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There’s a rude awakening on a certain morning, a  certain morning  meaning Jimin’s first day not doing something involving work for the first time in two weeks. His phone is persistently ringing, or rather, the person behind the phone call. Jimin grumbles as he blindly reaches for his phone, and blinks his eyes open to see that it’s not even morning. It’s two in the afternoon.


The first call ends, so Jimin drops his phone back on the nightstand. Maybe if he tries hard enough, he can slip back into that wonderful slumber of his, back into a dream of relaxing on the softest couch in his expensive apartment in France. He doesn’t actually have a place in France, but he looks to achieve that one day.


He rolls onto his back and runs his sleeve covered hands over his face while groaning. There’s blonde hair in his eyes that’s long for the sake of his  baby boy  vibe in recent photoshoots, and yes, it looks really cute, but it’s a thick and messy bother when he wakes up with it immensely tangled.


A black hairband lies next to his phone, and he grabs it and uses it to tie the front section of his hair into a ponytail, one that sticks upright. Just as he closes his eyes again for a few more minutes of relaxing, his phone begins to ring again.


A fake cry from him sounds throughout his bedroom as he picks up his phone again.  Jung Hoseok  is the caller ID. Jimin loves his manager, because Hoseok doubles as one of his best friends too. But today, Jimin just wants the day to himself; no phone calls, no sudden visits. In no way does he mean to be rude, but Jimin’s spent the past fourteen days with Hoseok, and he needs a break from the manager’s extreme boss mode during work hours.


Reluctantly, he answers the call and puts the speaker on.


“Rise and shine, pretty boy,” Hoseok is chipper over the phone, for whatever reason. To Jimin, it’s absurd to even consider mustering a smile at the moment.


He hums just to let Hoseok know that he’s somewhat alive at the moment, then speaks in a whiney manner while yawning. “It’s my day off, Hoseok-hyung. Let me sleep some more, hm?”


His words are followed by a chuckle from Hoseok, then a mildly pained sigh. And  uh oh . Something disappointing is coming his way, he just knows it. He knows the expressions of his manager, and knows what each and every one of them means.


“That’s tomorrow. You have an after party to attend tonight, celebrating the development of the arcade and diner shoots you did.”


Yes , he thinks,  of course . He’d completely forgotten. Everyone who had been part of the the shoots they’d just finished up were to come together and have a party at a fancy hotel that supposedly has floor tiles more expensive than his life worth. He’s one of three models who’d been a part of the shoot, he practically shares the center of attention with those two other people— Excuse him, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk. He can’t just miss this party.


“Right.. What’s the dress code?” he asks, annoyed with both himself and whoever decided that an after party would be a great idea when all he wants to do is sleep.


There’s a briefing from Hoseok for him to wear semi-formal; an attire of high quality jeans, a plain shirt of any sort (preferably silk is hinted), and a blazer (velvet preferred also implied). He takes it with haste, rushing their phone call to its end before its really even begun. Hoseok says ‘goodbye’ four times before he brings himself to hang up. Jimin rolls his eyes when the beep signaling the end of the call comes.


He has a span of four hours to relax. The party starts just as dawn begins to set, and the lights in the city come alive. His outfit for the event is laid out on his bed before he can properly comprehend being awake yet. It feels like he’s recovering from a night of five glasses of champagne, despite only having water yesterday.


Maybe, somewhere, there’s an article written by the gods of Primer saying that in return, if Jimin drinks five flutes of champagne at the event tonight, he’ll wake up tomorrow feeling on top of the world.


Sometime around when Jimin’s eating a health nut burrito, consisting of broccoli, Muenster cheese, carrots, and cauliflower, he gets a text message entertaining to his thoughts. It’s from one of the models he’d joined projects with; Jeongguk, who he thinks had been the one with the smile which reminds Jimin of that of a bunny rabbit.


He can’t recall exchanging numbers with the other model, but he doesn’t care that much about it. It gets quite boring only texting his manager and brother, so a change may be a lifter of spirits.




Jeongguk 3:17 PM

Not sure why I became a model instead of a stripper


Usually, something like that from someone he barely knows would make him cringe or delete the number instantly. Except, this time, Jimin feels like he can relate on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. In an instant, his fingers are darting to different letters on his keyboard.



Park Jimin 3:18 PM

 Okay but same?


Jeongguk 3:18 PM

Ik you have to be fit for that job too, but at least I could eat a greasy burger thrice a week

Do you even know what they’re serving at this stupid afterparty??



Jimin’s sure that there’ll be more there than just those two dishes, but the thought of that makes Jimin shudder. He loves seafood, just not oysters or scallops. The industry’s parties never rebel, even on the nights where work is mostly put aside, and looks only matter to an extent. Food is still below a certain amount of calories, and everyone looks like angels because there’s no chocolate fountain to stuff their faces into.


Scratch what had been mentioned before; looks matter all of the time. While Jimin is in his own apartment, sleeping, eating, taking a shit, looks matter because he holds importance in such a careful and strict business. After a couple of years in his belt, he’s used to it. Doesn’t mean he has to like or enjoy the rules, though.



Park Jimin 3:19 PM

 I might as well sneak my own vodka in


Jeongguk 3:19 PM

 I’d rather puke that than lemon scallop s


Park Jimin 3:19 PM

 Do you think oysters come up as easy as they go down?


Jeongguk 3:20 PM

 I don’t really want to find out


Yeah, neither does Jimin.

Semi-formal events are much better than entirely formal ones. They’re more laid-back and relaxed than others, not to say that they’re as mellow as Jimin would like them to be, because they’re not.


The women strut around in tall high heels, as if they aren’t tall enough without them. Luck had been on Jimin’s side when being presented with a modeling contract, because the one thing he doesn’t have is height, and one of the most important things of modeling is height.


Suit jackets have artistic embroideries on the collars and hems, some with neatly embedded diamonds on them. Others have jackets similar to Jimin, a velvet feel with a shiny appearance. His hair had been professionally styled before arriving, since Hoseok had called one of their personal stylists to tame Jimin’s hair. His coordi noona had tsked at him upon seeing the erect ponytail atop his head.


Speaking of his manager, Hoseok stands by his side now as they talk to one of the set designers. Well, Hoseok is doing all of the talking while Jimin dazes in and out of a reverie of his perfect, French apartment with a balcony view of the world beneath his feet. The manager seems to catch on, because each time Jimin needs to answer a question, Hoseok will gently tap his back and talk about the question in depth so Jimin knows how to reply.


Mid-conversation, his eyes catch on to a familiar face alongside another familiar face. Jimin puts a hand on Hoseok’s shoulder and excuses himself as politely as possible, flashing the set designer (now he realizes that he hadn’t caught a name) a smile that helps bring in the money. They let him go without a fuss for how rude it actually had been.


As Jimin approaches the two, Jeongguk is holding a shell with a raw oyster inside of it, and is holding it up to Taehyung’s face. Visibly disturbed, Taehyung becomes a little squirmish at the thought of something so slick and slimy entering his mouth.


“I’d rather brush my teeth with vegemite than eat that thing,” Taehyung purses his lips as he pushes the oyster away, back to a giggling Jeongguk.


“Vegemite?” Jimin says, that being his first word said to them following his entrance.


Despite speaking Korean, Taehyung’s Western accent bleeds through his words like a heavily inked pen on thin paper. It had taken him by surprise the first time they had interacted with one another, and he still hasn’t adjusted.


“Oh, yeah!” Taehyung’s nose scrunches up at the thought of their subject. “It’s some kind of extracts paste from Australia. It’s really salty and gross.”


Now, Jimin has shamefully only done his research on a handful of models. Taehyung is not one of those models, so when hearing the ‘from Australia’ part, his eyes go wide. He assumes that American— part American models gain more opportunities than South Korea bred ones, like him, receive. International shoots being involved in that.


He has been a part of U.K. shoots before, but it’s always exciting being able to keep expanding on travel plans.


“Are drop bears real?” Jeongguk asks, poking at the oyster with a really small fork absentmindedly.


Taehyung snorts and reaches out to ruffle the younger model’s hair. “Those are just clumsy koalas. Nothing to worry about when you go there.”


A bright smile takes place on Jeongguk’s features. Jimin figures it’s because of the when and not the if you go there. It must be easy to fill Jeongguk with hope, which isn’t always a bad thing. The more confident you are, the more you have a chance of succeeding, he’s learnt. That’s why Jimin always keeps trying his hardest, so he knows how confident he can be in doing what he loves.


“I have a question,” Taehyung states, sight directed towards Jimin, who hums in reply. “Are you completely clueless as to who all of these people are, or is it just me?”


Jimin pokes his head around to catch glimpses of passing people, and people talking in groups of a minimum of three. It’s only then that it dawns on him that, no, he barely knows any of the people who he’s spent the past two weeks around. The exception being his manager and the two models, of course.


“No. I don’t think I care enough to know,” he replies flatly.


A waiter passes by the snacks table that they’re at, and Jimin takes not one, but two champagne glasses on nothing less than a whim. Downing one instantly, he swallows the aftertaste and opens his eyes to see  four  amused pairs staring back at him.


He raises his eyebrow at the newly arrived people, one of tall stature and the other a bit shorter than he is, with hunched shoulders that hold a broadness to them.


The tall one speaks first. His thick rimmed glasses have a sense of familiarity to Jimin, and it’s on the tip of his tongue, but not quite placeable. “Park Jimin: a fantastic model and someone who downs alcohol with second nature experience. Amazing.”


At this, he lightly sips on his second glass of champagne, simultaneously shoving his empty glass into the hands of Taehyung.


“If I were fantastic, I’d be more international, don’t you think?” Jimin tilts his head in question. “I don’t fluster after lies…” he trails off, giving a tight smile when boggling his mind for a name.


“Kim Namjoon. I was the photographer for the shoots,” ah,  Namjoon , that’s right. He’d remembered it the first week, and by the second week, he’d been tired and almost forgotten his own name.


“And this is my editor, Min Yoongi.”


That’s when Jimin pays more attention to the snake resembling eyes that glance his way as well. Gracing Jimin’s eyes, his previously hunched shoulders are straightened to their full extent. With the deep dip of the neckline of his shirt, his collar bones are half visible. There’s a silk scarf wrapped tightly around his neck, colored black making the milky skin tone stand out more.


God, if his own leather pants don’t tighten the slightest bit.


He keeps his eyes trained on Yoongi, even over the rim of his glass. Wonders how he didn’t spot the editor at their shoots, because he still made sure to say hi to everyone each day.


“He worked from home recently because he’d gotten a cold, but he made a full recovery just in time to come tonight,” Namjoon informs, as if reading his mind.


Yoongi clears his throat with a quiet cough and nods. “Yes, I hated having to miss it. The photos turned out great, though. You are all very talented in what you do,” he says, his tone candid and seemingly uninterested.


Jimin may not redden over what he knows to be lies, but he most definitely reddens over a subtle compliment with the editor’s eyes still boring onto his figure.


Taehyung grins knowingly, looking back and forth between a speechless Jimin and an unaffected Yoongi, and steps in. “Thank you, Yoongi-ssi.You know, I felt like the arcade shoot was perfect for my personality. Did it show?” he continues to ramble on about how him being chosen for the shoots was fate. Jimin subtly rolls his eyes, but with no bitterness behind it.


In the end, Jeongguk eats the raw oyster, and Jimin once again excuses himself from their square. He waves to Namjoon and Yoongi before walking off, only to be enveloped in congratulatory conversations coming from people who weren’t even at their photoshoots.


One lady comes up to him and introduces herself as Elizabeth, not her Korean name, but one given to her by relatives in Canada. The name comes out his mouth with mild complications, but luckily, he doesn’t find himself having to even talk that much when she does all of it for him.


She asks him questions about working outside of South Korea, climbing his way up the charts of popularity and becoming a worldwide sweetheart. Asks him about his restaurant recommendations, about if he prefers Seoul or his hometown, Busan. He stops her when she asks him if the other two models he worked with are single, but does it politely and still tells her that he doesn’t have an answer to that.


Occasionally, he’ll find the set of eyes that had become acquainted with his while with Taehyung and Jeongguk earlier, but they’ll turn away as soon as they meet his.


“When does this end?” he asks Hoseok when they stumble along each other again.


“Around three hours time. We still have the screening of the final product and behind the scenes pictures,” Hoseok tells him, much to his disappointment.


Somebody please bring in the chocolate fountain that he needs so badly.


His manager pats him on the back comfortingly and has a look of sympathy when he groans. “Go outside and take a breather. It’s stuffy as hell in here, I know,” then he tells Jimin where the backdoors are, the ones that lead to the pool and garden.


It’s colder than he’d like for it to be. The fact that there’s a pool nearby does help either, but Jimin would rather suffocate in the frigid, city polluted air than inside a golden hotel filled with people mainly looking to fill their wallets even more. He models because he loves modeling, despite the cons of the occupation. It’s easy to tell who does their job for passion and who does it for the money when you’re around people who are either like you or aren’t.


He kicks at a stray pebble so it slides back under the surrounding fencing and to the bottom of a hedge. Sleeping in quite late really messed him up for the rest of the night. He feels wide awake, yet so tired at the same time. The bright blue glow of the pool almost hurts his eyes with its contrast to the black sky.


The sound of a door sliding open breaks the somewhat silence blanketing him and the outside area. Jimin turns around and finds Yoongi standing at the door, facing him while he reaches back to shut it back.


“Oh, Yoongi-ssi, hello again,” Jimin greets quietly.


Yoongi nods as his greeting and comes forward slowly, his steps short and patiently timed. Jimin is already facing the water in the pool again by the time Yoongi is on his right, with a decent amount of space between them.


“I think between talking to all of the people and sinking in this pool, the conversations would feel more like drowning than not being able to breath,” the editor drawls, certainly knowing how to make an interesting ice breaker.


“Tell me about it. I’ve had three ahjummas come up to me and pinch my - quote on quote - ‘ cute and adorable ’ cheeks already,” Jimin responds just as miserably, gaining a huffed snort out of Yoongi. It makes him chuckle slightly on his own.


They fade into silence again, it being awkward, to say the least. Occasionally there’s the sounds of car horns honking, or a car driving past the hotel, but it’s not as often as it usually happens to be.


Yoongi sighs and Jimin gulps, then turns to look at the editor. “Is this your first afterparty?”


“Is it that obvious?” Yoongi looks over at him and grimaces at the mere thought of seeming out of place like he feels.


Quickly shaking his head, Jimin takes a step forward towards Yoongi unknowingly. “It’s not, actually. I was just asking since I haven’t seen you any of the other times before.”


“Well, Joon and I only now just got bumped up to start doing these bigger shoots,” Yoongi explains his reasoning. “I wanted to be a photographer as well, but the company I work for says I’m better behind a computer than a camera. Gotta listen to the bosses, you know?”


That causes Jimin to frown. When he wanted something, he fought for it, and so did Hoseok. But he mentally shakes it off and goes for a nod instead.


Suddenly, the door opens again and both men turn to see Hoseok standing there with his head poking out. “Screening is in a few minutes. Hurry up and grab your seats; they’re reserved and in the first two rows,” and he doesn’t ask about who Yoongi is, leaving Jimin in some kind of suspicion.


If the beginning of the party says anything about the rest of it at all, it’s that the rest of the night drags on. Time had felt fast standing outside with Yoongi, but he hadn’t been able to spot the editor after the screening.


Maybe another time, Jimin hopes.

The next time Jimin does see Yoongi, it’s one month later for a photoshoot pertaining to an article on January fashion. A collab project with Taehyung that Jimin is excited for.


Before he can even scope out the scenery, he’s pulled into the land of clothes, hair, and makeup. Hoseok stands to the side while on his phone, having a good talk judging from his reoccurring laughter. He makes a point to ask who he’s talking to, but Hoseok holds a finger up to his face.


The clothes he changes into consists of a red and black striped shirt, a denim jacket, skinny blue jeans that match the jacket, and a pair of leather boots that reach slightly past his ankles. His hair is volumized and turned fluffier than it had been after brushing it this morning. It’s a wavy mess covering his forehead. And the makeup is simple, a smudge of eyeliner and mocha eyeshadow.


He comes out when Taehyung makes his appearance, walking through the door with his phone up to his air. Surely it’s a coincidence how both him and Hoseok get off their phones upon seeing one another.


“You’re late. Does your manager not know what ‘on time’ means?” Hoseok grins teasingly, looking pointedly at Taehyung.


“Do you know what ‘traffic is a bitch’ means, Hoseok-hyung?” Taehyung retorts, disappearing into the preparation room before Hoseok can fire back.


Jimin quirks an eyebrow at the odd and abrupt exchange, watching Hoseok eventually leave him as well. A warm presence sneaking behind him startles him, and he turns around quickly, right after a short but very audible gasp. The culprit is none other than Yoongi, staring at Jimin worriedly.


“Yoongi-ssi! You scared me,” he chuckles, bringing a hand up to where his heart is beating faster in his previous fit of fear, making sure not to scrunch up the jumper.


Standing with a sheepish expression, and a hand scratching at the back of his neck, Yoongi frowns. “I’m sorry, I only meant to say hello,” which comes off as very -  quite  sweet to Jimin, and he wills away the oncoming blush.


“And, um, Jimin, you could call me hyung if you want? I-I’m twenty-five and you’re twenty-three so.... It doesn’t really matter, but I figure we’ll be seeing each other more often—”


“Of course, hyung. It’s no problem.”


It almost causes Jimin to giggle, the way Yoongi suddenly decides to broaden his shoulders again.


“Is work treating you nicely?” he asks quickly after to avoid another awkward silence.


The editor perks up at this, quite eager when nodding. “I’m still in charge of touching up photos, but it’s a different world working for higher up magazines and journals,” and there’s so much excitement that’s disguised behind his dignified way of speaking, it’s admirable.


“Soon, you’ll be travelling outside of the country for your work,” Jimin responds, matching Yoongi’s excitement but more obviously. “Maybe you’ll even land that photographer spot.”


“Mhm, maybe.. So will you, Jimin. Travel, I mean,” Yoongi fumbles over his words, more smoothly than Jimin would ever be able to manage.


Namjoon comes into the picture, resting an arm over Yoongi’s shoulders and hugging him close. “I’m trying to teach Yoongi-hyung everything he needs to know to reach his wants. He’s in good hands, Jimin-ssi,” the photographer hums before fondly squeezing Yoongi one more time.


There’s no doubt to it -- Jimin’s done his research on Namjoon, after the last photoshoot’s after-party. The photographer should have been promoted ages ago, along with Yoongi. Their work is spectacular, stand-alone and together. He knows and trusts that they’ll get their big break soon, maybe faster than he will.


When Taehyung comes out from hair and makeup, dressed in a grey long coat, navy blue loose fitted slacks, and dress shoes, Namjoon calls out and announces that it’s showtime. Lighting crew adjust the surrounding lights, making sure their features are presented to their full potential, simultaneously refraining from blinding them. Yoongi stands in between Namjoon and Hoseok, observing the models sharply.


Jimin and Taehyung stand facing away from each other, angled so the fronts of their outfits can still be seen, but so that they’re also tilted slightly away from the camera. Jimin twists his neck so he’s staring at the camera, and then faces down at the floor with just his eyes. Taehyung stays looking forward, but with his head tilted upwards.


For a few pictures, they have to sit down on a couch with no space between them. They’re told to smile at each other, which is hard for Jimin not to do when looking at Taehyung. His genuine amusement has Taehyung following in laughter, helping the photos turn out better than originally planned.


Once those have finished, Jimin sees that Yoongi’s retreated over to his station of monitors and a laptop. One of the monitors showing their pictures when selected on the laptop faces them. Yoongi pays all of his attention to his laptop, but isn’t scrolling through the pictures.


He doesn’t have time to dwell on it before he and Taehyung are being rushed into changing rooms again, with different sets of clothes.


The jumper he wears is multicolored with tassels dangling from the bottoms of the sleeves. When he emerges from changing, Taehyung is already done with a ‘lone wolf’ denim jacket on, and tight, black jeans contrasting greatly from his last outfit.


Taehyung turns around from having his makeup touched up on, one of their stylists grunting quietly before walking away. He comes up to Jimin, who stands still and watches him.


“Are you scheming on getting dicked down by the editor?” Taehyung asks him, wiggling his eyebrows comically in reply to Jimin’s snort.


“Yoongi-hyung? No, I only just met him when you did… he seems like he prefers to keep to himself, and all,” he gently shoves Taehyung away, and lets another stylist fluff his hair some more. “We’ve only had two conversations, and they were both really short.”


It doesn’t settle the younger, though, who rolls his eyes. “But long enough to be pulling the hyung card already, and enough for him to get jealous when we were shooting together,” he speaks absurdly, but Jimin doesn’t bother asking him about any of it, but asks about something else.


“Then mind if I ask why you’re so cozy with my manager?” Jimin smirks when Taehyung’s at a loss for words.


Soon after, they’re being called back out already, on to the second segment of the photoshoot. This time, Yoongi doesn’t come up front to watch them, and Jimin can’t see him past the monitors from his spot. At least he goes through the pictures now, but Jimin forces himself to pay more attention to posing.


Solo shots intimidate Jimin more than not, but he manages to pull them off when he has to. For a final shot, he brings one hand up to run through his fluffy hair, parts his lips, and stares half-lidded at the camera lense. Namjoon gives him a thumbs up after the picture is taken, and he skips off set for Taehyung to go on.


Without hesitance, he goes over to Yoongi and crouches by his seat on the chair. He scans over his pictures for a minute, then looks over to Yoongi. “Did I look good?” he asks, blinking a little excessively when Yoongi turns his gaze onto him.


“You were impressive,” Yoongi confirms, sticking his tongue out just on his bottom lip when focussing on choosing which pictures to keep and which to dispose.


If Jimin were a puppy, his tail would be wagging vigorously. Since he’s not a puppy, he ends up squeaking and grinning. “Thank you, hyung. Do you have a favorite shot?” he hears a sharp intake of breath from Yoongi when hyung slips from his mouth again.


The last shot, had admittedly been for Yoongi to notice more than the others. Much to Jimin’s excitement, Yoongi picks that one,  and  another one. It’s one he hadn’t even been aware of. It had been captured when he was mid laugh because Taehyung was dancing to the music playing, and one of his too long sleeves hit Hoseok in the eye. His eyes are disappeared behind his scrunched lids, and his smile is on full display.


“I doubt we’ll be able to use this one, but I’m still handing it in,” Yoongi says, talking about the one of him smiling.


“It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?” Jimin chirps, to which Yoongi nods.


Before parting ways that night, Jimin gets Yoongi’s number,  finally , and a load of messages from Taehyung that are all just a bunch of winky faces.


In the car, Jimin tells Hoseok to keep his boyfriend in line, and Hoseok chokes on his spit before sputtering out statements denying Taehyung’s title.


When Jimin sees the red tint on Hoseok’s cheeks,  Good , is what he thinks,  Hoseok deserves something nice .




He’s eating cereal on his couch when his front door slams open, and someone barges in. Not just someone. It doesn’t worry him, because he already knows who the fast footsteps belong to.


“You aren’t going to fucking believe this, Jimin-ah! Well, you may, but it blew my fucking socks off,” Hoseok screeches as he plants himself on the couch next to Jimin and holds up his phone for Jimin to read whatever’s on his screen.


Jimin hands his cereal to Hoseok, who begins to eat the rest of it without permission. It doesn’t matter, because Jimin’s eyes are wide reading just the first part of the email Hoseok has received this morning. He skips over everything that isn’t all that relevant to him, and squeals over the part where Vogue requests his participation in one of their male fashion articles.


That’s all the way in New York.  America .


“Have you accepted yet?” Jimin waves his free hand around, not out of his spell of disbelief yet.


“No, I was waiting for your confirmation,” Hoseok furrows his eyebrows and talks with a mouthful of cereal. Some of the milk dribbles back into the bowl as he talks, and Jimin grimaces. “What? You may have changed your mind about America.”


“Do you even know me at all? Accept it! I’m going to tell the others — We’re going to America, hyung!” Jimin hands the phone back to Hoseok and grabs his own from his other side of him.



Group chat with Tae and Gukkie.


Chim 11:03 AM


R E P L Y :(((


Gukkie 11:10 AM

 Listen I’m just trying to sleep


Tae 11:10 AM



Chim 11:10 AM

 Guys :( issa big thing


Tae: 11:10 AM

 Go on then tell us chimmy <3


Chim 11:11 AM

 I’m going to NY to shoot for Vogue!!!


Gukkie 11:11 AM



Tae 11:11 AM


((aside from me,,, since I’ve already done that))

(((im so happy for you SQUEE)))


He exits out of the group chat and looks at his list of messages. It’s been two days since he and Yoongi have last talked, and three weeks since they exchanged numbers. The editor ends up being busier than he would have thought, and as much as he wants to tell Yoongi right now, he doesn’t want to be a bother, so he leaves it.


“Taehyung told us to come over to his place for celebration tonight. Said it’s just going to be us three, but it’ll do,” Hoseok breaks his thoughts.


His manager and Taehyung aren’t boyfriends, as it had been revealed to him a few days after he made the assumption. He learns not to tease either of them about it when they talk on and on about the other. It may not be happening now, but Jimin expects it to happen soon. Which also forms a mild dread of possibly being a third wheel for his own celebration party.


He finds himself agreeing though. “Yeah, it’ll be fun. Did he say if there’d be alcohol?”


Hoseok gives him a look, with a raised eyebrow. “It’s Taehyung. He has cabinets of alcohol.”




Nine hours later, Jimin walks up to Taehyung’s door on the fifth floor of the complex. He has on baby blue leggings with an oversized, cream jumper and white Converses. Hoseok is next to him, in sweatpants and a hoodie since the party isn’t really a party. It feels good to go out and not have to wear fancy attire.


Happily, with a small smile on his face, Jimin knocks on the door. It opens after the two hear yelling inside, and Hoseok coughs like he’s trying to cover something. Taehyung grins at the two of them, welcomes them, and moves to the side for them to come inside.


As soon as Jimin walks to the living room, Taehyung hops on his back when three other people pop up from behind furniture and yell ‘ Surprise! ’. Well, everyone except for Yoongi, who had stayed seated on the arm chair the entire time. Jimin giggles as he pries Taehyung’s arms away from his neck, and covers his heated face when Jeongguk runs over to try and kiss his cheeks again and again.


“Thank you, guys. This is really sweet,” he pouts when he looks at the ‘congratulations’ banner hanging over the living room, and the balloons all clinging to the ceiling. There’s boxes of pizza stacked on the coffee table, along with a six pack of beer. He can’t believe they did all of this for him, as small as it may be.


One of Taehyung’s walls is a window rather than a brick wall like the others, and two long curtains come together to block out the lights from the outside. The inside lighting gives the place a yellow dim with a home-like feeling.


Namjoon makes his way over before they all settle down and gives him a hug. He’s talked to Namjoon the least out of the entire group, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t talked at all. Sometimes it feels like the photographer is his hyung, which comforts him more than he would have expected.


They plan to watch a movie, and Taehyung has Hoseok help him with gathering blankets. Namjoon sits on the floor with Jeongguk by the pizza, and already start munching on slices.


Shyly, Jimin approaches Yoongi by standing in front of him with his fingers clasped together. Yoongi smiles up at him, and although it’s an almost nonexistent smile, it makes Jimin feel soft and fluffy on the inside. He opts for playing with the bottom of his jumper, and notices Yoongi’s eyes trail down from the hem down his legging clad legs.


Don’t get flustered, don’t get flustered .


“Hi, hyung,” Jimin mumbles, knowing his cheeks have flared up again, going against him.


He’s not sure what his feelings exactly are, for Yoongi at the moment. But he knows that the first time he’d seen Yoongi’s eyes staring at him, he’d felt like he couldn’t stop fidgeting in his stance. Maybe it started out as slight intimidation and turned into something short of admiration and a long shot from infatuation, or maybe it’s become something like a crush (it’s most definitely a crush, and Jimin feels like a lovesick teenager all over again). It feels like all of it has happened too fast, and it’s taken him by surprise.


“Jiminie,” Yoongi says, making him jump. The gravelly voice he’s grown used to despite only hearing it three times so far, pulls him away from thinking too hard about his feelings. Jimin blinks at Yoongi, and watches a gummy smile appear on his hyung’s face. “Can I call you that?”


“You can call me whatever, I don’t mind,” Jimin shrugs and speaks breathily, dazed over the new nickname that he’s been given.


For a second, Yoongi smirks, and then it disappears like it never happened. “Cute,” he murmurs.


Jimin wonders where his shy and quiet Yoongi went, why or how they’ve suddenly switched personalities. Now he’s the one not knowing how to say his words, while Yoongi looks at him in amusement,


“We bring fluffy blankets!” Taehyung shouts as he walks out from his bedroom with Hoseok behind him. He tosses one at the pair on the floor, one on the couch where him and Hoseok will be sitting, and throws the last one in a ball towards Jimin.


There’s no time to prepare before he has a blanket hurdled his way, and is knocked down on Yoongi’s lap. Yoongi holds onto him with a grunt after Jimin’s elbow digs in against his waist. Pulling the blanket down and off of his face, Jimin sends a glare Taehyung’s way, and Taehyung only winks at him.


“Ah, I’m sorry,” Jimin gulps and tries to lift himself out of Yoongi’s lap. “I should have paid more attention to the blanket.”


Except, Yoongi keeps him in his lap, and brushes his lips against the top of his ear. Jimin lifts the blanket back up to cover half of his face when Yoongi whispers to him.


“My bet is that Taehyung and Hoseok will get touchy less than halfway through the movie. If you sit around Namjoon, you’ll have to listen to his quiet bursts of pointing out mistakes in the movie. Let Jeongguk deal with that. You’re safest with me.”


Needless to say, he sticks in Yoongi’s lap, despite it being embarrassing for him when their friends peek over at them. The elder even takes his shoes off for him and spreads the blanket out properly on top of them. There’s awkward shuffling on his behalf, but he finally gets comfortable just before Taehyung starts the movie. To keep him from falling, Yoongi doesn’t move his arms from around Jimin. It’s a breathing hazard for Jimin, because he doesn’t know how to react to all of this.


He’s not sure what part of  Jurassic World  feels like a good movie to watch at a celebration hang out, and figures Yoongi’s thinking the same thing as well. There’s a tap on his hip just as one of the dinosaurs escapes it’s shelter.


“How come you didn’t message me about New York when you accepted?” Yoongi questions, quiet and close enough that none of the others hear him except for Jimin.


“You’ve been really busy lately. I didn’t want to accidentally interrupt anything important,” Jimin replies softly, toying with the ends of his sleeves.


Yoongi shakes his head and brushes his nose against Jimin’s jawline. “Nonsense. You’re more interesting than a lot of the work I have to do, anyway. Don’t worry about it.”


The skin tingles where Yoongi’s touched. It proceeds to get more difficult to conceal his problems when Yoongi’s hand rubs up and down his thigh. Thank god Yoongi halts his movements, but it’s for an even more disturbing reason. There’s another whisper telling him not to look over at Taehyung and Hoseok, but his curiosity gets the best of him.


He barely catches a glimpse of his manager with his head tilted back before a quiet noise erupts from Hoseok’s throat and Taehyung hushes him. Apparently they’re the only ones to catch it, but Jimin suddenly regrets his decision of disobeying Yoongi. Speaking of him, the older pinches his leg and snickers at his misfortune.


“Those fuckers, they told me they weren’t dating,” Jimin hisses.


The two of them ignore Taehyung and Hoseok for the remainder of the movie. Around some time, Namjoon does the favor handing everybody a beer. By the time the movie finally does end, Jimin’s bottle is empty and his eyes are shut while his face is buried in Yoongi’s neck.


“I’m going to go to the bathroom,” Hoseok mumbles, rushing down the hallway. Taehyung nods and trails after him just as fast.


Jimin groans and gets up from his spot to let Yoongi’s legs breathe. He reaches his hand down for Yoongi to grab ahold of. “I’m going to make a hot chocolate. Come with me for friendship time?” he squeaks. Jeongguk snorts behind him, and he lets out an over dramatic huff and turns around to kick at him.


Yoongi agrees, nonetheless, and the two of them head to the kitchen. The older stands across from him while he reaches up into one of the cabinets that has the hot chocolate packets. He’s not sure if he imagines the choked up coughing coming from Yoongi until he has to pour a glass of water for the poor guy. That’s when he notices that his jumper is bunched up around his waist, and he embarrassedly tugs it back down.


“Friendship time, huh?” Yoongi cracks a smile after he’s swallowed down all of the water. “I don’t even like hot chocolate, so we can’t exactly be friends if you don’t know I’m not a sweets guy.”


“But you  are  a sweets guy, hyung,” Jimin prods his tongue in his cheek while facing away from Yoongi, choosing to gaze at the kettle instead.


“How so?” Yoongi asks him. Jimin can picture his arms crossed, a challenging half grin on his face, eyes gazing like they know a way out that Jimin doesn’t.


There’s nothing to it, though. Jimin has all of it under his belt with ease, and he bursts into giggles before actually saying it. “You’re friends with me, and I’m the sweetest person you’ll ever meet,” he bites his lip while grinning, and Yoongi’s snort has him covering his face with his jumper paws again.


“I suppose I can’t deny that, can I?”


Jimin shakes his head and pulls the kettle off of the stove to pour the boiling water into his (Taehyung’s) mug. He turns around and leans his back against the counter, copying Yoongi’s stance across from him. Until he gets tired of standing, and places his mug on the counter before propping himself up onto the counter as well, with his ankles crossed.


Yoongi pushes himself off the opposing counter and takes a few steps further so he’s in Jimin’s space, using his hands on Jimin’s knees to spread them apart and fill the gap between with his own body.


“You deserve this opportunity a lot. I’m proud of you, Jiminie,” Yoongi tells him, as his eyes pick apart Jimin’s sanity bit by bit.


“You don’t know what I deserve, hyung. We barely know each other, when you think about it,” Jimin mumbles, taking a sip of his hot chocolate. It burns his tongue and causes him to wince, and Yoongi ‘ tsk ’s at him and takes the mug from his hands to set it back beside Jimin.


“I’m not opposed to getting to know you,” Yoongi says.


“Okay, Min Editor-nim,” Jimin locks his ankles around Yoongi’s waist and pokes the tip of his nose. “Are you ready to waste your time on me?”


A chuckle bubbles from Yoongi’s throat. “I’d hardly call it a waste. But yeah, I am.”


(Sugar 12:31 PM

 You can dance?


Jiminie 12:31 PM

 When someone says they’re a dancer, it typically means that /yes/

They can dance


Sugar 12:32 PM

 Wow I wasn’t aware I was dealing with a smartass


Jiminie 12:32 PM

 You kinda deserved it!!! And I think you like it


Sugar 12:32 PM

 hm whatever )





Jiminie 2:39 PM

 Please tell me you’re going to the afterparty event tonight


Sugar 2:43 PM

 Can’t let you suffer alone


Jiminie 2:44 PM

 Well, I have Tae and Gukkie


Sugar 2:44 PM

 Fine, I’ll stay home


Jiminie 2:44 PM

 No! Pls come hyung


Sugar 2:46 PM

 I’m only teasing.

I’ll be glad to see you again.


It’s his last special event to attend before he gets to fly to America with Hoseok by his side. His white button up has ruffles on the collar, and his jacket is red mixed with black. He wears black jeans that can pass for dress pants if not paid much attention to.


As soon as they arrive at the assigned hotel, Jimin is hopping out of the car with Hoseok, who hands one of the workers the keys to park the car. In an instance, Jimin is jogging inside and showing his ID to a security guard, granted access immediately after.


He searches for someone who he recognizes, someone who helps him feel a little less alone in such a big room full of strangers. A hand clamps down on his shoulder, and in his hopes of it being Yoongi, it turns out to be Jeongguk. Not that he minds all that much, since he adores the younger model.


“Guk!” Jimin clings to Jeongguk by hugging him tightly, then decides to let him go.


Jeongguk’s expression is sour, which Jimin sees after pulling away from him. “Hi Jimin-hyung,” but a smile appears on his face again before he forces Jimin into another hug.


A whine draws past his lips when he realizes that he’s not able to scan the room for a certain somebody anymore. When Jeongguk lets him go, he hits his chest and makes sure that he’s a safe enough distance away so that he can’t be dragged into anything again.


Yoongi is not an easy person to find in a room full of people, being close to as short as he is, and a hair color that matches close to everyone else’s. Though, Jimin feels like it should be an easy task for him, so when he can’t scope out who he’s looking for, his shoulders drop.  He said he’d be here, he said he wanted to see me . Surely he’s just a little late?


Jimin takes out his phone and messages Yoongi asking so, regretting it soon after in case it comes off as too attached.



Jiminie 8:45 PM

 Hyung are you here?


“Uh oh, what’s wrong, Chimmy?”


Taehyung joins him and Jeongguk, and eyes Jimin with concern. Even though their bosses say not to touch their own faces or to have other people (aside from stylists) touch their faces, Taehyung places his hands on Jimin’s jaws and the bottoms of his cheeks to make him face the younger.


Too caught up in his sulking, Jimin doesn’t answer. His refusal causes Taehyung to pout frustratedly at him and twist his upper body to slightly face Jeongguk.


Jeongguk shrugs. “I saw him looking around, then he just deflated.”


Slowly, a knowing smile breaches Taehyung’s features. He lets his hands fall from Jimin’s face and snaps his fingers. “A lovesick puppy at his finest, Jeongguk. He can’t find his little Yoongi-hyung,” Taehyung snickers alongside Jeongguk while Jimin frowns at the two of them.


“I’m not lovesick, you idiots. At least, not to the point where I give him an under-the-blanket handjob during a movie in front of our friends,” Jimin snarls light-heartedly towards Taehyung. Taehyung’s smug attitude falls completely while Jeongguk turns to him with a disgusted expression. “Don’t think I didn’t notice, Yoongi-hyung too,” he adds.


“Oh god,” Taehyung groans into his hands.


“We did our special handshake after the movie, too,” Jeongguk slumps against the nearest wall. “You and Hoseok-hyung are terrible.”


A muffled ‘ whatever ’ comes from Taehyung. The situation lightens Jimin’s spirits a little, but he still feels disappointment when his phone doesn’t ding with a new message.  What if he’s in trouble?  runs through his mind, but he doesn’t want to work himself up in anxiety inducing thoughts either.


A harsh pat lands in between his shoulder blades and forces a grunt out of him. Namjoon shows up beside him with a seemingly complexed expression. “Hey. Hoseok was looking for you, saying it was important.. I think he went through the exit leading to the garage,” to which Jimin furrows his eyebrows but nods.


“Okay. Thank you, Namjoon-hyung,” Jimin says, and walks away from the trio when Namjoon nods. He excuses himself past clusters of guests and slides between multiple sets of chairs, and finally makes it to the door that Namjoon had pointed to. “Why the hell would he go outside to talk to me?” he questions to himself, opening up the door and walking out onto a concrete path.


He stands there and peeks around for his manager, sighing when he doesn’t spot him anywhere. He goes to text him, and is halfway through asking him what is so important to talk about that he needs Jimin to stand out in the freezing cold for it, when two hands reach out from behind and cover his eyes.


His first thought is,  Oh shit I’m being kidnapped , and the second one is,  Fuck you Jung Hoseok . But then a set of lips brushes against his ear, and the voice that sounds from them stops his shaking out of fear, only leaving him to shake from being cold. His third thought ends up being,  I shouldn’t be this excited .


“Is it too straightforward to say that you look dashing tonight, Jiminie?”


Before he can respond, the biggest grin forms on his lips. He’s not really sure why, but it happens, and Jimin doesn’t care that much. Because Yoongi is here, saying nice things again in his barely changing, rarely faltering austere manner, and throwing Jimin off of his balance.


Both of his hands come up to cover Yoongi’s, and he gently wraps his fingers around Yoongi’s to peel them off. He turns around to finally look at Yoongi, sees that his eyes are the only parts of his appearance that show the slightest bit of enthusiasm about seeing him. There’s no smile, his eyebrows are downturned, and his eyes, albeit coming off as glaring, are somewhat sparkling.


“I think you’re over-exaggerating,” Jimin chimes, still having a hold on both of Yoongi’s hands, not that the older is pulling away.


“Is that what kids these days call being honest?” Yoongi teases, eventually taking his hands out of Jimin’s grasp so he can switch their places, Jimin’s hands in his.


Instead of picking on Yoongi for what he said, Jimin just ducks his head and bumps his forehead against Yoongi’s shoulder. It’s then that he looks down and notices a lanyard sticking out of his slacks pockets. He asks about it, and Yoongi lightly pushes him back so he can pull the object out.


“I was thinking we could get away for a little while, before you go to America, and such,” Yoongi suggests, pulling out the lanyard that has a car key and three others attached to it. “Even if it’s just for a few hours, an escape would be nice, wouldn’t it?”


Nodding and taking his eyes off of the keys to look Yoongi in the eyes again, Jimin yanks the lanyard out of Yoongi’s hands, much to the surprise of the older. “A BMW? Are you trying to woo me with your runaway car, hyung?” Jimin walks backwards on the path leading to the parking garage while playing with the keys, the BMW logo branded clearly on the car key.


“I’m not sure you’d agree unless I brought the good stuff,” Yoongi plays along, walking after Jimin, also making sure he doesn’t fall back on anything.


Jimin winks and pokes his tongue out to run it along his bottom lip. “That’s right. I’m an expensive baby, Min Editor-nim; I need a wealthy man to hold me down,” he turns around before he’s able to see Yoongi’s reaction, but feels confident in it being positive. 


Without speaking anymore, they get to the parking garage and Yoongi leads them to his car. He hands the keys back over to their owner and slides into the M5 with elegance, afraid to ruin anything or get it dirty. Yoongi gets in behind the wheel, shuts his door, and turns the ignition on. 

It’s not until they’re actually on the road that Jimin starts up conversation again (it’s also when he sees that Yoongi’s face isn’t overly pink anymore). “How much is your monthly income as an editor?” not because he wants to compare, but just because he’s curious to know more about Yoongi’s work.

Yoongi runs his fingers through his brown hair and scrunches his nose in thought. “Editing alone doesn’t give me too much pay, but I also help teach some of the rookies on the side which helps too. It’s gotten better since the promotion, of course, with more gigs happening,” he answers. Jimin focuses on his words, and also the way he uses his hands to help express what he’s feeling when talking. 

“Hm,” Jimin hums, and Yoongi tilts his head and looks at him for a bit before focusing on the road again. 


“What is it?” Yoongi asks.

Jimin rests his elbow on the console between them and props his chin on top of his palm. “Do you think that they may be keeping you as an editor because they know that no one is as good as you at it? Just a thought,” Jimin mumbles, smiling softly in Yoongi’s direction. 

There’s a sigh from Yoongi, and his right hand meets Jimin’s over the console and gently pulls it out from under his chin. The gesture of holding hands while driving at night feels strangely romantic, but Jimin doesn’t dare say anything about it.


“There’s already plenty of editors there. That’s why I can’t help but feel a little bitter over them not moving me to the photography department. They’ve seen what I can do, but they won’t…”


While he speaks, he squeezes Jimin’s hand every other word. A part of Jimin wonders if it’s comfort mechanism of sorts for the editor, and the other part doesn’t mind it one bit.


“Namjoon-hyung’s still showing you stuff, right? So just let him help you approve on what you need to, and see what happens then. Good things come to those who wait,” he reassures, squeezing Yoongi’s hand when he finishes.


“I guess so. Thanks, Jiminie,” Yoongi gives Jimin a smile in return for his efforts, and Jimin reciprocates it.


“You’re welcome, hyung! Now, you know what we’re going to do?” he reaches with his free hand and turns on the radio. “We’re going to enjoy our night away from the photobiz crowd, and listen to some music while at it. Sound good?”


The older nods and lets Jimin fool around with the radio. When Jimin figures that Yoongi’s enveloped enough in his driving, he takes the time to catch glimpses of him, the hand on the steering wheel sporting a Rolex on his wrist, left uncovered by his dark blue coat. His hair is tousled, but still looks neatly styled, and reveals all of the earrings on his right ear.


It’s different seeing the world from behind a glass window while not heading somewhere because of work. Everything seems different, like he has time to enjoy the lights, the music, the company, without having to think about work on the way to their destination. It’s hard and weird to explain, but sceneries somehow change when they’re being looked at in during different occasions.


He doesn’t even know where they’re going, if Yoongi has a plan, if he had Namjoon come up to Jimin with an idea of where to go. Usually, spontaneity would terrify Jimin, but with Yoongi behind the wheel and in charge, he can’t find it in him to feel anything close to worry. This is the most peace he’s felt in such a long time.


They do end up stopping at a small convenience store so Yoongi can buy snacks a drinks for them, and Jimin keeps them by his feet when they leave the place. Close to ten minutes later, he’s on the hood of Yoongi’s car, with a blanket under him and the snacks around his crossed legs. Yoongi sits next to him and opens his soda for him.


Yoongi had pulled out some spare hoodies from his backseat when they got out. Now Jimin’s suit jacket is discarded inside the car and he’s equipped in an old, red hoodie while Yoongi wears a black one.


A view of part of Seoul is below and before them. Yoongi had parked the car in a woodsy area at the end of a dirt road, and they’re not very elevated, but it’s still quaint and relaxing.


The radio still plays in the background, but it’s very faint. Jimin takes his soda from Yoongi with a hushed ‘ thank you ’, and uses it to help wash down the crackers he just finished munching on. He tosses a pack of gummy worms to Yoongi and giggles when it hits the editor’s face instead.


“I really shouldn’t be breaking my diet right now,” Jimin states, looking down at an extra pack of gummy worms. Tomorrow, he’ll wake up and think about how he’d consumed them the night before, and probably feel sick to his stomach.


“A few gummy worms aren’t going to show,” Yoongi frowns at him and nudges his side when he doesn’t respond. “Jimin.”


“Models are supposed to be really tall, skinny thighs, a facial structure with prominent cheekbones… I have none of that. And American agencies are really strict about that too, so who’s to say that they won’t want to send me back as soon as they see me in person? This is Vogue, after all.”


He doesn’t live up to normal standards. It had been a shock realizing he’d been accepted into his current agency. In the beginning, a lot had been asked of him. He skipped meals, worked himself to death in training rooms and gyms, just to get rid of his overly chubby cheeks and the small amount fat on his stomach. Wasn’t happy until he saw abs and a prominent jawline.


Even after the preferred results happened, he found routine and kept going. Nothing changed for the better until he’d been given a permanent manager, that person being Hoseok, and Hoseok soon caught on to what he’d been doing to harm himself. It had taken time, but he stopped working himself to the bone and grew happy with his appearance.


“It is Vogue. And Vogue picked you because they want you. They know how beautiful you are, and how amazing you can be,” Yoongi clicks his tongue and takes the gummy worms from Jimin.


“Do these look good to you?”


Jimin nods.


“Do you want them?”


He nods again.


The gummy worms land in his lap where Yoongi drops them. The older starts chewing on a gummy worm before talking again. “Then eat them. I’ll even go back to that store and buy a salad to dump ‘em in, if you want,” Yoongi picks out a worm from his bag and puts it up to Jimin’s lips.


Jimin opens up and tugs on the worm with his teeth, whining when Yoongi doesn’t let go of it and laughs at his complications. “How about this; since you’re living the life of Min Yoongi for a night, I’ll go to the gym with you one of these days.”


“I like to see you try running on the third treadmill speed,” Jimin waves the bitten gummy worm in Yoongi’s face when it becomes free from his grasp. “You don’t have to, although I appreciate it.”


“Who said I’d do any exercising? I’d go just to be with you,” Yoongi blurts, not backtracking on his words until a few seconds later, when he coughs on one of his gummy worms and proceeds to chug half of his soda. “Like f-friendship time, yeah?”


Meanwhile, Jimin has to look away so Yoongi doesn’t see his red cheeks. It may be too dark to point them out, but he doesn’t risk it. He slides off of the hood and steals Yoongi’s phone, only to swipe it from the lockscreen to the camera. Yoongi takes the phone when it’s handed to him.

“Take some photos of your model, Mister Photographer,” he grins and takes a few steps backwards so his body's in the frame's shot. When Yoongi holds his phone up, Jimin stretches his arms out to the sides of him and tilts his head slightly back. His soda is still in his hand, ready to spill from the tilted angle its in. “Let this be a pre-op, hm?”


“A phone camera can’t do you any justice, I’m afraid,” Yoongi says, his small smile hidden behind the camera. He slides off of the hood of the car as well, slowly advancing towards Jimin. “Turn to the side, keep your head tilted back.”


Jimin complies, making a show of swallowing so his Adam’s apple bobs. “Do I look pretty?” he asks confidently.


"...Yeah. You do. Really pretty,” Yoongi exhales, breaking through the invisible layer of Jimin’s bubble. “Face me now. Look directly at me.”


The first thing, or person, in his line of sight turning around, his Yoongi. Suddenly blinking is an unfamiliar concept, and so breathing. He feels raw with both Yoongi’s eyes and the camera on him. The camera shutters while his lips are slightly parted, and he looks like he’s seen something akin to a god.


Then again, Yoongi comes pretty close to a god.


His breath hitches at their proximity. Then he thinks about Yoongi’s previous words, ones before talking about being with him, and he blushes even harder than before. He can blame it on the cold.




“Yeah, Jiminie?”


He gulps and takes a sip of his soda, his substitute for the alcohol that he needs to supply his courage.


“Do you really think I’m beautiful?”


Yoongi nods, putting his phone away in his pocket and claiming. “The most beautiful person I’ve met. The only reason you don’t have the world worshiping you right now is because they’ve haven’t seen you yet. But they will soon, Minnie.”


“Don’t say stuff like that,” Jimin complains, balling up his fist to softly hit Yoongi’s arm. He pulls the hood over his head and uses the drawstrings to cover every every bit of his face except his nose.


“Aw, and why not?” now Yoongi is full on smiling and wrapping both of his arms around the neck of a retreating (attempting to) Jimin.


He laughs and tries his best to push Yoongi away, but to no avail. Giving up, he decides to just press his face against Yoongi’s hoodie. “It’s embarrassing for me. So stop it,” his words are muffled by the fabric, adding more of a somewhat cuteness to them.


Eventually, Yoongi forces the hood loose and off of his head to settle back around his neck. It’s quiet between the two of them while Jimin tilts his head up to look at Yoongi. There’s a hand at his back rubbing circles on the small of it, and both of Jimin’s hands have the sides of Yoongi’s hoodie bunched up in his clutch. Jimin figures that they’ll have to start heading back soon, but for now, he wishes for time to slow down just by a little bit.


“Jimin,” Yoongi murmurs, slipping his hand under the hoodie.


“Mhm?” he must look hopeful, coming in for a kiss slowly, because Yoongi is so close, and looking at him like he’s something ethereal.


They’re so close.


A hand on his chest stops him. “I— we— time to go?”


Shit, he’d been reading the entire thing wrong. Jimin nods and quickly removes himself from Yoongi’s body, and goes to the car to pick up the snacks while Yoongi takes the blanket. It’s awkwardly silent after that, only the radio can save them right now, but not very sufficeable.  Of course Yoongi doesn’t like me. He’s just being nice .


To pour salt onto his wounds even more, he checks his messages expecting all caps rage cyber yelling from Hoseok, but what he does receive feels like it breaks his heart more than an angry manager would have.



Hoseokie-hyung 9:17 PM

 Namjoon told me what you’re up to

I would have preferred if you’d told me first, but it doesn’t really matter

If you sleep over at Yoongi’s, send me his address pls so I can pick you up!


A soft sigh comes out as he types a reply.



Fairy dongsaeng 11:32 PM

 You don’t have to worry.

I’m going home hyung.


“Uh, do you want to stay at mine tonight? If you’re not busy in the morning,” Yoongi offers.


“No, just take me to my place. I’ll guide you,” Jimin mumbles.




They get to his building, and Yoongi tries to say goodbye, but Jimin rushes out of the car with an equally haste goodbye. When he gets into his apartment, he slumps against his front door after shutting it, and eventually slides down to the floor.


“You idiot,” he sniffles and tugs at his hair, no doubt yanking some strands out. “Jimin, you fucking idiot.”


He’s still wearing Yoongi’s red hoodie, and isn’t thinking when he goes to sleep with it on.

Yes , I’m positive it’s Yoongi’s hoodie. I’ve noticed he wears it more than any of his other clothes, unless Jimin has an ‘enjoy that refreshing new feeling ’ hoodie as well?”


To someone’s voice is not how Jimin hoped to wake up today. He groans and uncurls his body, and wipes at the crusty trails that the tears stained his cheeks with.


“He’s waking up now, gotta go! You’re welcome for the help too, Seokie. Mwah , bye bye.”


It comes to Jimin’s attention that he never changed out of his clothes last night. Out of habit, he pulls the hoodie sleeves past his fingers and rolls onto his other side. He knows who the voice belongs to, so he doesn’t freak out when the mattress dips behind him.


“Go away,” Jimin mumbles incoherently, face tucked in behind the collar of the hoodie.


An arm wraps around his waist and pulls him closer to the body behind him. Reluctantly, he presses himself right up against the warmth and lets himself be cuddled properly. He’s too sad and clingy to not give into a cuddle session right now.


“Baby Chimmy, what happened to you?” Taehyung sighs sadly, dipping his fingers underneath Jimin’s layers to lightly scratch at the skin on his waist. “Hoseok-hyung told me you seemed upset last night.”


He curls up in on himself even more. “I read it all wrong. I was so — I was really stupid Tae. I went to kiss Yoongi-hyung and… and he rejected it,” he hears a soft murmur of ‘baby’ come from Taehyung and he tries scooting closer to his body, even though they’re already as close as can be. “He’s probably not even gay. I never asked, and he might have a really sweet girlfriend back at his place—“


“Yoongi is bisexual, but he’s also single,” Taehyung interrupts, grazing the back of Jimin’s neck with his nose.


Whining loudly, Jimin flops onto his stomach and groans into his pillow. “That makes it even worse! He didn’t reject me because he’s straight, but he doesn’t feel that way about me at all. I’m such a dumbass,” not only has he ruined what could have been a great friendship, but he’s also ruined the last of his dignity and pride.


And Taehyung has the audacity to laugh at him. At least someone finds the entire situation amusing, if Yoongi hasn’t already laughed at him in the heart of his apartment. That’s probably what happened: Yoongi went back to his place last night, poured himself a glass of wine, and cackled when thinking about how he’d tried to kiss him. Then he thinks, no , because as humiliated as he may be, he still has a mind clear enough to know that Yoongi wouldn’t do that.


“Calm down, alright? You’re not a dumbass at all -- well, most of the time. It’s just Yoongi being stupid,” then Taehyung pats his hip and sits up. He forces Jimin onto his back, and giggles at his disgruntled appearance. “Get out of these clothes and into different ones. We’re going shopping for the trip to New York.”


Jimin sits up and rubs at his eyes, to which Taehyung stops him from rubbing them raw and picks the sleep out of them for him. “But, Tae, you’re not going to New York with me,” he pouts.


Taehyung shrugs. “I know, but I still need to update my wardrobe. Who better to do it with than my little Chim?”


“Mm, no one,” he smiles softly.


“Correct! Now get those teeth cleaned and brush that messy hair.”


Getting dressed with Taehyung’s eye on him (he doesn’t say it, but he’s more worried about Jimin than he lets on) is one of the most intricate situations he’s been in before. Apparently sweatpants are not acceptable enough to go shopping in, so he has to switch them out with a pair of  extremely  ripped blue jeans. In  December . When Taehyung digs out a soft blue shirt and a white jacket for him, he announces that he’s going to go ahead and get his car heated up.


He shrugs the jacket over his shoulders and blows his fringe out of his face. Yoongi’s red hoodie takes up one of the chairs in his bedroom, and he plays with the zipper on the jacket for a second before yanking it down his arms. Why not ? Why not use it while he can, until he inevitably messages Yoongi asking when he should return it.


The look Taehyung gives him after he gets in the car, and he sees the hoodie, is not the nicest one Jimin has seen before. He looks torn between heartboken for Jimin and disappointed.


Jimin pulls the sleeves over his hands and tucks them between his thighs with an ashamed huff. It’s been less than a day, and he misses Yoongi like hell. He feels so shitty for messing their friendship up. He just wants something remotely  close  to Yoongi.


“I don’t want to talk about it,” he mutters, gnawing on his bottom lip.


“So we won’t,” then Taehyung’s easy going smile is back, and he pats Jimin’s knee before starting their drive.


If getting dressed with Taehyung is terrible, shopping with him is even  worse . Taehyung told him that they were shopping for his New York trip, but they’ve been in a Gucci store for half an hour picking out stuff for Taehyung.


Jimin’s pretty sure that they’ve had at least five workers come up to them asking if they need help, and Taehyung keeps telling them that  no , he doesn’t because he’s an ‘ independent pansexual cutie who knows what he’s after’. Well, this best friend begs to differ by the way they’ve been looking between two different pairs of sandals for twelve of the thirty minutes.


In that time, Jimin decides that he should probably just get the whole messaging Yoongi thing over with.



Jiminie 1:26 PM

 Hey.. I accidentally left with your hoodie last night

When should I return it?


“Tae, I think the workers want us to leave,” he tugs on Taehyung’s sleeve like a child.


“Nonsense! They leech off of us because we’re models, my child. They’re just trying to have us talk to them,” Taehyung waves his hand through the air and finally chooses a pair of sandals.


One sandal has a rainbow on it while the other has a heart. Cute .


“I’m not your child. I was born before you,” Jimin mentions.


They eventually get out of the store, but not after every employee is done complimenting their casual styles. Jimin holds back a snort, thinking that his now ex-friend’s hoodie can’t be too much of a look on him, with the shoulders being too wide and having the sleeves sag off of his frame. Whatever they say, though.


In the middle of their walk, Jimin’s phone buzzes and he grabs ahold of Taehyung’s hand to keep him from leaving him. Taehyung looks at him with furrowed eyebrows until he sees him with his phone out.



Sugar 1:37 PM

 Dw about it.


Jiminie 1:37 PM



Sugar 1:38 PM

 Fucking keep it, alright?

I need to go now.


A bright flash distracts Jimin and Taehyung from the messages. The two of them look up and see two men across the mall’s space with their cameras pointed at them. Taehyung’s hand slips out of his and his eyes widen when he realizes how that may look in pictures.


“I never knew that it was possible for a decent amount of things to go to shit in such a short amount of time,” Taehyung pipes up. When he starts walking again, Jimin has to follow on his own account. “Those had to have been amateurs, but who cares when they get shots of two male models who are too close for the public’s liking, huh?”


“I think I’ve managed to figure that out already.”


They stop in a Versace store, not too far from where their pictures had been taken. At this point, Jimin can’t find it in him to care about his own self. He just feels regretful for how it might look on Taehyung’s part.


It doesn’t take him too long to find a few shirts of his liking, and a new pair of dress pants. He may have taken as long as Taehyung had if the pinch of motivation he had had to do anything didn’t dissolve after the text messages.


Returning to the car, his breath begins to settle into his lungs properly. His bones don’t rattle as much, and he doesn’t feel like too bad of a mess sitting on the leather. Still, he rests his head on the rest and shuts his eyes.


Before they pull out of their spot, Taehyung’s phone rings. Great , he sighs.


What bothers him is that it sounds like his manager, not Taehyung’s.


“Hos-” he cuts himself off and spares Jimin a glance. “I know I wasn’t suppo— Fine,  hyung — he needed to get out, and I didn’t want to just let him lay in bed all day.”


Jimin doesn’t flinch when he hears the yelling, but Taehyung does. “It’s not always what you fucking want,” is what he catches onto from the other end. “When it comes to him, what I say goes.”


“You’re his manager, not his creator. Let him get over his troubles like a real human being, for fucks sake.”


Taehyung hangs up right after. Jimin doesn’t want to tell him that Hoseok truly does know what’s best for him when he’s in the dumps.


Faintly, he chuckles. “You’re the first person I’ve seen speak to Hoseok-hyung so informally.”


A smug look appears on Taehyung’s face. “That’s because, I’m not the one who he can fire.”




“Think of this as a distraction from all of your recent troubles,” Hoseok instructs as he takes his seat next to Jimin in the plane. “Because you won’t even have time to think about them.”


New York is waiting for him, and he is thrilled. Only when he tunes out all of the tabloids, all of the text messages from Namjoon and Jeongguk updating him on Yoongi (since they haven’t talked since the day at the mall [counting texts]), and the fact that Taehyung and Hoseok are still in hot water with each other. Taehyung had also told him that his manager wasn’t happy about their mall pictures, but people like Taehyung don’t care about those things unless it puts their job on the line.



(Muscle Pig 10:19 AM

 Those pictures of u and Tae are v convincing lmao


Joonbug 10:19 AM

 I saw them too


Born in Busan first 10:19 AM

 Hold hands and jump in a grave tgthr pls


honeyVee 10:21 AM

 (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b  I thought we looked kinda cute)


Although, his manager seems more chipper than usual. It comes off as a bit odd, but he can’t say he really minds it on a day like today.


“What troubles, hyung? My life has been going swimmingly,” Jimin lies, sending a smile Hoseok’s way, only to be met with a harmless glare.


“That’s not what Taehyung told me.”


Propping his chin against his folded fingers, Jimin leans closer to be nosy. “Oh, and when did you talk to Tae without yelling at him?”


Hoseok looks away from Jimin and gets as comfy as he can in his seat. “Last night,” he mutters.


“And is talking about me all you did?”




Having swerved the topic of conversation way from him successfully, Jimin shoots two fingers guns at Hoseok and leans back in his seat as well.


For most of the flight, Jimin sleeps. He limits himself to one pack of salty peanuts in the way of unhealthy food and the rest is airplane salad. It’s not remarkable, but it goes. His worst nightmare during flight comes in the form of a crying baby, which is his way of finding out he forgot his headphones. Luckily, Hoseok pulls out a second pair of earbuds for him to use.


Hoseok has to wake him up after they’ve landed. His mind doesn’t fully process the fact of where they are until he actually steps out of the plane and walks through a terminal with a sign that reads “John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY”. He doesn’t understand too much of what’s written on other signs, but along with Hoseok, he has a few other guards who have been waiting for their arrival, who also block occasional camera flashes from hitting them.


He has an early start for tomorrow, so the first thing he does when he walks into his and Hoseok’s hotel room in pick the bed by the wall to floor window and dump himself down on it, leaving his suitcase to hit the floor. There’s a chuckle behind him that quickly becomes muffled as Hoseok follows suit.


He’s excited to go out and look around the city tomorrow, but he has an entire week to do so, minus the day of the photoshoot and then a charity banquet that carries on the next day. His skin is going to form permanent wrinkles at this point, which would be too unfortunate.


“Yoongi-hyung keeps asking me about you,” Hoseok’s voice is still muffled and quiet, but Jimin hears it as clear as day. “Told me to make sure you ate a gummy worm or two during the trip, for whatever reason.”


Of course, Jimin’s heart beats a little faster knowing that Yoongi wants to know how he’s doing. At the same time, it makes him a kindly angry — or upset, maybe a little bit of both. If he wants to know, he should fucking message him instead of going to their friends.


“What do you tell him?” he turns on his side to look at Hoseok, who’s warily eyeing him.


Hoseok shrugs. “That he should ask you himself. As much as I wish one of you would just talk to one another, not all of your problems are my business.”


Thank the heavens above for Jung Hoseok. He’s an angel, and Jimin is too lucky to have been blessed with him.


“Damn, Tae must have done a self-righteous number on you before we left.”


(Cue: another embarrassed blush from Hoseok.)


He sits up and kicks his shoes off at the end of the bed, and tugs off his two layers of coats. Then he stays seated on the side of the bed and asks about something that’s been tugging on his mind since the first night he met Yoongi.


“Did you know Yoongi-hyung before that first after-party he went to?” to which Hoseok perks up and sits at the edge of his bed.


There’s a smile that is painfully obviously fond, and he nods. “He’s been my best friend since I was fifteen, and he was sixteen. It’s not something we really put out there.” for some reason, Jimin isn’t all that surprised, and he doesn’t say anything. “So, let me tell you this, not as a manager, but as a friend: Yoongi-hyung is a little lacking in the field of romantic feelings, and he is absolutely dying to text you. He’s just nervous and shy.”


The last time Jimin tried reaching out, he’d gotten denied. So, even though Hoseok’s words ease his mind more than it had been previously, he’s not going to try again right now.


Getting ready the next morning, Yoongi’s hoodie is a bright red in his suitcase, one among many of the dark colors that are his clothes. He pulls on a striped black and white shirt, and eventually decides on wearing the hoodie too. Packing the item of clothing wasn’t a proud moment for him, but in his defense, it’s the warmest piece of clothing he owns. New York during the winter feels like a harsh brain freeze after eating ten spoonfuls of ice cream a little too hurriedly.


Hoseok walks out of the bathroom with a towel over his head that he’s using to dry his hair. When it’s pulled away from his eyes, he sees what Jimin’s wearing and grins slyly.


“That’s cute,” he mentions, which is the only thing that gets said between them before leaving their hotel room.


The outside air is cruel and dry, but the familiarity of a busy city makes up for it. Jimin makes sure to take plenty of pictures, even one of pretty looking donut with pastel flowers iced onto it. He doesn’t get to eat it, but Hoseok does.


Jimin also snaps a picture with his phone when Hoseok grins before taking a bite of his donut. He makes sure to send it to Taehyung before putting his phone away again, amused that his manager’s too caught up in a donut to even realize that a picture had been taken of him.



(Tae 11:14 AM

 Wtf he smiles more lovingly at a donut than he does me

He’s still cute but wtf )


Later, the two of them almost pass up a Nintendo store until Hoseok spots a Kirby statue and drags him inside. The place has the two of them awestruck, darting from one area of the store to another. While Hoseok is looking at the plushies of Super Mario characters, Jimin looks at their inventory of games.


A quiet ‘ oomf ’ squeaks past his lips when he accidentally bumps into somebody. He goes to apologize to the person, but when he looks at them, his brain blanks. The person he’s bumped into is an angel in human form, no doubt, and is looking down (he’s like, two heads taller than Jimin, but he’s hot enough to disregard that.) at him with a bemused yet soft gaze.


Even though Jimin’s never seen him in person, he knows the man all too well from Korean magazine covers. Kim Seokjin.


The angel — Seokjin speaks to him in a quick succession of words that he fails to comprehend. He’s left to open and close his mouth like a fish out of water, and finds himself sputtering. “K-Korean,” mostly embarrassed.


A sigh of relief comes from the guy. “Thank god. Speaking English is still a work in progress for me,” and Jimin giggles shortly, which puts a bigger smile on his face. “I’m sorry I got in your way.”


“No, no! It was my fault, I should have looked before moving over. I’m sorry!” His words rush out, and the laughing of the other model causes him to stop talking and frown in confusion.


Kim Seokjin –holy hell– pushes some of his black hair over to the side of his forehead and out of his eyes. Jimin takes a mental note and picture of the blue contacts he has in, how they’re strikingly beautiful to look in to. How can I even call myself a model when he exists alongside me?  and Jimin is totally enraptured by him.


“Seokjin!” A man call from the end of the aisle, and Seokjin, turns back to look at him before looking back at Jimin.


He begins to walk back while waving at Jimin. “I have to go now. But, my name is Seokjin. Nice to meet you!”


He knows all too well who the model is. “I’m Park Jimin,” Jimin waves back. “Nice to meet you too!” and doesn’t catch the mildly shocked look on Seokjin’s face, for Hoseok pulls his attention away.


His manager’s mouth is wide open, and Jimin giggles. “Was that… was that Kim Seokjin? The hottie with broad shoulders and the one who is a great cook?”


“It was. I think I’m in love, hyung.”


“You’re not the only one.”





Yoongi 8:45 AM


How are you?


A chauffeur sent by Vogue themselves (how cool is that?) waits outside the hotel’s building at one in the afternoon. Both him and Hoseok get in the backseat and say a polite hello to the driver, only to get a gruff sigh in return. As off putting as it is, nothing makes him more uncomfortable than the text messages that he’s left on read for the past 5 hours.


It’s okay. He’s busy, and their time zones are thirteen hours apart anyway. Yoongi is probably sleeping and hasn’t questioned it yet.


His discomfort mustn’t be covered very well, going by the way Hoseok sends him concerned glances, but the manager never asks about it. It only makes his phone feel heavier in his glove clad hands.


Jimin doesn’t have that much time to admire the Vogue building from the outside. His and Hoseok’s main objective is to be blanketed in the warmth in the inside of the building, so as soon as they hop out of the car, they’re racing to the entrance and mentally praising the warm breeze that blows over them from the vents near the main doors.


With a brief confirmation of their appointment at the front desk, they get sent up to the second to last floor. The hallways are lined with windows on one side, and portraits of models on the opposing wall. Jimin recognizes most of them with a pleased smile on his face.


They approach the door that they’d been told to go through, and when Jimin walks through it he’s met with the back of a broad shouldered man sitting in a chair, and a woman sitting at the desk in front of the two chairs. Hoseok nudges him to sit in the empty one, and Jimin takes the chance to also look at the person beside him. The proper word to describe his feelings at the time is definitely shocked.


Seokjin, the model who he’d met for the first time yesterday, is smiling at him like he’s seeing an old friend for the first time in a while.


The woman at the desk greets him with a very friendly smile and a hello, to which he replies just the same. She says a few words to Seokjin that Jimin only understands separately but not together, then Seokjin turns back to him saying. “I’m going to translate her words for you, okay?” and Jimin nods.


This is only a consultant meeting, it turns out. After this is when they start the actual shoot. According to the woman –who he later learns that she goes by the name Daphne (easier to pronounce than Elizabeth, thank god)– he and Seokjin are going to be working together. He’s excited for it, considering he believes that the older is most likely a pleasant person to be around going by his easy going attitude after Jimin had bumped into him.


It also takes some pressure off of his shoulders, figuring that not all of the company workers’ expectations will be stacked onto him.


Daphne takes his measurements and instantly calls for the clothes wear in his sizes to be sent up to their floor as soon as possible. They go over samples of their designs so they can see something like what they’ll be modeling in, and Jimin loves the simplicity of all of them, because somehow the outfits manage to stand out from others as well.


“Wah, I thought your name sounded familiar when I heard it yesterday.” Seokjin marvels as soon as the three of them are out in the hall. If anything, Jimin should be the one marveling over him.


“Oh?” Jimin blinks.


“It’s just, you’re a really good model, Jimin-ssi, a really good one. I’ve always admired your shoots, and have thought about how interesting it would be to work with you,” Seokjin makes Jimin’s heart swell ten times bigger. This man, this angel knows how to flatter another properly. Namjoon should take lessons from him. “So when I heard that we’d be modeling together, I was quite thrilled. But for some reason, I couldn’t put my finger on you when I saw you yesterday.”


“I-I’m very excited to work with you too, Seokjin-ssi! I’ve always looked up to your works, so, yes,” he finishes awkwardly, with a nervous smile to accompany it. Seokjin laughs at him (an odd enough sound to have Hoseok and Jimin chuckling themselves) and ruffles his hair before pointing behind him with his thumb.


“I believe our set is somewhere around here, and our clothes may be sent up already. Shall we go?”


Their outfits end up complimenting the two of them perfectly. Seokjin’s outfit is primarily brown with tiny, white polka dots, and a silk feel. Over that is a back vest that is velvet to the touch. Jimin wears a red and black tie around his neck, that’s backwards so it looks like a choker on him. He also has on a blue blazer, velvet just like Seokjin’s vest, and a low cut black shirt.


All of the staff are overly nice, even when giving out orders. Over half of them coo at him when he giggles or smiles brightly, and Seokjin tells him that it’s because he’s already won over all of their hearts. He lightly pushes Seokjin away with a squeaky laugh when he says so, and forces them to carry on with the shoot.


Everyone’s favorite picture is one of Seokjin holding up some pink flowers to Jimin, the two of them looking at each other and their noses almost touching. The two models are happy with it as well, also getting Hoseok’s input with it too, and finding that the manager is in the same boat.


Once the shoot is done, and Jimin, Hoseok, and Seokjin step out into the lobby on the first floor, the three of them stand by the front doors and talk again. This time, Seokjin is holding his phone out to Jimin.


“I was hoping we could meet up again before the charity banquet?” he asks with a hopeful smile. Jimin happily takes the phone and puts his number in Seokjin’s contacts, nodding as he does. “And you too, Hoseok-ssi,” giving his phone to Hoseok too.


“Does your manager not have anything else planned for you between then? Like going around the city some more?” Hoseok asks with furrowed eyebrows.


Seokjin shakes his head. “Not all managers are interested in befriending their clients like you are, unfortunately. Mine never attends my photoshoots, either. Which is part of why I’m itching for someone to give me something to do.”


“Well, we’ll be glad to meet up with you somewhere, Seokjin-hyung,” Jimin grins.


Seokjin thanks them, then announces that he has to go for today. Jimin and Hoseok go back to the car that they’d used to get here, this time with a different driver.


Jimin thinks over how lucky he had been to get a manager who was devoted to making him a better person, and happier. One who had made becoming friends with him a personal goal. He forgets that not all managers are like that, but supposes that there’s not much to do about it than to go on and do your job. Just like Seokjin is doing.



Jiminie 9:04 PM


I’m okay.


Later, he’s on his hotel bed with his phone in his hands, held above his face. As soon as he presses send to both messages, his hands lose their hold and he drops the phone on his face. Hoseok walks out of the bathroom with his toothbrush in his mouth upon hearing Jimin whine, then realizes what happened and cackles as he retreats back inside the bathroom.


His throat becomes a little parched when he sees the three dots in a bubble pop up on Yoongi’s side. Internally, he freaks out and quietly groans in frustration. The messages he sent were so stupid, he shouldn’t have even replied.



Yoongi 9:05 PM

 Oh. That’s good

So, I saw the pics of you and Taehyung.

From the mall.

The other day.


Then he lays on his side and manages to drop his phone on the floor. He falls after it, in an unsuccessful attempt to reach done for it. Hoseok doesn’t even bother to check up on him again this time.



Jiminie 9:05 PM



Yoongi 9:05 PM

 You look good in my hoodie.


When Yoongi beats around the bush, he beats around the bush. But when he gets to the point, he gets to the point.



Jiminie 9:05 PM

 Is that why you told me to keep it so politely?

Then ignored me for around a week?

NOT even saying goodbye should I remind you??

I should be the one ignoring you


Yoongi 9:06 PM

 I know. I’m sorry about that.


Jiminie 9:06 PM


You know, I’m sorry for tryin to kiss you too

If I had known that my feelings for you totally disgusted you, I wouldn’t have done it

But oh well, you can keep ignoring me if you want


Yoongi 9:06 PM

 Are you still sulking?


Jiminie 9:06 PM

 Sulking? No.

Being petty? Yes.

You flirted with me like crazy hyung don’t deny it

Then you treated me like I’m the bubonic plague


Yoongi 9:06 PM

 Jimin you never disgusted me

I swear I know how I acted was so stupid


Jiminie 9:07 PM

 Then why be that way??

I would’ve been fine with the whole,,,

“Lets just be friends ok”

And be done with it. I could’ve gotten over you


He’s still seated on the floor when Hoseok comes out. Instead of questioning it, Hoseok sits in between their beds with him and scrolls through his phone too.



Yoongi 9:07 PM

 Has it occurred to you that I don’t deal with feelings that well


Jiminie 9:07 PM

 Wow were you born a robot or something?

Cause machinism is not one of my kinks sorry hyung


Yoongi 9:08 PM

 Dammit Jimin I just didn’t know how to handle you liking me

It doesn’t happen that often okay

People see me as the photographer’s handyman and nothing more usually

Then you come along and you’re all YOU and I’m so confused


Jiminie 9:08 PM

 I’m confused too bc you’re so fuckin vague lmao

U kno just bc u haven’t been on the receiving end of a crush that much

It doesn’t mean u have to be a dick when someone actually tries to make a move


Yoongi 9:08 PM

 I realize that now.

Wish I could have before I fucked up.

But to make it clearer, I like you Min.


Jiminie 9:09 PM

 Are we talking the friendly like here or??


Yoongi 9:09 PM

 Can we talk about this in person instead of text?


Jimin’s not sure if he’s pleased with waiting the rest of the week to see Yoongi. There’s so much anticipation and eagerness pent up inside of him, given that he hasn’t seen Yoongi in almost two weeks. But he will, if it makes Yoongi more comfortable.



Jiminie 9:09 PM

 Sure, hyung

Just pls, no matter what happens between us

Let’s talk about it instead of not talking…


Sugar 9:10 PM

 I know I was the reason why you looked so upset in those pictures of you and Taehyung.

I never want to see you like that again

Or be the cause of it

I’ll get over myself so I don’t have to


Jiminie 9:10 PM

 I’ll hold you to that :) goodnight hyung!


Sugar 9:10 PM

 Goodnight, Jiminie.


“Why is Yoongi-hyung sending me a bunch of keyboard smashes?” Hoseok frowns. Jimin looks over, and indeed, sees a bunch of letters sent in a jumbled mess from none other than Yoongi.


“Not sure. Ask him,” Jimin shrugs, looking away to grin.

“I’m usually not one to eat overly greasy and sticky foods, but bacon with maple syrup is one of the tastiest things—”



Sugar 4:37 PM

 Have you met Kanye?


Jiminie 4:37 PM

 Isn’t he in California


Sugar 4:37 PM

 Oh right.

What about any cute dogs?


Jiminie 4:38 PM

 Oh oh I have!

I’ve also seen some naked people at night...

NYC is like a different place after dark


Sugar 4:38 PM

 It’s all a part of the American dream


“—Yah, Jimin-ah, are you even listening?”


Jimin looks up from his phone to Seokjin, who has an eyebrow quirked in curiosity.


“Sorry, hyung, I wasn’t.”


Hoseok sighs, but not angrily. “He’s texting his boyfriend. No wonder Yoongi-hyung hasn’t texted me yet today, you’ve hogged him the entire morning and afternoon.”


“Ah, to be young and in love again,” Seokjin rests his jaw against his palm and looks up as if he’s in a daydream. “I miss the good ole’ days of youth.”


“Hush. I’ve seen your travelogues and vlogs before, and you really don’t act your age at all,” Jimin mentions, taking a bite out of his lemon and poppyseed muffin and sending a ‘ brb ’ to Yoongi. “And he’s not my boyfriend, you dipshit,” he crumbles up a napkin and pelts it Hoseok’s way.


Ignoring Hoseok’s feigned offense, Seokjin nods. “Yes, and I still look so good for my age. You know what my motto is?”


“No, but I don’t think I want to,” he chimes, dodging the napkin that Hoseok throws in retaliation.


Even though he’s only known the older model for less than three days, he already knows how childish he can actually be. Seokjin doesn’t even act professional to people he doesn’t properly know yet. Which also means that Jimin knows, no matter what he says, Seokjin is going to tell him whatever he wants to say.


“If you act young, you will become younger.”


Hoseok chokes on his scone and has to chug his tea and milk to clear the blockage. Meanwhile, Jimin gives a disappointed shake of his head, a smile still on his face as he ducks his head to avoid Seokjin’s relentless gleam.


“I-I highly doubt that that’s how it works,” Hoseok sputters.


“Ha, nonsense! It most certainly is. I am the living testament of it,” Seokjin flaunts his beauty, causing the other two to roll their eyes. 



Sugar 4:50 PM

 I wasn’t going to say anything

But I have a surprise for you

It’s lowkey though.


Jimin smiles at the notifications and unlocks his phone to reply while Hoseok and Seokjin go into a childish debate.



Jiminie 4:51 PM

 Aw you didn’t have to hyung  ( ´ ω ` )

Can you tell me what it is?


Sugar 4:51 PM

 Then it wouldn’t be a surprise, dumbass


Jiminie 4:51 PM



Sugar 4:52 PM

 ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )


There’s a mildly loud ruckus from the opposite end of the table where Hoseok and Seokjin sit, and Seokjin’s looking at something on his phone.


“The charity banquet is on donations for pet adoption agencies to give their pets a better environment,” Seokjin hums. “I was expecting it to be a shallow purpose for profit, like money for materials or new floor shine.”


“They’ll still probably take some of the donations and use it for those, though,” Hoseok sighs. “At least there will be dogs.”


Yeah, but there won’t be a Yoongi. The one being with a heartbeat that Jimin longs to see the most right now.


Just a few more days, then he can see Yoongi again.


Unless video chatting counts (Jimin doesn’t count it).

That night, Jimin proposes a video chat, and to his surprise, Yoongi accepts it.


Yoongi’s screen is dark, and only the light from his laptop screen lets Jimin see the glow of his glossy skin. He has a black baseball cap with two rings on the bill on his brown hair. The rest of his clothes are a matching black as well, his skin being the brightest hue in the room.


“Hey, Jiminie,” he greets, sounding sleepy and yawns right after.


Jimin lays on his stomach with one of his hands keeping his head balanced up. He tilts his phone so all of his face is visible. He’s a bit confused by Yoongi’s drowsy state until he remembers that his hyung is always tired. The first thing he does is laugh, which pulls a soft smile from Yoongi.


“Hi, hyung. Are you sleepy?” he grins cheekily, curling his fingers against his cheek.


Nodding, Yoongi yawns again. “Very. I, uh, didn’t sleep too good last night. What about you? It’s almost bed time for you and you’re talking to me.”


“Mm, well, unlike you, I’m wide awake. And I’m waiting for Hoseok-hyung to come back from taking a phone call.”


“Ah. Still having fun over there?”


Jimin sighs and lets his chin fall against the mattress. A pout settles its way onto his features. “I made a new friend who’s been making being away a bit more tolerable, but I’m planning on cutting the trip short,” he mumbles and lets his eyes shut for a few seconds.


“How come?” he opens his eyes to see Yoongi frowning at him.


Is it acceptable to just come out and say that he misses Yoongi? That that’s the only reason why he wants to go back, and leave something that he’s dreamt of since before he even became a professional model. After this opportunity, he has a hope that he’ll be able to internationally again for even more, but now, he just wants Yoongi.


“I miss Tae,” he lies, feeling guilty right after. Although, it isn’t exactly a complete lie, but it isn’t the complete truth either. “And you,” he decides to say, and mentally pats himself on the back afterwards when seeing the smile back on Yoongi’s face.


There’s a long pause before anything is said between them again, but then Jimin hears a quiet grunt. “I miss you too. I can’t wait to give you your surprise. It’s waiting for you, and so am I.”


Yoongi’s waiting for him. There goes his heart, right out the door. He’s definitely going to request to go home early.


“I’ll be home soon. I’ve just got a charity event, and then it’s done with,” which he says to convince himself that the rest of the trip won’t feel like a long time, more than the older. “If you feel like you can’t live without me, I’ll pack my things tomorrow morning.”


Clicking his tongue, Yoongi shakes his head. “Aren’t you the one who can’t live without me?” and smirks at him.


Yawning himself, Jimin denies it and shuts his eyes again. His door clicks open and Hoseok slides in, falling back onto his bed with a loud yawn as well.


“It sounds like the both of you need to get some shut eye, huh?”


Hoseok pops up and comes over to his bed and lays on top of Jimin. “Yoongi-hyung! Thanks for ignoring all of my messages today.”


“This is  odd , my schedule is suddenly too busy for a video call. Have a nice sleep, you two,” Yoongi checks the watch that is currently not on his wrist, doing a great job of ignoring Hoseok’s glare.


“See you soon, hyung,” Jimin waves, and reluctantly Hoseok too.


“Can’t wait,” Yoongi says, giving a brief wave as well.


That night, Jimin goes to sleep with a content smile on his face. After Hoseok goes on about how lovesick he is for his best friend.

Just one more event to get through until Jimin can leave. Right after the banquet, Seokjin’s taking connected flights back to Seoul, and Jimin and Hoseok will be doing the same the next day.


The event is outside, but in a gated area with fire pits scattered about for warmth. Well-behaved dogs (the cats mostly stay perched on ledges, the reptilian animals stay in their tanks) roam the area to be pet and loved on, which Jimin makes sure to do. Sadly, his pants are the color white, so it would be a shame to sit down and gain a grass stain or two on them. Instead, he crouches as low as he can to pet them.


Just like every other time, Jimin anticipates the end of the event. A glass of champagne stays in his hand the entire night, and his tolerance has improved going by how he’s only a little buzzed on his fourth glass. He’s seen a few concerned glances come his way by other guests, but all he does is smile and tip his glass towards them, and they return it.


“As admirable as it is that you can hold your alcohol so well, I’d suggest not drinking any more than this,” Seokjin advises, taking Jimin’s fifth flute out of his hand. “You have an early day tomorrow, may I remind you? I thought Hoseok was your manager, not me.”


“Hyung gets more drunk than I do at these things. He’s done for after a single glass,” Jimin responds, reaching out for his glass that Seokjin refuses to hand back to him.


Patting Jimin’s shoulder, Seokjin looks down at him adoringly. “There is a way to have fun at these things, and trust me when I say that it is not in this glass, alright?”


Jimin nods and watches Seokjin walk away with his champagne. He saunters over to an empty table and takes out his phone.



Jiminie 8:32 PM

 Do you ever have moments in ur life where,,

Ur just not drunk enough??

Cuz that’s me right now

At this banquet


Sugar 8:34 PM

 Did you mean every day of my life?


Jiminie 8:34 PM

 Honestly tho


He must look so awkward sitting alone and by himself. When he takes a peek, he sees Seokjin hitting it off with a girl who has a really fat cat in her hold. Then he spots Hoseok, who seems like he has a conversation he should be paying attention to, but can’t take his frightened eyes off of the huge snake in its tank by the other reptiles.


Returning to his own devices, Jimin taps the bottom of his phone against the table and pouts a little. A barely audible huff breezes past his parted lips. He remembers the last time he attended a special event, the one where Yoongi took him for a drive to get away. The one where he tried to kiss Yoongi and simultaneously ruined everything for around a week.


He’s never going to take an event with Yoongi for granted again.


The sound of sniffing startles him, then he looks down and sees a big and fluffy dog sniffing at his pants. He pockets his phone away and pets the dog with a few giggles bubbling out. The fur is smooth and his fingers completely sink in the strands. A rolled up piece of paper is tucked between its collar and fur, and Jimin decides to take it out.


The dog –which, by looking at her collar name tag, goes by the name Regi– sits by his side and waits like a good dog, and he continues to stroke its fur while reading the letter


Fine wine with me?

 Regi will lead the way.


Before he can truly grasp the offer, Regi’s darting from her spot and running, with Jimin soon on her tail. He calls after her to slow down, and is quite aware of the people he passes by who turn their eyes onto the scene unfolding. Regi stops at the gate that’s guarded by two security men, then gives his leg one last sniff before leaving him.


For someone who isn’t interested in being kidnapped, Jimin does a lot of things to get him in that situation. Hesitantly, he lets himself out of the gated area and steps out onto the sidewalk, then the parking lot.


“Hey, doll. It’s been a while.”


It couldn’t be.


But, it is.




What a dick . This isn’t how surprises work in Jimin’s world.


Jimin doesn’t even check, he just  knows , and launches himself in that direction. He’s in familiar territory soon enough, a piece of home in the middle of the unknown. Yoongi wraps around him like they’ve been apart forever, which is what it was starting to feel like. When he thinks about it, he realizes that he’s never been homesick for Seoul. All of it has been for Yoongi, maybe — partially his friends, but mostly Yoongi.


“If this is your surprise, then you suck at them and I’ll make my stay here longer again,” Jimin sniffles, tears spilling out against Yoongi’s coat. He wouldn’t, it’s an empty threat.


There’s a difference between surprises and serendipity, and everything involving Yoongi has always been, and always will be serendipity.


Yoongi chuckles breathily in his ear. “In that case, I’m not your surprise,” he pulls away from Jimin and uses his gloves to wipe away Jimin’s tears. “Don’t cry over me, Min. I’m here, and I’m not leaving your side.” 


“Thank you,” Jimin mumbles. His fingers are still gripping onto Yoongi’s coat like he’s a lifeline. He knows that if he lets go, Yoongi won’t leave, but he wants to stay close to him. There’s multiple things he’s saying thank you for, multiple things that go unlisted.


Thank you for deeming me worthy enough to go out of your way for.


Thank you for being here with me and vowing not to leave.


Thank you thank you thank you.


“So, I had an offer written on that letter,” Yoongi brings up.


There’s two fingers pulling at the corners of his mouth upward in an attempt to make him smile. The action alone has him smiling big and laughing, and soon Yoongi has a gummy smile adorning his features as well. Jimin curls his fingers around Yoongi’s wrists and pulls his hands away from his face, then intertwines their fingers after migrating his hold to them.


Humming, Jimin nods. “You did. It sounded very satisfying.”


Yoongi brings one of their attached hands up his lips and kisses the knuckles on Jimin’s hand, sending a blush right to Jimin’s cheeks. “Let’s engage in it then, shall we?”


The rental car he ends up in isn’t much compared to the BMW he’d rode in back in Seoul, but just being with Yoongi, away with Yoongi, gives the same kind of feeling he’d had back then. This time, there’s no hills to hide away in, so they go to the hotel that Jimin and Hoseok have been staying in, and stay in the car after they’ve parked.


Jimin maneuvers to the backseat by climbing over the console, and loses his balance when he laughs from accidentally kicking Yoongi in the face. Following that, he faceplants the leather of the backseat which Yoongi laughs in revenge for his misfortune.


Once they’re both in the back, Jimin gives Yoongi his space until the older has pulled out a single bottle of expensive, Italy imported wine from the pockets attached to the front seat. Then he leans against Yoongi and eagerly takes a bottle from him.


“Was buying wine the first thing you did after coming here?” Jimin inquires, staring at Yoongi with an amused expression.


No, I had better priorities than that. I checked into my hotel first,” and Jimin snorts.


Eventually, their bodies mingle so Jimin’s back is pressed against Yoongi’s chest, and they’re seated sideways on the seat. It’s a cramped position, but neither care with how deep they are in one another’s presence.


Yoongi tells him about how the whole deal worked out. How he arrived a day after both him and Hoseok had. Speaking of the manager, Hoseok had been a big part of making it turn out successful, and Jimin’s left to wonder  how the hell , because Hoseok’s terrible at keeping secrets. His manager is actually going to stay in Yoongi’s hotel room tonight so they can have Jimin’s room to themselves. Multiple opportunities present themselves at that, but Jimin prefers to shove them to the back of his mind to save some of the coolness in his cheeks.


His intake of wine adds onto the tiredness he’d already been feeling from his previous boredom, but the way Yoongi plays with his fingers is something he doesn’t want to close his eyes for. The pale hand toying with his slightly golden one is so much bigger than his, and Jimin never expected to be so amazed by hands, but he’s in complete awe. They’re so beautiful. They’re hands, for crying out loud.


He sticks his tongue out to wet his lips and keeps them parted. “Hyung.”


“Yeah, Min?” Yoongi responds, his breath fanning out against the back of Jimin’s neck.


“What are we even doing anymore?” he sighs. Even with his hand in Yoongi’s, undeniably, he feels a little lost. There’s a line that they’d crossed a long time ago, this entire moment, is far too intimate to just be a normal thing between two friends. Unless, he’s still reading everything wrong, and Yoongi is nicer than everyone says. “Am I being stupid again? If I leaned in to kiss you one more time, would you still push me away?”


Yoongi smells good, Jimin notices abruptly. He smells like an ocean breeze, sitting off the edge of a jetty; something he doesn’t smell in a place like New York. He falls into the flat and slightly hard body behind his even more, and just breathes it in. Fuck, now isn’t the time for his senses to pick up things exceptionally well.


Wine is a catalyst for too many things running inside of his brain. His emotions are far too strong on a night like this. Goddamn expensive and authentic wine. Yoongi drops his hand down to Jimin’s thigh and takes a swig of the wine. “If you did right now… yeah, I’d push you away.”


Shattering, his heart shattering is the only sound mentally ringing his ears.


Before he can leave his spot pressed to Yoongi, the older his keeping him in place and actually hugging him tightly. “I want us to be fully aware of every single thing when we kiss, is s’okay with you?” he asks, and the biggest sigh of relief escapes Jimin.


It turns out when one thinks they have nothing to lose, it might mean they have close to everything to lose.


“Yeah.. yeah, is okay, perfectly. Yeah,” shit, Jimin’s happy go lucky, floating mind is over the moon. Of course it’s okay.


“Sweet, nice — cool and peachy,” Yoongi juggles our one after the other, not as much of a mess as Jimin, but coming quite close it seems. “We’re gonna kiss soon. That’s cool. Right? Are you nervous or is it just me?”


Is Jimin nervous? Kind of. But is he scared? Not really. He trusts Yoongi not to push him away this time. The nerves just make themselves known because, what if he messes up the kiss? It’s been longer than a while since he’s kissed somebody, longer than Jimin is proud to admit. What if he’s lost that muscle memory? Even if that does defy all truths.


“Is not jus’ you, Hyung. Is’ me too,” he says, hoping to make Yoongi feel better too.


Yoongi is his designated walker, weaving him in and out of crookedly parked cars (Americans can’t park for shit, what is this) and into the hotel lobby, and eventually to their floor. Jimin tells him where his hotel key is, and Yoongi has to awkwardly dig in his back pocket for the key. Nevermind the even more awkward moan that comes out of Jimin when Yoongi purposely squeezes his ass with vigor.


Tonight is the first time they undress around each other. To their boxers, at least. Yoongi steals one of Jimin’s shirts to wear to bed, and cheekily brings up the fact that his hoodie is in New York, to which Jimin flips him off with a whine tumbled out with incoherent mumbling.


They slip into bed together, Yoongi’s palm sliding up and down from the middle of his torso down to his hip. It’s relaxing enough to bring Jimin to his dream state, and in the morning, maybe he’ll finally get that kiss.


But not yet, because Yoongi’s talking again. By no means does Jimin mind, he loves hearing Yoongi talk. He supposes that his needy heart can wait a little longer.


“Mm, forgot to tell you. I got a gig for photography in a few weeks.”


Which is huge, to Jimin and should be to Yoongi. Jimin knows that the older must be so excited, he’s just tired at the moment. He opens his eyes and sees Yoongi’s already staring back at him, and gives the best grin that he can muster before smacking Yoongi’s arm.


“Your dreams are slowly coming true. All in a few weeks time,” he says sweetly. His words are only a little slurred thankfully;  he’d feel like an idiot talking with his jaw hung loose.


Except Yoongi shakes his head, and brings his hand up to Jimin’s hair to brush it back. His blonde locks are on the fluffier side tonight, which Yoongi gets too much of a kick out of. “My dreams are gonna start comin’ true tomorrow. You’re my dream, Min.”


Jimin kicks Yoongi’s shin lightly under the sheets and giggles. “Instead of making fun of you, I’ll be cheesy with you… you’re my dream too, Yoongi-hyung.”

Jimin wakes with a groan and a long, drawn out stretch. The bed is colder than he recalled it being last night, because the other side is empty. It makes sense when he hears the shower running.


Wasting no time, he rolls over into his stomach and grabs his phone from the nightstand between both beds.



Fairy dongsaeng 7:12 AM

 Thank you for helping Yoongi hyhyung out :)


Hoseokie-hyung 7:14 AM

 I’m always up for helping my hyhyungs


Fairy dongsaeng 7:14 AM

 Shcicjshuda I just woke up ok


Hoseokie-hyung 7:14 AM

 So ?? How did it go? Fix everything?


Fairy dongsaeng 7:14 AM

 Mmmm rlly good n I’m waiting for a kiss

But he’s showering rn

I think we fixed everything


Hoseokie-hyung 7:15 AM

 You didn’t do the sex yet did you??


Jimin stuffs his face in the closest pillow and laughs at his manager’s worried context.



Fairy dongsaeng 7:15 AM

 No no I wanna have a date first


Hoseokie-hyung 7:15 AM

 Chivalry is not dead, Jimin.

Don’t let hyung fool you into thinking it is

He’s just lazy. But he can make a bomb date



He’s giggling so hard that he doesn’t even notice Yoongi sneaking up on him, and screams when his hyung pounces on him. Once he realizes what’s happening, he giggles even harder as he’s flipped onto his back. Seeing Yoongi straddling him while in nothing but a pair of periwinkle boxers is almost enough to make him want to forgo the first date, and just have Yoongi dick him down right now.


“Sleep well, sunshine?” Yoongi grins, softly running his fingers up and down from Jimin’s chest to his waistline.


“I did, pumpkin,” he smugly returns a term of endearment and holds on to Yoongi’s thighs. He hears Yoongi’s barely audible puff of breath when he rubs his hands over the outsides of his thighs, feeling how warm and smooth they are after his shower.


“Hm, that’s good,” then Yoongi bends down and kisses him.




It happens, just like that. It takes Jimin by surprise, and he goes a few seconds without responding with movement of his own. He feels Yoongi begin to stutter in the kiss, and squeezes his thighs before reciprocating. Yoongi’s hands card through his hair and tug loosely at the strands, successfully drawing hushed little whines out of Jimin.


He’s going to get a boner just from kissing Yoongi for the first time. How fucking embarrassing. All of his morals are flying out the window one by one, and he knows that if they do anything more than kiss (or make out, at this rate), they’ll be late for their flight. But it sounds so tempting to attempt to fit into their limited time schedule.


They part for air for way too long, and dive back in not soon enough. Yoongi bites at his bottom lip and tugs, which isn’t fair, because he’s turning Jimin into a mess before they’ve really done anything. Then Yoongi begins to rut down against him, and he whines even louder than before.


Jimin looks down at their bulges brushing together, wants to reach out and cup Yoongi’s and make him squirm just as much as the elder makes him do so. He sticks his heels in the mattress, cants his hips up, and moans the same time Yoongi grunts and pushes himself down harder.


“Shit, god, I wish you could fuck me in New York,” Jimin gasps against Yoongi’s lips, bucking up into his increasingly harsh movements.


His words must break Yoongi out of a spell he’d been blanketed with, because Yoongi sits upright again and looks at a side clock. “Oh, you still need to shower, don’t you? Go do that,” then he slides off of Jimin and pats him hip for him to get up. “How dare you kiss me like that, Min, and distract me from getting ready.”


Getting out of bed and grabbing a change of clothes, Jimin sticks his tongue out at a smirking Yoongi. “You took me by surprise, you asshole. Besides, I wasn’t going to put out until after the first date.”


“Oh really? Your words to me earlier said otherwise, Mister ‘fuck me in New York’. You were getting pretty explicit there, I must say,” Yoongi teases shamelessly, grabbing a roomy looking shirt from Hoseok’s suitcase and pulling it on. “I think, as soon as your Mini Min starts getting hard, your self control just vanishes.”


“My ‘Mini Min’? What the hell, Hyung? You’re hard too,” Jimin cackles. When he’s calmed down, he walks back over to Yoongi and kisses him again, more gentle this time. They both sigh into the kiss, and when Jimin slowly pulls away, they both smile.


Once again, Yoongi’s fingers are brushing through his hair. “Do I have to wait until after the first date to call you my boyfriend too?” he asks.


Jimin bites his bottom lip to try to suppress his grin, but it’s a failed process. “Nope. Is that okay with you, honeybun, my boyfriend, my bae—“


“Okay, I regret this. Get out of my sight and shower,” Yoongi smacks his ass when he laughs and turns away to walk to the bathroom. Jimin never brings it up to Yoongi, but he quietly squeals in the bathroom after hearing Yoongi murmur. “Boyfriend,” before he’s properly left the room.


It doesn’t show, but Jimin still catches the adoration coming from Yoongi when he sees the model wearing his red hoodie. He figures that he must be a sight, tousled and recently dried hair, a hoodie that sits at the middle of his thighs with sleeves that sink way past his fingertips, and fitted jeans that are worn with at least six to seven rips in them.


The morning starts out feeling like more of a chore than Jimin would have liked. They return Yoongi’s rental car after cleaning out a wine stain that Jimin accidentally left. Then they call a taxi to take them to the airport where the meet Hoseok. The entire time at the airport that they wait, Yoongi is pressing light kisses to his jaw. Hoseok gags at the two of them, but doesn’t fuss any more about it.


They hold hands during most of the flight, except for when they need to grab something or dig through their carryons, or if their hands become too sweaty. He’s positive that he will never grow tired of seeing Yoongi’s hands almost completely cover his.


He’ll never grow tired of being something to Yoongi.




One day later.


“You mean, this asshole had the audacity to come here?”


From Taehyung’s spot in the booth their friends have reserved for them, he can’t see Jimin and Yoongi’s arms linked together as they walk up to the booth. They detach from each other, just to hold hands when they get to the table. Hoseok slides in beside a puzzled Taehyung.


The cogs and gears in the others brains slowly begin to grind, as they fit the pieces together by looking at their lack of space and locked hands. Namjoon cheers, forgetting about his mouthful of soda and accidentally chokes on it, while some of it spills down his chin. Jeongguk smiles so wide that Jimin can’t help but smile as well, and tuck his nose against Yoongi’s neck.


“And you’re holding hands— oh,” Taehyung trails off quietly. The couple slide in the booth across from Taehyung so Yoongi sits next to Namjoon. “Oh, I get it. He breaks your heart, then slithers right back in. Like some sort of nasty ass snake.”


“Tae,” Jimin mumbles, wide eyed.


Yoongi waves his hand in the air and shrugs. “Yeah, something like that.”


Then everyone at the table looks at Yoongi, even Taehyung, like that was the last thing they’d been expecting him to say. “I didn’t deserve for Min to forgive me as quick as he did. I had some inner turmoil going on, but that was no reason for me to treat him the way I did.”


“I’m glad that you’re aware of this. You’re not as dense as I thought,” Hoseok puts a hand on Taehyung’s arm, which the younger doesn’t move away from, thankfully.


Still seemingly hardly affected, Yoongi nods. “I have my shit sorted now. If Min gets hurt because of me again, I’ll kick my own ass.”


Taehyung raises an eyebrow. “No, I will. I’m only tolerating you right now because Jimin thinks you vomit rainbows and shit jellybeans. But if I ever have to force him out of his bed because of you again, I will fuck you up, sweetcheeks,” then he pops his straw in his mouth and sips his water contently, as if the threat never came out of his mouth.


The tension stays taut among their table. Jimin keeps his hands between his knees while taking occasional glances between his best friend and his boyfriend. He thinks that the same goes for the others as well, going by the discomforted expressions they sport.


“Did anyone else pick up on how Yoongi-hyung calls Jimin-hyung ‘Min ’? That’s fucking adorable,” Jeongguk breaks the thickened silence, which stirs everyone else except the couple into a frenzy.


To make matters worse for an incredibly embarrassed Jimin, Taehyung joins in too. Yoongi chuckles and puts his arm around Jimin’s shoulders to pull him in against him.


“Alright, I guess I support it,” Taehyung grins. “You guys are cute together.”


Jimin looks at Yoongi’s side profile, and sees him smile at Taehyung. “Taehyung-ah, we good?” he asks.


The look Taehyung gives is almost one saying ‘I dare you to fuck up again’, but he still smiles and nods. “Yeah. We are, hyung.”


Yoongi lays his free hand out on the table. “I’ve heard holding hands is a good way to resolve things too,” and going along with it, Taehyung snorts and holds Yoongi’s hand over the table.


“Can we order the pizza now already? I’m starving,” Namjoon complains, rubbing his empty stomach.


Later that night, Jimin goes to Yoongi’s apartment for the first time. It looks cozy, and the color scheme reminds Jimin of a forest and a stream; different shades of brown, mossy green, and the occasional accents of blue and black. In all honesty, it’s nothing like what Jimin was expecting to see. There’s many pictures of Yoongi with what must his family. Even more of a fluffy, brown dog. Where blankets are usually folded on top of couches, Yoongi’s blankets are strewn over one another, but not messily.


Photo albums are on almost every shelf, along with at least seven different cameras accompanying them on the shelves. An organized stack of polaroids are placed on the same table that the medium sized tv sits on, the same goes for a few CDs.


“This is casa de Yoongi,” Yoongi holds his arms out wide and plops down on his couch.


Jimin hums softly and drags his finger along one of the picture frames. This particular one involves Hoseok. They look incredibly young, but Jimin thinks it’s rather adorable.


“It suits you, hyung. I like it a lot,” he says honestly. Soon, the tv is being turned for background noise, and he’s going over to Yoongi to sit down in his lap. He sits sideways with one of Yoongi’s hands on his back, the other playing with a hole in his jeans. Meanwhile, one of his hands wraps around Yoongi’s shoulders and the other busies itself on his shirt collar.


Yoongi makes a quiet sound of acknowledgement. “I like  you  a lot. What a coincidence. Wouldn’t you say it’s meant to be?”


One eye roll from Jimin later, and Yoongi has the model’s back on the couch, with him hovering over him as his fingers tickle his sides. Jimin writhes helplessly, loud laughs falling from his lips on an endless attack. He hits at Yoongi’s chest, but to no avail does it work.


“H-hyung!” he giggles against his will and tries to curl in on himself.


Yoongi slots his legs in between Jimin’s and ducks his head down so he’s nuzzling Jimin’s neck. “Yes, doll?” he smirks, pinching the model’s side in the midst of his ministrations. “Is something wrong?”


His boyfriend is so cruel. By now, tears are coming out of his eyes and he keeps kicking at Yoongi’s sides. He moves one hand from Yoongi’s sweatshirt to his hair and pulls at it. Yoongi grunts and follows the pull of his hair. Guess who can play too?  Leaning up, he kisses Yoongi, despite his uncontained grin. Finally, the tickling stops and Yoongi devotes his full attention to molding his lips against Jimin’s.


He’s not sure what the main intention had been, coming here. Maybe to relax, or play a game or two, or just go right to bed to sleep. But this, Jimin certainly doesn’t mind where he’s at right now, resting back on his elbows into Yoongi’s touch. If you asked him if he’d moaned when Yoongi swiped his tongue over his bottom lip, he’d say no. That’s a lie, though, because he definitely does; loud and clear to Yoongi’s ears.


He wants to continue, the temptation is waiting and wanting, but Yoongi hadn’t been wrong about his self control leaving as soon as he pops a boner. Which is just about to happen after Yoongi’s tongue brushes against his in an open mouthed kiss. Reluctantly, he leans away, whining when Yoongi chases his lips to give him three more kisses. Yoongi uses his teeth to tug on Jimin’s bottom lip, and Jimin feels it bounce back when the space grows too big between them.


“Mm, it was definitely meant to be,” Jimin breathes out, panting lightly between words. “We really need to plan that first date soon.”


“Tonight wasn’t it?” Yoongi pouts, Oh my god my brick wall of a boyfriend is pouting!–  and readjusts their positions so he’s straddling Jimin.


Shaking his head, Jimin brings a thumb up to Yoongi’s jutted lip and presses against it so his lip turns even more pink. “That was with our friends. And Taehyung was pretty pissed with you. A date will involve neither of those,” he pouts himself when remembering the way their dinner with their friends started off. It’s okay now, he knows, but he wishes things were already fully fixed between Taehyung and Yoongi.


A dissatisfied huff comes from Yoongi, and the editor leans down so their chests are pressed together. Jimin wraps his arms around his torso, and they fully curl around each other. He knows that it’s too early for the ‘I love you’s to be said, but his heart feels like it’s beating a little too fast to just be a romantic liking. If he said it now, he’d scare Yoongi off. And Yoongi freaked out over just Jimin liking him, who knows how he’d be knowing that Jimin loves him.


Maybe Jimin is in over his head. It’s probably just the honeymoon jitters getting to him. He decides to stop thinking about it furthermore, before it gives him something close to a bruised heart.


“Hyung, tell me about how you and Hoseok-hyung became friends.” he whispers. The two of them move so they’re on their sides and facing each other. Yoongi’s hand arm keeps him from falling off the edge of the couch.


Yoongi gives a half assed groan and snickers right after. “I can’t say I really know how myself.. I know he had just moved from Gwangju to Daegu for his first year of high school, and he was getting bullied really badly there too.”


Jimin frowns thinking about someone like Hoseok ever being bullied. Why would you even want to pick on someone who’s heart is made of literal sunshine? What’s the goal of bringing them down?


“At the time, I was staying after school to play the piano in the music classroom. That’s also where I found these two guys cornering Hoseok down, ready to beat him up. I was scrawny and lanky as fuck, so was Hoseok, so I couldn’t do much to help him. I still tried my best to help him, though, and still got in trouble after my parents saw the bruises and busted lip I had.


“It kind of went unsaid that I would be his friend from then on. He just started sitting and hanging around me once he noticed that I wasn’t going to snap at him or turn against him like the others. He ended up being my only friend during high school, but he was all I needed at the time.”


Then Jimin feels like he can smile, because Yoongi’s also smiling softly. “Aw, you were Hoseok-hyung’s bodyguard,” he coos and pinches Yoongi’s slightly squishy cheek.


“Yah, I just did what any decent human would have done,” Yoongi shoves Jimin’s hands away from his face with a sour expression.


Gently, Jimin bumps their foreheads together, and their noses touch too. He feels a hand brushing through his hair and traces his fingertips over Yoongi’s arm. His eyelids are growing heavy, and he can see Yoongi fighting to stay awake too. He tilts his head to kiss the inside of Yoongi’s wrist. “Let’s go to bed. Sound good?”


“Going to bed always sounds good,” Yoongi murmurs, slowly getting up and climbing over Jimin’s body. He turns out the lights and moves their shoes away to clear their paths.


Jimin gets up as well, and let’s himself be lead to the bedroom. He doesn’t get to see the pictures hanging up in the hall because of the lack of light. When they go inside Yoongi’s room, Jimin has to take a second to take it all in once the lights flicker on.


It’s cleaner than he thought it would be. A bed sits against a wall in the middle with two nightstands by it, a closet on the same wall as the entrance. A dresser is across the door of the bed, and a mirror on the farthest wall next to the only window.


The view that catches Jimin’s eye the most is the one of Yoongi pulling his shirt off with his hands tugging from the back of it. There’s shadows in the spaces where his muscles divot, making them even more accentuated. Jimin watches him shimmy his jeans down his legs and toss them to one side of the room, then dig through his drawers for sweatpants.


He’s dumbfounded, and Yoongi turns to face him and snorts at his expression. Then he fucking licks his lips, truly disrespecting to Jimin, and goes over to his bed to fall back on it. The editor raises his eyebrows at Jimin’s state, glued to the same spot on the floor. With no hesitance at all, Jimin snaps out of his trance and closes the door behind him. He walks to the foot of the bed, standing in front of Yoongi.


First comes his jacket, and the zipper clinks against the hardwood floor. Slowly, his fingers trail down to the bottom of his shirt. He lifts it up inch by inch, exposing skin that Yoongi’s never gotten to see before. Confidence surges through him when he hears Yoongi’s breath hitch, and he fully yanks the cotton of him. Then come his jeans, which he almost trips trying to get out of them, causing Yoongi to laugh into his pillow.


“Shut up,” Jimin laughs too and climbs in next to Yoongi.


Once they’re both under the covers, Yoongi slings an arm over Jimin’s waist and slides closer to him. “Can’t help it. You’re cute,” he mumbles tiredly.


“So are you. You could be a model too, I bet,” Jimin says, ignoring Yoongi’s protesting grumble. He pats his boyfriend’s hand that lays over his side and yawns. “Sleep. Now.”


“‘Night, Min.”


“Sweet dreams, hyung.”




After a week of denying Seokjin the privilege, he figures that it’s time to introduce him to the rest of his friends. How better than to do it over a game night?


“I will kick all of their asses at anything Mario related,” Seokjin claims as Jimin knocks on Taehyung’s door and waits for it to be opened. The older model bounces on his feet in excitement. “All of them can fight me.”


“Gukkie’s pretty good at Mario Kart. He might give you a run for your money,” Jimin tilts his head slightly whilst replying. He hears Seokjin scoff begins him and quietly chuckles. The door opens up no later, and Jimin’s being swiped into a hug by Taehyung.


“Chimmy!” Taehyung greets informally, which Jimin’s stopped caring about when it comes to Taehyung these days. The younger moves aside for the other two to come in, and visibly gawks when seeing Seokjin’s broad frame trail behind Jimin. “Holy shit, Seokjin-sunbaenim,” and as if all of the respect in the world has been put on his shoulders, he freaking bows before Seokjin.


All the while, Jimin has to continuously blink because, Taehyung’s known in America just as well, but acts like he’s an amateur.


Putting a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, Jimin squeezes a little too hard in revenge. “Jin-hyung, this is Taehyung. He’s a brat ninety percent of the time, and a baby the other ten percent, but is surprisingly good for a lot of things,” Seokjin smiles at Taehyung, who still looks at him like he’s the son of Aphrodite.


Maybe saying that Taehyung is in awe is understatement of the year. “It’s an honour! I admire you so much, Seokjin-sunbaenim—“


“Wahh, I love this kid,” Seokjin moves forward and snatches Taehyung from Jimin’s side to pull him into a tight and warm hug. “Call me hyung, Taehyung-ah. I’ll be keeping you around to fill my ego.”


Footsteps patter along the floor, and Jimin turns around to see Yoongi advancing towards the three of them. He instantly begins walking closer to Yoongi to meet him somewhere near the middle and crosses his wrists behind Yoongi’s neck. A soft hum vibrates out of him when Yoongi greets him with a chaste peck to his lips, and he nudges the tips of their noses together.


His boyfriend looks like he just woke up, even though he’s probably been awake for more than seven hours. The sight of his hair being ruffled and his eyes squinted, along with his pouty lips is endearing.


“Hi, hyung,” Jimin murmurs fondly, pulling one hand back a little to play with the end curls of Yoongi’s hair at the nape of his neck.


Yoongi forgoes actual words and instead ducks his head down against Jimin’s shoulder with a low pitched groan. It causes squeaky giggles to tumble out of Jimin, and he kisses the top of Yoongi’s head dearly.


He forgets about others being there too, until someone coughs, and Seokjin makes a squeal of amazement, or at least, something similar to that. “This must be Yoongi! The two of you together are more sickening than I thought you’d be,” he points out, followed by Taehyung’s nod of agreement.


“Their relationship is still newborn, that’s why,” Taehyung informs, his words receiving a bitter glare from Jimin.


The four of them hear a yell from the living room, and Taehyung’s quick to lead Seokjin into the room past Jimin and Yoongi. With carefulness, Jimin makes Yoongi look at him again and kisses his soft cheekbones. He slips his fingers in between Yoongi’s and gives an unspoken order for him to follow where he leads to.


When they go into the living room, Jimin sees Jeongguk and Namjoon racing against each other in none other than Mario Kart. Namjoon’s poor soul drives into a barrier and has trouble reversing, then begins to drive the wrong way. Jimin pulls Yoongi over to their armchair, and sits down on it first so Yoongi can rest on his lap. They ignore Hoseok’s loud laughing and clapping when Namjoon squawks in defeat against Jeongguk.


“Give me that thing, you heathen to society.” Seokjin demands, ripping the controller out of Namjoon’s hands and sits down on the floor between him and Hoseok.


Jeongguk who sits on the couch behind them, goes bug eyed upon realizing who’s just sat in front of him, and Hoseok says a casual hello while Namjoon seems shocked, but keeps his composure, still more offended over the insult that had been shot his way. The shock is entirely understandable, considering Seokjin is higher on the rankings, where they strive to work up to one day.


Yoongi has the ability to turn himself into a tiny ball when he curls up, and fits right in Jimin’s lap almost like a child. Jimin rubs one hand up and down his outer thigh, while the other scratches his dark brown hair.


“Did you sleep enough last night, hyung?” Jimin asks, slightly concerned.


Nodding, Yoongi contradictingly yawns into his hand, then speaks. “Slept fine. Just stayed up a little later than usual trying to work out some things.”


He frowns and gently pinches Yoongi’s thigh, drawing a grunt out from him. “Okay then. We can go to your place and relax, if you want.”


“No. Tonight’s important for you. Wouldn’t miss it,” Yoongi says, and sits straighter to cup Jimin’s jaw and give him a firmer kiss that the peck he’d given earlier. “Mm, I adore you.”


Content with their substitute for the big confession, Jimin smiles. “I adore you too.”


After Seokjin lives up to his proclamations and thoroughly dominates each round of Mario Kart versus Hoseok, Jeongguk, Taehyung, and Namjoon, Taehyung announces that he’s going to take up everyone’s orders for Chinese takeout. Somehow, that leads to all of them in the kitchen helping Seokjin cook a proper meal with the decent amount of resources that Taehyung keeps his fridge and cabinets stocked with.


Seokjin keeps a special eye on Namjoon after becoming aware that he can’t even chop an onion properly, and with his supervision, Namjoon’s able to not hurt himself or anyone else. Hoseok stirs a paste around in a small bowl while telling Yoongi when to add salt and curry powder to it. And the younger trio are on the floor with a single cutting board, cutting the bigger vegetables and chicken that Seokjin doesn’t trust Namjoon to handle.


“I’ve only known you for an hour and a half, but can already say that you’re the worst cook I’ve ever met,” Seokjin practically scolds the photographer, throwing Jimin into a stilling fit of laughter so that he accidentally drops his knife against the board. “I thought most of this was common knowledge, but you’ve honestly blown my mind.”


“At least I can cook! Taehyung can barely pour soy sauce on his rice,” Namjoon throws Taehyung under the bus in that moment, and Taehyung slams his knife against the board and stands to stomp over to him.


Across from him, Jimin glances at Jeongguk, who stares at Taehyung’s retreating figure with a smile of adoration and a glint in his eyes. One of his eyebrows quirk up when he stares at Hoseok with the same expression when hearing his manager giggle at something Yoongi’s saying. Oh.


“Gukkie, how have you been?” Jimin asks, a soft smile playing at his lips for the youngest.


Jeongguk’s attention comes to him, and he smiles back. “Really good, Jimin-hyung. There was a day where I felt a bit down for no reason I could think of, and I accidentally told Taehyung-hyung over text instead of my hyung, then he paid me a surprise visit with Hoseok-hyung. They made me feel better,” he chimes happily, looking down at the chicken he’s chopping while talking.


The youngest of all of them can be a delinquent sometimes, but he wants to be treated with care and love for the most part. He’s glad that their friends are willing to be there and give it to him when he needs, and when they can.


“That’s good,” Jimin replies, cutting a few bell peppers quickly so it doesn’t look like he’s slacking off.


“What about you, hyung?” Jeongguk inquires.


Taking a look at his boyfriend, too long to just be a peek, Jimin hums and gives a thumbs up. “I’m very content where I am right now. Yoongi-hyung treats me like a prince, even though I’m not one,” it’s probably the best he’s ever been treated in a relationship before, another reason why it had been so easy to fall in love with Yoongi a little bit more. “I’m in deep. A little too deep, perhaps,” he mumbles.


Catching on to his dilemma, Jeongguk provides a sympathetic smile. “Give it time, hyung. Things are supposed to work out with it, aren’t they?”


“Yeah, I suppose.”


Taehyung comes back and sits down with a huff, and places his chin on Jeongguk’s shoulder. “I’m getting bullied in my own place. Protect me, Gukkie,” he sulks and goes to pout when Jeongguk snickers at his pathetic state.


They just finish the chopping the bell peppers and chicken when someone sits down and hugs Jimin from behind. The person squishes their nose against his neck and gives a soft and quick press of the lips to the exposed skin above the hem of his jumper. Jimin calms more, despite being calm the entire night, and leans back into Yoongi.


“Go on a date with me.”


Taehyung snorts at the straightforwardness of Yoongi’s demand rather than a request or question. Goes on about how romantic Yoongi is –in a sarcastic notion– to nobody except himself, although everyone else can hear him. They just don’t acknowledge him.


Jimin twists slightly to properly look at Yoongi, who’s staring at him with a certain anticipation in his eyes. Just to tease, Jimin pokes his tongue in his cheek and smirks. “And why should I?”


“Uh, maybe ‘cause you’re my boyfriend, you dipshit,” Yoongi pinches his side and smiles when the pinch pulls a giggle and body twitch out of Jimin. “And I kind of stayed up most of the night figuring out what to do for it.”


That’s why he’s so tired. Yoongi stayed up late to please him. God, he doesn’t deserve someone like Yoongi.


“I’m going to ignore the fact that you called me ‘dipshit’ and say yes,” he grins, and Yoongi nods in a chill manner and hooks his chin over Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin knows that he must be feeling so happy that he accepted, though. “What are we doing for it?”


“Surprise,” Yoongi huffs.


Hoseok trots over and grabs the cutting board to hand it over to Seokjin, then comes back to topple over on top of Jeongguk and Taehyung with an inconveniently loud shriek. What a keeper.


“My dongsaengs are such adorable kids,” he drones on and on about, mostly to dear ears except for the two whom he’s doting on.


Jimin watches Seokjin lead Namjoon out of the kitchen saying, “I’ll show you the places I’ve traveled to, then you can show me some of your work, yes?” and he figures himself that it’s time to get up from the floor.


Yoongi comes with him in tow, and they don’t quite make it to the living room where the other two are. His boyfriend traps him between the wall outside of the kitchen and his body and envelopes him in another deep, warmth flooding kiss. He hums against Yoongi’s lips and keeps his fingers on his broad (not as broad as Seokjin, but definitely broad) shoulders to toy with the collar of his Henley shirt.


Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure, Jimin thinks about the quote whenever Yoongi decides to just go up and kiss him. He’ll never complain about it, especially if it calls for teeth biting on his plump lips to the point that they’re overly pink and beginning to grow a deep shade of pretty red.


When they split apart, Jimin tilts his head back against the wall and gives an almost breathless chuckle, and closes his eyes for a bit. He feels a few more kisses being pressed along his neck, but nothing more than a butterfly’s touch.


“You’re perfect,” Yoongi groans softly, running his hands up and down Jimin’s fluffy cotton covered arms. “Not just because you’re a good kisser — you’re just perfect.”


In no way will Jimin deny that he’s something close to spectacular (he’s not conceited, just confident), so he just smiles some more in return and kisses Yoongi’s forehead.


Their dinner ends up being almost too good. They’d made a Thai curry, Seokjin claiming that he’s not that big of a fan of curry, but knew everyone else would like it. Taehyung makes Seokjin promise to come over at least twice every two weeks to teach different recipes, to which Seokjin agrees to do.


By the time it’s time to leave, everyone hugs up on Seokjin. Jimin’s heart beats intensely at seeing how right it feels seeing Seokjin become a part of their tiny circle. Namjoon says he needs to head home as well, and already has his car key out and ready. Jimin doesn’t bother to break past the weak border their friends make while saying goodbye, and opts for a wave instead. Eventually the two leave, and then it’s Jimin and Yoongi’s turn.


“Thank you for showing Jin-hyung hospitality,” Jimin chimes, hugging Taehyung, Hoseok, And Jeongguk.


“You brought a god into my house, I wasn’t just going to treat him like a disease,” Taehyung scoffs.


They leave right after Jimin tells the three left behind not to have too much fun. Yoongi’s hand instantly curls around his and he bumps into his boyfriend’s side on purpose.


“I’ll give you 22,000 won if you tell me what we’re doing for our date.”


“Min, shut up.”


Private Chat with Sugar.


Sugar 6:49 PM

 Can I take you out Thursday?


Minnie 6:50 PM

 But hyungie

Thats the day of your first official shoot


Sugar 6:50 PM

 Yeah and?

Can I pick you up around 4?


Minnie 6:50 PM

 o(>ω<)o you can !!


Sugar 6:51 PM

 Cool. Wear something casual.

See you then, Min.


Minnie 6:51 PM

 (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ See you hyung!!!


Private Chat with Hoseokie-hyung


Hoseokie-hyung 6:53 PM

 Do you have something to do with hyung messaging me saying:

“He’s the Softest Soft TM … I’m deceased…. RIP in peace to me.”

Copy and pasted directly from the chat I shit you not


Fairy dongsaeng 6:54 PM

 // maybe //




Surprisingly, and thankfully, Jimin doesn’t have too much trouble deciding what to wear for their date. He pulls out light blue jeans that are one of few jeans he owns without rips, and aren’t too tight on his legs. He plays it safe with a red and black striped shirt, pulling Yoongi’s hoodie over his torso as well. Fully white shoes top the entire outfit off, and he’s left with five minutes to spare since he knows that Yoongi is very punctual.


He pushes the front of his hair back with his fingers before flopping stomach first onto his couch. Today, he’ll get to see Yoongi in action. The thought makes him kick his feet up and down in excitement. It’s only for a small an upcoming magazine, but Yoongi will have his name in it when it becomes huge.


Just as he’s predicted, his doorbell rings five minutes later and he’s rushing out of his prone mode on the couch to leave.


Yoongi is dressed similarly in casualness like him, but with a navy, button up cardigan, a white shirt underneath, and black skinny jeans with matching black Vans. In his hand is a contrasting red rose, held out for Jimin.


Going out on a limb and saying Yoongi doesn’t know that much about flowers is kind of a given, but surely everyone knows the meaning behind a red rose. Jimin takes it with flushed cheeks, and places his fingers in the spaces between thorns.


“I wasn’t going to get a flower at first… I thought it may be a nice touch, though,” Yoongi shyly admits.


“Cliche, but I’m a sucker for cliches,” Jimin smiles and smells the pretty flower. It smells no different to the ones he’d stop to smell in floral stores as a kid while shopping with his mom, but coming from Yoongi, it’s more special than the others. “Thank you, hyungie.”


Quickly, he grabs a vase from one of the small tables in his living room and fills it with water to put the rose in. He doesn’t want to waste to much time and make Yoongi tardy for his session.


“Do you have everything?” Yoongi asks after Jimin grabs his messenger bag from off of a hook.


Jimin doesn’t miss the way that Yoongi always stares him down when he wears the hoodie. It might be a cruel thing to wear it for their date night, but he definitely wants his boyfriend’s eyes on him as much as he can afford to glance. Nodding, Jimin nudges Yoongi back and closes his apartment door behind him, then takes Yoongi’s hand in his own.


“Let’s go! I can’t wait to see you do your thing, Min Photographer-nim.”


“Maybe I can even show you how to edit, hm?”


The familiar BMW M5 is parked outside his building. By now, he feels like he knows the car just as well as its owner. Sometimes Yoongi lets him drive it to wherever he needs to go, since he has a second car in the parking garage. He skips to the passengers side and waits for the click of the locks sliding up.


He practically sinks into the leather of the car seat when he hops inside, taking a deep breath and exhaling noisily. Yoongi eyes with him and amused expression and a quirked eyebrow, that the silliness of throws Jimin into the deep end of laughter. He takes Yoongi’s hand after the elder has shifted into gear and plays with his fingers.


It’s a relaxed drive, Twice playing on the radio and the steady hum of the car. Excluding the honking from other drivers. At some point, the drive becomes less of looking out of the window for Jimin and more of looking at Yoongi with his sleeves rolled up and a watch alongside a few bracelets adorning his wrist. He used to think that Yoongi never noticed him admiring, but recently he’s been able to catch his boyfriend holding back a smile whenever he does look. So, apparently, he lacks subtlety.


A few more minutes and they’re in the studio for the shoot. The setting looks like a tidy, cabin living room with a fire pit in between the couches. For the first time, at a shoot, he’s not the one in front of the camera. He gets to know how it feels to be in the back, watching everything unfold. Momentarily, he sets his sights on Yoongi while he pulls out his beloved camera from its own special carrier bag.


Just standing there watching everyone do the work makes him feel bad. Without Yoongi noticing (he hopes), he taps the shoulder of one of the workers standing by a coffee machine and asks her if he can help out a little.


When the worker smiles at him and says yes, he plans on really only helping out a little. What he doesn’t have in mind, is handing out needed props, adjusting clothing that’s a little crooked on their model, and keeping most of the workers occupied during their breaks by chatting them up and laughing with them. He’s locked eyes with Yoongi more than a couple of times by now, never misses the fondness in his gaze, but is definitely embarrassed when they finds Yoongi staring again while one of his noonas pinches his cheeks.


“Aigo, noona, you’re embarrassing me!” he grins, rubbing over his now reddish cheeks.


While the women proceed to gush over his ‘baby skin’, Yoongi calls out that he’s going to get a drink. He brushes by Jimin and pauses in his step right behind him to whisper. “Being such a good boy,” and taps the bottom of his back before smiling at the others. “Are you flirting with him, noonas? I think he’s quite young compared to all of you.”


One of the women, Lia, Jimin believes her name to be, scoffs playfully. “He’s cuter than my yeobo. Let me have my fun for now, and I’ll give the sweetie back to you later,” to which Yoongi laughs and walks away after.


Good boy. Good boy. Good boy.


Haha fuck.


And it’s not like his suffering eases anymore throughout the rest of the session. Yoongi looks more belonging behind a camera than a computer, known by Jimin to favor being involved majorly in everything he does. His bony hands wrapped around his camera in a careful and firm hold accentuate the already very prominent veins to Jimin’s eyes. And his tongue pokes out between his teeth and lips in his focus, distracting Jimin more than anything.


Dreamy and captivating are the dominating words running through Jimin’s mind while watching Yoongi. Even after the shoot is done and people are beginning to pack up, Jimin admires him doing the simplest of things; such as packing his camera away and tugging the sleeves of his cardigan down.


On his way over to Yoongi, he bows respectively to the workers and flashes them brief smiles. When he comes up behind Yoongi, is probably the only time Yoongi doesn’t notice him. The elder kindly flinches when Jimin quickly sneaks his arms around his waist, but breathes in and loses the tension in his body when he hears Jimin’s breathy giggles.


“Oh, Min,” Yoongi mumbles with a soft smile. “Come with me.”


Complying easily, Jimin keeps his arms around Yoongi while they trot to the desk with the monitors. Yoongi pulls out the seat for him to sit in, and he detaches himself then, despite not wanting to. Not for a second does Yoongi’s warmth leave, because in the next blink of time, Yoongi’s leaning over so the sides of their faces are lined up.


A lineup of pictures of the model is on the right side of the screen while the chosen picture is displayed in a large imagery on the left.


They’re already boyfriends, for fucks sake, but Jimin’s breathe still catches in his throat when a hand settles over his on the mouse. Yoongi’s other hand points at a picture in the lineup.


“Click on that one, then expand the large version after it pops up here.” he murmurs the directions and Jimin does just that.


There’s a bunch of weird little symbols on a tab bar at the bottom of the expanded picture, it being the only one in view as of now. He pouts in his confusion, and Yoongi takes a glance at him and chuckles before going back to the editing.


“There’s too many buttons. I give up,” Jimin whines, but still clicks on what he’s told to click on.


“The faster you edit this picture, the faster we get to go on that date.”


Which, oh right, and Jimin’s motivation spikes. Stupidly, he blurts. “The faster we get to fuck.”


Yoongi chokes on his saliva, and it takes a few seconds to recover. Jimin’s words catch him off guard and Yoongi gulps before replying brokenly. “Yeah, that too.”


Honestly, Jimin doesn’t see why there needs to be options for every little crevice that shadows take shelter in. He thinks he sharpens the picture a little too much, with the model’s facial features being visible down to stray specks of blush, but Yoongi tells him that through processing it’ll form differently.


So, yes, he’s definitely underestimated the work of an editor pretty much his entire career, or his entire life. His frustration only ends when he finishes one picture out of too many to count. He admires the photography work before closing up, and his heart beats in his chest with a pinch of pride scrolling through them.


“The pictures have been sent to my email, so you can ex out of those. Are you ready to go on our date?” Yoongi asks, hiking his bag over his shoulder.


Jimin nods with extra enthusiasm and exits out of the editing software. He skips over to Yoongi who’s nearing the exit and tugs on the front of his cardigan, lightly pulling him in to kiss him short enough to come off as teasing. He internally fist pumps when Yoongi groans quietly as their lips part.


“I’ve been ready for this since forever.”


In Jimin’s opinion, it takes too long to get back inside Yoongi’s car and on their way to whatever Yoongi has planned. But they settle into another calm drive with radio hum and evened breathing.


“I wasn’t sure if it’d be a good idea to have our date on the same day as my shoot, but you really… you made it go better than I thought it would,” Yoongi admits. “You helped the workers when you didn’t have to, you made everyone fall in love with you; and I’m not even surprised. It’s easy to do that.”


That certainly shocks Jimin. It’s not what he had expected to hear. If it’s supposedly easy to fall in love with him, is Yoongi already there? He’s not sure if he should take that as a discreet confession or not. Either way, his heart flutter isn’t for nothing, because Yoongi’s still a sap.


“O-oh, I didn’t really do that much.. but, I’m, um, I’m really happy you planned it on the same day; more time with you and stuff,” he murmurs shyly, only feeling his confidence come back when Yoongi takes one of his hands out of his lap to hold it.


“Am I really witnessing a shy Park Jimin right now? Are my eyes deceiving me or is this real?” Yoongi teases and squeezes his hand.


Jimin laughs and leans down so far that the side of his face is pressed against his and Yoongi’s hands. “Shut up, hyung!”


He wants to pout when Yoongi pulls his hand away, but sighs in contentment when  he uses the hand to card his fingers through Jimin’s once again, untamed fluffy hair.


“I adore you, Min.”


Jimin hums softly and smiles. “I adore you more, hyung.”


“Uh, you wish?” Yoongi scoffs. “I think I adore you the most between the two of us.”


A normal person wouldn’t bother to put up an argument, but Jimin is ever so stubborn. Hence why the rest of the drive is the two of them going back and forth on just how much they adore each other.


The building they drive up to is massive, kind of like every other one that Jimin can see, but he’s still curious to know how it connects to their date.


They walk inside the building, then the elevator. The walls are trimmed with gold, and the actual base is a bunch of classic paintings meshed together side by side. Without another person coming in to interrupt their alone time, somehow, Yoongi keeps his hand on Jimin’s waist the entire way up. Soon he realizes that one elevator is for the roof of the building, and there’s another for different floors.


Jimin fidgets in his spot, because even the elevator makes him feel out of place in his attire. He voices this out loud to Yoongi, who reprimands him for thinking that way and pulls him closer to his side.


“I’m just saying, hyung - you told me to dress casually, and now we’re in a place that’s anything but casual. At least you have a cardigan.”


“Just wait, alright?” Yoongi says. “I know what I’m doing, doll.”


Right after he says that, the doors open to the rooftop.




So Jimin never should have doubted, really. They’re the only ones up here, no room to be judged, and Jimin is fascinated with such a simplistic setting.


It’s more like another floor that the rooftop, considering that it’s enclosed with windows just like the other floors. They’re able to stay decently warm, but still admire the set sun and dark undertones looming within the city. There’s an outdoors couch near the middle with a wooden cover hovering over the top of it, a coffee table to the side of it with soju, water, and –already– food on it, then a fireplace in front. By the opposing wall (that’s actually a wall and not just glass) is a table with a grill, and a hot chocolate frother.


It’s like the place had been a greenhouse previously, with so many flowers meant for the indoors standing in pots around the furniture and windows. Jimin admires a pretty, bright yellow one with heart eyes before he comes forward to take in the rest of it.


“Usually this place is more of a garden room, but if you reserve it ahead of time, it can become almost anything you need it for,” Yoongi speaks just a little above a whisper in his anxiousness. Jimin thinks the waver in his voice is endearing. “I called for the food to start being prepared a little before we left, so it’s fresh. I hope you like it.”


Jimin sniffles and stuffs his face in Yoongi’s shirt while hugging him. He feels the vibrations running through Yoongi’s chest as he laughs at him.


“Yah, Min, who wants to say that they made their boyfriend cry on the first date?” Yoongi complains, but keeps a gentle hand rubbing circles on his back.


“So happy, m’so happy. Th-thank you, hyungie,” Jimin hiccups softly, and forces himself to pull away from Yoongi’s embrace to wipe away his tears. “Just say it was happy tears.”


Looking at him adoringly, Yoongi puts a hand on the back of Jimin’s head and has him lean in so he can kiss his forehead. Jimin squeaks at the affection and Yoongi watches his cheeks become pinker than usual. “Let’s eat; I have more planned after this.”


“There’s hot chocolate too… I want some.”


“Hyung will get a cup for you. Will that make my spoiled Jiminie happy too?”


Jimin sits down on the couch with Yoongi standing in front of him and nods. “Please and thank you,” and puckers his lips for a kiss, to which Yoongi happily provides.


While eating, they sit sideways on either end of the couch so their feet meet in the middle. Yoongi has music play from his iTunes library in his phone to fill the silence during the moments where they can’t talk, or decide not to. Then, after eating, Jimin finds himself with his head in Yoongi’s lap while the elder plays with his hair.


“Do you ever go and visit your family, hyung?” Jimin asks, closing his eyes and humming when the fingers in his hair begin to massage his head.


There’s no wait in Yoongi’s reply. “Whenever I can. I haven’t been able to that much recently, but I’m hoping next year will be better. I miss them a lot,” he answers quietly, sounding almost asleep himself.


The positive reply makes Jimin feel nice, knowing that Yoongi is close to his non-extended family, at least. “Were they very supporting of your job choice?”


“They were, which surprised me. Though, I knew that they didn’t have that much faith in it to work.. they still encouraged me to try my hardest when others looked down on it. It takes a lot to support something you don’t really know will work out in the best way, so I admire them for that.


“What about you?” Yoongi finishes with his own question.


“My parents?” Jimin sighs, and eases his eyes open to see s troubled looking Yoongi. “They despised the thought of me being a model, claiming it was too girly and flashy for the outside world.”


“And? Do they still see it that way?” Yoongi pokes at the spot between his eyebrows to unfurrow them.


Another disappointed sigh and Jimin figures Yoongi has his answer. “Of course, but I still visit them. We’ve made an agreement not to talk about it at home, but it’s still the elephant in the room,” he mumbles with distaste. Yoongi’s hand stops massaging his head for a moment and he huffs and brings his own hand up to Yoongi’s to remind him. “Only my dongsaeng accepts it, and I hang around him most of the time I’m in Busan anyways.”


“Ooh, fun. It’d be a hoot if I visited them with you. I’m sure they’d be thrilled knowing an editor slash photographer, of all people, is your boyfriend.”


“No one says ‘hoot’ anymore, Yoongi,” Jimin scoffs. “They’d freak knowing I have a boyfriend in the first place.”


“The owls do,” Yoongi points out, giving a harsh tug at Jimin’s hair.


Jimin cracks a joke about how Yoongi quite possibly could be the human equivalent of an owl, with occurrences of loud screeching and the whole nocturnal deal. In return, Yoongi pushes Jimin off of the couch and onto the floor, having no reaction to the whines that come from the younger.


Sooner than later, their positions change greatly with Yoongi in his common becoming position of straddling Jimin. It may be growing too late to carry on with Yoongi’s other plans. The two of them are in the center of their comfort zones, wrapped up in each other, than they almost forget that their worlds involve more than just this moment on the rooftop. There’s a bustling, boisterous rush and flow of people and automotives below them, one they’ve managed to break away from, even if just for a few ticks around the clock.


Yoongi listens to Jimin go on about his dream apartment in France, how he plans to own two dogs, one big and one small, and a cat. How he’ll hire an artist to paint him in different occasions so he can hang watercolor portraits of himself up on every single wall –“I’m cute as hell, why not?”– just to admire himself with every glance. He even hints at Yoongi being there with him, lounging on his expensive leather couch, the two of them drinking fine wine with a bird’s eye view of the Eiffel Tower right outside the balcony.


“You’ll get it one day,” Yoongi tells him, and it’s the first time he’s able to believe that his reveries might just be in reach, more than reveries.


His fingers dance along the skin under Yoongi’s shirt, and he gives in to the mental magnetic pull between their lips, and soon connect. Maybe, just maybe, his dreams are starting to feel achievable because they’re already coming true. At least, that’s how it feels with the way Yoongi’s warmth intertwines with his.

The way the rest of the date goes, Jimin doesn’t want it to end.


They actually do make it to the second part of their little journey, to a crowded, outdoors ice rink. Concessions are serving cotton candy at this time of year, and Yoongi ends up buying the pink kind for him while ignoring his protests.


He’s glad that their date didn’t involve an expensive restaurant, or somewhere where they felt like they needed to be a certain way for others. The rooftop, and now the ice rink; it has a Yoongi feel to it, simply by one being in seclusion and the other being strongly connected with street civilization. Now he just has to break it to his boyfriend that he’s a shit skater.


“Do you want some?” Jimin asks with a mouthful of his own dissolving sugar overload, holding up the pink fluff to Yoongi.


Yoongi laughs and shakes his head. “I told you, I’m not a sugary kind of person.”


“Except when it comes to me,” he hides his smile with another load of cotton candy, but unfortunately, Yoongi doesn’t have such a way of hiding the embarrassment coating his cheeks. “It’s okay, hyung, most people don’t have the ability to resist someone like myself.”


“Push it and I’ll go skating without you,” Yoongi huffs.


Shrugging, Jimin scrunches up the now empty snack bag and tosses it in a nearby trash bin. “May have to anyway. I actually never learnt how to ice skate,” he says, noticing the burdened expression Yoongi upholds. He knows why. “Hey, don’t start kicking yourself for choosing this place, alright? I love it here, skating or no skating.”


He stands and holds his hands out for Yoongi to take so he can pull him up. In an instant, he’s winding his arms around Yoongi’s neck and bringing him in closer. They can be affectionate it public for now, in a place that’s overly busy, so Jimin uses it to his advantage.


Obviously, it’s indecent to have too much PDA in a public place, so Jimin keeps their kissing to a minimum. The soft touches meant as mostly a reassurement to Yoongi. He pulls away with a giggle when Yoongi starts getting rougher, tugging at his lip with his teeth.


Yoongi grumbles quietly and bumps his forehead on Jimin’s shoulder. “I’ll help you, if you want?”


“Yes, please.”


A bratty tantrum is about to thrown as soon as Jimin goes to slip the first time on the rink. Yoongi helps with keeping him on his feet while he flounders for the side railings, but his feet want to fall out from under him and move to their own accord. He whines and complains, only letting up when seeing the scolding glare from Yoongi directed to him.


Jimin supposes that he isn’t being Yoongi’s good boy anymore.


“Hyung,” he drags out the vowel and suddenly slips again, making him hold onto the railing with his life. “I’m going to  die ! I’m going to be a dead man before my hot boyfriend can even dick me down.”


Which definitely catches the attention of other people skating. Yoongi glares even harder at Jimin, if that’s even possible, and stops them from moving anymore. Jimin struggles so hard to stand still when Yoongi comes in front of him. Probably to lecture him. God, he’s still distraught over the fact that people heard him say that despite talking fairly quiet.


Yoongi’s not even touching him anymore. When it stays silent between them, Jimin thinks about how true it is that getting no answer at all is worse than getting one. His boyfriend looks like he either wants to plunge him into the ice or eat him—


“One more complaint -- one more complaint, doll, and you’re going to sit on a bench and wait for me like a good boy while I have fun. Understand?”


Jimin utters a little  hmph’, more turned on than anything else. Coming off as stubborn and petty, but really just trying to keep Yoongi from sensing his situation, he pushes himself away. He can fucking skate with or without Yoongi,  Just watch me .


Yeah, this isn’t the wisest decision that he’s ever made. For a few seconds, he’s stable and skating just fine. Then his legs go a little wobbly and he hears Yoongi call his name while skating after him.


As his luck would have it, he falls on his ass before his boyfriend can catch up. And instead of bothering to help him or tell him off, Yoongi just cracks up laughs like he’s never seen anything funnier. Jimin looks up at him with a pout and narrowed eyes. At least the fall was a boner killer.


“Help me up, you fucker,” he grumbles. He doesn’t even know how much his ass hurts because he can’t feel it.


The two of them get off of the ice as soon as Jimin’s up on his feet again. Yoongi still has a gummy grin on his face when he has Jimin sit down to take his skates off. “That’s not how I pictured things going, but I can’t say I’m disappointed.”


“I’m glad someone’s getting a kick out of me not being able to feel my ass. Because I’m sure not.”


“I could feel it for you, you know.”


It’s a missed opportunity if he doesn’t smack Yoongi upside the head for that one. The smug motherfucker still laughs even after his head stings with pain.


Because he can’t help it, Jimin snorts. “If you think I’m gonna sleep with you after that…”


“Then I’d be the farthest thing from delusional. Come on, Min, that was a good one,” Yoongi nudges him persistently.


Well… he can’t deny it, so he just shrugs in his amusement.


Like some sort of unconventional prince, Yoongi warms up his feet after taking the shoes off by sandwiched one each between his hands, then puts his normal shoes back on. He sits down by Jimin and takes off his skates too, and makes the short trip over to the stand where he turns them back in.


He also buys Jimin another cup of hot chocolate. Jimin makes a content hum after every two sips.


While they’re sat back on their bench and basking in one another’s presence, thighs pressed together with no space between, Jimin tilts his head to look at Yoongi with what can be called a smile of the lovesick. “I really enjoyed this, hyung. Thank you.”


Puffing out his cheeks with his next breath, Yoongi brings their foreheads together. “I was afraid you’d laugh when seeing how dumb my plans were.”


“You made me cry happy tears. Have a little more faith in yourself from now on,” Jimin mumbles, picking at the collar of Yoongi’s shirt. “ But , I am starting to get chilly,” and his picking turns into something more coy, tugging the collar further down to poke a finger out and graze the exposed skin with a fingernail.


Yoongi seems to catch on quite soon and says. “Ah, is that so?” and Jimin nods with a signature pout. “Hm, we can’t have that. Let’s head to my place then. For warmth.”


Jimin’s empty cup of cocoa gets tossed in the trash, then he’s letting himself be strung along the distance to Yoongi’s car. He’s itching for affection by the time he gets inside, more eager for it than he had expected. To be fair, he’s been thirsting for more than just giving and receiving blowjobs and handjobs in the quiet of Yoongi’s apartment - and  Taehyung’s bathroom once, but that’s not important right now-.


He can just say, he’s not only acquainted with Yoongi’s car, but with the feeling of his shoulder blades digging into the wall of Yoongi’s hallway as a result of being too impatient, and Yoongi’s mouth taking him in whole and his throat closing in as he gags around him.


Subtle touches are the only thing Yoongi gives him until they step inside the elevator. As soon as the doors slide shut and they see their reflections in them, Jimin squeaks as he’s backed up against the side wall with Yoongi’s body caging him in.


A thigh sneaks in between his own as Yoongi noses along his jawline before going in for the kill and pressing their lips together. He balls up Yoongi’s cardigan in his hands and kisses back with fervor, hot breaths in between and his little gasps.


Yoongi pulls away for a second and comes back, parting Jimin’s lips with his tongue. Jimin abides and lets Yoongi in to taste the hot chocolate lingering. He closes his mouth and sucks on Yoongi’s tongue which draws a grunt from the elder.


If anyone were to walk in and interrupt them, they’d have one hell of a sight to see. Jimin begins rubbing up against Yoongi’s thigh and muffles his moan by biting Yoongi’s bottom lip. The tenting in his pants grows larger and hotter, and more sensitive to the touch. Yoongi’s thigh feels so fucking good.


Yoongi, once again, pulls away and lets Jimin plant his forehead against his shoulder. He has one hand on Jimin’s hip and the other in his hair. “Like riding my thigh, baby? You’re so desperate to have something to rut against, huh?” Yoongi murmurs in his ear, causing Jimin to whine. Like a slut are some hidden implications Jimin catches on to, and it sends another wave of heat straight to his dick.


The doors open with a ding, and really, not the time. But Yoongi steps back, much to Jimin’s dismay and tugs him along down the hallway to his door.


They waste no time getting to his bedroom once they get inside. Yoongi kicks the door shut and pushes Jimin forward until he’s sitting on the edge of the bed, then comes down to straddle the model and bring their lips back together, kissing him incessantly.


Jimin runs his hands up and down Yoongi’s thighs and uses the hold for leverage to buck his crotch up against Yoongi’s ass. The elder gasps on Jimin’s reddened lips and separates for a moment to slide his cardigan and shirt off.


“Off,” Yoongi mumbles, making a job of pulling his hoodie off of Jimin’s torso, along with his shirt. He admires the exposed upper body, not noticing Jimin’s embarrassed expression. When the younger goes to tilt Yoongi’s head back up to face him, he takes the stubby, small hands into his own and holds them to the sheets. “You’re fucking perfect.”


“Hyung, please,” he whispers, trailing his right hand further up Yoongi’s thigh, coming to palm his bulge through his pants. “Don’t you wanna touch me?” he asks innocently. “I’m so pretty, hyung, make me feel good.”


And happily, Yoongi complies, albeit distracted by the hand unzipping his pants and unbuttoning them to slip underneath his boxers. He grazes Jimin’s neck with his teeth and leaves open mouthed, hot and wet kisses all over, and sucks a mark below his Adam’s apple, then continues his assault on his collarbones.


Jimin chuckles at the sharp intake of breath Yoongi has when he wraps his hand around his cock. He uses the small beads of precome that have started covering the tip to give a more slick feeling, and loosely twists his hand below the head of his cock and squeezes tightly at the base. Overwhelmed, Yoongi litters his chest with hickeys and bucks into the tightness of his fist with a few breathy groans.


When Jimin picks up speed, Yoongi grabs into his shoulders and thrusts into his hand, whining when he squeezes too tight to get a reaction out of him. It’s so fucking slick and warm, Yoongi feels tightening in his abdomen begin, and he ducks down to suck and bite at one of Jimin’s nipples while tweaking the other.


Jimin whimpers at the warm mouth on his chest and tilts his head back, simultaneously hitching the movements of his hand. He hears Yoongi sigh in frustration and grins while pulling the hand out of his pants. “Hurry – o-oh, please,” he stutters when teeth nip down on the bud and send a sensitive shock throughout his body. “I-I want you, Yoongi-hyung.”


“Fuck, yeah, okay. You’ve got me, doll,” Yoongi stumbles over his words, getting off of Jimin to push him back further into the bed and lay him down. He kneels in between Jimin’s legs and quickly undoes his pants and pulls them down his legs along with his boxers, Jimin kicking them off past his ankles to help. Once his own pants are shed, he quickly leans over and opens up his nightstand drawer to take out the lube and a condom.


He takes his time with Jimin. They’re both excited, both wanting and desire feeling each other all over, but he takes his time unravelling his beautiful boyfriend to make the sight last.


Two slick fingers moving in and out of Jimin’s hole slowly, Jimin stuffing the side of his face against a pillow and grasping the sheets in white knuckled hands, the sound of wanton moans and cut off breaths; and Yoongi has to soak all of it in.


Jimin can’t help but giggle when Yoongi’s mouth begins to blow raspberries on his stomach in scattered places. His lower body shoots up at the tickling feeling and he tries to pull Yoongi away by his hair, but only manages to shift on the fingers inside of him just right. His laughter stills into a quiet moan and he falls back on the bed with a cry.


“Not the t-time, hyung -- shit!” he laughs again, against his will when Yoongi uses his free hand to gently scratch his tummy enough to tickle. His smug boyfriend grins up at him and inserts another finger, gradually increasing the pace of his fingers. “Fuck me,” he gasps out.


“I am fucking you. Don’t you feel it?” Yoongi teases, curling his fingers and nudging his prostate again. Jimin watches Yoongi rest his cheek against his thigh and keep his eyes on his fingers abusing his walls.


He digs his heels into the mattress and screams involuntarily, and his hips lift up off of the surface until Yoongi growls and shoves them back down. It feels like he can’t even breathe at this point. His abdomen tightens and his lungs contract. His body fights against Yoongi’s hold and he whines petulantly.


“So fucking greedy. You’re only going to take what I give you, Min.”


Then -- then Yoongi leans forward and sucks the head of his cock into his mouth and dips the tip of his tongue into his slit. Another scream escapes past Jimin’s lips that he attempts to muffle with his palm. He’s so, so close. He squirms and fidgets, and sucks on his own fingers while trying to shove his dick further down Yoongi’s throat.


Yoongi slaps Jimin’s hip harshly and pulls off of his dick with a pop, then removes his fingers. Jimin pouts down at Yoongi with a little circling of his hips.


“Get your cock in me already,” he huffs in a bratty tone, faltering when Yoongi glares at him. “Please.”


He knows that Yoongi would put up a fight, but he’s just as desperate to feel Jimin. Watching Yoongi fumble trying to put the condom on erupts a squeaky giggle out of him, and he hears curses tumble out incoherently from the elder in his complications.


Before moving up on him, Yoongi mouths at his inner thigh then kisses the spot tenderly. Before long, he’s biting the supple flesh and making Jimin even more of a mess under his hands. “Such pretty thighs, baby. I love them wrapped around my head like this,” he sighs, licking a stripe up one of them and sucking a bruise onto the connecting skin by his hip.


When they’re face to face, Yoongi pecks the tip of his nose and smiles at the content hum that comes from Jimin.


“Are you sure?” Yoongi asks, nodding their foreheads together.


Jimin latches both of his hands in Yoongi’s hair and briefly kisses his lips. “Yes. Please, please.”


It’s the final confirmation as Yoongi moves both of legs to rest over his shoulders. Jimin breathes in deeply upon feeling Yoongi’s cock toy around his rim, beginning to push in and then retracting. He pushes his hips out in a desperate attempt to get Yoongi inside of him, and all Yoongi does is chuckle at him.


“What’s wrong, doll?” Yoongi pokes his tongue in his cheek to hold back a grin and balances back on his knees momentarily to properly breach his hole and slip inside.


“A-ah, Yoongi,” he swallows and squeezes his eyes shut as he feels himself stretch and clench around Yoongi. When Yoongi’s fully bottomed out, Jimin brings his hands up to his dark strands and brushes them out of his eyes with a slightly uncomfortable smile on his face. “I feel so full of you, hyung. It’s so good,” he sighs out, quietly squeaking when his legs bend further so Yoongi can rest his forehead on his shoulder.


All that can heard is the sound of their laboured breathing blend in together. After a moment, Jimin knocks his heel against Yoongi’s back to give him the go ahead. It’s been so long since he’s been in a situation like this, leaving him extra sensitive and more flushed in the cheeks. As soon as Yoongi lightly swivels his hips while slowly pulling out, Jimin’s already feeling blissed out.


Yoongi pulls out until only the head of his cock is inside, then takes a second before sharply thrusting back in. He repeats the ministrations to egg on Jimin’s moans and gasps growing in volume. “God -- you sound so pretty, fuck.” he says, panting between words. His hands move to the backs of Jimin’s thighs and he pounds into Jimin’s used hole.


“Yoongi,” Jimin cries, body jarring upward with each drive. He feels the overly wet smack of Yoongi’s balls on his ass and how close he is to touching that spot that will make him spark. “Uh uh, I - mhm fuck - call me pretty again.”


His legs shake in their state propped over Yoongi’s shoulders, giving Yoongi way to go deeper. The heat pooling in his lower abdomen sparks when Yoongi finally hits his prostate, and fiery sensations flood all of his body into motionless.


“Such a pretty little angel. Has Minnie been a good boy for me?” Yoongi says, digging his fingernails into his skin and creating brief indents. He moves his hands down to Jimin’s hips and moves them in circles on his dick, and brings him down to meet him halfway in his thrusts.


Sweat drips from Yoongi’s fringe and beads down his toned biceps. He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth in concentration as he drills into Jimin unceasingly.


Tears begin streaming down Jimin’s face. Yoongi slams into him relentlessly and triggers the spot inside of him every time. His eyes close and his head tips back, further on the pillow, until Yoongi grabs his jaw with one hand and brings him back to look him in the eye.


“Answer me,” he growls, despite being smug knowing that he’s rendered Jimin speechless. His words are punctuated with timed thrusts. “Or am I really fucking you that good?”


Ye - es,” Jimin chokes and silently screams. His nails rake down Yoongi’s shoulders beside his legs and leave prominent, red marks down them. “I’m your good boy, hyung, s-so good. Oh god, fuck me,” he gasps.


Yoongi turns his head and bites Jimin’s leg to silent his own grunts. Jimin clenches around him and causes his hips to stutter.


“Harder, mm  - please,” Jimin pleads. “Make me come. Make your pretty baby come, hyung.”


He’s not even sure if Yoongi can go faster and harder at this point. He’s having the daylights fucked out of him already, and he’s so close, but he needs a little bit more.


Somehow, it happens. Yoongi pushes his legs off of his shoulders and stretches them out so they’re up in the air. He wraps one arm around Jimin’s legs and holds them over on one side while his other hand stays pressed in against Jimin’s hip. His cock stays nestled inside, but his hips move quicker and shallower.


His words become clusters and mantras of curses and his back arches off of the bed. He uses his elbows to prop himself further into a sitting position. In this spot, he can see Yoongi’s cock moving in and out of him quickly, and the spurts of precome covering the head of his own flushed cock.


“Are you close?” Yoongi asks without slowing down.


Jimin nods vigorously and uses one hand to curl around the back of Yoongi’s neck and pull him in closer. He whines against Yoongi’s lips when a larger hand envelopes his leaking cock and strokes him as fast as the thrusts he’s receiving.


“I’m, shit, hyung - coming,” he slurs and pushes back onto Yoongi’s cock to bring him to release. “Coming coming -”


Strings of come shoot out onto his stomach, his chin, Yoongi’s hand, and even his stomach. Whimpers and loud moans tumble out of him as Yoongi fucks him through his orgasm, and after the oversensitivity hits.


“Just a little bit longer, baby. Just a little bit,” Yoongi tells him comfortingly and kisses his temple, not bothering to ease up on him.


His body thrums with such a satisfying kind of pain, and it only intensifies the more Yoongi uses him. He hums and plays with the hair tickling his fingertips. “Come for me, hyung. Minnie wants you to come.”


Which is the tipping point. Yoongi gives a few more thrusts before he’s groaning and spilling into the condom. He lets go of Jimin’s legs, and Jimin’s whole body slumps down onto the mattress as he feels himself go entirely boneless and fucked out.


Slowly, Yoongi pulls out and smiles softly at the whine that comes from Jimin upon feeling empty.


When the mattress no longer dips by his side, Jimin holds his arms out for Yoongi. “Don’t go. Cuddle me,” he mumbles sleepily, coming off as cute even with come drying on his stomach and face.


Completely enamoured, Yoongi coos and pet’s Jimin’s hair. “I’ll be back. I have to clean us up, baby.”


So Jimin lets him go, reluctantly. He does feel icky, not enough to keep from sleeping, but he’ll go along with Yoongi’s purposes. His eyes are shut and his breath is almost evened out by the time Yoongi comes back with a cloth to wipe them both off.


He feels a pair of lips press against his forehead and a barely audible whisper before he goes to sleep. “Sweet dreams, Min,” which he most certainly does have that night.

The last spoonful of sugar goes into his coffee when arms come around him from behind.


A tired grumble is heard over his shoulder and Jimin giggles at it, picking up Yoongi’s cup and handing it to him. “Good morning, sleepyhead. How’re you?” he asks with a sloppy kiss to the sleepy elder’s cheek.


He’d woken up with pain shooting up his spine but a seemingly permanent smile on his face. After he’d stayed in bed for a little while, staring at his beautiful boyfriend, he’d gone to the bathroom then to the kitchen to fix coffee for them. Secretly, he’s absolutely in love with the domestic feel of the their morning after.


Yoongi maneuvers around the island and sits on one of the stools while Jimin leans over it from the other side. “Tired as hell, but for good reasons,” he rasps with a smug smile. “I see I didn’t fuck your brains out. Should I try harder next time?”


Shyly, Jimin whines and ducks his head so Yoongi can’t see his pink and puffy cheeks. “Hyung! Hmph - It was great, okay. I enjoyed the entire day and night,” he only looks at Yoongi again when there’s fingers under his chin bringing him back.


There’s something in Yoongi’s eyes that Jimin can’t exactly pinpoint just yet. But it’s there, protruding through his loving expression —  lovingOh. Then Yoongi speaks while Jimin’s eyes go wide. “I.. Min…”


“Y-yes, hyung?” he encourages.


It’s like Yoongi knows what he wants to say, and it’s on the top of his tongue, painting itself on his lips, but it just won’t come out. Still, he chokes out. “I really…” and trails off into something else. “You know.”


Now that he has the hint, he nods and with a grin, he replies. “I know,” taking Yoongi’s hand in his and giving a tight squeeze. “I love you too.”


Yoongi returns the smile and kisses Jimin’s knuckles. It feels so good to finally be able to say it without the worry of ruining what they have. Jimin is floating on cloud 9 right now, and he’s not sure there’s any easy way to come frown. Not that he wants to in the first place. He wants to stay here for the rest of the day and just relax with his boyfriend on the couch and watch holiday movies.


“So,” he begins a new topic. “I’m hanging out with Taehyung and Guk today. You’re free to come with, if you’d like.”


“And be a part of your gossip group? No thanks.”


Pouting, Jimin pulls his hand out of Yoongi’s in fake offense. “I was just providing the opportunity to spend even more time with your amazing boyfriend.”


“Nah, I’m tired of being around you,” and Jimin huffs even though he knows that Yoongi is joking. “I’ll probably call up Hoseok today. It’s been awhile since we’ve hung out anyway,” he says, joking manner aside. 


“Mkay. So, how about we watch Home Alone before I have to go? We have four hours.”


Yoongi sips his coffee and smirks at him when he’s done. “I can think of plenty more things we can do than watch a movie in four hours,” queue the return of Jimin’s flusteredness.


He accepts the suggestion, nonetheless.

As soon as the door opens, Jimin’s practically yanked into Jeongguk’s apartment space. The place is mostly windows instead of walls, and what walls he does have are grey and black, the furniture matching as well.


The funny thing is, is that Taehyung’s the one who brings him inside. Jeongguk is calmly sitting on the couch, curled up in one corner while reading a movie and film textbook. His round glasses perched atop the bridge of his nose as he devotes all of his attention to the book. He wonders how someone can even not focus on Taehyung when he’s in the room.


“Do you know how boring it’s been with him ignoring me to do school work? Super boring!” Taehyung complains, sitting down at Jeongguk’s soft yellow sock clad feet and tugging Jimin down beside him. He turns the television on, having the decency to keep it low volume for Jeongguk’s sake.


“Some of us care about graduating college,” Jeongguk replies monotonously, lightly nudging the glasses back up on his nose when they slide down. He takes his nose out of his book for a second and greets Jimin with a soft smile. “Hi, hyung.”


“Hey Gukkie,” Jimin smiles back, satisfied with the acknowledgement Jeongguk gives him before ducking down in to the book again.


“I didn’t even care to attend college. You’re irrelevant, Jeongguk,” Taehyung huffs playfully, picking at the younger’s toes and grinning at his whines and giggles. “I’m going to get hot chocolate. Then we’re going to have a talk about the night I know you had,” he wiggles his finger at Jimin before heading to the kitchen.


Jimin tips his head over the back of the couch and groans. He hears a book being shut and sees Jeongguk staring at him in amusement, with the textbook now closed in his lap. When he positions his neck properly again, he frowns at seeing the transformation from happy to worried on the younger’s facial expressions.


“Is something wrong? Did I do something?” he frets.


Jeongguk shakes his head. “No! I just… something happened between me and Hoseok-hyung, and I’m trying really hard not to act weird around Tae-hyung because of it.”


He furrows his eyebrows and scoots closer so he’s in Taehyung’s previous spot. “Oh.. Well, it can’t be too bad, can it? What’d you do?”


Taehyung’s humming from the kitchen grows louder and Jeongguk turns up the volume of the tv. This makes Jimin even more confused. Nervously, Jeongguk removes the book from his lap and holds his knees to his chest when the heavy thing is gone. He looks up at Jimin with glossy eyes and sighs.


“He came over yesterday only because I told him I was bored, and I kissed him before he left.”


Fucking hell. He’s glad that out of all people, it’s Jeongguk and Taehyung that his manager has somehow managed to weave his way into the hearts of, but damn, are they making it more stressful than it needs to be. With the way he’s seen the three of them look at each other, he’s sure that everything is reciprocated among all of them, but who’s to say that any of these idiots realize that.


“And he kissed me back.”


“Hot cocoa with jumbo marshmallows for you and for me!” Taehyung chimes, coming in and handing Jimin a mug.


Jeongguk pouts. “Where’s mine?”


Sighing, but with a smile, Taehyung places his mug down on a coaster. “Don’t worry, cutie. I didn’t forget yours,” then he retreats to the kitchen again.


Returning to their previous subject, Jimin gives Jeongguk a reassuring pat to his knee. “This is between you and Hoseok-hyung for now, then you can figure it all out with Taehyung. Just take it slow, and make sure that you’re all on the same page with how you want to do things involving all three of you,” he instructs quietly, peeking over his shoulder occasionally to make sure that Taehyung isn’t peeping in.


“Yeah… okay. Thanks, hyung,” Jeongguk hums, looking like he’s already thinking up his next plan. The little gesture makes Jimin happy, knowing that the youngest isn’t one who lets his troubles take him over.


Quick padding against the floor comes their way, and Taehyung’s walking over to Jeongguk and presenting him with a mug. “A hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows, ‘cause I know you prefer them over jumbo ones,” he ruffles his hair before walking to the other side and sitting on the opposite side of Jimin. “So! You had a date. And sex.”


Jimin’s eyes dart to Taehyung’s mischievous ones, and he hears the sound of choking and coughing behind him. He’d laugh at Jeongguk’s misfortune if he wasn’t so taken aback by the statement. Is it that easy to notice?


“Excuse me?” he asks. “What sex?”


Taehyung plays with a strand of Jimin’s hair and grins. “Chim, honey, you came in here with half of your hair sticking up, a neckline that reveals half of those hickeys, and a very noticeable limp.”


This morning, he’d been in a rush to gather his things and race to Taehyung’s. He was already exhausted from Yoongi having tested how many times he could come before it became too much to bear (six), and had passed out as soon as they’d finished. Putting on his shoes even after resting for a while proved to be harder than usual. The last thing on his mind was checking a mirror to see how disorientated his appearance was.


“So, how good was it? Is hyung’s dick game strong?” Taehyung butts in, interrupting his running train of regrets. “And how big is he?”


“Tae, stop it,” he laughs shamefully, pushing his friend’s hand away and sticking to his hot chocolate instead. He takes a long sip, slurping annoyingly while Taehyung keeps staring at him. Once he swallows the sip, he blinks a few times. “He’s huge and he fucked me until I passed out,” comes the admission that has Taehyung whooping and cheering.


“I’m ready to walk out of my own apartment,” Jeongguk mutters loud enough for both of them to hear.


Then Taehyung leans forward so he can properly see the youngest, and blows a kiss to him. “You love us, Kookie,” and with what Jimin already knows, and the way Jeongguk looks specifically at Taehyung, there’s much more to those words than Taehyung’s aware of yet.

“Did you have fun with Thing 1 and Thing 2?” Yoongi asks as they’re lounging around on his couch.


After leaving Jeongguk’s, Jimin went right back to Yoongi’s –after texting Hoseok to make sure he had no plans in the morning–. Now he’s half asleep with Yoongi’s fingers gently massaging his head and his legs bracketing his sides while he sits between them, his back to Yoongi’s chest.


“I did,” Jimin whispers, tracing his fingers up Yoongi’s legs in small swirls. “What about your day with Hoseok-hyung?”


There’s a bit of a pause before Yoongi speaks again, and he tilts his head to catch a glimpse of the perplexed expression on his face. “It was good. I mean, we got coffee and talked, but he told me something that was kind of unexpected..” he drawls, and covers one of Jimin’s hands with his own to lock their fingers together.


“Ha, the same thing happened to me.”


“Jeongguk told you?”




“Nice. Well, not exactly nice, but whatever.”


Snorting, Jimin slumps further down against Yoongi and twists slightly so he can press a kiss to Yoongi’s shirt covered chest a couple of times. “Our friends are idiots sometimes, aren’t they? Hoseok-hyung’s like a lost puppy in these situations.”


“Ai, okay, I’m tired of talking about them now. Let’s just cuddle and sleep,” Yoongi yawns and scoots down so he’s laid down all the way of the couch with Jimin on top of him. “Mm, adore you, Min.”


“Love you too,” Jimin shuffles onto his tummy and pecks Yoongi’s chin. His boyfriend’s eyes are shut, so he takes the time to admire him while the other is oblivious. Yoongi always goes on about how pretty he is, and he definitely takes pride in it because he knows how good he looks, but his boyfriend is so beautiful too.


Kindly chubby cheeks with such a sharp jawline, kitten-like eyes, lips that are always red and that of a porcelain doll’s. As soon as said kitten-like eyes open and catch him staring, his cheeks heat up and he squeaks before hiding his face against Yoongi’s chest.


He hears a husky chuckle and feels two arms wrap around him and tightly hug him. “I’ll be able to say it one day. I promise,” Yoongi says, then leans forward and kisses the top of Jimin’s head.


That’s okay. Jimin can wait, he will wait. He’ll give Yoongi as much time as he needs, and will be glad to. It’ll come one day, and he has no doubt in that. Love has the ability to make some people surprisingly patient.


“I know. Take your time.”




“How’s America treating you, Tae?” he asks sweetly, toeing his shoes off as he enters his apartment. “How is Gucci treating you, should I ask?”


“It’s mind blowing, Chim! Did you know I get to take home what I wear for the shoot? I know you like their glasses, so I’ll make sure to ask for a pair too,” Taehyung practically marvels and cuts off in between a few words to talk to some of the workers with words that completely confuse him.


It’s only been two weeks since Jimin’s last trip out of the country. He’d had a photo shoot in Hawaii, and had most definitely sent pictures to Yoongi of himself at the beach, of the restaurants he ate in, of his luxurious hotel room, of himself in the silkened, baby blue panties he’d bought without Yoongi’s knowledge. Specially captioned with a ‘Jiminie misses you hyung<3 do you miss me too? ’ and replied by Yoongi with ‘Hyung misses his baby doll so much, fuck.


Needless to say, that night ended with him coming hard from four fingers in his ass, imagining they were his boyfriend’s, and Yoongi’s voice over the phone telling him how much of a good boy he is, how pretty he is when he comes.


When he came back from Hawaii, was even better. He’d been eaten out by Yoongi against a wall, then got fucked on the same wall until he couldn’t stand anymore. Yoongi had been ruthless that night because they’d missed each other and their touches so much. The trip was only a week and a half long, to help give a measurement of their lack of self control when it comes to one another.


He kicks back on his couch and wills away the hard on threatening to come alive just thinking about it. “You don’t have to. Just focus on having a good time. How’s Seokjin-hyung?”


“Honestly, I can’t believe I ever thought that he was cool. His dad jokes are so embarrassing and half of the time I have to act like I don’t know him. But he seems as excited as I am, even though he’s also been here plenty of times.”


His best friend is in New York, somewhere he’s already been to, but never for his favorite clothing line. As for Seokjin, it’s another trip added onto a long list on international trips. Spring is halfway over with, meaning that it’s slowly beginning to warm up over there.


“I know that Gukkie and Hoseok-hyung miss you,” a squeak sounds over the phone and then the sound of Taehyung’s incessant complaining. “But you probably know that already?”


Another whining noise from Taehyung. “Kookie’s so cute when he misses me, Chim. He sent me a picture of him with the cutest pout the other night, and Hoseok’s not as blatant but he still sends me heart emojis with his goodnight messages,” for some reason, unknown to Jimin, the three still haven’t become a thing yet, but they might as well be.


Jeongguk and Hoseok got their shit sorted and now, they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Taehyung knows that, and also refrains from keeping his hands to himself when it comes to the other two. Why they aren’t calling themselves boyfriends yet, will remain a mystery for now.


A beep interrupts their phone call and Jimin quietly huffs. “Someone else is calling me. Can I call you back later? M’sorry, Tae.”


“It’s fine, I have to start soon anyway. Maybe we can video chat tonight?”


“Sounds great,” Jimin smiles and exchanges goodbyes with his best friend, then accepts the incoming call. “Hello?”


“Hey Min,” it’s Yoongi. “Do you have anything going on tonight?”


“Hey baby. No, I don’t. Why?” Jimin replies, heart fluttering over the simplest of things about Yoongi, even after they’ve been together for five months now. His voice isn’t buttery, but rather throaty and occasionally husky with sharp undertones. It always had an effect on him.


“Because, I have something exciting to show you.”


“The last time you told me that, you sent me a video of Gukkie making lamb skewers for the both of you.”


A loud scoff. “It’s serious this time! Come down to the office, please? I’m on the fifth floor,” odd, seeing as he’s usually on the third.


Jimin laughs at Yoongi’s offended and then eager tone. “Okay okay, I’m already getting off the couch. I love you,” he says, going back to the door that he just came through only a bit ago, to leave again.


“I adore you,” Yoongi shyly mumbles back, making Jimin’s cheeks puff out with so much love for his cute boyfriend. “Okay, see you soon, Minnie.”




Their third month of being together, Yoongi had officially given his M5 to him to keep. Jimin cherishes the gift deeply, and the giver of the gift even more. He may or may not also flaunt his gift everywhere he takes it, soaking up the amazed ogling and admiring glances it receives.


He’s a recurring appearance in Yoongi and Namjoon’s work building, so he passes through to the elevators with a wave to one of the guards and receptionist. The first person he ends up seeing on the fifth floor is Namjoon.


“Are you talking up the secretary, hyung?”


Namjoon pushes himself away from the desk and out of conversation with the floor’s secretary. He grins at Jimin, ignoring the previous accusations and comes forward to the smaller one. “Perfect timing, Jimin-ah. Hyung’s waiting for you just around the corner,” he informs, leading Jimin farther down the hall.


Indeed, when they round the corner, Yoongi is leaning back against the wall while checking his phone. Time after time Jimin has scolded Yoongi for wearing such informal clothing to work, but he can’t deny that seeing exposure of his thighs and knees in ripped jeans is always a pleasant sight.


“He hasn’t said anything to you because he’s stubborn, but he’s been freaking out for the past two months because of this.”


Yoongi’s head pokes up when he hears Namjoon talking, and he’s instantly there to peel Jimin away from the photographer. “I guess some people don’t ever learn when to be quiet?” he scowls, to which Namjoon laughs.


“Whatever, hyung. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m trying to score a date with Seulgi.”


Jimin frowns when Namjoon’s gone, and they’re still standing to the side of an empty hallway, with the occasional worker passing through. “Why wouldn’t you tell me if you were worrying over something so much? It must be really important if you were.”


“When I worry, you worry even more than I do. I hate seeing you like that,” Yoongi says quietly, brushing Jimin’s fringe away from his eyes and pressing his lips to the surface he reveals. “Follow me, Min.”


“Okay… but why are we on Namjoon-hyung’s floor?”


Jimin’s always loved the fifth floor, how it’s walls are colored cerulean and accented with white and gold. Their cubicles are proper walls, providing more privacy than flimsy carpeted half walls.


He reaches for Yoongi’s hand and grabs onto his pinky instead, not missing the soft smile on the elder’s face because of it. Yoongi doesn’t answer him, instead has him trail after him in the direction of Namjoon’s cubicle. Confusion stirs in his chest when they pass it up, and stop at one Jimin’s never even looked at before.


No explanation comes for why they’re standing there, and he squeezes Yoongi’s finger as if to ask him. Yoongi shrugs and nods towards the label on the outer wall, carved into a wooden plaque. Squinting to read it properly, Jimin leans closer and quietly mumbles the words to himself.


“Min Yoongi, Main Photographer, Beyond Scenic Studios,” main photographer main photographer main photographer.


Yoongi must already be prepared for his reaction, because as soon as he squeals and turns around, Yoongi’s holding him close and laughing, much to the disturbance of other workers. He doesn’t care.


“You made it! I can’t believe this — wait, no, I can believe it! But it happened, Yoongi-hyung! This is, like, your biggest dream. Wow, congratulations,” nobody knows a rambler until they know Jimin. He’s just so ecstatic for his boyfriend, that he’s finally gotten what he’s wanted for so long.


“Well, was my biggest dream,” Yoongi emphasises. “Thank you, doll.”


Jimin foregoes telling Yoongi about how much of a sap he is to stuff his face in his boyfriend’s shirt for the meantime.

The day Taehyung and Seokjin return to South Korea, everyone comes together at Jeongguk’s for another group hangout. 

“I can’t believe Seulgi just straight up rejected me. I’m giving up on girls,” Namjoon wails, laying over Hoseok’s lap while the latter snorts at the photographer’s doom and despair. “That was the whole deal too. Seulgi’s given up on guys. Did you know that she’s had a girlfriend for two years?” he asks Yoongi


“Um, yeah. The entire fifth floor does, well, except you. Until now,” Yoongi points out, unamused. 

Just as Seokjin and Jeongguk come in from the kitchen, Namjoon moans again. “I’ll do it. I’ll totally date a dude,” making both of them stop in their tracks and furrow their eyebrows. “Watch me.”

“What a poor ‘dude’ that will be,” Seokjin teases, moving out of his spot and scooting himself under Namjoon’s legs. 

Namjoon half sits up and glares at Seokjin. “I’m a lady and guy killer, thank you.”

“Mhm, sure.”

Jimin hums when he feels fingers running through his hair. He looks up from his spot on the floor to Yoongi on the chair behind him. Beside him, Jeongguk takes the free spot on the rug and shares a sugar cookie with him. 

He hears Taehyung whine from next to Yoongi, and looks at his and Yoongi’s intertwined hands for the sake of reconciliation. Of course, with Jimin and Yoongi being the ones to pick the other two up, a silly argument sparked up between Yoongi and Taehyung somewhere along the line. 

“I want a cookie, Kookie,” Taehyung kicks at Jeongguk’s arm with a pout. 

“Should’ve considered your needs before arguing with hyung about Drake’s music.”

“I forgot I’d have to stay by a literal sloth’s side for the night.”

“If you ever make me hold hands with this imbecile again, you won’t get to hold my hand for a week,” Yoongi mutters.

Then Jimin is the one who pouts up at his boyfriend. “Hyungie, you love me too much to abstain from holding my hand. That’s punishing yourself more than me.”


“Shit...” is the sudden realization that comes by Yoongi, and Jimin watches with a giggle. “I do. Damn, I’ll have to improve my punishment ideas.”

Meanwhile, they’d forgotten that their conversation was loud enough for everyone else to hear. The two of them go to return to their own devices when they spot the shocked expressions on everyone else’s faces.

This is the part where Jimin and Yoongi find themselves sitting before the rest of their group, minus Taehyung who’s still stuck beside Yoongi. Jimin fidgets in his spot while Yoongi looks like he has better things to do. Which, as long as Jimin exists, Yoongi does have better things to do. 

“So.. you guys are in love now?” Namjoon asks.

“Yeah,” Jimin nods along with Yoongi. 

Everyone seems like they want to be happy, but there’s something holding them back from feeling that way instead of worried. 

“Have you both said it to each other yet?” Seokjin pipes in.

Jimin spares a glance towards Yoongi and sees his boyfriend duck his head down. A nasty glare also resides in Taehyung’s features and suddenly, Jimin feels like the whole thing took a worse turn than he was expecting for when they did tell everyone about how far in they are with each other.

“Yoongi hasn’t,” Taehyung spits, yanking his hand out of Yoongi’s and moving in front of him. “My best friend is out here giving this relationship his all, you know, and you’re shitting on it—“

“Taehyung, be quiet,” Hoseok makes Taehyung sit down beside him and with much reluctance, Taehyung obeys. “If hyung doesn’t love Jiminie, then that’s not something he can help.”

A part of Jimin understands why Taehyung and Yoongi have their moments, like at the restaurant, in the car, right now. He understands it. But he wants them to understand each other as well. Maybe if they did, they wouldn’t be at each other’s throats when they do get in serious arguments. Maybe they’d avoid yelling completely. 

“He does.”

Jimin’s voice isn’t small or quiet, wanting them to know how it is. At the same time, he wishes Yoongi would speak up. 

“He loves me, and he shows it. He may not be able to say it, but he shows me that he loves me.”

His eyes clench shut for a moment when he hears Taehyung break the silence. “So he can show it. He acknowledges, but he can’t say it. That’s pretty cowardly if you ask me.”

It’s a fact that Yoongi rarely ever cries. So when Jimin, plus their other friends see Yoongi’s eyes begin to go glossy, they kind of panic. Instantly, Taehyung’s lips part and his eyes widen. 

“Hyung,” Taehyung trails off. “I’m sorry...”

“Taehyung, come on,” Seokjin mumbles and stands up, taking Taehyung with him to another room.  Namjoon and Jeongguk follow behind, and Taehyung looks back at the other three until they’re out of his line of sight.

Hoseok moves down to the floor and cradles Yoongi’s head to his chest. Comfortingly, Jimin scoots begins his boyfriend and wraps his arms around his waist, and feels his tummy quiver with each hushed sob that breaks out of him. 

“I’m sorry, Min. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Yoongi sniffles under his breath repeatedly, latching onto Hoseok’s hoodie. 

“Shh, it’s okay, hyung. I know how you feel, and that’s all that matters. Taehyung’s just worried, that’s all,” he assures sweetly, pressing gentle kisses to the back of Yoongi’s neck. “He didn’t mean any of what he said. He knows that he’s wrong.” 

“Jimin’s right. Taehyung doesn’t think any of that about you.. he’s just worried for both you and Jimin. But I swear, all of us are happy for the two of you, even him,” Hoseok says.

Yoongi nods and begins to wipe away his tears. Once the other two get him to where his eyes are hardly red anymore, and his snot is wiped away, the other four come back in the room.

Taehyung’s eyes are rimmed red as well, and when Jimin looks close enough, he sees that he’s still crying. He wants to go up and hug his best friend, but all of them resort to looking between him and Yoongi, who are looking at each other.

Taehyung plays with the bottom of his shirt anxiously. “Yoongi-hyung,” he starts quietly, eyes still wide as he stares. “I-I don’t think you’re a coward.. Feelings are r-really complicating, I would know, so I shouldn’t h-have judged you when you’re pretty much the same way as me.”

Then he takes in a deep breath and exhales with an apology on his lips. 

In an instance, Yoongi’s darting forward into Taehyung’s arms and hugging him while Taehyung hugs back, surprise evident on his face. 

“Thank you. Thank you for understanding,” Yoongi murmurs. 


This is where they find their common ground. Where they realize that they aren’t so different, after all, when it comes to certain things.

“Well. That was a night,” Yoongi mumbles as soon as they’ve gotten into his apartment.


The first thing Jimin’s eyes go to is the small, frameless picture of himself that Yoongi keeps balanced upright on the top of one of his shelves. It’s the one of him where he’s smiling because of Taehyung hitting Hoseok in the face with his sleeve. It seems so long ago, but it’s only been a little over six months.


“It was. Are you feeling any better, though?” he asks, pulling off Yoongi’s bucket hat for him and giving his shoulders a brief massage.


Tipping his head back from how good Jimin’s fingers feel working his muscles out, Yoongi gurgles out an incoherent response. “Much better now. Just keep working those fingers on my shoulders. Maybe my dick too—“


Jimin pinches a bit of skin too hard and Yoongi hisses. “Now you’re just using my caring and loving nature to your advantage.”


“Is that a yes?”


“Um.. it’s not a no.”




Having Yoongi’s eyes on him during shoots always fueled him to do his best, but having Yoongi’s eyes on him while behind the camera, puts his best onto a whole new level.


They’re boyfriends outside of work, but in times like these, Yoongi is basically his boss. He doesn’t mind when Yoongi tells him to switch poses because he’s not content with the current one. He wants Yoongi to be satisfied in his work, and to be a part of that fills his desires quite enough.


He’d been so excited finding out who’d be taking his pictures for this shoot. Mostly because he knows that it’s a bit more outside of the box of normalities than other magazines. The clothes he’s been given consist of fishnet tights, leather boots, a black collar with a ring on the front of it, a plain black shirt with holes in it, and dark cloth akin to a skirt flowing to just past his mid-thigh.


Being on professional circumstances, he had to pretend that he didn’t see Yoongi’s large gulp after he came out of the dressing room. But, it doesn’t mean that he can’t accidentally tease him, though.


As of now, he sits sideways in a fancy, velvet feel chair with his legs over one arm rest, and his head thrown back over the other while Yoongi checks out the pictures they’ve taken so far. His boredom seeps through his actions, like making a popping sound by putting a finger in his cheek and pulling it out.


“Having fun there?” Yoongi asks plainly, not even looking up from the small screen.


“Tons,” he replies in a sarcastic manner. “Are we almost finished?”


He hears Yoongi snort and looks to his side to pout at the photographer, but Yoongi doesn’t catch because he’s still staring at that stupid camera. He misses Yoongi’s eyes being on him the entire time. There’s not even an answer to his question. He’s living on a need to know basis just to be ignored. Hmph.


“Hyung,” he draws out the vowel and kicks his feet against the chair. “Stop ignoring me.”


“Oh, right, excuse me. I forgot I was dealing with a spoiled and bratty little princess. How foolish of I.”


Damn right you are. He grins when Yoongi finally holds the camera down at his chest and looks at him. When Yoongi’s eyes meet his figure, laid out on the chair, they have a harder time looking away from him than the camera. Purposely, he bends one leg and pressed the bottom of his boot against the rest. The action causes his skirt to drape down closer to dangerous waters.


“How pretty do I look right now, hyung? Asking from a coworker’s perspective, of course, and not a boyfriend’s.”


Acknowledgingly, but not giving in, Yoongi rolls his eyes and gestures for Jimin to get up. “I want two more pictures, that’s it. Let’s get this over with, Jimin-ah.”


Jimin does sit up, but cocks his head to the side in feigned confusion. “Oh, I’m ‘Jimin-ah’ now? That’s a little harsh, Min Photographer-nim. I’m hurt,” he crosses one leg over the other and rests his elbow against the arm rest, touching his chin with one finger. “Is this pose elegant enough for you?” and looks away to the side with his eyes while his head stays facing Yoongi.


The photographer sighs and narrows his eyes at Jimin. “Min,” it’s in that tone that Jimin absolutely despises, but it thrills him at the same time and stirs giddiness inside of him. “Get up.”


All day Jimin’s been on edge for something. Whether it be attention, kisses, Yoongi, he’s just needy. Maybe the handjob Yoongi had given him in the morning set him off, but he can’t quench the thirst of whatever it is that he wants, so he’ll project it with whining and puffy cheeks.


“Imagine fucking me in this skirt. You could bunch it up around my skinny waist that you love so much, fuck me into your mattress until I’m crying. All the possibilities,” he goes on despite Yoongi’s protesting in the background, and goes as far as spreading his legs to reveal the silk underneath his skirt. “You could even take pictures of me, too.”


It looks like Yoongi takes to time to contemplate it, and with a growl, he pulls the camera strap off from around his neck and stomps over to Jimin’s body.


Jimin giggles as he’s manhandled back into a lying position on the chair with Yoongi hovering over him. One of Yoongi’s thick fingers hooks around the ring on his collar and pulls him up by that to kiss him roughly. His body is pliant underneath Yoongi’s, and his lips part open when his tongue runs over the bottom one.


He hikes both of his legs up around Yoongi’s waist and bucks up into him impatiently. A large hand grabs at his hip and pushes him back down against the seat and has him leaning up into Yoongi’s lips even more.


“You can be so fuckin aggravating sometimes, you know that?” Yoongi grouses against his lips, then tugs Jimin’s bottom lip forward with his teeth.


“You love it,” Jimin grins, taking one of Yoongi’s hands and guiding it to his upper thigh, and under his skirt.


A whine of loss escapes Jimin when Yoongi pushes himself up on his hands to gaze down at him wonderingly. “I’m ready, Min,” he says.


Cluelessly, Jimin furrows his eyebrows. “Excuse me?” Why isn’t he being dicked down right now?


“I’m ready to say it.”


“Say what?”


“It. You know.”


“Uh, no, I don’t know.”


Yoongi laughs out of hopelessness and leans down to press a sweet kiss to his forehead, a great contrast from their previous doings. The small affection has Jimin’s stomach in a fit of fluttering, but he still isn’t sure what’s supposed to be happening here.






I get it. Wow, I —


“I love you.”


For a while, he just stares up at Yoongi speechlessly. He knows that Yoongi’s loved him for a while, but actually hearing those three words come from him is entirely different, for some reason. It makes him feel giddy and special inside and okay – he should really respond because Yoongi looks almost terrified.


Reassuringly, he giggles and pecks his lover’s nose with so much adoration that it’s sickening. “I love you too. How does it feel to finally say it?” his fingers brush through Yoongi’s hair and tangle themselves in it.


“Really good, but now I feel like a jerk for making you wait so long,” is the reply that Jimin’s not too surprised about. “Holy hell, I would have dumped my ass a long time ago if I were in your shoes.”


He hits Yoongi’s chest. “I told you, I would’ve waited for you.”


“Yeah. Okay. It’s good. I’m good. We’re good,” Yoongi speaks aimlessly, practically hyping himself up. “I love you so much.”


Their noses press together and Jimin squeaks at the closer proximity in their sweet moment. “I love you too, hyung.”


The door to their studio opens up with a bang against the wall, and both of their heads turn to it. Incomes Hoseok with a happy look on his face, until he looks up from his phone and to the couple. Then he stops in his tracks and scrunches up his nose.


“Hyung,” Jimin greets as if he isn’t currently pinned underneath his lover. “lovely seeing you here,” yes, he’d forgotten that Hoseok would be picking him up afterwards to go to a dinner slash meeting with some workers from their agency. Nothing important, really, aside from talking about boring things that don’t appeal or apply to him. He isn’t sure why he has to attend.


“I’d say the same, but… no christening the props, please,” Hoseok grimaces, then waves to Yoongi and notions for him to get off of Jimin. “It’s time for Jimin to change and leave, hyung. I hope you got all of your pictures needed.”


Yoongi coughs and lets Jimin free of his weight. “Ah, yeah, I did. He’s good to go.”


“Great!” The manager chirps, smiling with dimples visible, but still clearly disturbed.

“I still think my dinner is lodged in my esophagus somewhere,” Hoseok mumbles, frown settled deeply on his face, sadness evident in his tone.


“Yeah, mine too,” Jimin replies just as quiet as they hop inside his manager’s car.


Turns out, some meetings apply to Jimin very much so. What should have been the offer of a lifetime came to his awareness, but it feels like a sense of dread running through his body instead.


After greeting everyone, the first thing he and Hoseok had been informed, was that overseas agencies — agencies from the States want him. If they want him, that means leaving South Korea, means moving to America and living there, means leaving Yoongi, Hoseok, Taehyung, everybody. Is that something he’s even considered taking into mind? No, because it’s almost a terrifying thought.


Despite that, America is a big deal. It could be a complete game changer for his entire career. What to do, what to do.


“Do you have an idea of what you want to do?” Hoseok asks.


It’s been an hour and twenty minutes since he first heard the proposal. If an idea is the new term for being stressed out and freaking out internally, then yeah, he has the biggest fucking idea ever.


“Yeah, I totally have an idea if I either want to leave my friends and strengthen my career, or stay with my friends and keep everything in the steady and reliable flow that they’re in now. What the hell do you think, hyung?”


His friend snaps at him. “Wait one second before you even think about being a brat with me. It wasn’t brought up, but agencies on the other side of the world aren’t just going to wait forever. If you don’t have an answer real fast, they’ll give up on you.”


“Fuck, I know,” he sighs, brushing his hair back. “I wish I could ask for our friends opinions, but you know that they’d tell me to accept it.”


“I mean, is it the wrong choice?”


“I don’t know. It doesn’t exactly seem like the right one at the moment.”


This is what he had dreamed of for so long; these opportunities. But then he met Yoongi, and the others, then started dating Yoongi. Now, this doesn’t seem like the ideal way to achieve that expensive apartment in France.


“You’ll make the right decision, Jimin-ah. Don’t worry about it so much, and trust in yourself.”


Yeah, he can try that.





Group chat with Jin-hyung!!! and Gukkie.


Jin-hyung!!! 12:33 PM

 Wow I wasn’t expecting that news

No offense at all tho

Bc you deserve it lots Jiminie!!!!!


Gukkie 12:33 PM

 Congrats hyung

How come it’s just us 3 though?

Why not the others?


Jimineh 12:34 PM

 Idk how to tell them ㅠㅠ

Idk WHAT to tell them

I haven’t accepted but I haven’t declined either

And you guys are pretty good with feelings and instinct

Help me


Jin-hyung!!! 12:34 PM

 Well. You either move to the States with a promising job

Have a long distance relationship w/ yoongi

Skype and call us every night

Become a bomb ass worldwide model


Jimineh 12:34 PM

 The main problem is that I don’t want to leave you guys.

Yoongi hyung esp.

Long distance rarely ever works ???


Gukkie 12:35 PM

 I think the deal would be rlly nice

I understand not wanting to leave

I don’t want you to go either

But this is ur opportunity and your decision

Yoongi hyung will understand your reasoning for whichever one u choose


Jimineh 12:35 PM

 I feel like ur both trying to list the pros but are secretly crying over the cons

Cause I am too


Jin-hyung!!! 12:35 PM

 Um yeS???

I’d hate not having my pick-on-namjoon sidekick with me every week

But this is ur happiness not mine or anyone else’s


Gukkie 12:35 PM

 Yeah hyung

Do what would make you happiest


Jin-hyung!!! 12:35 PM

 And TALK to Yoongi about it pls


Jimineh 12:35 PM

 I will I will.

I can’t say you’ve helped me make up my mind

But thanks for trying <3


Gukkie 12:36 PM

 Ya welc


Jin-hyung!!! 12:36 PM

 I just blew a kiss at my screen for you Jiminah <3




The dreadful, awaited moment comes while they’re in Yoongi’s apartment.


They sit on the couch and Yoongi tests out the new sd card for his camera. Jimin tugs his bottom lip back with his teeth out of anxiousness, fidgeting in his seat and playing with his shorts. In front of him, his boyfriend is humming happily and unsuspecting. Jimin doesn’t want to be the one to ruin that.


“Are you okay, Min? You’re awfully quiet,” Yoongi frowns at him, and brings a hand up to use his thumb to pry Jimin’s bottom lip away from his abusing teeth.


“I’m fine, hyung,” he nods and kisses Yoongi’s thumb before it leaves. “Is that card the right one?”


“Yep. Mind if I take some pictures of you to break it in?”


Shaking his head, Jimin blushes, but only a light pink. “Go ahead.”


There’s still a pause before Yoongi snaps a picture of him. He takes that time to figure out how he’s going to tell Yoongi about the news. Unfortunately, it’s abrupt and the confession slips right past his lips just as Yoongi’s camera captured the picture. Which is not good considering how he can feel tears welling up and his lip quivering.


Looking just as surprised as Jimin thought he would, Yoongi slowly lowers the camera while looking at him with wide eyes. “A-America? Permanently?”


“Mhm,” he gulps and licks over his lip to calm the hiccup desiring to erupt from his throat.


When there’s no response, he looks down in his lap and clasps and unclasps his fingers repeatedly. “I h-haven’t said yes yet. A big part of me says not to do it, because everyone is here. This is home, you know?” he speaks softly and in a high pitched tone, growing louder the more he tries to keep away the tears. “But another part of me says that it would be a mistake not to go.”


“Jimin, I’m probably one of the most selfish people on this planet. All I want to do is ask you to stay, but that’s not what you need,” he admits mostly ashamed, putting the camera down and taking Jimin’s hands in both of his, covering them whole. “This is an amazing offer, it really is, but I can’t be the one who influences your decision. Not when I want you so bad, and that could hold you back.”


So many thoughts trail endlessly through his head. It may be alright to be selfish this time. It had taken a lot for Yoongi to be able to say ‘I love you’ to him, a lot to even be boyfriends. He thinks that maybe Yoongi has every right to be selfish, because Jimin doesn’t want to leave for the same reasons.


“Maybe it is what I need.. I’m just as lost on this as you are. Honestly, I think I’ve been trying to find more reasons to stay than to leave,” but he shouldn’t get anybody’s hopes up, or his own until the decision is officially made.


With a chaste kiss to his temple, Yoongi murmurs against his cheek. “If your future isn’t going to end up with you by my side, then that’s inevitable. I can’t be your only focus, okay? I’m not going to say anything further, because I’m too fucking desperate to keep you in my pocket forever, and thinking about you leaving kind of sucks,” a bitter chuckle leaves his lips and Jimin’s heart unkindly breaks.


“I know it does. I know,” he sniffles, and gently presses his lips to Yoongi’s cheek. “But I don’t think I could bring myself to leave.”


He hears Yoongi’s unspoken ‘then don’t’, and holds onto his hands even tighter.

He tells Taehyung and Namjoon together, with Hoseok in the room as well. Just like the others, they tell him to do what feels right and makes him happier. But without knowledge of how living in America feels, he has no clear judgement of what could possibly feel right.


They’re both upset at the thought of him leaving, obviously, and it throws him into a pit of sadness again as well.  


“If I were in your spot, I think I would move. But, I know that Hoseokie-hyung and Kookie would support me no matter what,” Taehyung says. “Yoongi-hyung, though, — which you’ve already heard from him.. he may be nothing short of a mess, no matter what he says.”


It’s not meant to put him off, but it’s the truth, and because he knows that it’s one hundred percent true, it does put him off. Yoongi’s the kind of person to put his feelings aside to save others most of the time, and it’s not always a good thing. It’s unhealthy with the situations he finds himself being that way in, and it breaks his heart.


“Hyung will heal over time, even if it’s something that comes close to ruining him entirely. Plus, no one said you had to break up,” Namjoon pipes in. “He’s better at taking care of himself now, too. With us there to help and comfort him, he’d manage. Especially with still being able to hear your voice over a speaker occasionally.”


One thing ties in altogether, though. He has to do what will make him happiest. Even Yoongi knows that, and would support it. Hurting his boyfriend like that, though, would hurt him too.


Sometimes sacrifices are necessary for moving farther.


(“Hoseok-hyung.” “Hm?” “Call the agency.”)




Tonight’s the night of another charity event. This time, Jimin’s in a nice suit and filling his pockets with his wallet, phone, and keys, but not to attend the event.


It saddened him to announce that he was going to take the American agency up on their offer. That he was going to finalize his confirmation with a final meeting in South Korea, inconveniently the night of the event.


There were many congratulations said, hugs given, and hair ruffles received. The most vivid memory he can think of was the underlying dread in Yoongi’s eyes. How he must have been matching too, hating the thought of even saying goodbye after giving Yoongi what must come off as false hope after that night in the apartment.


A bruising kiss had still been planted on his lips, with a murmured  ‘I’m happy for you ’. It had sounded anything but happy. At that point, Jimin didn’t even know if he was glad in his decision or mad at himself for choosing rather carelessly.


After tonight, he’ll have two days left in Korea, then it’s off to the races. Hoseok will no longer be his manager, he’ll be addressed as Jimin Park, and unless they visit him, he won’t be seeing his friends in person for a long while.


It may be the right time to return Yoongi’s M5 to him as well. Sadly, he can’t bring himself to drive it to the meeting, so he calls up a cab. It’s weird not having Hoseok take him to a work related meeting, but since the end result doesn’t involve him, he apparently isn’t needed.


The cab arrives, he hops in, and informs of his destination. It’s an agonizingly slow ride that has his legs bouncing up and down by the end of it, his hands feeling numb and the rest of his body too jumpy for his liking. Not having his manager with him feels like having lost one of his arms, fucking hell.


He watches his checkpoint come into view through the window and pays a big tip to the driver before stepping out of the car. With a tug on his blazer and a deep breath, he advances towards the front doors and walks inside.


He’s a little terrified, to say the least.


(“Wait, what?” “Do I really have to explain this again, TaeTae?” “Hell yes you do. Slower this time.”)

His heart is beating heavily while he walks past many people in the room. He doesn’t know where to go, what to say, or what to do. He needs a familiar face, one that isn’t looking at him like he’s just another money racket, just something comforting.


He’s tried calling Yoongi too many times, because even though he’s still in Korea, he needs to hear his voice. Needs to tell him, but each call goes to voicemail.


He greets plenty of people with shaky bows and rushed hello’s that are hard to catch. The room is too large, usually large rooms are better for him, but somehow, he feels so confined with all of the people and the cameras. In the middle, he tries scoping out the room for what he’s looking for, stopped by a hand on his shoulder that makes him jump.


“Jimin,” Taehyung says calmly, enveloping him in a hug as soon as he’s turned around. “I’m not sure what’s on your mind, but I hope this is the right thing to do.”


“It is, trust me,” he nods vigorously, no need to convince himself of anything except that it’s definitely the right thing.


“Okay then. I’ve told the others what’s happening. Except for Yoongi, of course. Better he hear from you than from someone else.”


“Thank you so much, Tae. I don’t deserve you,” then he’s the one pulling Taehyung into a hug, not letting go until there’s laughter from his best friend and a hand pushing him away.


“Please, nobody does,” he pretends to flip his ‘long’ hair over his shoulder and clicks his tongue, to which Jimin rolls his eyes fondly. “Get going, find your man, loverboy. He’s waiting although he doesn’t know it.”


“How do I even begin to look for him in this place?” he groans, taking in once more how big the hotel’s ballroom is.


Snorting, Taehyung looks at him like he’s stupid. “Do you even know your boyfriend at all? He’s most likely sulking in an outside area.”


Right. At each of these things, they always end up outside. Of course. It’s quite obvious to him now, and he leaves Taehyung with a quick nod and rushes to one of the side doors.


Please please please please please be here, he pleads internally.


His nerves pick up when he makes it to the outside area, and there’s no sign of Yoongi. The gardenscape is big as well, lengthy enough that he jogs just to ensure that he doesn’t miss Yoongi, whenever he is. Except, he isn’t in the garden, or by the pool, and Jimin’s hunched over and panting by the one way exit feeling more hopeless than ever.


He pulls out his phone and texts Taehyung like it’s his last chance. If Yoongi doesn’t find out tonight, he’ll be a wreck by tomorrow. And chances are, if he keeps ignoring everyone tonight, then tomorrow will definitely be a bad day for all of them.



Chim 9:04 PM

 He’s not out here

Did he go back inside??


TaeTae 9:05 PM

 I’ll check. Keep looking out there too!!


So he wanders aimlessly but with a goal at the same time, exiting the garden area but keeping the gate open with a stone in case he needs to go back in. He just ends up on a path leading to the wide parking lot and realizes that the night is practically ruined. In his spite, he huffily kicks a pebble out of his way and proceeds to trip over his own feet.


Why is it so hard to contact the one who he loves just to say ‘hey! I declined the offer in the end, guess who you’re stuck with for the rest of your life?’, and kiss him all over. Why did he have to be so stupid in the first place? He should’ve just said no, and stayed where he knew he’d be happy nonetheless, and so would have Yoongi.


He’s halfway through the parking lot when he has to do a double take and blink excessively. Maybe it’s not an exaggeration when people say that they only have eyes for one person. Jimin has an entire soul for Yoongi, ready to give as soon as his eyes lock onto the figure standing by a sleek, deep blue 1969 Shelby.


For a minute, he just stands there and watches Yoongi lean back against the car and scroll through his phone. He knew Jimin had called all those times, and rejected each and every one of them. What an asshole. 


With a smirk and newfound confidence, he walks the rest of the distance to his boyfriend. “Excuse me, but have you seen this photographer with brown hair, a cute nose, and is about yea-heigh? He’s my boyfriend and I kind of need to tell him that I’m not going anywhere without him,” he speaks once he’s close enough to not have to tell for Yoongi’s attention. “Also that he’s an asshole, too, but I think he knows that already.”


Instantly, Yoongi’s head spikes up from his phone and he gasps quietly before staring at him. Jimin’s both amused and anxious from the lacking reaction, and watches him tuck his phone back in the pocket of his jeans.


Then, Jimin finally gets to hear Yoongi’s gravelly and hushed voice talking to him. “Does that mean what I think it does? You said no?”


“That’s right,” Jimin smiles, feeling accomplished. “You would have known sooner had you not ignored my calls, but I guess one of us has to be petty while the other’s trying to be reasonable.”


“Oh, yeah. Sorry about that.. I was being kind of—“


Dumb. You don’t need to hole yourself up everytime something bad happens to you. Our friends are here to comfort you, too. And now I’m here as well, and I don’t plan on even considering saying goodbye unless you’re coming with me.”


Yoongi does that ashamed scratching behind his neck, so Jimin goes even closer to him and hugs him, pinning him against the side of the car with nowhere to go other than his arms.


“I’m sorry, Min. I know you’re not the only one there for me, but you’re the only one who I love in that way, you know?”


“I know. I get it, just don’t ignore me again. We already agreed to talk about stuff instead of keeping it inside,” he mumbles into Yoongi’s black dress shirt. A sigh of content leaves him when Yoongi’s arms wrap around him too. “Love you,” then he moves his head back a little and kisses Yoongi on the lips, deeply and smoothly.


“I love you too,” Yoongi replies on his lips, then goes back to kissing him and tasting him.


A vibrating buzzes in his back pocket for a decent amount of time, but he ignores it in favor of making out with his super hot, photographer slash editor boyfriend. Who he also opens the car door behind and pushes him inside to straddle him in the seat and close the door.


With Yoongi’s hands lowering down to his ass, mouth calling him pretty and beautiful between kisses, unraveling him and making him whimper sweet tunes, he feels like everywhere else is somewhere he doesn’t belong.


Yoongi has always been home, even before they’d met. Home is most definitely where the heart is, and although that has potential to be many places, Yoongi has Jimin’s love to keep. And Jimin has Yoongi’s.


“Are we really going to fuck in a car?” Yongi asks, almost incredulously.


“Hell yes, we are,” then proceeds to glide their lips together eagerly.


It feels so good to have never left.





( Private chat with TaeTae.


TaeTae 9:32 PM

 Currently have a search patrol squad of 3 idiots (hoseok, kookie, namjoon)  and two princesses (jin & me ofc) looking for YA BOI YOONGS


Have you found him yet??? Cause we haven’t


Haha Kookie pointed to a big rock and said ‘I found yoongi-hyung’

What a nerd I love him sm



Oh hey we see you

Are you guys talking civilly????


Ew nevermind I never want to see my two friends with their tongues down each other’s throats AGAIN


See you tomorrow have fun car sex ya nasties


Private chat with Joon-hyung.


Joon-hyung 9:36 PM