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The Legendary Super Megujin!

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There was a prophecy, long ago, that one day a Super Megujin would be born.

One day, there was a young Megucajin girl, named Godoka.

Before the Megujin's planet would be destroyed by the evil Friezbey, her parents sent her to live on Earth, where she befriended Grandma Sayahan. Until she transformed into a giant witch at the full moon, and killed her.

After that, she always carried around Grandma Sayahan's Soul Gem, as a reminder.

One day, she met Mambulma, who was searching for Soul Gems. And they scoured the world for Soul Gems, so they could summon the great IncuDragon, and wish for cake.

They fought many witches. It was not easy, in her ordinary Megujin form, for Godoka to beat them, but she was valiant. She still wished, however, that one day she could be stronger, to protect Mambulma.

"Please, I wish I was stronger! And for cake! Mostly cake, actually. What do you think, Mambulma?"
"Are you the cake, Godoka?"
"No... if I was, why would I want cake? I could just eat myself."

Mambulma was suspiciously silent.

One day, after Godoka had settled down, married Chichiyousuke, and given birth to a little Sayahan of her own, another Megujin arrived!

"My name is Homadditz. I have come to bring you back to us, to the Megujins."


“But, what are you talking about?” Godoka said, holding little Sayahan close to her bosom. “What’s a Megujin?”

Homadditz flipped her dark hair back, and tilted her head at Godoka. “Oh, you have forgotten, dear sister. You were sent to conquer this planet for Lord Friezbey…” She looked around at Mambulma, and Chichiyousuke. “I see you’ve assimilated with the natives. No matter,” she grinned. “I’ll just take your daughter back to the Megujin homeworld and raise her well, as a loyal servant of Lord Friezbey.” She walked over to Sayahan, in Godoka’s arms. “Come, little Megujin. Time to realize your destiny.”

“No!” Godoka cried. She jumped back, and handed Sayahan to Mambulma. “Please, watch her while I deal with this one.”

Mambulma tearfully nodded, and ran away.

Godoka called out to Homadditz. “I have no sister! And anyone who just comes to MY planet, and starts threatening MY friends, will never eat cake at my table!” She raised her pink-clad arm to attack.

“It is unseemly for sisters to fight, Madokarot.” Godoka was taken aback; her arm began to lower.

Homadditz continued, “Oh? Ring a bell? Yes, that is your true name. Please, sister, can you not see that this planet is only inhabited by insufferable weaklings who could never really be our equals? I understand that you have mated with one, but we can take your daughter along. A half-breed she may be, but she still has the sacred blood of the Megujin flowing through her veins.”

Godoka’s arm was now at her side, her brow furrowed.

“Yes! There is no need for her to live her life as a useless Earthling. Even if you do not care to rejoin your family and people, do it for your daughter. Let her be who you should have been.” Homadditz put her violet scouter over her eye. “I can see that her power level already far surpasses yours. What say you, little sister?”