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The Strife of Truth with Art

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The originals of the following pages were received in a bundle, arranged in an approximate order but bound only in the temporary fashion customary for field notes in the early 1500s. I have transcribed them for your archives, though certain elements, such as the flora pressed between some of the pages or the stains on others, are irreproducible and I have noted them accordingly. The headings are mine, and the transcription also includes my commentary on some of the more obscure points in the text as well as my reproduction of the original marginalia. Although the identities of the respective authors were evident from the handwriting in the original, in this copy I have taken the liberty of inserting indications as to their identity.

                                                            -Acaniel Lindis, TA 109



Curufinwe III Tyelperinquar called Celebrimbor Adudamen,
to Master Acaniel Lindis, lorekeeper of Dath Tûren, magistrate of the Fourfold Alliance.

My dear friend,

These papers may require some explanation. As Annatar and I were traveling through the East and South, we came across a number of stories, legends (and even elements of devotional practice!) that appear to reference the events of SA 1697 in Eregion. Knowing your interest in mortal cultures, and particularly in the ways that a story may transform across time and distance (if you do not yet have a name for this phenomenon may I suggest narrative drift?) I am sending you the first volume of my notes, roughly organized by the geography of our travels. You’ll notice some commentary from Annatar as well - he does feel compelled to hover when he sees me writing - though his particular perspective must naturally be taken into account when interpreting his commentary.

If by my particular perspective
you mean my history upon this
continent before its air was fit for
creatures of your kind to breathe,
then I suggest that you profit
by the chance to hear it. - A

Please give our good wishes to all in the Dath Tûren. It may be a few more decades before our paths take us Northward again, but until they do I remain,

                                                            Your colleague and friend,