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Sweater Siblings

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You wake up in the dark. You try to sit up, and wince hard. That had been quite a fall, hadn’t it? You patted the ground. It felt like bare dirt. No wonder you were in pain. You had nothing to break your fall, and that had been what? A hundred feet? Two hundred? It was a miracle you were alive, honestly. You hated miracles.

You roll over onto your back, and that produces a drawn out whine from you that you hadn’t even known you could produce. You won’t cry. Big kids don’t cry. You take a few heaving breaths before trying once again to sit up. Failure, and another screech. Maybe you should-

“It sounds like it came from over here.”

You freeze. You heard about the monsters trapped below the mountain, but you had figured you’d be dead anyway, so it wouldn’t matter. It mattered now.

Something… someone steps into the clearing. You can barely see them in the darkness. It was night when you fell, so there’s no light coming from the hole far above. Strangely, there seems to be a shimmery, translucent gray wall halfway up the hole. Curiouser and curiouser.

You can’t really make out their face or even their general appearance, but they approach you. You would scramble back if you could, but unfortunately, that was currently out of your skill set. Now they are standing directly above you. They kneel down.

“Oh! You’ve fallen down, haven’t you?” You can make out an extended hand in the darkness. “Here, get up!”

You are shakily pulled up to a standing position, wincing the whole while. They look as if you are waiting to say something. Perhaps to introduce yourself?

“I’m C-Chara.” You offer.

Even you can tell that they have broken out into a grin. “Chara, huh? That’s a nice name. Mine is Asriel.”

You nod. They seem nice. You aren’t quite as afraid, but you are still breathing heavily. Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of large footsteps.

Two more people enter the room. They seem much, much bigger than the first. It’s still too dark to see much. One of them flicks their hand, and you almost scream when it lights on fire.

You almost scream louder when you see what all three look like. They are literally anthropomorphic goats. What is your life?

They seem to notice you are freaked out. You try to push yourself away from Asriel, who is propping you up, but only succeed in knocking yourself down, sending jolts of pain up your spine.

“H-hey! Stop! You’re hurt! You’re just going to make it worse!” Asriel attempts to pick you back up to your feet, but you bat him away. The two larger goat monsters step up next to him. The smaller of the two looks at the larger questioningly. The largest looks as if your appearance was something he had predicted long ago. It freaks you out.

“Asgore, what will we do now?” The smaller adult asks. It sounds like a female.

You don’t know what you will do yourself. At least you know one of the larger goat’s names. Asgore doesn’t move or say anything, just looks at you. You start to fidget. The lady steps away from Asgore and kneels next to you, a concerned expression dawning on her face. You hadn’t seen someone look at you like that before.

Her presence is comforting, strangely enough. You see that Asriel is crying, no doubt in response to the pushing and hitting. You kind of feel bad, but brush the feeling off. He deserves it for being a crybaby.

“Hello, young one. I am Toriel. I am going to heal you, alright?” Toriel holds out a paw.

You don’t particularly like being touched, but by your estimates, you have a broken leg and arm at least, if not a couple fractured ribs and a concussion. You know by now how to assess your injuries. Years of abuse taught you that.

You will have to allow physical contact. You reluctantly nod your head at the request. She places a warm paw on your side, and a green substance spreads through your skin. You can see it shine through your skin like a glow, watching it through a rip in your sweater. Must be magic. It’s warm, and feels like a steaming bath. Your muscles relax, and you can physically feel your bones knitting together.

It doesn’t take long before you feel as if you hadn’t fallen at all. You sit up, notably not wincing this time. You stretch your hands out, eyes wide. “Wow.”

Toriel laughs a little. You turn a little red. You sounded pathetic. You resign yourself to a life of silence and never speaking of your ‘wow’ again. You scurry to your feet. Asriel is still crying, obviously still hurt over your refusal of kindness. You don’t look at him. You aren’t good with mushy stuff.

Asgore takes you into the next room while his (...wife?) wife consoles Asriel. You fiddle with the tears in your sweater. It’s a shame, this was a good one. It reminded you of the flowers back on the surface. You refused to call that place home. You wouldn’t return. To be honest, you fully expected to be dead within the week. You were a burden. No one wanted you around.

“Young one,” Asgore’s voice booms, “I do not believe we have been properly introduced. I am Asgore. And you are?”

“Chara,” you wheeze. You aren’t really good with words. That’s why you used sign language most of the time. You doubted anyone knew it down here. The language must be so different.

The man smiles, and the smile looks like it could light up the earth itself. You didn’t know smiles could be so bright. You forced one onto your face, though it probably looked more like a grimace. Asgore offers you a paw.

“Come, Chara. We have much to do.”

You look back at the previous room. What about Asriel and Toriel? He seems to notice your glance and chuckles.

“They will be fine. Come, now.”

You reluctantly take the paw. Man, people were really touchy-feely here. You don’t really like it. Unfortunately, it seems he won’t let you proceed without grabbing his paw, so you do.

It’s warmer than expected. It also big, enveloping your whole hand. It’s kind of nic- NO. It is not nice. You shake the thought out of your head and walk with him.

“This is the Ruins. Most prefer to call it Home, though you may call it whatever you wish.”

You roll your eyes. You don’t need the exposition. If they are just going to kill you anyway, why are they even bothering with telling you this stuff?

The man sighs at your lack of response, but keeps moving. You hear the padding of feet behind you and see the others have caught up. Wonderful. You can feel more mushy-feely stuff coming.

Funnily enough, they don’t ask you to apologize to Asriel. They seemed like the type of parents to force random children to treat their spawn like royalty. You wouldn’t do that. Even if they turned out to be actual royalty, you wouldn’t apologize. He shouldn’t have held you.

The walk is long, mostly taking place in silence. Without your noticing, Toriel and Asgore seemed to have fallen in line at the front, leaving just you and Asriel together in the back. You have a feeling this was on purpose.

The kid (haha) looks at you.

“You’re a human,” they state.

“Uh, yeah.” It comes out more sarcastic than intended. Asriel shrinks back a little, but continues speaking to you, refusing to be deterred.

“What’s it like? The surface.”

You don’t know how to respond to that. You have a feeling that he wants to hear something positive, but you don’t have anything positive to tell him. You decide to be truthful.

“It’s full of humans. Polluting, murdering, greedy, slimy humans.” You look straight at him. “Never trust a human.”

He seems to be struggling with what to say next.

“But… you’re a human,” he argues pathetically.

You don’t bother responding before turning away and speeding up your pace a little so you two aren’t walking side by side. You figured your lack of response was enough to freak him out. You knew the assumption was correct when you heard faint sobbing. Toriel and Asgore didn’t seem to notice.

You arrive at a house in the strange purple area you’ve been walking through.

“Greaaat. We’re here.” You fold your arms. “Can I go home now?” You don’t know where home is, but you figured they’d kick you out to the surface.

The two larger monsters look at each other. They seem worried. Toriel looks back at you.

“Th-this is your home now.” She looks down, actually looking like she may cry. “You can never return to the surface.”

You freeze. “What?” You are actually glad you won’t have to go back there, but are still a little shocked.

“There is a barrier. Any may enter, but none may leave. I’m sorry. You will live here forever.”