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Finn is Bi and Life is Wonderful

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“Dave, your family throws the best parties,” said Kurt, falling back onto his boyfriend’s bed.

“Yeah,” said Finn, still rubbing his hair with his towel.

Dave just grinned, closing the door and the blinds. “It’s not so much my family. Just my aunt. And considering she’s a professional event planner, I’d be more surprised if you ever complained about a party of hers.”

The three of them had been given permission by Paul to go back home while he helped his sister clean up. Finn and Kurt had been quick to thank him before scurrying off and avoiding Burt’s disapproval. Paul may have been okay with his son being alone with his boyfriend, but Burt doubted he’d feel the same if he realized it wasn’t just one boyfriend. Carol was the only thing keeping him from telling Paul.

Dave walked over to Finn, taking the towel from him. “You’re ruining your hair like that.”

“I think Kurt’s rubbing off on you.” Finn smiled at Dave’s back as he leaned on the bed to kiss Kurt.

“More just rubbing me off,” joked Dave. It got him a slap on the chest, but a passionate kiss.

“I can’t believe this is our last night together before college,” said Kurt, reaching his hand out to Finn. “We won’t be able to be together until Thanksgiving. And probably with absolutely no privacy.”

Finn could feel his smile weaken. “At least you two will have each other. Didn’t you find an apartment to share?” He took a few steps closer, but remained out of Kurt’s reach.

The smaller boy’s hand fell back to the bed. “Finn, you know what I mean.”

That didn’t seem to be enough for Finn and Dave stood, walking over and putting a large hand behind Finn’s neck. “You know we won’t do anything without you,” he said, not breaking eye contact.

Nodding, Finn grasped Dave’s wrist. “I know, that’s why-,”

Dave cut him off with a deep kiss and Finn let himself give in.

“My dad’s not coming home tonight,” said Dave, pulling away with a gasp. “He’s perfectly happy meeting me at the airport in the morning.” Dave stepped behind Finn, resting his chin on his shoulder and wrapping his arms around his waist. “And I asked Carol if she could convince But to let you both stay the night. She just smiled and said something about distracting him.”

Both Finn and Kurt shuddered, but Kurt stood with a smile. “Dave, you are the best boyfriend.”

“It was Finn’s idea.”

That caught Finn off guard. “It was?” He tried to look at Dave but couldn’t get his head to turn far enough.

“Last week, after you used me as a body pillow for your nap, you mumbled something about wishing you could spend at least one whole night together. That’s when I talked to my dad and Carol. Although, my dad was harder to convince since he knows Kurt and I will be living together in New York.”

“Well, thank you, Finn,” said Kurt, swaying up to his boyfriends. “I am so glad Carol made us finish packing before the party.”

Finn nodded, his head and heart in turmoil. Although, Kurt clearly didn’t notice because he was currently showing his thanks with a passionate kiss meant to turn Finn and Dave on. And while it worked on Dave, Finn refused to let it work on himself. As Kurt pulled away, Finn finally made himself say what he’d been meaning to say for an entire week. He’d gotten awesome kisses from each boy, very good memories, so he had no more excuses.

“I think we should break up.”