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Despair and Delight

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The few hours til nightfall passed all too quickly. Spike's dreams had been intense and vivid. They'd been about his past, his times with Angelus. Not surprising considering he woke up all but imbedded in the mattress under Angelus. Angelus was slower to wake than Spike, and when he did, the first sensation he had was of his shaft hard and pressed against Spike's ass. He had to chuckle. All too familiar. "Good morning boy. You make an excellent cushion. Slept like a baby." He rolled off Spike and smacked him on the ass. "No time to play now, I need to get us settled at our new home before morning."

Spike groaned softly but in truth he felt better after the rest and his feeding earlier. The only thing that really worried him was talk of a new home. Where was Angelus taking him? Leaving Sunnydale lessened the chance that anyone would come to his rescue, not that he truly expected the Scoobies to care if he was missing. Well, the Niblet might care, but no one else.

Angelus pulled on his clothes, and then set about trussing Spike in the same fashion he'd done when he kidnapped him. Spike didn't struggle. He knew it wouldn't help at this point. "Good boy," Angelus leaned in and whispered into his ear. "You continue being a nice boy and things will go so much better for you." Unlike the day before, Spike was wrapped in a thick comforter before he was put into the bag. It made his situation somewhat more comfortable. And unlike the day before, he was lowered into what he assumed was the floorboard of the car, cushioned by pillows. Being a cooperative boy had its rewards. There were noises, though muffled heavily through the bag, that sounded like items being loaded into the trunk and the slam of the trunk itself. He felt the shift as Angelus settled into the driver's seat, and heard the roar of the engine as the car started and pulled away.

Spike tried to keep a mental map of their turnings but he gave it up after a while. He could tell they were on a highway or freeway after a while. Then he could hear the noises of a large city after they got off the freeway. Too many big cities in California for that to be much help though. Then finally the car stopped, and the bag he was in was lifted. He was being carried somewhere.

Angelus approached the offices of Wolfram and Hart. A receptionist looked up at him as he entered. "May I help you, sir?"

"Yes," he answered. "Angelus. Here to see Holland Manners, he's expecting me."

In his bag Spike was confused. What was Angelus doing at some fancy office?

The receptionist answered crisply, after making a brief call, "Of course sir. You know the way?"

Angelus nodded and smiled. "I do." He headed off towards the elevators. A short while later he was in Holland's office with a very confused Spike in a bag. Holland waited there, with Lilah sitting in a chair next to him. They had an impressive pile of files and papers in front of them.

"This the contracts you sent me to look at?" Angelus asked.

"Ah, right to business. Yes, it is," Holland said. "Ah, may I ask what's in the bag? Security reasons, you understand."

"My pet," Angelus responded. "He's thoroughly restrained, and so no security problem." He grinned over at Lilah's shocked expression. "I take it you haven't read the file on me as thoroughly as you'd like to think."

Holland just nodded, though a little shaken. "Of course. So, have you come to a decision?"

"Yes. I'll take the contract. Though I'm not going to be in Los Angeles, so if you need me you'll have to contact me. I intend to move about a bit. Been a while since I had some freedom and my appetites tend to draw attention."

"Certainly. We'll supply you with all the necessary toys and anything you need. If you'll just sign here, in your blood of course." Holland handed Angelus a sharp pen with a point that would indeed draw blood.

Angelus just chuckled and pricked his finger, filling the little pen point and signing his name. "I'll be leaving town tonight but I'll contact you soon with all the details on my needs and such. Contact numbers?"

Holland handed over a cell phone. "This has all the private lines to important people and also to menials who can handle any routine requests. This phone will show you have full authorization to ask for whatever you need."

"Excellent. I love working with professionals. Now, if you'll excuse me?" Angelus picked up the bag and shook Holland's quickly-offered hand.

"Of course."

Spike was even more confused than before as they left the offices. Angelus had some sort of high power contract? Of course, the bit about moving around was bad news. Moving around meant even if anyone was bothering to look for him, his chances of being found went way down. Whatever the contract was for, apparently it would pay for Angelus' expensive tastes and then some.

He was loaded back into the floorboard and the car started again. More freeway, then some streets, then stopping. Spike was carried in and set on a bed again.

"Home, sweet home, at least for a while," Angelus said as he opened the bag and pulled Spike into the dim light. It was a bedroom very much in the style of the Freeman mansion in Sunnydale that Angel had lived in. "One of my boltholes. It will do for now." He secured Spike's collar by a chain to a ring on the headboard. "And if you're good, this bed will be largely where I keep you. If you're bad, I have lots of less pleasant alternatives."

Spike did not doubt him and nodded as much as he was capable. Angel started to loosen the restrictive hogtie and just secured Spike's arms to the headboard. "I want your legs free, pet. Got the urge to fuck you quite a bit tonight. If you're very very good you can sleep with them loose, perhaps."

Angelus moved away to start putting other things away and Spike stayed where he was bound, laying on his belly. Angelus stopped partway through to strip away his duster and shirt, letting Spike see his muscled torso as he worked. He was aware of the effect he had on Spike, and he could smell the faint haze of arousal soon enough.

Helplessness and the sight of his Sire half-naked did arouse Spike. He had him where he wanted him, and Spike knew it. He was going to be fucked and violated again and again. He watched and without thinking made small needy sounds through the gag.

"Now that's the childe I remember. Needy and waiting." Angelus set aside the rest of the unpacking and came to the bed. With a bare minimum of lube, he shoved three fingers into Spike and watched him buck and writhe and moan. He chuckled. "Mmm, much better. You make a very nice gagged toy. Such pretty noises." Spike moaned and just kept pushing back against the fingers spreading him open. The more cooperative he was with preparation, the better and easier the fucking would be.

Angelus had told Spike once he'd only been a bit above average in life, but vampirism had made him a monster down below, same as it had taken William's long tongue and made it an extra-long deliverer of pleasure. Vampirism made its own choice of what to enhance, influenced both by the person that was and the demon within. Angelus' cock was a weapon, like everything about him. He used it to dominate and batter and punish, and the pleasure he got was as much from that as the fucking.

And then the fingers were gone and Angelus was on the bed behind Spike, pulling him onto his monster cock. Spike howled and groaned into the gag as he was stretched open wide but not split open. The lube and the preparation made it possible for him to fit around Angelus like a glove. Spike pushed back until Angelus smacked him. "Still now," Angelus said. "I'm fucking you, and I'll determine how this goes, not you. I know your tricks boy."

Spike shivered and forced himself to stillness. He'd had plenty of practice at this, too, in the old days. Failing to stay still meant being bound in painful ways to enforce stillness for a very long time, so he was determined not to fail. Angelus was using him now, shoving in hard and deep, battering him, making his body shake with the force of his thrusts. Spike was so hard in the cock cage he was about to burst and he knew Angelus wouldn't let him loose, not tonight. He whined his frustration in between moans.

"Ah, right, your poor captive cock. Well you don't get to come tonight, boy. Not a chance, not for quite some time, no matter how good you are. You've got quite some list of things to pay for." Angelus smacked alternating cheeks of Spike's ass now as he thrusts, leaving red hand-shaped welts with the force of his blows. "Feel lucky it's not worse. I've still got a dungeon to use."

Spike mewled and moaned and shivered, dropping his head into a very submissive pose. He didn't want worse, he had no doubt Angelus could provide it. As it was his ass would burn all night and bruise for the day off this spanking, just from Angelus' hands, god forbid he pick up a... CRACK! A hard leather paddle landed on Spike's ass.

"That's for whining, boy. One more mistake and you sleep in a cage tonight. A very special one, barely big enough for your body all folded up with your forearms and lower legs outside it. One on a pedestal so I can fuck you or use your mouth without letting you out." Angelus' tone was gleeful.

Spike just shivered and stayed still, taking the paddling and the fucking trying hard to absorb what pleasure he could, letting his mind slip back down the years. He was Angelus' boy and this was a standard night when he'd displeased him. His noises became more pleading and submissive and Angelus ate them up. The paddle fell again and again as Angelus thrust harder and faster, careening towards orgasm.

And eventually he did let go inside Spike, too aroused by the whole scene to hold back anymore. He growled and held inside him, fingers brusing Spike's hips. When he pulled back, and settled beside him, he stroked fingers over Spike's red raw ass, eliciting gasps. "Mmm, a few minutes rest, and back to it. Perhaps a flogging first? Your ass needs more and your back and thighs are untouched."

Spike whimpered and held himself in place. It was going to be a very long night indeed.