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Miraculous Bunny Hutch

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Chapters are as follows (Oh, and add 1 to each chapter because of the chapter index):

Chapter 1 -- Index

Chapter 2 -- Real Heroes: In which, after Hawkmoth's reveal, Adrien has to learn to stand on his own two feet.

Chapter 3 -- Filling the Hole: In which Marinette and Adrien have to find a way to move on after they have to give up their Miraculous.

Chapter 4 -- Grief and Guilt: In which Chat Noir dies. Gabriel and Marinette decide to do something about it.

Chapter 5 -- Dad Jokes: Because Hawkmoth's akuma are worse than puns sometimes.

Chapter 6 -- Oblivious: In which Plagg and Tikki do a lot of face palming.

Chapter 7 -- Loop de Loop: In which the Miraculous group ends up in a rather...loopy situation.

Chapter 8 -- Extraordinary: In which Marinette begins to realize the effects of magic on her and those around her.

Chapter 9 -- Red-Spotted Herring: In which an Akuma finally gets ahold of Ladybug's earrings...

Chapter 10 -- Like Father, Like Son: In which Gabriel realizes that Adrien is far more like him than he's comfortable with.

Chapter 11 -- Time Traveler: In which Master Fu meets someone who came back in time, but not someone he would have expected.

Chapter 12 -- Red-Spotted Distraction: In which Adrien makes a few connections...

Chapter 13 -- Orange You Glad?: In which there is much fruit.

Chapter 14 -- Passive Aggressive: In which Adrien learns to troll his father.

Chapter 15 -- Not Since The Accident: In which Ladybug and Chat Noir make a bet...

Chapter 16 -- A Serious Discussion: In which Chat Noir addresses some things that really should have been addressed a while ago.