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I’m Friends with the Monster in my Closet

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Katsuki was two years old when he spotted a rabbit in his backyard. It bounced away the second it spotted the toddler wobbling towards it. His mother paid no mind to his chase.

He never was able to catch the rabbit.

The next year, his parents threw him in daycare. It was a torturous event day in and day out. His mother often said that he needed to spend time with other children his age to build character…whatever that meant.

There was a character in his afternoon daycare. The adults seemed to ignore the kid that sat by him every day for playtime.

The other boy would always smile at him.

Most parents shimmied their brats into daycare uniforms because it’s easier on the staff, but this kid – with his stupid big green eyes – had on green footie pajamas.

He looked like a total baby.

He later found out the boy’s name was Midoriya Izuku. It’s a pretty stupid name, but Katsuki let the cry baby tag along anyway. Izuku mentioned that he was hungry. It didn’t cross his mind as odd. The kid was such a loser that the adults paid him no mind. It wasn’t hard to sneak him extra snacks or take from other kids trays when no one was looking. Who would even deny him if he got caught?

Not the teachers and certainly not some snot nose brats.

Katsuki’s mom asked him if he had made any friends at daycare. He thought of Izuku, but didn’t mention the other boy to his mother. He hadn't understood the weird look in her eyes or the slight frown. All the other kids were boring and push overs. He was better than all of them…especially whiny Izuku.

On weekdays, his parents told him that his bedtime was eight o’ clock.  They tucked him in like any other weeknight and left to do whatever the hell parents did. His clock read 10:00 in big blocky red numbers that flashed on the hour. That was usually the time he would stopped hearing his parents shuffle around their house and it was around that hour he would hear the tell-tale tapping on his window.

Like clockwork

It was never a surprise to see who it was; Izuku was a strange kid. He was standing there in the dark, shaking like a leaf and looking out of place with his stupid bunny pajamas. But even if he did look stupid out there, Katsuki still let him in.

“What the fuck do you want?” He whispered as he quietly opened the door. He could hear his father’s snoring down the hall. His father wasn't the biggest fan of his new favorite word.

“I wanted to see you and I’m kind of hungry.” He gave Katsuki a nervous smile while stepping in the house.

It wasn’t hard to notice that there was dirt being dragged through the house. His mom will have a fit if she saw the mess whiny baby Izuku made.

Stupid worthless Izuku that did nothing for himself, but whine to Katsuki for leftovers

Stupid worthless Izuku that did nothing for himself

Stupid worthless Izuku with his dumb smile

Stupid worthless Izuku with his big eyes

Stupid worthless Izuku






“Deku.” The name felt good dropping from his mouth. He didn’t care if the other boy was confused. It would be his new name from now on. “Useless, Deku, go fucking change.” He reiterated and walked quietly to his kitchen.

His mother always had neat containers for their leftovers. Each container was labeled with his father’s handwriting. He picked the closest one for the least disturbance and shoved it into the loser’s hands. Why does he have to be so nice?

Deku, being the weirdo he was, took the food and hurried upstairs. Once, the other mentioned about being a shy eater. Nothing too strange, but it left Katsuki rolling his eyes about how much of a baby Deku was. While he was downstairs, he drank himself a glass of water and checked to see if both his parents were still asleep. By the time he was heading towards his room, Deku was heading out with a dirty dish in hand. It wasn’t that he was tired, but he didn’t feel like babying Deku anymore tonight. He knew what to do if he wanted to sleep over.

Just don’t wake his parents up.

Katsuki didn’t feel like explaining Deku and whatever the hell his deal was. The loser would clean up his mess, wash his dishes and put them up in the cabinet.

Now that Bakugou thought about it, how did that munchkin put the dishes in the cabinets? He probably used a chair or something…whatever it was it didn’t matter as long as no one will find out.

By the time that whiney baby came back, Katsuki was already half asleep and too lazy to push the other boy away as they both settled fully in the bed with a big All Might blanket around them.

When morning came Deku was gone, as always, before his mom barged in his room to wake him up for daycare.

Katsuki lost count of the times Deku came over.

It didn’t matter.

A few weeks passed with nothing notable happening, but on one hot summer day where Katsuki’s palms were disgustingly sweaty, itchy and annoying did something happen.

Deku’s large green eyes were staring at his hands in wonder and amazement and Katsuki couldn’t help the way his chest swelled with pride. The adults and other kids were crowding him in his ugly daycare uniform as sparks came out his hands. He could feel the warm heat as he controlled the timing of the flashes. A few of his followers started asking questions, but most of them were praises. Hell, even the adults were practically bowing to him as they all told him; he will be a pro-hero that could be like or greater than All Might.

“So cool Bakugou!”

“What does it feel like?”

“Can I touch it?”

“I hope my quirk will be as cool as yours!”

“Such a flashy quirk, you’ll be just like All Might.”

It went on and on and Katsuki felt light and powerful. His red eyes caught those big green ones and let out a bigger spark. He was rewarded with the other boy clapping and smiling his way.

The other students ignored his clapping to gush more about his new flashy quirk.

After daycare, he told his mother he was going to the park.

He left before he could hear her answer.

Deku was at the park alone, by the time he got there. His hands were sparking as he ran around, jumping off of the slide and doing a pose he saw All Might do a million times on the internet. Deku was clapping again from his spot on the swing while beaming him a bright smile.

“Have no fear, I’m here to kill the bad guys!” He loudly declared to the playground with an audience of one, but that didn’t matter.

“You’re so cool, Kacchan!” The loser was walking up to him now. Bakugou couldn’t help but notice how…off Deku looked. His shirt was a little baggy. He didn’t notice earlier that day because he was so focused on his itchy palms and quirk.

“Of course, I’m cool! I’m not a background character like the rest.” He grabbed the smaller boy’s wrist and pulled him along, down the street.

“Where are we going?” Deku was giving him a weird look, but Katsuki didn’t want to hear anything out of the loser’s mouth. So he just glanced at him and continued on tugging the other boy to the edge of the neighborhood, near the hiking grounds. He dropped Deku’s wrist. His clammy hands were slightly chilled.

“I want to see how much I can do. It’s no good to practice on extras that just whine and bitch.” That last word was something he heard from one of the older boys from the nicer park that was a little further from his house. It didn’t feel as good as saying ‘fuck’ but it had a nice shock value to it.

He didn’t spare Deku another glance before he was firing up and aiming at the bark of the tree in front of him. It should work as a mid-range attack. The sparks went off and something bigger ignited. A loud thunderous clap, heat and smoke came from his hands. It was hot today and Katsuki made sure to let his hands sweat and sweat and sweat.

And it paid the fuck off, as he stared at the sizable dent in the bark.

“Fuck yeah!” He did it again and again. Deku watched and encouraged him. Hell, he even put on a performance to show the loser just how uncool he was compared to the Great Bakugou Katsuki!

By the end of the day with the setting sun, his arms were sore but he was convinced more than ever that he’ll become better than All Might.

“Come on, Deku. I can hear your stomach from here.” Katsuki started walking the way back to his house. His hands were in front of him, the tips of his fingers were a little charred and his palms were dry and smelling of chemicals and smoke. He’ll have to train to improve on this.

Today kicked so much ass!

The smaller boy tailed after him. He was talking a mile a minute about how cool he thought ‘Kacchan’ was. Katsuki always welcomed the praise. Hell, he was in such a good mood, he didn’t push the little freak when the other caught up to him and grabbed his arm to hold. It wasn’t like anyone was going to see them from school this late in the day.

That night he demanded that his mom make both normal and extra spicy katsudon for dinner. His mom popped him upside the head for being a brat and gave one of those long annoyingly boring lectures about “respecting your elders” or some shit like that. Afterwards she asked:

“You ok, kiddo? You’ve been eating a lot more recently. We rarely have leftovers that last a night, not to mention, you’ve been asking for more food in your lunches.” While most mothers had a gentle and soothing voice, Mitsuki Bakugou’s was edged with authority and lightly laced with a caring tone.

“What? You think it’s weird for a growing boy to request more food? Get over yourself, old hag.” Katsuki was effectively taking his mother’s attention as he spotted the green haired boy quietly slipping past his mother and into his room. “So can I have both or what?”

After a highly unnecessary noogie, Bakugou walked into his room ready to yell at the little wimp for being the cause of his messed up hair. He caught Deku playing with his All Might action figure and he felt too drained to put up a fuss. Plus it would be better if he mother didn’t think he was talking to himself if he started yelling.

“I hope you’re happy, fuckmunch, we’re having katsudon tonight.” He threw a controller at the other. “Now, it’s time to get your ass kicked in Mario kart.”

It was kind of unfair to challenge Deku in video games. The kid acted like he never played a game before. When they first started, he held the controller backward. After a few sessions, the loser is getting the hang of not running off the course or into corners. Today, Katsuki was feeling a little cruel, he chose rainbow road. It was hilarious to watch that extra, Luigi, fall again and again into the dark abyss as his Bowser glided across the changing colors. Unlike most of the other kids that Katsuki had the misfortune of playing with; Midoriya had some balls…even if he was a whiny bitch. Most the other kids would cry or give up against his brilliant win streak, but not Deku. He sucked, but at least he was determined.

“Is it spicy katsudon?” There was a slight waver in his voice as he tried to stay on the map.

“What if it is? Got a problem?” He released a few bananas to trip the cry baby up, but he ignored those eyes burning holes on the side of his face. He hardened his scowl.  “What! What the fuck do you want, Deku!” He spat the name for emphasis.

Deku just smiled at him. “Nothing, Kacchan~”

Katsuki ignored it. “Fucking loser.” He muttered.


More and more kids started to get their quirks. The two fuckers that always tagged along with him when it wasn’t just Deku and him, started to show off in front of him. They were nothing special and they were so plain, he couldn’t even be bothered to remember their names. He knew them by their quirks.

One of them had leathery wings that reminded Katsuki of a dragon, but how lame was a dragon that couldn’t breathe fire or have armored skin?

Pretty fucking lame…

The other one could…make his fingers longer?

Fucking background characters if you ask him.

He nudged Deku next to him. “Where’s your quirk, loser?” Katsuki was just a little bit curious about the boy that always followed him. He hasn’t seen him do anything out of the ordinary lately. Maybe, his quirk was so mundane it wouldn’t make a difference if he had one or not?

The fucker just shrugs.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Haven’t you been to the doctor yet?”

“No, I don't like going to the doctor.”

Katsuki couldn't argue with that. Sometimes doctors were annoying. He just assumed the dork would get his quirk later. His mom mentioned that some people were just late bloomers, but it figures that Deku’s would be late.

His sixth birthday came without a hitch. It came complete with a birthday party, cake, his favorite spicy foods (much to Deku’s dismay) and his parents.

His mom took a bunch of embarrassing pictures of him wearing a birthday hat like he's seen American families do on TV. His dad gave him a speech about being another year older and wiser.


Deku was hiding under the table, munching on whatever Katsuki snuck him. His mother told him that she wished he had more friends so he could have a cooler birthday parties. He didn’t need friends, because those losers were uncool. Inviting uncool people didn’t make a party cooler.

Plus he was fine kicking Deku’s ass in video games.


“You are all losers, fucking babies!” Katsuki yelled from the top of the jungle gym. He was perfectly balanced. His hands were igniting, making his scene more intimidating to the crybabies below.

He didn’t see what the big deal was. They all agreed to visit the cooler park that was, admittedly, farther than what most parents would be comfortable with letting their six and seven year old kids walking to. Katsuki may have been a little caught up with showing off and swinging from bars and fantasizing about being a pro-hero that he didn’t notice the time, but that just meant that they would have to take the shortcuts home. No big deal.

Apparently it was a big deal, because all the other kids were gaining some nerve to question his judgment.  

All of them were little punks. If no one wanted to go with him...fuck them!

“Bakugou, you can’t go by yourself. It gets dangerous at night.” One of the extras told him. A few of them were huddled together as if the mere idea of crossing a few silly alleyways and a few backyards was something to be afraid of.

Speaking of going alone…

Katsuki glanced at Deku. The other boy was staring at him while fidgeting in his loud red kicks. At least he wasn’t afraid. Katsuki wasn’t sure if that made Deku stupid or brave. Either way he wouldn’t be totally alone, but Katsuki guessed the other children didn’t count Deku as a worthy person to accompany him and Katsuki sure as hell wasn’t going to admit to being a little bitch and telling the others he would be just fine with Deku.

He left.

It was getting dark and his mom was expecting him home before it got dark out. The old hag is going to have a fit, because the sun had set a while ago and they weren’t exactly close to his house. It might have been a dumb idea to venture out to one of the nicer parks so late in the day. Most of the other kids probably either lived closed or had someone picking them up, but Katsuki wasn’t a wimp. He can get home just fine.

The alleys weren’t so bad anyway. Some areas were a little dark while others had a light or two. So far they saw no one, but that didn’t mean everything was quiet. Sometimes there were the sounds of a cat or maybe a rat running here or there, other sounds bled through the side of the buildings. He had heard a few muffled yells, but nothing that sounded alarming. If it wasn’t that slightly ominous sounds of the back ways, then he was hearing Deku bitch and complain about his fucking stomach. The brat acted like he hasn’t eaten all day. Deku was holding his hand, but he was dragging his feet.

“Can you stop fucking pouting for one goddamn second? You act like you haven’t had a single thing to eat all day and I know that’s a fucking lie because you had half my lunch earlier.” Katsuki whirled on him, breaking his hand free of the other’s grip.  

“But I’m hungry now, Kacchan.” Deku looked like he was about to fucking cry. His mouth was doing that wobbly thing it always did and it was annoying him. He didn’t see what the big deal was. They would both eat when he got back home.

“If you're so fucking hungry, go find something to eat!” He yelled before turning his back on the dork and stomping off.

Katsuki didn’t hear anymore complaining after that, which was fine by him. He didn’t want to look over his shoulder to see if the other was following. That would make it seem like he actually gave a shit. Instead he looked off towards the gray wall. There was a small alley light casting their shadows. He could see Deku, shoulders slumped and walking slowly. He wasn’t too far behind.


They weren’t too far from home, Katsuki thinks. Some of the building were familiar. Deku was still pouting, but Katsuki figured the little baby would be fine once they get inside.

“Why so sad little boy? Did your friend hurt your feelings?”

At the sound of the voice Katsuki’s palms flared up, he was going kick the fucker ass that dar-

“Now, now, I think you're the troublemaker. Can't have any of that from you.”  Katsuki's body froze. His limbs felt tight and his breath quick. His body felt like he couldn't get enough air as his heart tried to break out of his chest.

He felt trapped and couldn't move.

His eyes could only stare at the shadows of useless fucking Deku and this fucking cheap ass villain. Once he gets out...and he will get out, he will kill that fucker dead for this. No one will get away with doing such shit to him.

A large shadow approached Deku’s frail looking one.

Deku was probably shitting his pants right now.

“Why so quiet?” The man looked to be crouching in front of Deku. Katsuki saw the man's arms reaching only to pause after the wimp finally spoke. The villain seemed to humor him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.”

“I’m hungry.” It was loud enough to catch Katsuki’s ears. To think that that little cry baby didn’t understand the situation they were both in. What the fuck, Deku!

“You’re hungry, you say, how cute.”

Katsuki was going to yell at Deku to do something. Anything but what he was doing now. There was some more movement…

Deku’s frail looking shadow wavered slightly. The bunny ears on his hood seemed to stand a little straighter, a little more rigid. The villain didn’t seem to notice the growth. It was the only thing that gave away what would happen next. Katsuki was still, he stopped struggling against the man’s quirk. He wasn’t sure it it even held him captive anymore as he was sure it dropped as he heard a quick scream that was abruptly cut off

The shadows danced on the wall in the dimmed light of the alley. Deku’s mouth grew in size. Katsuki could tell it was spreading. It happened so quick. A blink and the man was gone. Maybe his red eyes caught the glimpse of what appeared to be legs being forced down a too wide mouth and a too small body.

It was quick.

There was no struggle.

It seemed like a dream.

“I’m sleepy, let’s go home now.”

A pale fragile looking hand grabbed his slightly darker one. Deku sounded absolutely normal. He walked at a steady pace.

They were home in no time, or maybe Katsuki wasn’t paying attention to the time.

He was in bed and tucked in by the green haired creep.

“Goodnight, Kacchan.” Deku gave him a quick hug and easily slept with one hand around his waist.

Deku was always a cuddler and for kind of help.

Katsuki went to sleep.


He’s groggy when he wakes up. He could feel Deku still at his side which means that it's not time to be up yet.

Thank fuck!

He didn’t want to deal with his mom right now. The lights on his clock flash 11:00. He must have been out for a few hours, but why did he feel so tired. He closed his eyes and tried to rub the sleep out. He was kind of hungry, now that he thought about it.

I’m Hungry

             I’m Hungry

                             I’m Hungry

Big protruding mouth, jagged teeth

Katsuki looks up. His closet door is open. The area had the darkest blacks making - what he knows is a little ass closet - seem endless in depth.

His attention is caught and there’s a strange urgency to not look away. Since he’s been up there’s been something bugging him. It floats on the edge of his mind, but it's foggy. It’s almost like a buzzing…no…more like…

The longer he stares at his open closet, the louder this thing becomes. The longer he stares, the harder it becomes to focus on his thoughts and this annoying sound.

Deku moves next to him and it’s the distraction Katsuki needs to tear his eyes away from the closet.

The other boy is sitting up next to him. His face was relaxed and facing Katsuki’s. The little dork almost looked cute as he yawned. His mouth opened wide because the little shit has no manners. He’s waiting for Deku to close his fucking mouth, but he doesn’t. It stays wide open and tilted up. Katsuki’s red eyes look to find Deku’s. His green rabbit hood is still on his head even with it tilted back. Deku’s green eyes aren’t there.

What meets his eyes are murky half lid white ones with inflamed red edges.

Katsuki focuses on the mouth instead as he finds himself having a hard time breathing evenly while looking at those cloudy orbs.

The sound is louder

It’s clearer

Its sounds like a wavering groan with dips that go lower and lower.

Its next to his ear.


There’s movement by the closet and Katsuki was sure it was something long and black. When he blinks, its Deku in his All Might pajamas. His eyes are clear and green and he has his stupid smile on his face. He looks sleepy as he crawls towards him from the foot of the bed.

Deku has a soft voice.

His hands feel wet.

Thick dark liquid is spilling on his hands.

Deku is still next to him, groaning. His open mouth reveals nothing still. It looks just as black as his closet. The same dark liquid that covers his hands, spills out of Deku’s mouth. His white eyes are still staring at him.

“I’m hungry.”

The little voice is in front of him, but when Katsuki looks he sees nothing…

…absolutely nothing as he’s swallowed whole.



“Wake up, brat!” His mom is in front of him, angrily swinging a pillow at him. “You over slept!”

His mother pushed him to the bathroom and urged him to brush his teeth faster. His uniform was on and he was rushed to school by his father. Normally he would walk by himself, but it seemed his parents needed to make up some excuse for him being late this morning.

The classroom was a little rowdy, he could hear them from outside the door, but that all changed when he walked into the classroom at least twenty minutes late. The teacher nodded at him and went back to teaching students that looked more interested in him than the lesson.

Which wasn’t surprising.

He’s always more interesting.

Deku was sitting next to his seat, as usual. He had that same shaky smile on his face.

Katsuki was a very observant boy when he wanted to be. There was no point in wasting his time of lowly extra’s lives, but he spent more time looking at Deku today. He spent more time trying to figure out who Midoriya Izuku was.

Maybe it was a quirk?

He hasn’t heard of a quirk that cannibalized people.

There’s some girl in his class that has a quirk relating to how dark a room is.

There’s a quirk that one pro-hero has that allows him to control a person using their shadow.

He thought about different quirks, but they were still nothing like that thing.

Deku was happily humming a song next to him. It wasn’t so loud, but he glanced at the teacher wondering if they would tell Deku to shut the hell up.

They didn’t.

Katsuki glanced at the other students. No one seemed to care.

Their teacher excused themselves to go to the restroom. He said they were allowed to talk, just not to be “too loud”. It was all the excuse Katsuki needed to call over one of his goons, a freak with the weird eyes. The other boy was visibly happy and it made him want to barf.

“Hey, Bakugou!” The other boy stopped by Deku’s desk. He didn’t move closer to Katsuki – though most students didn’t because of his bad attitude – nor did he seem to acknowledge Deku’s presence. Deku had stopped fiddling with his fingers to look at the boy that approached them. The green haired boy was obviously aware.

“Come closer.” The boy seemed to be caught off guard and a little hesitant. He took his time, but he was by Katsuki and behind Deku’s chair. That’s when something interesting happened.

His red eyes took in the way the boy’s demeanor changed. He was confident when he walked up to them and that confidence slowly went away as he stood before them. He fidgeted and rocketed back and forth slightly. At some point he shook as if he was cold. Katsuki glanced at Deku, who was silently watching the boy.

“You know what? I forgot.” He waved off the boy dismissively as the teacher walked back in


“You know what, Deku, you better ask before you steal another fucking tempura.” He watched as the boy happily popped the fried piece into his mouth. Strange that he never noticed Deku had a habit of covering his mouth as he ate.

I’m sorry Kacchan. I’m a shy eater.”

That was the first time the loser asked him for some of his lunch.

I’m hungry, can I have a piece?”

"I’m hungry”


Feed Me



They were outside for lunch, sitting on the steps. The sun was behind them and their shadows were stretched out in front of them. Katsuki was carefully watching the blacked out figures. You could easily see the rabbit ears on Deku’s hood. Their movements matched up.

Carefully Katsuki’s hand crept behind Deku. The other boy was too caught up in food to notice until Katsuki ripped the hood down. Red eyes stayed glued to their shadows as Deku yelped. If this was anyone else, those ears would have disappeared with the hood.


“Is something wrong, Kacchan?” Green eyes stared at him. Fingers still poised over his bento box.

“Nothing loser.”

Katsuki stared at the twitching ears of Deku’s shadow.