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Cotton Confession

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Part 1 – Morning Warmth

Matt lay in the warm morning light, in David’s bed, in David’s arms, and felt impossibly happy.  He smiled lazily, watching David sleep, the sunlight through the blinds making stripes across David’s lovely smooth skin.  Matt stroked his fingers along the nearest stripe.  David murmured, pulled Matt closer, and settled back to sleep. 

The shifting reminded Matt of his ass – though he hadn’t really been able to forget about it since last night.  It wasn’t that it was sore, rather it was that he was so aware of it, like he had discovered another sexual organ, which basically he had.  Who would have thought …

David introducing him to fucking last night had been the single most incredible sexual experience of Matt’s life, and it had come after a week of jaw-dropping, classification-redefining sexual experiences.  Being fucked was so much better than anything that Matt had ever felt.  Last night, he’d wanted David to fuck him again, right away, but David had said that he didn’t want Matt to hurt today.  Instead, after a break, he’d introduced Matt to the joys of simultaneous blowjobs.  He takes such good care of me. 

And he loves me.  That was as mind-blowing as the sex.  The most wonderful person in the world loves me.  Matt smiled to himself.  The morning seemed appropriate for hyperbole.   It wasn’t until David had told him he loved him that Matt finally had to admit to himself – and David – that Matt was in love with him, too.  He’d labeled this ‘thing’ he had about David as a crush, obsession, infatuation, and so forth, but even if that had once been true, his ‘thing’ had grown into love once he’d spent some real time with David.  That evening that they’d spent together, talking and laughing in the sports bar, had been the clincher.  The wonderful sex was just a bonus.  What had really gotten to him was the look in David’s eyes and the caring and tenderness in his voice when he’d first called Matt ‘honey’ that night in the car.   At that moment, Matt would have walked naked through gunfire for David, and it had only gotten worse.

Smiling, Matt buried his face in David’s strong shoulder and drifted off to sleep again. 

He woke to David’s fingers stroking his cheek. 

“Morning,” David said. “How are you feeling?” 

“Good,” Matt mumbled.  “Fuck me again?”

David chuckled.  “Thought you’d never ask.” 

With a growl, David pushed Matt flat onto his back.  Matt grinned up at him. 

“My sweet, willing fuck-baby,” David said gruffly.  

In response, Matt spread out his body under David’s gaze, his cock waking up.

David smiled and lay full length on Matt.  They kissed – starting out gentle and quickly becoming hard and hungry.  David devoured his mouth and face and throat, and Matt could only gasp and melt under the onslaught.  David nipped his way down Matt’s body, starting at the special spot where his shoulder met his neck, the spot where just a grazing of teeth could make Matt’s cock hard.   Reaching his nipples, David sucked and teased those until Matt was squirming underneath him.  He moved on to Matt’s groin, circling all around his cock before finally taking Matt’s cock into his hot mouth.  David sucked hard and Matt arched up.  

“David!” he cried out and grabbed David’s shoulders. 

David raised his head and smiled.  “Tell me what you want, baby.” 

“Fuck me,” Matt said breathlessly.

David slid his firm body against Matt’s legs.  “You want me to fuck your sweet ass, bury my dick into your hot, tight ass?” 

“Yes, yes,” Matt said.  “Please, David.”

“I love it when you beg, baby,” David said, making his teasing way back up Matt’s body.  “Love it when you’re desperate and needy under me.” 

Matt whimpered.  He loved how David talked dirty to him, all possessive and hot. 

“I’m going to fuck you on your back,” David said and slid his cock against Matt’s saliva-wet one.  “I want to watch your face when you come.” 

Matt wanted the same, but he’d never been able to keep his eyes open at the right time.  He wanted to see that composed face shatter with pleasure.

“Please, please,” Matt groaned.  “I want to feel it again.” 

“Are you going to be my fuck-slut?” David purred.  “Begging for it all the time?  Bending over and displaying your ass in front of everyone?”

“Yes, yes,” Matt said, loving the idea of it, even if it would never happen in real life.  “Take me over your desk, in front of everyone.” 

“Hmm,” David said as he nuzzled Matt’s cheek.  “Show everyone how you belong to me?  Bend you over, pull down your pants, and expose the butt plug that you’ve been wearing to keep yourself ready for me?”

“Always ready, fuck me hard in front of the whole office.”  Matt raised his hips, pushing his cock against David’s. 

“Oh, you’re not ready, yet,” David said and rolled off of Matt.

Matt grunted in protest, though he knew that David needed to get supplies.  He admired David’s naked body as David got the lube bottle from where it had rolled last night and a condom from his nightstand. 

Tossing the lube and condom across the bed, David kneeled between Matt’s legs and pushed his thighs wider open. Then he raised Matt’s legs and bent them at the knees until they were pushed up towards Matt’s stomach.

“Grab your legs,” David commanded. 

A little confused, Matt followed the order, keeping his knees far enough apart to watch what David was doing.

David gave him a quick grin, then leaned down.  A second after his face disappeared from sight, Matt felt a wet, warm lick on his asshole. 

“Oh, shit,” Matt moaned in surprise, though maybe that wasn’t the best expletive to use in the circumstances.  

“Shit!” Matt said again anyway, as David’s tongue teased and probed Matt’s hole.  That felt better than it had any right to and Matt whimpered. 

David drew back slightly and said, “You like this, baby?”  Matt could feel his breath on the wet skin.

“Yes,” Matt said huskily.  

“You like me licking your sweet, tight asshole?  You like me fucking you with my tongue?  I love how you squirm and whimper …”

Before Matt could respond, David returned to his task and Matt moaned incoherently.  David reached over for the lube and soon Matt felt a wet finger push into his ass, David’s tongue still doing its teasing. 

A jolt ran through Matt’s body as David stroked his prostate.  His body turned limp and trembling.  He could barely retain the grip on his legs. 

“David …” he moaned.  “Please …” 

“Please what, baby?”

“More …” 

David chuckled, a vibration that Matt could feel through his pelvis.  David’s finger pulled out and Matt groaned in loss.  It was probably just as well, though, since Matt could feel his orgasm getting close.

In spite of Matt’s protests, David scooted off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.  The sound of the water and spitting, then David returned, rolling a condom down his cock as he walked.  Matt realized that he was still holding up his legs and began to release them.  David jumped onto the bed and pushed Matt’s legs back further and to the side.  He lay against Matt, his chest against the back of Matt’s thighs.  Matt’s knees were now pressed against the side of David’s chest, Matt’s feet in the air. 

Soon Matt felt the incomparable sensation of the head of David’s cock pushing into him.  It was easier this time, hardly burning at all, and the memory of pleasure allowed Matt to relax quickly. 

“Ohhh,” Matt gasped with feeling, as he was filled in a way that was both strange and perfect.  

David leaned forward, pressing his firm body fully against Matt.  He also seemed to have trouble catching his breath.  “God, you’re …” David trailed off, locking eyes with Matt, then began to move. 

A slide of his cock over Matt’s prostate and Matt cried out in surprise, grabbed hold of David’s shoulders, and exploded into fiery orgasm.  David rocked him through the heavenly shudders. 

“Sorry,” Matt gasped as he came down to earth again.

“Why?” David responded.  “You feel so incredible when you’re coming while I’m inside you.  And you have the most blissed-out look on your face.”  He shifted his weight to one hand and stroked Matt’s cheek with the other hand.  “Beautiful.”

“But I—” 

David put his fingers on Matt’s lips.  “One great thing about being fucked is the fun doesn’t have to stop when you stop.”

To emphasize his point, David began to rock again, driving his cock deeper than the night before, plumbing new depths of pleasure.  He propped himself up over Matt and thrust in harder. 

Matt clenched his fingers around David’s strong biceps and gave himself over to the glorious sensations.  He watched David’s face, watched the fluttering around his lips, the creases forming in his forehead, as David’s own orgasm grew.  David’s eyes were wide, shining.

I’m doing this to him, Matt thought in triumph.  My body is causing David to lose his composure, to show naked emotion. 

“Matt …” David said huskily.

Matt smiled up at him and corrected himself, No, it’s not just my body. 

“Love you,” Matt said softly.

David leaned down, squishing him, and Matt raised his head so their lips could brush.  

“You, too,” David whispered then propped himself back up.  He angled himself a little more and stroked directly against Matt’s prostate.  Matt whimpered and realized that, against all physical understanding, his cock was hard again.  His cum from his orgasm hadn’t even cooled on his stomach yet.  David bit his lip and slammed into Matt, making Matt’s body bounce and his cock slap against his belly. 

Matt reached above his head and grabbed hold of the headboard.   “Harder,” he gasped.  “Harder!” 

Growling, David slammed in even harder, so that Matt could feel each thrust in every cell of his body.  Heat and pleasure pumped through him with every drive of David’s cock.

David’s lips fell open and he started to pant.  Matt watched his face avidly as David’s thrusts grew more urgent, chaotic.  

“C’mon, David, c—”  Matt cut himself off with a cry as his own orgasm rose up and joined with David’s.  His eyes slammed shut and all was smell and skin and light and heat.  His balls tightened then he was coming in perfect concert with David, like David’s orgasm was shooting out of his cock, David’s moans spilling from his lips.

Sound and movement slowed, faded. 

He was floating, flying. 

“I’m dead, I died,” he said in a daze.  “Put on my tombstone ‘He died with his boots on.’  Wait, I don’t have boots on.  I don’t even own boots …  I could buy some boots.  You want me in boots?” 

David laughed.  “I want you in anything.”

“I’m dead,” Matt mumbled.  “Dead and bootless.  Mostly dead, though.” 

David shook his head, still laughing.  He pulled out of Matt’s limp body, discarded his condom and rearranged Matt until he was cuddled up against David’s chest.

David rubbed his goatee against Matt’s hair.  “I’m really sorry to hear you’re dead.  Because there were a lot more things I wanted to do to you.” 

Matt said blearily, “Hey, I’m alive again.  It’s a miracle!” 

“Oh, good,” David said, and Matt could feel his smile against his hair.  “Because you promised you’d make me breakfast.”