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Yoongi Loves

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Yoongi loved certain things. He loved waking up to coffee already made by Taehyung. He loved his studio, whenever he leaves Taehyung laughs and says "your genius lab, hyung?" Yoongi pretends the laugh doesn't give him warm feelings. Yoongi loves rapping. Not specifically his own, but Taes too. Tae, who gets way to into Yoongis parts of the song. Tae, who screams and growls the rap until his throat is raw. Yoongi has come to realize, he loves Tae. And he isn't even bothered by it.

Yoongi figures that, just like the sun was made to shine, he was made to love Kim Taehyung.

He doesn't let it effect him too much. He may write lyrics about him, but nobody has realized it yet. Sometimes he catches Jimins eye and sees recognition in those eyes. Jimin, the romantic, can tell, but he never says anything. Just gives an encouraging smile and makes a 'fighting' gesture. Yoongi isn't going to confess, he's fine with being friends. He's fine with seeing Tae smile. He's fine with holding hands and hugging. He' more than fine with the recent cuddling. Yoongi is fine. He won't push Tae. He's to important to lose. So Yoongi will wait. Forever if he has to. It turns out, he doesn't have to wait. 

Taehyung came to him, fidgeting and shuffling "hyung?" he asked. Yoongi lifted an eyebrow "yeah, Tae?" Taes eyes darted around "can I... uhh... talk to you?" Yoongi smiled "we're talking right now." Tae let out a nervous laugh. "No, i mean" he took a deep breath "a serious talk." Yoongis smile faltered "oh, okay" Tae sighed "I really like you, hyung. Too much. I'm trying to confess and I don't know how. But what I do know, hyung, is that I love your gummy smile. How it brightens my day. I love your laugh. The way it fills up a room. I love your hair. How soft it is and colorful. I love your lyrics. How they speak more than they say. I love your style. You make your own statement. I don't what it's like to be in love, but i feel close to it." Tae had closed his eyes at some point and opened them to see Yoongis mouth, agape. "Ah. I'm sorry, hyung. You probably don't feel the same but-" "shut up" Yoongi started "I. Shit. This is hard to say. I'm not good with words somehow, but I love you. Shit, Tae, I love you so much. I can't even express how much I love you." Tae smiled at him "I love you, hyung" Yoongi sighed "I love you too." "Can I kiss you?" Yoongi smiled and cupped his cheeks "of course you can" Tae grabbed him by the hips and pulled him in. Their lips met in a soft slow kiss. Obviously hesitant and shy, but they slowly got more comfortable and kept kissing. Yoongi pulled back slightly and smiled. Yoongi loved certain things. he loved kissing Taehyung Tae. He hoped it never stopped.