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His Gift For Me

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A loud screech woke Iruka up. Rising his swollen, heavy eyelids, he turned down the remnants of his sleep. Slowly sitting up, he glanced at the other side of the bed; he knew he would find it empty, it's not like Kakashi was to come back from his mission yet. But it's still made him... tremble. 

Shaking his head, he rapidly kicked the quilt away, jumping out of the bed. Almost jogging out of the bedroom, he rushed towards the source of the high-pitched sound, stepping into the room with a gloriously looking falcon, engraved on the doors. The noise rung upon his ears, making his head throb. 

"I hear you, birdie, I really do." He stood by the heavy, solid crib, taking a wiggling creature into his arms. " there, there..." Humming softly, he placed the baby on his shoulder, rocking him slightly. The baby gradually fell quiet, babbling indescribable sounds. The chuunin sighed, feeling his hair being pulled. He decided to lay his son in his arms, taking the chocolate curls away from small fingers. 

"Do you even know what time is it?" the teacher looked into boy's curious chocolate eyes. Smiling, he tickled baby's belly; Takashi clutched his eyes, every giggle showing his toothless gums.

"What's so funny, huh?" Iruka rocked him a little higher. The baby bursted into laughter again. " Just wait until your dad come back!" Takashi instantly picked up the word he wanted to hear. 

"Ada!" he sputtered, reaching for Iruka's hair. The teacher smiled again. 

"I miss dad too, sweatheart..." this time, chunnin's smile was somehow sad. Takashi yawned, putting his fist into his mouth. Iruka softly took it out, bringing the baby to his shoulder once more. He felt Takashi's fingers scrapping his shoulder. Smiling again, he gently rocked his son. 


Takashi was quickly back asleep, unlike Iruka. Once he stepped out of the bed, he had to tire himself up again, if he wanted to sleep. He pushed the button on the coffee machine, listening to griding sounds inside. The machine itself was a present from Iruka's colleagues, since they knew he wouldn't be able to go somewhere for a cup of coffee for some time. 

Iruka loved coffee. It might not have been so obvious at first glance but he really did. His usual drinks were tea and water, since the tea worked the best on waking him up and water was the best for hydration of his body. That made every cup of coffee so special and so luring, Iruka couldn't actually resist the pleasure in his mouth. Additionally, he couldn't drink coffee due to his pregnancy, so when he took the first sip of the delicious ambrosia around a week ago, after almost a year without it, he felt like he could melt completely. 

This time wasn't as spectacular but it still was good enough to make his body relax. Sipping the drink with contentment, he sat on the fluffy couch in the parlor, turning on the TV. It's not as he liked watching the television, and he usually didn't do it; he hadn't turn the TV on even once during his pregnancy, it actually became his habit just lately. Since Takashi was born eight weeks ago, Iruka tried to catch every free moment he had just to simply organize his mind. 

Gazing into the colotful screen, he let his mind wander far, far away. 

"I need to clean the bathroom today, then shopping, what do we need again? Right, diapers, body wash for Taka, carrots, some meat... We will get it on the stroll, Izumo will probably have something to get too. Takashi will wake up..." he glanced at the watch, ticking on the shelf. It was almost 5 a.m. "in 3 hours, I think. So: bathroom, breakfast, shower, then change Takashi, feed him, laundry, then stroll, shopping, afternoon nap, Izumo will... shit." Chunnin sighed, remembering a pile of papers sitting on top of the kitchen table. "I forgot to prepare tests for Hikaru, I need to do that too. I'll do that when Takashi will be sleeping." Sipping the rest of his coffee, he stood up. "I wish Kakashi could help me..." He put the mug into the empty sink in the kitchen, massaging his scalp. 

"He should be back by tomorrow."  He grabbed a thin hairbrush, laying between papers scaterred around the table. He fixed his hair into a loose ponytail and grabbed some cleaning supplies into his hands. "Worrying is good for nothing."

Time passed quickly and he hadn't evem noticed when he was waiting for Izumo in the park alley. A plushy flower fell from the stroller right onto the cold bench. Iruka sighed, picking it up for upteenth time. 

"Stay still, Takashi." Iruka looked at the boy, who has been kicking out the blankets. Dressing the boy in all the layers of clothing wasn't an easy job, so he brought a blanket in him in case his boy was feeling cold. But it seemed that, for some reason, his boy was completely comfortable with 30°F*. Not that there wasn't a certain someone, who would be completely comfortable in such temperature. 

"Iruka!" Izumo showed up on the other side of the road. The teacher waved his hand, releasing the blockade in the stroller. 

"Hello, Izumo." Iruka's mouth turned into a smile. 

"Uk!"A loud babble came out of baby carrier strapped to Izumo's shoulders and torso. Both chunnins giggled. 

"Nice to see you too, Tetsuya." Iruka patted baby's head, then he came back to his stroller. 


Iruka pushed the stroller into the anterom, balancing plastic bags in his hands. Takashi was constantly whining, opening and closing his sleepy eyes. Iruka untangled him from the blankets, carrying him to the nursery. 

"Mom will put you to bed, don't cry..." he whispered, unfastening all the buttons and zippers in his boy's clothing. Takashi was already sleeping, when he put him into the crib. Quietly, he closed the doors behind him, walking towards the kitchen. He opened one of the cabinets to get the tea leaves, when something colorful caught his attention. He looked on the loaded table, noticing something blue on top of one of the texbooks. He came closer; taking it into his hand, he recognized the tiny flowers. 

"Forget-me-nots..." He murmured under his breath. "That idiot.