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A Few Hopes and Expectations

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The class was painfully boring- they’re seven weeks in and Jimin can barely keep his eyes open as the teacher droned in a monotone. He tried everything to keep himself awake- a coffee right before class, propping himself up, taking diligent notes, pinching himself… whatever he could think of. It was all to no avail, and he could swear he heard snickering as his forehead hit the desk in an involuntary sudden slumber. God, it was terrible. He leaned on his hand, trying to distract himself by looking around the classroom. The guy next to him was furiously writing in his paper with fierce dedication, and Jimin couldn’t believe it. No one would write so passionately about what ancient thing and its significance to whatever society in 13-whatever within the four walls of this miserable classroom. He tried to be discreet as he leaned over, reading over his shoulder. It was all in English.

Blinking in surprise, Jimin reached over and took some of the sheets that had already been written on from top to bottom.

“Hey, this isn’t for this class,” Jimin whispered with a smirk, tucking the pieces of paper behind his own textbook and picked up his mechanical pencil. He gave a few clicks with his thumb on the top and began to press the lead into the very narrow margins that were left blank.


Taehyung had zoned out ages ago, he’d read the textbook and class notes in the email from the teacher before class and already knew it would be a disaster, but attendance was worth a whole fucking grade point and he was not about to go from a B-student to a C-student just because he couldn’t stand an hour-long lecture by the most boring human alive.

So, about ten minutes in, after the professor took roll, he took out his notes for his English class, looking over the outline of his paper and considering his topic and thesis again. He bit into his lip and tapped his chin with the end of his pencil. He began to scribble more onto the pages, frantically trying to put his thoughts to the paper before he lost them.

A soft thud on the desk beside him made him jump a little, and he looked over to see the guy on his left with his head on his textbook, dozing. He let out a quiet chuckle to himself and refocused, jotting down more words in the foreign language.


Several minutes passed with the professor explaining something on the projector, Taehyung wasn’t paying attention, anyways. He heard some shuffling beside him but didn’t pay it any heed, either. Before he could react, Taehyung blinked and the guy who had been sleeping beside him had his pages snatched and was drawing in the margins of his notes.

“H-ey, please don’t-” Taehyung grunted quietly, trying to pull his notes back from the other guy, sighing in frustration. “Those are important, please give them back.”

Jimin looked at his artwork and smiled in satisfaction, handing just one sheet back to Taehyung when the professor had his back turned.

“I’m just making it more important,” Jimin smiled and tucked the other two sheets of Taehyung’s paperwork back protectively, “These are my hostages until after class.”

At least he was staving off the boredom.

Taehyung pouted at his smile and groaned, turning to the page he’d returned. Despite himself, his eyebrows raised at the drawing on the lined pages. His fingers ghosted over the carefully drawn sketches and he hummed.

“These… are actually really cool,” Taehyung muttered, quiet enough for the other hear him. “I guess.”

Jimin tried not to laugh.

“Are they? You like them?” Jimin leaned forward toward Taehyung, “You’re getting original Park Jimins here.”

“Park Jimins,” Taehyung looked over his page, a small drawing of a dog wearing a hoodie smiled at him from behind the little red line. “All over my Kim Taehyungs.”

He looked at this ‘Jimin’ with a mock frown curled on his lips, trying not to smile at his own jest.

Jimin burst into a giggle that he quickly tried to stifle, clearing his throat and masking it with a cough. He looked down at the paper and glanced at Taehyung, drawing his likeness onto the side with a little speech bubble, immortalizing his words.

Taehyung looked up to the professor to make sure he was still not paying attention to the back of the room - he wasn’t - before leaning to watch Jimin draw more, fascinated instead by the way he created something so intricate with only a few short strokes of his pencil. All Taehyung could manage was handwriting that was half-legible.

Jimin blushed under Taehyung’s scrutiny, but he kept drawing. Being watched always made him nervous, but he figured he’d have to get over it sooner or later. Might as well be sooner.

Thankfully the class ended quickly now that they had something to entertain themselves.

Jimin gathered up his things, putting Taehyung’s notes on top of the stack and stood up after everyone else had left, sauntering out of the room. He leaned against the wall just outside of the door and pulled his books to his chest, taking the other two sheets and surrendering them to Taehyung with a coquettish glance through his lashes.

“Sorry for messing up your Kim Taehyungs,” Jimin apologized, but it wasn’t a real apology.

“Oh, a-anytime,” Taehyung choked out, nervously shuffling on his feet in front of Jimin. He stumbled on words to say, mind suddenly blank in front of a cute face and adorable laugh. “I-I like them, anyways. I think I’ll like finishing this damn paper with some nice art to look at.”

“Anytime? So I can keep messing them up?” Jimin took a step forward, not waiting for Taehyung to answer and pressing his finger to his chest, “Y’know, I’m not an English major, but, uh… do you smoke?”

Taehyung flustered, blushing a bright red, “I-I guess- you can?” His voice increased in pitch on the last syllable, his heart hammering in his chest. He wasn’t the best at this whole… conversation… thing. At Jimin’s question, he took a step backward with wide eyes, trying to sound as genuinely nice as possible. “S-sorry, I’m not… I don’t do tobacco. Cigarettes are bad.”

Nailed it.

Jimin laughed so hard he doubled over, the books he was holding tumbling to the floor. It took him a solid thirty seconds to stop giggling.

“No, no,” Jimin protested, wiping a stray tear from his eye and pointing to Taehyung’s hoodie, “It says ‘legalize it’. Do you smoke?”

Taehyung froze, looking down at Jimin’s finger on his chest where his white hoodie says quite clearly in capital green letters, ‘LEGALIZE IT’. Of course, he’d be an idiot and miss the point entirely. His embarrassment was evident in the blush that colored every inch of exposed skin. He tugged on the cap on his head and wished silently that he could disappear and restart this whole encounter.

“N-no- I mean- I- I’ve never,” Taehyung clears his throat and looked elsewhere, trying to play off his rosy cheeks, “I’ve never smoked before. It’s… Still illegal.”

“What a pure child,” Jimin said to himself, chuckling, “Okay, well don’t make me out to be the college druggie or the neighborhood dealer, but do you want to? I’m so bored from that class and you seem chill. Kinda.”

Taehyung offered Jimin a tight smile, looking over his shorter figure obviously before smirking. “You’re an art major, aren’t you?”

Jimin wanted to make a comment about the association, opened his mouth, closed it, and pouted. Guilty as charged.

“Not everyone smokes,” Jimin protested weakly, “Look, if you’re gonna be like that then forget I asked.”

Taehyung raised his brows again and put up his hands in defense. “No, no. I’m just nervous. There’re rumors- statistics with the art major dorms. I think 86%? Or something close to that smoke some sort of substance. Of course, the RAs are dealers, I would know. They’re friends,” Taehyung rambled anxiously. He takes a breath, “Uh… sorry. Yeah, I mean, I’d like to smoke. Er, I guess, try it- if you’re still offering.”

Taehyung cursed himself internally. He had a nervous habit of blabbering.

“Yeah, I’m offering,” Jimin said finally, quirking an eyebrow, “Is it weird if we go to my place? I have an apartment just off-campus.”

“Y-yeah, that’s fine. It’s not weird,” It probably was weird, Taehyung didn’t know anything about this Park Jimin. His mother would be furious.

Jimin sighed in relief and smiled, a bounce returning in his step as he lead the way out of the building. The History building was on the side with the train tracks, and Jimin had to walk catty-corner and two blocks over to make it to the two-story red brick building that housed his tiny apartment. As they walked down the sidewalk, Jimin suddenly piped up.

“You know, that whole inquiry was bullshit,” Jimin kicked at the loose rocks in the concrete, “A lot of my friends got kicked out of school. One girl got caught with something that looked like a bong- it wasn’t- and then they forced a confession. It made everybody look guilty. Honestly, it’s one of the reasons I live off campus.”

Taehyung swallowed hard. “I didn’t know that. Aren’t they supposed to be anonymous? I’ll bet the police set it up or something- one of those scheme things to weed out the delinquents,” Taehyung giggled to himself. Fuck he needed to stop.

“Ha. ‘Weed out’. You’re funny, Mr. Kim,” Jimin beamed at him, “And not the real police. The campus police. Please. Self-appointed assholes who don’t have any real authority so they have a badge and take it as a license to bully on a power trip.”

Taehyung pointed to Jimin as they walked, hitching his brow. “Sounds like there’s a story there. Let me guess. You’re… on the run and taking refuge here, disguised as a hot college student in art classes being edgy and yet not sticking too far out in the crowd. You know a guy on the campus police and he found out your secret. So now you’ve gotta figure your way out of this mess. And you found me, the dorkiest English major on campus because I’m so tall and I look like I can fight. Right? I know. I’m a genius.”

Jimin thrust his key into the lock and turned it, opening the door to his modest apartment- a small kitchen with a single stove top and a short refrigerator greeted them at the entrance.

“Did you say ‘hot’?” Jimin asked, erasing the rest of Taehyung’s soliloquy.

“You’re changing the subject,” Taehyung was feeling heated, tucking his chin in the collar of his hoodie. “You’re the one with the mysterious past here, Mr. Park. Whatever I said is inconsequential.”

“Now you’re changing the subject,” Jimin walked to the joining living room- a wicker couch with a tropical pattern was against the back wall adorned with Jimin’s watercolor paintings while a large tv sat across on a stand with two speakers on either side. A very retro turntable sat on top of the one on the left, near the window. A small crate of records was at the foot of the sofa next to a small metal box on the beige carpet.

“And you’re a hundred percent wrong, minus the hot part,” Jimin looked back at Taehyung and smiled over his shoulder, tossing his backpack to the floor, “That all happened when I was a senior in high school. I had some older friends that got in trouble and warned me away from the dorm. And I asked you to come hang out with me because you’re cute, funny, and interesting.”

Taehyung was in the middle of setting his backpack next to Jimin’s and straightened up, opening his mouth to make some quick-witted retort, but made the terrible mistake of catching Jimin’s eye. “...Oh,” he said wisely.

Jimin probably thought he had some sort of condition, with how red his face was and how hot his cheeks felt. He instinctively reached up to place a hand on his cheek, trying to hide the blush.

Jimin motioned for Taehyung to come over, sitting on the floor next to the records and the tin.

“Pick something for us to listen to while I pack a bowl,” Jimin adjusted his thick black frames and opened the small metal box, adorned with a painting of the Moon from a Zelda game.

Taehyung’s long fingers danced over the sleeves of vinyls, lips twisting in thought as he looked over the selection. Turned out, Jimin’s taste was rather similar to his own and he smiled when he found an old Journey record, extracting it from the stack and showing to the other boy.

“This good?”

“Sure,” Jimin nodded, placing the small bud of green into a grinder shaped like the barrel of a revolver and turned it a few times before packing it into the small sea-green glass pipe. He carded his fingers through his hair and watched as Taehyung carefully opened the cover to the record player and slipped the vinyl over the spindle.

“I don’t even know how you managed to hold on to one of these,” Taehyung said in awe as the needle slipped over the disk and the beginning tones of Separate Ways filled the room. It was so authentic, the sound so old school. Taehyung chuckled as he turned back to Jimin putting the finishing touches on the bowl. “You’re such a hipster art kid. I dig it, it’s been awhile since I’ve even seen a vinyl.”

“Really?” Jimin blushed, closing the box and carefully set the pipe and the lighter on top, “It seems so normal in my circle. Everyone and their mom has one. Literally.”

Taehyung made a noise of disgust, “Can you adopt me? Everyone in my ‘circle’ talks about all the rules and exceptions of English grammar and while it’s interesting, it’s also tiring. Gives you a migraine after a while. And on the weekends they go to bars and discuss… Actually, I don’t know what they discuss, I’ve never drank or been to a bar. But, I assume it’s something boring. I just want to play video games and watch anime and maybe go to the beach.”

“I never thought I’d be corrupting such an innocent,” Jimin smiled and patted the floor next to him welcomingly, “You ready?”

Taehyung pouted indignantly, “I’m not that innocent?” He sounded doubtful, and he cleared his throat, sitting next to Jimin on the floor. “Ready. But, you have to teach me. Newbie, here.”

“Nothin’ to it,” Jimin brought the pipe to his lips and held the lighter with the other, “I’ll get her goin’ and then you can just inhale after me, okay? I’ll do all the work.”

Jimin sparked the lighter and breathed in a few times to get the leaves burning, covering the carb on the side with his thumb. He carefully put the pipe to Taehyung’s lips and mouthed “inhale” as a cloud of smoke escaped his lips.

Taehyung carefully took the glass piece from Jimin’s fingers and copied his actions, inhaling deeply before passing it back. The smoke filled his lungs and the heat of it burned his throat in the process. He sputtered, coughing furiously with a puff of thick smoke leaving his lips in the exhale.

“Congratulations,” Jimin coughed as well from the burn but smiled at Taehyung proudly and patted him on the back, “You’re adopted.”

He took the pipe back and took another hit, setting the pipe down on the metal box and looking at Taehyung carefully. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t having any kind of adverse reaction and inched closer to check his eyes and color.

Taehyung chuckled, “I’m glad I finally belong.”


He was suddenly more aware of Jimin’s proximity, blinking into his concentrated face. Taehyung opened his mouth to say something, but he felt something pull at his being. As though his peripherals were being messed with and all he could focus on was the boy in front of him, leaning closer. Words trapped in Taehyung’s throat; he didn’t know how to speak.

“Do you feel okay?” Jimin’s eyebrows knit, “I mean, is this okay? It’s your first time.”

“Yeah,” Taehyung mumbled, able to respond when prompted. “I feel… odd- but good, like floating?” he wasn’t exactly sure how to explain how he was feeling. For the first time in a long while, the English major felt at a loss for words.

“Okay, good,” Jimin looked relieved, “Floating is normal- as long as you don’t feel bad or scared. If you do, let me know, okay?”

Taehyung nodded obediently, doe-eyes glued on Jimin.

“I wanna try something if you’re down,” Jimin picked the pipe back up and lit the bowl again, taking a deep inhale. He held the smoke in his lungs and turned to Taehyung, motioning for Taehyung to open his mouth.

The taller boy followed his instruction, curious - if only slightly confused. He opened his mouth, eyes dropping to watch Jimin’s mouth carefully.

Jimin shifted forward, his free hand finding the back of Taehyung’s neck and breathed smoke into his new friend’s mouth- their lips only centimeters apart.

Taehyung gasped, trying to concentrate with Jimin so close. He inhaled as Jimin pushed the smoke into his awaiting mouth, feeling more comfortable with the way the smoke filled his lungs the second time around, the burn non-existent in his throat.

“That’s called shotgunning,” Jimin coughed and moved back, a blush staining his cheeks a dark red. He hadn’t considered how intimate it would feel until he had the sudden urge to kiss him. He cleared his throat, his voice low and more graveled, “It’s hard to breathe it in your first time, so I just thought-”

“I-I wanna try again. Shotgunning,” Taehyung said quickly, resting his hands on his knees so he was more inclined to the other boy. His teeth worried at his lip, a sudden burst of confidence flooding through him as the drugs kicked in.

“Okay, but then you should take it easy,” Jimin warned, “We’ll order some food or something after this hit.”

Jimin nervously picked up the pipe, using the other side of the lighter to push the unscorched green to the side to light. With a flick of his thumb, he sparked and lit the bowl- taking a deep inhale. He held his breath and put the pipe and lighter down, turning to Taehyung and leaning forward again- this time so close he could feel Taehyung’s breath on his own lips as he exhaled as slowly as he could for Taehyung to inhale.

Taehyung took a deep breath, using a hand of his own to hold Jimin close, preventing his escape. When Taehyung exhaled the smoke, he rushed forward, connecting their lips.

In all honesty, he didn’t know what he was doing, but he’d been wondering how Jimin could own such soft-looking lips. He doubted their plushness in his mind and there was only one way to find out for himself how great they truly felt.

Jimin let out a moan as Taehyung captured him, his heart beating a mile a minute in his chest. He had to admit that he had a passing fantasy for his cute classroom neighbor during the most boring class on Earth, but he never imagined he’d actually get the chance to kiss him. He had been watching him scribble in his notebook for days, but he hadn’t wanted to risk the rejection. But today, for whatever reason, he saw his chance and took it. He figured one of four things could possibly happen: the worst of which, nothing; with a medium-level of hope, friendship; optimistically, a date. The fourth one was so unrealistic and downright forward, Jimin didn’t entertain it beyond his absentminded daydreams. He hadn’t factored in an actual kiss so soon.

His moan spurred Taehyung on, his fingers tugging at the hair at the base of Jimin’s neck, licking into his mouth. He hummed into the kiss, leaning deeper into Jimin - that floating feeling intensifying in his body. Taehyung had never felt this way before- both with the smoking and the neediness he felt at first contact with Jimin. His mind replayed his giggles over and over, that soft smile. Jimin liked his jokes, most people just rolled their eyes and called him stupid.

Taehyung kissed Jimin deeply, pulling him closer. He wanted to know more about him, to learn his quirks, to hear that laughter that rang like bells all the time. Taehyung smiled into the kiss, thinking of the doodles that lined his pages of homework.

Park Jimins.

Jimin found himself melting entirely too quickly in Taehyung’s embrace, the slip of the taller boy’s hand around his back and crawling up his neck sending shivers through his body. He was high, really high- and every single touch from the other boy felt like heaven. Without taking notice of his own actions, he had moved to seat himself completely in Taehyung’s lap and wrapped his legs around his waist- never breaking from kiss after kiss. Each one left him more wanting than the last.

Taehyung moaned into Jimin’s mouth upon feeling the weight of the other boy on his thighs. His hand reached around to put pressure on his lower back, urging him closer- moving his body with the rhythm of their lips and the music that slowly faded to the next track in the background.

Jimin tasted like weed and something sweet and Taehyung was so, so high; all he could think about was the feeling of Jimin’s tongue gliding alongside his own. He bit down gently on Jimin’s bottom lip, teasing him and tugging at the skin. The hand on his neck laced through the longer strands of Jimin’s hair, pulling just enough to get Jimin to make a soft noise in the back of his throat.

“Tae,” Jimin whispered softly against his lips, grabbing a fistful of the fabric of the hoodie and pulling them both backward to the floor. Everything felt good. The carpet felt good. Taehyung’s hoodie felt good. And the way Taehyung’s mouth just barely pushed his open a little further with every kiss, the pressure and rolling of the other boy’s hips, and the low, needy noises coming from him unequivocally felt good. With the drugs coursing through Jimin, he felt emboldened and arched his back to grind up against Taehyung hard. His erection was already noticeably stiff, and he didn’t hesitate to press it against the other boy’s inner thigh as he sucked gently on Taehyung’s tongue.

“Jimin,” Taehyung moaned shakily, breathing harder at the feeling of Jimin’s arousal against him. His own jeans had been feeling too tight for what felt like years now, and his hips rubbed easily against Jimin beneath him. His lips migrated from Jimin’s down to his jawline, teeth nibbling at the pierced lobe of his ear. “You’re gorgeous, and I like you,” Taehyung whispered directly into his ear, sealing his words with a kiss against his neck.

“I like you, too,” Jimin breathed, his cheeks growing hot from the compliment, “And you’re the gorgeous one. I couldn’t stop staring at you for weeks. Did you notice me?” Jimin laughed lightly at himself but turned to plant soft kisses on the top of Taehyung’s head.

Taehyung paused, lips hovering over the pulse point of Jimin’s neck, breathing staggered. “Yeah, I- I liked the way you dressed,” Taehyung blushed at the admission, “I also found it entertaining when you fell asleep in class. You’re- You’re really cute when your cheeks are smooshed on the desk.”

“Stop,” Jimin whined, embarrassed at the thought of Taehyung watching him sleep. How many times had he woken up to a small pile of drool on the surface of the desk? He squirmed and reached up to hide the ever-growing blush on his cheeks. Taehyung saw that? He was mortified. How was he even kissing him now? How was he even here? Jimin groaned.

Taehyung chuckled and nipped at Jimin’s skin. “You’re so cute,” He pressed his hands against Jimin’s hips, sliding up and underneath his shirt. He could feel Jimin’s labored breathing beneath his fingertips and hummed as he sucked a harsh kiss at his collarbone. His thumb found Jimin’s nipple under his shirt and circled the bud. “Your lips looked so kissable, they get all puffy when you sleep.”

“Did they pass the test?” Jimin asked in a breathy exhale, bucking his hips as Taehyung’s fingers teased him. God, everything he was doing was sending his body into ecstasy, and he was barely touching him. Even if he was high as fuck, he couldn’t put it squarely on that at all. He had wanted him, thought of him- and it was better than his simple fantasies could’ve concocted.

“Mmm,” Taehyung teased, pretending to think about it. He released Jimin’s neck in favor of capturing his lips again. He couldn’t get them out of his head. They were like two of the softest pillows- firm and warm and welcoming. “Yeah, I’d say they do, but I’ll need more data for my research before I make a definite decision.”

“Is now a good time?” Jimin kissed him back slowly, letting his lips fall open and wet for Taehyung, “For more data collection?”

“I think,” Taehyung murmured against his lips, pinching Jimin’s nipple and rolling his hips down so their erections rubbed against one another through their pants. “I’d like to research a lot more than just your lips.”

Throwing his head back as a jolt of electricity surged through his body, Jimin let out a heady moan. Taehyung was making him come undone so easily, and Jimin was becoming a mess underneath him one small touch a time.

“D-do you wanna go to my room?” Jimin fluttered his eyes opened and gulped, searching Taehyung’s expression if it was too much too fast or if he wanted it just as badly.

Taehyung bit his lip hard as he tried to breathe. It was really going to happen. He smiled and leaned back to get off of Jimin, his heart soaring in his chest. He felt almost drunk off of the way Jimin had felt against him, he desperately wanted more. “Lead the way, Jiminie.”

As Jimin sat up, his body felt weightless. He reached for Taehyung to pull him up and jumped to his feet. He gave Taehyung a shy look as he walked past, clearing his throat and glancing back over his shoulder as he walked to the first door on the hallway.

“It’s a little messy, sorry,” Jimin mumbled, embarrassed. He hadn’t expected company. Turning the knob, he let Taehyung in first to reveal that it was about half the size of the living room. Jimin’s double bed adorned with a large baby blue comforter and matching pillows was pushed to the left side and all over the walls were more of Jimin’s watercolor paintings. On the right side of the bed, laundry spilled from a basket and there were some papers and brushes scattered on the floor.

“Sexy and talented as fuck,” Taehyung gaped around the room, eyeing the paintings on the walls. He turned back to Jimin, backing up so his knees hit the bed and he fell backward. “I thought maybe you were just a doodler, but damn. I think you just got even hotter.”

Taehyung beamed at Jimin, boxy grin shining up at him as he laid back on the bed, gesturing for Jimin to join him.

Jimin resisted the urge to say, Shut up and fuck me, not realizing in his very high state that he actually said it out loud.

“Shut up and fuck me,” Jimin blurted as he took a step toward Taehyung on the bed, too late to swallow the words and leave them as thoughts. A full second went by before he blinked at Taehyung, slowly coming to understand that he said. Those words. Out loud. Shit.

Taehyung was late to react- his mind running a bit slower than usual- but he huffed out a chuckle and leaned up, grabbing Jimin’s wrist. He tugged him onto the bed and sat him on his lap so that Taehyung’s hips sat between Jimin’s rather nice-looking thighs.

Taehyung looked up at Jimin and purred, “You gotta be closer for me to do that, huh, sweetheart?” He kissed Jimin’s lips and held onto his waist tightly, pressing him against him.

Jimin nodded, deciding to practice keeping his mouth shut for a minute and occupied it with Taehyung’s instead. Closer. He gripped Taehyung’s shoulders and grinded his ass down into his lap, kissing him deeply and moaning softly into his mouth. He was already worked up, but he wanted to completely seduce the man underneath him on his bed. His entire body was humming with need and pleasure.

Taehyung slipped his hand to brush against the front of Jimin’s jeans, thumbing at the thick bulge. He moaned into Jimin’s mouth as he felt his length, sucking up every little sound and movement from the other boy. All he wanted was to figure out how he ticked, wanted to know how to get Jimin to melt with only a touch. He purred against Jimin’s lips and licked into his mouth again.

“Too much,” He gasped, tugging at the waistband of Jimin’s pants, “Too many clothes.”

Without moving from his position in Taehyung’s lap, Jimin shrugged off his light jacket and found the edges of his own shirt. He leaned back enough so Taehyung could watch, and slowly pulled it up before discarding it onto the floor. He leaned down for another kiss, biting Taehyung’s lower lip softly as he began to pull off his white hoodie from his waist. He kissed him twice more- before and after pulling it off and throwing it in the same spot as his shirt. With the second kiss, he leaned so Taehyung would tumble back flat on the bed- exploring his mouth with his tongue. Taehyung tasted like heaven- sweet and salty and something completely unique that he couldn’t place, and Jimin couldn’t contain his moans as he licked into his mouth.

Taehyung went to work unbuttoning and zipping down Jimin’s jeans, using his thumbs to push them down his thick thighs along with his boxers. He broke off the kiss in order to look down and watch as Jimin’s cock sprung free from its confines, hanging low between his legs. Taehyung moaned and used one hand to push down his pants, the other kneading the plump flesh of Jimin’s ass, fingers teasing him as he spread his cheeks.

“Jimin,” Taehyung gasped, panting in desperation as he looked up into Jimin’s face, “Turn-Turn around, I want to taste you.”

The pit of Jimin’s stomach burned and he went beet red to the tips of his ears. Pushing his glasses up, he shifted to pull his pants off the rest of the way. His own arousal was causing goosebumps to spread all over his skin as he slowly turned around. Chewing his bottom lip, he looked back at Taehyung through hooded lids with a heated, needy gaze. His cock twitched in anticipation, a fat drop of precum dripping from the slit of his cock onto the comforter.

Taehyung leaned up and smiled at Jimin before pressing a kiss on his ass, sucking a hickey into the skin. His long fingers spread his cheeks and presented Jimin’s puckered hole, pink and already clenching in anticipation.

“God, you’re gorgeous, baby,” Taehyung muttered, licking up from Jimin’s perineum to his rim, teasing him as he dips his tongue in just past the entrance.

“Fuck,” Jimin keened and whined at the praise, bringing his hand to his mouth and biting his knuckle to muffle himself. Elevated and intoxicated, Taehyung’s tongue inside of him felt like it was splitting Jimin apart in the most delicious way possible. It was so wet, hot, and slick that Jimin went blank and subconsciously tugged on his cock a few times as he was invaded by his impromptu lover.

Taehyung set to work quickly, trying to work up Jimin as best he could in his inebriated state, while simultaneously opening him up for what was to come.

His tongue entered Jimin after a few moments of teasing his rim, dragging along the edge of the pucker while chuckling to himself as he felt Jimin pulse involuntarily. Jimin was so eager, it made Taehyung’s cock twitch in excitement where it sat between his thighs. Taehyung moaned as he rutted his hips when he licked into Jimin’s hole, trying to get some friction on his aching length as he opened up Jimin.

“Let me hear you,” Taehyung breathed, biting down on one of Jimin’s ass cheeks as punishment for holding back. He could barely focus on anything else: where they were, how much noise they were making. All that mattered was Jimin’s moans and their impending climaxes.

Jimin yelped in response, dropping his hand from his mouth to reflexively reach behind and massage the mark. He gulped as Taehyung worked into him, first letting out a small noise quietly before building enough confidence and losing himself to the pleasure. When Taehyung tongue flicked inside of him, he groaned so loud he thought his neighbors might hear, but it didn’t matter. It seemed to spur Taehyung further, and Jimin ached for more.

“God, Taehyung,” Jimin exhaled, sliding his hands down until he was on all fours proper for his lover. His face was burning at being so exposed, but his head was drunk with lust and the high. It wasn’t long before he forgot everything but the electricity shooting straight through him at every deft lap and twist of Taehyung’s tongue. It was nearly too much to bear.

Taehyung hummed and prodded a finger alongside his tongue inside of Jimin, slicking it up with the excess spit coming from his mouth and dripping from his chin. He fucked it in and out of Jimin slowly at first, curling and feeling against the velvety inside, moaning at how tight and hot Jimin felt around him.

“Jiminie,” Taehyung gasped, wiping his chin on his arm while he continued to fuck Jimin with his finger, “Get your lube, baby. Can you do that for me? I’m gonna fuck you, if that’s alright.”

Taehyung’s tone was dark and his voice had dropped an octave in the time since he’d last spoken, drawn by lust and a heady high. He asked again for consent, but it was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes, please. Can you take off your pants?” Jimin said softly, remembering to speak. He slipped off of Taehyung’s finger and moved from the bed to the dresser drawers, pulling the top one open and reaching to the back of his underwear drawer for a modest bottle of lube, barely used, and a small square package. He chewed his bottom lip and blushed a deeper hue if it was even possible, feeling Taehyung’s burrowing gaze over his figure. Walking back to the bed, he tossed Taehyung the lube and tore open the package to pull out the condom.

By the time he returned to the mattress, Taehyung was already half-done with removing his pants, struggling when he tried to get the tight jeans off his ankles. He cursed and slid them off, sighing as his blushing dick met the cool air of the bedroom.

“Wanna see a trick?” Jimin asked, arching his eyebrow suggestively. But he was already moving back onto the bed like a cat ready to pounce its prey- finding his way between Taehyung’s legs. It was maybe expected, but he figured that it didn’t lessen the effect. Pausing to give his lover a bashful look, he slipped the condom between his lips and sank down completely on Taehyung’s length in one go.

Taehyung’s head flung backward as Jimin sank down, utterly surprised at the sight of Jimin taking him all in at once, tugging the condom into place with just his mouth. His back arched and he let out a shaky moan, squeezing his eyes closed to focus on the wet heat of Jimin’s mouth.

As he felt Jimin’s nose brush up against the short hairs at the base of his cock, he looked down and caught the elder’s eye. He bit his lips as he watched Jimin’s lips around his length.

“F-fuck, you’re illegal.”

Jimin hummed around his cock, the words only encouraging to slack his jaw further and choke the length down. He stayed there for a few seconds before his reflex started to kick in and pulled off of him, his red lips swollen from the stretch and glistening wet with spit. He carded his fingers through his own black hair and gazed at Taehyung with need.

“Sh-it, come ‘ere,” Taehyung gripped at Jimin’s hair, tugging it with just enough force to pull him off his length. He tried not to whimper at the string of spit connecting Jimin’s mouth to the head of his cock, but he’s half-sure it fails and he ends up being a lot louder than he’d thought. “Let’s get you opened up, babe. You’re gonna make me cum too soon with lips like yours.”

Jimin let himself get pulled up, finding Taehyung’s lips with his own for a brief but intense kiss- wanting to taste himself on his lover’s tongue. After a few beats, he moved to straddle his hips but kept Taehyung’s cock in front of him coquettishly. With a doe-eyed look of innocence, he wrapped his small hands around both of their cocks and started to jerk them off together.

“Lube,” Jimin said sweetly, but the lust made it come out half in a moan, “Please.”

“Yeah,” Taehyung replied, losing himself in Jimin’s eyes for a moment that seemed to last for hours, using his hands to feel around for the bottle. After a second of not finding it, he broke his stare and found it just beyond his fingertips. He quickly grabbed the bottle and flicked open the lid. “You want my fingers, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” Jimin panted, closing his eyes in slow blinks, “But not for long.”

The high hadn’t faded yet, it was at a comfortable hum in his body and he wanted Taehyung buried completely inside of him when everything felt like this- overwhelming and warm and enveloping. He needed to feel his cock pulse against his walls, he needed to feel full of him.

Taehyung quickly poured out some of the clear fluid onto his digits, warming it between his three middle fingers and brought his hands around to Jimin’s back side. He used one hand to spread him again, and the other pressing his middle and index finger into his entrance slowly.

It didn’t take long for Jimin to relax and take him in to the knuckle, welcoming Taehyung inside of him like a warm hug wrapped around his fingers. Taehyung moaned as Jimin continued to jerk them off together in one of his hands, leaning forward to take his lips.

Jimin whined high and loud, Taehyung’s fingers fitting perfectly inside of him and coaxing long, breathless noises from deep at the base of his chest. The more he prodded and felt him, the more he wanted of him. Everything- his hands, his fingers, his lips, his cock- every inch of Taehyung his body could handle. He released his grip on their lengths in favor of holding himself up to allow his fingers to penetrate into him deeper.

Taehyung introduced a third finger once Jimin’s walls began to suck him in further and he’d felt him open up as he scissored them in and out. The slide of his ring finger joining the first two went slower, not wanting to cause Jimin any unnecessary pain.

He kissed Jimin deeper, moving his free hand to Jimin’s neck so that he could hold him close. When his three fingers were fully inside, Taehyung spread them and fucked Jimin’s hole, curling them just right so that he was reaching deep enough to press against his prostate on each thrust.

With a needy groan drawn out of his throat, Jimin slipped down to meet Taehyung halfway and fuck himself on his fingers. He felt so good, so fucking good that Jimin felt like he might burst. With desperation, he sucked on Taehyung’s bottom lip and grazed it with his teeth as he grinded up and down quick enough for wet, slick noises to fill his bedroom.

Taehyung bit down harder on Jimin’s bottom lip and hummed, fucking him harder and harder on his fingers.

“How do you want it?” He asked, breathless. Taehyung had the patience of a saint - any time it didn’t involve an angel asking for him to fuck him. He was nearly shaking in anticipation, already fearing his edge coming too soon as Jimin’s cock slipped so easily against his through Jimin’s fist.

“I don’t care,” Jimin answered honestly, his lips still touching his lover’s, “Just need you so deep I can’t feel anything else.”

“As you wish,” Taehyung smirked, using his clean hand to tug his hips closer, moving so that his cock awaited just beneath him. He removed his fingers and used the leftover lube to slick up his length more. “Take it, if you want it so badly.”

Jimin didn’t hesitate for more than a millisecond to replace his fingers with his rather intimidating length, taking it to the hilt in a single drop just as he had with his mouth. A high throaty moan shook out of him as he sank, beads of precum dripping down onto Taehyung’s abdomen. Aligning himself upright, Jimin began to move up and down to fuck himself on Taehyung’s cock- watching his expression carefully as he slipped down excruciatingly slow over and over again.

“Holy- fuck, fuck,” Taehyung babbled, hands finding purchase on Jimin’s hips immediately as he sunk down on his length over and over. His brows knit and his dark eyes closed in concentration, trying to maintain his composure as Jimin bounced on his dick like he was born to do just that. He took a deep breath and looked up at Jimin carefully, shifting so that he could lift his hips as Jimin sank down on him, meeting him halfway in order to drive his length deeper into his wet heat.

“You’re fucking gorgeous, so tight. You feel amazing,” Taehyung muttered, rambling little praises as his fingers bruised into Jimin’s hips and waist, exploring his torso with a weighted grip. He wanted Jimin to feel his touch securely all over his body, to hopefully leave little marks from his fingertips and lips so that he could remember this in the days to follow. As his cock drove into Jimin rhythmically and faster by the minute, Taehyung leaned in to suckle at Jimin’s nipples, tugging at them with his teeth.

“Wait,” Jimin panted, but it was lost to the gasp of Taehyung’s nibbling along his sensitive flesh, “W-wait. Taehyung.”

Jimin squirmed to free himself, slipping his hands to Taehyung’s and slide off his cock with a wet pop. He moved to Taehyung’s side, kissing him over and over through the heat and need before catching his breath. When he was sure he could speak, he pulled back and tangled his hand into Taehyung’s hair and looked deep into the endless dark pools of his eyes.

“Can you fuck me, I mean- on top?” Jimin asked sheepishly, kissing him again, “I want you to cum in me like that.”

He wasn’t sure how to ask what he wanted exactly, but he just wanted to completely lose control under Taehyung’s force and weight. His whole body was vibrating with desire for it.

Without missing a beat, Taehyung pushed Jimin onto the bed on his back, rolling with him so he could thrust inside of him again. He kissed Jimin passionately, tying their tongues together in a familiar dance.

“Like this?” Taehyung whispered, mouthing at Jimin’s jaw and sucking more bruises into his neck. Jimin looked pretty with rosy cheeks and purplish marks all over his skin where he’d have to use makeup to cover it up. Taehyung didn’t think he’d find it sexy, but something about it just fit Jimin so well and he found himself smiling with the pleasure of seeing Jimin like this.

“Yes,” Jimin gasped and scrambled to find just the right position for himself, arching his back and lifting his hips to take his lover’s cock with ease. With every thrust, Jimin feels the air get knocked out of him as the tip of his length grinds into his prostate. Taehyung’s golden body is slick with sweat and covering him perfectly, pushing into and onto and all around Jimin in every single way he could want and like and need. A strangled moan broke from his throat as Taehyung moved even a degree differently, making more drops of white spill from his untouched cock. Tears pricked his eyes, and he bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. It’s exquisite. Jimin never wanted it to end, but he’s still longing to feel Taehyung’s cock empty inside of him.

Taehyung fucked into Jimin erratically, trying to push into him harder and faster, but the floating feeling of his high is fading fast and the pleasure pooling in his gut is threatening to make him trip over his edge. He breathed Jimin’s air, too concentrated on Jimin’s orgasm to properly lean in to connect their lips.

“Fuck, Jiminie,” Taehyung grit, biting his lip. His hand grabbed Jimin just under his thigh to lift him at an angle so his cock could slide in deeper. “You’re gonna make me cum, baby.”

“God, Taehyung,” Jimin screwed his eyes shut as he was lifted, pleasure surging through him as Taehyung handled him. He went limber as a ragdoll as he fucked into him, his own orgasm building in him with every thrust. He reached carefully to wrap his fingers around his cock and began to stroke himself slowly, “Tell me. I’m so close.”

Taehyung made a noise that would’ve been embarrassing in any other situation, but with Jimin curled at an angle underneath him, sweat glistening on his honey skin- he didn’t even pay mind to it. “You take my cock so well, Jimin. The way you take me in- you should see it. And you taste so good, I could’ve eaten you out for hours-”

Taehyung was cut off by a strangled moan, his orgasm hitting him full-force. He doubled over, kissing Jimin’s lips as his hips staggered, trying to keep fucking into Jimin as he emptied himself into the condom.

Jimin rolled up the bed, grasping for the headboard as he shot thick ropes of hot, white cum all over his own tummy and chest. The feeling of Taehyung losing himself within Jimin only bolstered the orgasm and Jimin cried out for him as he fell back flat to the pillows, reaching weakly for him.

Taehyung chuckled, relaxing a bit so their chests pressed against one another. He rested his weight on his arms on either side of Jimin’s torso, kissing him tenderly and nuzzling Jimin’s nose with his own as he started fully laughing. He suddenly couldn’t think of anything to stop his giggles, kissing Jimin’s swollen red lips again and again.

Jimin matched him kiss for kiss, breathless and groaning softly at Taehyung’s giggling. A small smiled tugged at the corner of his lips, but he smacked the other boy softly on the arm.

“What’s so funny?” Jimin asked with a tone of annoyance, but he nuzzled him back gently.

“Sorry,” Taehyung smiled, playing with the stray ends of Jimin’s hair. “It’s just- you’re so pretty. And we just… Got high and fucked? But I’ve had a crush on you for, like, this whole semester,” Taehyung blushed, hiding his giggles and reddened face in Jimin’s neck. “I didn’t think you’d even want to talk to my dorky ass.”

“Well, to be fair,” Jimin grinned mischievously and kissed him a few more times, his own blush refusing to fade, “We didn’t do a lot of talking.”

Taehyung groaned, tugging at Jimin’s lip with his teeth, “I can… take you out for dinner? That’s what normal people do, right? Talk over food. If that’s… something you’re into.”

“Yeah, I hear that’s what they do,” Jimin smiled and acted as if he were in deep consideration over Taehyung’s invitation, “It’s all out of order, but I’ll take it. Whenever you had to answer in class, I always thought you were really funny and cute, but I-”

Jimin glanced away in embarrassment, avoiding looking Taehyung directly in his eyes for fear he could see straight through to his soul, “I guess I was too chicken shit to talk to you.”

Taehyung hummed and relaxed his body so that he was leaning on Jimin’s side instead of crushing his body. “Me? The biggest, more loser-ish English major, of all people?” He scoffed, “Need I remind you, I was the one in the sheep kigu on Halloween. I lost a dare, but I mean. I’m as scary as marshmallows. You’re the charismatic one.”

Jimin laughed in earnest and deep, the last remnants of his high making it so intense he can hardly breathe and he crashed silently against Taehyung’s shoulder- utterly amused. It takes him a second to make any noise at all before he’s gasping for air and wiping a tear away.

“Gosh, I like you,” Jimin said finally, not sure what else to say, “You’re plenty charming, Kim Taehyung.”

Taehyung looked at Jimin in earnest and smiled, saying in an even voice, “I like you, too. Park-Ji-min.”

He drew out the syllables in Jimin’s name, punctuating each with a peck to his cheek. His hand found its way onto Jimin’s waist and he started to draw easy circles into the dip of skin just beneath his ribs.

“Ugh, I’m starving, to be honest,” Jimin groaned as Taehyung’s touch near his belly sent a reminder, “Can we shower and go get some food? And I guess, erm, have a proper date?”

“Sounds good to me, I didn’t eat breakfast because of class,” Taehyung admitted, pursing his lips in thought. “Should we… shower together?”

“Yes, silly,” Jimin laughed and planted another kiss on his lips, “Unless you don’t want to which is okay, too.”

“No, I want to,” Taehyung said quickly, jumping slightly at the fear of being mistaken. Maybe he was a little too eager.

“O-kay,” Jimin said in a high-pitched singsong, kissing Taehyung deeply one last time before getting up. He was diligently slow as he pressed his lips against his lover’s, wanting to explore him a little before moving on. He hesitated to let the moment end despite his best intentions, and his tongue lingered on Taehyung’s bottom lip before slipping inside. A small moan involuntarily slipped as he deepened the kiss, saying more than he wanted to admit out loud.

Taehyung’s fingers tightened on Jimin’s waist as he kissed him back with an equal fervor. He closed his eyes and breathed in Jimin, rolling so that he was half on top of him again. It wasn’t even that long since they’d officially met, but Taehyung was already so caught up in everything Jimin, addicted to his taste and only needy for more.

“God,” Jimin whimpered, his resolve weakening with every passing second, sensing Taehyung’s hunger. He gulped, knowing if he didn’t say something they’d never leave the apartment at all- which wouldn’t be such a bad thing. “W-we should shower, right?”

Taehyung groaned in protest but nodded despite himself. “Yeah, I suppose. Though,” His lips curled into a smirk and he looked over Jimin’s lips. “I wouldn’t mind a second round in the shower. Or I could just eat you out on the bathroom counter. Arguably, your ass is a meal.”

Jimin blushed furiously, his ears turning red again at Taehyung’s compliments.

“Now, Taehyung,” Jimin puffed his cheeks, “You just asked me out to talk to me.”

“I think you doubt my ass-eating skill, Park Jimin.”

“I have a first-hand account,” Jimin murmured, but he was flustering, “Can’t you save it as dessert?”

Taehyung groaned, a long and loud, drawn-out noise of petulance - as though he was a child being denied his favorite candy. He slumped off of Jimin’s body and sat up slowly, not bothering to hide his gaze as it dragged up Jimin’s naked body, taking in each detail like a sponge.

“Fine,” He sighed, pouting his lip. “Let’s shower then. I’m hungry for real sustenance, anyway- curse this human form.”

Jimin fought a smile and lost, pushing himself off the bed and bouncing cheerfully around the sullen Taehyung toward the bathroom. Turning the hot water, he looked behind him and beckoned the taller boy with a ‘come-hither’ pull of his finger.

Taehyung pretended to still be upset, dragging his feet as he followed after Jimin; pulling the condom off his deflated dick and tying it quickly before tossing it in the trash in the bathroom. He approached Jimin from behind and wrapped his arms around his middle, pressing small kisses into his back, between his shoulder blades.

“Sorry,” He mumbled against Jimin’s skin, “I’m cuddly after sex,” He processed for a moment and corrected- “I’m cuddly always.”

Jimin wondered if he should pretend like he doesn’t absolutely love it or not as he pulls forward but not out of Taehyung’s grasp to check the temperature of the water. He rolled up and settled back comfortably in his embrace, turning to catch his lips in another gentle kiss.

“I like it,” Jimin whispered into the kiss, nuzzling his nose against Taehyung’s.

“Good,” Taehyung grumbled, burrowing his face into Jimin’s back and tugging him closer. “Let’s get clean before my mind wanders again. You smell like sweat and it’s really kinda hot.”

“Y’know, I didn’t realize what I was doing,” Jimin pulled open the curtain and stepped inside, pulling Taehyung along with him carefully inside.

“You were doing Kim Taehyung,” Taehyung stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I told you I’m not that innocent.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Jimin laughed, “I just didn’t know I was casting a spell when I got my Park Jimins all over your Kim Taehyungs.”

Taehyung scrunched his nose and giggled, “It sounds gross when you say it like that,” He stole a kiss from Jimin and smiled, “But yeah, I guess you’ve got a point. You must be a witch.”

His brows shot up suddenly and Taehyung let out a dramatic gasp, “Is that why you’re against the campus police? They know all about your witch coven and you put spells on poor, helpless, weak, little English majors like me. I’ve figured you out, Park Jimin.”

“No, no, no. You’ve got it wrong,” Jimin protested quickly, putting his hands up defensively before letting his expression fade to a stupid smile as he reached for the soap, “Only the cute, poor, helpless, weak, little English majors.”

“Ah good, I must be safe then,” Taehyung snickered, sighing in faux relief.

“Yeah, ‘safe’,” Jimin snorted, lathering the soap in between his hands and running them down Taehyung’s chest, “That’s why you’re here- after you fucked my brains out when we’ve had, I think, one-point-five conversations. ‘Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.’”

“I’d like to think I fucked you well enough to change your mind about killing me- or whatever you witches do with prey like poor ol’ me.”

Taehyung reached for the soap once Jimin was finished with it and lathered up his hands, massaging his palms over Jimin’s shoulders and arms, making sure to suds up his body properly. He was careful to clean lower, removing the slick lube that had dripped down Jimin’s legs.

“But isn’t it obvious what kind of witch I am?” Jimin groaned as Taehyung’s broad hands breezed over his overstimulated skin, but arousal started to course through him once more. He let his own soapy hands slip down to clean his lover off, maybe a little too deliberate in how his fingers ghosted down his thighs.

“The sexy kind?” Taehyung answered, inhaling a short breath at Jimin’s fingers working the sweat off his heated body. They were traversing into a dangerous area, but Taehyung didn’t even bother to take Jimin away from his ministrations. He only leaned in to grab the shampoo from behind Jimin, invading his space as he made sure their lips were again only centimeters apart.

“Yeah,” Jimin breathed, his eyes darkening and dropping his lids. He kept the diminished distance static, letting Taehyung in without closing it- content to dare him, “Fucking you was the end game.”

Taehyung’s eyes dropped to the other’s lips, a frown set on his features. “Aw, and here I thought we could go on more dates and maybe even do this again sometime,” Taehyung sighed, still refusing to be the first one to close the gap. Shampoo forgotten, it was as though they’d agreed to a challenge; first one to give in loses. “I was thinking about spreading you open on my kitchen table. Or- you’d look pretty screaming my name being bent over my desk.”

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut, the images invading his mind unceremoniously. He attempted to muffle his moan, but it slipped out despite his best efforts.

“Just because I said it was endgame doesn’t mean I can’t make adjustments,” Jimin mumbled, “I only had a very basic set of a few hopes and expectations.”

“Oh?” Taehyung smirked, finally grabbing the shampoo. “What kinda hopes and expectations?”

“At worst, you would’ve rejected my invitation here, I guess, and we’d just be classmates the same as always. So, uh, nothing,” Jimin looked down at the water dripping off of him, “That was the most realistic expectation.”

“What’s best case?”

“Best case?” Jimin repeated in a squeak as if to clarify, but the truth was that he wasn’t sure if he could say, and he said in the smallest voice he could muster, “I didn’t dare to expect that much.”

“Oh?” Taehyung leaned back, watching Jimin with a calculated curl of the corner of his lips. “But surely you thought of it?” He pooled some of the shampoo in his fingers and reached up to massage in gently into Jimin’s scalp, trying to keep the suds from streaming into his eyes.

Under Taehyung’s gentle caress, the hesitation holding Jimin prisoner slipped away, just the same as the suds down the drain.

“I just really like you,” Jimin started, keeping his eyes shut, “I wanted. I dunno, whatever? I mean, friendship would’ve been cool. I just would’ve crushed on you the whole time. Friends with benefits? Uh, I mean. That seemed like best case scenario, considering I didn’t think you noticed me. G-going on dates-” Jimin tripped over the words nervously.

Taehyung hummed and focused his gaze on his hand in Jimin’s locks, rinsing the water over his head, smile fading into a thin line of deep thought on his lips. “Is that… what you want? Benefits?”


Jimin gulped, afraid to ask. He stood there, muted and wondering if that was all Taehyung wanted after all. That’s what he was used to.

At Jimin’s silence, Taehyung lifted his chin with his thumb and index finger so Jimin was looking him in the face. He smiled and leaned in, kissing him softly for a few seconds, unmoving and genuine.

“I like you, Jiminie. I think you’re cool and funny, and you get my jokes. If you wanna be friends with benefits that’s good and fine, but it would be great if you gave me a chance to be something… I dunno. More than that? If you’re kinky like me and into real, doting relationships.”

Jimin let out the exhale he hadn’t known he had been holding in as an anxious puff, and pressed himself completely against Taehyung in relief- careful not to knock into him too hard so that they would lose their balance on the slick tiles of the shower floor. He kissed Taehyung excitedly, trying to sort out what he wanted to say.

“Believe me when I say I want that,” Jimin replied, wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s waist.

Taehyung smiled, cheerfulness bouncing back with enthusiasm. “Great. Because my fingers are pruning and I want to take you out to food like a right gentleman.”

He giggled a little and kissed Jimin deeply, shoving the bottle of shampoo into his small hands, hope sparkling in his large, doe eyes.

Jimin nodded in shy agreement, unable to keep the smile from his lips and quickly finished washing up. It was more than Jimin could’ve hoped for.

Completely clean- for the moment- Jimin pulled back the shower curtain, and hummed to himself as he stepped carefully onto the plush rug just outside in front of the sink. He grabbed the two towels from the hangers and handed one to Taehyung, feeling ecstatic but unsure of every single action. This was entirely new territory for him.

Taehyung wrapped himself in the towel and smiled at Jimin, feeling a bloom of warmth in his chest. Excitement mingled with shyness in his veins and pumped throughout his body at the rapid pace of his heart, drumming against his ribcage.

“Hey, Jiminie?”


Taehyung beamed at the smaller man, “I’m glad you got your Park Jimins all over my Kim Taehyungs.”

A very stupid thought entered into Jimin’s head, and he nearly said, Are you going to put that in our vows? But he kept his dumb mouth shut, thank fucking God. Jesus fucking Christ, Park Jimin, don’t make a joke about marrying him the second he says he wants to buy you a meal after fucking you into oblivion.

“Me, too,” Jimin said, using the last of his brain cells that he hadn’t destroyed with anxiety or THC.

Taehyung nodded, satisfied with Jimin’s response.

“Me, too.”