was asleep. The blond felt a little strange greeting the dog with random treats and toys with the weight of the blade in his pocket.

His father was a little busy with work and handling Katsuki’s mom to visit one of his hobbies. This was good for Katsuki because he didn’t feel like lying to his dad. He didn’t want to tell the truth either. What would he even say? How could he say what he was going to do?

Recently, his vision hasn’t been the best.

Maybe he would need glasses like he dad?

Heroes don’t wear glasses…well…none that Katsuki knew of.

His mom told him to wash up before dinner. Deku was just excited from hearing the word dinner.

So Katsuki did just that.

He sat on the stool, scrubbing at his thick unruly hair like his mom showed him to. There was a slight draft and fingers joined his in the suds. Katsuki didn’t need to look to see who it was. Deku had no sense of boundaries.

 “Watch out, Kacchan!” That was the only warning he got before warm water was dumped on his head. His hair was momentarily tamed under the extra weight.

Katsuki peeked under his wet and heavy tresses, but the water stinging his eyes kept him from looking up at Deku. Instead he tried squinting down. He caught something black in front of him.



When he wiped away the water for a better look, he saw Deku’s small pale feet.

“Are you ready for your bath, Kacchan?” Deku was already moving the tub.

Deku was hunched forward slightly in the tub. The water easily covered his chest, but it did little for his exposed upper back. Katsuki never took notice of the visible knobs that ran down Deku’s neck and down his back. Usually he was more concerned on how someone could have so many spots on them. Deku’s skin was very much different than his own.

Katsuki ignored the other’s question and went about his soak in silence. At one point of his bath, Katsuki was sure something that surely did not feel like Deku brushed up against his leg under the water. The feeling went away once Katsuki’s mom knocked on the door and told him to be out within five minutes.

“Whatever, old hag!”

Deku didn’t mention anything as they both got dressed.

Katsuki never understood how Deku could change.

His mother made a big dinner, but her only request was that he eat at the kitchen table. She still looked at him with worry and it pissed the blond off.

“Why the fuck do you always look at me like that?” Usually his mother was very up front about her thoughts, but she looked a little torn.

“Can’t I just be a fucking mother and worry about her goddamn kid?” She snapped at him in a true Bakugou fashion. She fists were balled up on the table and his father was trying to handle the situation.

“Katsuki, your mother is just concerned about you. Its nothing, just something parents do. How about we all eat our fill? Your mother made a lot. She said you’ve been working up an appetite lately. How has training been lately? I know your goal is to get into Yuei.” His father knew how to say the right words.

Soon, he was spilling all about his hikes into the forest and fucking shit up. He told his dad he could sweat on command if it wasn’t too cold outside.

He still didn’t mention Deku or his dreams that he forgot about.

Speaking of Deku…the little fuck didn’t look too happy. He was pouting the whole time his family ate.

Later that night, Katsuki gave Deku all the left overs.

The next morning, he heard his parents whispering about food and money. It didn’t sound too good.


Katsuki gripped his back-pack straps before letting out a breath as he walked into the store. The older woman at the front greeted him with a smile. Usually he wasn’t affected by others, but seeing that lady’s smile tugged at his gut and made him feel funny. He was only here for one thing and he was grateful Deku decided to stay back for once. This would work better if he was alone and trying to appear at his usual cool self.

The frozen meat aisle was in the back of the store. Usually there were people here trying to catch deals for dinner, but Katsuki came after rush hour. No one was in the meat section.

Katsuki felt his palms start to sweat as he checked a third time for any witnesses.


The white walls taunted him as he began to wish for a shower.

He grabbed to biggest heaviest thing he saw. It looked like some sort of ground meat. It didn’t matter. He didn’t think the other would be too picky.

He stuffed it in his backpack and proceeded to walk to the candy aisle. He blindly grabbed for a candy bar and made his way to the cashier. The old lady smile at him again and Katsuki tried to give a smile of his own as he felt sweat gather at the nape of his neck.

He wasn’t going to get caught because no one would suspect him to steal something so random.

The sun was setting and Katsuki decided to rush home.

Deku was sitting in his room playing with some of his action figures. He had a slight frown on his face, but that changed when he saw the door open.

“Kacchan, you’re back!” Deku rushed over to him and gave him a big hug. Nothing surprising, but Katsuki still shoved the other away still.

“Shut up, you’re loud.” He dug in his bag. His sweaty fingers made instant contact with the cold packaged meat. “I got something for you.”

He pushed the cold package into Deku’s small pale hands.

He was rewarded with another smile.

Deku had many smiles that Katsuki had to deal with. Most were some strange variation of a shaky corners and wobbly lips. This smile was barely any different…expect it was. The corners of Deku’s mouth grew and spread. His full wobbling bottom lip stretched out until it became thin and wide. The more the smile grew the more the smile itself looked unnatural. Katsuki knew that Deku hid his open mouth often. This strained smile seemed to drive the point home as Katsuki watched as Deku’s smile grew and stretched to hide his teeth.

“Thank you so much, Kacchan!” Deku gave him another hug and a small peck on the cheek, which he wiped off quickly.


Deku was quick to turn around and hide by his bed to eat his food. Katsuki forced himself to stare, even when his heart began to race, and his head began to throb. There was some wet subtle sounds and heavy breathing. Katsuki wasn’t sure whose it was though.

It would be best to return his father’s butterfly knife.


Why was the sun so fucking bright?

Katsuki shielded his eyes and tried to push the stupid dog away. The damn mutt should know when he didn’t feel like receiving kisses.

It barked in his ears.

“Kacchan!” Deku was in front of him with the stupid smile again. The too big one, with shaky corners. It looked ugly as fuck, but Katsuki chose not to say that out loud. Instead he mentioned for Deku to come closer. The other came and sat on folded legs in front of him.

The sun was behind them for once.

Katsuki could see Deku’s eyes a lot better this way. Under fake lights, Deku’s eyes were just green. In the sun, Deku’s eyes turned pale and the black of his eyes would shrink. When the light shined into Deku’s eyes, the pupil got thin and long instead of small and round.

 It was captivating.

Deku smiled more.

Katsuki reached out and touched the other’s face. Deku’s skin was slightly warm. Red eyes never left green.

Often, Deku would smile and his lips would wobble. It was as if his mouth was trying to keep a secret, but didn’t know how to.

The blond’s fingers thumbed and skated across Deku’s stretched bottom lip. It held firm at Katsuki’s pressing and probing. It was strange and Katsuki is honest when he admits to himself that he is curious.

He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid. He’s not afraid.





His thumb breaches Deku’s mouth and the other put up little resistance. His finger grazes again the gums he finds. His pointer finger skirts across the bottom gums before gliding across the top. There’s strange indentations…four indentations that he’s counted…two on the top and bottom. There’s also a…what feels like a seam in the middle that goes straight down. Katsuki feels the slight difference. It’s a slight dip. He goes back to one of the indentations. He presses into it. Its probably too hard because Katsuki watched as Deku’s eyes get bigger. Something sharp stabs his finger, but he’s not too worried about that because Deku opened his mouth.

What was a mystery for so long is now opened before Katsuki’s eyes.

…Its hard not to look.

Deku opens wider for him.

He sees the two rows of teeth in the front. All sharp and slightly crowded against each other.

A chill hits Katsuki.

Wide and Protruding

Its not the same.

Katsuki knows there’s more.

“Open.” Deku is watching him with his pale green eyes but does what he says anyway.

Katsuki’s hand hovers by Deku’s mouth as it opens further. The corners of his mouth separate into cracks. The gums become more visible. Pink slowly blends into black. Katsuki can clearly see the indentations. Something sharp slides out and bends forward. The seam that he felt earlier begins to separate. There’s some gap allowing the mouth to spread. Deku’s long tongue falls between the gap.

The tip is a pinkish color, but the rest is dark.

Red looks to find green.

He instead finds white with inflamed red edges.

This seems familiar.

Katsuki ignore the weird feeling in his gut as he presses forward and looks further down Deku’s mouth. Its wider than he thought it would be.

Katsuki starts to feel dizzy.

His hand brushes along the second row of teeth. There is a slight sting, but Katsuki ignores it. There’s extra wetness to Deku’s mouth and the darken tongue comes up to greet his hand. It’s a firm and slimy.


His eyes catch some of sharp protrusions in the back that go further down.

His wrist catches the point of the extended hooked tooth?

He feels his wrist get wet and Deku is quick to clean it up. Katsuki sees tears running down Deku’s face. The other retracts his mouth slowly.

Katsuki is too busy staring at the reversal of the process.  

His hand is gently held between two normal lips. He can feel the teeth as Deku’s mouth is slightly slack. Deku’s green eyes have returned, but that didn’t stop the water workers. The more he pulls his hand out, the more Deku’s mouth closes around it. His tongue lapped at his fingers now, lightly sucking.

It’s a little embarrassing and very gross.

Katsuki decides to just pull his hand away.

There’s a sharp pain that shoots up his arm and pulls at his heart. His head starts to hurt, and he tries to control his breathing. His breath comes out in harsh pants. His fingers take on a slightly relaxed position as moving his index finger becomes out of the question.

The thought of moving his finger sends his heart into a frenzy.

Katsuki looks up and sees Deku swallowing something before licking up the smeared redness around his lips.

Taking a breath seems harder. Everything is coming out harder and faster.

The last thing he sees is Deku’s watery pale eyes with the slit like pupils.


“Katsuki!” His mother is hugging him. Her weight is on his chest and he can feel her tears. He’s lying on a hard ass bed and he hears more people in the room.

His dad is talking to someone.

His finger fucking hurts.

“I’m so sorry, honey.” The sweet tone is very foreign to his ears. “I should’ve been more watchful. You can never be too careful with animals, trained or not.” His mom went on and on about dogs and training and danger. It was all spilling out her mouth and Katsuki could barely keep up.

The doctor mention that he’ll still be able still used his quirk.

What the fuck?

“We had someone come in with a great healing quirk to help speed up the process. He should be completely fine within a week, but he might have some difficulty doing some of his normal day to day things. It will just be about learning to adapt. He’ll over come it.”

What the absolute fuck?

His mother was petting his hair when the doctor came over with a big smile that didn’t exactly soften their eyes.

“Hello, Bakugou-kun. How are you feeling?” He could hear fucking fine. Why did he have to talk so loud? His finger hurt, he wasn’t fucking deaf.    

“Why the fuck am I here?” His mom didn’t get him for his language that time. She was too busy being mushy and crap. The doctor barely looked surprised by his fowl langue. His father didn’t look too bothered by it either.

“Cutting right to the point, I see. Well, Katsuki, it seems like you were out playing with Nakamura’s dog and they bit you.” He folded his hands behind his back. “Now, there is one good news, but I will tell you the bad news first. You might find yourself having a hard time doing simple day to day things. Its just a bit of inconvenience. You’ll have to work harder to strengthen the grip of your hand…once you heal completely, of course. The good news is that only the first joint of your index was…amputated. This will resort in a short finger, but like I said. You’ll be up and running in no time. Its just about adapting.”

The doctor went on and on. His mother would occasionally agree with the man, but Katsuki wasn’t listening to them.

He was too busy looking at his bandaged finger.


Chapter Text

He had to stay at the hospital for a few days. Something about the doctor wanting to watch him. It was boring as fuck, but at least his mom was usually by his side. When he father got off from work, he would visit him at the hospital too.

His mom looked more worried than angry these days.

She was on the phone a lot more too.

Deku was shockingly quiet. The little loser laid near the end of the bed, covering his feet above the covers. He didn’t say much. His mom didn’t notice him either. She did happen to make comments about the temperature. Its had gotten so bad that his mother ended up yelling at a nurse to “Turn the damn heat up!”

One of the funnier things to happen at the hospital - for his mom at least - was taking pictures of him in the hospital gown. Katsuki had no idea why they made him wear such a thing when it was just his finger that was injured.

His ass was out for fuck sake!

On the last day at the hospital, the doctor told him to go about all his activities like normal. “Nothing’s really changed, too much, Bakugou-kun. Just tackle everyday life like you usually do.” After that, he whispered something in h is mom’s ear.

Easier said than fucking done.

Katsuki quickly realized that missing a part of a finger made more of a difference than he was originally led to believe. It started with little things. He had a hard time picking up coins, playing video games was weird, catching a ball was stupid and fucking writing was…difficult. His handwriting slightly different. He grips the pencil too tight these days.

But the worst of them all was that he quirk had been affected too. His explosions were off…usually his blasts took the shape of his curved palm and fingers before blasting out into its wild destructive self. Now, his explosion were slightly off and some of the sparkles came back at him.

It was annoying.

He had a few burns on his arms and face now.

His mom covered him in band aids and told him to wrap his arms if he was going to use his quirk.

Her expression was really starting to annoy him.

Deku was starting to get better at video games. Katsuki would still beat him at every track in Mario Kart, but the blond still did things that pissed him off. He ran into the walls a few times during every race and he wasn’t as quick to respond sometimes.

Deku didn’t mention this.

The little munchkin had been awfully quiet these days. He looked at Katsuki with big shining eyes and gave a wobbly smile.  He complained less about being hungry and would even help Katsuki massage his thickening scar.

It was weird.

Even weirder was the fact that Deku started becoming more active in his training sessions. Deku was a good target. He was surprisingly fast for something with twiggy legs.

Some things got easier, but others didn’t.

His mom told him to have patience, but that was something he was never good at.

School was different too.

Other students noticed the different length of his fingers easily. Most just stared, while others whispered behind his back. It was annoying, but he tried acting calm…like nothing was different. In some ways, life wasn’t much different. He was going to be the best. That was still going to happen and Deku was still following him. Most days he looked like a kicked puppy following Katsuki.

He didn’t bother to ask why.

One day, he was in class trying to write a paragraph about how his weekend went – writing for long periods of time was uncomfortable – when one of his old followers came up to him. Katsuki didn’t like the way this loser approached him with their smug smirk. Deku was sitting next to him…staring at the new comer with very focused eyes..

“Would you look at that? The all mighty Bakugou Katsuki really has a deformity.” The kid leaned in closer. “Couldn’t defend yourself from a stupid mutt with such a quirk? Guess its not that great after all.”

The kid had the nerve to walk back to his seat.

Katsuki sat there in his anger. His uneven grip threatened to snap the pencil. “Big fucking words from a fucking loser. Think I’m so weak that I can’t take on your ass?” His volume was getting louder and he didn’t give a damn about the teacher. “Fucking fight me, bitch, then die!” He was standing, and everyone was staring at him. “The fuck are you extras all staring at? You want to fight?” His hands were sparking. He was so fucking sick of these losers looking at him like this.

He was mother fucking Bakugou Katsuki! He was going to be greater than All Might. Couldn’t everyone see that?

“Bakugou! Calm down or get out!” The teacher usually didn’t have a spine when it came to discipline him. So Katsuki left. His red eyes stabbing daggers at his challenger.

He left the room with a trail of smoke behind him.

There were a few more hours until school was over and Katsuki didn’t feel like going home so he tucked himself against a tree. It wasn’t exactly hidden, but Katsuki knew that no other student would bother him here. He blocked the sun from his eyes as he stared at the pacing green haired dork. Deku was hovering around looking like he did something wrong.

Everyone around him was acting like such fucking idiots.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” The loser actually jumped. His eyes were wide and shiny and he dropped to his knees before Katsuki.

“Kacchan is upset. I want to make him feel better.” A thin pale hand grabbed his and began to massage his stub. Red eyes took in the light scars that covered the smaller boy’s hand. His eyelids felt heavy. “I make better…”


The sky was red and the ground was grey. Nothing looked as it was supposed to. The tree behind him didn’t even feel solid.


There was that timid voice.

Deku was still in front of him with his big eyes. They still looked green with the normal black ball in the middle. His skin was paler than normal. His clothes seem to drown his form.

“I’ll make you feel better, Kacchan.”

The voice sounded a little deeper that time. Katsuki watched as Deku’s wet hands covered his.

Whatever it was that covered their hands dripped into the dark puddle beneath them. The tears that streamed down the other’s face stained the skin black.


Black coated their hands and legs. It was thick. It ran up Deku’s arms like wet paint.

“I’m sorry, Kacchan!” The other boy cried and wailed. The noise deafening to Katsuki’s ears. The blond tried to pull his hand away, but the black liquid covering their hands seemed to crawl its way up Katsuki’s arm.

He felt the liquid grip his neck and…




















There was nothing.

No trees, no sky, no colors…

The only thing in front of him was a Deku looking up at him with a wobbly smile and something being shakily presented in a nearly translucent hand. It was wrapped prettily in green paper. It was round.

Deku was staring him in his eyes.

“I make better, Kacchan!” The other gave Katsuki an even brighter smile before unwrapping the candy and shoving it in his mouth. Deku was quick to hold his hand. One of his fingers brushed against his short finger.

The candy was sickly sweet and had a strange texture. It was firm but had some give with enough force. Katsuki’s sharper teeth pierced it with ease. Deku looked so happy as he began to chew. The dork's face was twisted in a wide unsure tight-lipped smile. His left eye started to tear up and leak familiar dark liquid. He winced every now and then.

“See, I told Kacchan! I told Kacchan I’ll make better.” The voice out of Deku’s mouth didn’t match his age. “I’m sorr–”

Katsuki couldn’t hear anything anymore as bright light danced by his eyes and caused him to blink.

“There you are! I was beginning to worry you would sleep the day away.” His father’s voice filtered through his ears as he opened his eyes. The room was bright, and his back was on something soft again. His mom came into view and sat him up.

Her eyes were a little unreadable.

“We got a call from your teacher about you disrupting the class. They said you stormed out. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find you. You were sleep, and I thought it was best to just carry you home. You slept for hours. Made your mother worry, you know?” He said the last bit with a soft laugh that died out rather quickly. “We told the school about what happened. They should be a little more understanding about...this.” His father held his hand and gave him a surer smile.

Katsuki listened to both his parents talk. He didn’t care about what happened at school.

Fucking losers thought that they could make fun of him!

What a fucking joke.

They’ll pay for that…

His mother ended up kissing him on the forehead – something she rarely does unless she’s extremely worried – while his dad ruffled his hair.

When both his parents were gone from his room, Katsuki couldn’t help but notice a  tangy taste in his mouth.

He savored the favor for a bit. It tasted like he had been sucking on pennies...copper?

It tasted like blood…


Deku seemed awfully excited about something.

The little twerp bounced up and down on his bed, was more active in helping Katsuki train at the park – turns out Deku was a great at sparring too, and he was not complaining about his hunger.

It was little things.

After a few days of putting up with this his cheerful shit, Katsuki almost forgot how his handwriting looked little off and that doing certain things were a little difficult.

One-day Katsuki watched Deku abruptly turn to his bedroom door. He looked like some kind of fluffy haired dog that heard a squirrel outside. The dork didn’t offer any insight, so the blond went up to the damn door. He heard a few whispers here and there. It sounded like his mom.

Katsuki pressed his ear up against the door.

“I don’t know…do you think I should do it? I was told that that old bitch would pay for half since it was her damn mutt that did this. Uh? Oh, the doctor thinks it would be a good idea. In fact, he said if I don’t do this it would set the kid back in life.” There was a long pause. “Oh, you are just too sweet. I couldn’t do that to you. Masaru and I will handle this.” There was another paused and a sharp laugh. “Yes, if we need any help, we’ll be sure to tell you…I love you too. Bye.”

There was the loud beep of the house phone before he heard his mom sigh.

He didn’t understand that conversation until a few days later when his mom came in his room with “good news”.

“Hey, brat, put on our clothes. We’re going to start your appointments today.” Her smile was a little bit bigger today. Deku was sitting at his desk, staring at an open comic book he had. He seemed a little interested in what his mom had to say.


“You,” she pointed at him. “Are going to start therapy today. Twice a week until the doctor sees improvement.”

It turns out that therapy was him going to see this random doctor lady twice a week. Sometimes it was just them in these sessions and other times she would take him to interact with other children that were missing pieces.  The lady told him he was free to talk about whatever he wanted and Katsuki did. He complained about the extras at his school, the stupid worried looks that never seemed to leave his parent’s faces…what he didn’t talk about was the slight lack of control over his quirk, his dreams that he could never remember, the taste of blood in his mouth or Deku.

Katsuki didn’t think anyone was going to understand Deku.

What was his real name again?

Oh, that’s right…Midoriya Izuku…

“Bakugou-kun, is there something on your mind?”

Katsuki looked up from his practice worksheet. The lines in his writing weren’t as straight, but they looked a lot better than Deku’s chicken scratch. “Just thinking about how badass my handwriting looks compared to the losers at school.”

The doctor nodded. The first day they met, Katsuki told her that he didn’t like her writing down shit every time he talked. It pissed him off. She seemed to respect his wishes and ever since, Katsuki hasn’t seen her write down anything in front of him.

“Is everything OK at school?”

That was a popular question.

Katsuki never bothered to learn people’s names if they were beneath him, but the little fucker at school that thought he was hot shit was going to go down the next time he got in the blond’s face.

He told the therapist no.

What he should have told her was that things were great. The next day at school went at planned. He did his work. He ignored a few bitches gossiping about his “condition”. The teacher even congratulated him on his behavior. What was unusual was the fucking balls this nobody had.

Katsuki walked with his hands in his pockets and Deku annoyingly walked next to him with their arms linked when they went home nowadays; so, it pissed him off that he felt a gust of wind and a force pushing them, unknowingly, apart.

The little fucker stood before him with his speed quirk. He looked so damn proud of himself.

“You must have a fucking death wish.” One of his hands started sparking. The taste of blood in his mouth thickly coated his tongue.

“You just can’t stand it that you aren’t such hot shit anymore!” The kid pointed at him. “Everyone thinks you’re fucking weird because you talk to yourself. You think people care about your stupid quirk or your crippled hand?” He got closer. He was up in Katsuki’s face and the blond was ready to let the kid have it. He was lucky no one took this quiet route home. Katsuki didn’t have the patience to walk away.

“What the fuck you say to m– ”

“Kacchan is better.”

Normally, Katsuki would ignore any of Deku’s input…

…But…Deku wasn’t addressing him. His wide eyes were staring at the other boy.

The kids smirk wavered. He was clearly shocked by Deku’s presence. “This some kind of joke, Bakugou? Where the fuck you come from, pipsqueak?”

Katsuki was a little to curious about this exchange. He was going to just punch the bastard, but watching this play out seemed to hold his attention more. So Katsuki said nothing. He wondered what Deku looked like to the other quirk user. Did his eyes show the sharp pupils? Did his skin look pale enough to be translucent? Did the other notice Deku’s shadow? Did he look…off?

It felt like his tongue was swimming in blood.

“Hey, I asked a question!” He went to push Deku. The kid was fast, but Deku was faster. In a blink, Deku was behind this wannabe bully. His pale face was pressed against a neck while his hand covered the boy’s mouth.

The blond didn’t understand what prompted the other boy to start crying immediately. Did he know something?

Would Deku kill him?

Why did Katsuki’s heart speed up at the thought?

“Kacchan is way cooler than you.”

Red eyes watched on as Deku took a firm hold on the other’s cheek and brought his ear closer to that dangerous mouth. Deku whispered a  few things, things Katsuki couldn’t hear, but from the looks of things the blond could guess they weren’t pleasant. The speedy kid began to shake. His hands clawed at Deku’s. Hell, the blond was sure he was beginning to see a dark spot spreading through the other’s pants.


Something thin and black made its way through his classmate’s ear.

He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to see that part.

After…whatever happened, the boy straightened up on his own. He wiped his tears away. Everything was done in these mechanical motions. After making himself as presentable as he could, the other boy stepped up to Katsuki again…and bowed.

“Forgive me, Bakugou-kun.”

It sounded artificial and Katsuki didn’t want to hear it. The taste in his mouth was making him dizzy. “Whatever.” He went on walking like nothing happened. Deku followed closely behind.

The next day at school the kid with the speed quirk didn’t challenge him that day or the next or the next or even after that.

He later told Deku that he didn’t need anyone fighting his fucking fights for him.

That made Deku quiet again but then again Katsuki wasn’t in the best moods lately either.

He didn’t tell his therapist about that strange day.


“Kacchan wants to be a hero, right?” Deku asked one day after devouring a few pounds of meat that Katsuki stole.

“That’s the idea, butt munch” The blond didn’t even look up from his dad’s laptop as he watched a few pro-heroes kick some ass on the streaming news. He told his mom he didn’t feel like going to school today. Luckily, she didn’t bitch too hard about him skipping. She did happen to give him one of those lectures about being yet another year older and how he should stop taking personal days from school. She told him that UA would look at more than just his quirk to accept him into their school.

“Absences show that you’re unreliable.”

Deku watched the video over his shoulder. Katsuki hated when the loser did that. There was something about having him at his back that put him on edge.

“Kacchan can be a hero now!” Deku offered him a small smile.

“No shit,” He began typing something into the search bar, skipping using his pointer finger all together because it had no reach. “Look, if you want to be a hero, you have to do these things first.” Of course, some of the shit that had to be done looked a little annoying. He just wanted to get bad guys. The internet said he needed to get a license and know the laws regarding quirks. He asked his dad about it once and that conversation was long and boring.

Deku looked like he didn’t understand anything Katsuki showed him, but his eyes did light up when Katsuki went on the UA’s web page.

They spent the rest of the day watching UA promos and YouTube videos featuring All Might.


New school year meant that more there were more Pro-heroes making their debut which also meant that there would be more villains popping up to show out.

Recently on the news, there was a partially hard villain to catch because of his quirk. Katsuki hadn’t gotten much time to read that article so he didn’t know what quirk could be giving the pro-heroes so much trouble.

His mom even gave him a text message on his new phone, telling him to be safe.

Katsuki doubted the villain was that strong.

All Might will handle it.

A loud spark burst him his hand. The backfire was basically non-existent from constant practice and some therapy. The doctor surprised him with a small prosthetic that wasn’t that great for helping him in his daily needs, but great for balancing out his explosions. Nothing would replace the original, but this was good enough.

He made his way through a short tunnel before he heard a voice. He didn’t hear anyway following him.

“You’ve got quite the quirk. Looks pretty strong.” Katsuki turned his head towards the voice. Nothing was behind him. “Sorry about this, but I’m going to need your body.”

Sticky slime coated his shoes and hand. It crept up to arm and was approaching his throat. Something in Katsuki snapped. It felt so familiar and he refused to be a victim!

He let his hands heat up and explode. The first one was to try to get this thing off his back. The other was to try and blow the substance away, why the next was created without a plan. He wasn’t thinking straight, and it was fucking embarrassing. He felt tears sting the corner of his eyes, but he refused to let them shed. The villain told him to give up, that this would be easy if he just stopped struggling.

All of this was bullshit.

He wasn’t going to deal with this feeling again. This stupid feeling of helplessness. He was strong and he wasn’t going to let this joke of a fucking slime villain get to him.

His lips were shut tight, but his nose was unguarded.

This villain played dirty.

There was that cooper taste in his mouth again.

Can I?



His right eye burned, and things were becoming blurry. The urge to vomit was strong. His mouth opened and instead of the slime going in, something came out.

Whatever came out must have hurt, because the slime villain ended up letting go of most of his body. It was enough to use his hands to blast the villain away from him.

“You got some fire in you, kid. I like that, but now isn't the time.” Katsuki was aware of Deku behind the mass of murky green. The damn loser was looking at him with this beaming smile and begging eyes. Katsuki didn’t need to hear it. He didn’t need to ask.

So, Katsuki stood up and fixed his prosthetic. “Go ahead.” Something more dangerous was looming over Deku. The villain must have put two and two together because He tried to make a dash to Katsuki.

It didn’t work.

Katsuki watched Deku’s mouth open.

His heart was racing at some distant memory, his finger tingles, and the taste of blood was faint.

Everything was quiet after a while. The place around them was a little scorched, but at least intact.

“Have no fear because I am HERE!” a booming voice and a strong gust of wind entered the tunnel. A few leaves whipped past him.

Standing before him, in regular street close was mother fucking All Might.

If his heart was racing before, it stopped at the sight of his favorite hero…in the flesh…right in front of him!

All Might seem to scan the area with his smile getting slightly smaller. “Did you do this, my boy?” He bent down to Bakugou’s level. Katsuki thought that All Might would make a great father. The younger blond wasn’t a stranger to his father checking him over for injuries in this way.

Katsuki nodded with a proud smirk. “There was some slime bastard around here. I…scared him off.” It wouldn’t do to tell his hero what actually happened.

All Might didn’t look too sure, but always kept smiling regardless. After being around Deku for so long, Katsuki thought All Might’s smile looked similar. Both of them were hiding something. All Might is a pro-hero…Number One hero at that, so it wouldn’t be too much for the smile to be slightly fake or at least grossly exaggerated.

“Well, if you are sure that you’re alright…could you point the direction the slime villain went?” Katsuki pointed behind him. Deku watched in silence.

“Thank you my bo–”

“Excuse me, All Might!” A tiny voice pulled both of their attention. Katsuki’s more than All Might’s. Katsuki hasn’t heard that voice from Deku before. It wasn’t whiny and held some confidence even it started out with a wobbly introduction. “Could you sign, Kacchan’s notebook!” Deku looked different as he bowed with Katsuki’s notebook in his hands.

Deku wasn’t so pale and he was wearing something that looked an awful lot like Katsuki’s school uniform.

“Of Course!” He took the notebook and marker from Deku. “What’s your name, my boy?”

Katsuki didn’t answer right away. He was too busy taking in Deku’s red eyes and spiky pale green hair.


“Bakugou Katsuki.” He said.

All Might nodded and handed back his notebook. “You have such a sweet little brother. Be safe you two!” And just like that, All Might was gone.

Deku returned to his sickly-looking self with big green eyes and dark green hair.

“What the fuck was that, Deku?”

The other looked down. His loud sneakers were digging into the dirt. “I wanted Kacchan to have something from his hero.”

That stopped Katsuki. He wouldn’t ask All Might for his autograph. It seemed like something a little kid would do. He was excited about the signature that was in his notebook, but that didn’t mean that he needed Deku to speak for him…

…What the hell?

He’ll let this one slide.

Later that night, he told his mom about the slime villain and how he handled him with his badass quirk and his super cool autograph from the one and only All Might.


After talking with his parents, his adrenaline came down when he finally got to his room. Today had been very different, but there were a few things that did not sit well with Katsuki.

If there was one thing he hated it was to be weak and this fight proved yet again that he was weak.

He was weak and fucking Deku bailed him out again.

He didn’t need any help.

He shouldn’t need help when he was strong with an awesome quirk.

If All Might could do it, he could too.

Deku should have been begging him not to waste the fucking low life that dared to touch him, not begging to handle it for Katsuki.

He was in charge!

First the stupid fuck in the alley, then that wannabe bully and now fucking this!

Fuck this, he’ll prove that he could be better. He’ll kill those fucking villains. Katsuki rationally thought that if he didn’t do something than other people would get hurt. Heroes were supposed to be selfless, right? That was a selfless thing to do, putting people’s lives before your own?

For the really bad ones, Katsuki could just let Deku have them. They would be better dead than alive and having the chance of doing something bad again.

Katsuki hopped off his bed, jostling Deku in the process. He began looking through his closet.

There were a bunch of low profile heroes. He’ll just be one of those before he came out as a flashy pro hero.

As long as he left out after his parents were asleep, he should be fine with doing patrol.


Katsuki turned to the frail looking boy buried in covers. “Shut up, Deku, were going into the city tonight. So, you’re going to have to be quiet and do exactly as I say.”

Deku gave him a big smile that stretched out his face too much and a determined look. Katsuki has no clue what the little booger has to be determined about, but as long as he knew his place as Katsuki’s sidekick then the blond didn’t care.

Chapter Text

In hindsight, he should have known that making plans tend to lead things into disaster.

Deku seemed to be taking his sweet ass time with this.

Katsuki ignored the sounds behind him.

He instead, tired to focus on the loud blaring music and calming his shaking hands


Leaving the house had been easy. His parents were out like a light and it seemed like everyone in their neighborhood was either asleep or minding their own business. The only thing Katsuki thought they would have a problem with was transportation. Most adults would probably raise questions if they saw someone Katsuki’s age wondering around late at night.

So, he chose to hide himself with a thick black hoodie and dark pants, hell he even added an dark eye mask for his face. It was a lame ass idea.

The blond adjusted his hood for the fifth time since leaving his house.

Katsuki had hoped that his recent growth spurt would help make him appear older. No one said anything to him while he was on the train and everything was relatively quiet, surprisingly. Deku kept his attention on the passing scenery and tunnel light.

The cart was empty except for two or so people on the other end. One was a guy that was passed out and tucked into a corner while the other person, Katsuki could see, had their nose buried in a book. Red eyes stared ahead of him at the mass of curly green hair. Deku was lucky no one could see him. He was acting like a goddamn child. His hands and face were pressed against the glass. No doubt his eyes were probably big with some stupid wonderment. His little feet dangled from the edge of the seat.

They entered another tunnel.

Florence lights strobbed the blacked-out train. Katsuki stared ahead at Deku.

The green of the loser’s hair took on a different shade under the lights. Everything seemed to be bathed in different shades of orange and yellow. It switched their surroundings from light to dark…Katsuki kept staring.









Katsuki stared at the floor.

The train came to a stop. The doors opened, announcing their arrival and the little freak hopped down from his seat and bounced to the opened doors. Katsuki took his time. His mind not fully comprehending what he just saw.

“Where too, Kacchan!”

Green eyes were staring at him, but he ignored the question in favor of just grabbing Deku’s hand. The prosthetic was placed firmly on his finger just in case he used his quirk tonight.

“We’ll just walk around tonight.”

And that’s what they did. Most of the streets had a few colorful heroes patrolling the place so they didn’t see any real crimes in the more populated areas so Katsuki decided to take a detour. He dragged Deku by his thin wrist through the back streets and poorly lit areas. He received a few looks from men standing out by back doors of random establishments smoking. Katsuki kept his hood over his face, but at least the loser didn’t complain about how tightly he was holding his wrist.

There were a few women milling around with long coats and painted faces. Some had asked him if he was lost or if he needed to use a phone to call his parents. He told them he wasn’t and murmured that he had a phone under his breath.

They walked for a while.

Deku took the time to fill the silence with his little observations and neediness. Sometime during their walk, Deku had somehow managed to tangle their arms. It was a little too much, but whatever it took to keep the little shit from getting side tracked.

Every turn started to look the same. Some building had different shapes, and some had people around them, but in the dark of the night…everything was the fucking same. Deku didn’t mention it and Katsuki didn’t want to admit it, but he was slowly starting to lose his patience as his legs grew tired. There was nothing exciting happening. He thought that, maybe, there would be some cool bad guys to take out and show off for any pro-heroes that came to the scene.

Instead, all Katsuki got was a bunch of stares from random men and women.

“Looks like you’re lost, buddy.” A dull raspy voice called their way.

Katsuki was quick to whip his head towards the voice. One hand held Deku’s while the other was starting to flash.

All that was there was a thin girl with ugly pink hair in a choppy haircut. She had on colorful make-up, but it just reminded Katsuki of a clown. The blond was also not a stranger to bruises, so he had no idea who she was supposed to fool. She was propped up against the wall with too red lips wrapped around a cigarette. Her outfit looked a little too short around the legs and did little for her arms.

“Don’t fucking call me that.” He wasn’t sure if she was a threat or not.

“I’ll call you whatever the fuck I want. Now, you two lost or what?” Mystery girl stomped out her cigarette with her painfully looking shoes. Besides the raspy voice, she seemed young. Definitely younger than his mom, yet seem to act just like her.


Katsuki looked at slight boy next to him.

Deku was staring right back at him…waiting on an answer.

“I’m not lost.” He told her. His eyes taking in Deku’s normal appearance.

No red eyes staring at him.

No slit like pupils or the lack of thereof.

Not even a fucking tear.

“You can’t stay here…it gets dangerous at night.” She wrapped her arms around herself. “But, I wouldn’t feel right leaving you. I saw you walking around in circles.” She gave Deku a small smile. “Your friend seems shy.”

Katsuki ignored her as he thought about their situation. Had Deku been visible the whole time they were walking? It didn’t feel that way…

“You there?” The girl had, at some point, grabbed his wrist.

Behind her, something shifted closer to her head. It was fluid and it took a more define shape. The shadow took on a sharp appearance. Katsuki stared at it. It stood posed…waiting and yet this girl remained blissfully unware.

The blond was quick to snatch his hand away. The hand that held Deku’s tightened. “He’s fine…we’re fine.” He said this catching emerald green eyes.

The thing behind the girl’s head disappeared.

“Well, I have snack–”

The backdoor opened. Katsuki could hear the blaring music inside and maybe a flashing of vibrate colors. It was jarring. Deku didn’t seem too pleased with the new comer, that thankfully didn’t see them. He was kind of tired of dealing with random tonight.

“Sakura, get your ass back inside!” A significantly bigger hand grabbed at mystery girl’s arm. Her eyes had a fleeting moment of terror. She froze…all her spunk from before was lost as she stared more. Katsuki decided he didn’t like that look. It was stupid. Why the hell should you look so scared? Why not fight back? Why freeze up?

The more Katsuki thought about it, the angrier he got.

Who was this asshole?

There wasn’t much said after that. ‘Sakura’ was dragged by her arm back into the building. She gave Katsuki and Deku one quick glance before accepting her fate.

The door closed with a loud bang on the rusting metal hinges and it pissed him off so much that he fired an explosion at the cement wall. There wasn’t much smoke, but it gave Katsuki some relief as he paced back and forth. He ignored Deku for now, the other’s hand fell limp at his side.

Katsuki was taught manners by his parents growing up. He didn’t feel the need to practice it for a bunch of lames or people that didn’t need it. He treated everyone the same and that sounded right in his mind.

It was fair.

His mom thought him to never mistreat a girl and to only fight her if she was a worthy opponent inside the ring or field.

The chick with the bad hair cut looked too thin to do much…

Heroes helped people…

Usually the videos he watched online were heroes stopping pursue snatchers, evil villains, and everything was so clear that it could be in some cartoon.

He didn’t know this woman, she didn’t look threatening…but…

Why so sad little boy? Did your friend hurt your feelings?

Don’t they all seem like they want to be helpful?

Should he help this stranger?

The hand on her arm flashed behind his closed eyes and he pulled at his hair. A low growl spilled from his clenched teeth.

What the fuck was he even doing?

Katsuki ignored Deku’s strangely attentive eyes following his pacing pattern.

Fuck it.” He grabbed the other’s hand and stalked to the door.

It was locked, but Katsuki didn’t seemed bothered by it. He rarely asked anything of Deku, so he wasn’t sure how the other will react, but he guessed it was worth a shot.

As long as he acts like he’s in control…then he is.

I’m in control

Red met Green

I’m in control

Deku seemed to have a smaller smile. One that hid thoughts and showed some amusement.

Katsuki wasn’t amused.

I’m in control

“Open this fucking door.”

Deku didn’t protest. His smile was gone and replaced with something that looked a little bored. Katsuki didn’t watch to see how it was done. Red eyes stayed on green.

Compelled to not look.

The door opened.

Katsuki slipped in with Deku’s arm linked with his. Blaring music greeted him again and the funky lights bathed everything in shades or pinks, purples, blues, and reds. The bass rattled at his rib cage. It was hard to take in everything. Katsuki will admit that he was young and there were certain things he didn’t know about, but he had convinced himself that it must be unimportant if he didn’t know it by now.

There were people holding drinks, lounging in chairs, dancing and talking everywhere.

There were a few bigger men that didn’t look to be having any fun as they were slowly prowling the area. Katsuki stood clear of those guys as he tried to look less obvious…less kiddish. He wasn’t one to try to blend into his surroundings, but he needed to find this damn girl.

There were a few people walking around that were dressed similarly to Sakura. Most would walk up to the people sitting, some would walk away with a person or three before going through this door off to the side. Katsuki followed his gut and followed those people.

His hands were sweaty, and he was grateful he wasn’t holding Deku’s hand.

Katsuki wasn’t sure if it was him or if the bass that was making him feel like his heart was trying to escape his chest.

The weird lighting made some areas darker than others and Katsuki took full advantage of it. He practiced what he saw in spy movies and shooting video games. It worked for the most part. Those that did see him acted like they could care less that he was there.

Deku was compliant, but he didn’t look like his usual nervous self. He stayed low because Katsuki was staying low, but Katsuki was sure something was up.

They made it to the closed doors, and down the stairs. The halls were bathed in royal blue with a blaring red neon ‘Exit’ sign down the way. The bass dulled, and the music muffled as they made their way through a few areas that were closed off by thick draping curtains.

Katsuki didn’t hear much so he went further.

Or at least he thought…

There were some sounds that made its way to his ears.

Some were soft calls… groans…moans…whining?

There were a few people in curved booths. Their bodies tangled and moving. Some watched others, while a few pressed their faces to the table before coming up and rubbing their noses.

Everyone was a fucking mess.

There was a person heading towards Katsuki’s spot and he took a gamble before diving into a curtained area where he heard no noise. The lighting wasn’t any better here, but now that Katsuki was in the room he did hear a faint rhythmic creaking.

He didn’t bother to look, instead he kept his eyes and ears open to any roaming guards and the too aware fuckers.

Deku on the other hand watched everything with big eyes. Katsuki barely registered that Deku’s look was not just of curiosity.

Katsuki roamed with his sweaty hands ready and Deku tight by his side as he peaked in many rooms and closed off areas. He did happen to peak though a keyhole the moment a loud slap sounded. A rough voice rumbled off nonsense that Katsuki couldn’t really hear, but Katsuki did hear the name Sakura from the man. He couldn’t see much, but was sure this was the room he wanted.

There was a few more words exchanged before footsteps were coming towards them again. Katsuki tugged Deku towards a dark corner before waiting for this asshole to come out.

The door opened with slam and heavy footsteps were heading the opposite direction of Deku’s and Katsuki’s position. Katsuki took this opportunity to rush into the room, his mind running into overdrive as he didn’t bother to check to see if Deku had slipped in with him. This room was brighter with normal fluorescent lights. They were in an office with a stereotypical desk, file cabinet, security cameras and such. Sakura sat on the desk with her feet slightly dangling.

Katsuki could see that there was a new darkening ring around her neck and the side of her face was puffy. Her cloths were in a disarray, but she didn’t seem to care.

Katsuki was great at many things, but he was terrible at comforting people. That was in his father’s genes and Katsuki was mostly a clone of his mother.

“Sakura’s a shitty name.” It was all that he could come up with.

The girl gave a dry laugh. “Yeah, guys aren’t that creative.” She looked at him and Katsuki felt himself getting mad again. Why did she have to look so damn pitiful?  “What the fuck are you doing? Trying to play hero?” She had some bite in her voice again. “Don’t you know that it’s very dangerous here, especially for a kid.” She hopped off the desk and wondered over to him.

Katsuki didn’t let his guard down and she caught that.

She was giggling again.

“You don’t even trust strangers! Why did you come in here?” Her voice was raising. Her eyes were becoming glassy and her lip trembled, strange how in this moment Katsuki thought about how different she looked from Deku.

She was breaking down. It had started slowly, but she was quickly falling.

She looked around, her eyes becoming frantic. “Where’s your friend? Did he come in here with you?” She went on and on about their safety and how she didn’t want that man finding them. Tears were freely spilling from her eyes as she rushed back over to the desk to search the different camera feeds. Her fingers clicked away and Katsuki watched each screen flicker to the next.

“Why don’t you use your quirk?” Katsuki asked. He didn’t understand this frantic nature.

Fight this damn bastard…

Kill him…

“I don’t have one.” She said this in a low tone, but it tried to regain its edge. “Listen, Kid, – please – you have to go. He’s…he’s a monster. He doesn’t care how old you are, he’ll take what he wants.”

“I don’t give a fuck.” Katsuki said, his palms creating heat. She just stared at him. Her face full of wonder and near hysteria. She paced the room some more as if she couldn’t understand his words. What was so complicated about his train of thought?

She approached him again with a strange look in her eyes. There was some blood tickling from his nose, but she didn’t seem to care. Instead, she stared him in his eyes as she took hold of his shoulders and began to shake. “You are just a kid! What the fuck is wrong with you!” Katsuki’s body went with the motions. He didn’t remove her hands. His eyes stayed on hers as she when on about how irrational he was being. As seconds passed, her grip on his shoulders began to tighten.

Sharp green eyes flashed in Katsuki’s mind, the pupils thin and predatory.

Sakura backed away from him as if she had been burned from the blond’s quirk. Her eyes were still wild as she stared at her hands. She inspected them as if they weren’t her own. Her eyes cried freely when she whipped her head up to him. Shoulders shaking with the force of her sobs, she bowed her head.

Katsuki thought he heard chanting.

I’m Sorry. I’m Sorry. I’m Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. Gomen nasai. Gomen nasai. Gomen nasai. Gomen nasai. Gomen nasaiGomen nasai. Gomen nasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasai gomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasainasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasainasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasainasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasainasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasaigomennasai...


Each word blending into the other to the point that Katsuki wasn’t sure what she was murmuring. She was stuck in a trance and Katsuki wasn’t sure what caused it. The blood still dripped from her nose onto her bare knees. She was folding into her self as if she gave up fighting a long time ago.

There was a click behind him.

The door had shut…

But when had it opened?

Before Katsuki could fire up his flammable sweat, a large hand caught his neck before slamming his body down to the floor. The air was immediately pushed from his lungs and his back began to ache. His hands were quick to grip the meaty fingers that encircled his neck. Everything seemed to end at his throat as he couldn’t breathe.

He thrashed, but all his struggling was met with laughter.

There was a gasp from behind them before the lights went out.

This asshole didn’t seem bothered in the slightest that the only source of light was from the damn security cameras. Katsuki wasn’t sure why most of them were out.

“You got some nerve boy. Did you think you were going to be some hero?” The man didn’t tighten his grip, but he did reintroduce Katsuki’s back to the hard floor again. Surprisingly there was more air that escaped his lungs.

His struggle was getting weaker as time ticked against him.

Who was this asshole?

Who the fuck did he think he was?

Katsuki dug his nails in the surprisingly hard flesh. It was like tough leather.

The man gave him a smile. “Try all you want, but you ain’t gonna get nowhere with that.”  This asshole continued to talk, but Katsuki’s mind was started to drift a bit. His eyes were still on the man above him, his mind also registered the pain and light headiness that came from all of this. Hell, he was even aware of those sharp emerald eyes that stared at him from beside the man’s shoulder.

Deku stood right next to this man with an unreadable expression.

He felt colder, but he was heated.

Don’t you fucking dare!

Don’t you dare try to fucking save me!

Katsuki was so tired of this shit. He didn’t need to be saved. He didn’t need whatever it was that Deku was offering. He could fucking do this because he was Bakugou fucking Katsuki! He was going to be greater than All Might. That meant that he was going to be stronger than everyone else. He wasn’t fucking weak!

Instead, Deku’s eyes seemed to mock him.

Katsuki saw red, his mouth began to feel strange, he could taste copper on his tongue as he stretched…reached with his sweaty palms. His wet hands made contact with this man’s face. He couldn’t punch, he couldn’t even scratch, but what he did do was smear his sweat over the man’s eyes and face. The asshole must have thought Katsuki’s struggle amusing as he tightened his grip.

“You’re cute, you can’t even defend yourself. You thought you could just come into my establishment and try to play hero? I’ll let you in on a little secret.” He leaned in closer. Katsuki’s body was pressed…trapped beneath his. “If fucking pro-heroes couldn’t take my place down, what makes you think you could? That pink haired bitch over there? I own her, just like I own everything that steps into my place. What makes you any different?”

Deku was still watching Katsuki, but with rapid attention. Those eyes were big and excited for something and Katsuki was starting to wonder how Deku knew.

He couldn’t speak, but he tried to give what he thought was a badass smirk before his hands started to itch and warm. The flash of heat was severe when Katsuki had very sweaty hands. He hands only practiced on Deku and trees…never people.

He couldn’t describe the joy he had at seeing his quirk make something so magnificent, nor could he describe the dread in realizing that the man that held his neck was…

A headless body wasn’t as funny in real life as it was in cheesy action films. The hand around his neck didn’t let go, the body just spasmed as the smell of charred flesh burned Katsuki’s nose. There was some wetness on Katsuki’s face, but he tried not to think about it when he pried those thick fingers away with shaky hands.

 As soon as he was free, Deku crawled towards him singing praise and adoration.

Katsuki ignored the firm tongue that seemed to curl around his face in order to clean it. His eyes strayed to the pink haired girl in the corner. Her eyes wide with shock.

Katsuki wondered for a second if she was alive or not.