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Thanks Dad

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After school, Shinsou stood outside quietly, holding the straps of his bag as he looked down the street. He had this sense that someone was following him. He never felt that way before so he decided to take a pause and see if that feeling would linger.

When it did, he turned around.

There was no one there.

But something was following him.

His gaze went down to the side walk and he noticed a black cat that walked slowly around him. He didn't move as the cat purred and brushed up on his legs, still circling him with affection. Shinsou let out a soft breath as he watched the cat.

It was a small cat and it had a little patch of grey fur around it's eye. It seemed to adore Shinsou for some reason; it even began reaching up his leg. Shinsou has never seen something so pure in his life.

It's just that when he reached down to pick up the car, it suddenly jerked away from him and took off in a frightened haste. But seconds before, the cat was so friendly. What happened? Shinsou mashed his lips together tightly and began following the cat a few steps at a time before he was full on jogging to catch up. He couldn't help it. He wanted to take the feline friend home with him.

So he ran down the street after the cat.

The cat was sneaky, running behind trash cans and under boxes it could fit through. Shinsou managed to keep his eyes on him but it was getting difficult to follow with the obstacles.

He wished he had cat like reflexes.

No one seemed to say anything as a high school student chased a cat with all the motivation he had.

Not too far off on the top of a building, someone was watching. He lifted his golden goggles and looked down at the side of the street where he saw the purple haired boy run. He wasn't very fast or perceptive of his surroundings; he tripped over small boxes and would almost hit light posts and trash cans. The cat would weave around people and this student couldn't do it as well so he would run on the street to keep up.

All for a cat.

The person that was watching didn't even spark a laugh. He thought it was more dangerous than endearing as he saw the student run off after the black cat.

Aizawa stayed on top of the ledge for a second until Shinsou was out of view, turning a corner to go down another street. It wasn't till then that Aizawa decided to follow. The student was persistent and he wanted to see what happened. He rose up on his feet so he could follow. The only thing he needed was to see the bright purple hair.

He narrowed his eyes as he watched quietly. Shinsou was rather slow, but that didn't stop him. He preferred to keep trying for a cat. Aizawa thought there was potential there.

So he decided to follow.

The cat hid in places that were too small for Shinsou to reach through, it jumped too high that he couldn't follow making him find different ways where he could go around, and if Shinsou did get close, the cat just found another way to trick him.

This was the most entertainment Aizawa has had all day. A smile almost crept to his lips as he stayed within view of Shinsou, watching him miserably fail.

He looked down into an alleyway that was guarded by a broken fence. The cat jumped up to the top of the metal and stayed perched there, it's bright eyes watching Shinsou as he stalked closer to it. Shinsou seemed the admire the car more when he heard him purr because maybe it was affection.

But he was so tired.

He won't be able to take running any longer.

This has to be the end of it.

The cat continued to watch. It's tail brushed up against it's leg before perking up when Shinsou got too close. And Shinsou knew the cat would jump off the fence, so he would do his best to catch it. He just didn't know the cat would jump off the other side.

Shinsou lunged forward, but his hands were empty.

Instead, he was caught in the broken down fence as the cat walked around slowly like it was taunting Shinsou. It brushed up against the fence, not able to reach Shinsou's dangling arms. It sniffed twice before turning away to disappear.

Shinsou was just in the fence.

Aizawa didn't laugh when he saw that Shinsou's miserable performance. How cruel would it have been to hear a smug laugh from above? Shinsou sighed quietly. That cat sure did make him work for the capture and he couldn't even get it. Aizawa made his way off of the ledge of the nearby building and walked over to Shinsou slowly, only seeing Shinsou's back side on the side of the fence he was on. It looked like Shinsou gave up; he wasn't necessarily trying to get himself out of the fence.

He was definitely tired. In fact, it seemed like Shinsou would just fall asleep there and try again tomorrow.

"Need help?" Aizawa asked.

Shinsou lifted his head to the sound of Aizawa's voice. He didn't know why a teacher would come up to him, but he definitely didn't need the help.

"No." he answered.

Aizawa didn't leave. "You sure?" He asked since Shinsou wasn't trying very hard.

Shinsou mashed his lips together. He might need the help. He was stuck pretty good in the fence. Shinsou put his hands down on the warm fence, his fingers hooking around the metal and he tried to push backwards, hoping to get unstuck but that didn't happen. The fence was going to tear his clothes if he wasn't careful.

The broken metal was sort of piercing him through his clothes as well. He didn't notice the slight sharp pain since he was still dealing with all the adrenaline.

He did need help getting out.

"Fine." Shinsou said bitterly.

Aizawa scoffed but he did help Shinsou like he offered to. It was an easy pull to get the young man out of the fence. Aizawa was careful to make sure Shinsou didn't get cut by the metal. Shinsou felt the fence's edges lift from his back and he ducked more so he could get out with ease, his feet finally touching the ground again.

Now what was on his mind was that he lost the cat. How was he going to find it now?

"You should go home." Aizawa had seen the whole chase; Shinsou looked like he was about to pass out.

However, he did have a quiet determination to get the cat.

"There are other stray cats you can catch." Aizawa knew what was on Shinsou's mind. His hand brushed Shinsou's hair, hoping to calm him down and ease the subtle stress.

Shinsou looked down to the ground for a second. No one touches his head like this. He hasn't been praised like that in a while. Who does this? What does this mean? Shinsou's face was beginning to brighten but he felt a kind of warmth that he only got from family.

"Thanks, Dad."

The word slipped. Shinsou didn't mean to say it. When he caught himself, his cheeks only burned a brighter red from the embarrassment. He took a quick step back so Aizawa's hand wouldn't be in his hair anymore. His eyes were wide, and he tried to come up with an apology for calling a professor his dad on accident.

He didn't mean to. He swore he didn't mean to.

And without a word out of his mouth, he ran off the other way, completely flustered and baffled by what came out of his mouth.

Aizawa was stunned too.

He never really thought of himself as a father figure. All he did was touch Shinsou's hair. Was it too invasive for Shinsou? Is that why the word slipped? Aizawa turned around to see Shinsou turn the corner of the alley and was gone.

Aizawa didn't necessarily feel bad for Shinsou. What he saw was a student he could mentor, however that would take time.

"Dad, huh?" he said to himself as he began to leave the alleyway.

He thought Shinsou deserved better. The only advice he gave him was that there were other stray cats to follow and pick up. He didn't think Shinsou would get that sentimental about it. Then again, Aizawa did pet his hair so he had to admit that he might've done something to really confuse Shinsou. That was entertaining.

Aizawa thought to do something nice.

Shinsou, however, he was paranoid for the rest of the day. He was lucky that he slowly forget his traumatic event by the next morning. He went to school like nothing happened. It's not like Aizawa was his teacher. He had nothing to worry about, except for the cat.

Shinsou walked the hallways quietly.

He wondered if he would find another stray cat ever again. Would he go through the same trouble he did yesterday? It was quite cruel that the cat led him to be stuck in the fence. What would he do differently today? He hoped to see the same cat from yesterday, and he would be nicer if that was the problem before.

As he pondered his situation, someone came in his path.

Shinsou stopped abruptly and looked up to see Aizawa standing in front of him.

Immediately he remembered that he accidentally called Aizawa his father. That was such a terrible, embarrassing mistake that he began to blush hard just from remembering it. What did Aizawa want? An apology? Shinsou's mouth hung slightly open as he tried to think of something to say. Anything.

"I'm s-sorry." he looked away quickly.

He was so sorry.

"For?" Aizawa didn't understand.

"I didn't mean to call" This was so humiliating.

"I thought you were apologizing for making me watch your pathetic attempt at catching an animal." Aizawa didn't mind what Shinsou was so embarrassed about. People make mistakes all the time.

"You shouldn't have followed me." Shinsou said quickly, looking at Aizawa again.

Was it Aizawa being protective over a U.A. student? That seems very parental.

"You're right." Aizawa said.

Something was moving around in his black long sleeve shirt, and he didn't try that hard to hide it. Shinsou was staring right at the nudge that was at Aizawa's shoulder. The small bulge was traveling right up to his scarf until a small furry head appeared under Aizawa's chin.

It was the black cat Shinsou got stuck in the fence for.

Shinsou let out a soft breath of amazement. Aizawa caught the cat. Shinsou's eyes brightened as he looked at the cat that stared right at him, meowing quietly and trying to get out of Aizawa's scarf.

Aizawa lifted the cat off him and handed it gently to Shinsou. This time the cat was kind enough to stay in Shinsou's hands.

Did Aizawa catch the cat for him?

Shinsou didn't have time to worry about that. He let the cat move up on his shoulder, purring and brushing up against his hair.

"Thanks, Dad." Shinsou had a smile on his face as he looked at Aizawa.

But his smile faded rather quickly when he realized that he made the same mistake twice The utter shock and embarrassment could be read on his face. He was angry with himself that he did it once more. Why would he do this to himself a second time? His hand hit his forehead because of the stupidity. Aizawa may have thought he was stupid. And if Shinsou could, he would use his quirk to make Aizawa forget what just happened, but that's not how things work.

Aizawa wasn't as bothered as Shinsou was. "We'll work on that." he said a little more understanding of how Shinsou was feeling..

Though, secretly on the inside, he didn't mind that Shinsou was calling him dad.