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       "Depth Charge! Get back here!" The aforementioned mech ignored the monkey as he transformed and flew away from the Maximal base in a rush.

       Who did Primal think he was? He wasn't much of a leader or friend and he especially had no say in what the ray did. Even if the blue mech was part of his lousy team, Depth Charge had one goal and nothing was going to stop him from achieving it.

       "Protoform X is in the vicinity." His scanner alerted him, cutting off his frustrated thoughts.

       "Where?" He demanded, waiting for the coordinates to appear on his HUD.

       "Twelve klicks." The synthesized voice replied as he followed the coordinates over a forest. Approaching quickly, he transformed into his bipedal mode and took cover behind a boulder. His wings scraped irritatingly across the hard surface as he turned to look, but he ignored the sensation as he spotted his target.

       Rampage sat in a clearing playing with little organic creatures, probably out of pure boredom. Picking up two small rats, he began smashing them together while making fighting sound effects. He cackled to himself before lifting one of the screaming rodents and tossing it into his open intake. "Eck, too squishy." He complained, cringing as he shook his helm before throwing the other away.        

        "Didn't know you were changing your diet." Depth Charge commented as he revealed himself, gun at the ready.

       Rampage turned to face him, not fazed by the sudden appearance of his enemy in the least. "Not changing it so much as trying something new," The crab chuckled, standing up and brushing himself off. "But nothing will truly quench my craving for the day I get the pleasure of tasting you."

        "Not happening, X. I'm taking you down, here and now."

       "Don't make promises you can't keep," He winked, smirking as the other mech's fists clenched, the ray tensing before pulling back, repulsed and incredibly unnerved by the uncomfortable wordplay this conversation was becoming. "Aw, don't be like that. I'm just having fun, old friend."

        "Fun time's over." Depth Charge said as he pulled out his gun, shooting the ex-experiment without a second thought, causing the large frame to fly backward.

       "Right down to business then." Rampage muttered, easily recovering as he stood again. The blue mech took more shots in the hopes to slow him down, resulting in him retaliating with a shot from his own gun.

       The time it took Depth Charge to dodge was enough time for the crab to close the distance and throw in a punch. He quickly blocked before returning the attempted blow. The other mech caught his fist and tried again, but he also stopped that punch. They were face to face with no free servo as they inhibited the other from throwing another punch. So, instead he tried to get a pede in there, but the red mech blocked the kick. Preparing to charge up his chest blaster, his communications system paused the battle as he received a comm from Optimus to return to base.

       : Not now, Primal. I'm a little busy. : He grunted out as he forced his nemesis back.

       "You should answer your boss, fins. Don't mind me." Rampage cackled as he pushed right back. His malicious mirth was cut off by him also conveniently getting a comm, from Megatron.

       It was Depth Charge's turn to laugh at the growl the other mech emitted. "Stupid slagger." Rampage muttered before shoving the ray away with all his strength and transforming. "Until next time, old friend!" He called, making his escape as Depth Charge cursed loudly, unable to follow as Optimus continued to nag. With a sigh, he also decided to return to his base, sneering before transforming as well and leaving.


       Sand filled Rampage's servo as he tightened his fists in the water. His torso was submerged in the cold liquid, but it did nothing to cool his boiling frame as his cooling fans practically screamed. Panting, he spread his legs wider in a futile attempt to lower his temperature. The pitiful sound his vocalizer emitted as arousal continued to make his groin throb would never be admitted to. He didn't understand what was happening, but he needed to get rid of this overwhelming feeling. Squeezing his optics shut, he tentatively touched his interface array before pulling back instantly with a hiss as it was scalding, but the act itself made him uneasy as well.

Sucking in an in-vent, he tried again, slightly more prepared this time. Carefully tracing his digits over his cod-piece, he groaned softly and pressed into his own touch. Despite the inexperience and apprehension it actually felt, almost, pretty good. Slowly he explored his panel, testing out what felt okay and what didn't, but he had to admit it all felt fairly decent thanks to whatever was affecting him. Still, after some more experimenting, he decided to get it over with and opened his array, watching his spike pressurize. He hesitated again before reaching out and touching it. Cautiously he wrapped his servo around his length and stroked it once. Trying to figure out what to do was frustrating but rubbing up the shaft seemed to do the job. Only picking up the pace when he became more confident, he adjusted his grip and angle a few times before brushing the head of his spike causing his breath to hitch.

       "What the frag?" His servos flew off his equipment and he turned to the origin of the voice, unexpectedly startled, "That explains things."

       "What?" He snapped glaring at none other than Depth Charge, who couldn't have picked a worse situation.

       "Heat cycles always have such unfortunate timing." The manta ray shook his helm before glaring right back.

       "My what?" Rampage's optic ridges furrowed in frustrated confusion.

       Depth Charge paused, raising an optic ridge before throwing his head back and laughing, causing the crab to growl at him. "You're saying you've never dealt with a heat cycle before?" He asked, amused. The silent scowl he got in response confirmed as such. "I could kill you right now," He raised his weapon, the exposed mech didn't even flinch at the sudden shift in demeanour, as he pondered aloud. "But, I think I'll let you suffer." He lowered it.

       "You're too kind." Rampage bit out trying to remain stoic as his 'heat cycle' flooded him with arousal.

       Depth Charge aimed his gun at the ex-experiment again. "Don't think for a second this is mercy. I should give Megatron a call, I wonder what he'd have to say about this."

       "No!" Rampage shouted, lunging forward before he could stop himself. "Kill me now or leave. You'll get no better opportunity than this, I can assure you." He settled back down when there was no follow through on the other mech's threat.

       With a shrug, Depth Charge began walking away, but he didn't turn his back on the serial killer, even in such a pitiful state. He wanted his victory to be a hard-earned battle, there was no justice in taking the mech out like this. As he started leaving, the red mech let out an involuntary whine. That sent some unneeded feelings deep within Depth Charge's spark. He stopped, clenching his fist before sighing angrily as he silently cursed his damn Maximal spark. "A good frag will stop it." He muttered.

       "What?" Rampage snapped.

       "I said: a good frag will stop it! So, go get one of Megatron or his goons to help you out!" Depth Charge repeated louder, growling.

       Leaning back, Rampage looked surprised by the tip from his nemesis before actually considering what it was. There was no way he was letting any Predacon near his interface array. "I'm not letting Megatron or any of those other buffoons near me." He voiced as such.

       "Don't expect me to help you." It had been meant as an offhanded comment.

       Though he hadn't even thought of it, now he was definitely thinking about it. Oh, that alone increased his arousal tenfold. The thought of being pinned under his old playmate caused his valve to give a strong, unexpected throb. He shivered and shook his helm as lust began to cloud his processor.

       Depth Charge scolded himself for even thinking it let alone saying it out loud. The mating cycle must've been affecting his beast mode more than he realized and he should probably leave but, he didn't. The carnal desire already buried deep inside of him only amplified by his own beastly instincts. Normal Cybertronians cycles usually weren’t this potent, which just added another thing to the list of reasons why this planet sucked. Fragging wonderful.

As the minutes passed by he found himself actually wanting it and seeing his enemy all hot and bothered did things to him he probably should've slapped himself for. "I hate you," He stated, surprising the other mech more so with the suddenness rather than the actual statement, though what he said next shocked the crab more. "If we never speak of this and you do everything I say...I'll help you. This is a one-time thing, so don't even think about trying anything or I will rip out your spark." Oh, he was going to regret this.

       "Interesting proposition. Especially coming from you, fins." Rampage murmured, he couldn't handle this chatting for much longer. His body craved a good fragging and that salvation might possibly be in front of him, but through the layers of arousal, apprehension hung. The possibility of his enemy being gentle was incredibly doubtful and quite frankly, he expected it as much as he'd expected the offer in the first place. Not at all.

       Though, he didn't have much choice as the blue mech easily had more knowledge on a heat cycle than he did. He survived far worse than this and his possible partner was certainly...appealing at the very least. Might as well get the pain over with, who knew how long this heat would last if he refused...And who the next to 'offer' assistance might be. So, he agreed.

       "This changes nothing between us, I'm still going to be the one to snuff your spark when this is over." Depth Charge cut off his nemesis' musing.

       "I wouldn't have it any other way." He stood, shameless as his array remained exposed, and left the water in favour of the rock face. It was mildly disappointing when the ray didn't immediately approach. However, it was understandable, though he was still getting impatient.

       Depth Charge continued to blame primal instinct as he finally joined. Sitting in front of the Predacon with a glare, he could feel the heat pour off of the other's frame in thick waves. The other mech squirmed in discomfort and he couldn't help smirking; just because he said he would help doesn't mean he won't still make the crab suffer. He was pleasantly surprised by the show of restraint though, especially during a heat cycle.

       Then again, as he looked down at the sizable puddle of lubricant between the heat struck mech's thighs, he decided it might be better to just get this over with as quickly as possible, all threats aside. Dipping his servos into the fluid, he refused to look as he wrapped them around his enemy's spike. Though with no point to focus on, curiosity eventually got the better of him and a quick glance turned into full out gawking. He was thankful for his mask covering the expression.

       It wasn't the size that caused such a reaction—even if Rampage was pretty damn huge—so much as the condition it was in. Scars littered the multi-coloured spike causing Depth Charge to internally cringe as he almost felt every one of them. Sympathy began blooming in his spark again, but this time he didn't completely quash it down just...dulled it. Instead, he decided to at least make his efforts a bit more pleasurable instead of just jerk it and be done with it. Working his right servo in a slow rhythm up the shaft, he made sure to hit as many sensors and ridges as possible. He tried to ignore the erotic sounds of encouragement as his left servo played with the pointed spike tip.

       "Nngh~" Rampage's hips lifted into the motion and his fans stuttered as he let out a soft moan. Stopping himself from thrusting into those wonderful servos felt impossible. Frag, it felt so much better than when he was doing it. He hadn't known what to expect—probably something bordering on extremely painful—and he still didn't, but this growing feeling deep within his groin certainly wasn't anything he'd felt in this area before.

       At first, he'd refused to take his optics off of his enemy in fear of agony. Maybe a little astonishment as well, but as the pleasurable pressure increased and his spike was still being stroked, Megatron himself couldn't stop him from tilting his helm back. His digits curled against the rock as the ray's motions became more fluid, causing him to release one of the most obscene and embarrassing noises he'd let out today.

       Depth Charge instantly shut down his fans before they could unwittingly startup, but he couldn't suppress the shiver briefly rattling his frame. This damn heat. He hadn't dared to look at the crab in hopes of avoiding this but apparently lewd sounds could also arouse his traitorous frame. Deciding to increased his ministrations, he hoped to finally get an overload out of the heat struck mech and get this over with sooner. Giving the base a firm squeeze granted him a positive reaction.

       Rampage froze and grunted, transfluid spurting from his spike before streaming down the shaft. This response was lost on him, but the feeling was undoubtedly intoxicating . His frame had seized in pain more often than not, but feeling his components lock up from pure pleasure was so new. It wasn't even over and already he wanted more.

       Pettily, Depth Charge instantly wiped what got on his servo onto the other mech's thigh which went unnoticed by the dazed Pred. Who, was giving him the stupidest but most flattering look ever directed at him. Those bright green optics were hyper-focused on him, far more than in the past. He wasn't too sure how to feel about this look of, of adoration? Like he was some sort of interface god, but that had been nothing. It was conflicting, trying to decide whether to rely on this unexpected urge to blow the crab away, and not in the way of weapons, or to give into his discomfort or his rage or shame or lust or all the other mixed emotions he was feeling. So, he gave into his frame and decided to go along with whatever happens.

       Once Rampage looked somewhat recovered, Depth Charge reached lower and was surprised by the flash of fear in his enemy's optics. Raising an optic ridge, he eyed the tense frame below him before shifting his gaze farther down. Despite himself, he finally actually looked at what he was working with. Again, he was equally shocked and appalled, the latter more so was over the state of the other mech's array. Even more scarring was visible on the ex-experiment's valve, but that was just what was immediately visible. Still, it was impressive in a twisted way, given the fact that the mech before him could heal practically any damage with minimal sign of the infliction. This was quickly becoming too much, as even more conflicted feelings topped the already existing mix. At least he was sure of one thing.

       "I'm not letting you spike me." He stated aloud, and he was not going to waver on this. Even so, his optics were still glued to his nemesis' valve. Horrid abrasions aside, it was so much prettier than there was any right for such an ugly bot to have. Thick red lips surrounded by dotted green biolights, a white and black anterior node at the apex, and gold lines lead to purple interior mesh. It was a struggle to look away, and that was a major problem. Though he quickly covered up his hesitation with a glare.

       " Fine." Rampage muttered, returning the disgruntled look but bracing himself regardless as he sat up a bit more to keep a close eye on what the other mech would be doing to him.

       The ray snorted in reply, before returning to what he was previously going to do. The Pred was still tense beneath his touch, but he ignored that as he made contact, earning him the sound of hitching vents in response. Rubbing over the monochrome anterior node with the heel of his palm, he watched with reluctant interested as his 'lover' gripped the rock beneath them before sliding back down as the unexpected pleasure was too much. However, he wasn't told to stop, so he continued, cupping the crimson lips to establish further stimulation as well.

       Rampage was unsure of what to do with himself, desperately he wanted to touch the ray but he didn't want to risk causing the Maximal to stop. His hands felt useless at his sides, only disrupting pebbles as he clawed into the ground. It was too much, but not enough. This heat cycle craved more, as did his frame, but he had so little experience. His spark thrummed like mad, his frame burned and his loins sparked with each brush of those cool digits. One began to push inside of him and he couldn't bite back the moan that slipped out of his vocalizer. Involuntarily, his thighs attempted to close in response as he squirmed over the feeling.

       Depth Charge released a slightly aggravated sigh, using his other servo to nudge the crab's legs back open, freeing his working servo. Slipping another digit in, he pressed between the mech's thighs, keeping them open with his own hips. "Stop squirming." He grunted out, his voice rough from his own begrudging arousal.

       Rampage complied to the best of his ability, bringing a servo to his faceplate and biting down on one of his digits. It occupied at least one of his servos, and the small bursts of self-inflicted pain were a quick distraction. Pain, he knew how to deal with. This insistent pleasure that continued to course through his frame, heightened by every touch of his old playmate, that was a much more difficult feeling to figure out. Yet, he wanted more, so he tried to stay still, even if his legs clamped a little tighter around the other mech's hips with each pump of, now, three digits.

       His spark raced as the charge began to crescendo once again. The rush of his second overload nearly distracting him from the sound of the Maximal's cod-piece snapping open. He would've laughed over how his state seemed to affect his nemesis, but he was still quite vulnerable beneath the ray. Besides, he had a feeling they weren't quite done yet.

       Regardless, Depth Charge still hesitated, as this was the point of no return. He could stop this now and walk away, deeming this good enough and leaving. But that presented the problem of the reality that he wanted to go all the way. His worst enemy, completely at his mercy, submissive beneath him. So easy to overpower. It was thrilling in simultaneously the worst and best way possible. He had control and he wasn't going to let go of it now.

       Without a word, he removed his fingers. It had been so long since he'd gotten to interface because of the very mech he was going to be interfacing, irony at its finest. Though thinking further into that would bring up more problems and hesitations, so he stopped thinking as he grabbed the back of Rampage's thigh, lifting it and dragging him closer. He tried to sit up again to see what was going on, but the ray leaned forward, pushing him back and pinning him there with a servo directly over his spark chamber. No doubt the mech could feel his spark hammering in its casing.

       Depth Charge kept the larger mech down, wrapping the leg he was previously gripping, around his hip. Slowly he pushed into the Pred's valve and he'd be damned before he'd admit how good it felt. Even the scars added a strange extra texture to the already wet walls clenching around him. He couldn't stop himself from physically and unfortunately verbally reacting.  

       Rampage was conflicted on how to feel as he gasped and squirmed, biting down harder onto his digit. The other mech stretching him wasn't uncomfortable but the memories associated with the feeling were, but this felt good, more than good. His body and vocalizer purred in approval without his conscious consent. But when his partner began moving is when he completely melted, uncaring of the noises he released as his heat and frame finally got what it was asking for.

       Depth Charge wanted to scold himself for how aroused he had gotten over this, but couldn't find it in himself to do so. It really had been too long, as he already felt his own overload creeping up. He didn't try to hold it off, as the sooner he finished, the better.

       Within minutes, Rampage got his third overload, and Depth Charge his first and last as the strain knocked out the former mech. Which left probably the hundredth opening for the ray to go in for the kill, but it was still a chance he did not take. He was too ashamed and tired, leaving his nemesis in favour of cleaning himself up before transforming and heading back to base, to stew in regret.


           Rampage onlined slowly, dazed and confused as he slowly began to sit up. Looking around confirmed he was alone, but the surprisingly pleasant soreness and warmth in his lower half left no illusions to the reality of what had transpired earlier. His heat seemed to be currently sated, as stated, which left him feeling conflicted. He wanted that feeling back if only to get the Maximal's servos back onto him. However, it was wise not to try his luck, as he was also a little shocked to find himself actually still alive after the whole ordeal. The only proof of it being a few paint transfers on his body and the evidence inside of him, as waves from the ocean had cleaned the rock face of any remaining fluids.

       "Ah, there you are," A familiar voice startled him out of his content daze. "We've been looking everywhere for you, yessss." Megatron approached from a ledge above the other mech.

       "Go away." Rampage snapped, glaring at his 'boss'.

       "That's no way to speak to me!" Megatron raised his voice, reaching for the compartment where he kept the ex-experiments partial spark. Though clearly thought better of it as he instead clasped his hands together. "After all, I've come to help you. I've been able to smell your predicament from a mile away."

       "I don't want your help!" The crab shakily stood, ready to defend himself or slip into the water behind him.

       "I don't believe you have much of a choice, Rampage." This time Megatron didn't hesitate in grabbing the cube containing the mech's spark, effectively dissuading any retaliation as he approached.