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The Evil Is Defeated

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Kirishima has added Bakugou, Midoriya, Uraraka, Todoroki, Kaminari, Iida, Mina +12 others to the chat!

Kirishima: to celebrate the punishment of A Little Rat Bitch I have formed this safe haven to talk shit about He Who Shall Not Be Named whenever we want

Kaminari: a mood

Kaminari: thank u for this blessed offering Kiri

Mina: kiri for platonic class president

Mina: (not usurping iida, iida is #1 class pres)

Kirishima: g uys,,

Kaminari: @ Iida  ur doing amazing sweetie

Iida: Wh

Iida: Thank you?

Iida: I must ask that we ensure this chat is used productively, and does not stray too off task or into subjects people may not want to talk about!

Kaminari: what does used productively mean

Midoriya: Shit talk about Mineta, say Fuck Endeavour.

Iida: Essentially...

Todoroki: oh, worm?

Kirishima has pinned a message to the channel

Kirishima: hell yeah! All the shit in my good homely server

Sero: how did midoriya get the first f bomb in here

Kaminari: my pure boy? Ruined? It's more likely than you think

Kirishima: who hurt u sweet bb

Midoriya: kacchan

Kirishima: omw to punch a bro

Bakugou: fuck

Kaminari: fksvskabakab

Yaoyorozu  has changed their name to  Momo

Mina: shit we can change our names hell yeah

Iida: Oh no

Momo: Oh no.

Todoroki: oh no

Sero: OH Y E  A H

Kirishima: krhkBKdhakah

Kaminari: bro,,, you never told me you were the kool aid man,,,

Sero: bro,, I'm sorry

Kaminari: b r o

Sero: babe,, it's not what it looks like

Kaminari: I can't believe you've done this babe,,,

Sero: no homo but babe ily I'm sorry I hurt u

Kaminari: bro homo ily2

Bakugou: Can you ass muffins stop for three seconds?

Kaminari: bro

Sero: b r o

Kirishima: g u y s

Kaminari: ruining such a tender moment smh

Sero: now we need to plot revenge

Kirishima: g uys oh my g o d

Sero: no, that is the law of this land

Sero: we must now make him ill whenever he enters a room

Kaminari: caaaaaaaan d o

Sero: nice

Kaminari: pm me it bih

Sero: u got it babe

Kaminari: thanks babe

Bakugou: If it were not for the laws of this land I would have slaughtered you


Bakugou: gotta blast

Kirishima: it's funny because his quirk is explosions


Bakugou: I'm leaving


Bakugou: bond with your bondage boyfriend

Sero: kgkbdma

Sero: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

Bakugou: sorry do you want a fucking bandaid

Sero: for my heart? Yes pls

Bakugou: sure let me just grab some scissors to cut off the shit coming out of your fucking arms


Sero  has changed their name to  BandaidArms

Bakugou: I hate this fucking family

Kirishima: aw babe

Bakugou: KVdkabekaoahsabvslama

Mina  has changed their name to  Xenomorph

Xenomorph: owo

Hagakure  has changed their name to  Whomst

Whomst: what's this???

Kaminari: why is ur name whomst

Whomst: once during training I spoke but I had my gloves off and snipe whispered 'whomst’ really quietly and Aizawa choked on his juice pouch

Kaminari: whrjks whAT

Uraraka  has changed their name to  Space

Space: receipts????

Tsuyu  has changed their name to  Lesbian

Lesbian: why are you calling out our good father like this

Kaminari: wrsksb you tWo hAve matching names I'm whEEZING

Kaminari  has changed their name to  DeezWatts

Lesbian: out.

Lesbian: out of my house.

DeezWatts: make me

Lesbian: ew

Lesbian: @ Jirou

Jirou: u stole my name???

Lesbian: get over it, we're both mature lesbians

Jirou: done and correct

Jirou  has changed their name to  BoomBoomPow

BoomBoomPow: what u need

Lesbian: Kaminari, gone

BoomBoomPow: ew

DeezWatts: I'm being attacked

BoomBoomPow: it's okay bc we love you

DeezWatts: correct but also :(

Lesbian: your name.

DeezWatts: your words can't hurt me deez watts are Gucci

Lesbian: I'm out

Space: oh n O

Lesbian: ((out being your room ochaco please open the door))

Space: I'm oN mY WAY

Iida: I leave for 5 minutes

Todoroki: me, upon entering the room finding you covered in glitter.

Iida: Midoriya wanted glitter, it's my job to get glitter, Todoroki. As both the class president and his friend!

Todoroki: sounds gay

Iida: It was intended

Todoroki: n i c e

Todoroki: I want glitter too

Iida: You're already in the room just hovering in the doorway.

Todoroki: correct

Iida: Midoriya is going to grab you if you don't enter by yourself.

Midoriya  is idle

Todoroki: oh sh

Todoroki  is now idle

Iida: shit

Iida  is now idle

DeezWatts: moooooOOOOM IIDA S WORE

Space: wait who's our mom

DeezWatts: midnight

Momo: Midnight

BandaidArms: Midnight

Kirishima: midnight

Lesbian: midnight

Bakugou: midnight

BoomBoomPow: even bakugou knows it's midnight

Space: sorry!!! My experiences with her have been questionable lol

Space: she wiggled her eyebrows at me when I was talking to tsu and when tsu went to class she held me back to tell me 'get some girl’

BoomBoomPow: classic mom move

Space: really????

Momo: I suppose?

BoomBoomPow: it's like when present mic patted my shoulder and just gave me a thumbs up and a wink after momo kissed me on the cheek

Space: He's our supportive,,, uncle??

Lesbian: dad.

Space: another one,,?

Lesbian: hon I love you, I love you so much

Lesbian: but we have a lot of parental figures

Space: idk sounds pretty gay tsu

Lesbian: h o n

Space: jk coming into steal a kiss now

Lesbian: steal one I dare y

Space  is now idle

Lesbian  is now idle

DeezWatts: wait since midnight is our mom and Aizawa is our dad are they supposedly together??

DeezWatts: or mic and someone

Xenomorph: why did you specify someone for mic

DeezWatts: he's the definition of a bisexual

DeezWatts: leather jacket? Yee

DeezWatts: finger guns??? Yeeee

DeezWatts: puns????? Longest yeah boi ever

Xenomorph: I require receipts to feel reassured??

Midoriya  is no longer idle

Midoriya: [Transcript from Put Your Hands Up Radio!!! PM - Present Mic, GS - Guest Speaker]

PM: So! What can you tell us about you? Special someone?

GS: Oh!! Haha no not right now! I'm just working on my job right now but- you're always talking about it right? Any girls for you huh?

PM: Pfffff!! Listener, there aren't any girls in my life but I sure am happy with my guy!

GS: Oh!! Are you like…?

PM: No need to be nervous! I've been openly bisexual since the three month anniversary of this radio show! I've been with my partner for a long time and I'm very happy with him!

[End transcript]


Midoriya: :DD No problem!!!! He does a ton of interesting talks about the LGBT+ community!!

Midoriya: he also plays meme music around 2-5 am on Saturdays (Sunday mornings)

Xenomorph: :3c

DeezWatts: :3c

BandaidArms: :3c

DeezWatts: my interest is peaked

DeezWatts: piqqued

DeezWatts: p

DeezWatts: snatched.

Bandaidarms: nice recovery

DeezWatts: thx bro

BandaidArms: yw bro

Bakugou: Oh no you fucking don't

Bakugou  is now idle

DeezWatts: oh no

Xenomorph: oh no

Kirishima: oh no

BandaidArms: oh,,, yeah?

BandaidArms  is now idle

DeezWatts  is now idle

Bakugou  is no longer idle

Bakugou: welcome to FUCKING flavour town

Iida  is no longer idle

Iida: As class president I believe it is in everyone's best interests if Bakugou were to calm down, as well as Kaminari and Sero perhaps toning down whatever they were doing before to ensure such chaos.

Iida: The last time this happened Bakugou broke a window and I'm not explaining to Mr.Aizawa that “I'm sorry sir, my classmates couldn't control their gay urges and relentlessly teased the walking minefield”

Iida: The disappointed dad(uncle??) stare is not a pleasant one

Midoriya: Tone it down for Iida's safety pls

Xenomorph: look at those pure good boys

Xenomorph  has changed  Midoriya  's name to  Pure

Xenomorph: u wouldn't disappoint them now would you,, @ BandaidArms , @ DeezWatts , @ Bakugou

BandaidArms  is no longer idle

DeezWatts  is no longer idle

BandaidArms: ,,,,,,,

DeezWatts: p ure

Bakugou: yes I fucking would

Xenomorph: disgusting out of my good home.

Kirishima: divorced

Bakugou: horror.

Kirishima: :(


Kirishima: : (

Bakugou: fine

DeezWatts: whipped.

BandaidArms  has changed  Bakugou  's name to  Bakugay


Bakugay: you have three seconds

Kirishima  has changed their name to  Queerishima

Queerishima: and now we match!!!


Bakugay: he has twenty seconds.

Queerishima: <333333

BandaidArms: thank u sweet bro

Bakugay: fifteen.

Queerishima:  run

Pure: you'll need a head start

BandaidArms: thank u midoribabe

Bakugay: ten.

BandaidArms  is now idle

Iida: Oh dear

Iida: You're going to have to Run™


DeezWatts  has changed  Iida  's name to  Run

Run™: I

Run™: I suppose?

Aoyama  has changed their name to  FrenchSparkleParty

Shouji  has changed their name to  Tentacruel

Tokoyami  has changed their name to  Murkrow

Satou  has changed their name to  CandyCRONCH

Ojiro  has changed their name to  Infernape

Kouda  has changed their name to  Rowlet

Todoroki  has changed their name to  Vulpix

Infernape: why Vulpix?

Vulpix: normal Vulpix is fire type

Vulpix: alolan Vulpix is ice

Vulpix: and foxes are cute

Infernape: understandable have a nice day

Pure: not as cute as u tho todo

Infernape: sorry my mistake have a nice *gay

Pure: I mean


Vulpix: sO WHy infernape

Infernape: him tail

Vulpix: you're right

Infernape: I tail

Vulpix: also correct

Infernape: difference? Lil bit.

Infernape: why the others tho

CandyCRONCH: do you have to ask

Infernape: guess not?

Tentacruel: I'm

Tentacruel: am I not self explanatory

Infernape: my mistake you are correct

Rowlet: !!!!!! OvO!!!!!!!!!! ^V^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Infernape: completely understandable thank you for your valuable time you pure child

Murkrow: Same as shouji and Ojiro tbh

DeezWatts: him dark, him crow, difference? Lil bit

Murkrow: but is he a crow or is he a raven

DeezWatts: don't do this to me man

Murkrow: find out on the next episode.